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The Meisenheimers

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The Meisenheimers - Page Text Content

S: THE MEISENHEIMER STORY Over 90 Years of Memories

FC: THE MEISENHEIMER STORY | Over 90 years of Memories

1: In Dedication to Grandpa Meisenheimer Whose wisdom, endurance, & humor helped shape our family... | (C) 2011

2: 1917-1936 | Where it all started... | Name: Arthur Wilbur Meisenheimer Born: February 13 1919 Kingman Kansas Parents: Paul Brokaw Meisenheimer and Audra Cheatum Siblings: James Dwain Meisenheimer Clyde Kester Meisenheimer | Name: Evadna Kaufman Born: May 27,1918 Pretty Prairie Kansas Parents: Joseph J. Kaufman and Frances Graber Siblings: Lawrence Kaufman Ralph Kaufman Herbert Kaufman Edward Kaufman | Chapter One:

3: Evadna: a girl from small townAmerica | (above): Photo taken on the back porch of her family's house in 1918. | The original house on Main Street in Pretty Prairie where banker Joseph J. & Frances Kaufman raised their five children. Grandpa Kaufman had it torn down in 1947, and built a modern one in its place. | (below): Young Evadna in the front yard in the early 1920s. In the course of 22 years, she would be the only girl amongst four brothers born into the family. | 1917-1936 | Baby Evadna | (right): Grandma Frances' little helper. Sweeping on the back porch. | Chapter One:

4: (above & below): Evadna's little brother Ralph who died at a young age. | The J.K. Graber Family in 1923 (Evadna's maternal grandparents) | Evadna | Evadna | (left): Evadna, Ralph, & friend | Evadna | (right): The Graber Family in 1933. | 1917-1936 | Ralph | Lawrence | Grandpa J. J. Kaufman | Grandma Frances Kaufman | Great Grandpa J.K. Graber | Great Grandma Mary Graber | Lawrence | Grandma Frances | Grandpa J.J. Kaufman | Edward (age 2) | Herbert | Great Grandma Mary Graber | Great Grandpa J.K. Graber | Chapter One:

5: THE MEISENHEIMER MEN | Early 1920s family photo shoot. Audra holding Wilbur & Paul holding Dwain. | Dwain 1917 | Wilbur 1919 | Clyde Kester 1925-1927 | (right): Wilbur & Dwain with cousin Burl Baker in the middle. Circa the early 1920s. | 1917-1936 | Chapter One:

6: Wilbur & Dwain: | The Riverton Years late '20s - early '30s | As early as 5th and 6th grade, Wilbur & Dwain drove this Model T to School. The boys are not pictured in this photo, but that is their teacher behind the wheel. | Dwain | Wilbur | (above): The Riverton school building in its hay-day. It was originally located just off Fountain Green Road, about a good mile west of Wilbur & Evadna's future farm. Decades after this photo was taken the building was moved to Hutchinson and made into a house. | 1917-1936 | Wilbur recalls that their father had to help them most days start the old car. If it did not start after cranking it several times, Grandpa Paul would say, "...start walking." | (left): Growing up together in this one room school house, most of these boys & girls would be friends for life. | Chapter One:

7: "Don't let him fool you...your grandfather wasn't a saint..." -Dwain referring to Wilbur during a retelling of their mischievous boyhood days. Even in his 90's, Dwain wanted to set the record straight that his little brother was the instigator for many of their escapades. | Both brothers played on the Riverton Basketball team | Look at who is grinning the most in the these photos...their ornrey expressions speak for themselves.!! | Wilbur | Dwain | 1917-1936 | Chapter One:

8: PRETTY PRAIRIE HIGH SCHOOL | EVADNA | DWAIN | WILBUR | Dwain graduated in 1935 while Wilbur & Evadna did the following year. Can you spot all three in the photo above? | boy meets girl: the farmer & the bankers daughter | 1917-1936 | Chapter One:

9: Distance couldn't keep them apart | Evadna went to Bethel College in Newton Kansas. | After Bethel, came schooling at Emporia Teacher's College, followed by a short-term teaching career in a schoolhouse near Pretty Prairie. | Wilbur moved to California for a period of time to work as an aircraft riveter. | 1937-1941 | Later in life, Evadna admitted that she feared that she was losing Willie, when he moved to California.....especially after hearing rumors that he found a girl out there. But when asked why he moved back to Kansas, Wilbur remarked, "That's where my girl lived." | Chapter two:

10: 1941-1943 | Wilbur & Evadna were married on May 22, 1941 | "We are like two love birds..." -Evadna in 1991 romantically recalling their 50 years of marriage | Wilbur and Evadna's wedding broke all rules...well only if you were a member of the First Mennonite Church in Pretty Prairie. Raised in that environment, Evadna wanted the ceremony to be held in her home church. At that time, a typical Mennonite wedding consisted of the minister preaching a sermon after the traditional marriage ceremony. But on this day, once the "I Dos" were said, the pianist played the exit march instead. Being a Methodist, she was unaware of the Mennonite's style. Least to say, Wilbur and Evadna left on their honeymoon earlier than planned... | Chapter Three | (right): Inscription penned by Evadna on the back of the original photo.

11: first years of marriage | (Pictured on the right):The old homestead. Grandpa Paul moved his family from Kingman to this small farm near Partridge Kansas around the mid-1920s. Nearly twenty years later, during their first few years of marriage, Wilbur and Evadna would join Paul in this tiny house. Dwain and Marguerite, on the other hand, moved to a farm a few miles west. In 1943 Paul bought land in Wichita County with hopes that his sons would join him. Dwain and family set out west with his dad while Wilbur remained on the Partridge home-place to raise his family. | (Pictured above from left to right): Wilbur, Evadna, Audra (Grandma Perry), Marguerite & Dwain. | Dwain married Marguerite Goering on August 27th 1940. Wilbur was sick in the hospital that day and could not make it to his brother's ceremony. | 1941-1943 | Chapter Three:

12: Rural life was somewhat of an adjustment for Evadna. She quickly had to learn the ins and outs of being a farmer's wife. With the assistance of Grandpa Paul she taught herself how to cook. For her convenience, Willie made adjustments to the house. By the time the family moved from the Partridge farm in the late '50s, the front porch was converted into a bathroom so she would not have to make long treks out the out-house at night. Despite these early adjustments, she quickly mastered the ways of a homemaker, and would spend the rest of her life bringing it out to perfection. | (above): Vacationing in Colorado during their first year of marriage. | (above): Posing with an old combine (1941). It must have been during harvest time. | "Goodbye city life..." | 1941-1943 | During WWII, pilots used the pasture land behind the farm as a place for practicing take-off and landing procedures. Supposedly they sometimes would fly, in all orneriness, a little too close to the farm house to see if they could spook Evadna. (below): If you closely survey the land from Google Maps, one can still see remnants of the runway today. | The Pasture (landing strip) | The farm | Chapter Three:

