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Sulz Family 2014

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Sulz Family 2014 - Page Text Content

S: Sulz Family 2014

1: "We tend to forget that happiness doesn't come as a result of getting something we don't have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have." FREDERICK KEONIG

2: Movie time with great grandpa Kay. Fox and the Hound 2 is so fascinating! | Bean bag down the stairs -what a tradition!

3: Serious? | Never! | Never! | Serious?

5: Natalie's Mission Call | We skype'd with Aunt Anita and family during the grand opening. They live in the Cleveland OH mission -right where Natalie was called! | Anita and family. | Jacob, Lori Ann, Darcee, Mitchell Breena, Grandpa, Natalie, Grandma, Bryden Zachary, Makaila

6: Christmas gift from Mitchell! Darcee has been an excellent influence! | Gift to Makaila from me. It took the entire week we were there (while Daddy was in NYC) to sew. | It ate the DVD

7: Ceiling -please?

8: Coolest Christmas gift ever

9: The Met. China Town, awesome pizza, hanging out until 5 am to get into your hotel room, freezing weather, tens of thousands of people Fun. Fun. Fun.

10: Imagine. Sisters. At Play.

11: Shake Spin Spray | I holler, "Time to get dressed!" and find them running barefoot through the snow! | Jan -18

12: Despite great efforts from Mary Warner and the other nursery leaders, Mommy spent 6 months helping Lily adjust. | January | front: Naomi, Sis Warner, Hazel Broadbend, Piper Warner middle: Eloise Orr, Isabella Nocerino, Anika Zimmerman, Sis Fernsten, Lily, Sis Fry, William Haggard, Clara Harris, Alex Alvarez back: Asher Andelin, Bro, Fernsten, Lucas Souza, Sis Abromowaki, Bro Asay, Dason Rieske, Sis Asay, Annabella Rieske | to | December

13: "Baby Nina!" Every time Ammon and Heidi Washburn come for Sunday dinner the girls get their baby dolls out. Its an adorable line up! | Jan -5 | I've got the shoes, the car, bubbles to pop, and a snack. Can life really be that hard?

14: Relax... Aunt Julie's taking more pictures.

16: The tooth fairy brings gold dollars! | Lets Play Music with Mrs. Lily | From Ruthie! | Jan 2014 | A month later... | May 2014 | 1st loose tooth | April 2014 | A child can fix a bad day in a heart beat. So sweet!

17: We love having friends over. The puppet theater was a huge hit! Lulu, Elorie, Frankie, Lily, Naomi, Alaina (on hearth) and Ruthie is giving the puppet show. | I have spent many hours in Ruthie's classroom. We borrowed baby ducks for the Fairy Tale day on "The Little Duckling" | Macaroni for Easter breakfast. | Best Fort EVER! | April 2014 | March 2014 | April 2014

18: Easter

19: The only time it's safe to put all your eggs in one basket! | Our children are so precious

20: Michael, Christy, Ashley, Breena, Makaila, Lori Ann, Jacob, Zachary, Natalie, Anita, Matt, Amber, Jessica, Nick | Tucanos | We attended the Saturday morning session of General Conference in the Conference center then walked to Tucanos for lunch. It was amazing! We enjoyed every flavor of lemonade available (27) and mixed a bunch of our own combo's. We sloshed away happy! | Tucanos | Brazilian Grill April -5

21: Temple Square

23: Hair cuts for all! | April 23rd | DYT makeovers Lori Ann, Breena, Kayleen

24: Back -Jim, Kayleen, Dallin, Brianda, Jason, Bryden Jordan, Natalie, Lily, Breena, Virginia and Kyle Briggs Front -Grandpa Kay, Grandma Nina, Lori Ann, Mitchell, Darcy, Makaila, Ruthie

25: April 12, 2014 Rexburg ID. Temple Mitchel and Darcee's Wedding The quilt I made is quilted with little pearls and waves that match Darcy's theme. Each block is unique. It took over a year to complete but I loved every moment.

26: It all started when Scott wanted to practice for his new job at the prison | April -27

27: handcuff damage | then Julie learned what happens when she pulls someone onto handcuffs.

