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The Family

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The Family - Page Text Content

BC: The Family | By:Joshua David Reber Age:11 in a half Grade:6th

FC: The Family | By: Joshua David Reber Age:11 and a half Grade: 6th

1: Once upon a time there was a nice little family that lived on a hill.Every morning when they woke up they always said, "Good morning" to each other, and every night they say "Good night" to each other. | They loved each other very much,but they did fight a little bit.

2: One day the family woke up to find that all their money was missing! They looked under the beds,they looked under the tables,they looked everywhere! They looked and looked and then they found footsteps from their dresser to the door. They knew that they had been robbed. They called the police and found that a man had been caught for stealing. They raced to

3: money back and went home. The next day when they woke up they looked out the door and saw some strange looking people. They had weird clothes, weird hats,and feathers on their hats. They talked very odd,they had spears, and other weapons. | the police office to find it was the thief they got their

4: They offered them jewelry and beads and other things. They negotiated with the strangers and came to find that the strangers were called Indians. They became friends with the Indians and had some good years with them. | Some nights right before they went to bed they would look outside and

5: see the Indians dancing around the fire. Some mornings they would wake up and find the Indians still asleep around the fire. The Indians taught the family how to make necklaces,and the children taught the Indians how to sing songs. They loved each other very much.

6: One day,while the family was playing with their dolls,they heard a high pitched yell for about 3 seconds. It suddenly stopped. They went outside to see what it was and they saw some Indians running out of the forest carrying sharp spears. The family ran back inside feeling scared,

7: and an Indian came running in. They felt scared,though,the Indian did not hurt them,he just hid behind the dresser. The Indian looked scared. The family did not know why he was scared. They opened the window a tiny bit to find that the mean Indians were not looking in

8: the house,they just ran off and probably looked somewhere else. The family was glad that they did not look in the house. The family had taught the Indians good English,so he was able to tell them that those other Indians had burned down his house. The family let him sleep in their house until he

9: rebuilt his house. They were really nice to him. In return he gave the authority to come and go in their village as they please. The family was very thankful for what the Indian had done. When they went to the village,the chief greeted them with pleasure. The family and the rest of the

10: Indians became good friends. The family always helped the Indians,and the Indians always helped the family. When a kid or parent got hurt the Indians would use their medicine to heal the cut or bruise. If some of the mean Indians burned down the nice Indians houses then the

11: family would let them sleep in their house until the Indians rebuilt their houses. They were always nice to each other. Sometimes mean Indians would invade the family's house,but the nice Indians would fight back and help the family. The family and the Indians both became good friends.

12: One day the chief Indian got wounded in battle. The family heard and quickly came as quick as they could to his rescue. They cleaned his wound, they bandaged his wound, and they gave him medicine to help his wound feel better. The mean Indian had hurt him really bad. The family took the chief

13: Indian into their house so he could get feeling better. After he got feeling better he thanked the family and gave them some of his precious things. The family was very thankful. The family and the chief Indian also became very good friends. One day a man came into town. He was

14: the land owner. He approached the family with a paper. The family came to find that the paper was an insurance paper. If they didn't get insurance soon then they would have to move out. The family did not want to move out. They would have to leave their Indian friends behind. They didn't want to do

15: that. They had grown a strong relationship with them. So they went to the insurance fort to pay the insurance. They got back with the Indians worried sick. The family explained to the Indians that they had payed the insurance. The Indians were filled with joy. The family went into

16: their house to celebrate not having to move out. They were so happy that they didn't have to leave their Indian friends. The Indians were so happy that they didn't have to leave their friends. They were each so glad that they didn't have to leave each other. They loved each other so much.

17: The family was so glad that they didn't have to leave,that they celebrated with a full day of singing praise songs to God. They also thanked God for helping them get the money to pay the insurance so they didn't have to leave. They celebrated for a whole 7 days. It was alot of fun.

18: The family and the Indians both sang praise songs for the whole week. They also both prayed for the whole week. They both had so much fun the whole week. The Indians went back to their village the next week to find that all their houses had been burnt down by the mean Indians. They caught

19: up to the mean Indians to find that they were not the ones who did it. They went to the family and told them that it wasn't the mean Indians who did it. The family called the detective and he found hoof prints from their houses to the woods. He also found some rocks and a tiny bit of sparks by the

20: rocks. He examined the hoof prints and came to find that they were deer prints. He also found that the deer had somehow made the rocks spark,which caused the fire. Their hoofs,if rubbed against the rocks hard enough, may be able to cause sparks. So the Indians rebuilt their houses so

21: that they got back to normal. They also made good friends with the mean Indians. They all became good friends and had the best days of their lives with each other. The family loved where they lived. The Indians loved where they lived. They were all very good friends with each other. The End.

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