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Taylor 2010 Reunion

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S: Taylor Reunion 2010

BC: Family Where life begins and love never ends

FC: Taylor | Mill Meadows | Reunion | 2010

1: This year we had an amazing time at Mill Meadows for the 2010 Taylor Reunion. Kami and Teri were in charge and did a wonderful job with the campsite, meals, games and activities. Many were able to attend and those who weren't were missed. The weather cooperated for us and we were able to have all sorts of fun. Some of the activities this year included: fishing, shooting skeet, riding bikes, volleyball, townball, crafts, a pinata, eating delicious food, karaoke, visiting, relaxing, and just spending some quality time with FAMILY. We hope this book will help you remember and treasure some of the memories made.

2: Welcome to Camp

3: Bocce Ball | Croquet

6: Good Things Come

7: to Those Who BAIT!


9: Let's Play Some | VOLLEYBALL

10: ShooT 'em Up

12: P I N A T A

13: C A N D Y

14: The annual game of Townball was another success this year. There were no injuries, some great plays and A LOT of fun. !

15: Family Histories

16: Mom & Dad July 2010-Aug 2011 has been a time of healing, learning and enjoying many special blessings. July was a time of healing from Dad's Radial Head bone replacement surgery. He spent a lot of sleepless nights with swelling in his hand but he has been able to get around pretty good. We really enjoyed the reunion at Mill Meadows. It was good to be with family again. The end of July we had a Lake Powell trip which we call a disaster. Those that were there were Coby, Kelbi, Ryder, Dillon, Kali, Dayna, Kami, John, Maisie, Taylee, Trae, Gabe, Javery, Weston, Sarah, Riley, Violett, Lyda, Dad and Mom. 20 in all. After finding a nice spot. The fun began. But it didn't last long, while doing some skiing a rock was hit and the prop was destroyed. The boat was out of use, but we had the old yellow boat , but alas that one didn't last long either. It ceased up out in the middle of the lake. Using the white boat we went out and pulled them in. We could never get it started again, so we broke camp and limped into the boat ramp pulling the broken boat. This was a sad end of a day at Lake Powell. August was an exciting month for us, we spent 2 weeks in Alaska, fishing. We left Aug. 6 and got home Aug 23. We came home with 200 lbs of Halibut and Salmon. Our fishing partners were Gil and Deanna Sorensen. They were a lot of fun and helped us bring in the big fish when Oscar's arm got tired. Oscar caught a 72 lb halibut and a 51 lb halibut, along with a lot of 10-15lb Silver Salmon. Marsha caught a number of smaller Halibut, plus some of the salmon. We worked hard taking care of the guests on our work time and we fished when we fished. It was a grand experience for us this year. Kali and Spencer's wedding was an exciting time for all of us. It was great to be in the Temple with all of you that were there. They had a lovely wedding and reception. Wonderful support from all of the family. We spent 5 days down to Lake Powell with our Kirtland Missionary friends. We stayed on Jeremy and Sharla's Million dollar house boat. This was our second year on this boat. This will be the last time. September 15, we returned to work in the temple after being gone since our 22 May four wheeler accident. We had kept our apartment. Marsha had prepared a lot of names for temple work. I baptized her for 52 names and confirmed her at font side. Then a man baptized me for 42 names and confirmed me too. We also did the initiatory for them and are doing the other work for them. We have gone early on Wednesdays so we can to an endowment before our shift starts. We bought a buckskin horse that Kirt had found for us. He is 9 years old, and will be a good horse . We put a new fence up between our North field and Dave and Teri's Alfonzo place. Weston and I put in new poles in the manger Up Top. October turned off very wet, unusual for this time of year. We spent a couple of days down to Dean and Karen Losee's. It was a fun time. Their son-in-law took us on a helicopter ride around the city showing us many interesting points. It was like the I max at times. This month brings the cows off the mountain, we stated the 13th and separated the 16th . The cows didn't seem as ready to come home this year. I guess because of all the rain we have had. We enjoyed a great time with family at Dalen's Missionary farewell. November came in cold and snowy. We are glad for our fireplace. Enjoyed a time up to Murrey seeing Randy get his Eagle. Dad spoke and did a good job. This was the first year we

17: didn't have someone come for Thanksgiving, We went to Weston and Sarah's along with her family. We had crab legs and stake. It was a fun time. The end of this month started the process of new calves being born. December started off with a Christmas program at the Conference Center, “Savior of the World”. Kali had gotten the tickets for the 4 of us. It was a wonderful way to get into the Christmas spirit. We were able to attend the annual Taylor Christmas party at Aunt Erma's. It's always fun to be with Oscar's siblings. This has been a very good month we were able to see and be with all of our family for a short time , as some came to our place(Brant and family, Michelle and family except for Jon and Miley, Kirt and family, Teri and family except for Dalen on a mission, Kami and family, Weston and family, Kali & Spencer) to visit this month and we were able to go see Ryan and family and Kristy and family. It has been a very Merry Christmas! Oscar hurt his ribs when bales of hay fell on him and threw him against the rail of the Pup, so the rest of December was miserable for him. January is always a busy month with the cows calving and needing constant watching. Karson went into the Mission Home. We enjoyed his farewell meeting and being with family. Our Kirtland Mission Director, Elder and Sister Butterfield returned home from Kirtland. We enjoyed a great time with them, their family, and other missionarys at their home coming. February Oscar spoke at Riley's baptism on the 5th. Marsha spent two days in Salt Lake to a Genealogy conference. Oscar was called to an Assistant Coordinator on the Wednesday Evening shift. He will do a good job. We bought our new 5th wheel travel trailer from a couple in Monroe. It has a lot more room. March we looked for warm weather but it didn't come, but the spring work begins anyway. Hauling manure, plowing, picking rocks, leveling, picking rocks, planting. A very busy time for Dad and Weston. We went up to Steadmans and bought a new RZR. We have looked for a long time and finally decided to buy. It has been a really fun machine. We had it made street legal so we could ride it on the roads. Sorry kids we spent some of your inheritance. April brought Trae's baptism. Oscar gave the talk on the Holy Ghost. It was a very nice time to be with family and friends. We took our first trip in our trailer. We went with our friends the Finlinsons and the Shipleys. We camped at Little Egypt on the Hole in the Rock road. We spent Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday there. It was great fun. We rode on Fifty Mile Mountain and saw some great sights. On Thursday we drove down past Hurricane Wash and west under 50 Mile Mountain. Kali came early to celebrate Oscars birthday. Kami and family came for Easter and Oscar's birthday. We had a great time picnicking, hiking, riding 4 wheelers and horse riding. John helped me put the old trailer on the internet to sell, and it sold right away. May is the month we take the cows on the Mountain. Kali came home to help with this process. It went pretty smooth this year. We were invited to go to Carmel for a few days to be with Kali and Spencer, so we did. We drove to Pebble Beach. A 15 hr. trip. We spent Thursday, Friday and Saturday there. It was great fun they showed us the area. How beautiful it is. We went to a San Francisco baseball game, Point Lobos, Monterrey, Carmel,and Fisherman's Warf. We drove the 17 mile Coastal road to Bird Island. Sunday, we drove to Michelle's and went to their meetings, and had a great day with family. Monday, we left at 6:30 and headed home. We traveled 1840 miles. It was a great trip.

