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Suzy...The first 60 Years

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Suzy...The first 60 Years - Page Text Content

S: SUZY...the first 60 years!

BC: Happy 60th to my friend, my sister, my fellow heathen, my partner in crime, & whatever/whoever else I've needed you to be through these last 55 years. Maybe we'll behave better for the next 55? (Or not!) I'll try to find the rest of the pictures I wanted in here before I make your book for your 70th... at which time I will still be firmly ensconced in my 60's, just as I'm firmly ensconced in my 50's now! September 30, 2012 Created Just for Suzy by Marjorie Katherine Warren (Stanfield)! (now an officially published author!)

1: Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow Creeps in this petty pace from day to day To the last syllable of recorded time And aaaaaall our yesterdays Have lighted fools the way to dusty death. Out Out Brief Candle! Life is but a walking shadow... A poor player, who struts and frets His hour upon the stage And then is heard no more It is a tale told by an idiot Full of Sound and Fury Signifying Nothing.

2: It started here, II guess... Our hour upon the stage together... | I remember it like it was yesterday. I was pretty intimidated, having only recently been promoted to 2nd grade. I was wearing a white shirt with 3/4 length sleeves. I wiped my nose, and a booger stayed on my forearm. Laurice McLemore pointed it out to everyone and started laughing. We were out by that water fountain in the center of the hallway on the 2nd floor of the Dell Mason Dees building. You told her to shut up. That was the start, I think, of me being the brains & you being the muscle... although I'm not sure what part of not disposing properly of a wiped booger showed brains on my part!.... (but I was willing to go with it!) | 1959-60 School Year

3: I would love to say something exceedingly clever about 5th grade, but I really can't think of anything memorable about it. I think maybe that was the year Mrs. Bowen went nuts and they had to haul her out in a strait-jacket, but unfortunately Mrs. Wadley didn't do anything that entertaining! I also think maybe there was a slumber party at your house for your birthday that year. I have a vague, relatively unpleasant recollection of lip-syncing "24 Hours from Tulsa" by Gene Pitney at such an event - - and perhaps twirling a baton??? Other slumber party activities involved dipping the hand of someone who fell asleep into a pan of water and asking questions, to which supposedly the water guaranteed truthful answers. Go figure. "It is a tale told by an idiot....." | Where were you in 3rd and 4th grades? I found the 3rd grade class picture of Mrs. Hendricks' class & you weren't in it. You weren't in Mrs. Milton's class, were you? And then I couldn't find the 4th grade picture at all. Were you in Mrs. Edwards' class with me?

4: Of course, the monumental event in 6th grade had to be the Kennedy assassination. We had class elections the day before, and Janice Miller was elected our class president. She was absent that Friday, and I recall Miss Ford telling us "our President has been killed", and a lot of us thought she meant Janice! Other recollections I have of that day are of being scared that whoever killed JFK might come to Midlothian and kill people. We also played a bi-district football game that night against Clifton, and I remember riding on the band bus and everyone was really quiet and somber. It was a weird time.. the first BAD thing, really, in our lives, I guess..... at least the first bad thing that was bad for so many. Can you believe that sixth-graders were actually in the high school band then? How pathetic was that?

5: Seventh Grade brought a change in the hierarchy. We weren't really all equal anymore. Vickie Morgan pretty much decided who was "in" and who was "out". You were in. I was out. Kathy had moved here by then, and she & I were all about the Beatles. Vickie and her bunch were more about boys and being popular, as most seventh-graders are. I was just sort of late to it that time, I was far more interested in John Lennon than in those boys at school! I recall hearing about "kissing parties", etc., to which I wasn't invited. Were you? I can't remember!

6: Eighth Grade and Mr. Baxter! The changes continued. I got into boys then. Older boys. That was the year I carved Allen Breeden's initials into my arm with a razor blade. I pretty much stayed in trouble with Daddy that whole year. I was growing up, and he was having no part of it! If I remember correctly you were definitely strutting your hour on that stage with Vickie & company. It was either that year or the next that Debbie Bryant had a huge slumber party that EVERYONE was invited to - - except me. That was the year I started really feeling that whole "popularity" (or lack thereof) thing. It was also the year of the luau at Mike Willis's house... with us all in our muumuus. (Shudder) Mike Mayes came and picked me up at Willis's house. We went parking and got stuck in the mud. Was late getting home -- grounded again! I stayed grounded a lot that year.... & Daddy kept threatening me with reform school. I guess I was a heathen! You weren't around much then - - oh yeah , it was a Vickie thing! (Not that I was resentful or anything!)

