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The Life and Times of Eric Olson

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S: Life and Times of Eric Olson

BC: The Life and Times of Eric Olson

FC: Life and Times of Eric Olson | By: Eric Olson

1: Copyright 2011 McGinley House 7250 York Avenue South, Suite #208 Minneapolis, Minnesota 55435 | The Life and Times of Eric Olson | By: Eric Olson

2: Copyright 2011 McGinley House 7250 York Avenue South, Suite #208 Minneapolis, Minnesota 55435

3: I dedicate this book to Katherine Hans, whom without I would have never written these pieces of writing.

4: Foreword by Kathy Olson This collection of memoirs has caused the author to reflect on his life’s journey to this point and promises to be as thought provoking to each reader as to the author. Written by a young man growing up and living in the suburbs of Washington D.C. in 2011, the collection of thoughts and reflections on what has occurred in the author’s life both entertains and challenges your intellect. Take your time with each passage to consider the age and perspective of the author. Obviously much thought was given to each entry and I’m sure you will find it a captivating read. I guarantee your time will be well spent, your mind broadened and your life richer for it. Enjoy. If I were a teacher, I would give it an A+.

5: Preface This book is comprised of several pieces of writing that I feel are closely related to my life. Many hours were spent writing this material and I hope you have as much fun reading it as I did writing them. Some are my thoughts on my current life as it stands and some of the pieces are of my past and my thoughts for the future. While this is a work of non- fiction it is very imaginative and may very well captivate its readers. So delve in and experience the life and times of Eric Olson, a sixteen year old boy who struggles with problems and works his way through adolescence, high school and life.

7: Table of Contents 1.Birth 2.Upbringing 3.Expectations 4.Sports 5.Pets 6.Scouts 7.Controversial 8.Everything I Want 9.How Life Affects My Writing 10.Interview With Eric Olson 11.Postcard 12.Why No Cell Phones and iPods Between Classes 13.Time Travel 14.Accomplishments and Ambitions 15.Last will and Testament 16.Bucket List

9: Birth It’s out! It’s over! It’s a boy! It seemed so long ago but I had only given birth three hours ago. The baby was a boy and my husband Michael and I named him Eric. Eric has brown eyes and weighs eight pounds and four ounces. The time right now is 11:36pm which means he was born on August 8, 1994 at 8:36pm. I am currently at Fair Oaks hospital and I am Eric’s mother. My husband and I have been living at Michael’s parent’s house while we wait through the building phase of our new house. It’s in a new town called South Riding and we are one of the first people to build a house there. I hear they haven’t even cleared all of the forest for the land yet. The town is off of route 50 and is only thirty minutes away from Mike’s parents, so the baby will be able to frequently see them. The next day we took Eric home. I found it uneventful, but I still was excited. I had my apprehensions about living with my in laws for a whole year, but I’m sure everything will be ok. I still have the house to look forward to. It is extremely affordable and it has four bedrooms and it has three levels. It also comes with three bathrooms so we never have to wait for each other to finish their showers. Unfortunately it will be a while until the house is finished so we have to stay here with Mike’s parents. Today is Eric’s 1st birthday. We are celebrating it at Mike’s parent’s house because we have been living here until our house is complete. The party was amazing. Ann invited a bunch of people from all over the street and they came to congratulate us for making it through the first year. The cake was vanilla and Eric enjoyed it very much. Well, I assume he did because he kept sticking his hands in it. I think it may soon be time to teach him some table manners. After the party the cleanup was horrendous. Fortunately, all of the guests stayed to help and wash the dishes. All in all, it was a great party. It has been great living here because Ann is great with Eric and loves playing with him, which also means that I am able to take breaks from Eric constantly. It seems that he will not stop crying except when the vacuum is on. I don’t know what he likes about it so much but is always keeps it quiet. Even so, we shall soon be moving into our new house. I hear that the area is going to be beautiful when phase one is complete. It’s hard to imagine that because all that’s there now are half built houses and a realtor’s trailer. Even so, I only have positive thoughts about the future.

