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Tracing Time: The Schmidt Story

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Tracing Time: The Schmidt Story - Page Text Content

S: Tracing Time... Celebrating Sixty Years Together Through 140 Years of Memories

BC: Summer 1963

FC: Tracing | Celebrating Sixty Years Together | Time... | Through 140 Years of Memories | 1873-2012 | Tracing | Time...

1: Though time passes & faces change....may your love together never grow dim... | Grandpa & Grandma Schmidt | In dedication to | 60th Anniversary | (C) 2012

2: 1873-1950 | Erich's Family Story | Chapter

3: One man's dreams of a better life... | Beginnings: | John Henry "Herman" Schmidt | Eisleben, Germany | August 25, 1873 | Herman Schmidt | Dorverden | Born: | Herman Schmidt was born in Eisleben Germany, the hometown of Martin Luther. He later grew up in Dorverden, located just 40 km southeast of Bremen along the right bank of the Weser River. (Pictured right): The house in Dorverden, Germany where Herman and his siblings were raised. Here the family gathers around for a portrait. There were about five or six children born into the Schmidt family; Herman was the second youngest. | Eisleben

4: oth of Herman's parents died quite early on in his life, leaving him to be raised by his older siblings, Anna & John. He spent the remainder of his youth under their care up till the point where he was expected to serve in Kaiser Wilhelm II's army. Shown on this page are three photographs featuring the life and times of one of Herman's brothers (probably John). | B

5: Kaiser Wilhelm II German Emperor 1888=1918 | (above, left & right): Herman's service card. (below): Pages from Herman's army marksman training journal, written completely in German. (Notice the dates scribbled on some of the pages).

6: Property of Hermann Schmidt Bremen, Germany to New York, NY U.S.A | Within time, Herman became more and more disillusioned with the Kaiser and his army. As a soldier, living conditions were terrible. On top of that, he saw problems coming in Germany's future (just a decade before the outbreak of WWI). In 1904, at the age of 31, he devised a plan, with the help of his brother, to flee the dictatorship of the Kaiser. Going AWOL, Herman boarded a ship called the Barbarossa, and sailed for America. (above): A brief synopsis of the ship that brought Herman to the US. (right): A passenger record from Ellis Island chronicling his entry into the immigration port. *****

7: A New Life... | From New York, Herman traveled to Chicago. For about six months to a year, he worked at the the Bell Telephone Company, before heading south to Wichita, Kansas. On foot, Herman then traveled all the way west to the Garden Plain area. It is here that he began his life-time livelihood of farming and working with horses. (below): Herman and his team of horses circa 1908. | Though Herman successfully found a better life in the States, he never forgot all that he had lost and left behind in Germany. His son, Erich recalls him crying bitterly with each letter he received from family back in the homeland. On an even sadder note, most of his brothers' children were killed during the Nazi regime of WWII. | Some of Herman's horses circa early 1940s.

8: ~Neighbors~ The George Beltz Family | George Beltz moved his family from Lakin Kansas (along the Colorado/Kansas State Line) to Garden Plain in 1894. His wife Sophia hated it out west, so George sold the farm in Lakin for $50 an acre. (right): A copy of the deed from the Lakin sale dated August 18th 1894. | (left): Early photo of George's young family. Pictured here (from left to right) George, Bill, Sophia, & Elisabeth "Lizzie". | (left): A copy of Lizzie's Baptism Certificate in August 1889. Lizzie was born February 26th, 1889. | (right): Photograph of the growing Beltz Family. On the back row from left to right- - Lizzie, Bill, & little George. Featured on the front row (l to r)-- Fred (who died in infancy), Herman, & Albert.

9: Elizabeth Emilena Elise Beltz | Lizzie Beltz | Albert Beltz | Martha Beltz | Rachel Koster | Bill Beltz | (above, left): A newspaper clipping kept by Lizzie covering her days at Cheney KS' old Whitehall School in its hay-day in 1907. | (above): Lizzie in May of 1909 at the age of 20. She first became acquainted with Herman Schmidt when he move in down the road from the Beltz family around 1905 or 06. George, very impressed with the 30-some year old entrepreneur, betrothed Lizzie's hand to him in marriage. Later the family up and moved out to Bazine Kansas, putting a long-distance spin on the couple's relationship. | (above & below): A picture postcard of the Beltz family on the Garden Plain farm, circa 1908. On the back, Lizzie addresses the card to her friend, Rachel Koster (pictured above in the newspaper clipping).

