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Timeless Treasures

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S: Timeless Treasures

FC: Timeless Treasures Written By: Friends & Family Collected By; Your Daughter With Love

1: Sending her love!

2: #1 Mom | Dear Mom, I just wanted to let you know how amazing I think you are. You're the strongest, most nurturing woman I've ever known, and I am happy to call you mom. This year hasn't been the easiest for us, but you've always seemed held together with the strongest glue throughout the ordeals. Now, facing cancer, you're as steadfast as ever. You will beat this, for against you nothing stands a chance. Hell, you raised me......cancer should be a breeze ;) Every step of the way just remember, though you may feel like you're going through this alone, you're always just a phone call or hug away from someone who cares. I love you, mom. Chris

3: Friends | Dear Peggy, I would like to thank you for being such a kind and wonderful friend to me over these past few years. Whenever I felt like crying pulling my hair out over work you were always there to listen and give an encouraging word like “you want cheese with that wine.” When times were rough you were always there to cheer me on and encourage me to hang in there the cavalry was coming. I knew I could always count on you for an endless supply of needed crafty items and endless supplies of tape. Together we could always think of surprising creative ways to fulfill our task of making things work. You are one of a kind and an inspiration to all that know and love you. This holiday season, I am thankful for you, my best friend. (BFF) Kenda

4: Inspiring | Your inspiration has always carried us all. Now, it's time you take your own words of wisdom and go full speed!! | Love, Tina Wade

5: Dear friend Peggy, You are blessed with family and friends who love you, who are there for you, to support and encourage you, and most important to pray for your strength and courage during these difficult treatments and tests. You are in my daily prayers, and I value our friendship. Love, Anna Lou

6: Dear Peggy, I wish I were a poet or a student of great thoughts and words, but I am only your Mother-in-law who loves you and enjoys your ways and being. Your positive strengths will see you through. I thank you for all your generosity and thoughtful times during our years as family, and I am looking forward to your triumph over this illness. May God bless you and see you back to good health. Love and prayers, Mom

7: Love, Kay & Joe Hawkins | Joe and I also want you to know you are in our thoughts and prayers every day. I'd like to share a prayer that has helped me through some rough spots over the years. | Dear Peggy, First I want you to know I am honored to be asked to contribute to your book. You surely have a thoughtful daughter. | "The light of God surrounds me. The love of God enfolds me. The power of God protects me. The presence of God watches over me. Where ever I am God is."

8: Neighborhood News | Dear Peggy, A friend opens like a flower opens, slowly and with beauty. You are a thoughtful friend and neighbor who I can always count on for help. I appreciate all the times you've shared recipe ideas, taken care of Bailey and the birds, loaned your sewing machine and spent time visiting and sharing "neighborhood news." You have shown dignity, strength, courage, and such a positive attitude throughout this difficult time. I know the old spunkiness will return as you regain strength. With God, family and friends cheering you on, may you bloom like a beautiful bouquet. Love and good wishes for continued strength and return of good health. Kathy Bell | Chimney Brook & Dawnbrook

9: What can I say! You have always been a bright spot in my life. I've loved you and your family since I was 7 years old! You come from the best, so hang in there. | Love You, Aunt Maggie

10: Peggy, One of the blessings in my life is having you for a friend. You are always there to listen, never complaining about anyone or anything, how lucky I am. Peg, you've been through a lot this year and you've been so upbeat, I know if anyone can beat this cancer, you can. I say a prayer every time I think of you, as I am sure a lot of people do. You've got a lot of people who care about you. Love you Peg, Suzonne

11: Friends Forever

12: Aunt Peg, Even though you are going through a rough time, always remember that you have a lot of people that love you. Your family is always here for you no matter how far away some of us are. You are such a special, courageous, strong, caring, and inspirational woman and I love you for that. You are a Bayless/Henderson and you know what that means...... we have a lot of very strong willed women in our family, and I'm so proud to be your niece because you are one of those women. I love you very much and you are ALWAYS in my thoughts and prayers. You stay strong auntie!! Love, Dani | Aunt Peg

13: We are going to beat up your cancer!

14: My Dearest Aunt Peg, I don’t think I am capable of putting my feelings for you on paper, but I’ll give it a shot. In a nutshell, I Love You! You’re a little kooky, but in a way that’s hereditary. I’m glad I know my hearing loss runs in the family. To be serious, you are the rock that holds my mom firm and I thank you for that from the bottom of my heart. You remind me so much of Grandma. You are so strong-willed and refuse to take crap from anybody. I can only hope to be a strong woman like you one day. It’s hard right now, but remember to take one day at a time and to take care of yourself. If you’re anything like my mother, you’re more worried about how everyone else is and not about you. I’m not sure if you now this, but you’re my favorite aunt (and if you tell Aunt Tammy, I’ll deny it). I know you and you are hard-headed enough to kick this things butt and surprise everybody. Stay Strong! You are always in my prayer. I love you always, Kristin Kay (your favorite niece)