11: Upbringing As I grew into the person I am today, my parents constantly told me what I could and couldn’t do. They were not overly strict, but they were no pushovers. As a kid, I had a problem with hitting and I was constantly being punished for it. My mom tells me that I was sent to my room four to five times a day. She said that it was hard for her to keep punishing me, but she felt it was important for me to learn to use my words. Besides having a hitting problem my parents say that I was into biting things. I would bite toys and even people. My parents even tell me that at times they were afraid to let me out of my crib because I would sneak up and bite them on the back of their legs. This was when I was very young and therefore don’t remember this but it is hard to imagine that I was so badly behaved. Besides my problems at home I am informed that I was very bad at restaurants and would always sneak away from the table. I would scream, holler and throw fits just so that I could get my way, but just like with the hitting, my parents constantly punished me for acting out. I can barely remember this experience because I am so old, but I will do my best to keep my telling of it accurate. When I was about four, my family act out at this Mexican restaurant named Casa Chemio. It was at one of these dinners that I was feeling both ambitious and energized. I wanted to explore the restaurant, so when my parents were not looking, I slipped away. Unfortunately for me, I was caught by my father and he told me to return to the table. I decided to do the wrong thing and turned and ran. I was only four, so he caught up to me really fast. He cut dinner short so we could return home and commence my punishment. They had no lenience for public disturbances and I was expected to basically keep to myself until we were alone. Even through all this punishment I never resented my parents. They were very good at making me think that I was to blame for being punished. They would use the usual words like “you need to think about what you’ve done” and “you need to do what works.” They talked to me almost as if they were disgusted that I had wronged them made me feel ashamed of my actions and helped reinforce the lesson. It is ironic how violent of a child I was because I am quite a docile person. I’m not saying that I am some unprovokable saint, but I don’t find enjoyment in hitting people. Some kids my age think it is fun to hit people or find it humorous to watch people get hurt. I have never been that type of person and I can’t understand people who feel that way. The only reason that I can think of, is that the amount of discipline in the beginning of my childhood taught me that hitting is not a way to get someone’s attention.

13: Expectations People expect things. It’s a fact of life that everyone wants something from you. You expect things of people just as they expect things from you. It’s not your fault, for it is in your nature. As humans, we instantly make assumptions about people and expect those assumptions to be correct. Because of this, we live in a world that is governed by others thoughts and expectations. One of the largest expectations put onto people, especially teenagers and young adults, is to live up to the media’s image of life. The media tells people what cloths to wear, how to act, what things to say, who to associate themselves with and what to do for a living. All of these expectations are difficult to achieve and only a handful of successful people can be an example of this image. Those who achieve this are the ones who expect everyone else to be like them, when in reality it is impossible. Because America has a capitalistic economic system, there is only so much money to go around. For every rich man there is a poor man and every dollar someone has is a dollar someone else doesn’t. This is why it is impossible for everyone to live up to these expectations. Parents are also a source of expectations. These expectations, unlike the media, are about personal wellness and achieving goals. Unfortunately, many parents set unachievable goals for their children, giving them a feeling of failure and damaging the child’s self esteem. Most parents think very highly of their child and think that they can achieve anything if they try hard enough. While this is very heartwarming, it damages the child’s perception of achievement and sets a feeling of disappointment. Some children feel so obligated to meet their parent’s expectation that it induces unneeded stress and depression. While the parents are thinking that their child is just not trying hard enough, which makes the children feel even worse about themselves. The fact is that parents damage their child’s self image with their too high expectations. Peers also set expectations for each other. They influence what you wear, what you say, what you’re interested in and how to treat certain people. This can make bullying seem larger than it is. There may be only one bully, but his friends are pretending to have a good time messing with another kid. The expectations of your peers can be defined as “peer pressure.” Peer pressure can cause good kids to do bad things. If a bunch of kids want another kid to shoplift, then that kid is more likely to do it. Expectations set by your peers aren’t always bad, but it can be destructive to a kid’s behavior. Expectations are set by all interactions with other people. It is only natural to assume that a person will act a certain way or achieve a certain standard. No matter who you are, someone is going to expect a certain thing from you. There is nothing you can do about it but to decide if that person’s expectations are worth meeting.