7: The next few years were interesting. Freshman year brought us back together. Not sure what caused the change-over, but I definitely morphed back over to you...(or you to me!) There are things from that era that I won't EVEN write down here! Lots of good times, though. Lots of things we probably shouldn't have done... well, I should remove "probably" from that statement! That was the year we had the wreck in Cedar Hill, wasn't it? When we weren't supposed to be there? I will say that things like "tires", "turkey and dressing", "red book", certain roads, doorknobs, & certain places, all took on new meanings! Good grief, it's no wonder Christine drank! We would have driven anyone to do that! Remember how stern she would be, and I would start laughing, and she would (once again) threaten to call Daddy to come get me? Of course, it was way better at your house than at mine, where we had to behave or face Daddy's wrath. "You're both heathens! And your mother's a heathen too!" Yes, Daddy definitely had a way with words! (and raising our self-esteem!) Remember when we had gone outside to sit in the car with Dennis and someone and Daddy came flying out the door wearing his long, baggy white boxers and his wife-beater undershirt and his robe flapping open? I think that might have been the "heathen" night! Poor Dennis probably peed his pants as he was speeding BACKWARDS down the road! There were dozens of times that Daddy spoiled the moment, but that was one of the more memorable ones... and the time we pushed your car all the way down the driveway so Christine wouldn't wake up, and Daddy drove up about the time we were ready to get in and go! And then there was YOUR Daddy beating his fist on the table regularly (and with good reason). Yep - interesting times. Then you moved away and left me! That was very traumatic for me! (albeit necessary, I guess). We would dig in the car seats and find change and put 12 cents worth of gas in the car and drive around all night! And you could beat on the gas gauge and make it creep up because the old lady had threatened us within an inch of our lives if we brought the car home empty! (I repeat - it's no wonder she drank!)

8: EGG | So you moved away when we were Sophomores? But then you came back at some point. You were living in the little house, I'm pretty sure, before Mike and I got married. I recall that Valentine's Day before he and I got married. He didn't have any money and wasn't going to get me any candy, but you paid for a big white box for him to give me... probably so you and I could eat the candy! | I can't find any pictures with you in them of the Mike Wooley era, but I know you were here. You were living in the little house, and you and your mother kept Jenni one night and she was screaming so loud that we could hear her all the way from the highway, so we came and got her. And you were here, of course, when we lived in the apartment at Mama's house and you stayed with us and got up and drove to work every day at Micro-Molding in Fort Worth and faithfully brought home your paycheck so we could buy beer, cigarettes and 8-track tapes. Mike contributed some - - a little - - and I pretty much laid up in bed and watched soap operas all day. Man, I wish I could figure out how to get a gig like that again! You helped contribute to the neglect of Jenni, as she calls it, although if you'll look at her, she looks pretty happy, don't you think? And, of course, when times got too tough for her all we had to do was take her to see her Granddaddy Spain, and she could get whatever she wanted! "Suzy, Suzy, I had a BIG B.M.!!!!!" I guess this was the Walter Petty era, wasn't it? Or was it? And the black lights and hippy beads and all those things that we thought were so cool. Yep... we definitely strutted (and fretted) some hours on THAT stage! But wait.........."Daryl Moore, what have you been hiding for? Have you been out in the country smoking grass? And didn't I hear you say you would meet me here today?" (I better just leave it at that!)

9: And then Mike moved out... I was working at Fox by then, and I think you were back in Ft. Worth with Granddaddy , but you were here a lot. With the mustang... with the motorcycle... with Granddaddy driving by (playing with his hiney) checking up on us. I guess after that was when you met Lindsey and you were gone again for a while? (I will never be clear about why I wasn't invited to the wedding.)

10: So you hooked up with Lindsey, and I was left to my own devices for a while. Yeah - about that wedding to which I wasn't invited... WTF??? I remember Don and I came to your apartment in Dallas. (He still talks about the licking of the ranch dressing from the dispenser. I think he hasn't been quite right since then - - - if he ever was!) So in the blink of an eye, you were married to Lindsey (without me at the wedding), I was married to Don (you WERE at MY wedding!), and life was all different. Then - in practically another blink of an eye, you're telling me you're pregnant. I remember asking if you were sure you were ready to be, and you said you were. (I thought you had taken leave of your senses). Lo and behold, that started the stairstep thing. Jackie, then 13 months later Josh, then 13 months later Jason. Who would have ever thought? We couldn't have planned it any more efficiently, could we! And all those "J" names! What were we thinking? We definitely called the role more than once when attempting discipline!

11: ...and you certainly can't say we didn't teach our children to be properly respectful - - - a trait that continues to this day! Wonder where sweet little Jason was for this one???

12: Always Exciting!

