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Stories of Love & Friendship

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Stories of Love & Friendship - Page Text Content

S: Stories of Love & Friendship

BC: Made with Love by The Peterson Kids & Many Friends and Family!

FC: Stories of Love & Friendship

1: To Our Dad, May you always remember that you have come from greatness, destined for greatness and have created bountiful greatness! We love you! Katie & Nathan, Zach & Melissa, Ginny and Max along with the G's Fan Club | "Look to Me and be saved, all the ends of the earth! For I am God, and there is no other." Isaiah 45:22

2: Life with Craig began in August of 1961. Dad was just in the initial stages of making a play room in the basement of our home for his sister Cindy and the new arrival Craig. Craig was named after the doctor who delivered him. Doctor Craig Houston who when first seen by Craig's mother Arlene was very upset because Dr. Houston looked very similar to her father and had equally hairy arms. After the marvelous delivery and excellent attention paid to Arlene he graduated to the top of the list as a doctor. Therefore the name Craig represents excellency and seems to have followed Craig throughout his life thus far. Craig was quite shy through his early years. (You would never believe it today) He was very well behaved as was his sister and they set a great example for other children to follow. Arlene and I were and are very proud of our children as they were very easy to travel with and to visit our families and friends. Our relationship with God was shared with both Cindy and Craig and at early age they both accepted Jesus Christ as Lord of their lives. Craig came out with many spiritual thoughts and observations as we see him continuing to do today. Craig had an excellent sense of balance. He could ride anything with wheels. He also became an excellent skier both on water and snow. Water skiing came first as Mousam Lake was available each summer with older cousins setting the example to follow or exceed. The only problem Craig had was hitting the water very hard. He suffered painful moments but that did not slow him down. A high school friend gave him the opportunity to snow ski and after a brief ski lesson in our basement play room and a very thin book on how to ski illustrated with stick figures Craig was off to show the world how to ski. He was respected highly for his ability to ski. He told awesome stories of his experiences. Craig will remember Mrs. Abbott's point as a place to meditate. He spent many occasions just sitting on that steep slope which led to the water's edge. What went on in that head of his was for the world to find out some day. Craig did and still does a lot of serious thinking.

3: Continued... I remember one day when we were on vacation at Mrs. Abbott's when we spent quite a bit of time after breakfast discussing the Bible. It was a beautiful summer morning and we had chosen to have breakfast outside behind the cottage at the picnic table. We then chose to go for a boat ride. Arlene prepared a lunch and off we went. This was a slow ride, just putting along. A few hours had by. We had caught two fish and were eating lunch. Someone asked what time it was. The time was two o'clock and Craig came out with this observation. Isn't it great how God can make the day seem long when you put Him first. When Craig entered high school he started to run long distances. Miles and miles with an unusual outcome. He grew so tall so fast. Our little boy became a man. He loved soccer and was on the soccer team. He was good but because he would not play on the coaches Sunday team the coach would not let him play on the first string of the high school team. Craig did get rewarded with an opportunity to get early instruction in jobs which prepared him for his ability to do many varied jobs in years to come. He was an aggressive hard worker Bible studies were a center of attraction in the Peterson family especially the one which started at the Bergeron home. I noticed an immediate interest in something other than Bible study. She was a beautiful young lady called Mary. She changed the life of the young man Craig forever. .Thank you Mary! It took some time to see things unfold but there always was a sense of something long lasting was in store for us all. Today I have only one regret and that is that Arlene is not here to voice her comments and see the wonderful results of her love and affection for Craig. She would be so happy and proud of you Craig as I am. Keep up the good work and may your fruit remain. Your family is beautiful. I love you so much. Dad

4: After 37 years of being together I have many memories, but my favorite one is the reason why we have been married for 30 years! We loved to spend time at the beach on our once-a-week date. Being out in the open air with the sun, waves and seagulls was a great place to enjoy each other’s company. We’d pack a lunch and a blanket and take the long drive South to East Matunick Beach. Christopher Cross would be playing on the radio as we drove and chatted the whole ride. I loved Craig’s relaxed look in worn out jeans and a t shirt with this LoBo sweatshirt. We’d talk and dream of spending a lifetime together. And there Craig made his move. I was sitting on top of a picnic table after stopping from our long walk. Craig leaned into me and told me he loved me! I think I saw stars! Although I was only 14 I knew I loved him too, and wanted to spend the rest of my days with him. Craig is very passionate and faithful to his word. He has been telling me those 3 words now for many years. I love you, Craig!

5: We first met Craig when he was about 11 years old...........he came to our house with his Mom and Dad and sister Cindy when we had our first home bible study. We watched him grow from boyhood to young manhood, and eventually welcomed him into our family as he and Mary were wed. They started out with very little, but Craig became a devoted husband.....and provider. With God's help, he worked hard to get ahead and eventually landed a good job with R.I.'s gas company. In the meantime, he was growing into a diligent worker for the Lord. This led him to take his family to Seattle, where again, he found a similar job. His service to God was ongoing as he shared his faith in Christ with many, as well as ministering to people in their need. A man who had employed him in R.I. contacted Craig to join him in a business venture in Tampa, Florida. Craig was not interested because he was doing well where he was, both in business and church. But, he was pursued to move to Florida and eventually accepted that job. Things were going well and then the whole country began to feel the effects of the failing economy. His employer announced that the promising business venture was failing. He had to let Craig go. Before this happened, Craig had become friendly with a neighbor who had an outdoor lighting business. He taught Craig and when Craig was faced with unemployment, he went out on his own and built up his own business. At one point, when his son was also facing unemployment in Seattle, Craig went out to teach him the business. God has been so faithful to Craig. He blessed him with a godly wife and four godly children. I still remember him telling me what God said........."Children are a gift of the Lord...........how blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them". Craig loves his wife and family and has been, I'm sure, a joy to God and to them, as well as to me. I love you, Craig. "Mom" Bergeron

