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Summer 2010

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Summer 2010 - Page Text Content

S: Summer 2010

FC: Summer 2010

1: At Bass Pro Shop 06-29-10

2: Vacation Bible School. The end of the week Concert.! 07-01-10

3: Aria had fun with her old friends and made some new ones.

4: July 2nd out at Norwin's with some sparklers | Alyssa | Caitlin

5: July 3rd, 2010 I made a cookie with cream cheese on it , then Alexis & Brittany decorated it! We brought it to Brett & Tracey's party

6: Jello we made to bring to Aunt Myrtie's house on July 4th, 2010 | Uncle Red showing us his hat from the Bahama's

7: Happy 4th of July!!

8: July 4th, 2010

9: Aunt Myrtie & Uncle Red's Anniversary July 4, 2010

10: making crafts at the library | At Ohmann Theatre for the Peppermint Days Echumenical Service | The kids from Vacation Bible School sang. | July 7th, 2010

11: At the library making shell frames July 9, 2010

12: July 10, 2010 All ready for Lyons Peppermint Days. Aria in her red & white! Store front decorations Hannah, Aria & Alyssa

13: The Studio For The Performing Arts had their dancers doing their recital dances during Peppermint Days. | Aria and her Ballet Class did their recital dance.

14: Alexis and her class performing their Lyrical dance "Footprints in the Sand" | July 10, 2010

15: Aria's class performing their Tap routine to "Mamma I'm a big girl now!"

16: Erick's Graduation Party | At the Lyons VFW. Congratulations Erick! 07-10-2010

17: "Cousins" | Ben, Natalie & Dominic, Kristen & Kayla, Alexis & Aria, & Erick | "Friends Alexis, Hannah & Aria

18: "Candy Striper's" for The Lyons Peppermint Days Kiddie Parade | Aria, Alyssa, Alexis (she carried the sign) and Hannah

19: The Lyons Peppermint Days Kiddie Parade. July 10, 2010 | It rained the night before so they rescheduled the parade for 5pm, before the big parade at 7pm | Kenzie & Jasmine

20: Walking in the Kiddie Parade. Some of the decorated store fronts. The girls won 2nd place in the "Peppermint" Category for their Candy striper outfits, below they have their winning ribbons! | A float representing the movie "Up"

21: After the Kiddie Parade and before the big parade We saw Senator Nozzolio and Aria had her picture taken with him. Then off to watch the parade! | The Lyons Peppermint Days Grand Parade

22: The Grand Parade! Hannah was the Alloway Princess this year, Sherry, Jamie with Morgan and Taylor were in it with the Masonic Woman. It was a really nice and long parade.

23: After the parade we walked around the park, Had Fairville's famous fish fry,Aria had her face painted, then went to watch the fireworks. What a busy fun day we had and it went out with a "Bang"!

24: On Sunday July 11, 2010 they had a 50's hula hoop contest in front of the Ohmann Theatre, Luckily we still had poodle skirts that would fit the girls! | Aria, Alexis, Taylor and Hannah in 50's outfits! All the kids received free movie tickets. Hannah is a great Hula Hooper!

25: All the 50's outfits | By a 1950's Car! Some more store front windows

26: Then off to Aunt Phyllis & Uncle Art's 50th Anniversary Party at their house. | Art & Phyllis on their wedding day and now. Their house above and the drawing that was a gift,

27: "Family" Makes 50 years go by fast! | Alexis, Kristen, & Beth | Carl & Mac | "Best Man" Bob, Phyllis, Art, & "Maid of Honor" ? | Phyllis & Art Witt | Lucy, Carl, Mac, Donna & Bob

28: 50 Years of Wedded Bliss! | The Witt Family Mariette, Chris, Phyllis, Art, Michelle, & Chuck | Enjoying the party July 11, 2010 | The Fera Family Derrick, Michael, Nicholas, Paul, Jayson, Michelle, Amanda & her fiance, Kyle

29: Enjoying Camping at Norwins July 12, 2010 | At Clifton springs Hospital to see Elie and the Ducks! July 11, 2010 | We thought we had the camper sold, but it fell through, so we enjoyed some more time out there.

30: Making Pretzels at the library 07-13-10 | July 14, 2010 We helped George move, and met their new neighbors..goats! We sent Elie a pict text and told her they were Dalilah 1, 2 & 3 | July 17, 2010 "Curtain Call" performed in the park for the farmers market | After having some breakfast

31: Quagliata Family Reunion July 18, 2010 | At Seneca Lake State Park in Geneva | Above is Aunt Lucy's family

32: Above left: ?. Buddy & Lucy. Above right: Aunt Sophie & Family Center: Alexis & Bethie Lower left: The Bowler Family Lower right: Jeff, Tiffany, Mac & Carl

33: Above left: John. Mariette, Phyllis, & Art Above right: Erick, ben, Adria & Mike Center: Egg Toss.. Erick & Ben were the 2010 winners Lower left: Quagliata's from Michigan Lower right: Jeff cooking!

