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The Lee

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S: "Still, FamiLee stays together"

FC: Already, it's a common saying: "Fights within the family is inevitable." Here's what we added: "Still, family stays together." | Lee

1: My Siblings and I | Papa

2: Table of Contents | Intro: Kim | Kail | Papa | Karl | Singapore Trip | Ondoy experience | 8 Waves

3: 4-7 | 8-9 | 10-11 | 12-13 | 14-19 | 20-26 | 27-30

4: The cute lil'o me | Very Patient | a good boy | Push Over | Patient

5: That cute little kid on the left? yeah thats me. Amazing huh? How'd a thin-as-a-toothpick boy come from that chubby thing right? Well, people change. Anyway. I'm Kim Stephen D. Lee. Son of Rowen John O. Lee and Joanne David Lee. Currently a first year student of CSQC. I love, like and have a passion in: reading, writing, volley ball, certain computer games And a hell lot more...

6: Kim. Easily describable as very clumsy and absent minded. Here's one solid proof: One time, his siblings and he were looking hard for the remote. On the last brink of hope, his bro, Karl found it on the refridge Silly Kim *lol*

7: But aside from those little things, depending on his mood, He's very hard working and he's the type of person who would add a little more extra effort on things he is asked to do. | He is also intelligent when it comes to math. A little bit sporty though most of the time you'd see him sitting on the computer chair playing games all day long. He is also very fond in music. Specifically classical music

8: His bigger bro, eldest in the 3 siblings, Karl Steven Lee, a 4th year in the same school is a different story. He is smart, hardworking, very respectable responsible and. A genius when it comes to science and a good violinist. In with Kim when it comes to computer gaming. They would always think of weird strategies in defeating the opponent, while enjoying the game | Kuya Karl

9: Kuya has authority over us and he does not abuse that. He reigns us only as how a big brother should. He truly is a great big bro. helping us when we need him despite all the things he need to do himself

10: Kail Simon Lee. The sporty one. Though he has a little trouble with his academics, he's definitely growing an athlete. Basketball, volleyball, soccer, a little bit of table tennis. All those he plays well. He's even a varsity player in badminton. Enthusiastic in what he does and very sporty.

11: Perhaps you could also say he's very much into art as well. He draws rather well like his eldest bro. Rarely seen playing computer games and always seen out side playing basketball or volley ball. and if in the mood, he'd go outside the house and play badminton with our yaya. Regarding yaya doesn't have anything to do. Sporty, creative and enthusiastic. That's Kail.

12: Papa, the key to the family. Though he goes to work early in the morning and comes home late in the night, even often times we would find him still working beyond midnight. Despite all these things he do, he still finds time to spend with us. Playing sports, shit-chat a bit and a lot more.

13: Very organized, very responsible, very kind, very reasonable, state it and my dads got most good things. I'm not boasting though, I'm merely... stating facts. | Good in sports and a very creative graphic designer. An amazing dad, a great guardian, and an awesome brother, thats my Papa. | Rowen John O. Lee

14: Singapore: 1st outside-the-country | Family Trip | Being the first out-of-the-country trip, it was truly one that won't be forgotten. It was also the first time I got into a plane. Yes, at first I was scared. Hey, it was a bumpy ride, not mentioning that it was my first time, I had the right to be scared. Anyway, a safe trip it was at least and the plane food? amazing. Those chicken soup and the peanuts, I crave for them 'till now. Anyway, as soon as we got there, our tito took us to his apartment to unpack our things. The trip from the airport to his apartment was amazing! though it only was

15: a short ride, being the scenery so unfamiliar, it was breathtaking. The building design were just beautifully | different. Anyway, as soon as we got to my tito's apartment, we unpacked all our things and headed back directly to the car for some city tour. Singapore places are jaw-slacking, Singapore food are mouth-watering, and the folks were great. The days flew by very quickly. though one day was just too good to be forgotten. It was

16: the time we went to Wild Wild Wet. It was the splash Island of Singapore, only a whole lot better. The River pool was longer and the slides were more wild. The best part of Wild Wild Wet for me was, yes, the kiddie pool. Don't mistake me for someone who can't swim

17: I only loved it so much because of the yakult bucket. Every 15-20 minutes, the yakult bucket, which is hung up high, would splash water on all the kids playing in the pool. It was so much fun that every time I'd finish on one pool I'd go and call my bros to go back with me to the kiddie pool and go for a round in the yakult bucket. That whole day we spent on bathing under the sun or swimming in the different pools of Wild Wild Wet. The best swimming marathon experience I have ever had so far in my whole life.