6: I have many great memories of Craig. If I can share a little...Craig, I first met you through Julie Lowry back in May 2002. At that time I was interested in working in Saudi Arabia, but truthfully was directionless and at a very low point in my life. Over the next year and a half you met with me at least once weekly mentoring me and encouraging me. You helped me learn to look outside the box, which led me on a journey that continues to this day. A lot of time and adventures have passed with many new to come. Craig, thank you for adding value to my life and for adding value to lives of many other men as well. Looking forward to seeing you again! Bobby Mullinax | In the early 2000's a close friend and pastor at our church, Rob Clarke, would chase me down after every visit to his hometown in CT to tell me stories. During those updates Rob would also share details about this amazing friend he loved back home. Rob would talk about the things they did together before Rob and his family moved to PA. He'd also talk about the great times they had together each time Rob went back "home" for visits. For 2 years Rob talked about how he hoped someday to introduce us. He swore over and over how this friend and I must surely be twins. Rob said we talked the same, we dressed the same, we had the same twisted sense of humor, we both were beach freaks, you name it. Although curious and always in the mood for a good "Rob Story", I never really gave it much thought. Somewhere during the next 2-year span of time, our own church hosted a leadership conference for pastors and laymen. I attended as a local to enjoy the open evening services. On the first night, 2 hours into the conference, over Rob flies. "Bud...that guy I'm friends with is here. He's in the lobby. You have to meet him. He'll feel at home around you. You are his twin". I agreed and followed Rob to the lobby...only to quickly learn that my "twin" and I hung out together in college, stayed in the same dorm, hung with the same crowd and on more than one occasion did swap clothes now and again. We both had great stuff and were the same size and understood the value of Lacoste! "Craig Peterson...no freaking way, Buddy!! How have you been, man? I haven't seen you in over 20 years. How is your life?”, “What are you doing in my crappy town???" I honestly didn't think this was Rob's guy. I just thought I randomly found an old friend in the lobby. Rob loudly shouted "Seriously....Really? You actually know him? This is a gag, right?” He honestly refused to believe Craig and I knew each other long before he and Craig were buds. Moral of the story...I found Craig first! Loved finding Craig almost as much as seeing the look on Clarke's face when Craig and I blew him off the rest of the week. I love you, man and I am glad you are part of my life. Bud Griffeth | Our memories of your family are all about the energy, enthusiasm, laughter, prayers and adventures; with Craig out front, setting the example, everybody’s cheerleader and no one left out. He truly is ‘A Celebration of Life’. We really miss them all. With Love, Dave & Louise Martz

7: The thing that sticks out most in my memory is your dad building bookcases for us in the basement. Your mother and I worked out a bartering system where I tutored Katie and Zach and your parents did favors for us, like the bookcases. We still use them to this day. Tim & Mary Ellen Santinello | My memory of Craig Peterson. Hmmm. Let me think. I remember the summer of 1982 when I visited my Wendy and Larry in Millis, MA. I was 16. Craig and Mary were still dating. They were very sophisticated in my teenage mind. So in love with each other. Craig was a real cutie. I think I may have been a little jealous of Mary. Lol. Anyway, I was a stupid kid who wanted to be 20 just like them. Not the best story but I still remember that they left an impression on me of how a couple is supposed to be. 30 years later they prove me correct. Tammy Keefe-Kellerman | You never know what adventure is in store when you are with Craig and Mary! We had known them for a month or so when one Sunday after church they asked out to lunch. Sounds safe enough right? I asked Mary where she wanted to go. To my surprise and horror, she said she and Craig wanted to go to the Buddhist temple. Well, I dress all nice and David and I try to act sophisticated but deep down inside we are just a couple of southern rednecks. So I'm thinking I really want to go to lunch with our new friends but how am going to get David to a Buddhist temple. If I tell him where we are going he'll probably say no! So I tell him that we will just follow Craig who of course takes off in his Mustang like a bat out of hell! On the way I finally told him where we were going but added that Craig and Mary said you could get a lot of food there for very cheap prices! Since we were hungry and half way to who knows where, he agreed. What an experience. I felt as if we had stepped into another country and Craig and Mary were our tour guides.They showed us the ropes.We sat on picnic tables by the river with the Temple in the background. Leave it to Craig an Mary to give us our first cultural experience of Tampa! They continue to delight us with their food and company, Christian fellowship and love. We are truly blessed to have such fine friends. As a side note: If I want the straight hard facts, I call Mary. If I want to talk girl talk, I call Craig! If I want to know where to find the best bargains, I call Mary. If I want to know about fashion, I call Craig! Got a love 'em.... Dave & Christy Mobley

8: Craig, I know that it is hard for you to imagine this but 28 years from now, you will weigh twice as much and have a smooth head. Blessings, Larry | First, I remember all to well the diaper duel between your dad and Uncle Larry! To this day it has been played out! If I remember correctly, when you were all little babes wearing those lovely things called "diapers" both dads were very involved in the baby care. So, when we were together for holidays and vacations and other get togethers, they would each try to outsmart the other buy hiding a nasty diaper somewhere in the cars!! They had more laughs about that!! I think Uncle Larry got your dad one more time with a diaper of Emma's! LOL!! For me, what I remember the most was the times your dad and I would talk. We could talk for quite a long time!! Just sharing our thoughts, experiences, hopes and dreams about life. There were times when we would get a good laugh and times when we agreed to disagree. He has been a good dad and a good husband. Much to admire. Love, Wendy Bergeron | My (Colin) fondest memory of Craig is when he helped to build the deck out front. Apparently for Craig the production was going too slow. He told me, “ Come on we’re not building furniture here.” My (Lori) fondest memory is the way that Craig tells great stories. I can recall all the times that he made me laugh and his execution of the punch line. Colin & Lori Lund | Rose Street Bakery – I think this fireplace was meant for Mom. However, I don’t ever remember her using it. Instead, it became my kitchen and I was always there. I cooked up pies and cakes or dinners that included that tall celery or rhubarb like stalk that I think you hated because you always cut them down (even though they kept growing back). I was covered in mud and having a grand time cooking up a storm at the fireplace. I guess you could say that this helped foster my passion for cooking and all things food. And rather than saying to me that you didn’t want me to ruin it, cover it with caked mud, or use it for my personal gratification, you let me keep my buckets, pots and pans, shovels and puddles of water and mud all over the backyard and especially around this fireplace. Love, Katie Scoggins

9: Let's see....Craigers...hmmm... You guys (both you and Mary) absolutely blew me away when you arrived, and I have loved you dearly ever since that moment! You two, and ALL of your kiddos, will ALWAYS have a very big part of my heart! With your adventurous outgoing spirits, you both have a natural way of attracting people to you, and our kindred hearts bonded us quickly. You were always a Godly, loving example when it came to dealing with the "opportunities" of life and God used you as the iron that we needed to (eventually) sharpen our lives. I always remember the time that we went to the Ballard Locks on your 40th birthday - Michael and Shauna and I, and you, Mares and the kids, and we were all instantly drawn to Saud and Karima and all their girls dressed in the traditional Muslim garb. You walked over so casually and just struck up a conversation with them that led to quite a friendship and new knowledge of a culture that I had never experienced. From there it even led to you and Michael being able to go You were an example to us of how to live every day trusting in the Lord for our needs and not being concerned about the wants. It took us a few years of training, but we FINALLY got it! We GET it! Sending our love and wishes for Merry Christmas Craigsters!!! May God bless you abundantly, in ways that you can't help but see His incredible love for you! Love, Mike & Cami Jones | Besides all the fun times we have had with both Craig and Mary the best "memory" is probably just 2 words ..."opps faggot"... Brent and Gloria Ebner