28: Spring Biking Skills | Dandelion Puff May -17 | Fall Biking Skills

29: This is the patio that Breena built. This is her arm after carrying the rocks that form the patio that Breena built.

30: May 16 | Yuba Lake

31: Day at the Beach | Afternoon trip with Merrell's. Breena stayed home to teach.

32: Featuring Super Can (Ruthie's) Bismark (Pettit's)and Unnamed (Mannis's) | Boat Races | Bombing Bismark | Starting Line

33: May -30 | Jessi M, Lily, Jordan, Ruthie, Mathew P, Nick P, ? P, Scott M. | Super Can Wins! | Victory Dance

34: Ready? | Aim. | BBQ with Vincent's, Pettit's, Bennion's, Merica's, | FIRE!

35: Got him!

36: As fun as it is to hang out in a doctors office, I think we've seen our fair share of aquariums. Lily's skin is so itchy that she is bleeding from her eye lid and her wrists. Several doctors and an allergist have gotten us nowhere. The latest conclusion is to do nothing as her skin is too thinned out and wait for her to get older. So many sleepless nights. How do you sleep when you are itching? | June -3

37: Slip N' Slide off Uncle Alex's roof.

38: We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures that we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open. - JAWAHARLAL NEHRU | Grandpa let us use a corner of his garden to grow peas.

39: Nature in motion

40: San Diego trip with Mom, Grandma, Aunt Kayleen, and Suzanne Davis to attend cousin Jessica's wedding JUNE 2014 | It is rare to see a seal at Seal Beach. So lucky! | Vinegar and oil tasting at the beach.

41: back: Catherine Steele, Kayleen, Michelle and Dan Ramirez, Suzanne, Anita, Breena, Matt, Lori Ann, Jen Torres. front: Amber, Ashley, Christy, Grandma, Aunt Rene.

42: We drove to the San Diego temple, attended the sealing, stood for pictures, ate lunch at Miguel's downtown, and completely wore everyone out before the amazing dinner and reception back in Newport Beach.

43: a mother's love never fades | June 6, Wedding Day

44: Grandma was determined to put her feet in the ocean. She went to the beach once as a child and hasn't been back since. She was so winded walking 20' through the sand I knew there was no way she could make it until I discovered they had beach wheel chairs! Hardest thing to push or pull but it was worth it to get her across the beach. I wish I had a video of the men zooming her in her chair up the ramp when we were done. I haven't seen her move that fast in years! | Music at the Beach | a | Leaving the beach I encouraged mom to come see this man playing music from the back of his truck. I could see standing on top of the pier but she had to walk under to see. The piano had its legs cut off and was propped up on some speakers. (I guess you can store a piano in the back of a pickup in Cali!) She said hi and the man immediately asked her what he should play...then to come sing a song. After 5 minutes of trying to get out of it she finally walked away laughing saying "no way! I don't know the words!" It was so funny. The pier was lined with people waiting to see what she would do. I was of no help of course. I was holding the video camera! | June 7

45: Aunt Rene Lehman (Grandma sister), Michelle and Dan Ramirez (Rene's daughter and son in law) with Grandma. | Seal Beach | This is my tan/burn line after our day at the beach. | You come sing!

46: Awesome babysitters! Jessica and Kelsy Bingham found energy to play horsey even though they had just gotten back from girls camp. Whew!

47: The trampoline is a never ending source of fun. Spiky hair and all! | The librarian from Monsters Inc. gets visited every week at the library! I think its the tentacles.

48: Camping Practice | It was difficult to function while the floor was being tiled. We had phases with no pantry, stove, dishwasher, sink, bathroom, and obviously no kitchen. We ate in the garage -this picture is Lily's infamous "huh?" face. The dryer also went out that same week and then the sub-pump so there was only the third floor bathroom. I had to escort the kids past the floor to make sure no one stepped on a recently laid tile. What a crazy week! | The funny part? Ruth was at girls camp all week, came home and kept on camping!