15: Sports It all started when I was four. My parents signed me up for pee wee soccer so I could become the athlete I was destined to be. Well that was all fine and dandy, because nobody really cares about soccer when you are four years old. Back then the objective of the game was to chase the ball and kick it. In fact, it did not even matter which way you kicked it, as long as you kicked it. Things changed when I got a little older and I learned the objective of the game. Apparently you had to kick it in the goal as well. So they picked goalies to block the goals. I tried playing goalie but I could not concentrate long enough to stop the ball. I would get distracted with a butterfly or something and leave the goal. Fortunately, just like when I was four, no one cared about winning so I didn’t really try. I don’t think I scored a single goal when I was five. When I was six things got serious. I began to make friends on my team and the other teams. This new socialization brought on a new thing to me, bragging. Oh look, I got this many goals. Oh yeah, well I got this many goals. I now realize that much of that was lying, but back then I just thought they were all better than me. I was never a good liar when I was a kid and I just told them the truth. I had never scored. When I was seven I scored one goal the entire season. I quit. After I was done with soccer, it was on to the new sport baseball. This was much different than soccer and I was even worse at it. Well, I should not say that. I was bad at hitting the ball and back then that was the only thing that mattered to me. I would strike out almost every time and I hated it. I still hate the sport baseball even today. I wanted to be done with baseball, but my parents said that I needed to be playing a sport. Since I did not know any other sports back then besides football, and since I sure was not going to play that, I stuck with baseball. That lasted two more years before my mental capacity to play it was destroyed. I only hit the ball a few times in those three years. So I quit that too. I was done with sports. It was as simple as that. I occasionally fought obesity with a run, but besides that I was physically on standby. I resented all jocks and had only a few friends. You would probably be surprised how much a sport changes your outlook on life, or more, not playing one. When I was on my hiatus, my life was very repetitive and I settled into a rhythm of school and free time. Near my seventh grade year I began to run more frequently. I guess I was starting to miss sports a bit, because I went out for lacrosse in the spring of eighth grade. It probably helped that I was friends with almost everyone on the team. I had a lot of fun and continue to play it presently. It’s weird because I know people that played more sports as a kid and have never played a high school sport. It is almost like I switched roles with them. It is probably good that lacrosse is not a largely played sport because I probably wouldn’t have made the team in my freshmen year, which would have stopped my interest in it. Just goes to show that my relationship with sports is complicated.

17: Pets Animal lover They are truly man’s best friend Cannot live without Animal hater Get away from me you beast I want you to leave Animal killer It is my fault you are gone I did not mean to Animal numbness All living things have to die Eventually Animal neutral I feel neither love nor hate Just leave me alone

19: Scouts Ever since 1st grade I have been a Boy Scout. Scouts has been a constant in my life because I have always found joy in the program. People may make fun of it because, on the outside, we may look like a bunch of kids just cleaning up trash, which by the way I hate doing, but we are so much more than that. Sports, fishing, sailing, camping and hiking are only a few of the things you can do in Scouting. There is so much to do in the program that I hardly ever get bored with the activities. Scouting is one of the highlights in my life. The rankings in Scouting are based on age when you are in the 7-11 age range. Scouts of this age are called Cub Scouts. When you are a Cub Scout things are mostly tame and kids stuff. Mostly we did park clean ups and sold popcorn and fun stuff like camped and playing games at the meetings. I have followed the scouting path all the way up which basically means that I started as a Tiger (the youngest rank) and went on from there. After I finished with the Cub Scouts I was ready to move on to regular Boy Scouts. After being in Cub Scouts for about five years it was a little bit of a shock to see how much the Scouts did on their own without supervision. The parents basically sat back and watched. The kids planned the trips, elected leaders and even taught each other. It was a well defined system. Not all trips were fun. The first campout I went on was in the middle of March and it was freezing. The temperatures got down to twenty degrees at night and I had not brought a large enough sleeping bag. I hardly slept at all when the morning came. It soon started raining just after I had gotten out of my tent. I quickly scrambled back in and dawned my rain gear. Even though it was raining we still had to eat. We got out the stove and pots and attempted to light them. Unfortunately because of the rain we realized that we would not be able to cook our breakfast, which was pancakes. We ended up having to eat cold cereal instead. After our breakfast it was time for the main activity of the day, a five mile hike. It was still raining so I kept my gear on as we set off on the trail. Fortunately it stopped raining about ten minutes into the hike. The trails were all muddy and I slipped several times. After we rounded out the hike, we packed up out tents and left. It was probably the worst trip I had ever had. Besides that trip the others were all great. I have been in Scouts for nine years and have loved every one of them. I have progressed to the highest rank in Scouts, which is Eagle. After making it all the way I have stepped back a bit, but I still go on occasional trips. Looking back at scouting there were definitely rough patches, but I never felt like quitting. I have learned many skills from being in scouts and I have made many friends.