10: (above): Herman & Lizzie marry on May 4th, 1911 in Albert KS (about halfway between Garden Plain and Bazine). | The letter surrounding this page was penned in German by Herman to Lizzie just weeks before their wedding day.

11: Between 1912 and 1930 Lizzie gave birth to nine children: John , Martin, Walter, Vernon , Albert, Anita, Everett, Lloyd, & Erich | (left): Original copy of Herman & Lizzie's Marriage License. | (right): Copy of the original letter giving notice of Herman's Naturalization hearing in September 1919. | (below): Copy of Herman's Registration Card dated: September 12, 1918.

12: (below): The Schmidts, (back row)- Martin, Walter, & John. (front row)- Lizzie holding baby Albert, & Herman holding Vernon. | (left): The family circa 1924. (from left to right)- Lizzie holding Anita, Mart, John (in back), Vernon, Walt, & Herman holding Albert. | Walt | John | Mart | Vernon | Lizzie | Herman | Sophia B. | George B. | (right): Celebration for Sophia Beltz's parents... Heinrich & Katherine Elling's Golden Anniversary | Heinrich | Katherine | Bill B. | Marie B. | Henry B. | Ernest B. | The Farm where the Schmidts raised their family, shown here in 1915. All of the children, but John were born here. | (above):

13: Remembering Everett Theodore Julius Schmidt | (above): Albert, Anita, & Everett. Photo dated August 12th, 1928 | (left): Baby Lloyd (3 mos. old) & Everett (age 3) on August 12th, 1928. | Tragedy struck the Schmidt household nearly a year after these photos were taken. In August of 1929, 4 year old Everett accidentally stepped on a pitchfork and developed tetanus (aka "lock-jaw"). His horrible death was a devastating blow to the family, and took a huge toll on Lizzie.

14: (above): Taken February 27, 1931-- Albert age 10, Anita age 8, Lloyd age 3, and baby Erich age 3 months & 2 days. (right): a close-up of Erich as an infant on Feb. 27, 1931. | Erich Albert Claudias Schmidt | Born: November 25th, 1930 | (left & right): Photos of Erich taken on April 30, 1936 in Haven Kansas. | Though Erich's birth was a blessed addition to the family, times were hard as the Great Depression was in full swing. Lizzie, still not quite over the death of Everett, had a nervous breakdown forcing Erich to be placed in the care of a neighboring family. When the neighbors decided that they wanted to adopt the little guy, Anita protested, begging her parents not to give away her little brother...as so the story goes.

15: A passion for animals that started early on... | (above): Blurry photo, but here is Erich riding a calf, 1939. (right): Erich (age 11) and his dog in April 1942. | (left): Erich and a lamb, 1940. (right): Lloyd & Erich and the dog April 1942.

16: (above): 3rd & 4th grade classes at Mt. Hope Grade School. Photo dated May 16, 1940. Erich is the 4th child on the front row. | Herman & Lizzie bought farm near Mt. Hope Kansas around 1934 for $6,000. They moved there in 1936. (above): Erich poses in front of the farmhouse in April of 1942. To stay warm at night, Erich recalls stuffing hot bricks (heated on a wood stove) under the covers of his corn shuck/canvas wrapped mattress. | (right): Erich poses with teachers & classmates at his Lutheran School in May of 1946. Erich is in the back on the far right.

17: January 18, 1942 | Lloyd | Erich | John | Vernon | Anita | Albert | Herman | Lizzie | Walt | Mart | (above): Mama & Papa (Lizzie & Herman) posing for a picture in their front parlor, January 18, 1942 | (below): Sister-in-laws January 18, 1942. (l to r)--Anita, Dorthy (Walt's Wife), Elizabeth (John's Wife), & Lorine (Mart's wife). | (left): The Schmidt boy's cars parked in the yard on this January day. (l to r)-- John, Mart, Walt, & Vernon. | (below): Dressed in their best (1-18-42) --Mart, Erich, John, Albert, Vernon, Lloyd, & Walt

18: Around the Mt. Hope Farm | New steel-wheeled Farmall tractor (Photo dated May-1-1943) | Erich & Lloyd feeding the hogs around 1944. | Loading the wagon, 1944 | The Sheep, 1946 | Circa, 1946 | Circa 1943 | Injured in a farming accident, here is the family dog Erich taught to do tricks, Feb. 1948. | Erich was quite young when he began to explore the ins & outs of farming. At age 11 he learned how to drive a team of mules.

