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BC: It's the little things that make life beautiful. | I love my life.

FC: Hobbies: Sports (LACROSSE, basketball), working out, running, working, hanging out with friends, listening to music | Alyssa Mitchell Hr: 6 | College: Ku Fav Color: Anything bright/neon, and green and pink Fav Food: Pizza Pets: I have a black toy poodle | I want to become an emergency room doctor. My sister wants to be a chemistry teacher. My dad works in IT, and my mom stays at home.

1: Where: Des Moines, Ia. Mercy Hospital Parents: Abbe & Scott Siblings: Mandi, 2 years older Culture: Youngest, everyone lives at home, very close family, family vacations, family games, family pictures. Not many family dinners, because I work, and my sisters off at college, and sometimes my dad works late | Circumstances: Nothing special, it was planned, and normal.

2: Chromosomes: I have two X chromosomes Traditional gender role: Yes, my mom stays at home and cleans and does all the house work. My dad goes to work everyday, comes home and watches TV. Role Model: Is my mother Do I follow traditional gender roles: Not really, I have a job. I don't clean or cook or anything. But as a kid i always played with Barbies and Poly Pocket dolls and other girl toys. | Gender:

3: Mother: Authoritative Examples: I am suppose to get all A's, I have to have a job. I need to be responsible, I have to tell her exactly where i am going at all times, who with, and when I'll be back. I have to earn my own money for anything I want to buy. Father: Authoritarian Examples: If he tells me to stop talking, and I don't, every word I say is a day that I'm grounded. He has parental locks on everything I own, he screams if I do anything I'm not suppose to. He is very strict. It is his way, or no way. | Parenting Style

4: Attachment: | Secure Attachment: When I went to my first sleepover, which was at my cousins house, I cried, and my mom had to come home and pick me up. | Anxious-Avoidant: After my first failed attempt at a sleepover, I went back to my cousins house, a few weeks later and then I was totally fine and I loved spending the night at other people's houses

5: Birth-1 | I literally would get sick and throw-up every single day, until the day I turned 1. Then it changed to once a week or so. This effected me in a huge way, because, because of that I now want to become a doctor and help others. I learned how to walk early-on. This is significant because ever since then I've had excellent balance, and coordination. Pigaet: Stage 1, When my mom played hide-and-seek with me, I was really excited when she came back. Erickson: Trust Vs. Mistrust When passed to my grandma, I would cry, but anybody else I was ok with. I was happiest with my mother though.

6: 1-3 | I went to the doctor once a week, not exaggerating, and not just a stuffy nose. I got tubes in my ears. I got potty trained. I took my first vacation, to Florida, and I was went to Maine, by plane. I think by traveling to Florida and Maine, at such a young age impacted me and my love to travel, now. When I was 3 I started Pre-school. Erickson: Stage 2. My first day of pre-school, i wanted my mom to drop me off at the door and not walk me in. My mom thinks that is because I had seen my sister go to school, and she loved it, so I was ready. Pigaet: Stage 2 My sister and I each had different toys, and I did not like to have her old hand-me-down toys. I also didn't like to have other kid play with my toys. They were my toys.

7: 3-6 | I went to Florida, at least once a year, and Maine every summer. In Maine and Florida I had family. Being able to see different family members that lived so far away effected me enormously. I love being around my family, used to, and still do. I also got my tonsils out. I went to see a very very special doctor to try and figure out what was wrong with me. I figured out that I was lactose-intolerant. I also started first grade. I started soccer during these years as well. Pigaet: Stage 2 I was in school most of the time, and in school we had to get our own markers and supplies, and according to me, they were my supplies and I did not like sharing them, or putting them in a community bucket. Erickson: Stage 3 My sister and I used to play together all the time, we would get all the neighborhood kids together and play games, we were forced to stay outside whenever it was nice out. My parents didn't want us to come inside and just sit and watch t.v. we were suppose to make up our own games and just have fun.

