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Timeless Memories of Dad

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FC: Timeless Memories of Dad Fathers Day 2009

1: Created especially for Dad Happy Father's Day June 21, 2009 Love, Ann Jean & Chris Nick & Krista Dan Amy Terrance

2: My Dad My daddy is my favorite pal and I help him everyday. It's plain to see I want to be like him in every way. He teaches me that honesty is best in all I do. I'm very glad that he's my dad. And I know he loves me too!

4: I'm so glad when Daddy comes home

5: When I was young, my favorite time of day was when you came home from work. We would hear the sound of the garage door and go running to meet you. You always played with us and we had so much fun. I loved it when you read to us at bedtime. Do you remember how we kept track of where you left off? We would figure out how many of each of our ages added up to the page number we would start reading tomorrow!

6: We were always doing hikes, climbing mountains, and going on family adventures.

7: I remember when you painted my bike and put training wheels and a flag on it. You said that having a flag was popular when you were young. | Thank you for always including Amy and me in scouting activities. It was so fun to tie-dye shirts, do merit badges, and drop in on scout camping trips. I'll never forget Aztec Day

8: One of the qualities that I have always tried to emulate is the love you have for learning. You constantly have a new book to read and another instrument to master. It was so much fun when you went to those Thursday night jam sessions. Sometimes you brought me along and that made me feel so special. I remember the time that lady taught me the fiddle tune that you play on two strings at once. Even after you didn't have time to drive all the way to the jam nights you started your own band. My favorite song you played was "I Will" by the Beatles. Thank you for supporting me in my music and theater and for coming to performances. It was a great tradition when we would play hymns and sing songs together on Sundays. Even at Family Home Evening we got to sing one song for each person who had the courage to stick their finger in their ear. Every part of our Home Evenings was amazing: the music, the lessons, the stepping game, Mom's prayers, and the treat. The music in our home helped to make it a warm place where the Spirit could be and where we felt united and loved.

10: My Dad the Coach | I am grateful for the time you spent coaching and playing sports and coming to games and races. | I wanted to be a runner because I want to be like you. You always give great tips on technique, stretching, and training. Long Slow Distance.

12: Throughout my life you have lead our family with wisdom and love. There have been so many times that I went to you for advice and you told me exactly what I needed to hear. I know I can always trust you and go to you for help. There have been a few moments when I looked in your eyes and could feel the depth and tenderness of your love. I remember stepping into the water when you baptized me, listening to you say you were proud of me the night of my high school graduation, and dancing with you at my wedding reception. Those moments mean everything to me. Thank you for teaching me to work hard and to be dilligent. Thank you for teachimg me to love the Gospel. Thank you for our family traditions. As I start my own family I will remember your wonderful example and the things you taught me. I love you, Dad. Happy Father's Day. Jean

13: Hey Mike, It's been so good getting to know you guys. I feel so lucky to be marrying into such an amazing family. Thank you for making me feel like a part of it. Thanks for the beautiful wedding and everything you did while we were there. | Thank you so much for being such a good example of living the Gospel, and for passing that on to your chlildren. I look forward to being able to spend more time with you. Happy Father's Day. Thanks for everything. Chris

14: Fishing With Dad

15: ...You decided to get dressed in your church clothes so you could take me fishing and then head straight to your teaching appointment. Thank you for taking such interest in my happiness, as well as in always being a great example. | Some of my greatest childhood memories center around outdoor activities like fishing. I remember when I was quite young, and we lived in Virginia; you and I used to go fishing for bluegill. One day in particular, I remember you had a home-teaching appointment, but I had asked if you would take me fishing...

16: love for us was through your involvement in our sports. You were my football and basketball coach from the rec-league all the way through | Dad, I am grateful for the love of sports and athletics that you have passed on to us. One of the ways I could always feel your

17: high school. But more than just a coach, you have been my mentor, my support, and my teacher. Such interest in my success as an athlete and as a person has helped define me as a person, and you as my father.

18: Playing Bluegrass

19: One of my favorite things to do when I get to come visit is to play bluegrass music with you... | You have provided me with many ways to carry on family traditions, and playing music is a tradition from you and mom that I will continue to enjoy. Plus It is going to be fun adding our new Ukulele's to the show!

20: As I was looking through many of the pictures that have been taken over the years, I was reminded that our relationship as father and son has been built around a nucleus of love and family. I can't remember all of the ways that you have shown your love for me, or all of the ways you have helped me be happy and successful, but as I look at pictures of the past, I know that your love has always been strong and clear. Thank you for always being such a great father to me. You have brought me up in the ways of truth and righteousness; | you have tought me to love the Savior and His Gospel. Through your love of the restored gospel, I have been able to cultivate my own, personal relationship with our Father in Heaven. I love you dad :) I thank you for providing me with a wonderful foundation upon which to build my own family. I look forward to many more years of sharing love and experiences together as a famly on this earth, before an innumerable eternity after this life. Happy Father's Day Love, Nick