18: We really appreciated Kali and Spencer and Michelle and Alex's hospitality. Memorial Day was windy and cold, Teri and family, Weston and family and Kali were all here. We had a luncheon after the services. June we tended Kami and Johns 5 children for 4 days while they went on their annual Park City Elison brother's trip. We did some fun thing, swam, went to the Library presentation, watched movies, played games, rode horses, ate ice cream, rode bikes, played with cousins. Kami picked the kids up in Manti before we started our Wednesday evening shift. We had a pretty good time. This month Marsha had a load put on her shoulders as she was called to be the Trainer of the sisters on the Wednesday Evening shift. I feel quite unqualified and scared, but I know through the Holy Ghost that I will have the help I need. We put a new white fence in front of the Garden. Dad and I were struggling with it. Teri asked if we needed help. She sent Coby and Dave and it went really fast. Weston also came and helped. We are so grateful for good neighbors and family that gives us the lift we need. Weston and Dad later extended the white fence in front of Weston's house. It really looks nice. In the end of June we took a fun trailer trip to Canyon Lands, Monticello, Monticello Temple, Visiting with the Rice's from our Kirtland Mission and went to Mesa Verdi. It was a great trip and now we want to go again! July we had a great visit over the 4th from Brant and Dillon. We enjoyed Sunday Meetings, a trip around the county to the cemeteries and finding places, a 4th celebration at the park, a trip to Neffs, fire works, and horse rides. It has been a good year, some mishaps but all in all much success and happiness. We love you all and the time we get to spend with each one of you. You are so special to us and we are grateful for your kindness and love. We may not have it all together, but together we have it all.

19: The Brant Taylor Family Well we have had another great year and once again have been very blessed. We started our summer off in a sad way. Jolynn’s brother-in-law of 32 years passed away of esophageal cancer. We are so grateful for the time that we were able to spend with him in his last days here on earth. What a great guy he was and he will be missed. We were able to spend lots of time with family and friends on campouts throughout the summer. Only Hailee, Dillon and I were able to be at the reunion this year. Jolynn stayed home to go through the Temple with a good friend. All in all it was a fun filled summer. It is always fun to camp when there is great company. August brought another beginning of school and all the anticipation that comes along with that. The kids all got into the school mode and off we went. Tyler 12th grade, Allie 9th grade, Hailee 7th grade and Dillon 3rd grade. Wow where has the time gone. They are getting old. We had lots of weddings to attend and were grateful for all the family and friends that we were able to visit with during those events. Fall quickly came and we enjoyed the beautiful weather it brings. Tyler had a deer tag and tried his best to fill it but did not have any luck. We were looking forward to the antlerless hunt and it was canceled. How disappointed we were. We were able to spend Thanksgiving with Jolynn’s parents and her cousin this year. I had to work nights so we needed to stay close by. Winter brought lots of cold weather and snow to the valley. We were able to see some family at Christmas time and really enjoyed the time spent there. In January we were finally able to give our kids their long awaited Christmas present. We took them out of school and went on an all day ski trip. Well Jolynn, Allie, Hailee and Dillon had never skied before. It was a great day, great weather, lots of laughs bruises and tired sore bodies. At the end of January Jolynn and I were off on a long awaited and overdue vacation. We went to Hawaii and we stayed in Oahu. We spent our days exploring the whole island and had a great time. We loved the North Shore, the Temple, Polynesian Culture Center, and snorkeling. We were grateful that my mom could come stay with the kids while we were gone. Shortly after we got back from vacation Tyler, Allie and Hailee all started water polo. Jolynn spent many hours taking kids to practice and following them around from game to game for the next couple of months. was able to fit in a few games with my work schedule. We may not know all the rules but it is a lot of fun to watch. Spring (what spring we had) brought on some yard work, lots of anticipation for good weather, and lots of excitement for school to be out. The kids get really antsy to have school out when the weather starts getting good. The problem was it took forever for that to happen. The older kids finished up polo in May. Tyler was sad that it was his last time to play High School water polo. He had such a great experience playing and really was quite a good player. Summer finally rolled around and school came to a close. It was a bitter sweet end with Tyler graduating and getting ready to move on with his life. He decided to move to California to live with his Dad and go to school out in Fresno. We will miss him a lot. We

20: decided to take a family vacation as soon as school got out, before Tyler took off, and we went to San Diego. We had a lot of fun. We invited Ryan, Desirae and Girls to come with us. We really enjoyed the warm weather, all the sites and the great company. It is a vacation that I don’t think the family will forget anytime soon. Now it is back to the real life of working hard and providing for the family. We are so blessed to have such a great family. We love you all so much and wish we could find more time in our busy lives to spend with you. Here is a little about what each of our family members are up to. Tyler enjoyed a great summer and fall swimming with the High School swim team and playing recreation polo. When school started he continued swimming with the swim team but never went to competitions (That was not his thing). During the Winter he got a snowboarding up to Brighton and spent every spare moment he had up on the lifts. He was quite adventurous. He got senioritis quite early and it was hard keeping him in school. All and all he had a great year and was glad when graduation came. We are proud of the young man he has become. Allie went on trek during the summer and had a great experience. She went to a music camp in East Canyon and had a great time with friends. She started her last year in Jr. High and was glad for it to be her last. She is very ready to move on to High School. She got her driving permit in January and loves to drive every chance she gets. She is very involved in Young Women’s and is a great example to all the other girls and also to her family. Allie decided to play water polo for the HS and loves it. You would have to love it to get up at 4:30am every morning to go to practice. She is now spending her summer, 4 days a week, swimming for the swim team. Allie is quite the social butterfly but we are grateful for all the good friends that she has made. What a great kid. Hailee spent lots of time babysitting over the summer. She went to Beehive camp and had a great time. She started 7th grade which for us is Jr. High. She was so excited to be out of Elementary. Hailee love being in Young Women’s and loves any opportunity she gets to go do baptisms. Hailee decided that she wanted to go to Japan with a group from the Jr. High. She spent a lot of time earning money for that and in the end things just didn’t work out for her to go. Maybe next year. Hailee decided to also try water polo with Tyler and Allie. She has had the time of her live. She has got a lot better at her swimming and her confidence that she can do it. We are proud of her. She is also spending her summer swimming with the swim team. We are proud of her for sticking with something that she has grown to love. Dillon spent his summer hanging out with friends and looking forward to each and every camp out that was coming up during the summer. Dillon is very involved with cub scouts and all the adventures that it brings. He was able to go to a camp over the summer and had a great time. He is an outdoors kid. Dillon loved his time that he spent with Riley and Grandma and Grandpa while Jolynn went to St George. Dillon always wants to try out new things so here are some of the things that he tried out this past year. Soccer, karate, and art. Yes these are just things that he tried out but never stuck with. Hopefully we can find something that he loves to do. He always says,” That is just not my thing”. Dillon’s brain is always going 24/7. He loves to think of things that he can create. Most of the time it has to do with something remote. He loves to take things apart to see how they work and then see if he can make something else with it. This has created a challenge for us as parents to keep him interested in school because he would rather be home creating his next big invention. Dillon is a great kid and will do almost anything that we ask him to do. We are

