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The Sea Nymph and the Sailor

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The Sea Nymph and the Sailor - Page Text Content

FC: The Sea Nymph and the Sailor.

1: By: Anna Vanhook | Happuness PP By: Anna E.

3: Once upon a time, in a grotto far under the sea, lived three sister sea nymphs. Also known as "Mermaids." The oldest one, was known for her lovely voice. The middle one was known for her wit, and compassion. The youngest was known for her vanity, and beauty.

5: There was a catch to their charmed life though. If mermaids don't find someone to love them by their sixteenth year of life, their bodies melt into the sea and they become what is known as sea foam. The problem is; they were all fifteen. Born one minute after the other, and their time was running short. The Harvest moon signaling their birthday, was going to rise in less than 2 weeks.

7: Although, I will tell you of the fate of her sisters, this story is only about the wise middle mermaid. The one that possessed no uneartly powers, but did posses one thing the others did not. A Heart...

9: The girls waited and waited for a ship to come by. Soon, they were getting desperate. If they didn't get some men quickly, they would be sea-foam for sure! One more day, they decided. If they didn't spot a ship before the night tide, then they would have to leave the grotto and swim along the dangerous beaches for suiters.

11: Just as they had feared, the tide came and passed. They knew of only one more thing they could do, so they wouldn't have to face the dangerous beaches. They called upon the Goddess of the Sea to help them. They prayed that she would change the tides in their favor, and send a ship towards their beloved grotto. Through the long hours of the night, they chanted, "Mother of the Sea, help us, change the tides."

13: Just as the sunlight rose, and the morning tide started to sway their tails, time started to spin. The sun came down from the sky, and the moon rose up again. Then they heard a voice that seemed to be coming from the moon, "I have heard your cries, and have sent my night tide to bring a ship your way. This is not a gift to take lightly. Think wisely young mermaids, for your time is near." The voice then vanished, leaving them with only the air of unrest about them.

15: Then they saw what she had left behind her. That air was not just unrest, it was the smell of a storm. The tension of the clouds before they were about to unleash their shattering bolts and electrified rain. Then they heard the rumble of thunder, and soon after the storm and ship were headed their way. They watched calmly as the ship came soaring towards their grotto with the tide pushing them at ungodly speeds.

17: The oldest sister decided to make her move first. Her beautiful bell like voice shimmered out the most beautiful notes ever heard by man. She sang and sang, until she was sure the sailors heard her.. Unfortunetly, her voice was muffled by the winds of the storm, and her lovely soprano couldn't be heard. She sank to the bottom of the ocean in defeat, preparing herself for her body's decay into the sea.

19: The youngest sister, being vain and impatient, hurried in front of the middle sister for her turn. She swam around the ship, and flashed her beautiful smile at the nearest sailer. He reached out his hand to touch her lovely face, but in a flash of desperation, she grabbed him and pulled him into the murky sea. "Kiss me!," she screamed at him frantically, trying desperately to save herself. But it was too late, for the sailor was drowned. She too sank to the bottom to await her doom.

21: Finally, it was the middle sisters turn! She needed to think fast! The sailors were barely hanging on, and if she didn;t get the boat to safety, they were all doomed. Then it came to her... She whistled for the nearest sea serpent to come to her aid, and to her surprise, the ancient creature came. She and the serpent linked their tails to the bottom of the ship, and used all their might to push the boat to the shallow waters of the beach. Just as they reached safety, she saw the sun begin to rise..

23: Just as she was about to sink to the bottom of the sea with her doomed sisters, she locked eyes on a sailor. "You saved us?" He recalled shocked. She nooded her head frantically, and that seemed to be enough for him. He leaned his head in and kissed her, sealing her immortality.

25: And they lived happily ever after. (:

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