19: Confirmation | April 1946 | (2 photos left): Erich posing in the front yard, all dressed up on the day of his confirmation. Here he is with a hat..... | .....and without a hat. | (below): Another shot of the family's Mt. Hope farmhouse.

20: Ever-growing | V | Herman & Lizzie's 35th Wedding Anniversary May 4, 1946 | (left): Herman & Lizzie pose in their parlor on the day of their 35th Wedding Anniversary. | (below): Family gathering on Oct. 15, 1950. (l to r)-- Albert, Erich, Walt, Herman, John, Lizzie, Vernon, Anita, Lloyd, & Mart. Kids in front (l to r)-- Larry, Johnny, Kathleen, Leroy, Marilyn, Norma, Lois, Darryl, & Dennis.

21: October 15, 1950 | Lloyd & his sweetheart, Rosalie. | Lloyd | Lloyd | Walt | Johnny (John's Son) | Leroy (John's Son) | Johnny | Dennis Fakes (Anita's Son) | Mervin Fakes (Anita's Husband) | Darryl (Mart's Son) | Lois Vernon's Daughter | Kathleen (Walt's Daughter) | Marilyn (Walt's Daughter) | Linda Vernon's Daughter | Norma (Vernon's Daughter | Leroy | Herman | Lizzie | Albert holding Larry | Erich | Marion | Mervin | Anita | Lydia | Vernon | Walt | Dorthy | John | Elizabeth | Mart | Dennis | Norma | Lois | Marilyn | Kathleen | Johnny | Leroy | Darryl

22: Viola's Family story | 1906-1950 | Chapter

23: Another Herman.... | Different Beginnings | Herman Friedrich Luehrs | Born: August 29, 1906 Union City, Oklahoma | Parents: Henry & Anna Poppe Luehrs | The Luehrs family moved from Oklahoma to Nebraska when Herman was a boy. Herman didn't have the easiest childhood. When he was about 5 years old, his mother died giving birth to his little sister, Marie. Times were tough, and his father, Henry, wasn't able to handle the small children by himself. (His older children were of age to care for themselves.) So Henry decided to farm out Herman and his little sister to different families. | The woman he was placed with was very cruel. On one occasion, she knocked out young Herman with a pair of shoes she had bought for him because they were too small for him to wear. | Despite these early difficulties, Herman did not allow his circumstances hinder his character. Family and friends remember him as a Godly man, full of great kindness, love, and affection. | Confirmation | Young Herman kicking a football

24: Helena Alwina Hulda Hohle | Born: October 21, 1912 | The Grove, Texas | (above): Helen, age 14, holding sister Gertrude. | Parents: Alwin & Bertha (Winkler) Hohle | Helen and her baby brother Rudi, born in 1917. | Around age 2 or 3 | As a young woman of the 1920s | Alwin Hohle raised his family in the heart of Texas (NW of Temple) near a small community called The Grove. Helen was the oldest of four children. Rudi was the second in line, followed by Olivia & Gertrude. Both Olivia & Gertrude unfortunately didn't make it past infancy. Gertrude died after contracting an upper respiratory disease called diphtheria.

25: How They Met... | Helen & Herman Circa 1929 or 1930 | Herman Luehrs made his way to the The Grove in the late 1920s where his older brother Bernhard was a Lutheran school teacher. During his stay, he so happened to attend a party where a 17 year old, Helen Hohle, caught his eye. With time their relationship grew into a steady courtship. | (above): An airplane shot of The Grove as it look in the 1920s & 30s. | (right): The Bernhard Luehrs family. (back row l to r)-- Frieda & Bernhard. (front row l to right)--Allen, Eileen, & Verna. | (above right): Another courtship photograph of the couple, dated 1929. Below their snapshot is a copy of Helen's detailed account (penned in German) describing the story behind the photograph. (Scanned from the back of the original print).

26: (Pictured above from left to right): Henry Luehrs (Herman's father), Herman, Helen, Bertha Hohle (Helen's mother), Alwin Hohle (Helen's father), & Rudi Hohle (Helen's brother). | All the chapel bells were ringing... | (2 photos above): Professional & amateur snap shots of Herman & Helen's wedding day, June 28th 1931. | (above): The ceremony was held at St. Paul Lutheran church, The Grove TX. | (below): The newlyweds posing in front of their Ford Coupe.