21: proud of him. Jolynn took the girls during the summer to St. George to spend time with cousins and Jolynn’s sisters. They have a great time when they go. They went and saw Tarzan at the Tuacahn. Jolynn spent her summer getting ready to be the new PTSA president at the HS, and also planning for the upcoming year in primary. She spends a lot of time taking the kids where they need to go and also keeping up with all that needs to be done at the house. She stays very busy. She was released as Primary President in May after almost 3 years. She now is the Wolf leader in cub scouts. She is getting ready for another year of PTSA and looking forward to it being done. She is working real hard this summer to get all the kids rooms painted and decorated. I am still working hard for Kennecott to provide for my family. A friend and I have created some gun classes that we teach and we have been pretty successful with them. I really enjoy teaching them. I still continue to do lots of gun repairs and I have all the business that I can handle. I have been really busy with my calling as Young Men’s Secretary up until about a month ago when I was released and put in as the Secretary in the Elders Quorum. I was pretty sad to be released because I was really enjoying the YM. I try to get out every chance I get to do some shooting and hunting. We have had a great year and are so blessed to have been able to do all the things that we have.

22: The Bell Family Last summer for my birthday I got a new grand daughter Zoe Ann Bell. We received a call early in the morning on the 5th of July that Ben and Paige were going to drop off Silas. We decided to take him to the San Francisco Zoo to keep us busy for the day. We enjoyed our day playing at the zoo. Came home and went to bed and received a call just before midnight that our little Zoe was here. We were able to go and see this new little girl the next morning. Silas loved her right away. We have loved having Ben and Paige in Monterey where we could spend time with them each Sunday. They have now moved back to Logan so Ben can finish school at Utah State University. The next big event was Jon getting married. On August 14, 2010 Jon married Mylee Morin in the Provo Temple with a reception in Mapleton at Mylee’s Aunt and Uncles home. The day was beautiful. What a blessing to have another fabulous addition to our family. The next week we had a reception here at a park in California. The fog joined us and it was much colder for the reception by the beach. The school year brought us new challenges with both Rebecca and Andrew in seminary and High School. Alex is working at Apple still with weekends spent working at home and trying to get some playtime in when we can. I have been working in real estate for 2 years now, always so much to keep on top of. Andrew is still climbing as his biggest passion. Rebecca joins him although her passion is of course her art. She has produced many amazing pieces this year being in AP Art. Her art work has been featured in 3-4 different shows at a time with a private showing coming in September at a local coffee shop. She is starting to sell some pieces as well. We were all together at Thanksgiving and enjoyed our time together, although the weather did not cooperate for our usual tree hunting expedition. So our family picture this year was in the house. We took the usual trip to Utah after Christmas and enjoyed some snow time together also. We always love that. Then back to the rat race of everyday life. We were very fortunate this spring to have lots of great events happening. Jon graduated from BYU and is now working at Imagine Learning in Provo UT. Ben graduated from The Defense language Institute. Alex Becky, Andrew and I took the trip of a lifetime to the East Coast. We enjoyed Easter in New York City and the Lion King on Broadway, which was the highlight of the trip for me. We experienced the subways, taxies and buses. We visited the Top of the Rock, Rockefeller center, Central Park and Statue of Liberty. We attend Easter Sunday at the Manhattan Ward where the new Manhattan Temple is, close to Central Park. Then we traveled to Wilmington DE, for our accommodations. (Donelle lives there). From there we visited Liberty Hall in Philadelphia PA where the Declaration of Independence was drafted and signed. I am so appreciative to the founding fathers for setting the foundation for this great country and all it means to us. We spent a day at Gettysburg, and visited Ft McHenry where Frances Scott Key wrote the Star Spangled Banner. Then we made our way to Washington DC where we really packed it in to see the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, had a personal tour of the Capitol Building. We also visited 3 museums of the Smithsonian and the Washington Zoo. Hint: If you visit Washington DC contact your

23: congressman to get personal tours without waiting in any lines. We also visited the White House the day before the big celebration of the death of Osama Bin Laden. We have been making progress on our “garage project” yes the same one you have heard about for the last 4 years. We have a driveway now and new doors and windows along with new stucco on the house. We are down to decks and railings and then the landscaping. Maybe next year we will be finished. Andrew has gotten a new bike and he and Alex have been going for bike rides in the evening. This summer he had the opportunity to attend a rock climbing camp, Yo Bascecamp in the Sierra Mountains (by Bishop CA) for a week and it ROCKED! He will be heading to a scout camp for a week in July also. Rebecca went to Girls camp last week and enjoyed being a YCL and is living in much anticipation of going to San Francisco for a week long Art Camp in August.

24: Jon and Mylee Bell This past year has been quite an adventure, and as a wise mountaineer once said, it's not an adventure unless something goes wrong. Although this adventure began pre-Taylor Reunion last year, we'll fill you in on all the details. Last June we had just decided to get married, and had gone ring shopping. Jon, excited to get Mylee what she wanted (and not really knowing how much rings cost), told her on the way there that she could have any ring she wanted, she was worth it. However, after perusing one ring shop, he quickly realized what he had done, seeing that many of these rings cost more than his car. Mylee, who was a little skeptical that the offer was one hundred percent serious, was not at all offended when Jon pulled her aside and whispered, “ok, maybe you can't have any ring you want.” After picking out one both parties liked, they headed home, excited to begin their new adventure together. The next morning, after Jon had ridden his bike to work, he received a voice mail from Mylee's number. Thinking it would be a cute message wishing him a good day at work, he listened in shock to a random woman's voice detailing an accident that had occurred between Mylee, her bike, and an SUV while she was on her way to work. He raced to the hospital, got there before the ambulance in fact, and waited to see his future bride. Luckily, no bones were broken, even though the SUV had run over her leg. She was sent home with lots of bruises and a pair of crutches to use for the next several weeks. Don't worry, the rest of the adventure goes on much more smoothly after this. They continued preparations for their wedding, sending Mylee to physical therapy throughout, and were married on August 14th, 2010 in the Provo Utah Temple. They spent a several day at beautiful Lake Tahoe, and then went to Santa Cruz for a second reception. In September it was back to school. Jon was in his second to last semester at BYU and Mylee was working on some of the last prerequisites for UVU's nursing program. It was a hectic semester, with Mylee studying day and night for her anatomy class, and Jon trying to keep up with classes, work 20 hours a week on campus, and start looking for post-graduation employment. The job hunting paid off in November though, when he got an offer from an educational software company in Provo called Imagine Learning. He started working there part-time in the middle of November programming learning games. For Thanksgiving, we took a much-needed break and headed to Santa Cruz to enjoy a week of rest and Thanksgiving dinner at the beach. After that it was the last push for finals, and then a nice, relaxing trip to Mylee's hometown of Hays, Kansas for Christmas. It was a very nice trip, and would turn out to probably be our last since Mylee's parents would be moving to Provo in a few months. January marked the beginning of Jon's last semester at BYU, and Mylee decided to take the semester off after the trial of working full time and taking anatomy and another class. The rest of that semester was fairly uneventful. Jon kept plugging away at his classes and work, and Mylee kept weighing her options for the future. In March, when Imagine Learning made Jon an full-time offer, that sealed the deal. She decided to work full time for a few more months at the eye doctors office, and then scale back her hours to focus on teaching piano lessons (she graduated with a music degree from BYU in 2008) instead of going to school for 3.5 more years for nursing. Jon graduated Magna Cum Laude in April, with a BA in Media Arts Studies and a Minor in Computer Science. To celebrate, we took another trip to California, spending a few days with Mom, Dad, Beky and Andrew before they headed to the East Coast. We also brought two of our friends with us, and had a blast showing them around Santa Cruz, Monterey, San Francisco and taking everyone surfing. We then had a beautiful Easter with Ben, Paige, Silas and Zoe before heading back to Provo. Since graduation, Jon is loving working at Imagine, and Mylee is busy wrapping up her full time employment, finding students, and getting the Piano Studio ready. The last year has been a bit of an adventure, but we're very excited about our new life together and look forward to many more adventures.