18: As for the rest of the trip, Sight seeing, more swimming, how ever that time it was on the beach, more fancy restaurants, and a whole lot more. The tenth and the last day came very quickly as we enjoyed our memorable trip in Singapore. Departure day finally came and since

19: our flight was on the evening, we decided to make the last day the best day. Our tito had just the right surprise for that very plan. He took us to one of Singapore's best tourist spots. Santosa. There we had a great time sight seeing and the food there was amazing! There beef were just so juicy and their deserts are awesome. As the sun started to fall, tito brought us to a fountain show. It was Amazing! Waters were fountained up to the sky and laser light created 3d things. Undescribable. Sadly though, after that, Goodby Singapore

20: Most families in luzon has their very own "Ondoy Story" and here is ours: I have to say, I feel guilty about it a bit. Why? Well because during the coming of the storm, us three siblings and our father were playing left 4 dead in a nearby computer shop, completely oblivious of the coming chaos out side. When we were done, we got outside and saw something we never expected. flood the was heel high. It was my and my sibling's first time. | Ondoy

21: Immediately, we ran through the storm heading for the car which was parked just a few feet away from the shade. We got to the car but we were soaking wet. wet as if we ran more than 10 feet through the rain. Anyway, driving home was also quite an experience. The water was probably above the vehicle's tires. Our house was safe though and I thank the God for that. The story in the house wasn't that different from outside, except that there was

22: no flood. except for an inch shallow breach on the lower floors. Other than that and the fact the the house no longer had electricity, we were all good. The rest of the afternoon we spent on mopping the floor, chit-chatting since that was all we could really do and pray for the safety of both our family and the rest of the affected ones. During the night, dinner was rather fun. Since there was no light, only candles lit the dining room. Though eating

23: was hard, smiles and laughter roamed the dinning room. We did not complain about the situation but instead, we used it as a chance to socialize more with each other. It was very rare that all of us in the house would dine together, not only that but also bond together. Dinner wasn't the only fun part. Because the lower floor was a bit flooded, we had to sleep in the sala. cushions were spread across the floor and we, before sleeping played a little game

24: of cards. Fun and laughter again were heard through the night. We managed to stay up 'till past midnight at about 12:30. but moments after, After all our laughter since came. We were all sleepy and needed rest. First, silent prayers were heard then a few good nights and we were all officially sleeping. The next day, the normal routine was observed. The only change was that all us 15 cousins, our titos and titas and our grandparents were there.

25: The rest of morning was all card games, monopoly, cash flow and other fun boardgames. The afternoon was spent with a musical spirit. I played the flute (not a recorder), my bigger bro played the violin, my papa played the guitar while my lola played the piano. The rest of the family sang with us. The day flew by very quickly and it was night time again. We were back with playing cards and a few

26: jokes. The night came like how the night before did. Then the morning again rose. Slowly but surely, things went back to normal. We got our rooms on the lower floor back. Still the whole Ondoy thing was, for us, a rather very good experience. Our family bonded even more and... well we learned a few survival tricks. Still we pray for those affected. Sadly though, we were unable to record the event for all the cameras were out of batteries.

27: 8 waves: Kail's B-day

28: 8 Waves. Yet another great experience. I need not say much about this event for it was pretty much the same as our time in Wild Wild Wet in Singapore. It was fun cuz all us 15 cousins, titos and titas, grandparents were there. 8 waves is my 2nd best swimming marathon in my life and surely is a memorable one. The place was just amazing. All the fun times we had there were unforgettable and well... just fun. The pool was amazing and the waves? HUGE!

30: Food there was delightful. And the amazing view was just spectacular. Our time there was very very much amazing and there is no other word for it.

31: Memoirs of the FamiLee

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