49: Ting Ting took swim lessons with Ruthie and Lily everyday for two weeks. It was so cold the first 3 days (low 50's) that it felt like torture -and I wasn't even in the water! The girls had a blast after it warmed up. | June 2014 | After swimming one day Ruthie said her back hurt. She said a lady had scratched her on accident in the crowded lazy river. Thats one crazy deep scratch -she must have had long acrylic nails...or claws! | Swim Lessons

50: Toot ta da dum

51: July | Celebrate | My 4th of July Pies | puppets with Ting Ting! | Laser tag at Lehi fun center | American Fork park | airplane ride at Lehi fun center

52: Happy 3rd Birthday Lily Girl!

53: Asher Andalin's Pirate Party complete with balloon swords, walking the plank, and digging up buried treasure. | aye aye captain

54: Our week with Holland | Holland Bacon stayed with us for a week while his family stayed at Bear Lake. We went to the AF park, the movies, ate blueberry shakes, and went swimming...we discovered that Holland doesn't like water.

55: July 7-12

56: Family, Fun, Friends and a Guinea Pig

58: Starvation Reservoir, July 12th

59: So many memories! This was our last day with Holland. He screamed when I carried him in the direction of the water. He never did get wet. He warmed to Alex immediately so I was able to go out on the wave runners with Jordan. The sunscreen ran out mid use and I got distracted before finishing the job! Good thing the girls got sun screened first! Lily had a thing with the cooler and Ruthie couldn't ask for more mud to fling around. We just stayed for the day. It was wonderful!!!

60: Museum of Natural Curiosity | Greg and Jordan designed and put the kids to work building these walls.

62: Not potty trained but intends to change her own diaper. | I can do it myself! | Eating out = nap in the window sill.

63: Kids theater at Thanksgiving Point

64: Amazing Fun on the Fourth | Grandma Morris, Jacob, Zachary, and Makaila came to Utah for a couple of days. We spent a day at Seven Peaks (left). Its a miracle only Zach got burned. We also spent a day at the Lehi Trafalga where we rock climbed and raced, and played black light golf. We'd already made the mistake of playing mini golf at the Orem Trafalga and found a dead baby bird in one of the holes. Eww!

65: That's a whole lot of climbing!

66: Ready to get dizzy? | Play hard! Die hard!

67: We took Jordan's cuz Jessica Gleason and her 3 kids with us. It was a blast! | Thanksgiving Point Children's Gardens

68: Cold Bum | Rocket Launch

69: Washburn Family Reunion | Rawr!

70: Experimenting with my new hair cut. | Kekoa, Bryce, Miranda, Melissa, Glen, Tim, Larn's bro., Larn, Amy | Neighborhood 24th of July party in Vincent's backyard.

72: Book club in the back yard. The kids had a blast with the Iverson kids while we chatted and ate the yummy treats I made. | Girls afternoon tea party with dishes from Grandma Morris' wedding reception.

73: Massager turned tickler machine | Squeals and giggles are constant sounds in our home.

74: Lava Hot Springs | Camping with the Vincent's and Merrell's. | Aug. 7th-10th

75: The kids were wiped out before we even got to the water!

76: It took months for Alyssa's tail bone to recover from the jump off the highest platform.

78: “Life is either a great adventure or nothing.” ~Helen Keller

79: It's a BAT! | Tic Tac Toe Slow mo

80: August 12th

81: Ogden Temple Open House

82: It was a beautiful experience to walk through the temple together. The girls loved the celestial room. They looked up and up and up. Afterwards they got cheesy for pictures. This was the best we got.

84: ard Party | ard Party

85: When it comes to parting, Larn and Jordan are two peas in a pod! | Lily, Ruthie, Lulu, Ellery | August 12th

86: Farm life -with Jenny Bunnell

87: Ramon -Hooray | Dinner in the tub! | Just Daddy and me.... | ......on our camping trip | Mommy Music | Early morning bracelet making -Ruthie sold them at our garage sale for $1.00 to raise money for Disneyland. She sold 27!

88: Hogle Zoo | Ruthie, Lulu, Ting Ting, Lily, Naomi | Hogle Zoo

89: We met Brittany Sproul and Alyssa Vincent at the zoo for a day of play.

90: So much to see!

91: So much to jump off of!


93: Together, we identify an issue to explore, research it, discern an action to take, implement that action and evaluate its outcome.