25: The Rippstein Family July started out with Beau deploying to Afghanistan. It was pretty hard on Kaela and all of us. We are excited that he will be home in a few days. We are very proud of him and his service. We also spent some time herding cows on North Mountain and enjoying camping with the family. August meant football for Ryder and college for Karson. Karson headed out to Snow College to expand his horizons and learn how to live on his own. This was great preparation for his mission. He was made an Elder on September 5th and we were glad the family was able to come and support him in this. Karson was also getting his mission papers ready to send in. Ryder started 8th grade, finally his last year of Middle School. It was great to see Kali and Spencer get married! It’s always fun to help family celebrate good times. Uncle Dale and Aunt Carol were able to come from Arizona and spend a few days with us. They had lots of stories and information to share with us about the Rippsteins. Karson had been farming for Chad Anderson, but since he was away at college, Ryder and I started filling in. On October 7, 2010, Karson received his mission call to the Florida, Ft. Lauderdale Mission preaching the gospel in American Sign Language. When he told us this, we all thought he was joking. He was really excited about the ASL because of his desire to work with handicapped people. He was scheduled to leave on January 26, 2011. On October 16, Ryder finally did it! His football team finally won 1st place in his league. He had worked very hard and was really excited to finally win. At end of the month Karson went to the temple. Thanks for the support from everyone. Thanks to Teri and all her hard work with genealogy, we were able to go with Karson and Dalen and do a lot of family temple work. What a great experience for all of us. Ryder started city league basketball in November and played through the end of January. We were able to attend Dalen’s Farewell and enjoy being with the family once again. We spent Thanksgiving with Meriann’s family in Fremont. Beau was able to come home on leave during Thanksgiving time. It was good to have him back around. Karson finished his semester of school and came home to get ready for his mission. We were able to spend Christmas Eve with mom and dad. I always enjoy the pie and good company. Karson’s Farewell came too soon. We had a lot of support and would like to thank the family for that. We were able to meet Ryan and Des and their family in Provo to go to dinner before Karson left. It sure was good to see them and visit for a while, even though the restaurant was so loud it was hard to visit. We took Karson to the MTC and had to drop him off at the curb. What a hard day! Ryder asked Meriann if she was going to cry ALL the way home. Even though it was hard, we wouldn’t have had him be any place else. Ryder started playing All Star Basketball. His team lost their first game, but didn’t lose another game for the rest of the season. They won a tournament in Delta and one in Panguitch where Ryder was picked for the all tournament team. He was pretty excited, and we were really proud of him. Karson headed to Florida on March 23rd. He was able to call us from the Airport; it sure was good to hear from him. He was excited to get out of the MTC and get into the mission field to teach the gospel. During the first part of April Meriann’s grandfather passed away and we were able to talk to Karson to again. He didn’t really want to talk to us then though. He said he had to get back to work.

26: We were able to go with the Christensen’s to Torrance to the Police Officer Memorial in May. We hadn’t been for several years and once again, it was a really great experience. We were able to spend some time just looking around at different places in Torrance. We also spent a day at Disneyland. School ended for Ryder, and the camps began. He has been to football camp, basketball camp, the Summer Games, and a scout trip to Grand Canyon. He hasn’t had much time to rest yet. We hear from Karson weekly, and try to send his email out to share. He is doing great and loves where he is and what he is doing. He has lots of family that loves and supports him. We are all very lucky to have such good family. It sure has been nice to have Kaela and Kyler close while Beau has been gone. Kyler is getting so big and he loves spending time with us about as much as we love spending time with him. We have been spoiled to have them so close, and we sure hope they stick around. I have really been busy between Young Men’s, farming, and working. Not much time left for anything else. I have had a chance to break a couple of horses this spring. Meriann is still working and keeping busy. She has Kyler any chance she gets. Another year, and we are still so blessed to have our families close around us, and we are grateful for the good example to all of you are to us.

27: The Christensen Family The older I get, it seems the years just fly by faster and faster; and they all seem to mesh together. Is anybody else having a problem with that? Last summer was so darn busy.but I enjoyed every minute of it. Our kids are growing up and going their own ways, so it was good to have one more summer to be all together. We needed more corral space, so we decided to build on Fonzo’s hill. To get them all usable before the cows started calving was going to take a lot of hard work, but we had a lot of good help from the kids, so it was quite an accomplishment. We needed 400 poles for the corrals, mangers, and the sheds, so we spent quite a few days out on boulder mountain cutting poles and hauling them in to town. Dalen got a job for the Forest Service building fence, so he put in a lot of extra long days working for them and then coming home and working for us until dark. It has really helped him on his mission though because he just doesn’t know when to quit.even when it’s 115 degrees riding a bike. Dalen got his mission call on the 28th of July. He had left for work when we got it, so we had to look at that envelope all day long wondering what it had to say. Dalen was called to the Arizona Mesa Mission, and was to leave Nov. 10th. He was so excited to be staying in the West. Dal arrived in Arizona in December, and he is doing great! Its absolutely shocking to me how many people in Arizona are ready to hear the Gospel. He is working hard and having lots of success. Casi and Jake were home for the summer, living in Fonzo’s old house. They went back down to Hurricane in the fall. Casi got a job at Home Depot, and Jake went to school full time, worked a construction job, and trained horses. He has completed his classes at Dixie, and has gotten accepted at SUU for this next fall and winter. Their goal is to be able to apply for vet school fall of 2012. Casi and Jake are also expecting a little baby girl in October, so they are pretty excited about thatand so are WE!! We ended up the summer taking Coby and KJ to Lake Powell a couple of times and to Lagoon. When school started, Coby was a Junior and KJ was a Freshman. Rodeo season started in Aug. and Coby soon realized that he missed his brother as his teamroping partner. He never knew he had it so good. Kelbi jo did breakaway, and later started running the poles, and Coby participated in calf roping and teamroping. We had a real fun year spending time traveling around with Coby and KJ. Kelbi Jo also participated in 9th grade Volleyball. It has been a little weird just having two kids at home..but we have adjusted well! The Fall cow gather was the best ever! The weather was absolutely perfect. I never remember such good weather out on Parker Mountain for the gather. It will live in my memory as the best just glad that we all got to be a part of it. The winter was long and cold and wet. The only thing that keeps me sane in the winter is the new baby calves..and they are awesome. But its always good to see them go back out on the mountain. Dave and Coby got several good snowmobiling trips in this winter. The snow was real good up to 7 mile this year. After the cows were gone on the mountain, we took the kids down to Torrance again to the Police Memorial. Casi and Jake had never been, and Jake had never been to Disney Land, so we went for a day with Kirt and family. We also met some of our cousins there, so it was a lot of fun. The lines weren’t too bad because it was raining that day, which made it even better.

