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The House that Built Me

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The House that Built Me - Page Text Content

S: The House that Built Me

BC: Thank you Mom and Dad for providing such a wonderful place for us to learn and grow. We will always cherish the life lessons and many memories created.

FC: The House That Built Me



4: Where much of the fun took place

5: { | { | IMAGINE

7: Cory | In the house that built me, the first memory that comes to my mind is, as a kid, we had our weekly slalom skiing competitions in the front yard. The next memory that sticks out would be the flooring decor for our first Thanksgiving in the house. The ‘puke orange pink’ was a beautiful site to see, and it was the only time that I ever got a sunburn from the reflection coming off the floor. I’m sure Mom’s favorite memory is when Brandon Thorton and I made all of Aryann and Ashley's Barbie Dolls anatomically correct. The next big memory would be the year or so that I spent sweeping all the crumbs under the carpet in the front room, just to show Dad why we should always finish the job and nail the carpet down. Another one of my favorites was when I was starting football, and Tyler decided that he wanted to wear a jock strap. Being that he did not have a jock strap, he decided to cut out the ass cheeks on his underwear. That was a timeless classic.

8: Working for Muddy Mission Millworks was also another memory that will never fade because it taught me how to be a hard worker, and also how to have fun at work. I remember when we were on an install job around Easter time, and Adam Hawkins and I made sure to eat up on our boiled eggs so we could keep up with Dad's potency. When Dad left to go out to the truck to get the parts for the Lazy-Susan, Adam and I ripped one off in the cabinet that Dad was about to climb into. Dad almost passed out when he stuck his head in the cabinet filled with our Easter egg potency. We all laughed so hard that we cried, and almost peed our pants. There are two things that are not memories, but values that were instilled in me why growing up in the home our loving parents built: 1.) Dad taught me to work hard, and to LOVE working hard, and no matter the odds, to never give up! I can still remember when Dad was having me till up the garden, and I stated to him that I can’t break the dirt up, it was too hard, and it was never going to get done. He replied quietly "Son, you never say ‘I can’t,’ and never say ‘never.’" Still to this day I remember that, and use that memory to keep moving forward in all things I do.

9: 2.) Mom taught me how to love unconditionally. The countless times I made the wrong decision, no matter how old I was, she still loved me and never stopped believing in me. I feel that love, and my Mothers belief in me every day. I am so thankful that I can be a big Mama's boy, at least that's what Melinda calls me.

10: Beauty

15: { | { | Aryann | My memories consist of family meetings around Mom & Dad’s bed. Usually it was because Cory was in trouble and I got to come along for the lecture, even though I was innocent. We had our own mini farm and I remember many mornings having to go and bottle feed the calves. I also remember all the practical jokes. One in particular was when Cory put clear wrap over the toilet for Tyler or anyone else to pee all over. Dad was also a victim of this prank and he did not find any humor in it at all. I remember playing spin the bottle with Cory and my friends on the back porch. We also played night games with the Thorntons and Hawkins in the field after the hay was bailed.

16: so many | hard work, hard work, and some more hard work

18: The Gathering Place

21: Ashley | I think about always having to do dishes together. It usually was Aryann doing everything with each of us retreating to the back bathroom to get out of doing work. Although there were those miraculous nights when we all learned the value of team work and the dishes were done a lot quicker. I hated stacking wood on the back porch and everyone knew it. Dad had to make sure that it was being stacked correctly. One row stacked facing down and the next facing up and so forth until it was all stacked. There were times I would try to be lazy but it didn't work. Dad just came and undid it so I could start over and do it the right way. This seemed to be a reoccurring issue for me. I was also very lazy when it came to cleaning my room. It was all good until Mom would come into my room like a tornado and throw everything out of my drawers and closet for me to put away the right way. This is something I am still working on. We got roller blades for Christmas on year. We were the only kids that I knew of that were allowed to roller blade through out there house. I know Mom hated it, but I loved it.

22: Aryann was my full time beautician. We had many hair parties in the bathroom for Halloween, cheerleading, and prom. I even fainted once when she was trying to make my hair look like Pippy Longstockings. I will never forget the many dance parties in the family room. Occasionally Mom and Dad would join us and the party usually ended with us all on the floor laughing because of Dad's famous pelvic thrust. Tyler and I would pretend to go to Wonderland by using our marvelous glass closet doors. I would close my eyes and imagine I was there. We also spent a whole summer playing with Legos and Lincoln Logs donated by the Hawkins. One Christmas night I tried to stay awake to spy on Santa. I was at the stage when I wasn't sure if Santa was real or not. My plan was to pull out the paper towel that posed as my door knob and watch him through the hole, but sleep over took me and I had no other choice but to believe. Christmas morning was wonderful. We were welcomed by Christmas music playing and a warm crackling fire, as well as twinkies for breakfast. Mom would have all our presents in piles so we knew where to sit and we opened them one at a time so the Christmas moment could last a little longer.