21: Controversial I love controversial topics. While some people may desire to keep their opinions to themselves, I like to force mine upon my fellow man. What is the point of having thoughts if you do not share them with other people? If you feel strongly about something then you should fight for it. I think that the only way to resolve a problem is through an open argument and a discussion. Being the opinionated person I always choose a side in a disagreement and am able to defend it. That said, I don’t like it when people don’t pick a side. I don’t think it is possible to be fifty- fifty on a subject. A good example of this is when I and a few of my friends cannot decide what to do. In most cases we narrow it down to two activities. Unfortunately, even if there are an odd number of people, someone usually decides not to vote. This is very aggravating to me because it blocks progress. When this happens to me, I usually shout at the person to choose, because by then I don’t even care if my side wins. That is why everyone should always vote. You are on one side or you just don’t care. I am a flawed individual and I am unable to perfectly weigh two options against each other so I often choose the wrong one, but I think that it is okay to change your opinion on something. To back up an opinion you don’t have to be closed to others ideas, you just have to have better reasons than they do. An example of this was in my 10th grade history class with Mr. Nagy. He asked the class if they were faced with the choice saving five strangers or your mother, who would you choose. Initially I said that I would save my mother, but he pointed out that his mother would be upset and unable to look at her son. When he said this, I decided to change my opinion and that is fine. If you all the sudden you decide that you agree with the other side better, than you should back them up instead. I do not believe that it is right to condemn someone for their opinion. Just because someone disagrees with you does not mean that they are a bad person, it just means that they disagree with you. I do not understand why some people choose to chastise other people directly instead of attacking their ideas. Everyone has an opinion and they should be allowed to voice it. I am an extremely opinionated person and I am proud of it. You may like to keep to yourself, but I want to be heard. Some people may mistake my opinions as prejudice but they could not be more wrong. I am quite a flexible person and am always open to new ideas. I always think that a person should have an opinion on something, even if I disagree with it. There is only one wrong opinion, to not have one.