28: The summer has been going real good so far. Coby has been finishing a 3 yr. old colt that he started working with 2 years ago, and then him and Jake are starting to ride a 2 yr. old colt. He has also been fencing on Parker, and Dave has been keeping him so busy working around here that he enjoys going to bed pretty early each night so he can get up at day break! He has also been to several ropings and has placed in the top 3 at each one of he is having fun with that. We have also been camping, fourwheeling, and hiking a few times, and we promised KJ that we would spend a night at Lake Powell this year..and we might take a trip somewhere.we’ll see!

29: The Ryan Taylor Family Following last year’s reunion, our family finished the summer out with a week-long houseboat trip to Lake Powell. Desirae’s brother Michael owns a share on a houseboat at Wahweap marina and invited us to accompany his and three other families on their annual Lake Powell trip. We were very fortunate to find a great beach in Navajo Canyon. Boating and water sports at Lake Powell are one of our family’s favorite things to do and this was our first time on a house boat. We boated, tubed, wakeboarded, waterskied, jet skied, and enjoyed visiting and making new friends. In September, the family flew to the East Coast to visit Ryan’s sister Donelle in Wilmington, Delaware. We spent a week touring New York City, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Gettysburg PA, and Ocean Beach NJ. Annie and Desirae loved New York and its sights. Ryan, as always loved Gettysburg and everyone loved the beach. There was a hurricane offshore the day we were there and the waves were huge. The Life guards would not let people get more than waist deep in the water and frequently pulled everyone out. Because of the huge waves, we had our stuff at the end of the beach right next to the boardwalk. All of the sudden a huge wave came ashore and went clear to the boardwalk. Alivia was playing in the sand and Ryan was knee deep in the ocean when Ryan saw the wave. He started running toward her and yelling at everyone to get back but the wave was faster. Luckily she was not any closer to the ocean because the wave tumbled her and was pulling her back to the ocean as it receded. Ryan grabbed Alivia as she was being pulled out to sea and then tried to rescue some of our stuff. Many people lost shoes, clothing, umbrellas, etc. It was a good thing that everyone got themselves and their children out because the lifeguards were too worried about saving their lifeboat which was sucked out, too worry about the people. Desirae and Annie were on the boardwalk buying tee shirts and missed the whole thing. It was an amazing adventure and we will all treasure the memories. Soon it was time for school to start and everyone in the family attended school last year. Desirae continued to work on her degree in Social Work at Utah State University, Tooele campus. Annie attending her sophomore year at Stansbury High School, and Ryan took classes online through Columbia Southern University, and in January because Desirae needed to take a morning class Alivia attended a half year of preschool at the Kids Park, in Tooele. Alivia loved preschool and her teacher, Miss Jessie, she now knows the alphabet, numbers and can write her name. She still has another year of preschool before she goes to Kindergarten. We enjoyed Thanksgiving in Jackson with Desirae’s family at her brothers’ house, it was an especially difficult holiday after losing her special Aunt Sherry to cancer earlier in the month. We’ve usually all spent the holiday together so this made it especially nice and easier to deal with our loss. We travelled back up to Jackson after Christmas to spend time with Michael and his family as we usually do before the New Year, Wyoming is so beautiful in the winter (almost as beautiful as in the summer) and we continued on up to Island Park to investigate Michael’s cabin on Henrys Lake, absolutely breathtaking scenery, and wonderful company. Annie found and developed a new talent in her high school pottery class. She loves to

30: create pieces that are uniquely her style. She entered some of her work in the schools art show and the district art show and placed in both. She took second in the Stansbury Art Show with a star bowl and then in competition with hundreds of other pieces, took third place in the district show with a pitcher, with a butterfly on the handle, she made for Desirae. Annie stayed after school on many occasions working on her pottery and much of her best work was created after the shows were over. She made Ryan a Lake Powell mug that has blue glaze on the bottom to look like water and red sandstone colored glaze to look like a lake Powell canyon wall. The red has a dark colored glaze dripped down the sides which looks like desert varnish. She has discovered an interest that she loves and can can continue to develop over her lifetime, we are so proud of her. Desirae has nearly met the requirements for her Associates Degree and is taking classes needed to complete the Associates as well as Bachelor degree classes. She’s looking forward to graduating and starting the Bachelors of Social Work Program in January. She works very hard and the whole family is very proud of her. Spring Break was fun, Michael, Desirae’s brother came down from Wyoming with his family and we spent a week playing, we went to Hogle Zoo and played Laser Tag and had a bowling (tournament) fun night. Ryan completed the requirements to graduate from Columbia Southern University in April, Summa cum Laude, with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Management. He is thinking of continuing school and working on a Master’s degree this fall, we are all so very proud of his accomplishments. In May both girls had their birthdays, Alivia turned 4 on the 6th and Annie 16 on the 27th, they have both grown so fast and we are so proud of the beautiful people they have become so far. The last weekend in May we travelled up to Jackson to celebrate Annie’s birthday and our nephew Zac’s graduation from High School, Desirae’s family also came from Idaho so it was a great reunion too. So far this spring/summer, we have stayed busy with school, work, and play. After school got out, we took a vacation to San Diego, California, with Brant, Jolynn, and family. While there we went to Sea World, Ryan, Brant, Dillon and Alivia toured the aircraft carrier Midway, a Russian submarine, the American submarine with the deepest dive record, and other ships, while the rest of us enjoyed sightseeing and shopping together and we all went to the San Diego Zoo, but our favorite part was playing on the beach and in the ocean. We had a great time with Brant’s family and even got a few extra hours with Tyler before his bus left for Fresno. We will miss him too, and look forward to the next time we will get to see him. This summer is already flying by. Ryan and Annie both spent time playing softball. Annie played on the Grantsville girls fast pitch league and her team took second place in the league. She was really getting good at batting when the season ended; she was hitting off the best pitchers. Ryan plays for a work team that plays on the Deseret Chemical Depot League. His team won the league last year and is undefeated so far this year. Desirae is taking summer classes and the family has Lagoon season passes, where we enjoy long summer days at the amusement park. Alivia loves riding rides and Ryan and Desirae have a great time watching her have fun and even riding a few of the rides with her, Annie usually takes a friend so she’s not stuck on the kiddie rides with Livie, or just rides all the “big” rides with Ryan.