23: Dear Mike, I was first acquainted with you through Nick and the stories he told me from his childhood of bedtime stories, camping trips and sporting teams. I believed then that you were a great father and a committed member of the church. Upon meeting you in person, those beliefs were solidified. I have come to know of your deep love of family. I have become more and more impressed with the incredible fathering you employed and continue to employ in your children's lives. I have come to know of your sincere testimony of the gospel by the example you set for your family and others around you. I have come to appreciate the work you and Ann have done to create a loving, righteous family centered solely upon principles of "...faith, prayer, repentance, forgiveness, respect, love, compassion, work and wholesome recreational activities". I have come to know firsthand of your genuine kindness and acceptance of others. On this Father's Day, I wish to thank you for all of these wonderful contributions and sacrifices you have made to create such a wonderful family for me to be joined to. Love, Krista

24: I'm very grateful for the wonderful opportunity to have you as an example of what I want to be in my life. Your example of church service has had a great impact on me being baptized, receiving the priesthood, and going on my mission. I hope to follow your example and strive to be married in the temple and teach my children the lessons that I have learned from you.

25: I have always been very impressed with the ability you have to fix things and increase the beauty of our home. I have often thought about my future family and wanted to be a handy man like you are for our family. I have very fond memories of working on the truck with you, putting in the wood floor in the kitchen, and especially making our fireplace gas powered.

27: Fight on oh mustang team, go down the field to victory! Fight on oh mustang team, a ponderosa victory! Cardinal and Gold, fight on, to victory. Fight, Fight! Fight on oh mustang team, we're strong and fit, we never quit! Fight on oh mustang team, a rising tide of mustang pride! Cardinal and Gold, fight on, to victory. Fight, Fight! | I have loved having you as my coach through the years and I have learned so much from you. When I think of the success of our family at sports, I think of your hard work, dedication and example. Who you are is what has made us great athletes. | So Rise and Shout, the Cougars are out Along the trail to fame and glory. Rise and shout, our cheers will ring out, As you unfold your vict'ry story. On you go to vanquish the foe For Alma Mater's sons and daughters. As we join in song, in praise of you, our faith is strong. We'll raise our colors high in the blue, And cheer our Cougars of BYU.

29: 110% You have taught me to give my all and more in everything that I do. Thank you for helping me become who I am today. I love you. Happy Fathers Day Dan

30: I am thankful for the opportunity to tell you how wonderful you are and to express how much I love you. | Dad, Happy Fathers Day!

31: In thinking about the many memories that I have with you I can hardly decide which ones to write down... | ...There are so many things that we have done together that have been so fun. Some are memories of events, but YOU were there and that is what makes them significant. YOU WERE ALWAYS THERE!

32: Climbing To THE Y

33: Rappelling and Climbing in Castlewood Canyon

34: I think of the time when we played soccer togther as a family. I forget who kicked the ball - it may have been you who kicked it at me - and it hit me so hard in the head that I was knocked to the ground. I started crying because my head hurt. But I remember your consoling words: "At least you made a goal".

35: I also remember so many Daddy-Daughter dates; one where we went camping. I remember waking in the morning and feeling the cool mountain morning and lying huddled in my sleeping bag next to you and Jean. Another - I can almost feel the squeeze - when we made shirts together. Jean made one with watermelons and I had one with hearts and you gave me a big hug. You always gave great hugs!

36: I will tell you the hug I remember best. I forget the circumstance, but I know I had a hard day and was just stressed about life. I came into your room to talk and after I said what was wrong the first thing you did was give me a hug. I remember feeling relief and love at that moment. I felt like I didn't ever want to let go. That is the hug that I think of when I think about the hug that Heavenly Father would give me in a time of need. You are a good example of what he is.

37: I love you so much. Thank you for coaching me, hiking with me, fishing with me, biking with me, and a million more things with me. I have always been able to feel how much you love me. I LOVE YOU! Love your daughter, Amy

38: Some of my fondest childhood memories are spending time with you. I remember playing ice box, tickle monster and lying in bed listening to you read from The Boxcar Children and The Hardy Boys. I remember particularly the occasions when you came home early from work. After going for a run, you would often take me for a drive in the Silverado down by the red barn. | You have always been willing to put aside your personal time to help me with whatever project I had whether it was a school assignment or making a pinewood derby car.

39: We've spent many days climbing 14ers and rappelling in Castlewood Canyon. These are great memories!

40: My favorite activities at camp were: the water sports, shooting rockets, completing merit badges and carving neckerchief slides. | Scouting and Scout Camp was always very exciting for me. I loved going to camp both when you were the Scoutmaster and I was only a Cub Scout and later when I was an official Boy Scout. In my early years I always felt like I was one of the scouts and I got to do all the things they did.

41: I loved going to Father & Son Campouts and fishing together. I remember one time when Dan caught a fish and it dropped on the ground. He didn't want to pick it up and put it in the bucket. So I stepped on its tail and it flipped into the bucket. This was the beginning of my love of fishing. The fish and I were one. | Remember what happened to this fish?