94: Our mommy daughter date to get ready for First Grade Included manicures and pedicures along with some crazy moments in front of the dressing room mirror. We had a day full of giggles. Lily was so excited for Ruthie's first day that she carried a book around to help out! Mrs. Cottrell seems to be a delightful individual. Ruthie likes her and is happy to go.

95: Like Mother Like Daughter | Lily is mommy's constant companion. We found this awesome mask while leather shopping for Super Saturday. Then we attended the preschool open house. We spent some time at the DYT store. She loves glitter and gold as much as I do!


98: Lily's shoe came off so she kicked off the second and took off running. What a wild child!

99: Jordan and I went to the Park City Home Tour. It was fun to dream and plan for the future. We ate at Dairy Keen with the train choo chooing around the ceiling and dozens of other families. It was so busy! When we got home, we found the girls had built a train from the yard chairs and pipes from the fire pit. | My favorite spot was an under the stairs play area for kids, although the split closet was a close second!

100: You're on a field trip! Lily's first school field trip was to the LDS motion picture studios. -Sept 5th-

102: Sept 7th We made good time getting to Cali. We left our bags at the hotel and went to the beach. Jordan of course planned to get in despite the cool wind. The girls got soaked and could barely keep their pants up. The rest of us got salt and sand in every fold and wrinkle.

104: Aug 8th | Dumbo's ride | Disney Land

106: It was a long line to meet Tinker bell but the girls faces were worth it!

107: Lily was thrilled to meet Rosetta!

108: Balloon inside a balloon. Ruthie had been saving and really had her heart set on a mickey mouse balloon. Jordan took her to buy one pre-parade explaining she had to get one for Lily too only to discover they were $15 each! When they came back empty handed...well it was terrible.

109: Having a great time with my family! Adventure awaits us! | The "Frozen" float drew some oohs out of tired kids.

110: Our day between parks started with delicious waffles at Ruby's Diner on the pier. The girls got their own table and we kept moving the umbrellas around to suit our need for sun (Breena) and shade (Jordan).

112: The moment I saw the ball I knew Jordan would be in it soon. Although they wouldn't let him run in it (someone broke their neck trying that) he had a blast sliding around inside. "Faster! Faster!" he called. I guess sliding a mile in 90 seconds isn't fast enough. | Birds of Paradise | View from the pier.

113: Chasing | the poor birds. | I can't keep my shoes on!


116: Ready? | Jordan, Larn, and Amy are heading out to catch a wave on the body boards. after nearly loosing my shorts in the waves I wasn't taking that risk again! | Steep climb!

117: Jump!

118: Step Right Up! | fun | Woody left just as we got to the front of the line. Buzz lightyear got a hug anyway! | The Ferris Wheel made my stomach churn! Lily wouldn't sit still! | Amy and Xander | hup 2, 3, 4 | The ride almost left without me! Ruthie looks concerned. | Go Grandma! | Lily loves french fries...as big as her head | The carousel | waiting for Aladdin

119: Let's have some fun! | I'm a cockroach! | smiles | Our 4th time on Tow Mater while the others rode Cars | We got Soaked clear to our Shoes! | Bugs Land | So tired | smiles | Cheese!

121: We followed lightning McQueen and Tow Mater through town then danced with Ryder. That car could move! | Under the Sea was beautifully air conditioned and everyone welcomed the chance to sit! | Cache and Larn

123: Three days full of play has everyone wiped out. Ironically so was I-15! We detoured through the Vally of Fire on the way home. The girls missed the whole thing. I sat fascinated by the many shapes I observed. Nature is amazing! | Dinosaur | Lizard | Butterfly | Turtle

124: I was blessed to have 6 intense rehearsal's with Brother Keyes in preparation for the regional stake conference. He taught us to channel our personal challenges in life into a powerful witness of the tender mercies of God. My favorite song was "I know that my Savior Loves me" I could feel the power and truth in those words. Elder Scott, and Elder and Sister Nelson spoke. It was a wonderful chance to hear them speak in person! | Look Mom! | I can wink! | puppet shows | I can ride 2 at a time! | Nick Merica's twins, Violet and Hazel | Taylor and Jake chasing Ruthie | she's got my toes! | Its... | A... | Party at Brimley's Oct 3

125: Crazy goodbyes. | Emma and Lily | Sept 12th | Lily LOVES riding her bike to pre-school. | We're hiding from you.! | BOX!

