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The Casper Family 2009

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S: Casper Family 2009

FC: The Casper Family 2009

1: 2009 What a year! It started off with our sweet little Ty being born in January. Followed by multiple trips to the doctor. Easton turned three, and had many, many firsts like his trip to the the dentist. Lisa ran her first 10k run. Ace made it through his second year with Roche Constructors. Him and some work buddies decided to hike Mt. Charleston together. Uncle Jesse came home from his mission, and we welcomed two new cousins into the family.

2: January We welcomed baby Tyson Hart Casper Jan. 10 8 lbs 4 oz 20 1/2 inches The Dr. was afraid he was going to be too big, but all went well and he was a lot smaller than they expected. We had all of the family coming to visit throughout the next couple of weeks. Grandma Leelee stayed for a while, and helped everybody get adjusted. Papa Cory, Aunt Lolo, Grammy, Papa Larry, Aunt Mandy, Corbin, and Grant all came to see Baby Ty.

4: For Easton's Birthday, we went to Red Robin and he really loved his special ice cream sundae. We went to the Shark Reef with our friends, Steve, Diana, Ruby, and Levi | February Easton turns 3!

5: Got some pro shots for the Birthday Boys...Side note: It was the first time Easton actually smiled at the lady instead of staring her down. It was a big milestone!

6: Ty's first smiles

7: Chill time with dad

8: March Ty's Blessing

10: I found out why pregnancy was so uncomfortable with Ty...When he was inside me, I would complain that it felt like he was pushing on me in every the time though, I didn't realize that it was actually possible! | Easton had his first trip to the dentist and did awesome! No crying...he LOVED the sucker thing. It made him laugh every time. They even let him hold it, and every time they cleaned a tooth he would use the sucker.

12: April Happy Easter!

13: A trip to the fair... We went with our friends, Blake, Erin, Aiden, and Hannah. We rode some rides, saw some animals, and ate yummy food. Ty just chilled in his stroller. Easton even got to ride a pony!! Fun, fun day!

14: All The Single Leelee's... On April 7, I had the song 'All the Single Ladies' by Beyonce stuck in my head. I was singing it while I cleaned the kitchen, and Easton started singing along with me. But instead of singing "All the Single Ladies" he sang "All the Single Leelee's" in honor of his single Grandma Leelee. | Easton's Drawings Easton got really good at drawing actual things this year. The first thing he drew was the sun and he told me what it was. After that, he started to draw people. But he quickly moved on to animals. Particularly dinosaurs and octopuses. This is a picture he drew and described to me like this...The one on the top right he said was "The Dark Dinosaur", the little squiggles in the middle are snakes. The one on the bottom left is the "Daddy Dinosaur" and the top left and bottom right are octopuses. I think it is so random that he thinks to put a dinosaur and a octopus together, but he just keeps learning more and more everyday! | A Gift from Easton... Easton started doing chores around the house like cleaning his room and making his bed etc...And he gets a quarter every time he does it. One day we had this conversation about it... Me: When you get lots of money, we can go to the store and pick out a treat with your money. Easton: I will buy a treat for Daddy. Me: Wow, Easton that is so nice to buy a treat for Daddy with your money. Easton: And then I will eat it for him. Me: I bet Daddy will love that you will eat his treat for him! Easton: Yeah, I know.

15: A lot of Teasing and goofing around happened...

16: May A Mothers Day in Utah... Uncle Jesse called home for Mothers Day so we headed up to Utah. We got to go to the Dinosaur Museum with Grandma Leelee and the Casper's. Fun family weekend!

17: An MRI for Ty... At 2 months old Ty was doing this eye flutter thing where his eyeballs would shake up and down. We had to take him to an eye specialist who told us its official name is "Downbeat Nystagmus". That is sometimes caused by the brainstem not growing properly. We had to get an MRI scan of his brain to make sure everything was okay. We had to wake up real early, and Ty couldn't eat anything. He had to get an IV and be sedated for the whole process. Everything turned out to be fine, and he was in such a good mood that whole day, everything went smoothly.

18: Swimming Lessons for Easton... Easton started out with Ace and I in the water, but soon graduated into the big boy class and is swimming on his own now. | A Haircut for Ty... | Ty's hair has been like this since the day he was born. It stands up straight Mohawk style. We can't go anywhere without people making comments about his hair Here was his first major haircut....and look at that it still stands straight up.

19: June Easton gets a 'Big Boy Bed'! When I put on those lovely blue sheets, Easton saw them and said, "Oh! I love it Mommy! My bed is blue just like the sea! Thank you, Mommy! Thank you!" The things I do for that kid! Ty Rolls Over Ty really loved it when he figured out how to move around. He learned to roll over, and also loved to spin himself around and around in circles. Ty Tries Real Food and he hated it. Nothing more to say. Ty loves a good blanket A blanket in his face, a lot of the time is the only thing that he wants when he is fussy. It puts him right to sleep, which keeps me happy.

20: June was a busy month. We made a trip to Utah to welcome Elder Williams home from his mission. He got to meet Ty for the first time! Me, Jesse, Easton and Ty went to the zoo with Ginay and her chillins' Jake & Sophie. Jesse took the boys shopping to give them an idea of good fashion sense. Then we headed down to the Annual Roberts Family Reunion. Aunt Mandy danced a jig. We even got a little birthday celebration for my birthday.