13: THE IN-LAWS | The Joseph J. Kaufman Family | Evadna's parents Joseph J. & Frances Kaufman. | Grandpa Kaufman was the President of the First National Bank in Pretty Prairie. | The Kaufman Family (back row): Edward, Lawrence, Opal (Lawrence's Wife), Wilbur, Evadna, & Herbert. (Front row): Joseph J., Marlon (Lawrence & Opal's son), & Frances | 1941-1943 | "We didn't have wedding pictures done...this is as close as they come." --Wilbur in reminiscing. These photos were taken a good while after their wedding. | Chapter Three:

14: James (Jim) Dale Meisenheimer | Born July 10, 1943 | Family Album | (left): Little Jimmy on the old farm circa 1944-1945. (That is the old barn in the far right. One of the last standing relics of the original farm. It was razed in the latter 2000s.) | Evadna & Jim sitting on the old storm shelter. | (photos left & right) Probably taken around 1943-1944. | 1943-1948 | (below): Evadna's youngest brother, Eddie, holding his young nephew. | (above): Jim roaming around the farm. The old outhouse and the chicken house lie in the background. | Chapter Four:

15: Jim around age 3 | The First born: Wilbur holding Jim. Dwain holding his son, Robert (Bob), born four months prior to Jim. | Grandpa & Grandma Kaufman holding little Jimmy. | The picture is over developed, but it looks to be Jim & Bob. | Baby Jimmy 1943 | (above): Wilbur & Jim

16: Grandma Naomi | Paul & Naomi September 24, 1944 | Both photos were taken some time during the 1960s | During WWII, Grandpa Paul worked for a short period of time at Boeing Aircraft in Wichita. Unable to farm out west during the winter months, he moved back in with Willie & Evadna briefly to take on this short-lived venture. Around this time, one of Paul's cousins introduced him to a teacher from Hutchinson named Naomi Garrison. The two were married in the fall of 1944. | 1943-1948 | Chapter Four:

17: Karen Frances Meisenheimer | September 1, 1946 | Grandma Perry with her grandchildren. Infants, Karen & Carole Ann, are seated on her lap while Jim and Bob stand on either side. | Posing with Audra: Wilbur & Evadna (holding Karen) on the left, with Jim in front of Audra. Marguerite & Dwain are on the right. Dwain is holding daughter, Carole Ann. Bob is in front of Marguerite. | Carole Ann was born to Dwain & Marguerite in February of 1946. | 1943-1948 | Chapter Four:

18: Circa 1947 | Karen around age 1 | 1943-1948 | Chapter Four:

19: 1949-1951 | Meisenheimer cousins at a family reunion | (back row): Evadna, Wilbur, Dwain, & Carole Ann (front row): Jim, Karen, Bob, & Marguerite holding baby Jeanie (born in July of 1949). | (above): Grandpa Paul poses with his boys and their growing families | One of the early photos of Grandma Naomi (holding little Jeanie). | Poor picture quality but here is Wilbur, Evadna, & kids. | Chapter Five:

20: Karen: Age 3 or 4 | Grandpa Paul with Karen & Wilbur on the Partridge farm. | (right & lower right): Visiting from out west, Grandpa Paul trying to lasso little Karen in front of the old Partridge house. | (above left): Wilbur, Evadna (in the car), Karen with Mack the dog, & Grandpa Paul | 1949-1951 | Chapter Five: | (below left): Grandma Naomi replaces Wilbur in this photo.

21: Cousins: Carole Ann, Jeanie, Bob, Jim & Karen | ...Grandpa Paul with Dwain and grandkids (circa 1950). | Evadna & Marguerite reading a letter to Karen & Bob. Little Jeanie walking. | The back of this photo reads: "Jimmy and the neighbor kids." | (below): Wilbur looking on.... | Family Gathering at the Partridge Farm | (above): | 1949-1951 | Chapter Five:

22: ("Barnyard Balloting"): Newspaper clipping from 1953 saved by Evadna...not quite sure from which paper. Wilbur is on the far right. | 1951-1956 | (above & below); Christmas in the old house | (above): Jim & Karen in front of the old house around the mid-50s | (right): Jim & Karen in the early 1950s in from of the house | (above right): Visiting Dwain's out in Western Kansas. (back row): Dwain & Wilbur (middle row): Jim & Bob. (front row): Karen, Jeanie & Carole Ann | Chapter Six: | Jim recalls that the old house was very drafty. One time his father had to crawl underneath the house to chase out a nesting skunk. The smell was penetrating through the floor.

23: 1953 1953 1953 1953 1953 1953 1953 | 1953 1953 1953 1953 1953 1953 1953 | Around the Farm... Photos from Grandma Perry's Camera | 1953 1953 1953 1953 1953 1953 1953 | (left): Grandma Perry with Jim & Karen on their swing. | (right): Audra poses with Willie & her grandkids. It looks to be the old granary in the background. | (left): Grandma Perry snaps a picture of Karen next to the old house | Jim & Mack the dog | (left): Wilbur & Evadna with Karen & Jim | Karen poses with Jim as he does his chores. | 1951-1956 | Chapter Six: | Audra lived in California, then later in Rogers Arkansas. Visits such as this one did not happen too often.

24: John Paul Meisenheimer | October 16,1953 | (left): John in the old house around 1955-56 | Karen playing with John in the house. | Little John around the age of 2 or 3 getting ready for a bath | (Cousins): Jeff Kaufman (Herb's son) & John playing together at Grandpa & Grandma Kaufman's home in Pretty Prairie. | (below): Leaning against his truck on the farm, Wilbur holding young John. Behind him are friend, Lloyd Roberts (far left), Wilbur's uncle, Lynn Baker (center), and Dwain (partially hidden behind Wilbur). The butler shed is in the background. | (below): Hutchinson News Herald clipping | 1951-1956 | Chapter Six:

25: Wilbur, photo dated 1956 | (above): Visiting Uncle Lynn & Aunt Ora (Grandma Perry's sister) circa 1956. (left to right) Sam Perry, Jim, Lynn Baker, Ora Baker, Jay Moore (Lynn & Ora's grandson), Karen, Evadna, Wilbur, & John in front of Wilbur. | 1951-1956 | (below): Jeanie & Carole Ann with Karen in front of the old house. | (below): The old house in 1956 | Meisenheimer/Cheatum Family gathering around 1956. | (below): Jay Moore, neighbor Jim Friesen, & Jim in front of the Butler shed proudly displaying their rifles. | (right): | Chapter Six:

26: 1951-1956 | (below):At Grandpa & Grandma Kaufman's house. Karen sits next to Grandpa. Herb's boys (Dan & Joe) are in the forefront. In front of Grandma are Carolyn (Lawrence's daughter), & Jim. Lawrence's son Marlon sits in the back by the stairs. | (above & below): Camping at Lake Scott State Park, Scott County KS with Dwain's Family. | Jim & Bob fishing at Lake Scott | Chapter Six:

27: 1957-1959 | The new house circa 1958 | (above): Around 1958. Notice the lack of shrubbery around the house. | A New Home: Fountain Green Road Built: Spring-Fall of 1957 | (above & left): 1959 | (left): Photo taken by a family friend while Wilbur took the family out to Colorado 1959 | As the 1950s progressed, the family out-grew the old farm house on Partridge Road. Taking this into consideration, Grandpa Kaufman bought an old run-down farm off of Fountain Green Road (about 5 short miles east of the Partridge farm). About this time Evadna found plans for an ideal farmhouse in a House Beautiful magazine. Soon blueprints were drawn up, and the existing farm on the site was razed. As early as the Spring of '57, work began on the red & yellow ranch house with the help of Evadna's cousin, Myron Voran. Once a foundation was laid, Wilbur temporarily moved the family into the newly formed basement. With the Fall came the completion of the ground floor...allowing the family to fully unpack and settle in. | Impressed with Willie & Evadna's house, two different families from the neighboring communities of Cunningham & Langdon built identical houses based off of the same blue prints. One of the families neglected to return the prints, so Evadna made Willie go seek them out and retrieve it. | Chapter Seven:

28: 1957-1959 | Grandpa & Grandma Kaufman's 50th | (left): A 1953 newspaper article covering Grandpa Joe's retirement from an honorable career as the President of the First National Bank of Pretty Prairie. | (left & below): Grandpa & Grandma Kaufman's house post -1947. These photos were taken in the early to mid-1950s. It looks to be some of the grandkids playing on the front steps. | (right): Dressed in their best: Grandpa Joe & his prized cow. | (above, right): The Kaufman family in 1957. Lawrence, Evadna, Eddie, & Herb in back. Grandpa Joseph J. & Grandma Frances in front. | (below): Grandma Kaufman, Uncle Herb, Uncle Eddie & his son Pete. | Chapter Seven:

29: 1958 | 1957-1959 | (above): Wilbur & Evadna with Dwain & Marguerite at a family gathering. | (left): Carole Ann, Jeanie & Karen out in Western Kansas. | (below): Jim, Bob, & John . | Chapter Seven:

30: Family Trip to Colorado 1959 | 1957-1959 | Chapter Seven:

31: (below): Newspaper clipping from the Union Farmer, dated March 1961. | 1960-1963 | 1960 | (right): The Family finds themselves locked out of the house after a trip. Jim & John find a way in through the basement window. | John's 7th birthday October 16, 1960 | Chapter Eight:

32: 1960-1963 | On the front Porch Circa 1960 | (above & below): The family posing with Grandpa Paul. | (above): Jim trying to get out of his Corvair. It looks to be Wilbur standing on the porch. | Chapter Eight:

33: 1960-1963 | (left): The Backyard in the early '60s. The old swing, moved over from the other house, is off to the far right. Notice that the evergreen trees have just been planted. | The old barn, before it was torn down. Willie had a metal shed built around 1965 to replace it. | John and the family dog playing around the old grainery, east of the house. | Jim & his sheep... | Chapter Eight:

34: Evadna's Touch | --The Living Room in the early '60s | John & Jim watching the Olympics together in the front room. | 1960-1963 | Chapter Eight: | (above two photos):

35: 1960-1963 | Jim's high school Graduation 1961 | Jim posing in his cap & Gown in front of the house. That is the Corvair in the bottom Right corner. | Jim dressed for graduation day in the living room of the house. | Chapter Eight:

36: The Meisenheimers & The Kaufmans | 1960-1963 | (above left): John & Karen sitting with Grandma Kaufman. Grandma Frances stayed with the family at the farm for a brief period while recovering from a stroke. | (above right): This photo (as well as the one on the left) are probably the last known photos taken of Frances Kaufman. Grandma Kaufman passed away in early 1962. | (left): Grandpa smiles as he intently listens to a conversation between two of his relatives: Ed Tschetter & Henry Unruh. | Atypical Photographs etched in time... | Grandpa Kaufman's candid side. | (right): Grandpa Kaufman hated being photographed without a dignified pose. But on this day, the family snaps a shot of him as he reads a letter. | (above): John and Jeff playing catch on the front lawn. That is probably Jim walking in the background. | (left): Herb's son Joe, riding his bike. | (above) Carolyn (Lawrence's daughter), Jana (Herb's daughter), & Karen posing by the house. | Chapter Eight:

37: (above): Eddie with sons Pete & Larry after a afternoon of fishing. | (above): The Kaufman sister-in-laws. From left to right: Herb's wife Donna holding Jana, Evadna, Opal (Lawrence's wife), & Elaine (Eddie's wife). | (above): Lawrence, Eddie & Herb lounging in the backyard. | (below): Eddie & Elaine with their daughter Elizabeth | (above): Ed's Elizabeth in Evadna's kitchen with her mother washing dishes. | (above): Jeff smelling the flowers in front of the house. | (right): Having fun in Meisenheimer's front room. From left to right: John, Larry, Kathy, & Pete. | Herb's daughter Jana | 1960-1963 | Chapter Eight:

38: Visiting Dwain's out West. Marienthal Kansas | 1960-1963 | John Wrestling with Uncle Dwain | Jeanie joins John in the action. | A rare photo: Dwain & his mustache | Karen, Carole Ann, & Aunt Marguerite are enjoying the wrestling match. | Dressed in their Sunday best: Karen posing with Carole Ann, Jeanie, Aunt Marguerite, & Uncle Dwain. | Bob, John, & Jim on Dwain's farm. | Chapter Eight:

39: 1960-1963 | Growing up & leaving home. (above left): Jim leaves for college in the fall of '61. (above right): Evadna bidding him farewell. | (below): John and classmate, Scott Strohl went together to the Kansas State Fair quite frequently in their childhood. On one of their trips, they had their silhouettes done. Here is John's cutout from that day in the early '60s. | (above): After years out west in Leoti Kansas, Grandpa Paul & Grandma Naomi decided to move closer to family. They found a house in Hutchinson around 1961. Here they are with Wilbur & Evadna and Dwain & Marguerite at Wilbur's place sometime in the early 1960s. | (below): Carole Ann, Jeanie, & Karen. | (above, two photos): John, Pete, & Larry goofing around as Wilbur gets the tractor ready to farm out in western Kansas. | Paul Meisenheimer retired from farming in the late 40s/early 50s, allowing Wilbur to take over the land out in western Kansas. For the next several decades, Willie would make the long trek out there to harvest the crops and work the land. Jim, and then eventually John, would often be apart of the them plenty of adventures along the way. Whether it was running out of gas in the middle of no-where or being chased by rattlesnakes, farming out west not only provided unforgettable memories but a place where the boys learned the meaning of hard work. | Chapter Eight:

40: Christmas in Hutchinson | Grandpa Paul opening his gifts. He looks like he was doing something ornery. | The college boys home for the holidays | A surprised Grandma Naomi opening her gifts. | Evadna's gift from her in-laws. | Jeanie looking pleased with her gift | John goofing off for the camera | circa 1962 | 1960-1963 | Chapter Eight:

41: (above): Wilbur & Evadna pose with former PPHS classmates and their spouses in front of the house around 1963. | 1960-1963 | Sisters: Grandma Perry & Aunt Ora | (above): Jeanie, Carole Ann, Pamela Baker (Burl Baker's daughter), Karen, Bob, John (in front of Bob), & Gary Woodman ( Burl's stepson). (right) Grandma Perry joins the group photo. | (above): from left to right --Wilbur, Evadna, Dwain, Marguerite, Ora (in front of Marguerite), Burl Baker's wife, Lynn Baker, Burl, & Audra (Grandma Perry). | (right, in color): Jay Moore joins the kids in front on the left. | (above left): Jim, Bob, & Gary Woodman. Gary would go on to be a basketball player for Hutchinson Community College. | Entertaining Family & Friends | Chapter Eight:

42: Christmas at the Farm Circa 1963 | 1960-1963 | Evadna decorating for Christmas | (below left & right): Evadna hosts Christmas dinner | Chapter Eight:

43: 1964-1967 | 1964 | 1964 | 1964 | 1964 | 1964 | 1964 | John in his Pretty Prairie sweatshirt. | (above & below): All dressed up for church around the spring of 1964. | (above): Wilbur, Evadna & John at Grandpa Meisenheimer's house in Hutchinson. | Taking Grandpa Kaufman to see the newly built Cheney Reservoir. | (above): Jeanie, Carole, & Aunt Marguerite visiting Grandpa Meisenheimer in Hutchinson. | Chapter Nine:

44: 1964-1967 | Karen Graduates | PPHS Class of 1964 | Chapter Nine:

45: 1964-1967 | WINFIELD Jim graduates from Southwestern College | Karen packing for college. She studied nursing at WSU. | The kids posing in the living room with onset of Karen's departure around 1965. Jim was attending Southwestern College in Winfield. John was in 7th grade. | While attending Southwestern, Jim and a group of friends traveled down to Mississippi to help African Americans get registered to vote. This was during the mid-1960s when there was much racial violence in the South. Jim recalls that tensions were high that week they were there...but it was an historical experience he will never forget. | Jim at home sick with the flu. | John playing with the family dog | The mid-60s ...Random shots around the house | The college grad in his cap & gown. | (below left & right): Wilbur, Evadna, John join Grandpa & Grandma Naomi at Jim's Southwestern graduation ceremony. | Chapter Nine:

46: 1967-1969 | (above 2 photos): Jim & Karen playing with the dog in the front room circa '67-'68 | After years of hard work...Karen earns her degree as a nurse. On the right are pictures of her graduation day in 1968. | (above): Dwain's family & Grandma Perry visit the farm around 1968. | Carole Ann & Jeanie playing cards in the living room | (left): Evadna waiting the WSU dorm lobby. | (below) Dwain & Marguerite and the girls in Willie & Evanda's dining room in the late '60s. | 1966-1967 | Chapter Ten:

47: 1967-1969 | (above): Jim in the late-60s. After Southwestern Jim went to grad school at Emporia State. He also spent some time in the Peace Corps. | (right three photos): Christmas in the latter '60s, roughly 1969. | (left 2 photos): Stu photographs the family in the living room around 1967-68- | Enter...Stuart Youngquist | The couple met in line at a McDonalds in Wichita during the time Karen was attending classes at WSU. | Stu loved fixing up old cars. Not only did he own this Model T, he also had an old T-Bird. | Stu served in the Army during the early '60s. This gave him the opportunity in 1965 to march in President Lyndon Johnson's Inauguration. | Chapter Ten:

48: 1970-1973 | United States Army | James D. Meisenheimer | As the Vietnam War continued to rage into the early 1970s, Jim was drafted to into the Army. Due to an infection on his foot, he never stepped foot in South East Asia. It worked out where he was able to be stationed in Germany instead. | (top right, three photos): | 1971 | Winter of 1970-'71 | (left): Home for the Holidays. Looks to be take around John's senior year. | (below): The early 1970s bring changes to the family. The children are all grown: Jim is briefly overseas; Karen is in Texas. And by 1973, with John attending K-State, Wilbur & Evanda have the house to themselves. | Mrs. Stuart Youngquist. (right): Stu & Karen marry on February 21st, 1971. The young couple were living in Texas at the time. Photo taken at Wilbur & Evadna's | Chapter Eleven:

49: 1970-1973 | 1971 | John's class 1962-1963 | John with Grandpa Paul on graduation day. | Chapter Eleven:

50: 1970-1973 | 1970-1973 | Christmas in Corpus Christi, TX Circa early 1970s | Life in Kingman | Taken just before Sam & Audra move back to Kingman from Arkansas around 1970-71. | (above): Willie & his new son-in-law. | (above): Grandma Perry & her sons | (below): Grandma Perry & Evadna | Wilbur & Evadna visiting Grandma Perry outside her home in Kingman. | It was not too much longer after returning to Kansas, that Sam passed away. | Marguerite & Dwain in Kingman. | Jim sifting through the packing tissue. | (right, bottom 2 photos): John, Karen & Stu. | Evadna carefully unwrapping her gift. | (below): Wilbur looking pleased with his gift; Jim is reading the manual to his. | Chapter Eleven:

51: 1970 | 1973 | Naomi Garrison Meisenheimer 1898-1972 | Wesley Towers 1972 | First Mennonite Church Directory 1973 | (below): John graduates from Hutchinson Community College, 1973. | (left): John & his first car. After completing high school, he went on to Hutch Juco. | It wasn't much longer after the passing of Grandma Naomi, that Grandpa Meisenheimer took up residency at Wesley Towers in Hutchinson. This would be his home for the next 17 years. (above): Paul lounging in the lobby with his boys. (right): Jeanie, Bob, & Carole Ann visit Grandpa in his room. | Jim & John took a trip to the Big Apple in the early '70s. Driving down one of the streets, John was caught running a red light. The boys skipped town, the ticket was never paid...and least to say John hasn't been back since! | Chapter Eleven:

52: Sara | Andrea | Youngquist | October 8th 1974 | 1974-1978 | (above): Grandma Evadna holding baby Sara, her first grandchild. | (left): The proud new parents. Taken in front of their first house in Tulsa. | (below): Little Sara exploring Grandpa & Grandma Meisenheimer's farm. | Chapter Twelve:

53: 1974-1978 | (left): Stu, Karen & Sara in front of their second home in Tulsa. Karen's Volkswagen Beetle is in the background. | (right): Grandpa Willie holding Sara up on his shoulders in kitchen at the farm. | (right): Uncle Jim & Sara with her panda bear. | (above): Playing outside the farm house. | Little Sara learning to walk | Sara helping her dad work in the driveway... | Chapter Twelve:

54: 1974-1978 | Wilbur & Grandma Perry circa 1976 | Stu snaps a picture of the family sitting on the east porch of the farm house. Looks like Karen is trying to get Sara to smile. | The Youngquists circa 1976 | Sara & her dad on the Pretty Prairie farm | Chapter Twelve:

55: John in his senior year at K-State in 1975. | The Meisenheimer cousins gather together for a picture with Jeanie & her husband's (Dick Reeves) first child, Kelley. | (above): | (below): John plays with his niece at the Youngquist's house in Tulsa. | (above): The more things change the more they stay the same. John reading the paper with snack. | (above): Wilbur, Evadna, & John celebrate Grandma Perry's birthday in 1976. | Bob around 1976. | John & Sara in the front room. If you notice closely, you can see John's mustache. | Dwain & Marguerite with one of their grandsons, Scott Hartmann (Carole's son). | Wilbur celebrates Dwain's birthday around 1975. | 1974-1978 | Chapter Twelve:

56: (below): The Youngquists telling Grandpa & Grandma goodbye after celebrating Sara's 3rd birthday, 1977. | 1974-1978 | (left 2 photos): The proud grandparents. | Daddy's little girl | Christmas of 1977 | Circa | Chapter Twelve:

57: 1974-1978 | The Dwain Meisenheimer Family | Late-1970s | Grandma Perry with Evadna outside the house around 1978. | (below): John with Dwain's kids & their spouses in the late '70s | (above): John working the farm in the late-70s. | Karen, Sara, & Stu around Easter '77 | Deep in thought: Sara & Karen's doll | Dwain & Marguerite retire from farming in Marienthal around 1980 and move back to Hutchinson to be closer to family. | Chapter Twelve:

58: Elizabeth Ann Youngquist | 1978- | 1982 | September 6, 1979 | Elizabeth & Great-Grandpa Paul at Wilbur & Evadna's in the early 1980s. | Lizzie & Sara with Grandma Evadna in the kitchen. | Baby Elizabeth and her bottle around 1980 | Sisters | 1980 | Relaxing on Grandma's futon with Sara | Thirteen: | Chapter

59: 1978-1982 | Elizabeth & her father with the Model T | Family Portraits 1979 | Lizzie swinging on Grandpa & Grandma Meisenheimer's farm. | Jim & his little niece Christmas of 1982. | Sara & Stu help two year old Lizzie with her candles. | Grandpa Willie & Liz. Looks like the wrong person fell asleep during story-time. | Chapter Thirteen:

60: 1978-1982 | Marguerite, Evadna & Jim, Christmas 1979. | Stu & Karen, Christmas '78. | (left): Christmas 1979. Carole, Marguerite, Jim (right-hand corner) and little Scott Hartmann on the floor. | Jim ...home for the holidays. | (above): Christmas 1979. Grandpa Paul, John, Wilbur, & Jeanie are being entertained by little Kelley. | (below): John & his dad, circa Christmas 1978 | Dwain's Family in the late '70s / early 1980s (right): From left to right --Jeanie, Bob holding his kids (Paul & Amy), Kelley Reeves, Great Grandpa Paul, Scott Hartmann (in front of Paul), Lee (Bob's wife), and Carole Ann. | Chapter Thirteen:

61: 1978-1982 | (above): Family Portrait, 1980 | (above, center): From the early '70s through the early '80s Jim taught social studies at a high School in Omaha, Nebraska. He then made a career change to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) where he would remain for the next 30 years. | (bottom 2 photos): John met the love of his life by accident...literally. While trimming trees in Willie & Evanda's backyard, a limb fell on his right arm, severely crushing his hand. At the hospital, he was set-up on a blind date with one of the nurses...Lisa Schmidt of Haven, Kansas. Something casual to fill the time during his road to recovery became something more...and well, the rest is history. | (below): Jim & John at their parent's home in the early '80s. | (below center): Wilbur snaps a photo of the family outside the house around Thanksgiving 1981. (bottom right): Gathering together in the backyard for Willie & Evadna's 40th Wedding Anniversary, circa May 1981. | (left): Sara & Lizzie at the park with both of their Grandpas: Sid Youngquist (on the very left) & and Willie (right). | Chapter Thirteen:

62: john & lisa | january 9, 1982 | 1978-1982 | 1979-1982 | Wilbur & Evadna pose with the newly weds. | Karen and the girls with John & Lisa. | Evadna enters with her nephew, Jeff Kaufman. | Erich Schmidt trying to intimidate his new son-in-law. | The congrats from father to son. | A photo with Grandpa Paul. | Lisa with her parents, Erich & Viola Schmidt. | Jim jokes with his brother. | Grandma Perry poses with the happy couple. | Young Sara is the flower girl. | The wedding was held at Westside Baptist Church in Hutchinson, Kansas. | Chapter Thirteen: | Chapter Thirteen:

63: (directly above): The limestone family sign under the tree behind Lizzie. Received as a gift from Jim, circa Christmas of 1982. | 1983 1986 | The whole family gathering around the new sign during the summer of 1983. | to | Chapter Fourteen:

64: John & Lisa's farm 1982-1988 | 1983-1986 | The Old Partridge Farm: A New Chapter | John & Wilbur razed the old house with tractor & chain in the late -70s. ..replacing it with a small trailer home. Upon marrying Lisa, the couple switched it out with a double -wide (pictured above right) to accommodate their needs. | (top 3 photos): | 1956 | 1983 | (3 photos above): The Youngquists spending time at the farm, circa 1983. | Dave & Sharon Zerger: Nebraska, Yellowstone, & South Dakota August 1983 | (left, below): Camping with friends... | The high school classmates | Lisa, Dave & Sharon, overlooking Yellowstone... | Roughin' it in Nebraska... | Marrying a short while after John & Lisa, Dave & Sharon became life-long friends as well as neighbors. | Lizzie sitting on her Aunt Lisa's lap. John & Grandma Evadna look on. | Chapter Fourteen:

65: Brian Arthur Meisenheimer | November 19, 1983 | The welcoming crew... | Proud papa | The new parents during a visit to Tulsa | It's Bedtime... | Wilbur & Evadna's first grandson | Karen & the girls entertaining little Brian | the cousins at grandpa & grandma's table | 1983-1986 | Chapter Fourteen:

66: 1983-1986 | Some of Brian's treasured childhood memories came from visits to Grandma's house. Putting him in her lap, she would rock him with lullabies and the frequent game of "little mouse", which she recited in German. | Adding a new placket to the family name plate on the side of the house. | Sara rocking her cousin, 1985 | Liz & Brian playing at Grandpa & Grandma's | Grandma kept a cupboard full of miscellaneous toys for her grandkids. Some toys, including the wooden bench (pictured above) were used by Jim, Karen, & John decades earlier. | Grandpa & Brian | Lizzie & Brian, 1985 | Dressed for the cold... | Lisa & Brian on the patio at the Partridge Farm. | First family portrait | Chapter Fourteen: | (2 photos above, left): Ranging from spools of thread to an antique Coca-Cola truck to even an empty Pringles can...