10: Our memories of your family are all about the energy, enthusiasm, laughter, prayers and adventures; with Craig out front, setting the example, everybody’s cheerleader and no one left out. He truly is ‘A Celebration of Life’. We really miss them all. With Love, Dave & Louise Martz | When Andy and I got married in 1989, Craig rented a beautiful limo for us for the wedding. It was two-toned, blue and gray. His friend at work was the chauffeur. This meant so much to me. Thank you so much, Craig. ~ Cindy Hail | My fondest memory of your Dad was one night when we were doing "home church" over at Paul and Jenny's house. He was the first person to encourage me to read the whole Bible including the Old Testament, it was like an "ah hah" moment, prior to that I only read what made me feel good. He was quoting from Isaiah if I remember correctly. Also, I remember your entire family being so incredibly generous and faithful. I remember your family taking HUGE leaps of faith by moving across the country and being ready and willing to serve in any capacity. I absolutely loved making fun of your dad's accent. "Pawk dee cah" (ya know, Park the car), etc etc. Lastly, giving credit to God's grace, we always respected how they raised you kids and we were always blown away at how obedient, loving and respectful each of you were (are) (at least when guests were around.. har har). Thanks for all of the fond memories and please be sure to give you dad a huge hug from the Parke family. We really wish we could have seen you guys more often since we moved away. Love you guys, Bryan, Jenn, Lexi and Brayden Parke | I have always thought very highly of my relative Craig. He was a little older than me and I remember always thinking that he was one of my coolest relatives. Craig and his family were always my favorites at family reunions because they were so friendly and kind. I also thought it was inspiring to hear of his stories of his many experiences in the great outdoors. I also admire his love for God and his family and friends. He truly is a great guy and someone that I am proud to say I am related to. :) Karen Cummings Skau | We loved living next to Craig and Mary up here in Seattle. There hasn’t been an ice-cream feed since. We always worried that our personal form of weirdness would scare away the neighbors, but instead we were great friends. Wait a minute.they moved away.all the way to Florida could it be?.....Naaaawwww we’re not that weird! Happy celebrations to you and all of your family from the Daley Clan. Steve, Sue, Kyle, Sean & Drew | We met Craig when he and Mary stayed at our house in Poulsbo before they moved to Seattle. What a fun couple! Then I had the pleasure of working with Craig at Ingram Labs. My favorite memory of him is his laugh that would make me laugh, and how much fun he made it to show up to work everyday. We love you Craig! Keith and Marissa Stevens

11: "Broccoli and Trees" I'm not sure of the exact time or what season we were in, but I have a feeling that it was when the whole family spent weeks in Rhode Island. Remember when we went to the beach as if it was a daily vitamin? My most vivid memory of you was at Grandma Bee's house in Ashaway. You, Max (or Austin), and I were sitting at the table on the back patio. Uncle Larry was grilling and all the cousins and aunts and nieces and nephews were strewn about the house. On my plate were a couple pieces of broccoli. It was then that my view of broccoli would forever be changed. You told me, crossed your heart, and hoped to die, that broccoli was a miniature tree. You swore that when I ate it, little forests were sprouting up inside. The best part? I BELIEVED YOU. Now during this whole fiasco, Max (or Austin) was chuckling and your face was as serious as serious can be. Why should I doubt my famous Uncle Craig? Because of this, \every time I eat that green little sprout, I think of you. Merry Christmas, Bekki | Craig, no matter what we are doing together we alwayshave fun! Remember bodysurfing last summer? Love Bill & Diane Giorgetti | The time we were in that hot tub and his hand was roaming. It made me feel weird. I can't really look him in the eye and tell him I love him anymore...Even though I do. But seriously, the fact that he married me and my Cuban was something that I will always cherish. No Pope, Priest or Preacher could ever do a better job. We had one of God's top Angels do our ceremony. Doug Carter

12: My memory's I have of you are very heart felt. One story I remember in particular was in the summer. Mary had invited the boys and me up to visit the summer cottage you all rented while you were on vacation. The Giorgetti's were there also. I brought some way over cooked lasagna for every one to eat for dinner. It was so watery it was like mush. Good thing we all had garlic bread or we would have starved that night. I know I have laughed and cried in your presence and you were always there to help. I loved getting to come and visit your home it was always so inviting. You always were ready to share a meal or just great conversation. We even sang a duet at church one Christmas, Oh Come Emmanuel. I felt a kinship to you like brother and sister. I never had a brother but if I did I hope he would be something like you and we could always be there for each other. Merry Christmas Craig. I love you. Your a one in a million kind of person. God bless you always. Kris Hannah-Geren | I used to work in Providence, Rhode Island as a secretary in a law firm. On my way to work one day, I got off the bus and started my usual trudge off to the office. As I was walking on the sidewalk, I felt someone really close up behind me. I thought I was going to get mugged. Then the person was literally walking on my heels. So, I put on my most fiercest, meanest face and turned around quickly only to find my brother with the goofiest face on laughing at me. KILL. Another day Craig was working downtown for the gas company. I worked not too far from where he was and he decided to pay me a visit at the office. I missed him though because it was my lunch hour and I was out. However, when I got back the girls in the office looked a little perplexed. They then told me that this filthy man came into the office demanding that he talk to Cindy Hail and get payment on her gas bill. He wouldn't leave and sat down on the chairs in the waiting room. I guess he had some t-shirt covering his head because it was hot outside and his clothes were all dirty. After a while, the receptionist gives him a long look and figures out that this man is Craig. After I was told all about this little visit, one of the girls said to me....."You wouldn't believe the weird guy that was in here earlier". I replied that she need not worry. The guy was just my brother! He's harmless. Love, Cindy | Two memories stand out in our minds when we think of Craig Peterson so Craig why didn’t you catch the fish the osprey dropped to you? The other involves what we call “Craig Peterson Memorial Highway” Craig’s first time driving in Alaska didn’t quite make a mile before we went off-road & were stuck BIG time thankfully just as the suburban came to a stop a truck came over the hill a truck that just “happened” to have a winch to pull us out . Since that time reflective road markers have been installed in that area to let people know where the edge of the road REALLY is . We jokingly say they did it for Craig and are reminded of the fun times we’ve had together!! Love, Brad & Connie