22: July A 50th anniversary celebration for Mimi & Boppop over the 4th weekend. Family, food, fireworks, fabulous. | Here we come | A race to remember... | WINNER!!

23: Batman: The Obsession This year Easton got some Batman p.j's and pretty much never stopped wearing it...these pictures were all taken on different days, and I have many, many more. A Cool Summer, in Vegas It is so hot in Vegas during the summer. We got this pool for our backyard and it was a lifesaver. It was big enough for all of us , and it really helped Easton get better in his swim classes.

24: August Two trips to Utah We went to St. George (or as Easton said to "go see George") to see our friends Jared & Kaytie & baby Annie for a weekend. Fun and relaxing good times. Then we went up for baby Carson's blessing. So fun.

25: Ty showed us his flexibility skills | Ty and his favorite toy... he found it hilarious to smoosh his head in the ball. Who wouldn't, really. | Easton watching Finding Nemo while following along with his Finding Nemo book. | Easton and Ty reading together. | Bath time for the brothers.

26: September A sister's retreat to Midway . No boys allowed (except baby Ty and baby Charlie). And then a day at the Circus | Ty and I flew back to Vegas. First plane ride for Ty.. He did awesome. Slept mostly.

28: The Sounds of Nature... Ty's bassinet has little buttons that make different sounds to "soothe" baby. Easton was playing with it one day, and this is what he had to say about each sound: Birds Chirping: "Hey Mommy! These birds are singing!" Heart Beat Noise: "Ohhh listen, it is dogs barking!" River/ Stream: "Mommy! Mommy! Now the dogs are peeing!" Because, you know, nothing soothes a baby like a dog relieving himself... | Ty Became Mobile Although he took a little while, once he took off, there was no stopping him...He got stuck in some pretty silly places.

29: We had a fun Ward Camp-out

30: October We became a family of Ogres... Side note: if you notice, Ace's ears aren't on in some of the pictures.. He thought it would be a good idea to hot glue the ears to his head. I tried to explain to him that hot glue is, well, hot and would burn him... needless to say, he did it any way and now has two lovely burn marks behind his ears to remember this night by....

32: November Although I really hate to run...I ran...and then, I liked it. And I was gifted an amazing sweatshirt.

33: And a jam-packed house full of Thanksgiving goers in our small Vegas house. Both sides came down to celebrate together. That picture of Jesse and that exact second Ty had some action going on in his pants and you can see it on both their faces

34: Fish Anyone? Easton tends to get distracted while he is supposed to be washing his hands and plays in the water instead. One day, after he had spent a good amount of time playing in the water, I thought I would try and be a little I said, "Easton, you can't keep the water on that long because you are taking all of the fishys water, and if you take all of their water they aren't going to be able to swim anymore." After I said this Easton's face changed and I watched him try and think through this statement. He didn't say anything for about 30 seconds...he just kept thinking about it. At this point, I am thinking what a good job I have done and that he tatally gets it...well, I was proud until Easton responded... "All of the fishys will run out of water...and then I will eat them all." **sigh** | December | Roller Coaster This is a picture of a page in a book called, "Roller Coaster" | And this is a picture of Easton impersonating one of the people on the roller coaser...can you tell which one? Hint: Easton yet mastered the art of winking an eye so covering it with his hand is his solution. He told me one day that this is the face people make on a roller coaster. I thought it was strange, but Easton does a lot of weird things so I said, "Hmmm, yeah maybe, sometimes." Then a few days later we were reading the book and Easton kept doing that face. When we got to that page he pointed him out, "See Mommy, See!" Observant little boy!

35: Open Wide and Say Ahhhh Ty learned a new facial expression...he literally opens his mouth as big as it can possibly go and says "ahhh" and then proceeds to laugh hysterically. | Ty and the Medical Stuff Ty has had clogged tear ducts in both of his eyes since he was born. It isn't a major health concern really, just super annoying and gross. It irritates his eyes and makes his face all red. The Dr. told us that if they hadn't gone away by the time he was 10 months they would probe his's a small, simple surgery, and only lasts about 5 minutes, but does require anesthesia, which I don't enjoy. Anyway, they told us that 95% of the time the probing works and it's all better after that. So we had his eyes probed and guess what...Ty is one of the lucky 5% of babies that the probing didn't work on! So that meant another more invasive takes about an hour to do and they basically stick small tubes down his tear ducts to open them up. The tubes stay in for 6 months to a year and then they remove them with the hope that that will keep them open. A lot of the time they end up making slits on the nose to get the tubes in. So Ty had to get blood work done and got his surgery scheduled for January 2010. I hated having to watch poor little Ty go through so much awful stuff. We are so grateful that he is healthy and happy overall, but it was still so hard to see. No fun. Ever. This surgery will be the third time he has been sedated and didn't even make it to his first birthday before that! He has been our "pricey baby" because of all the medical bills (including no insurance while I was pregnant with him)

36: Christmas was spent with the family in Utah. The boys experienced the joys of snow. Santa came & many, many marvelous gifts were given. Including, "Christmas Fireplace Vol. 1" and the unforgettable "Luggable Loo".

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