34: Annual Egg Toss! | Aria throwing water balloons at her Uncle Tom!

35: Pool Party at Porky's! July 19, 2010 | Alyssa, Taylor, Kassidy, Alexis, Aria & Katherine | Cassie, Alexis & Katelynn

36: All ready for their Curtain Call performance at Ohmann Theatre July 21, 2010 | July 22, 2010 All ready the next night for their Curtain Call performance at the Lyons High School. I braided their hair for them.

37: Sing Dance Act Stage = "Curtain Call" | Ayllsa, Hannah, & Aria | Aria with Lexi | Caitlin & Aria | Aria & Julia | Aria with some of her teachers | Midnight & Smudge

38: July 24, 2010 The Smith Family Reunion and Graduation Party for Chelsea | playing along Lake Ontario in Pultneyville

39: By the lake | Canoe Lake in Canada July 26, 2010 | Fishing | Dragonfly | Reading | Exciting | The girls catching fish

40: July 27, 2010 Fishing in Canoe Lake They all caught fish and some were big enough to keep. Jeff filleted them up and cooked them for lunch

41: Alexis with a fish. Our cabin, this one had a full bathroom! Jeff taking care of the fish. Aria! Porky relaxing in our reclining lounger. A woodpecker!

42: Swimming and Sliding in the lake! July 27, 2010 | Whee! | Alexis, Hannah, & ? | The hill we go down when we leave canoe lake. It is such a beautiful sight! | The four of us in front of the cabin 07-29-10

43: Ready to get on the boat | July 29, 2010 Uncle Sams Boat tour of the Thousand Islands and Boldt Castle | Boldt castle on Heart Island | One of the houses on an island

44: A Statue of St. Lawerance, who the river was named for. | Touring the Thousand Islands on The St. Lawerance River | The Thousand Island bridge connecting the Us and canada. Workers underneith it working on it. | Alexis with the bridge in the background

45: Alexis | Boldt Castle | The piano in the music area | The ceiling | Mrs. Boldt | The fireplace | Mr. Boldt's bathroom | Mr. Boldt's rooms

46: The Blueprints of Boldt Castle | The main floor has been restored, as has Mr. & Mrs. Boldt's rooms. all the major structure has been fixed. They still have a lot to do!

47: Above is Mrs. Boldt's rooms Below is the pool area

48: Above: The entrance gate Below: The Gazebo

49: Outside of the main structure is the "Playhouse" the "Utility Building" and the "Grounds" Across the water is the "Boathouse" with antique boats in it. | Above is a ship we seen go by us on the ride back to Alexandria Bay. To the right is Aria outside our favorite shop in Alex bay. What a fun day! Then for our 2 1/2 hour ride home.

50: Alyssa and her new puppy "Minnie". She got her from our friend Julie. | In the middle is Aria in her new shirt from Alex Bay, She also had her second clarinet lesson today Above is Aria, Hannah, & Alyssa all ready for a swim! Below all of us in our black swimsuits. | Aria & Alexis! | July 30, 2010

51: 07-30-10 Pool Party at Porky's! All The kids who came to swim | Aria's new dress from Alex Bay 08-01-10 | Kassidy, Alexis,Katelynn, Cassie, Hannah, Alyssa, Katherine, & Aria | Alexis & katelynn

52: Alexis' Art Work | Some of the art work Alexis did during the school year

53: Collin & Kara's little girl Annilese Sunshine Hobbs | Kara & Annie | Aria and the cupcakes she decorated at the library | 08/06/10

54: 08/06/10 The dessert we made and Alexis decorated for dinner over at Bob's | Playing with Little Miss Sunshine!

55: Hannah and Aria at Hannah's House with all her Beautiful Flowers! 08/07/10

56: We had Bob, Collin , Kara & Annie over to our house for dinner | Alexis, Annie & Aria | 08/07/10

57: Aria's 9th Birthday Party with her friends. 08/08/10 Alexis made the invitations. It was a Flip Flop Luau Pool Party at Grandma & Grandpa Porky's house in Clyde.

58: Aria with her Luau decorations

59: I made cupcakes with flip flops on them. Jeff made the pineapple apple flowers. We had flip flop plates to serve them on

60: Happy Birthday to Aria! | Make a Wish! | Blow out the Candles! | We had cupcakes first, then opened presents (So I could get pictures while everyone wasn't all wet!)