13: Wisdom is one of those gifts that only come to you if you help make it and more often than not, it’s a lifetime building process. Most human beings don’t really have a true definition of the word, but it’s like art, we all know it when we see it. I’ve known Craig Peterson for about 2 years now. It doesn’t seem that long, but time flies when you’re having fun. My wife and I have reaped the rewards of wisdom from both Craig and Mary, devoted parents, Christians and disciples. Every time that Maria and I have ever felt confused or frustrated with our position in life or events that seemed out of place, Craig has always been the first one to offer his wisdom.and he does so with great aplomb. There are no speeches, no “How To” lines pulled from a book. The only book he ever needs to reference was written many, many centuries ago and when Craig speaks.it flows from him offering the cooling effect of soft wind from the ages. He’s always right on the money in a calm voice that never has to search for the words.they just come. He has given Maria and I another perspective on living in the Word. We respect, admire and know that he really isn’t aware of just how much responsibility God has given him, but he’s taken up that directive with dignity and grace.He’s incredibly intelligent as well.we’re convinced that he shaved his head in order for the Sun to generate enough energy to power his massive brain! We love you Brother!!!! Michele and Maria Rahal | The only really specific memory I have is after our wedding rehearsal dinner back at our apartment - he was looking at a piece of needlework I had done. When I told him I made it. He commented that he was amazed at the amount of work. The only reason that stands out is because so few people(especially men!) appreciate handwork - everything should be store bought these days. ~ Carol Erlandson | When we were really little, four or five, we walked into our kitchen. Dad was coming out of the basement stairwell growling with his "lettuce head" mask on. He totally terrified us. I thought I would wet my pants. We ran into the little lavette on the first floor screaming, begging for the monster to go away, all the time holding onto the doorknob with all our might. Love, Cindy Hail

14: One of the funniest memories I have of Mr. Peterson or I should probably say that he has of me is when we were away at a winter retreat in New Hampshire. It was about midday and Zach and I were snowboarding in the woods on top of, over and through the summer houses that were scattered down the hill. I can't remember if we had built a jump or why Mr. Peterson was standing at the bottom of the hill but, fortunate for him he had his attention fully focused on Zach and I going down the hill. I probably yelled to him check this out Mr. Peterson just to make sure he could see whatever it was that I was about to do. I start going down the hill full speed and then all of a sudden BOOM! There was a wire clothes line going across the trail that none of us could see and I'm pretty sure I did a couple of flips before I finally went yard saling down the hill. I hear your father bust out laughing and apologetically say, "I'm sorry, I probably shouldn't be laughing and ask if you were OK" while rolling around dying laughing in the snow. Fortunately I came away from that unscathed and to this day it's a form of amusement for us both! Jonathan Giorgetti | One of my fondest memories is when you dragged me in the kayak all the way to Lewis’ house when I broke my leg one winter. I remember little Max sitting on my lap as we went up the driveway and then down the street. I’m sure you remember the sweat rings I had under my arms when I drove the mustang at 110 mph for the first time and how you told me “if you’re gonna speed you’re going to do it with me in the car.” How about the time when I had to drive you home with an eye burned from battery acid? My thinking was that this was a great time to drive fast because this was an emergency, and I remember you saying (while you were holding your eye shut) “Slow down Hondo.” Being able to see the world with you is one of the greatest gifts you could have given me. Experiencing London and Bahrain with you will forever be in my mind. Another adventure that I’m reminded of is Alaska - Dog sledding, cross-country skiing, avalanches, and wading through snow - all greatmemories. The most precious memories are the ones that you have spoken into my life; especially now as you have become “G” to my boys and girls. Having you around or only a phone call way to speak wisdom into my life over areas of being a husband and parent is invaluable. Thank you for the love of adventure as well as all the crazy memories! Love Your Son, Zach

15: Craig taught me to ski! I'll never forget that day. I was 15 or so and I was so terrible...not naturally inclined to skiing, but Craig was so patient with me. Then it finally just clicked and I loved skiing!!! Craig was my youth leader and he was such an important part of my adolescence. He made plaques for all of the kids in the youth group one year describing them that year in a single word. I still have my plaque. It said "Independent Thinker". It meant so much to me because it actually encouraged me to be more of an independent thinker than I already was. He taught me to think beyond what I'd always been told and to study it out for myself. I still think about that and strive to discern for myself. Craig's sense of adventure and exploration was so inspiring to me. I still have a desire to see the world for myself and experience it personally. Craig taught me the bible and showed me a passion for God and for life that was contagious! Thanks for everything Craig! You made such an impact on my life and I'll always remember those years that I learned from you. Amy Finkbeiner Blakeney | Craig, thank you for being a key person in my life. I met you a LOOOOOOONNNGGGGG time ago...1974! WOW!! Are you that old? I remember digging dry well holes over at your house and going on vacation--Winnepesaki water skiing, Maine flying in my Dad's plane.....remember those days? You were like a little brother to me. It was so great being invited into your family. I needed a lot of healing from my own family, and you and your family brought that about. It was key in my marrying Cathy and deciding to start a family! (and of course, having Nathan who married your Katie!! A small world!). One of the high points for me was doing your wedding! It was a great joy to see the family legacy continue! After a long spell of not seeing you, it was a great joy when you got in touch with me in the mid-90s and invited me down to talk missions with you in South County. Of course, it was out of those times that Katie and Nathan met. So thank you for being in my life and the life of my family! I have pictures in my mind even if none from a camera--of you flying with me in my Dad's plane, of crashing water skis, of good times with your family. May God continue to bless you and your (our) family! Merry Christmas (or Happy Christmas as they say in merry old England!). Dick Scoggins

16: One of my favorite memories of Uncle Craig involves a mini dirt bike. Being the super cool family that the Petersons are, they happened to have a really gnarly mini dirt bike and a perfect "course" that looped around their house. The "course" was hilly and involved about as much risk as a fearful seven year old girl could handle. Do the treacherous conditions of the course and the seemingly complicated operational procedure of the bike, Uncle Craig volunteered to ride along with us tiny tikes on the mini dirt bike. I'm not sure which would have been funnier looking back... the amount of fun, fear, and exhilaration that my face displayed, or seeing Uncle Craig fit on a mini dirt bike. Either way, it is a favorite memory of mine. Aimee Bergeron Beatty | My all-time favorite memory of you is our times spent together alone on my birthday dates. I’m unsure of when they started but I do remember the first one. We went to Chelo’s and I wore my favorite black jacket with flowers. We shared their warm brownie and vanilla ice cream because it was my favorite and talked, however, I don’t remember about what. I think we also went to the mall after and you bought me a dress. This was the best time and highlight of my life for a long time, probably until the next year. I remember going to Narragansett’s Coast Guard House when I was 16 and having to have a serious conversation about dating and boys. It was extremely uncomfortable but one that I took serious and held close to my heart. As both you and Mom had taken the time to show how important I was by us having the conversation and the process you wanted to see happen. The heart necklace with the “P” is still something I have and key and heart charm were an integral part of my wedding ceremony to Nathan. I don’t remember the last one we had. Maybe that was the last. But it’s the memories of these times that I hold dear. The unspoken words of importance and of being special that you showed me. I love you, Dad. ~Katie