67: Big M & Little M Sowing wheat | The Hutchinson News photographer | Life on the Farm... From father & son to just...son | Wilbur & Evanda's farm, 1983 | The Steiger tractor outside the old Butler shed. | Shown in this Hutchinson News article from June of 1986 --Brent Herrell (one of John's first hired hands) and Cassidy the dog caught an armadillo by surprise on the Partridge farm. Armadillos were rare in Central Kansas in the mid-'80s. | Wilbur unofficially retires as head of the family farming business in 1984...allowing John make the major decisions and a living for his growing family. Willie never fully left the fact, he would assist John up until the mid-2000s. | 1983-1986 | Chapter Fourteen:

68: 1983-1986 | 1983-1986 | Christmas 1984 | (above, left & right): John & Lisa setting out their gifts for each other | A third stocking is added... | Opening presents in Willie & Evadna's living room | Sara, Lizzie & Brian trying out their gifts. | Great Grandpa Paul entertaining Stu while Jim looks on... | The family unwrapping their gifts. | Evadna & Karen | Liz & Grandma | Chapter Fourteen: | Chapter Fourteen:

69: 1985 1985 1985 1985 1985 1985 | Stu & Jim, Christmas 1985 | 1983-1986 | Brian & the snowman on Partridge farm. Winter of '85 | Gathering for the Meisenheimer Reunion in Kingman. | Christmas 1985 | Thanksgiving around '85 | At theTulsa Zoo with the Youngquists, Summer '85 | 85 85 85 85 85 85 | Grandpa Wilbur & Brian. Green Valley Arizona, February 1985 | Karen & Lizzie, Christmas 1985 | Uncle Stu & Brian bonding between animal exhibits. | Chapter Fourteen:

70: (above): Karen poses with her parents on their 45th Wedding Anniversary in 1986 | Babysitting Brian | Time to go home... | "Are we camping yet?" --Brian during a camping trip with Zerger's in Minden, Nebraska. Pictured (below) with little Jeremy Zerger. | Brian & Lisa Christmas 1986 | Lizzie at the park | Teepee: A birthday gift from Great Grandpa Paul | 45th Anniversary, Lindsborg Kansas | Easter in Tulsa, 1986 | Sara starting to drive... | (3 photos, right): Brian putting on his hat from Mexico. The thrill turns to devastation when he realizes that he can't get it off. He has grown a lot in a years time. | 1983-1986 | Chapter Fourteen:

71: erica ann meisenheimer | September 29, 1986 | ...and then there were four! | the third granddaughter | new parents at the hospital all over again... | the big brother | Liz & Erica | 1983-1986 | one full little girl... | Chapter Fourteen:

72: 1983 to 1986 | Sharon & Jeremy Zerger hold little Erica. Brian looking on. | Brian, Sara, Lizzie, & baby Erica. | Great Grandpa Paul looks on as Grandpa Erich Schmidt holds baby Erica. | Four generations | Christmas '86 | 1987 | Brother & Sister playing in the front room at Grandpa & Grandma's. | At home with Mom in '88. | The cousins with Sara's friend Connie | (right): Erica's first family photo...reaching for the camera. | John, Lisa, & Erica posing with Grandpa & Sara. | Chapter Fourteen:

73: 1986-1987 | Kaufman Reunion November 1986 | (directly above): the siblings-- Lawrence & Opal, Evadna & Wilbur, Herb & Donna, and Elaine & Eddie. | (left): Nearly 10 years after the passing of Great Grandpa Joe, the family has grown immensely. | Grandma Evadna's 69th Birthday | Christmas 1987 | Brian & his toy tractor | (left): Carole Ann with husband Dave Utermark & son, Scott Hartmann at Dwain & Marguerite's home in Hutchinson (1987). | (below): John & Lisa and friends, Dennis & Alice Huxman put on a costume party for their Sunday School class in Wilbur & Evadna's basement. | Visiting the Youngquists in 1987 | Sara riding her bike in front of the Youngquist's house in Tulsa. | Erica wearing Lisa's baby dress (1987). | Willie & Evadna at home. | (left): Lisa watching Erica learning to walk. | Brian playing on his loft in his room. | Erica bored with playing... | Chapter Fifteen:

74: (Great) Grandma Perry 1901-1988 | In memory of | (above, left): Wilbur, Evadna, & Brian join Dwain & Marguerite at Prairie Sunset Home to celebrate Audra's 86th Birthday in 1987. | Great Grandma & baby Erica | (left): A Christmas card from Audra to Brian in 1985. | (below): Brian joins his sister for a photo with Great Grandma. | 1987-1990 | Lisa & Erica Playing in the snow on the Partridge farm (Jan. '88) | Wilbur decided it was best to move to the Prairie Sunset Cottages in P.P., so John moved the family to their farm in July of '88. | Christmas 1988 | Celebrating Erica's 2nd Birthday | The Youngquist Family 1988 | Playing Boggle with Jeremy Zerger, winter of 1988 | (below): John & the Kids...a month before moving to Grandpa & Grandma's farm. | Sara, Liz, Brian & Erica pose with Bob & Lee's kids (Paul & Amy) at a Meisenheimer Reunion. | Chapter Sixteen:

75: Aaron Paul Meisenheimer July 5, 1989 | 1987-1990 | Home from the hospital. | And then there were three... | Big Sister | Aaron sleeping away... | First dibs: Aaron's first birthday, 1990. He just couldn't wait! | The family in 1989. | Making a mess... | Lisa & baby Aaron. | Chapter Sixteen:

76: (Great) Grandpa Meisenheimer 1891-1989 | Grandpa Wilbur works the MCC cow walk The Hutchinson News 1989. | Remembering | 1989 | Playing on a playground in Tulsa: Sara & Liz with Brian & Erica. | Hanging around: Lizzie & Brian, 1989. | 1987-1990 | Brian getting ready for his Kindergarten Halloween party. Erica wants to dress up too! (October 1989) | Chapter Sixteen:

77: 1989 | 1990 | Not in good quality, but one of the last few photos of Evadna, pictured here with Erica (1989). | 1987-1990 | Halloween 1990 | Christmas Eve 1990 | Playing dominoes at Grandpa & Grandma's cottage in Pretty Prairie | Sara driving her father's Model T. Uncle Jim looks on. | Erica & Brian just had been in the Mennonite Church's annual Christmas eve program. The family dropped by Willie & Evadna's afterwards. | Unhappy parents...Brian gets Erica to play mud "salon" with him. Lisa wouldn't let them in the house until John sprayed them off with the sprinkler in the backyard (1989). | Jeremy & Erica celebrating Brian's 6th Birthday. | Erica unwrapping her birthday gifts from Wilbur & Evadna. | Swimming With Jeremy & Jessie Zerger. | (left): John & Lisa's family portrait for the Mennonite Church Directory (1989). | Chapter Sixteen:

78: 1990-1994 | 50th Anniversary | May 1991 | 1990 | Brian reading with Lisa | Kalijah...Brian & Erica on a family trip to Colorado, 1990. | (left): Summer of 1990. Brian & Erica pose with George & Thelma Calverley on their visit during wheat harvest. The Florida residents just survived a tornadic storm on Cheney Lake. | Clowning around in 1991... | Ready for dinner... winter 1991 | (above): John & Aaron on a riverboat ride in KC during summer of '91. | Erica, Jeremy, & Brian, sledding in the winter of '91 | "John!" --John snaps a photo of Lisa getting ready for the day. | Chapter Seventeen:

79: Christmas 1991 | 1990-1994 | 1990-1994 | KC Zoo Summer of 1991 | Aaron outside the house...ready for the family vacation. | In the living room, Summer of 1991 | Liz on Christmas Day. | Aunt Karen helps open her gift to her niece. | Stu trying to unwrap one of his gifts. | Jim amused by family conversation. | Grandpa observing his kids & grandkids. Grandma was in the hospital this Christmas. | Aaron putting miles on his toys...just out of their wrappings. | Brian assisting Erica with her gift on Christmas Eve night. | Chapter Seventeen: | Chapter Seventeen:

80: Memoriam Evadna Kaufman Meisenheimer May 27, 1918 - March 28, 1992 | Grandmother | Mother | Wife | Mother-in-law | Miss me a little --but not too long | And not with your head bowed low | Remember the love we once shared | Miss me -but let me go... | 1990-1994 | Chapter Seventeen:

81: Sara's Graduation | May 1992 | 1990-1994 | Sara & her grandparents: Sid & Dorthy Youngquist | Sara with her mom & Grandpa Wilbur | The happy graduate with her little cousins. | Posing with her Uncle John, Aunt Lisa & Aaron. | (above) Stu, Jim, Karen, Sara, Liz (with JR the dog), John, Aaron, & Wilbur. | Chapter Seventeen: | Christmas '84

82: The Youngquists 1994 | 1990-1994 | Trip to Arkansas, Summer '92 | Trip to Texas, Winter '93 | Circa 1992 | Erica's 1st day of school, Fall '92 | The Reeves Family: Dick,Jeanie, Kelley & Brian | Holidays of 1993 | Tulsa, Summer 1994 | Aaron helping celebrate his dad's 40th birthday. | The Tulsa Zoo train. | Stu examining Aaron's gift...a train whistle. | A bright afternoon at the Tulsa Zoo: Erica, Lisa & Aaron. | Stu leads the way through the Tulsa Zoo. Liz & Brian tag along. | Sara assists Aaron & Erica with their new toys. Lisa looks on. | Lizzie reading the instructions to her gift. | John's family, Thanksgiving | Karen & Jim celebrating Christmas at John's | Aaron is poking at the gator's eyes. | River Walk, San Antonio | Padre Island | At home at Stu & Karen's. Stu is preparing dinner while Sara entertains. | Liz & Karen keeping cool | Brian, Erica, Aaron at home by the tree. | Karen, Jim & Wilbur | Chapter seventeen:

83: New Beginnings: Willie & Millie July 10, 1993 | The Groom & his sons | Lisa is helping handle the gifts. | The Wedding Party at the First Mennonite Church. | The reception, held at The Wagon Wheel Cafe in Pretty Prairie. | Jim & Karen sit with the newly-weds at the reception. | Wilbur married long-time friend and next door neighbor Mildred Albright Schrag. The ceremony was officiated by Rev. Elmer Wall, (pictured right with Lisa). | 1990-1994 | 1990-1994 | A retired secretary, Mildred had lost her husband, Emil Schrag, in the mid-'80s. | Upon marrying Willie, not only did she get a chance to be a wife again, but also a mother & grandmother for the first time. | Chapter Seventeen

84: Mildred | Our | Thinking that she could never fill Evadna's shoes, Mildred did not want any of the kids to specifically call her "Grandma". But in truth, over the last 18 years, she has been more of a grandmother than she will ever know...and we love her for it! Thank you Mildred! | 1993-2011 | Christmas '93 | Mildred's Birthday '93 | Christmas '00 | Mildred & Aaron circa '94 | Willie & Mildred, Harvest '93 | Nov. 96 | 2002 | Christmas '07 | Underground Salt Museum 2009 | Christmas '09 | 2008 | Thanksgiving '06

85: Lisa circa Christmas 1994 | Family portrait in the backyard, 1995 | Wilbur, Christmas 1994 | Brian Christmas 94 | Dwain & Marguerite at a Meisenheimer Reunion in 1996. | 1994-1999 | Liz Christmas 1996 | Erica & Aaron playing pool in the basement with Grandpa. (Nov. '96) | Dorthy Youngquist with the family at the farm, Christmas 1996. | Christmas '95 | Wilbur & Mildred visiting with Dwain & Marguerite at the Reeves' | Brian Reeves entertaining Mildred, Karen, Brian M., Liz, Aaron & Erica. (Dec. '95) | Stu loading the car; Jim looks on. | 1995 Meisenheimer Christmas in Wichita at Dick & Jeanie Reeves. (left to right) Dave Utermark, Jeanie Reeves, Wilbur, Kelley Reeves, & Dick Reeves | Erica, Christmas '96 | Aaron's first day of school, Fall of 1995 | Sara's OSU graduation ceremony, May '96. | OSU parking lot: Erica, Liz, Wilbur,Karen (pushing Dorthy Y.), Jim (behind Karen), Sharon (Stu's sister), Lisa & Stu. | OSU: Karen with Dorthy, Mildred, Wilbur, Stu, Lisa & Brian. | Chapter Eighteen:

86: Brian turns 15, 1998 | 1994-1999 | Erica turns 12, 1998 | The Jello Cake, Summer 1998 | Christmas in Kansas 1997 | (above,2 photos): Aaron behind the wheel of Stu's Model T. After years of resting in the back of John's barn, Stu decides to take the old car home to Tulsa, 1998. It's license plate reads "Karn". | (above): First trip to Minnesota. John & the kids pose at the rest stop within miles of the State line. | Wilbur, Mildred & Jim in the rotunda of MN's State Capitol building in St. Paul. | Working still with USDA, Jim moves to St. Paul MN in the late 1990s. In the summer of 1998, John, Lisa & the kids take Willie & Mildred north for a visit. | South Dakota, Summer 1997 | Oklahoma City, Spring '97 | The "kids table", Christmas '96 | Chapter Eighteen: | Summer '99

87: Elizabeth's | Graduation | 1994-1999 | 5th birthday party | Holding baby Erica | Lizzie celebrating 2nd birthday with her Grandma Youngquist | Liz With Grandma Meisenheimer | The actual commencement ceremony was held in Tulsa, but the family gathered together in Kansas to celebrate. | Chapter Eighteen:

88: Jim & John, circa Christmas '99 | 1999-2005 | (above): In March of '99, John & Lisa were recognized as one of several Farm Focus Couples. Right next to John is Bill Collins, owner of the irrigation circle that John farms. | Sparklers: Aaron's 10th birthday, 1999 | Canada, Summer 1999 | John's family Outside Grandpa & Mildred's cottage in P.P. -Summer 1999 | Christmas 2000 | Jim marries MN native Carol Gage, 1999. | Erica with cousin & classmate, Kayla Kaufman (Jeff's daughter), 1999. | Erica playing with a turtle. Not sure what Brian is doing. Summer '99 | Erica convinces her father to get an indoor cat. Thus a new addition to the family, Mr. Magoo. | Westside Baptist Church directory, 2000. | Chapter Nineteen:

89: Meisenheimer Family Vacation Lake Superior, Minnesota Summer of 2000 | 1999-2005 | Lakeside view with a sauna below. | Erica & Aaron playing on the rocks. | John & Lisa trying out the canoe. | Lisa, Sara & Jim help Stu fire up the grill. | Sara & Jim washing dishes. | Mildred cleaning up after dinner. | (below): Grandpa Wilbur watching his grandkids kayak. | Elizabeth waking up from a nap. | Karen & Carol putting a puzzle together | Brian, Liz, Stu, Sara, & Mildred playing Pitch. | Chapter Nineteen:

90: Class of 2002 | 1999-2005 | 1999-2005 | Chapter Nineteen | Chapter Nineteen | Brian posing in his cap & gown in the living room | Carey Park in Hutchinson with Jeremy & Jessie Zerger | Christmas 1996 | Halloween 1993

91: Frozen In Time: | The Partridge Old Barn, 2005 | (above): Fading remnants of when electricity came to the farm in 1946. | Brother/Sister Act: Erica & Aaron go out for the school play, The Wizard of Oz, during Erica's senior year. Erica is Glinda while Aaron plays a talking tree. | 2004 | Good Samaritan Home, Hutchinson | 1999 2005 | to | Stu & Liz playing pool Thanksgiving 2002 | Wheat Harvest 2003 | Trip to Grand Canyon with the Zerger Family Summer 2003 | Christmas 2004 | Christmas in Stu & Karen's new house in Claremore Ok. 2003 | Playing Hillbilly Golf in John's front yard, Christmas 2005 | Brian Reeves & Amy (Meisenheimer) Sampsel | Bob Meisenheimer with brother-in-law, Dave Utermark | Jeanie Reeves | Dick Reeves with Dwain & Wilbur | Marguerite | Carole Ann Utermark, Wilbur, & Dave Utermark | Chapter Nineteen

92: erica's graduation 2005 | Erica receiving her diploma from her father | Homecoming Queen Candidate, Fall 2004 | 1999-2005 | Chapter Nineteen:

93: aaron's graduation 2008 | 2006-2011 | PPHS track meet at WSU 2008 | Hugging his father, the School Board President | Pomp & Circumstance march | Chapter Twenty: | 1993 | Christmas 1996 | Christmas 1994

94: Erica with her then-boyfriend Jesse McCallister | 2006 to 2011 | In the summer of '09 Jesse went abroad to China for 6 months, the longest they had been apart. Upon arriving back in the States later that January, he proposed to Erica in the airport terminal. | they started dating in the fall of '07 | (right): | Jesse playing with cousins (on Lisa's side) at Aaron's graduation (May 08). | Jesse photographs Erica & Brian in the SBU dorm, Winter 2008 | Uncle Jim showing Erica & Jesse his camera, Feb. 2009 | Sara & her Mom with Leo the dog in her backyard in Simpsonville SC. | Sara began working for Ford Motor company after graduating OSU. It has taken her to several different locations. The most recent, South Carolina. | Grandpa & Lisa with Brian outside the SBU dorms. | Stu, Grandpa Wilbur, & Karen waiting in the heat for Brian's graduation to start. | Brian's graduation Southwest Baptist University, May 2006. | Aaron & Lisa during a car ride home, 2008 | Home for the holidays 2007: Wilbur & all three of his kids. | Carol, Lisa, & Erica (2007) | Unwrapping gifts: Mildred, Uncle Jim, & Aaron (2007) | Stu & Karen at the farm, 2007 | Christmas in Claremore, 2009 | (below): Grandpa gets a laptop Christmas '09 | (above): | Erica's SBU Graduation, May 2009 | Erica visits Jesse in China, Nov.'09 | Chapter Twenty:

95: Grandpa Wilbur's 90th Birthday | 2006-2011 | February 2009 | Retelling tales of their boyhood... | Dick Reeves, Jim & Carole Utermark listening to the family recalling the old days. | Lisa & Marguerite | Sara & Grandpa | Karen, Jim & Jeanie Reeves catching up | Uncle Dwain & Aunt Marguerite | Chapter Twenty: | The celebration was held at the old lumberyard in Pretty Prairie then out at the Meisenheimer farm. | Sara & Liz

96: Mr. & Mrs. Jesse McCallister May 23, 2010 | 2 0 0 6 / 2 0 1 1 | C h a p t e r T w e n t y | El Dorado Springs Missouri | Union Valley Southern Baptist Church

97: 2 0 0 6 / 2 0 1 1 | Aaron running track for SBU, Feb. 2011 | Christmas 2010 | Thanksgiving 2010 | The McCallisters entertaining the Meisenheimer clan at Erica & Jesse's Rehearsal Dinner | Marguerite & Mildred | Liz, Carol, & Karen at Carl's Gun Shop in El Dorado Springs | Morning of Erica & Jesse's Wedding | Uncle Dwain giving the newly weds advice during their Kansas Reception. June 2010 | Aaron & Grandpa take Jim & Carol to Underground Salt Museum, Jan. 2011. | Grandpa, Mildred, & Jesse at the Kansas Reception | Stu at his niece's wedding | C h a p t e r T w e n t y | Family photos taken in the backyard by Jessie Zerger-Cable

98: Dwain 1935 | The Joseph Kaufman Family late 1940s-early 1950s | Karen & John Colorado 1959 | Karen Early-mid 1950s | 1989 | Sara & Lizzie 1986 | Christmas in Tulsa 1983 | Jesse 2009 | Sara, Liz & Karen 1985 | Green Valley, Arizona 1985 | Lisa Christmas 1986 | Great Grandpa Paul & Brian 1983 | Brian, Aaron, & Erica 1991 | John late-1960s | 1995 | Mildred 1993 | 2003 | Karen & Wilbur 1974 | Jim 2003 | 2005 | Erica & John 2008 | Wilbur & Jim circa 1976 | Brian 1989

99: Erica's Wedding 2010 | 1980 | Liz 2010 | Aaron & Lisa 1997 | Colorado 1959 | Lisa circa 1996 | John late 1960s | John & Karen 1961 | Sara & Evadna circa 1985 | Wilbur 1985 | Brian's 4th B-day 1987 | Evadna & Jimmy circa 1944 | John & Brian mid-1980s | Erica & Aaron 1993 | Sara 1985 | Stu 1994 | 1992 | 1985 | Christmas 1995 | Jim 1995 | Karen 2005 | Erica Harvest 2002 | Dwain & Wilbur circa late 1940s | Brian 2010 | Sara & Evadna late 1970s | Aaron 2006 | Brian & Liz 1986

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