27: Viola Helen Luehrs | March 24, 1932 | The Grove, TX | Hanging out on her grandparent's porch at age of 3. | 8 mo. old Viola | Viola in 1935 | Rudi, Helen & 3 yr old Viola, 1935 | Four Generations 1932: Helen holding baby, Viola, with her parents, Bertha & Ernest Winkler (Bertha's father).

28: deep in the heart of Texas | Rudi on his parents' porch playing his guitar, 1935 | Rudi with his little niece, Viola (below on the right). Circa 1935 | Henry Luehrs lived in Texas for short period of time along side his sons Bernhard & Herman. | First cousins: Edith Hohle, Helen, & Lydia Hohle | Cousins: Clarence, Irene, & Wilbert Hohle | Irene picking cotton with her parents Emil & Erna Hohle and brothers Clarence & Wilbert. Emil was a half brother to Alwin Hohle while Erna was a sister to Bertha. | Alwin, Bertha, Helen & Viola in 1935.

29: (left): Trip with friends to Oklahoma City Amusement Park, 1936. Pictured left to right: Oscar Hobratschk, Ella Messenger, Herman, Helen (holding baby Al), Rudolf Gulhstorf, Mrs. Gulhstorf, Mrs. Rose Messenger, Dorothy Gulhstorf, Bill Messenger. 4 yr old Viola and Helen Gulhstorf on the ground in front. | From Texas to Oklahoma City | (above): Posing in front of The Grove's Lutheran Parsonage in 1937, Viola & Helen holding little Al. | (above): Al Luehrs, pictured here in 1937 at The Grove, was born on February 15, 1936 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. | The young Luehrs family circa 1936 or 37. | Herman worked for a short period of time at the Oklahoma City Hospital. Shown here (left & right) on top of the Hospital roof all deck out in scrubs, 1937. | 1935-1938

30: Texas '38-'42 | Spring 1939: Viola (age 7) & Al (age 3) in front of the family car. | Helen joins her kids in front of the car, Spring 1939. | Rudi dressed in his best in 1941, just before being drafted into the army for WWII | Viola & Irene holding kittens, circa 1941 or 1942 | Viola & Irene riding an old mare, 1941 or 1942 | Taking a snapshot with Grandpa & Grandma Hohle in front of their house in 1942. | After losing his job at the OKC hospital and a brief stint driving the city bus, Herman moved the family moved back to Texas in 1938. They briefly lived with Helen's folks before finding a rental house.

31: Helen Al, & Viola on the Little Blue River Bridge, in Nebraska 1942. | First family portrait in Kansas, 1941. | (left): First summer in Kansas (1941) at the Wolter brother's rental house. Viola is 9 yrs. old; Al is 5 yrs. old. | Helen's first cousin, Ben Hobratschk, who was student teaching at the Lutheran College in Winfield KS at the time, returned home to The Grove bragging of the farming opportunities in Kansas. Herman took up Ben's advice and briefly travel north to help out with the harvest. He was quickly sold on the new venture, and moved the family up in 1941. | Herman and the kids on the old bridge over the Little Blue River, south of his Uncle Ernest Poppe's place in Nebraska.

32: Herman's first job upon moving to the Cheney Kansas area was working for a family by the name of Krenzel. (Pictured left): Herman & Rachel Krenzel became lifelong friends of the family. | Later, Herman found more steady work farming on the Lander Garnett Farm near Cheney. (Below): Herman working a team of horses on the farm in September 1942. | (above): Viola & Al arriving home from school, 1942. Photo taken at the Garnett Place. | (above right): Viola pulling Al and their dog "Poochie" in the wagon, the very same day after school. | Blizzard December 27, 1942 | Between the house & the barn | Helen and the kids hiding behind a drift in the cattle corral. | The pigs trying to keep warm amongst massive snow drifts. | (left): Viola & Al playing with their cousins Alta Mae & Dwight Reinke, August 1942. Their mother Ruby was a cousin to Herman.

33: Wartime America | The Hohles / Luehrs 1944 | Ready for Church, May 1944 | Al, Irene, Wilbert, & Viola Texas, July 1944 | Al, May 1944 | Herman & Helen all dressed Up Cheney 1944 | Al, Rudi & Viola Texas 1944 | Dressed like a soldier: Al Had much admiration for his Uncle Rudi. Shown here in June 1944 | Helen took the kids on a train down to Texas for the summer of '44. Shown here in June with Grandma Hohle (Bertha), Grandpa Hohle (Alwin), & Uncle Rudi (home on furlough).