17: I remember your dad always out in the yard working on something. He built that awesome tree house which i loved. He was always willing to help! My dad would always get input from him. He was a hard working husband and father. It was about the kids not himself. About a year ago i had frozen pipes and posted my problem. He was quick to answer and help me . I told him i wish he was still in RI because he would be someone i could call for help, seeing my dad pasted away. That day i thought him living so far away but willing to help. I was extremely thankful!!!!! You have a wonderful father and so be proud of him. Treasure the years and be thankful for everything your Mom and Dad do! Erin Kennedy | I've met a few people since then who also share this trait. (good thing because Craig and Mary have moved away a while ago).... Craig Peterson loves GOD, adores his wife and family.....and makes being a Christian look like great fun! So that is my memory of Craig....he's a fun-loving Christian man....The best kind! :) Hugs to all the Peterson family. Thanks for sharing Mrs. B. with me. Bobbie and Jack McCormick | My memories of Craiger(Craig-ah) are the ones from around the time of the Berg's Nest and Pete's Place. I believe it was some time between 1987 and 1997. The Berg's Nest hosted the days of body surfing, backyard cookouts, football games and bocce. Craig and Zach were always down to get smashed by the waves and throw some footballs down the by the water's edge. I remember staying pretty late some nights and having full spread picnic dinners in the sand. It was cold enough to wear a jacket, but warm enough to go swimming. It was perfect. Pete's Place was an experience all it's own. It was a pretty large house in the woods in the middle of nowhere and it was awesome. We rode the mini-dirt bike around the house, shot beebee guns, and played on his always super hi-tech computer. I remember some racing game that involved cars from the 50's and 60's and I remember many hours spent playing that with Craig, Zach and Jesse. Craig is definitely down with the latest fashion trends and I remember specifically about the Z-Cavaricci shirts for some reason. It was the mid 90's and all the cool kids were wearing that brand, including my uncle. He was the cool uncle that would rent PG-13 and R-rated movies starring Mel Gibson and Bruce Willis - the classics, the ultra violent and awesome movies that I was not allowed to watch alone. I remember Craig being pretty athletic and always wanted to either kick the soccer ball around or get John and my dad for a game of two-hand touch football on Coventry Lane. I have a lot of great memories of Craiger and I hope things will work out so we can all spend some more time creating new memories. Nathan Bergeron | Your Dad was a lot of fun to be around and he had the best head of hair going!!! Love, Patty Yetton

18: I always enjoyed Craig as he is a man if the heart. He talks from his heart to yours. Blessings and Grace for his next season. Tell him to keep swinging His Scottish Brother ~ Stephen MacDonald | The most vivid image burnt in my memory goes something like this. Mousam Lake, Maine. Fathers and Sons cruising the lake on a powerboat. We spot a rope swing. A monster rope swing hanging off a big old pine tree. The pine tree is on the edge of a lake with a 15 foot embankment with jagged roots sticking out of the side leading into the water. My father (Bill Giorgetti) audacious as he is barks, "I'm gonna give it a try". Craig Peterson says, "Bill you might wanna be careful on this one". BG, "Watchhh this". Bear chested Bill grabs hold of the rope not sizing up the situation. Screw it, he's going for it. First mistake, grabbing to low on the rope. Second mistake, grabbing to low on the rope and not realizing that your swing out just became a one way trip and to let go into the water. Third mistake, not letting go, "Hello embankment and rotted pointed roots, AHHHHHH S*%&# $)(@(%* *#*@ . After Bill climbs up with holes in his side, "Mannnn can you believe that just happened". A unified response, trying not to laugh, "welllll ya knowww". From helping us build skim boards as kids, paint balling and street hockey to sharing meals, stories, memories, wisdom and unwavering faith with much more to come! To a great mentor and friend. Merry Christmas. The extended member of the Peterson family. -Nick Giorgetti | When I think of Craig, I think of his fun loving spirit and his silly comments, which would always keep us laughing. He got such a kick out of himself! We grew up together in the same young adults group at church and Craig's Dad taught bible study at our home. He was always a blast at the winter retreats and was always up for anything fun and adventurous. I'm forever grateful for those precious memories. Colleen (Raftery) Elias | I pulled in my driveway in 2004 and saw Craig and Mary for the first time. After meeting them, Craig was concerned about the hurricane in the gulf and said they were wondering what to do about it. I told him that after having lived here forever, I wasn't going to do anything. Well Craig and Mary decided to evacuate. Long story short...... the hurricane turned and hit them in the middle of the state. Welcome to Florida. ~Tom Kraemer

19: To the Amazing Super G! Ellie, Je T’aime and Harley will always look at the sky and try to find you flying. Pointing to jet streams and telling us you’ve been flying over California. Without fail I can’t get through the frozen section in the grocery aisle without hearing one of them say “Can we please get the crayon popsicles?But Mom, G buys them for us!” You’ve seriously taken me back as a grandfather. I don’t know what I was expecting but you rock. Our girls love you dearly. And it’s a testament to the awesome times you give them that Je T’aime was wailing through the airport in Portland sad to go. Thank you, Dad. Love your Daughter, Katie | Craig. You are: A creative entrepreneur, adventure seeking, faith-filled, man speaking, challenging man of God. I’ve enjoyed being your friend, experiencing your humor, watching you love on your family, creating new spaces for your life, listening to your dreams and hearing the God encounters you have. I love how you live and love large, including those in your neighborhood. I love how you and Mary do life. It was fun spending time together during a season when your kids antics were conversations at the table, you and Mary gave living room dance lessons, and Sunday gatherings were a regular part of our friendship. You are a great man. May your year be filled and blessed with incredible memories and moments to come. – Lynne Ellis | To my Warrior, Prince and Comforter! Having the year alone with you and mom after college are some of the most precious memories of mine. I realized that you had become my Friend as well. There was another picture that I wanted to use like the one above with my hands on the glass. Only in that picture, you are outside mowing the lawn while I’m in pigtails and pink pajamas standing at the window. You have always been there for my Dad, even it’s just on the other side of the glass. I love you very much! Your Daughter, Ginny