8: 6-12 | My family and I moved to Kansas when I was 7. My dad moved here in August, and my mom, sister, and I moved here in November. I think that is significant because my dad and I have never been close and I think that is maybe a reason why. Before we moved here my extended family and I went on a cruise. This started my love for cruises and traveling even more. Pigaet: Stage 3 I was always really good in science and could figure out the difference of things, and to see if they were the same or not. Erickson: Stage 4 I used to be pretty good at art, and I would always rush home and hang up my artwork. I still have some of the pots and things I made scattered around the house.

9: 12-19 | I got braces, I got my learners permit, the day of my 14th birthday, I started playing Lacrosse, and my sister left for college, and I will start college at 18, at KU with Tilley Marlo as my roommate. Getting my permit the day of my birthday was really exciting, because now I drive all the time, and love it. My dad used to race cars when I was a kid, thats where my love for driving came from. I started playing lax, which I love and will continue at KU. Pigaet:Stage 4 I am able to think about the future now, and what I want to do with my life, I know right from wrong, good vs. bad and so on. Erickson: Stage 5 I Know what I stand for, and that is different from my parents, I can think on my own and be independent, I am ready for college and to be on my own

10: 19-25 | I will be at KU, at 22 I should hopefully graduate and have taken the MCAT to get into KUMED, and at 26 I will hope to have completed Med school and go on to my residency. | Pigaet: I will still be in stage 4, hopefully if I'm in medical school. I will know how to think on my own and come up with my own thoughts, maybe even figure out the cure to cancer or AIDS. Erickson: I will probably still be in stage 5, I know that I want to become a doctor, I know what it takes, I know how to do it. I won't be in stage 6 yet, because i will be spending my time studying and learning and not going out and "living".

11: 25-40 | At age 26 I will have completed medical school, and then I will move on to my residency, which for emergency medicine is 6 years. During those years I hope to find a husband that I want to spend the rest of my life with, and start a family with. | Pigaet: Stage 4 I will be in my residency, so I will still have to be thinking everyday and learning new things, and remembering how to do older things that I learned in college and Medical School. Erickson: I will now be in stage 6, getting out of school, starting a family, having kids, which means that I would have long term relationships with my kids and husband. | I want to have a really big, elaborate wedding, and my goal would be to have twins, one girl and one boy, but I doubt that, that will happen, because no one in my family is a twin.

12: 40-65 | During this point in my life, I will have already started my family, and my family and I will be growing up together. I want to live in a place near the beach, somewhere in California would be perfect. I will be starting a family later then most people, just because of all of my medical school, and residency and everything. Just having a family will effect me for the rest of my life, because they will always be part of me. Erickson: Stage 6 I will have a family, and a husband, kids, and pets. Being married to someone, is a life long commitment. I will also be in stage 7 later in these years, being a doctor, is stressful, and will be. I will probably have a breakdown, midlife crisis because of the stress of my job, and family. | Pigaet: Stage 4 I will have to be thinking about my family, and the needs of my family, and it won't be about just me anymore, i have other pepole to think about, whether i like it or not.

13: 65-90 | Throughout these years, I will hopefully be retired, my kids will be grown up and in college and starting their own families, this will be a sad time in my life as i'm growing old and so will my friends and family. It will be really hard to bury the people that I love. I hope that when i'm older i am active, and not just one of the people that sit in a wheelchair and in a retirement home. I don't think I could live like that. Erickson: Stage 8, I know i'm getting older at this point, I know I can't live forever, and so I will be looking back on how I lived my life and if I was happy with the way I lived. And I hope i can say yes, I lived a wonderful life. | Pigaet: I would be in stage 4, still, hopefully, I would not want to have some sort of disease that sets me back in my life, that makes me act like I'm not as | old as I actually am. Going back in stages, I think, for me would be torture. Learning all that, then it goes to waste, I would not want to continue on living.

14: Obituary :( | Who was with me? My family will always be beside me. My true friends will be beside or, or they would have come to visit me at my bedside earlier. | What do I want people to say? I want people to say that I was an amazing doctor, amazing friend, amazing wife. | Most proud?I am the most proud of my-self for completing high-school, college, and then med school....to become a DOCTOR! | Regret? I regret not living life to the fullest, there were days where I would sit around and do nothing. I wish I would have gone out, and done more! | Happy? Of course I was happy. I did my best, I lived my life. I was a good friend, wife, mother, doctor, I did everything I could.

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