23: Everything I Want If I had one wish it would be to have everything I want. I would just have to think about having it and it would just appear in front of me. I know that probably sounds greedy and materialistic, but I think that this would be the best use of my single wish. Besides, what else would I wish for if I could have everything? Some people say that they would want true love as their wish. I say that if true love came from a magical wish, is it really true? In my opinion most people are basically greedy, so I could just impress a girl I like with her favorite things and she will fall madly in love with me. I don’t have a problem with the fact that she is just with me for my possessions. Actually when you think about it most men will give there lovers anything they want. Also I don’t have to worry about her leaving me because I run out of stuff, because I will never run out of stuff. My wish could also be used to help the poor. I could just give them all the money they wanted. Also I could give large sums of cash to my favorite charities. My wish could support my favorite sports team or politician. I could have anyone I want eating out of the palm of my hand. With my power I could influence anything that affects me in a positive way if I so choose. Also I could just live an easy and relaxed life. I wouldn’t have to work and I could live in a nice mansion with great interior and top of the line electronics. I know some people would say that this is just a lazy way to go about life, but no one likes to work. Work is just a waste of time if you already have money. Some people want to work for their money so they feel like they deserve it, but I bet if money was just freely given to them they wouldn’t work any longer. No one likes working for money, they just like getting the money. With my wish I wouldn’t ever have to work again. Why would I need to cook when I could have any cuisine I want just by thinking about it? Why would I need to go to work when I could just think up all that I needed? Besides, I can always just think up all the money I could want (not that I would have much use for it). If I had this power I wouldn’t have to ever lift a finger again. If I had one magical wish I would definitely use it on this. Nothing else appeals to me nearly as much. This wish could lead to a life of pleasure and wealth. The homeless and the poor would see me as a hero as I use my wish to fight poverty. The world would be almost void of problems, for gifts solve everything. If I had one magical wish, I would defiantly wish for the ability to have anything I want at just a mere thought.

25: How Life Affects My Writing My writing is only affected by a select few of my feelings. I find it hard to write about my sorrows, my happiness, and my love. Only my thoughts make it to the paper. My ideas, my complaints, my worries and even my dreams are some of the things I write about. I like the idea that writing comes from the heart, but I think that mine comes from the brain. Unfortunately, this also means that I am unable to write well when I am tired. It’s like when I’m out of energy I can’t even get my brain to focus on the paper I am writing. Some people are able to just write to pass the time and can think up a subject and just go with it. I deeply envy these people, because I get terrible writers block. For example, when practice goes bad because my coach made my team do sprints, I am very angry and could probably write a decent paper about it, but I am so beat that my mind just goes blank and I can’t think of the words. This is probably because when I write, I don’t feel the emotion that I am writing about. I only feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I can just relax. Perhaps when I unload on the page I am able to let those thoughts go, but when I am tired I just can’t write well. Most of my writing comes out in complaints. These are the complaints that nobody cares about or that I wouldn’t dare say. Like when I am mad at my parents. I find that many of the things my parents do to annoy me are too touchy to say aloud to them. So usually I just write down a few of my angers down in my writer’s notebook, which is kind of like a journal. I find it relieving to write down these thought, but this writing is only for me. I am often embarrassed about these complaints or I am so mad that I would just strait shouting at people if I tried to talk it out. I just need to write them, but I don’t want anyone to read them. Sometimes I even write down mean complaints, then rip up the paper and flush the scraps down the toilet. When I am worried about something, I can’t stop thinking about it. It’s like there is a little voice in the back of my head telling me of impending doom, but when I write about these worries my head clears. Writing down my problems can help me deal with them. I use this to help me think more clearly and to work towards fixing the problem. Of all the things I write about, my dreams are my favorite. These are not the dreams that I see when I sleep. These are my wants, my wishes, and my desires. I love to just talk and talk about my future. I think that my best writing comes from my wants and what I think the future holds for me. My writing is not influenced my feelings, but by my thoughts. I enjoy writing about my innermost wants, desires, grievances, complaints and ideas. My writing comes out of my head, not my heart.

27: Interview with Eric Olson Well as you probably know it is very hard to get an interview with you Mr. Olson. Yes, well I am quite a busy man. Oh I’m sure you are. Well, let’s get started. Alright shoot. What school did you first attend when you were a kindergartener? I attended Little River Elementary School. How long did you attend this school? I was only at this school for two years. This is because a brand new Elementary School named Hutchison Farms opened up in the summer between my 1st and 2nd grade year. It was closer than Little River, so I ended up serving the rest of my elementary school years there. How was the change from Elemetray School to Middle School? The change from being a 5th grader to being a 6th grader was the most difficult change of my life. I had to completely change the way I acted and dressed. All the sudden I found myself caring what other people thought about me and I had to keep my cool so I did not embarrass myself. Did you enjoy Middle School at all? NO. It was probably the worst time of my life. All the changes and the puberty and the new work load. What about High School? Did you enjoy that at all? I actually liked High school. The staff actually treats you with respect and you get to make more choices. The difference between Middle School and High School is that in High School you get to be your own person. You get to choose what classes you take and what extracurricular activities you do and in my opinion that makes all the difference. Well that is probably a good stopping point. Thank you for your time Mr. Olson.