126: Thanks | Point

127: Sept 26 | giving | Gardens

128: 55 acres of beauty | Running from the rain

130: Surprise daddy daughter date to Cornbellys

131: Daddy -"This is way better than school, right?" Ruthie -"well not really" | She LOVES school

132: Haunted Trails

134: There is a small boy hiding in that box. When it moved the kids SCREAMED! Ruthie and McKadie her vampire princess twin at school. | I cut this all by myself!

135: Jamon, Amy, Staci, Kekoa, Jessica, Jordan.

136: Taylor and Amber Bennion took us out to his mother's place to ride horses. After 20 min both girls were confident enough to ride alone! That was huge improvement over "I'm not riding" (Ruthie) | Breena and Amber

137: The girls played by the stream, the guys shot guns, Amber and I rode for awhile and then played music. I got to mess with a cello. Fun! | Target practice

138: Hallway Dance lessons

139: These Are The Moments I Live For | Daddy vrs Ruthie. Mac n' cheese competition.

140: Fall is here!

141: An afternoon up the canyon with Daddy. The colors are beautiful! | 2014 | October

142: Cameron's here! | Read me a book? | French fries | Happy | Candy land | Parcheesi -Ruthie is the champ | Throw the ball | Rook | Tetris | Gratitude | Family | Vacation | No bed time! -you wish | I Win! | Turkey | Food | yum

143: 10 potty runs | Gorgeous Lights | Smile for chocolate ...I mean the reindeer! | Bowling | Victory Dance | Pop and pizza | Ruthie driving through the lights | Larn, Amy, Cache, Xander piled into our van for the lights.

144: I picked up Bryden in SLC after his summer in Alaska. I almost missed him on the street because of his beard! We drove to Rexburg to see Grandpa. He still has his sense of humor and loves playing games. We ate Popcorn Shrimp from Applebee's. It was one of the few foods that tasted good to him anymore. It was a bitter sweet trip. Grandpa asked if I would give a grandchild tribute at his funeral. I cried every time I thought about it! As the one always behind the camera I never thought to get a picture of Grandpa and I together so these are memories through my eyes! | Sept 19, 2014

145: The funeral was a beautiful celebration of an amazing man. I gave the grandchild tribute and cried the whole 20 minutes it took to get 6 minutes of talking out. -terrible really! It was amazing to have all the grandchildren, except two, in one place. Natalie is in the mission field and Julie was due any day with a baby. I was sad my family couldn't be there due to sickness. It was fun to get reacquainted with many Parke cousins that we rarely see. | Becky | Grandpa's Funeral

146: is a little world created by love. | So much to see and do! | Ashley Bean and Ruthie | Kaleb Thompson's new toy. | BYU museum | Cornbelly's with Petit's

147: Mommy! Ahhh! Its a ukulele! | Aspen 2nd Ward Christmas Party | Making marshmallow chocolate pops for friends. | "My Moosie!" | There were never such devoted sisters | Lily wanted a moose (the same one she'd been carrying around for weeks) so bad that she unwrapped it twice. Christmas Eve with the PJ's and Christmas morning with everything else.

148: Mommy is sick so she gets dinner in bed. Thoughtful hubby.! | FAMILY | Sick Days! | Lesson payment.

149: 3 goose eggs in 3 months | Ruthie at daddy's dental school | You're dirty. "I'm not dirty! I'm Lily" | our cute decor | play dough teeth

150: VACATION | Temple Square | Dec 22

151: PEACE


153: Curling in | Kearns | with Greg Warner | Jordan won the ugly sweater competition. -yes. we made them.

154: Christmas Eve | Indoor snowball fight, cash pong, star burst gambling, gift exchange. It was a well planned and fun evening! The girls love their new PJ's!

155: Before | After

156: NAUGHTY | NICE | Lily! Come play in the snow ! | No daddy. I'm too comfortable.

157: The girls love their huge pillow pets and snackeez cups. It's a perfect combo. | The tops are a huge hit! Thanks Grma Morris

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