31: Annie also took Drivers Ed last spring in school and will get her DRIVERS LICENSE in August. We are currently searching the car market in all of Salt Lake, and Southern Idaho for just the “right” vehicle to try to keep her safe in her travels. We are all well and happy and grateful for each other and hope all of you are too. Love and Best Wishes for the coming year- Ryan, Desirae Annie & Alivia

32: The Mercer Family Another Reunion has rolled around. Life must be great fun because time is sure flying by. Things have been really good for us this year. Everyone has been happy and reasonably healthy. After Reunion last year we started getting ready for my most favorite time of year. The weather cooled down and Beth and Randy went back to school. Beth started Jr. High which was kind of scary for her but she did great. Randy was a junior in High School. He was pretty excited to get to auto class and start working on his truck. Dayna came home from working at Bullfrog and decided to go to California and be a Nanny. Jenni had her job at Hinckley Dodge and decided to take some auto classes at Weber State University in the evenings. Jeff had drawn a buck muzzleloader tag for Southern Utah so he headed to Wayne Co. to try his luck. Mom, Dad, Teri and Dave took good care of him. He didn’t get a deer but he still enjoyed his time down there. Randy and Jeff bought Elk tags for up North and we headed up to Manila for a week. It was great to have the motor home. We had lots of room and since we parked at a friends cabin, we had electricity to watch movies, run the microwave and more importantly, the heater. The Elk hunting was uneventful but Randy; Beth and I went fishing at Flaming Gorge one afternoon and had a blast. We were pulling trout in so quickly, we had a hard time sharing the stringer. We fished for an hour and ended up with some really nice fish for dinner. Randy cleaned them for me. What a good kid! Randy completed all of his requirements for his Eagle Scout award. November 10th was his Court of Honor. It was fun to see all his hard work pay off. We had a handler bring in a real Bald Eagle. It was pretty cool to see one of those magnificent birds close up. November melted into December and December into January. We all enjoyed the holidays and the wood burning stove that kept the house nice and toasty on those cold winter evenings. In January, I received a promotion at work. I was made a Team Lead, which means, I now have to manage people. For the most part, I have enjoyed the new challenge. It has been a great learning experience. I decided that I need to finish up my Bachelor’s Degree. In February, I started at an on-line collage called Westerners Governors University. At the pace I am going now, I should have my Bachelor’ in Business Management by February 2012. Part of Dayna’s bonus for working all summer at Bullfrog was a week on a houseboat. All we had to do was pay for the insurance and gas. The last week in March we took advantage of that deal. Jeff had never been to Lake Powell so I was pretty excited to show him one of the most beautiful places on Earth. We got the houseboat on Saturday morning and headed down the lake to Iceberg Canyon. We found a pretty cool beach back in the canyon and set up base camp. We spent the next few days exploring the lake. We saw Davis Gulch, Hole-in-the-Rock and Rainbow Bridge. We had a great time even though it was pretty chilly. The most amazing part to me was the fact that for the first 3 days we were there, we didn’t see another person. We had Rainbow Bridge to ourselves. Not another boat or person in site. Tuesday we headed back up to Bullfrog Bay. We went fishing and took Jeff to see Defiance House. We had to beach the boat and hike up the canyon but it was a perfect day, not to cold and not to warm. On Thursday, Teri, Dave, Coby and Kelbi came down and went fishing with us. The fishing was not so great but we had a good time visiting with them. We had a slide on the houseboat and even though the water was COLD, the slide couldn’t go to waste. During the week, Jeff, Dayna, Beth and Coby all ended up in the water. Randy and I think they are all nuts and they think we are chickens! April and May where cold and stormy we didn’t do much but wish for warmer weather and pray the garden wouldn’t freeze. I had the brilliant idea that things should be warm by Memorial Day and I needed to go to Jackson and cycle count the hospital so why not take the family and go to

33: Yellowstone for the weekend. We left Salt Lake on Thursday night and drove all the way to Jackson. We parked in a parking lot across from the hospital. Friday morning I woke up and walked over to the hospital and worked for a couple of hours. By the time I was done, Jeff, Randy, and Beth were up and ready to go and we headed for Yellowstone. I had always wanted to see Yellowstone in the winter and boy did I get my chance. We stayed at the Fishing Bridge RV Park. It snowed everyday we were there. We did get to see most of the park but Beth wants to go back when it is warmer so we can do more hiking. We saw a lot of wildlife which made the boys happy. The First weekend in June, Jeff and I flew to Portland Oregon to see Sadie Graduate from High School. She lives in a little town about 13 miles south of Salem. It was really good to see her and spend some time with her. She has a scholarship to a private university in Salem call Willamette University. We are really proud of her. She wants to be a Vet and is well on her way. Jeff had to have his thyroid taken out. The surgery was on the 23 of June. He is doing really well. He is still working at the University Hospital. Dayna decided that she had enough of being a Nanny and came home in April. She is working at Seven Peaks in Salt Lake and has been accepted at the U. She will start school in the fall. Jenni is still working at Hinckley Dodge and really enjoys it. She bought a 2003 Dodge Stratus. It is a cute car and gets her where she wants to go. Randy finished his junior year and is excited to be a senior. He is looking into taking an auto body class so he can learn to do body work. He has a job with Salt Lake County Recreation. He gets to ref the little kids soccer games and help with the day camps. He seems to enjoy it. I know he enjoys the paycheck. Beth is doing great. She did really well in school last year. She ended up getting all A’s and one B on her report card for the whole year. She talked us into getting her a tortoise since her rabbit disappeared during the winter. It is just one more critter to add to Old McMercer’s Farm. We now have 2 dogs, 3 cats, a snake, a gecko, and a tortoise. Jeff and I are going to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary on the 8th of July. Hard to believe it has been that long. Thank you all for you love and support!!!

34: Travis O Taylor So if you're waiting for tomorrow, Why not do it today? For if tomorrow never comes, You'll surely regret the day, That you didn't take the extra time For a smile, a hug or kiss And you were too busy to grant someone, What turned out to be their last wish. So hold your loved one close today whisper in their ear. Tell them how much you love them And that you'll always hold them dear, Take time to say “I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you or it's okay” And if tomorrow never comes You'll have no regrets about today.

