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Tinker's Miracle

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BC: Tinker's Miracle

1: Tinker, he was 29 and had everything a man could ever dream of. A big house, 15 classic cars, a 25 year old hot wife, and 2 kids,1 boy and 1 girl, their names were Daltin and Michelle. He lived on a beach in Florida and owned 6 acres of land.. He lived on a private beach that he had all to himself, with palm trees and a lot of sand to relax on right next to the ocean. The waves were the most beautiful thing to watch and the water was really warm. It was crystal clear and light blue color.

2: He was sitting at home when he heard a knock at the door. He peered through the peek hole in astonishment to see his good friend Joe. Tinker opened the door and said, "Hey Joe." "This movie changed my thoughts on life," explained Joe,"You should watch it." So he took the movie slowly from Joe's hands, said thanks and closed the door.

3: It was 1:00 am, Tinker couldn't think of anything but that video that Joe had given him earlier. He tried to just go back to bed and forget about it. He couldn't, so he said, "I guess this is a good time to watch it," and he went downstairs and started the movie. The movie was called Supersize Me, it was about this guy that ate at McDonalds for 30 days for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. When the movie was over, he felt that he wanted to try this for himself. So he did.

4: Tinker started out eating very unhealthy, but then ended up quiting the experiment after 10 days due to hot wing cravings. But the 10 days acted like the whole experiment if not longer. He gained 50 pounds in just those 10 days. He became a very fat man.

5: Because he ate all of those hot wings and junk food, he became a die hard eater. He had trouble getting out of bed too. His wife kept having to lift him out of bed every morning. She gained a lot of strength.

6: It's 6:30 am, Tinker's alarm goes off for work. Tinker is a supervisor of a Pratt & Whitney Plant. A Pratt & Whitney Plant is where people make airplane engines. It's now 6:45 am and he still can't get up. Tinker usually leaves for work at 7:15 am. His wife was awoken because Tinker's making so much noise, so she rolls him out of bed then goes back to sleep. Tinker then gets dressed, packs his 30 hot wings for lunch and heads out for work.

7: Tinker doesn't end up getting to work until 11:00 am because he broke his car after sitting down in it. So he had to fix it. He walks into work and his boss calls him into his office, "Tinker get into my office now!" So he goes to his office slowly. He walks up to the office with sweat running down his face, with the look of fear in his eyes. He opens the door slowly, gulps, then asks, "You wanted to see me?" "Yes, you know how many times you've been late this month? You've been late everyday for the past month. And not just 5 minutes late, no hours. I don't know what's happened to you but, YOU'RE FIRED!" There was a slight 5 second moment of silence and then Tinker's jaw became an O shape. His boss tells him to leave, so he does with a giant frown on his face.

8: When Tinker got home he screamed as loud as could into the heavens, but there was no one home to be there for him in his time of need. He walked into the kitchen looking for everybody, when he saw a note on the table. It was from his wife, "Dear Tinker, I've gone to join the army, I should be thanking you for this opportunity. If you weren't so freakishly fat I wouldn't have had to help you out of bed every morning. You've made me so strong. I will see you in 8 years. Your Loving Wife." How could this be any worse for Tinker.

9: The next day Tinker woke up on a park bench with another note on his face. It explained how the government repossessed his house, his cars, everything. Also how his children were taken by child services because they can't be taken care of by someone that's homeless and jobless. Little fat boy Tinker is as sad as he could ever be. So him and his 5 o'clock shadow walked to the nearest place of shelter. He walks for 4 blocks to find shelter, when he finds a trailer park. "It's better than nothing," exclaimed Tinker. So he trots inside and asks if he could stay. They let him stay.

10: It's been 4 years, Tinker just keeps trying to eat his sadness away. He has accomplished nothing. He went from a skinny, muscular 149 pound man, to this obscenely large 331 pound fat man. The only thing he's been enjoying lately is hot wings. He was a mess.

11: It's dinner time. Tinker gets a big bucket of hot wings from KFC. He's now down to the last wing, "STOP!" yelled the hot wing. "Who said that?" uttered Tinker. "It's me the hot wing you're trying to devour. You need to stop eating so much. You are about 300 pounds from the look of it. Look, you've eaten all of my family, and now all that's left of them is their bones. You need to diet now or you're going to die homeless and alone at the age of 50." Tinker puts down the hot wing and screamed, "I will, I will diet. From this day forth Tinker will eat healthy unless I wanna die alone and homeless at the age of 50!"

12: It's day 1 of the diet. Tinker has decided to order Nutri System everyday for it. The meal he has ordered today and everyday is pizza. He wanted something that he would enjoy but get healthy with at the same time. DING DONG! There's the delivery man at the door, "Here is your Nutri System sir." Tinker takes it with a smile on his face then shuts the door. Tinker sits down at the table and opens the box slowly but carefully. Then he puts it in the microwave for 10 minutes. He takes the first juicy saucy bite of pizza. He believes that he's in love. The sauce is getting all over his face and he ate the whole thing in less than 4 bites.

13: It's now day 79 of the diet, it's time for Tinker's last piece of pizza. The diet had worked like a charm. He's one pound away from his old form. He was about to take his first bite when he heard a knock at the door. He opens it angrily, "What do you..." Tinker doesn't believe his eyes. His wife has returned to him, "Hi Tinker..." Tinker was too shocked to say anything, so he said, "Will you come in?" Neither of them have seen each other in 8 years. So they had a long conversation about what went on in the past 8 years.

14: Today was one of the best days of Tinker's life. He's become skinny again and his wife came back. The only thing that could make this day any better for him is if his kids would return too. There was then a coincidental knock at the door. It was the man from child services. "Are you here to return my kids?" "Yes, I heard you got your home back. Please take care of them Mr. Tinker." Now that his kids have returned too, Tinker and his family can return to the way things used to be.

16: About the Author Jaycen Carroll lives in Wethersfield, CT. He enjoys reading books about cars and hopes to write books about cars when he's older. He likes the New York Yankees, and enjoys going to Yankee games with his father. He really likes spending times in Portland, CT with his cousins, uncle, and grandma who he enjoys spending time with. Jaycen is a good writer. Jaycen's nickname is Jozzy. Cole Urso lives in Wethersfield, CT. He likes the Boston Celtics and sleeping until noon everyday. He likes long vacations in Florida so he can go to Universal Studios. Cole is a good writer/drawer. He enjoys playing basketball with friends. Akanni Joesph lives in Wethersfield, CT. He likes to dance and when he's older he wants to be in the WWE. He is 13 and tall. hHe enjoys watching WWE at night. He likes the New York Yankees. Akanni's nickname is AJ.

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