13: Funny how the stages of life change. Our methods of Strutting and Fretting our hours on the stage changed dramatically with the arrival of those kids, didn't they? But it was never boring - - - or was it? We would come to your house. You would come to ours. And invariably there would be sleeping going on! (or just general dullness!) I can't believe I couldn't find a picture of Don sleeping on the couch with Lindsey! (But I guess he was usually the one taking the pictures, so I guess it makes sense.) Yep - really exciting times!


16: New Year's Eve 1975/1976 was the first of many New Years' celebrations and festivities! If you recall, we started alternating years between my house and yours, but then Jenni got old enough to start having parties, etc., plus we could do fireworks (and potato tosses) at our house, so we ended up ringing in the New Year at my house every year for - what - 20 or so years? We missed one due to an ice storm, but that was it for missing! Lots of Blackeyed Peas, too! (the food, not the band!)

17: It's the little moments that make life big.

18: Auld Lang Syne | Doesn't everyone ring in the New Year with a potato toss?

19: FOOD! | Food has been important in our hours upon the stage... Blackeyed Peas on New Year's, big Christmas Feasts, Birthday Feasts... even just Feasts for no reason! (Remember how we would bring sweatpants for after dinner when our pants were too tight?) I always tried really hard to cook new and interesting foods, but you just had a way of cutting me off at the knees and reducing my self-esteem when it came to my culinary talents!

20: (more) FOOD | I never really noticed your tendency to close your eyes when you eat!

21: ... and yet more FOOD! | ... and don't you EVER scold me again for my lack of couth!

22: B I R T H D A Y S !

23: This might have been the aforementioned Gene Pitney Lip-Sync Party! Whatever the reason, it was front page news in the Midlothian Mirror! Literally. Front. Page. News.

25: And for some things, There simply is no Explanation

26: Travels!

27: I shudder to think of all 8 of us being crammed into one hotel room on more than one occasion in an effort to save a few bucks! And all those poor waitresses at Denny's when we would go in there and leave such a huge mess. I hope SO MUCH that we tipped them enough, but I doubt we did! I'm not sure all the money in the world would have been enough!

28: Jake... The Next Generation! | Now it's "Great-Aunt Suzy!"

29: So time continued its ruthless march forward, and on 6/6/1989, there was yet another generation! EEEEEEEK! GRANDCHILDREN? GREAT-NEPHEWS? No way. We aren't done strutting & fretting! We're still young! (Despite our gray hair - well, some of us, anyway!)

30: More things that simply defy explanation!

32: Then there were just those random times... Going to the fair, seeing Paul, you with your mouth pursed like Christine... a picture I put on here just because I look relatively thin....Josh & Amy's engagement picture, just because I can't find any pics from their wedding... Granny Lou in my kitchen?

33: The Larry Gatlin night at the YMCA... that was on Don's birthday and it snowed that night. Our 10-year High School Reunion that this is the only picture I can find ... just more Suzy pictures... me with Chris Tucker - he's a movie star, so what the heck!... me with Kinky Friedman, 'cos "why the hell not?"... you & Jim because he's so handsome and it raises the bar a few notches on this weird page of miscellany! I'm sick that there are no pics I can find of Chrismas Caroling in the Blazer! "1,2,3 SHIFT!"" "Rudolph the red-______ reindeer! Had a very shiny ______. And if you ever saw it....."

34: GRADUATIONS! | (Jason was going "commando" that day. He told us! (He always makes us so very proud!)

36: So we've been through a few graduations - - - Jenni's from high school in 1987, Jackie's in '95, Josh's in '96, Jason's in '97, Josh's from A&M in 2000, Jake's from high school in '07, Jordan's in '10. Then, when we couldn't even be there ourselves for Jake's A&M graduation in '11, you stepped in for us and I do very much appreciate it! Then Zach's in '12... Good Grief!

37: What were we thinking starting all this????? Then we have Sierra's coming up and then Jordan's from college. OMG - and then it will be Zach's from college and then Sierra's and then Jayden's from high school and then Jayden's from college! (I think I'm feeling sick!) | Notice who's sitting next to you!

38: So despite it all, these kids survived having us for mothers! Remember how ticked off Josh was when he found out (when he was about 10) that you and I weren't really sisters?

40: Age is merely the number of years the world has been enjoying you. | ...or so they say! | So there you have it... Our hour upon the stage together started in the 60's - - (well, really in the late 50's, but who's counting?) Now this chapter is ending with the 60s - the ages - the Old Farts!

41: I do hope we have many more tomorrow, tomorrow, and tomorrows... although I fear our days of strutting might be over! And there's really been nothing petty about the pace with which these last 55 years that we've known each other have flown by! I actually don't think it's been a tale told by an idiot... I prefer heathen, thank you very much. I am, after all, Marjorie Katherine Warren! There's definitely been some sound and fury! But it damn well has not signified nothing!

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