31: Why No Cell Phones Between Class? As we all know the use of cell phones is prohibited during school hours. Even in the halls and at lunch. I can understand why we can’t text during class, but what is wrong with texting in between classes and at lunch. This rule does not make any sense to me. What is wrong with cell phones when the students aren’t in class? It is an outdated rule. Cell phones are how our generation communicates. They didn’t ban talking in the halls in 1960, so why ban texting in the halls in 2011. Texting is like talking. It is fine as long as it is not disruptive. I think that having the use of cell phones in the hallways would decrease the amount of cell phone use in class. If the students could use their cell phones in the halls it would help fight the need to use it in class, because the students could talk about whatever they needed to in the hall and finish the conversation before class. If the administrative people could be more flexible than a large amount of bad rules could be fixed. So should we let this go on? Should we just let them take away even the smallest of things? Even the little things like iPods are prohibited in the halls. This is just not right. We need to fix this because it is not fair to keep a rule that is no longer needed. I know all of you would like to use your iPods or cell phones in the halls. I have had many experiences with teachers trying to take my phone in the halls. I have never had my phone actually confiscated, but I have seen it many times. When teachers are looking over kids shoulders at lunch there needs to be a change. Everyone likes to stay communicated so why do teachers try so hard to prohibit texting. Texting is a better alternative to people skipping class just so they can talk to their friends. They think they can just take away things because they think we won’t fight back. No. School is already hard enough. Cell phones and iPods in the halls don’t cause any problems and there isn’t even a reason to have the rule. I say we make life in the halls more enjoyable. Let us cast away this broken rule.

33: Time Travel Time travel is a topic that many humans, and I personally, like to think about. The mere thought of time travel can cause a person to ponder on the possibilities that it could bring. Many scientists have thought about time travel, but only one has made any significant strides in its field. His name was the famous Albert Einstein. Einstein theorized that if you could move at the speed of light you would be able to travel through time to a different space in history or the future. I am always thinking of how time travel could be used to accomplish my goals. If I was unsatisfied with my life I could to return to the past and right my wrongs and fix my past mistakes so I could ultimately improve it. If I ever lose a loved one to a disaster or a mistake of some kind, I would go back and fix whatever went wrong so I could have my loved one back. Also, as the curious individual I am, I would want to see what life has in store for me so I can be prepared for it. Time travel could be used to accomplish my, or anyone’s, goals and personal agendas. Of course time travel is very dangerous as depicted by pop culture. Some people theorize that they could drastically alter the path of history if they change even the smallest of things. This is sort of like the butterfly effect in reverse. The butterfly effect is the theory that small things can change large things. An example would be a butterfly flapping its wings on the west coast and causing a tsunami in Japan. The theory behind the dangers of time travel is revolved around if you accidently step on the butterfly. The tsunami would never happen and people who should have died would live. The topic of time travel has raised many questions for me. Would I be able to communicate with my past self? What would happen if I brought someone else to a different time period and left them there? What would happen if I traveled back in time and killed myself? People think about the answers to these questions until their heads hurt. The one that puzzles me most is the question of killing myself. If I travel back and kill myself, will I die? If I travel back and kill myself, wouldn’t I have died in the past and then would be unable to travel back and kill myself anyway. It’s a very complicated suicide. As you can see, these questions just lead to more questions. Thinking about time travel will make most people’s, and certainly my, head hurt. The topic of time travel was introduced by Albert Einstein, who theorized that one could move through time by traveling faster than light. Pop culture depicts time travel as a dangerous thing that should be used with caution and that there are no answers to time travel, only questions.