15: Love, Diane and Rick | Peggy, We want to express our love for you this holiday season and let you know that you are in our prayers constantly. We go so far back, and have so many great memories of things that we have experienced with you and Paul. ETSU, Goo Foo Boo, KA, the freight docks, and 2 relationships that found their way to the altar. As young couples in Dallas we tried out new places : Among others: Hot Springs, and the horse races, and our first trip to Las Vegas. We still haven’t won our money back! Now we’re watching our kids go through their own experiences. We sincerely hope that they will have friends like you and Paul to share them with. As you are going through this tough time we wanted you to know that you are not alone. While we aren’t physically there, we are thinking of you and praying for your recovery. Anyone married to Paul for 40+ years has the strength of character to handle a little chemo easily! You have many others like us lifting you up on a daily basis, so hang in there and trust in God to do his will. See you soon! | Friends

16: YOU’VE GOT FRIENDS Twas 2010, the 25th of December The Peters family’s gathered to share Christmas cheer The Fischman‘s, are absent, off to the country, Fayetteville, our city But we wanted to pen Peggy this holiday ditty Peggy, our friend, a wife & a mother There’s just no one like her, no not another Miss congeniality is our Peggy, looking pretty Always a lady and often quite witty Peggy is the kind of person which can turn anything into something good She always knows just what to say just alike a friend should Peggy’s support and energy are always there Never failing to show just how much she cares Many songs have be written and sung about friendship over the years I’ll share with you now a favorite that always brings me to tears James Taylor in his.”You’ve Got a Friend” sang something like this. When you’re down and troubled And you need a helping hand And nothing is going right. Close your eyes and think of me And soon I will be there to brighten up your darkest nights.

17: The Fischerman's | You just call out my name, And you know wherever I am. I’ll come running, to see you again. Winter, spring, summer or fall, All you have to do is call.. And I’ll be there,,,,,, Yeah, you’ve got a friend. If the sky above you Should turn dark and full of clouds.. And that old north wind should begin to blow Keep your head together and call my name out loud, And soon I will be knocking upon your door. You just call out my name and you know where ever I am, I’ll come running to see you again.. Winter, spring, summer, or fall. All you got to do is call, And I’ll be there.”. “Hey, ain’t it good to know you’ve got friends?” | A true friend

18: Now..My story is still yet to unfold,.. For Peggy Peters has a heart of gold. Over time, we’ve grown soo close, We’ve talked,. we’ve laughed laughed till we’re hoarse. Our Peg’s like a snowflake.. Special and each unique, Like the good times we’ve shared And the secrets we keep.. From pick’n pecans, to the MS 150, and of course there’s Lickskillet watch’n antique tractors in pairs Just a few of the many good times we’ve shared. As you share this day of love, joy & cheer from finish to start Our gift to you is this poem from our heart. Peggy our friend, a wife & mother There’s just no one like her No, not another. Donna & Jordan Fischman December 2010.

19: Eat, Pray and Love, Aunt Peggy | Peggy Ann, Before you were born your Mother was so sure she was going to have a boy that she told Margaret Ann and I that if it was a girl she would name her after us so that is how your got your name. Boy was she surprised! We then went through all of your hip problems...so you have fought all your life to survive and you will survive this, because you are tough just like your Mother. When I moved to Fort Worth in June 1938, there were a few kids in the neighborhood, but I didn't really meet them until the first day of school. Your Mother came up to me and asked if "I would like her to show me around the school", and we became good friends from that day on. She and Doris Jean lived on the next street and soon I knew everyone. I wonder how many people today have such a wonderful relationship as we have had. Keep on being strong and I will pray that you have conquered this disease and back to normal. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

20: Christmas 2010 | Christmas 2007

21: I have been blessed and lucky to have been able to share our lives together for the last 41 years. You have always been a beacon of optimism and energy which has kept this family focused in the proper direction as we have lived our lives. Our memories are many and go back to the days of dating in college and driving the old 58 Ford with no more than two dollars in our pocket, to watching our children grow up to be fine adults and the fun of watching our grandchildren start their lives. But life is only beginning in our retirement years with many more trips to enjoy in the future, we have a bump in the road with your illness, but we will get this behind us and start planning our next adventure. You are my life and I Love You, I know I do not say it as often as I should, but thank you for being you and everything that you do. Your appreciative husband | Love

22: Love & Prayers, Aunt Paulie | With the blessings of God, Jesus and Mary "You can beat this!" | Dear Peg, As you read all these messages of love and encouragement, we are in the midst of the great gift of Jesus' birth! In your journey of suffering, it is important to know you are never alone! You trust in the love and devotion of all of us who love you dearly, regardless of the stricture of distance! More especially, you have faith in Jesus promise that He is with you always. With His unfailing support and merciful love we have faith that you can and will come through this challenge and rejoice once again with the gift of health.