20: We never would have met Craig and Mary if they hadn’t purchased “Old Mill”. And if we had never met them, we wouldn’t have heard about Christ. Spencer and I were able to know what a relationship with Christ is like through Craig and Mary inviting us to the Shannock Baptist Church Christmas Pageant to see the kids perform. Craig (and Mary) have become one of the largest parts of our lives because of that. Their example as Christians and parents has led us to where we are today. A house full of children centered around God. He always made us laugh and still laugh to this day! We love you Craig! Spencer & Cindy Beers & The Gang! | I can't remember exactly when was the first time I met you. However, I can remember the first time you blew my mind. You told the story of visiting the Middle East and of the wind blowing over the plain with small round stoneson the ground. The wind would get the stones to rubbing each other and emitting a sound. You experienced what I had previously accepted but didn't understand before hearing your story: “I tell you,” Jesus replied, “if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out.” It was then that I realized that you're not an average Christian, and thank God for that. You continue to blow my mind not only with stories of sealing broken gas mains with a flame above your head, shutting off gas to hoodlums at gunpoint in the middle of winter, speeding down the back roads with the local law enforcement believing you're one of their own, and South Tampans thinking crazy thoughts since they can't fit you in a box, but also with your daily examples of love, kindness, patience, humor, acceptance, encouragement, honesty, loyalty, gentleness, assertiveness, and friendship. I love you with all of my heart. You are a dear, dear friend to me who not only shows up with a drop of gas when I misjudged my fuel gauge but shows up with an awesome Jerry Can of the stuff. That's not just friendship, that's style and so you! Okay, now let's leave Nineveh and go west while we're still young men. Galen Garrison

21: Our fondest memory of Craig and Mary is the first day we arrived in Tampa. We had travelled for 3 days from Canada and we were tired. Exited to be in Tampa but not knowing anyone, we felt alone. Not for long! Low and behold we hear a knock at the door. We open the door to find the most inviting and welcome faces. Of course it was the dynamic duo ..... Craig and Mary. This was our first, and thankfully not the last, experience of Mary exquisite baking ability. Craig was very helpfully in pointing out the need to know info about the neighbourhood ie. what snakes to look out, where the best pizza shop is etc. Since then there have been many many time that Craig has helped us out. We can forget to mention the fabulous Partys Craig and Mary have included us in. We have met many new friends through them. We are so very lucky to have the best neighbors anyone could ask for. Merry Christmas and God Bless you and your beautiful family Love the MacMillans | I always loved coming home and reviewing my phone messages on the answering machine. My particular favorite from Craig was when he was pretending to be a drug dealer and that I should meet him at the pier in Providence to get the goods. ~ Cindy Hail | "The first time I met Craig Peet-a-son, he and his family were moving in across the street from me. I was cleaning out my garage and had created a fantastic mess. All of its contents were not only strewn about the floor, but overflowing in the driveway as well. Craig came over, introduced himself, and asked if he could help. And yet he was in the process of moving into a new home, himself, and had quite enough to do. I figured he was crazy. After I got to know him better, my original suspicions were confirmed: he is crazy! And I mean it in a good way! He has more love and caring and compassion in his heart than anyone could ever hope for in a friend. Sadly, he is no longer my neighbor, but he will always be my friend. "I love the man." ~ Paula Leonard | As a Dad to me you took on all the right roles. Took me fishing (I can remember the first time I caught a fish with you near Shannock), wrestling with you on the floor in Old Mill and playing computer games like Doom and Quake. I really enjoy all the times that we can just be “us” together and hang out. I appreciated the grace and love that you have portrayed to me over the years when needed. I love you! Your Loving Son, Max

22: Your father Craig played an important role in my life during my college years. After I started dating my wife Lori after my freshman year in college, I decided to chase her down to Bob Jones University. Having never stepped foot on the campus, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Craig helped me in two important ways. One, he gave me some dress clothes leftover from his days at BJU. He gave me a blue suitcoat and a tan Ralph Lauren suit with white pinstripes. Having transferred from a state university, I never had need for formal clothes. I believe this was the suit he once wore for an Artist Series in which he said "he was drenched in coolness." In all honesty, what constituted coolness in the early 80's did not constitute coolness in the early 90's! Two, Craig helped me land a job off campus through his friend Walt Ruminger. Although I wasn't able to work for Walt as Craig did while he was a student, Walt did give me the name and number of Peter Calogrides. Peter ended up playing a key role as a mentor in my 3 years at BJU. As a transplant Northeasterner, Peter understood me and valued my Northern work ethic. I will always be thankful to Craig for his role in helping me meet Peter. Lastly, both Craig and Mary served as excellent role models to Lori and me during our engagement. We looked up to them as a young married couple with 4 kids. They spent many hours talking to us and mentoring us as they lived life. They told us we could call them any time we were alone and wanted a "safe" place to hang out. As a result, we took them up on that offer on more than one occasion. Today, we have four children ranging from ages 15 to 7 years old. We often think of ourselves as playing a similar role to young couples and young families that Craig and Mary played in our lives. God bless you, Ray & Lori Jones | When the Petes lived in Redmond, near Marymoor Park, I dropped Craig off at the house late one evening. He quickly realized that no one was home, but that he did not have a key to the locked front door. So he asked me to swing my car around so the headlights would shine in the yard so he could see his way around to the back of the house. Then, in his best cat-burglarishness, he ran a few yards, abruptly stopped, turned his head quickly from side-to-side, and sprinted through the yard and around the side of the house. A moment later, he came flying back through the front yard, stopped short again, snapped his head back and forth (for whom or what he was looking for I have no idea), then leapt right over a hedge or bush or something, and disappeared around the other side of the house. I assume he got into the house, because I did not see him again, so I left. As I drove home, I thought to myself “what a goof, but in a cool sort of way”. I then began humming the theme to the Pink Panther movies (you know, the Henry Mancini theme for Inspector Cluseau). Somehow, the theme to a Bond movie did not seem appropriate. Your Friend, Mike Dilio | How could I not include a memory of playtime on the floor. Giggles and laughs. Tickles and tumbles. “Mom save us!” Rides on your back. This was the perfect way to end the day! Love, Kay

