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The Humorous Life of Reiner Medrano

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The Humorous Life of Reiner Medrano - Page Text Content

S: Laugh Laugh Laugh Laugh Laugh Laugh LaughLaughLaugh Laugh

BC: Medrano A simple Family with out Problems... Laugh, Laugh and Laugh But... Sometimes We have problems... Simple Problems But our family can easily over come it... Family

FC: The Humorous Life of Reiner Medrano Book 1 Hahahahaha!

1: Chapter ! 2 Chapter 2 7 Chapter 3 10 Chapter 4 13 Chapter 5 16 Chapter 6 20 Chapter 7 23 Chapter 8 26 Chapter 9 28 Chapter 10 31

2: I am very shy in my n | Chapter 1 Code Name: xxtakeshiXX

3: Reiner Medrano I am just a simple guy living in 24 D chico drive we just moved last week but it's just a close one. I was born on Jan. 13 1995 in waterous hospital. Now I am 1st Year High School in Claret School of Q.C We have conflicts between my friends, borthers and sisters :D but I can fix it easily because I am jolly :D On the first day that we have moved in our first house, I am very shy on my neighbors

4: We have conflicts between my friends, brothers and sisters :D but I can fix it easily because I am jolly. :D On the first day that we have moved in our first house, I am very shy on my neighbor, but on the next day me and my neighbors are friends and we have lots of memories like were teasing each other playing happily and many more. But one day I think my life Change. when I was walking I saw kids playing basketball then eventually they became my best friends until now...

5: Memorable Moments I have lots of memorable moments... lots of it are fun fun fun and laugh laugh laugh... One day when I am are walking with my friends a mad dog chase us then we run and one of my friend look back then when he looked back a car was parked on his front then he bump it... then he said that "Parang nakatulog ako ng tatlong araw" then all of us laugh.

6: I have also memorable memorable moments in my family, for me the most memorable moment in my family is when we went in baguio. On the day were leaving we woke up early around 4 in the morning to be early in our destination. Before that day we went to a grocery to buy our chips for our travel... When we are in our way I ate eventually Pringles because it's my favorite chips. when we are in Baguio there we have lots of activity but my favorite is shopping in S.M Baguio. All of us have fun..

7: Chapter 2 Code Name: Lo2mspot

8: Mark Joseph Medrano His My one and only brother. He is very successful in his life because he is an excellent student, he have good grades and he is very successful in chess team. We are in the same school, he is in 3rd year now of III-SVF. He is 16 years old now. He loves to play basketball, chess and football. When he on 1st year level he join the try outs in football. Then he entered the varsity team but in summer he did not trained so

9: he was expelled because of RAGNAROK!. His favorite video game, also mine. :D My dad is mad on this game because of this game we are not studying.

10: Chapter 3 Code Name: 9

11: Katleya Medrano She is the youngest of my sisters. She is 18 years old, she was born on August 31, 1991. She studies in U.P Diliman, she is in industrial engineering. She love to play adventure games and hidden games, like mystery case files. I think her favorite game is diner dash because when we install it on our computer she just played and played it. :D

12: She love cats, she sleeps with our cats everyday, that's why my mom is always mad. Her favorite sport is bowling, she plays bowling in her PE class in U.P every Monday. Her favorite TV show is HBO and she love stuff toys. :D Her Favorite Cat "STUART"

13: Chapter 4 CODE name: patty

14: Patricia Medrano She is 19 years old, she grew up in our province, Batangas, San Pascual, Alitagtag in my grandmother. She studies in U.P Diliman she is in Psychology. She was born on July 21, 1990. Before her birth day July 16, 1990 an earthquake struck Baguio and many people died. She loves to take care of babies especially our cousins, when we have reunion our auntie leaves her child to her because she loves it and a good baby sitter. Her Favorite TV show is MTV, she loves to listen to music, she

15: also love to sing especially when we have family reunion. She loves to go shopping, but she does not like to go shopping with us, she wants to go shopping with her friends. She is a perfectionist she wants to be all perfect when she have projects, she always makes sure that it was perfect.