35: The Elison Family The summer was a great break from school with a lot of basketball and reunions. What a great way to spend life. ;) The kids really enjoy getting together with their cousins. John taught some summer school class. And we went to our annual Park City trip. It was a lot of fun and it is always a great way to end the summer and get ready for another year. School started in August. I attended a restraint training class the week before school started and it was nice NOT to have to pay a babysitter for the whole week. School started with Maisie attending 6th grade at CMS, she checked up on me almost everyday at lunch. Taylee was in 3rd grade, Trae in 2nd and Gabe in Kindergarten. But Gabe didn’t start until the last day of August. He was pretty bummed to have to wait almost two whole weeks to go to school when the others started. Jaevry and Gabe went to Heidi our babysitter from the end of last year. They really enjoy her and she is great with them. We were also able to attend Kali and Spencer’s wedding at the end of August. In September Gabe was given the opportunity to go to extended day Kindergarten. We gladly accepted and he thoroughly enjoyed it. We also had Trae’s yearly heart check up. He has been having some serious headaches and his legs are tingly and sleepy almost everyday. He had good pressures and pulses so they decided to get an MRI to make sure nothing was wrong. Last year the area that they replaced had ballooned twice the regular size so they were worried that it might have gotten bigger. They were concerned about things so they sent us to SLC to get an MRI, everything turned out well. The surgeons who did the open heart surgery looked at his pictures and thought things looked good, he will have to continue to get an MRI every year now though. While we were up to SLC for his appointment we were able to go on our annual trip to the zoo. We also went to the aquarium this year. The kids enjoyed touching the sting rays and seeing all the marine life. We also discovered that Trae was having some eye trouble. Kind of like a lazy eye in his left eye. We got glasses for him and his headaches seemed to go away. But if he ever forgets to wear them he gets terribly sick with headaches and nausea. Jaevry turned two at the beginning of the month. She of course got another baby and we enjoyed seeing her open presents and play with the toys instead of the wrapping paper We spent some time with Kali and Spencer at their new place in Lehi; I think we were their first overnight guests in their new house. It was a lot of fun to spend time with them. We are so grateful to have Spencer in the family. John finished up Boys Golf. His team didn’t qualify for State but he did take an individual who did quite well. November brought basketball and a much needed Thanksgiving break. We spent Thanksgiving at John’s parents. We went to the gym and played some ball with the family which was a lot of fun. I have also started to play twice a week with a bunch of old women in the morning before work. It is great exercise and a lot of fun to play again. We had a wonderful Christmas and the kids were spoiled according to John’s standards. It’s a good thing Santa buys the gifts!! We were able to go to Wayne and spend some time during the holidays. On the way home we hit a cow with the passenger mirror, which flipped up and broke the window and smashed in the door handle. Needless to say it was a slow, freezing cold ride home.We lost our babysitter she is doing her student teaching, Jaevry was really sad and it was quite a transition to a new one. But she is in our ward so that helped and now Sophia and Cozy are her new best friends! In January, I helped teach a Restraint Training Class to some of the colleagues in my school.Gabe had a birthday at the end of the month and turned six. Wow he is getting old. He has finally lost some teeth, which Trae has taken the initiative to pull for him. Gabe is also doing fantastic in school. They wanted to take him out of extended day but they had room and I talked them into keeping him so he can continue to progress.

36: February is always a crazy month for us with basketball season ending, a birthday, Border League tryouts, State Basketball and Valentines Day. Maisie has been playing basketball with the young women’s. She gets frustrated that the girls have no idea what they are doing. The girls both had a piano recital and did fantastic both taking home Superiors. John’s basketball team went to State Basketball at the University of Utah. We took the girls with us and left the boys home with a babysitter. John’s team lost both games but went into double overtime with the first game. It was really exciting. We had to drive home in a major snowstorm and that was really scary! In March I started my Border League games for my 6th, 7th and 8th grade teams. They did really well and in April all three teams took 1st place in the tournament. Maisie played on the 6th grade team and did really well. The kids ran the concession stand for me at the tournament. Trae turned eight at the end of the month. He was so excited to get baptized. And on April 9th he was baptized by his Dad in Cedar. We had lots of family and friends come and support him on this special day. Thank You! We were able to go to Wayne County for Easter vacation. We went on a four wheeler ride up in the mountains and took the kids on a horseback ride. Trae was able to get his horseback riding belt loop as well as his family travel. He is now in scouts and gets to officially pass off things now when I hold scouts. Jaevry went to her first birthday party this month. It was for a girl that goes to her babysitter with her. She was so cute and wasn’t even nervous at all, she told me that she didn’t need my help when I dropped her off. She just walked to the door and went in. We also got a new batch of chickens. Jaevry absolutely adores them. She goes into the coop and picks them up and takes them out and plays with them for hours. In May we had all sorts of end of year stuff. Maisie had a band concert and a voice recital, Taylee had a 3rd grade program, Trae had a 2nd grade program and a Spanish program. Gabe had a Kindergarten program which was nice because it was in the evening. We also went to the Scout Expo the Saturday before school was out. That was a lot of fun and the kids spent the day going to all the booths and trying out all the games. Jaevry became officially potty trained in May. It only took a couple of accidents and now she doesn’t even pee in her pants during the night. She does better than the boys!!! John wrapped up Girls Golf and took a team to State. They ended up 5th in State and he had one qualify for 8th overall. Maisie tried out for a club basketball team out of St. George and made the team. So she will be involved in that during the summer. We also put on a Shooting Clinic the week after school was out. It was our biggest clinic every. We had about 50 kids there compared to the 10-15 we usually have. Maisie got her braces off the first day of June; she only had them on for just over a year. She was also able to go to a basketball tournament in Las Vegas. She was so excited because it was her first trip out of Utah. She also attended a Science Camp up on Cedar Mountain and then she played in the summer games and they took a bronze medal. She had a 4.0 for her 6th grade year at CMS and is growing into a beautiful young woman. Taylee is also a great student and was in the top of her class. She is growing tall and is such a kind, sensitive person. She is always doing things for others and tries to bring peace and harmony into our home. She is also doing great on the piano and has enjoyed basketball. When she comes to Maisie’s practices, she says she can’t wait to “really play ball” next year. Her favorite thing is to go to the pet store up the street and “work” for them. She found and caught one of their animals that had been lost for a number of days. They even paid her for finding it. Trae is growing and getting taller. I hope that he will catch up with the growth he lost with his heart problems but most of the time he and Gabe just look like twins. It is his life

37: goal to always be bigger than his little brother!! He is enjoying baseball, golf and basketball. He is doing great with his new glasses, although he has a hard time remembering them sometimes. He is loving Scouts and has passed off many things and gotten many awards. And he finally got in two front teeth. It has been 7years in the making. Gabe did great at school he is reading and has all his sight words memorized and passed off. He was able to play baseball this year and although he had a hard time staying focused all the time he was one of the team’s best fielders and hitters. He also played basketball and he would just sit back and watch everyone and then when he decided it was his turn to be involved, he would go and steal the ball and dribble it all the way to the other end and shoot it. And he would keep stealing it and scoring until his coach would sub him out so the other team could have a chance to score. Jaevry is growing up so fast. She is talking like a 5 year old and has discovered TV. She is always asking to watch Dora the Explorer or Go, Diego Go. She knows how to count to five in Spanish as well as English. She is a smart girl and she keeps us all hopping and smiling. She does not enjoy shoes so I am glad that it is now summer. She is such a joy in our lives. We are grateful for family and friends who help us and teach us through example and love. We are healthy and happy and are enjoying each other and the challenges and adventures of life.