42: I've always looked to you for help in sports. Wanting to be like you my first position was guard; my first number was 60 and now I get to play college footall. Thanks for teaching and inspiring me.

43: Mainland/Polynesian All-Star Classic December 12, 2008 | Being asked to play in Hawaii in the All-Star game was a exciting culmination of my high school football years. Even more exciting was to have you and mom with me to enjoy the experience. As always, you were there to coach and help me.

44: Dad, I'm grateful for your example of a righteous priesthood holder and father. You have always been there to answer my questions pertianing to gospel principles or with decisions that I needed to make. I have learned the value of service by going with you to assist families in need, families who are moving or caring for our hometeaching families.

45: When I was on summer breaks I enjoyed when you would give me a word to look up and use in a sentence. I had to call you during the day at work with the definition and the sentence. You also assigned books for me to read over the summer. At the time it wasn't very fun but now I realize how good it was for me. I always loved - and still do - working along side you as we worked on the truck and our other cars. Thank you for being a wonderful father and friend. Happy Father's Day. Love, Terrance

46: Can I have this Dance for the rest of our lives...

47: Wonderful memories together!

48: Through the years...

49: You were the catalyst for many family traditions and experiences that have bound us toghether in unity and love. | When we first wed, I loved you and I thought you would be a good father. But I didn't realize just what a wonderful father you would be. Through the years I have watched you devote countless hours playing, teaching, mentoring and molding each of our children.

50: On several occasions you decided it would be fun to make matching T-shirts; christmas T-shirts, family hiking t-shirts and thank goodness for the matching shirts at Disney World. It made finding Nick much easier spotting the blue stripes and orange sleeves. Going on hikes was a regular activity. Another fun memory was the Philadelphia Chidrens Museum where we celebrated the new year at 12 Noon.

51: You made each vacation or experience memorable by not only joining in the fun but by creating the fun. The Family Fun Center in Old Nauvoo wasn't just for the kids - it was for all of us. Stopping on the spur of the moment to skip rocks or going to Niagra Falls and getting all wet walking underneath the falls was so fun. You made it fun and interesting.

52: Inserexre

53: THE CHICKEN EXPERIENCE This is an adventure no one will forget and we did the whole job; chopped the chickens heads off, dipped them in boiling water, quickly plucked out the feathers then singed the hair in the fire. It turned out the chickens were old and not very good tasting but hey, it made a great memory.

54: Re-doing the landscaping in the front yard was one of our family projects. Renting the cherry-picker to remove the cottonwood was a large task in and of itself. Next came the removal of the bushes; pulling out the stumps with the aid of chains and the truck. A year later we enjoyed the satisfaction and fruit of our labors. | Not only did you believe in playing hard but also in working hard and you showed by example the joy of work.

55: "Life's greatest joys are not what one does apart from the work of one's life, but with the work of one's life". You taught our children the joy of work and of a job well done; one of life's great lessons.

56: Another tradition you brought to our home was that of making homemade dough-nuts. We've used several recipes over the years and it usually took several hours... | MAKING HOMEMADE DOUGH-NUTS

57: DECEMBER 2006 | ...making the dough, letting it rise, rolling out the dough and cutting the dough-nut shapes and then deep-frying them. Fianally, we rolled each dough-nut in brown sugar & cinnamon or powdered sugar. YUMMY!

58: You've brought beauty to my life. Happy Father's Day Love, Ann

59: Together, we have enjoyed music from our earliest days of courting to now and it has been a blessing in our home. You have learned to play the banjo, guitar, mandolin, violin and now the ukulele. It has been expecially fun to sing together Christmas caroling (singing parts and all) as well as playing and singing folksongs and bluegrass. | Through the years you've taught our family to enjoy the simple beauties around us each day. You would always draw our attention to the scent and sight of wild flowers along the path. You pointed to the stars and the various constellations. Like my own father, you would mention all the wildlife that crossed out path on road trips. I was also grateful that you pointed out poison ivy to avoid.

60: We do not remember days... We remember moments

61: My Father's Love for Me Sally DeFord The God of earth and heaven, almighty and all wise, Who rules o're every nation, his throne amid the skies, Who grants us life and daily bread, and every perfect gift, Bids us call him "Father" and freely come to Him. And I have learned to trust his providence to know and fill my needs as I have seen his goodness mirrored in my earthly father's deeds. The Spirit beareth witness within the hearts of men, Teaching truth and righteousness, defending us from sin, Comforting our sorrow, Guiding us in prayer, Calling us God's children, Confirming us his heirs. And I have learned to heed this counselor in every doubtful choice as I have heard his gentle wisdom echoed in my father's voice. Our Savior left his father's throne to mark our earthly path, To lead us home, inheritors of all the Father hath, To suffer every mortal grief that man may ever know, To bear the pain of all our sin as though it were his own. And I havelearned to give my heart to him who died on Calvary as I have felt his love reflected in my father's love for me. I have learned to trust the perfect love of Him I cannot see, For he has given me this parable: My father's love for me. Matthew 7:9-11

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