23: I learned the importance of taking care of myself and looking good for your man. Mom had been in her work out clothes most of the morning because we were cleaning the house. She disappeared suddenly when I found her, I asked her what she was doing and she responded, “I am getting ready your Dad will be home soon.” This small act has stuck with me and I remember it often. There was a time I was extremely sick and was up all night. I was so sick that I actually had to take a tub in the middle of the night because I didn’t make it to the bathroom soon enough. Of course Mom was there helping me. Afterwards Dad gave me a priesthood blessing. I had no issue going to sleep after that. There were many priesthood and father’s blessings that I received in our home. Because of them I was able to conquer whatever trial was in my path. Dad showed me the importance of having a worthy priesthood holder in the home.

24: Craftsmen Ship

25: Dad's Trade Mark always has an ongoing project

26: Headquarters

29: Tyler | I think of the green carpet in the large family room. It made for the best field that I ever played on. I could not wait for Mom to buy me new underwear so that I could cut holes out of the back, in order to finish up my uniform. I think I still hold the all time touchdown record there. I think of all of our friends who went in and out of that house. Nearly all considered it to be a home to them. Our friends knew they would leave happier than when they came. I’m sure that always being fed and leaving full to the max contributed to that. I think of the endless games of come to court. The headquarters for night games was always our house. I think of our huge yard, and the days when mowing the lawn was an all day event, even though we had a self-propelled push mower. Mom would start the lawn mowing process, but by the end many of us had put our own share of sweat into the process.

30: The Heart of the Home

34: Amanda

35: When I think of the Overton house..... I think of the sidewalk and how, when I was little, Ashley and Tyler would let me run around with them and their friends and play night games. I would walk around on the sidewalk looking for people and yell "come to court." They may not have known at the time what it meant to me, but it made me feel special. It made me feel like one of the big kids. I think of the field and how Dad would put me in a laundry basket, while I was sleeping , when he went to cut the hay. Still to this day, every time I see a field of alfalfa, I have flashbacks of spending time with Dad doing daily chores. He showed me what it takes to have good work ethic and to be responsible. I think of the family room. There are just too many memories of the family room, that I wouldn't even be able to write them all down. Here are a few of my favorites: First, getting on the tables and the fireplace, and dancing as if I were a stripper. For some reason, when I was little, that was what I wanted to be, even though I didn’t know what that was. I especially liked dancing to the Britney Spears CD that Cory bought me. Second, I would dance with Ashley and Annie and sometimes even Tyler. I probably drove Ashley and Annie crazy by always wanting to cheer with them, but I idolized them. I could not wait to get to high school and be just like them. Although I chose not to be a cheerleader and follow exactly in their footsteps, I still hope one day that I can be half as good of a sister as they are to me! Third, I remember my sixth birthday. I remember waking up and Cory grabbing me and giving me birthday spankings in Dad’s chair. Fourth, Cory and I would wake up and eat cereal together while watching Scooby Doo, before he went to Seminary! I may have not thought about it at the time, but looking back on it now, he showed me that it is okay to let loose sometimes and not take life so seriously. Fifth, I remember bedtime. After Mom put me to bed, I would sneak back out and Tyler and I would gang up on Ashley. We liked to hear her scream by ripping her underwear. It was so fun to stay up and mess around with them. I want to apologize for all the underwear that got ripped; I know they were VERY expensive!

36: I think of sharing a bedroom with Ashley! On Saturday mornings, before everyone was up, Ashley would go into the snack drawer and get us some chips and then we ate them in bed. That may not have taught me much, but I will never forget how good Doritos taste in the morning! That is also when I became obsessed with how people chew. Ashley taught me how to chew with my mouth closed!:) I also remember watching Ashley before bed every night. She would say her prayers and read her scriptures. Ashley was such a great example to me in showing me that it is the small and simple things that matter. If you take care of the small things they will take care of you. I think of Aryann showing me how to clean a bathroom. She showed me how important it was to have a clean house. She would tell me that the Lord does not like un-clean things and that includes your house! I have taken that to heart! (Most the time) Last but not least, I think of my trampoline. I remember the long hours I spent just jumping on that tramp! I will never forget the time Mom came and jumped with me. She took about two bounces and then had run back into the house because she peed her pants. I don't think I have ever seen Mom move so fast! Jumping on the tramp was more than a hobby to me. Jumping on the tramp taught me more than anyone will ever know. It showed me the beauty of nature and to not take for granted the small and simple things. It taught me how to work out. It also taught me and how to sneak food out from the junk drawer and shove it in my mouth and shove the rapper down the columns. (Dad found my stash eventually!) I also remember making many important decisions while jumping on that tramp. One in particular was the biggest decision I have had to make in my life thus far, and that was moving to Saratoga Springs. I love the Overton house and will miss it VERY much! I knew that day would come when I would have to dig up my roots and move on with my life. Yes, the move was unexpected, but I have grown stronger and learned more about myself since moving to Saratoga Springs. I don’t know that I would have benefited as much by spending the next few years in Overton. Through this move I’ve learned how blessed I am to have a family that cares about me and loves me. I love my family! And I am very grateful for all they have done for me! We had many great memories in the Overton house but I know that there will be more to come in our new HOME!:)

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