23: Craig first modeled discipleship by being a disciple to me. He then coached me through my discipleship of others. Through all of this Craig has always been my friend, and having earned the right to speak into my life, he has always done so with respect and love. Craig is a man's man and when men get to know him, they seek him out to gain wisdom for life's most important decisions. Due to my friendship with Craig, I am a better husband, father, and a better follower of Christ..I'm a better man! Houston Harrison | I was walking around my house doing my daily routine when I heard my housekeeper yell "OH MY GOD! Who is that in the back yard?". I looked out my bedroom window and saw Craig by the pool. I responded, “Oh that is Craig Peterson. He's a friend from RI. He's helping me with my landscape lighting.” Then I heard... “Oh my god he's gorgeous.....Look at that body...He's sooo HOT!!!” I smiled and said “Ya he is”... and then as I walked out of my room I heard ...”Is he gay?”....and so I went to the window and looked out once again.....I saw Mary on the other side of the pool ...working hard with her head down....and decided to open the window and yell down...."HEY Craig...Donovan wants to know if you are gay?" Craig looked back in shock and said...”No I am happily married to my wife, Mary”....Mary then looked up and said "What The F&^%$#@%%” Love, Lisa Hardiman | Dear Craig and Peterson Family, I will always remember and cherish our two weeks together in Arizona at Frontiers' Candidate School in 1999. Spending time with you all was a blast! I will never forget the fateful evening of the water ballon fight. We did ourselves proud and Peterson family showed itself as a force to be reckoned with. Craig demonstrated particular ruthlessness toward some of the Frontiers Staff (Mssrs Bill Lieck in particular) which probably accounted for his low marks coming out of candidate school. Craig, you have a wonderful family. Only wish we could have spent more time together. Much Love, Jeff & Lynne Juday | I read somewhere recently that all men look for another father figure to do what their own father was unable to do – in essence, we look for fathers to finish the fathering process. I don’t think that when I first met you at an FCP prayer meeting, I would find another father figure, but you very quickly became that. I know you hated the beach house, but for me, that beach house became my home for that whole year while my parents were in the UK. Kate and I fell in love there, but more than that, I fell in love with your family there. I remember walking in the snow, hanging out around the dinner table, hanging on the beach, washing cars, and trying desperately to get Katie home in time for curfew. It was just a year (probably less than), but for me, that was where our bond was solidified. I am so thankful for you, and for the role you played and continue to play in my life. Merry Christmas! ~ Nathan Scoggins | One day we were driving back from one of our relatives homes in Massachusetts. We were on Route 128 in our new Mercury Cougar. It had to be around 1978 because that is when that car was purchased. Dad was driving, Mom asleep in the front seat. Mary, Craig and myself were in the backseat. Craig was in the middle. My Mom had a real tendency to bob her head and catch flies when she was sleeping. So Craig, jokester that he is, cries "FIRE". Mom immediately came to attention and tried to open the door on the highway to get out! Craig had to grab her. We are still laughing about this one. - Love Cindy

24: So many memories... one of the most memorable for me is having lunch breaks in Seattle It was great to chat and get to know my future father-in-law; although at that time I thought I was just getting insight on Zach while we were dating :) Great times with a great man. I love watching G and Grandmum with our kidsI love how they are so young, adventurous and the kids can’t get enough. I couldn’t ever ask for better in-laws or grandparents to our kiddos. I love you Dad! Missy | Tim and I celebrated our 21st anniversary this year and Craig was instrumental in making that happen way back in the spring of 1990. He was just a kid but a kid with wisdom to share and he had a great impact on us. Tim was seeking and searching for God and Craig asked the right questions and was so helpful in guiding him toward the Lord. He was a blessing to us then and he continues to be a blessing now. We'll go "camping" with Craig and Mary most anytime! Love, Jeanne Whitman | Craig, I remember when we first met at Overlake. You had this bizarre story of selling everything, and then moving to a Seattle, dropping Mary off at a house some where and taking a cab back to the airport, renting a car, and then realizing you did not know where this house was, but you could remember what the view out the window of the house was like. You were driving all over town trying to discover that view you saw out the window. But miraculously, as Providence would have it, you did make it back. I think this might be a metaphor for your life, perhaps? You moved to Seattle, went to Florida, wanted to come back, and you are searching for a way to get to a place you once were Take care. All God’s Blessing. Rick Grimm

25: One night in 2005 I think, Craig knocked on the door and wanted me to come over and check something out. In a couple of minutes, I was looking at a brand new Ford GT40 that one of his friends had just gotten. Of course, it was a stunning car and of course Craig had to test drive it and of course I JUMPED in the passenger seat. This is not quite factual, this car is so low, you have to practically sit on the ground and put the car on like getting dressed. Well we went down West Shore to Kennedy and I said to Craig we needed to go cruising and maybe pick up some chicks. Craig wasn't interested as we turned and headed toward the backside of the airport. Have you ever heard a supercharger under duress? Have you ever seen someone bury the needle in every gear as you are experiencing extreme g-forces. Craig drove that car like it was stolen, I mean who wouldn't. I was also trying to figure out if the speedometer was in MPH or kilometers. If it was in kilometers, we were going fast, but if it was in MPH we were going REALLY FAST. Air bags are of little comfort in these situations. We got back and climbed out......Craig told his friend, "nice car" with a big grin. The engine got broken in that night. Geeze. - Tom Kraemer | All of my memories of Craig are of a down-to-earth, optimistic guy, who made the most out of every situation. When I'm around Craig (even if it's after a long time), I immediately think, "this guy is just so real..." I always feel like Craig is in the trenches with me, and he's fighting for the same reasons. Craig is the kind of guy that you can sit down with for five minutes, and you feel like you've known him all your life. You think, "this guy gets me." How cool is that!?! Craig has always been a little quirky. It seemed like he put his foot in his mouth at least once during any [somewhat lengthy] conversation. But that was okay. Because his heart was in the right place, and he didn't take himself too seriously. Finally, Craig is charismatic, even without hair (which he lost very early and it probably helped him out). I would follow him anywhere, and some day I just might. Mark Henderson | Daddi-O! I remember the look of excitement on your face when you brought home the black and white leopard with orange high-heeled shoes for me. You tried to look nonchalant but you knew you had found a gem! I was excited too and wore them out on our date together for my birthday. Thank you for taking in interest in all things fashionable. Because of you, I am who I am! Love, Gigi Babe | Mousam Lake – My memories of this place will forever go down as one of the best places on earth. Tubing, waterskiing, fishing, fast boat rides, sleeping in the boat, hikes, spending time together, etc. I’ve gone back a few times as an adult and haven’t experienced the same joy that I once did, and I think that’s because you weren’t there. Of the many things we did together, you taught me how to water ski. I remember one summer finally gathering enough courage to get behind the boat with the skis and I’m pretty sure I was shaking in the water wearing my orange life jacket. I also took in mouthfuls of lake water as I struggled to rise to the top time and again. It took several times before I got the hang of it and yet your patience while constantly backing up the boat or going in circles, helped my confidence. Your assurance that it could be done and that I could do it, your gentle guidance in helping me understand the physics of what the water and my skis were doing, and your good shepherd’s eye, helped me get there. Love, Katie

