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Sue and Mark: 5 years later...

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Sue and Mark: 5 years later... - Page Text Content

BC: Stay tuned...

FC: A N D T H E Y L I V E D A V P A F T E R P R I L Y | Sue and Mark 2-18-08

1: Take one fella looking for the right woman, and one woman who still wished Mr. Right would come along and a restaurant in May where both would meet and the rest is history. If ever 2 people were meant for each other, Sue and Mark are the couple. I've felt this way the minute I met Mark and saw the interaction between the two. So, without further ado, I would like to include a picture story of their family and the love they share with each other.

2: Generations Past Days fly by quickly and children move on. Before we know it the "old times" are gone. But as we look back at generations gone by we reflect on the memories that serve as a tie. Binding us together with future and past; and building a story that forever will last.

3: What is Family? Warmth that's true and trust that's strong Always feeling you belong Hugs that tell you it's alright Support to count on day or night. Taking time for little things, The comfort that forgiveness brings. Memories of way back when The fun of coming home again. Celebrating special days In your favorite family ways. Sharing laughter, joys and tears; Grow closer through the years.

4: Miss Roberta Ellen Gracek wed to Soldier in Grotto Miss Roberta Ellen Gracek, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Gracek, 40 Maple Ave., and Pvt. Patrick E. Panza, son of Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Panza, 35 Clermont St., were married Tuesday afternoon in the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes. The Rev. Gregory Mullhall performed the ceremony which was followed by a reception at the Gracek home. Miss Agnes Clark was maid of honor, and Charles C. Gracek, brother of the bride, was best man. The bride wore a ballerina length gown of white lace over satin with fitted lace bodice and illusion neckline, and a bouffant skirt with lace appliques. She wore a lace Juliet cap trimmed with orange blossoms and seed pearls, and a short silk illusion veil. She carried a white orchid in a Colonial bouquet of white flowers. Her attendant wore pink marquisette over taffeta, with matching skull cap of lace and flowers. She carried a Colonial bouquet of spring flowers.

5: The bride will make her home with her parents while her husband is in the service. He reports July 1 at Fort Lawton, Wash., for duty in Japan. The bride attended Albany High School and is with the New York Telephone Company. The bridegroom attended Christian Brothers Academy and Albany High School, and before entering the Army was with the Autocar Company. | She carried a Colonial bouquet of spring flowers. Private Panza and his bride left for New York City, the bride wearing a toast linen suit with tan accessories and cream color hat trimmed with velvet.

6: Valentine's Day was the date for Miss Mary Lamby and Mr. Louis T. Dreis they were married in St. Anne's Church, and following the ceremony, there was a small reception in the nearby hall. They honeymooned in New York City for a long weekend and Lou then was sent to Dayton, Ohio for the United State Air Force. Mary (Marian) went with him and found work there.

7: These two marriages play a huge role in this book. Without them, there would be no Mark and Sue, nor anyone in the family shown in the pictures chosen. This is why I started the book with your parents' weddings and how much they meant. | Mark loves kids. What a kick in the butt he never had any of his own. Sue's crew is now his. How lucky can they all get?

8: A little house with three bedrooms and one car on the street, a mower you had to push to make the grass look neat. In the kitchen on the wall, we only had one phone, and no need for recording things, someone was always home. We only had a living room where we would congregate,. Unless it was at mealtime in the kitchen where we ate.. We had no need for family rooms or extra room to dine, when meeting as a family those two rooms did just fine We only had one TV set, and channels maybe two, But always there was one of them with something worth the view.. For snacks, we had potato chips that tasted like a chip, and if you wanted flavor there was Lipton's onion dip. Remember when the doctor used to be the family friend, and didn't need insurance or a lawyer to defend? The way he took care of you or what he had to do, because he took an oath and tried to do the best for you. Remember going to the store and shopping casually, and when you went to pay you used your own money? Nothing that you had to swipe or punch in some amount. Remember when we breathed the air, it smelled so fresh and clean.

9: and chemicals were not used on the grass to keep it green. The milkman used to go from door to door, and it was just a few cents more than going to the store. One time the music that you played whenever you would jive, was from a vinyl, big-holed record called a forty-five.. The record player had a post to keep them all in line, and then the records would drop down and play one at a time.. Oh, the simple life we lived still seems like so much fun, How can you explain a game just kick the can and run? And why would boys put baseball cards between bicycle spokes? And for a nckel red machines had little bottled Cokes? This life seemed so much easier and slower in some ways.. I love the new technology but I sure miss those days. So time moves on and so do we and nothing stays the same, but I sure love to reminisce and walk down memory lane.

10: As a young mother, Sue had her hands full. Her 2 girls and Jason and Kristen and Matt were very close in their early years. Matt remains close to this day.