16: Chapter 5 code name: moviemaster

17: Pia Marie Medrano She is the oldest sister of mine she is also a very successful in her life she is like my brother who is excellent in her studies at the same time is a excellent player of a team, she plays on rugby team in U.P Diliman. She studies in U.P Diliman, her course is Accountancy, 2 years more she will end his studies. she loves to take pictures of everything, she also love to travel, place to place by traveling using boat. She also love to recycle papers.

18: Her TV show is MTV she also like to listen to music she is only the one in our family who has I pod for her music, she loves to make video clips using movie maker and in her group she is always who creates their video clips for their programs and she is the organizer if they have projects for fund raising on their organization. Now she is planning to go in Macau with her friends. Her favorite thing to do in our house is to read encyclopedia because she said that it is exciting because you will learn new things.

19: the thing that I don't want to her is when she 's going to school and she is on the rush she just get my money on my wallet without permission when I am in the school so when I went home... and she also in home she will say that she get my money. Exactly I am going out with my friends... So I don't have money to go with them.

20: Chapter 6 Code Name: Commander

21: Zeny Medrano She is my beautiful mom. She was born on January 15, 1960 she is now 49 years old, a simple manager in Goldilocks in main office. She is like a commander all of his command shall be done, but of course her commands are for the good of us. She is like a "kuripot", but I think she want us to learn how to save money. Her favorite TV Channel is ABS-CBN because there she can watch

22: her favorite soap operas, her favorite things to do in our house is to clean and cook our food and prepare it like a professional chef. She hate cats and dogs because she said that it is just a waste of money and its poop stinks. She is a very caring and loving mother the only thing she want is the good for us.

23: Chapter 7 Code NAme: Serious Clown

24: Reinero Medrano She is my father he is also jolly and very funny like my grandfather. He always makes us happy by his very funny jokes and acts. He was born on Dec 15 1960 he is 48 years old. But he is still energetic, we still play football and basketball every Saturday if we have time especially during summer. He is also a manger in PNOC and a good business man his goal in his business is not the money but to help others by giving them work. That is the thing that I want of my dad. but when he get angry he

25: is very scary. It's like that it is the end of the world!. But after some couple of hours he is now back to his funny face from angry face... His favorite TV shows are the educational one like discovery, national geographic, animal planet, CI and many more. He loves cats it's like he is the opposite of my mom and he loves to tell funny stories, if we have a family reunion he is the joker of the whole family.

26: Chapter 8 code name: little fun

27: Emily Lamba She is our helper in house she is very funny, even she have problems she is still happy. She is 35 years old, she was born on November 31, 1974. She was from Cagayan De Oro. She is 10 years serving us, she is very industrious and loyal. It is like she is part of our family.

28: Chapter 9 Code Name: Prince Cat

29: Stuart He is our cat, we bought it from our uncle. We bought it on April 23, 2009. The first time, Stuart is in our house he is very afraid because his shelter was change. he is our favorite cat because he is very smart. When we are watching animal planet we tried to let watch Stuart then after couple of seconds he kept on scratching on the screen because he thought

30: that the animals on the TV is real. :D He does not eat meat but sometimes he does, his favorite food is corn and pumpkin.

31: Chapter 10

32: Memory in our Life Our most memorable funny memory in our family is when we went in Bacolod. It was a great morning when we went on the airport, so were very hungry, then there we ordered food and while the food is served... Our flight was paged then we left our food and rushed into our flight. There in the plane we have a great time, it is relaxing in the plane that I am not aware that we are in the airport in Bacolod. There I am very hungry, I said that I want to eat in Chicken Bacolod. When we arrived in the

33: restaurant I ordered 2 chicken because it's my favorite. after that we directed in the hotel. When we got on the room. I just watched TV, after that my dad said to me that if I want to swim, then I agreed their a big pool I am very happy because it is very big and there are no other people swimming in it. there I learned how to swim. Every night we are telling scary story. we stayed there for 3 weeks then we went back to Manila and for the rest of the summer I just played and played Ragnarok!. :D

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