34: Rudi did not see combat. He served in France during WWII. Shown above in Oct 1944. | (above): Al & Viola on the porch of the Santa Fe RR Section House where they lived in circa early 1945. Herman worked as a kitchen-aid for the railroad in Cheney at the time. | Al''s 9th Birthday | February 1945 | Al & Viola celebrating Al's birthday with friends; The Walker brothers: Richard, Donnie & Dennis. | (above): | (right): Helen sitting on a pile of old RR ties. The family used them for fuel. | (left): Al proudly holding his cake. | The family together in front of the old Section house on Al's birthday.

35: (above left): Al & his buddy Poochie at the Section house. (above right): Viola jumps in the picture, 1945. | (above): The family in the Spring of 1945. Viola has just turned 13. | Al, Viola, & Helen on a picnic in 1945. | Herman driving the family's '37 Ford car. Al is in the back seat. | Al & Viola holding their cats at the Brown's place (where they lived after moving from the Section House).

36: Viola's Confirmation March 30, 1947 | The ceremony was held at St. Paul's Lutheran Church in The Grove, TX | Viola posing outside the house in Temple TX. | Irene | Viola & Irene 1946 | Viola posing on the car in front of Hansen's dairy barn. | Around the fall of 1945, Helen needed to have surgery done in Texas, so the family once again relocated back down south. Their new residence was at the Hansen Farm near Temple Texas. Here they stayed from about 1945 to 1947.

37: H | erman moved the family back to Cheney around the fall of 1947, at the start of Viola's freshman year of high school. | bout 1948, Herman took on the job as a Rawleigh dealer. In order to become a salesman in the company, he had to get the financial backing of friends from around the Cheney area. Viola recalls that it was "a job made for him." Herman, for the next 20 years, would travel the central Kansas region selling a variety of products, such as extracts, salves, & other ointments. | A | Herman in 1949, about the time he started his career as a Rawleigh dealer. | Al on a horse, 1949 | The Palmer house where the Luehrs resided from 1949 to the latter '50s. Herman & Helen would later buy a house catty-corner from there. | The W. T. Rawleigh Company, was founded in 1889 in Freeport Illinois. It is predominately known for its flavorings, fine spices, & medicinal home remedies.

38: Viola ready for a Saturday evening circa 1948 or 1949. | Viola spending time with Irene on a trip to Texas, Summer '49 | Viola & Al hanging with cousins: Dwight & Alta Mae Reinke, Aug. 1948. | Getting their hair set for an outing: Alta Mae & Viola, August 1948.

39: 1950 | Helen, Al, & Viola in April of 1950 | (Photos left & below): Al's Confirmation in April of 1950 | Visiting Uncle Bernhard Luehrs' family in Wisconsin, 1950 .

40: Family... When Two People Fell In | Chapter | 1951-1952

41: 1951 | & | One day in 1951, Herman Schmidt called upon the local Rawleigh dealer (Herman Luehrs) to treat his bad back (an injury he blamed on his years in the Germany army). Now Herman Luehrs knew that the Schmidts had a son who was still very much single. So he invited Viola and her friend, Yvonne Klokowski, out on his trek to their Mt. Hope farm. "You girls want to ride along?" Viola fondly remembers her dad asking. "I can introduce you to a nice available young man!" (Yet ironically Yvonne already had a boyfriend). When the three of them arrived at the Schmidt's farm, 20 year old Erich was watching from a hole in the side of the barn. He was informed that one of the girls was the daughter of the Rawleigh dealer, he just wasn't sure which one. All he knew was that he hoped it was the red-haired one wearing glasses. | The YoungFarmer | The Rawleigh Man's Daughter | (above): Rare outtakes. Viola & her friend Yvonne Klokowski goofing around with a pipe. | Viola 1951 | Erich 1951 | Yvonne Klokowski | 1948

42: Class of 1951 | 1945 | 1945 | 1950 | 1949 | 1947 | Prom 1951 | Graduation day 1951 | 1947

43: Celebrating Viola's Graduation | Cheney Kansas, Spring 1951 | Palmer House

44: On the Bridge South of Herman & Rachel Krenzel's Farm | Summer of 1951

45: ...more outtakes from the bridge.

46: Snapshots | from another time... | Fall 1951 | (photo's above): The Couple's First Car.