38: The Weston Taylor Family Sometimes writing our family history feels like the memory test—it is rather confounding. Last summer flew by—as summers have the tendency to do. After the Taylor reunion, Sarah ran a half marathon at Bryce Canyon and even won a little money. We celebrated the 24th of July with the Lyman Ward and Sarah’s brother Porter returned from his mission in Los Angeles on the 18th of August. Kali and Spencer got married on the 28th of August and we enjoyed seeing the family and celebrating that special day with them. The Wayne County Fair rounded off August and we participated in the races, activities, and rodeo. Weston participated in the keg race in the rodeo and got run over by a drunken cowboy. The fireworks after the fair punctuated the summer and Riley and Violett were back to school. Riley was in the second grade this year with Mrs. Brinkerhoff as his teacher. He did very well in school and enjoys learning. Violett went to pre-school twice a week and really enjoyed playing with her peers and learning from her teachers. September and October was a nice break to the busy summer schedule. We stayed engaged with church callings and work. Weston went on several camping trips for his work. Sarah spent some time with her family in Pine Valley and then ran a race in St. George. We brought the cows home in October and ended up getting them all home, except two heifers; they still haven’t showed up. The weather turned pretty sharply in November and we experienced some of the coldest weather of the year. It was on one of these frigid nights when one of our best heifers prolapsed, went crazy, and then bled to death. We had her dressed out and went to bed about 1:30 that night (thanks Dave). We buried Sarah’s Uncle Mark in November and enjoyed Thanksgiving with the family in Wayne County. Sarah celebrated her birthday on the 3rd of December. Christmas and New Year’s were a lot of fun. We spent the holidays with family and enjoyed participating in the ward and civic activities. We outlasted January and February again this year and didn’t have too much sickness in the calf herd. Riley turned eight on the 14th of January and he was baptized on the 5th of February. We celebrated our 10th anniversary this year and we went to Las Vegas to watch Phantom of the Opera. Sarah started to substitute teach so that she could earn hours for her teacher re-certification. Weston found out in March that he was getting laid off the following August and so followed several months of uneasiness. We got a new dog, now named Jasper, and sold Weston’s grey horse to a kid from Minnesota. Sarah spent the winter reading all she could about bee keeping and then bought a hive of bees in April. Weston found a couple of jobs—one teaching for Open High School, and one supervising the online school at Equine Journeys. Weston also spent a week riding for Security Ranches on the desert around Ticaboo. We bought a new trampoline and buried it in the back yard. The kids seem to really enjoy it. Sarah ran a half marathon in Provo in June (and so did Kali!). Weston spent three nights at girls’ camp with the ward and enjoyed getting to know the Lyman girls. Summer is once again going too fast, but we are enjoying the warm weather. We have been very blessed this year and feel fortunate to have all that we have. We are grateful to have been healthy all year and to be surrounded with wonderful people. Our kids love to see their grandparents and we count it as one of our greatest blessing to

39: live close enough for them to work and play alongside them on a regular basis. Our greatest blessing is the opportunity to be members of our Savior’s church and to be able to serve in his kingdom here on earth. Our faith and conviction of the restored gospel continue to deepen and bring joy into our lives.

40: The White Family The past year has been a wonderful beginning for Spencer and me. It all started on August 3rd, when Spencer proposed on the moonlight ride at Sundance (you ride the ski lift up the mountain and back when it is a full moon). I was quite nervous about dropping the ring to its sudden and utter destruction, as it was a little small and couldn’t quite fit my finger. Soon after wedding plans began, or got more aggressive. The month of August was spent with exciting and stressful wedding preparations. Spencer and I were married on Saturday, August 28th in the Manti Temple. It was the best day of our lives as we were sealed for time and all eternity in the temple, surrounded by our family and loved ones. It was a beautiful ceremony by President Pinegar. The wedding reception was held in Grandma White’s backyard and we were so happy and relieved that the weather cooperated. It turned out to be a beautiful and amazing evening for us. Thanks to all of you for your help and support and for those of you that were able to attend. We are so blessed to have family that knows how to jump right in and help out. After the reception, we headed to Park City for two days then off to Newport Beach, California for a week. We had an awesome time relaxing, going to the beach, Sea World, 6 Flags, and eating some amazing seafood dinners. The next couple months were mostly spent settling in. Spencer played on two flag football teams and I was in school, finishing up my last semester of coursework for my master’s degree. We also had BYU season football tickets and enjoyed going to the games and cheering on the Cougars. The first week of November we went on a Caribbean cruise. We left from Tampa Bay and stopped at the Florida Keys, Jamaica, and the Cayman Islands. We were supposed to stop at Cozumel, which we were most excited about, but the weather was too bad to port. So instead we traveled slowly back to Florida on stormy seas. We had a good time- well at least I did for my first cruise. However, the unexpected “older” generation boat (seriously), didn’t quite measure up to Spencer’s previous cruise experiences, but he was a champ and made it seem pretty cool for my sake. We had a great Thanksgiving holiday spent with Spencer’s family. Also around this time we were called as Sunday school teachers for the 13 and 14 year olds. We have really enjoyed this calling. It is fun to teach together and try to help “our kids” learn and feel the spirit each Sunday. In December Mom and Dad came up and stayed with us and went to a Christmas program at Temple Square. Christmas was spent at Mom and Dad’s and was a special first Christmas for us. We played games, basketball, and enjoyed the holiday season and celebration of the birth of our Savior. The rest of the winter included both of us playing basketball in some local city leagues. Spencer had season tickets to the BYU basketball games, and I went to some with him as well. Spencer turned the big three zero on February 28th, and I tried to make it a fun experience for him. I surprised him with dinner and then staying the night at Zermatt Resort in Heber. We went skiing at Sundance the next day (first time in many, many years). We had a great time and were happy to come home with no injuries. . We went down to Las Vegas in March for some much needed sunshine and to watch the Mountain West basketball tournament (which was pretty exciting). We also went to Mystere while in Vegas- super cool show! ! Our annual trip to Pebble Beach was in May. It was really fun to have Mom and Dad drive down and spend the final 3 days with us! We had an

41: awesome time going to the Giants baseball game in San Francisco, checking out Monterey, hiking around Point Lobos, and site seeing on the famous 17-Mile Drive. Also this month we saw Les Miserable at the Capital Theatre in Salt Lake. This Spring Spence has played flag football in West Jordan, and I played in a basketball league in Spanish Fork. Spencer has also been playing a lot of golf and was able to go to St George to golf for a weekend with his Dad and brother. I was able to go home to help bring the cows home. This was a great weekend, and the weather was beautiful. I always love and cherish time spent at home on the farm now that I live in the “big city.” In June I ran the Utah Valley Half marathon with Sarah... well not “with” her of course :) Two weeks later I played basketball with Kami and some old friends and teammates down to Cedar City in the Utah Summer games. It was a really fun weekend and I loved spending 3 days with Kami and her family- thanks Sis! This summer has FLOWN by and I feel almost panicked as we are running out of time to do all the things we would like to after a very LONG winter. We spent the 4th of July with Spencer’s family, swimming and playing games. That night went back to Lehi and watched the ‘Utah Valley firework show’ –seriously the whole valley was lit up. For the remainder of the summer we hope to have a few more recreational outings and enjoy this beautiful world we live in. We are excited for the reunion this year and the chance to spend time with family. We are grateful to our Heavenly Father for our many blessings and most of all for the truthfulness of the gospel in our lives and the peace it brings. We hope to become more like our Savior each day as we are given opportunities to do so. We are so grateful for the sealing power that allows us to be together forever as families. Thank you for the wonderful people you are and the examples you are to us. We love you all.

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