63: Time for the Luau Limbo Alexis and Jeff made the limbo stand from pool noodles and wooden dowels. Alexis used her ipod boom box to play the Luau music. The Girls loved it. Hannah was the Winner! Then onto Alexis' Relay race. We played that just for fun with no winner!

64: Alexis made up a relay race for the girls to do. They had to put on flippers, floaties, and walk to the next bucket, take off those things, then grab a ball fill with water, run it to the next bucket, then go back to tag in the next girl. It was full of laughs

65: Musical Beach Towels It's just like musical chairs only with beach towels. the girls loved running around and seeing who would be out next. When it came down to the last two we had the girls make a big circle for the last two to run around. Sunny was the winner

66: The Beach Ball Race. teams of two must get the ball across the finish line without touching it!

67: Finally time to go Swimming! The girls had so much fun and the slide and diving board!

68: The girls had hot dogs and hamburgs. then Time for the Pina'ta

69: Back into the pool! Down the slide they go! | The playmobil toys Alexis gave Aria | Sunny, Aria and Alyssa

70: We bought Annie her Birthday presents early, so we could give them to her while she was here | A baby Cell phone, Pots and Pans rattles, and a cute dress! | She loved playing with the toys! We enjoyed her so much! | 08-09-10

71: Cousins came to visit! Jordan, his friend Andy, Adrianne, Alexis & Aria 08-11-10 | What a beautiful night sky! Swimming in Grandpa's pool

72: Sea Breeze 08/12/10 | Ready for the rides!, They weren't into the water rides, it was to chilly to. | The Tilt-A-Whirl is always so fun!

73: The Jack Rabbit! | Bumper Cars | Music Express | Alexis & Jordan were the only ones to ride this!

74: The Kangeroo We go up, We come down, and back up again, and down again! | The Merry-Go-Round an old fashioned favorite! | The Whirlwind! The cars spin as they go on the roller coaster track!

75: One last ride on the Jack Rabbit | Revolution 360 The new ride at Sea Breeze! The kids loved it

76: 08-12-10 Alyssa, Aria & Amy having a sleepover in my bed! | Aria, Amy. and Alyssa. When they all were in kindergarden and pre-K they rode the bus together. | The next day before Amy went back to Minnisota. She comes back every summer to visit.

77: Andy & Adrianne's greaduation cake. | Myself, Sue and our cousin Terri | Alexis and Terri's daughter Jessice | Adrianne & Jordan | 08-14-10

78: Aria opening Birthday presents from Aunt Tracey & Aunt Susie | Hanging out playing ladder ball

79: "Cousins" Alexis, Jordan, Adrianne, & Aria | "Siblings" Jim, Brenda, Brett & Sue

80: Jim, Brenda, Brett & Sue

81: Anne & Nancy | Sue & Melanie | Nancy & Alexis | Michelle, Brenda, Tracey, Melanie, & Sue

82: Your Invited to Aria's 9th Birthday Party August 15, 2010 99 Columbia St. Clyde, N.Y. 5pm-? Dinner & Fireworks! | Aria's family birthday party August 15, 2010 Aria with her Flip Flop carrot cake

83: Aria opening presents! | With Ashley | With Aunt Adria | Alyssa, Aria & Ashley | With Patty & Sherry | With cassie | With Michelle

84: Presents!

85: Make A Wish! | Kayla | Dominic

86: August 15th Fireworks! Happy Birthday Aria! | Aria's Thank you notes we made | Alyssa, Katherine, Aria & Kassidy

87: Aria's Photo Shoot! 08/16/10 | Alexis took the pictures of Aria

88: Our last night at our camper at Norwin's campgrounds. We Finally sold it!! | Aria & Alyssa spending the last night 08-26-10

89: August 27, 2010 Aria helping Alyssa sell Lemonade and cookie's at her garage sale. Alexis had her Tennis Pictures and practice

90: Showing the girls how to freeze sweet corn, They loved helping, and the work went quick! | 08-27-10 Alyssa found this butterfly in her yard, so Beautiful! | The kids eating some too! | Aria!

91: Aria first game of the 2010 Cheerleading season! | Alyssa, Taylor, Aria & Alexis | August 29, 2010

92: Aria and the kids having fun! | Julie even got into the pool! | Last Pool Party at Porky's! 08-30-10 | Alyssa finally went down the slide!

93: Brittany,Alexis, Mara, Katelynn, Cassidy, Emily, Kassidy,Ashley, Alyssa, Timmy, Mitchell, Taylor, Katherine, & Aria | Summer Fun coming to an end! back to school next week!

94: Aria Jennie Smith 4th Grade Lyons Jr. Lions C-Squad Cheerleading

95: Alexis Leigh Smith 10th Grade Varsity Tennis 2010

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