26: I was very fortunate to grow up with the Peterson family. A sense of community is extremely important to me and it was as if I had a second Mom and Dad, with extra siblings to boot, just 72 steps away. Some of my fondest adolescent memories include the Peterson’s and the aura of warmth that surrounded them. They are a wonderful family and are headed by one of the most generous and loving men I have ever met, Craig Peterson.Craig is very entertaining, to put lightly. He is always smiling and joking around. I remember riding to church with everyone on Sunday morning and Craig would play this game where he would try to switch lanes without hitting the freeway turtles. No one in the car seemed to notice the constant lane changes as he “practiced.” (I realized later this was because this was normal for them.) Another thing I remember is that the house was always filled with music. I loved going over to hang out with Gin, leaving her bedroom door open, so we could listen to Zach and Craig play beautiful music that they were, amazingly, creating as they went along.While I have many memories of life with the Peterson’s I have one that has always stuck with me. It was silly at the time but it was one of those moments in life that reminds you that fairy tale love is real. Everyone was home at the Redmond house and the Peterson’s had just rented the newly released blockbuster, Spiderman. When it came time for the famous “Spidey kiss” (where Spiderman is upside down and Mary Jane pulls down his mask to reveal his mouth and kisses him) Craig proceeded to climb on the couch, with his arms supporting his body as his legs climbed up the wall, and kissed Mary - upside down. Zach rolled his eyes, Gin laughed and Max, with a slightly disgusted look on his face, turned away. I, however, bubbled up with love inside and thought, “Someday, I want that.” Craig, My life changed drastically the day you moved your family to Seattle. Thank you for being a wonderfully inspirational man. Love, Brenda | I am thankful that Craig was there at snow camp the year that Jen Anderson, Amy Finkbeiner and I decided to cheat death and ride the high speed toboggan down the sled hill at snow camp. I was laying down on my stomach facing downhill with Amy and Jen sitting on the backs of my legs "steering". Everything was going great...fast, furious, fun downhill sledding excitement at night under the stars...until we hit that little bump which sent us careening into the gutter along the side of the sled run at mach speed. We did not see the tree stumps until it was too late. DEAD STOP! My right shoulder became our e-brake after full contact with a stump. The girls were thrown off and rolled perilously down the hill, finally coming to a yard-sale style stop. I rolled off the sled in agony...and probably in shock. The "great idea" had ended in ruin. Craig was there with us and immediately took charge...Jen had a banged up knee and I had a separated shoulder. As always, Pete took good care of us, gave us cocoa, ice packs, lots of Advil, and lifted our spirits in a way that only he can. Craig, thank you for being a great friend, youth leader and example to all of the impressionable youths at SBC through many great times and a few tragedies. May God bless you and your family always...and may we go surfing together soon...while you can still stand upright :) Love and Light. Merry Christmas. Sean McIntire

27: Craig has always been my exemplar of fearless Christian outreach. One example among many was his visit to Baghdad. Amid all the disrupted social structure after the war he found himself drawn to visit an Imam in a mosque. His translator advised him it was dangerous, but he knocked on the front door and succeeded in getting an audience with the resident Imam. When questioned by this suspicious Muslim as to his reasons for coming to Baghdad Craig simply said that his God considered it true worship to help orphans and widows (James 1:27). The Imam seemed content with that explanation. Many times Craig has just stepped out to present a strong but compassionate picture of Christian faith. It's his nature and his calling. He's good at it. - Tim Whitman | Scott remembers a few things that really struck him about your dad--mostly his enthusiasm. He once responded to a statement about God using people by saying, "Look at me, I dig holes. If God can use me, he can use anyone." We remember his faithfulness to the church. One time when it snowed, he brought your whole family to the church to shovel walks before the service. He and your mom were always so hospitable, opening your home for church activities and ministries. We also remember that at the time he put the house in Charlestown on the market to go into ministry, there were some Philippino pastors visiting the church. They saw the house, and said, "Why would anyone want to sell this?"--just an interesting perspective from people who never had much in the way of material things. Well, hope the celebration goes well. Greet your parents for us. God bless. Scott & Lynda Finkbeiner | One of my favorite memories of you as a dad is when you built this igloo. We were living in Old Mill and the snow that year was particularly heavy. While you were shoveling the driving, the large pile of snow suddenly (with some time, I know) turned into an awesome igloo! I remember you coming inside to tell us it was ready and all of us were excited to see your crafty work. We rushed to put on our snow outfits and it was big enough for all of us to crawl in. I remember it being warm inside the igloo and the wonderful feeling of knowing that I have a cool dad who could take a snow pile and turn it into something amazing. All the neighborhood kids were jealous of us. I think you actually got a “Dad of the Year Award” for Father’s Day that year from me and I’m sure that in part it was due to this igloo! Love Your Daughter, Katie

28: Craig & Mary Peterson meet Daniel & April DeCesare Proverbs 27:17 : Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another. Proverbs 11:14: Where there is no guidance, a people falls, but in an abundance of counselors there is safety. We know this is supposed to be for Craig however when we met Craig we met his “better half”- Mary; the two of them completed each other and the minute we met them we were hooked! They provided a place of safety, a place of trust we could open up and share our deepest hurts & pain & joys Craig & Mary were there with words of wisdom, words of encouragement, and words of HOPE from our Lord through our ever-changing lives Merry Christmas to you both and the beautiful family you have been blessed with! God has totally used you in a GREAT way in our marriage and lives. We are grateful and in awe of how GOOD our God is! | The memory that sticks out most of us is the time Craig was casting a fishing line off of Peg & Jay Cummings’ dock and the hook got caught in his ear! As I remember, it required a trip to the emergency room to have it removed. I believe Cindy was there when the accident happened and much laughing went on! Poor Craig. After the Craig Peterson family moved far away and no longer was able to attend The Peterson Family Reunions at Mousam Lake- they were no longer the same. We knew then who the life of the party was! And he was gone! Lots of Love, Uncle Wonka and Aunt Elaine Cummings

29: An Ode to The Man We ALL Love and Adore Craig Peterson On the Twelfth Day of Christmas, We met a man we now call family: He gave us Twelve Words of Wisdom Eleven Amazing of Bible Stories Ten Rides to the Airport Nine Hours of Marriage Counsel Eight Hours of Building Seven Hours of Mentoring Six Hours of Laughter Five Hours of Baby Sitting Four Hours of Technical Trouble Shooting Three (Many) Examples of Honesty Two Days as a Grandparent for our Children, and Always Loving and Protecting the Mueller Family Thank you for all that you so willingly and generously give to our family. We are happy to honor a man like you, you live your life to positively impact others. Reto & Michelle Muller Mina, Renzo, Maxi and Martzia | We remember when Craig, Mary and the family came up for a family wedding one summer some years back. We really enjoyed being able to be with them recalling old times and hearing great stories. We were so sad to see his family leave for the mission field. His enthusiasm for all things is what we remember most about him. His enthusiasm for the lost was never far from our minds when we thought of why he was leaving us. He is full of life and shares it with all! Maurice & Linda Tucker | Some of my (Paul) fondest memories of times Craig and I spent together was enjoying a lamb kabob sandwich at Zaina in Pioneer Square. I specifically recall a time when Craig's strong relationship with the owners landed us a home-cooked meal in the back room hooka den. Craig always and continues to amaze us us both in his zeal for sharing Christ with people who many tend Christians avoid. Peace, Paul Ingram

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