11: Mothers "Somebody" said... a mother is an unskilled laborer. "Somebody" never gave a squirmy infant a bath. you know how to be a mother by instinct. "Somebody" never took a three year old shopping. that "good" mothers never yell at their kids. "Somebody's" child never sent a baseball through a neighbor's picture window. a mother can end all the answers to her child-rearing questions in books. "Somebody" never had a child stuff beans in his nose.. a mother always adores her children. "Somebody" never tried to comfort a colicky baby at 3 a.m. a mother can do her job with her eyes closed and one hand tied behind her back. "Somebody" never organized seven giggling Brownies into a cookie selling brigade. the hardest part of being a mother is labor and delivery. "Somebody" never watcher her "baby" get on the bus for the first day of kindergarten. your mother knows you love her, so you don't have to tell her.. "Somebody" isn't a mother.

12: Speaking of Mothers Here are a few taken of our mother through the last few years:

13: This is a picture of Roberta and Pat Panza on their prom night; and below that, Pat in later years

16: The Secrets of a Good Marriage by Ellie Kelsch They say there' are secrets to a good marriage, That there are rules to obey, But the most important rules of love, Are what you two do everyday. It's the "hey babes" in the morning, It's how she makes his tea, It's the way he smiles at her, Such a sweet thing to see. It's never being too old to hold hands. Or to watch movies on the couch. It's accepting all the flaws, Even when the other's a grouch.

17: It's telling him he's not going gray, It's the "You look fine in those jeans" It's ignoring the mid-life crisis, and all her little "scenes". It's facing the world as one, And it's more than love at first sight, It's together being a family, Each and every day and night. It's the way he looks into her eyes, It's the way that she looks too, It's why you stood before the judge and why you said "I do".

18: I Wish You Could Know I know what it is like to search a burning bedroom for trapped children at 3AM, flames rolling above your head, your palms and knees burning as you crawl, the floor sagging under your weight as the kitchen below you burns. I comprehend a wife's horror at 6 in the morning as I check her husband of 40 years for a pulse and find none. I start CPR anyway, hoping to bring him back, knowing intuitively it is too late. But wanting his wife and family to know everything possible was done to try to save his life. I know the unique smell of burning insulation, the taste of soot-filled mucus, the feeling of intense heat through your turnout gear, the sound of flames crackling, the eeriness of being able to see absolutely nothing in dense smoke-sensations that I've become too familiar with. I know the frustration I feel in the cab of the engine squad, or my personal vehicle the driver with his foot pressing down hard on the pedal, my arm tugging again and again at

19: the air horn chain, as you fail to yield the right-of-way at an intersection or in traffic. When you need us however, your first comment upon our arrival will be, "It took you forever to get here!" I know my thoughts as I help extricate a girl of teenage years from the remains of her auto. "What if this was my family or friend? What are her parents reaction going to be when they open the door to find a police officer with hat in hand? I know the physical, emotional and mental drain, missed meals, lost sleep and forgone social activities, in addition to all the tragedy my eyes have seen. I know the brotherhood and self-satisfaction of helping save a life or preserving someone's property, or being able to be there in time of crisis, or creating order from total chaos. I understand what it feels like to have a little boy tugging at your arm and asking, "Is Mommy okay?" Not even being able to look in his eyes without tears from your own and not knowing what to say. Or to have to hold back a long time friend who watches his buddy having CPR done on him as they take him away in the Medic Unit. You know all along he did not have his seat belt on; leaving a sensation that I have become too familiar with. Unless you have lived with this kind of life, you will never truly understand or appreciate who I am, we are, or what our job really means to us...... I wish you could though.

26: As kids we lived together, We fought, we laughed, we cried. We did not always show the love that we both had inside. We shared our dreams and plans, and some secrets too. All the memories we share, is what bonds me now to you. We grew to find we have a love, that is very strong today, It's a love shared by our family, that will never fade away. You are my sister not by choice, but by the nature of our birth. I could not have chosen a better one. you are the best on earth.

29: Grow Old With You Adam Sandler I wanna make you smile whenever you're sad. Carry you around when your arthritis is bad. All I wanna do is grow old with you, I'll get your medicine when your tummy aches, build you a fire if the furnace breaks. Oh it could be so nice growin old with you. I'll miss you, kiss you, give you my coat when you're cold, need you, feed you, I'll even let you hold the remote control! So let me do the dishes in the kitchen sick. Put you to bed when you've had too much to drink. Oh I could be the one to grow old with you. I wanna grow old with you. My Love Linda Lee Elrod When I met you, I had no idea how much my life was about to be changed...but then, how could I have known? A love like ours happens once in a lifetime. You were perfect for me, the one who was everything I had ever dreamed of, the one I thought existed only in my imagination. And when you came into my life, I realized that what I had always thought was happiness couldn't compare to the joy loving you brought me. You are part of everything I think and feel and with you by my side, I believe that anything is possible and to thank you for being you.

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