35: Accomplishments and Ambitions My mission in life is to be a strong leader and to be the best person I can be. The values of the skills I have acquired through school, sports and scouting will help me in many aspects for the rest of my life and will help me to be a better leader. Through all of my education, I have learned to be a leader and to excel in school, church, and in service to my community. In school, I strive to get the best grades I can and to take the most challenging classes I can. I finished my freshmen year at Freedom High School in Loudoun County, Virginia with a 3.9 GPA and continue to keep it up during my current sophomore year. I was the student of the month in June of my freshman year, given for outstanding accomplishments and contributions in the classroom. I was chosen for this award out of around one hundred students. Also, my Language Arts teacher nominated me for the United States Achievement Academy’s National Language Arts Award for demonstrating academic excellence and leadership potential and I was given an academic letter. In school I strive to be the best I can be. I regularly attend church at South Riding Church Anglican. I have attended SRCA since I was eight years old. I have served as an acolyte, and I currently serve as a chalice bearer. I am currently the oldest youth attending SRCA. Over the years I have participated in many of the activities held by the youth program. I currently lead my age group in Sunday school if our teacher is absent. I am a leader in my church and the younger kids look up to me. Service to my community is very important to me. I have participated in many South Riding clean up days over the years. Annually, I participate in the food drive for Loudoun Interfaith Relief food bank. I have done many hours of trail maintenance for Friends of Homeless Animals. I plan to continue to serve my community for the rest of my life, because I think that community service is an important part of life. All of my life I plan on being the best I can be. It is my mission to apply my skills to my everyday life. I plan on being a leader in my community and a good neighbor and I hope to one day have a family and to raise children. When I finish high school I plan on attending college. I have not completely decided what colleges to apply to but my main choices are Virginia Tech, University of Virginia and University of William and Mary. My current grades are not currently good enough to attend these colleges, but it is good to set my sights high. When I attend college I plan to study medicine and become an emergency surgeon. I want this job because I like to feel like what I am doing is making a difference and there is no bigger difference than saving lives. I plan on living a full life and helping other people.

37: Last Will and Testament I, Eric T. Olson, of South Riding, Virginia, Revoke my former Wills and declare this to be my Last will and Testament. I currently have no children, but all references in the will to “my children” are references to any children born to me or adopted by me after the signing of this Will. I direct that my just debts, funeral expenses and expenses of last illness be first paid from my estate. I also absolve all debts owed to me. I direct that my residuary estate be distributed to my children in equal shares. If a child of mine does not survive me, such deceased child’s share shall be distributed in equal shares to the children of such deceased child who survive me, by right of representation. If deceased child has no children, such deceased child’s share shall be distributed in equal shares to my other children, if any. I nominate Rebecca Olson, of Los Angeles, California, as the Executor, with bond. Should it become necessary to appoint a guardian of the person of a minor child, I nominate Rebecca Olson, of Los Angeles. California, to serve as the Guardian of the surviving children who are minors at the time of my death My Executor, in addition to other powers and authority granted by law or necessary or appropriate of proper administration, shall have the right and power to lease, sell, mortgage, or otherwise encumber and real or personal property that may be included in my estate, without order of court and without notice to anyone. If and bequest requires that the bequest be distributed between or among two or more beneficiaries, the items shall be determined by such beneficiaries if they can agree, and if not by my Executor. In Witness, I have subscribed my name below, this day of __April 2, 2011 Testator Signature: Eric Olson

39: Bucket List Skydive Operate a rollercoaster Drive a NASCAR Power skid through a red-light Get in a fight with someone who cuts me in line Visit the north and south pole Travel to Europe on a submarine Pilot a jumbo jet Visit the international space station Jump on a moving train Jump off a moving train Catch a ride on a train like a boxcar hobo Play Xbox in a movie theater Rent out a whole hotel Smash a two blimps together Cover a house with paint balls Stop a street mugging Climb mount Everest Shoot a rocket at an abandoned building Crowd surf Hug a giant squid Ride a cheetah Tie balloons to a lawn chair and fly it Stand in the center of a hurricane Light a paper factory on fire Wrestle a Komodo Dragon

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