23: Peggy & Barbara | Sisters | Peggy, My Sister, My Friend Sister, we've been there through life's sorrow and pain But together we have always endured the strain We've argued and bickered and made each other mad But if you weren't my sister, life would be so sad We've cried till we laughed and laughed till we cried Sometimes for no reason we didn't even know why When we're not together our bond is just as strong Because we are sisters we know when something is wrong We've whispered our deepest secrets only sisters could share I love my sister dearly because she really cares So whether we are together or we are far apart Peggy, you're my sister, my friend and forever in my heart. Love Always, Your Sister

24: Dear Peggy: YOU DESERVE MANY CHEERS, for being such a good sport through your course of treatment. You seem to have grasped the needed attitude of cure; being optimistic, up beat about things and quit smoking. We know how hard it must have been, you took it without any complaint. We respect you for that. After you have fully recovered; lets plan a trip to relive the good times we had in Italy. We are here for you in any way you need us. Merry Christmas to you and yours. Albert and Ann

25: Dear Aunt Peggy, This picture reminds me of the fun times we had with "ya'll" many many Christmases ago. Hard to believe there is a whole new generation posing in front of the tree and waiting for Santa to come! I can't wait until we can get them all together and reenact this photo ... though I imagine Dominick is a bit too old and cool for this now? :-) Wishing you a very Merry Christmas with much love and big hugs and kisses, Tina, Guy and Stuart

26: To Sweet, Dear Peggy, Seems you've hit a bump in this road of life. I know you're facing all of the pain and stress as you face everything....with a smile and concern for your family. Keep your beautiful smile, gal! The love you have extended to all the Morales' clan is with you -ten fold-. You are the one-of-a-kind friend everyone hopes to have. I do! I'm thinking of you and keep you in my heart. Hurry and put all the behind you! Much Love, Vivian

27: 39 years & counting! | Paul and Peggy

28: Go ahead and take the bull by its horns!

29: Marianne & Wil | Peggy, We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy and especially healthy New Year. 2010 was a year full of unwanted surprises for you, but we admire your positive attitude towards all the medical stuff they let you go through. We are optimistic that the medical treatments work out with the desired result, so that 2011 will be a much easier year for you. On New Year's eve, we will be in Amsterdam with friends, ringing in 2011. Marianne and I will at midnight, raise our glass of champagne and drink to your good health for the New Year. | Belgium

30: Dear Peggy, What a wonderful idea Joan had.a book of letters from friends. It certainly shows how much she cares for you, and the book will show how so many people care for you. You and Paul have been friends of ours for a long time. It started with the “boys” and their beloved golf, but it has spread to include the “couples”, and I’m grateful for that. We’ve watched each other’s children grow up and we’ve watched each other become grandparents. With envy, we’ve watched you and Paul reach retirement and enjoy traveling all over the world. Though we’re now far apart, we think of you often, and look forward to chances to get together when we make it back to Texas. You and Paul went through a real medical scare when he had his heart surgery. You persevered and came out on top. Now you’re facing another medical scare, this time with the roles reversed. I wish more than anything that you weren’t facing this, but I need you to know that we hold you in our prayers and know that you will come out on top again. I hope you feel surrounded by the positive thoughts of family and friends. Peggy, I’m sorry, too, about the loss of your Mother this summer. No matter what the age, we’re never ready to let them go. Our family recently celebrated our mother’s 90th birthday. It was wonderful! At the same time, I know the end has to come eventually, and no matter what I do I can’t make myself ready. Maybe you can give me some advice on that subject next time we’re together. So, even though you’re facing some difficult times, I hope you enjoy the love of your family, the love of your friends, and the love of the Christmas season. Lots of love, Barbara & Scott

31: Memories of my daddy

32: Cousins | Peggy Ann, So many years, and so much time has passed since we were young. As I began to ponder some of our experiences together, the time seemed to melt away, and we were there again. I loved it when you and your family came to visit, and you would share tidbits of the teenage world, which I could only imagine. | One of my favorite memories was of our "slumber parties" at Grandma's, when our parents went out. As I look back on it, I can really appreciate Grandma's ability to entertain us, sometimes into the week small hours. I have fond memories of the ten o'clock news, "brought to you by Twenty Mule Team Borax. I'll never forget my surprise when Grandma introduced us to Friday Night Wrestling. My favorite was Gorgeous George. As I look back on it, I can understand Grandma's indoctrinating us to wrestling. The world of wrestling occupied our time as we sat in front of the TV, mesmerized by the antics of wrestlers as they put on quite a show. | In the morning when we spent the night with Grandma, she always fixed our favorites: biscuits and gravy for you and Pillsbury cinnamon rolls for me. Life was so simple then. In many ways we were sheltered from much, and I am grateful for simplicity of our childhood. I know that you are going through a difficult time now. But you are approaching it with strength and determination. I admire you and pray for you. With much love, Carol Lynn

33: Janet & Bob XXOO | Sister-in-law | " The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly." -Buddha- | Dear Peggy, You're in our thoughts and prayers everyday. We know you'll beat this and be back to your old self soon. Keep fighting! We love you.

34: My Grand Kids

35: Dear Mom, I wanted to make you something special for Christmas. Something you could cherish for the rest of your life. You have tons of friends and family who care for you and want to surround you with love. You have made my life wonderful, and I thank you for that. I am so proud to call you mom. You have always been there for me, now it is my turn to be there for you. I am just a phone call away. I can be there in a flash. I would do anything for you. Thank you for being such an awesome mom! I love you! Your #1 daughter, Joan

37: Oh the places we have gone!

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