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The Great Gatsby

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FC: The Great Gatsby Journal

1: Nick Carraway

2: Chapter I Arriving at New York from the Midwest to learn bond business. I stop by to see my cousin Daisy and her husband Tom, from the social club at Yale, where I graduated. She had a friend over who went by Jordan. Daisy and Tom thinks it would be a good idea if I took a romantic interest in Jordan. I also seen my neighbor Gatsby for the first time!

4: Chapter II

5: Tom and I are on a train heading to the city, I am forced by Tom to get off at one of these stops and we end up at George Wilson's garage. George is the husband of Myrtle, Tom's lover. Tom taunts Nick and demands Myrtle to follow us to the train and we are now heading to Morningside Heights apartments, he keeps this apartment for his affair. There they are having an unprepared party with Myrtle's sister, Catherine and a couple named Mckee. I'm not real satisfied with the conversations they are having so i try leaving but at the same time i am fascinated. Myrtle began to mention Daisy after Tom gives her a puppy. After repeatedly telling her not to do so, he responds by breaking her nose. I ended up having to take the 4 a.m. train back to Long Island.

6: Chapter III

7: My neighbor Gatsby is really popular in this town! Every weekend he throws these huge, extravagant parties. One day Gatsby's chauffeur brings me an invitation to one of these parties so i make the short walk and join everyone else at the party. I spot out Jordan at the party and we sit and talk with Jay Gatsby, us both realizing that we served in the same division with during the war. After the whole night, i decided i would take Daisy and Tom's advice and start seeing Jordan, even though she is a very dishonest person, I'm attracted to her. She even cheated on on her golf tournament but even I'm not the most honest person.

8: Chapter IV

9: Gatsby and I are going to the city for lunch. On the way he tells me all of these unbelievable stories. He says that he is from San Francisco and that he has been educated at Oxford and how he had been awarded medals in World War I by multiple European countries. Everything seemed kind of skeptical to me. We notice a cop car behind us, he pulled us over for speeding, Gatsby just showed him this white card and he apologized for bothering us. In the city, he takes me to meet Meyer Wolfsheim, the man he claims was responsible for fixing the 1919 World Series. I see Jordan after lunch with Gatsby. she informs me on the conversation her and Gatsby had the night of the party. He was in love with Daisy. Gatsby was stationed near her home and she fell in love with him also but when he went off, she married Tom. According to Jordan, Daisy has been completely faithful but Tom is not. Gatsby wants Jordan to set up a reunion for him and Daisy because he thinks she will refuse to see him.

10: Gatsby is anxious about Daisy coming over for tea, So anxious he said he would pay me and get someone to cut my lawn for me. I do not take him up on the offer but I do think it would be a nice if she came so i decided to invite her for Gatsby. It's raining outside, Gatsby sends one man over to cut my grass and another with flowers. Daisy is here, at first things were pretty awkward between the two so i decided to leave them both alone for a minute and when i returned it seemed as if everything were perfect. They seemed so happy together. Gatsby wants to show off all of his lovely possessions so after the rain we head over to Gatsby's mansion.

11: Chapter V

12: Chapter VI

13: So it turns out that Gatsby was not really rich before. He dropped out of college after two weeks and worked as a janitor. He worked for Dan Cody the following Summer. Dan was a very wealthy man and Gatsby started getting used to the wealthy life. He was left 25,000 dollars after Dan passed away. Gatsby thinks he can win Daisy over with all of the money he has. Tom and Daisy both feel very uncomfortable at Gatsby's party the following Saturday. He thinks he should keep his eyes on her. He doesn't trust Gatsby.

14: Chapter VII

15: Gatsby fires all of his servants and hires Meyer to do the job. He has no more parties, all to prevent any gossip. I decided to go to Tom and Daisy's for lunch. When I arrived, I seem Gatsby and Jordan there as well. The whole afternoon was awkward and later Daisy asks Gatsby to go out to the city with her. Tom becomes certain of their feelings for each other. So we all go out to the city. Me, Jordan, and Tom ride in Gatsby's car and Gatsby and Daisy ride in Tom's car. We all decided to take a suite at a hotel. Tom confronts Gatsby about lying about going to Oxford and it grew into a bigger argument over Daisy. Gatsby says that she is love with him so he sends her back to Long Island with Gatsby. Me, Tom, and Jordan are headed back as well. On the way we see that Myrtle has been hit. Putting it all together, we come to a conclusion that it was Gatsby. When i get back to my house, i seen Gatsby hiding in the bushes, he says he was there to make sure Tom did not hurt Daisy.He says that Daisy was driving the car but he will take the blame.

16: Chapter VIII

17: Before heading to work late, i stopped by to talk to Gatsby for a minute. He says that he waited for Daisy until four o'clock and nothing happened to her, Tom didn't hurt her and she never came outside. I suggested that he forget about Daisy and leave Long Island for good but he refused to do so, he wouldn't leave Daisy. So i tell him goodbye and I go off to work finally and I am so distracted that i even skip my date with Jordan. After work i decided to stop back by Gatsby's to see if everything was alright. I walked around his house to see that he was floating in his pool dead and Wilson was dead as well.

18: Chapter IX

19: I try holding a very large funeral for Gatsby but everyone has seemed to disappear. Tom and Daisy moved away or just decided not to show up as well as Meyer and Kilpspringer. The only people to attend the funeral were Owl Eyes, a few servants, Henry C. Gatz, who has come all the way from Minnesota, and I. New York is a little too much for me so i move back to Minnesota and break off things with Jordan, who is suddenly engaged to another man. Henry lets me see Gatsby's journal which is filled with all of young Gatsby's schedule for self improvement.

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