47: Winter 1951-52 | The Luehrs' & Their Son-in-law | to be | v

48: April 18th 1952 | Exchanging Vows | St. Paul's Lutheran Church Cheney Kansas | Mr. & Mrs. Erich Schmidt

49: (above): Irene was the Maid of Honor and Mervin Fakes (Anita's Husband) was the Best Man. | (above): Walking down the aisle together for the first time as Man & Wife. | (right): Posing with their parents and grandparents. Grandma Hohle with Herman & Helen Luehrs on the left. Lizzie & Herman Schmidt on the right. | (above): The flower girls (nieces: Lois & Norma) & the ring bearer (nephew: Dennis Fakes) get a photo-opp with the happy couple and the Schmidts & Luehrs. | Their Day | to Remember. . .

50: Vicksburg Mississippi | April 1952 | Honeymooning | Some time prior to the wedding, Erich & his soon to be father-in-law made a trip to Georgia to pick up his brother Lloyd's car. (Lloyd was in the service in Germany at that time during the Korean War.) On the way back home, Erich & Herman made a stop at the Vicksburg National Military Park in Vicksburg Mississippi. He was so enthralled with the old Civil War battlefield, that he decided to bring Viola there on their honeymoon. | (left & right): Erich & Viola each pose in front of the statue dedicated to Confederate Brig. Gen Lloyd Tilghman. Erich's photo has been digitally restored to its original color. | (bottom two photos): Restored snapshots of the couple posing in front of the Alabama memorial.

51: (left): A restored colored photograph of the Illinois Memorial taken by Erich or Viola at the Vicksburg National Military Park. | (right & directly below): Erich & Viola take turns on the steps of the Illinois Memorial. | (left & right): The couple posing on a couple of Civil War cannons. | The newlyweds also made a trek out to Texas during their honeymoon. (above two photos): Viola photographs her daydreaming husband. Their honeymoon was cut short when they received word from home that there was letter for him from Selective Services. It turns out that they wanted to reclassify his marital status.

52: First Year of Marriage | (above): Erich posing proudly with his tall feed stocks at the Gilmore place in 1952. | Aerial view of the couple's first homestead: the Gilmore farm, circa 1953. | Outside the Gilmore house | (above): The couple's new car; a 1947 Chevy. | Erich riding his horse around the Gilmore farm. | A pregnant Viola helping her mother get dinner on, Christmas 1952.

53: of '52 | Al snacking in the Kitchen. | Herman sampling the Christmas desserts. | The family opening gifts. | Helen shoveling snow outside the Palmer house, 1952. | Herman & Al cleaning the walk at the Palmer house. | The men of the family waiting around the food. | Erich & Al hanging tinsel on the tree.

54: Working Tirelessly... | Beginnings of a 35 year operation. | Erich began his lifelong career in the dairy business with a few brief stints of selling cream & working at the Haven Dairy. Before selling the cream, Erich & Viola had to separate the cream by hand through hand cranking. It generated a lot of work, but little profit. | The couple's milking business got its beginnings on the Schmidt home-place (Lloyd's farm). The two brothers worked the operation together until Erich moved it to his farm (at the Bender Place) in the early 1960s. Their daughter, Catherine, remembers the move to be one big cattle drive like in days of old. | Erich feeding the hogs at the Gilmore place | Erich milking in the winter '53-'54 | Winter 1954

55: Growing Up in Middle America | 1953-1960 | Chapter

56: Catherine Diane Schmidt March 5, 1953 | Baby Catherine at 4 1/2 months. | 4 month old Catherine & Grandma Luehrs. | (above & below): | Viola & Catherine at 5 months. | New Daddy: Erich his baby girl. | 8 month old Catherine.

57: (above): Viola holding her 4 month old daughter. | (below): Catherine & her mom, 1953. | (right): The four generation photo, circa Aug '53. From left to right: Great-Grandma Bertha Hohle, Grandma Helen Luehrs, Viola, & little Catherine. | Catherine at 7 months. | Viola feeding Catherine, August 1953

58: Growing Up...slowly but surely | Erich watching Catherine walk, 1954. | The young family enjoying ice cream, 1954. | Catherine & her teddy bear, 1954 | First Birthday, March 1954 | Helen giving her daughter a break. Catherine is about 8 months. | First Christmas: Catherine playing with Uncle Al. | Catherine (9 1/2 mos) walking for Grandma Luehrs. | Summer 1954

59: Herman taking an afternoon nap while on a visit to Rudi's, June 1953. | Rudi in the mid-1950s | Great Grandma Hohle in her kitchen. | Helen helping her mother prepare dinner, during a visit to Texas in June of 1953. | Herman & Helen with her parents, Alwin & Bertha Hohle. (Circa 1955) | Herman & Helen leisurely reading the paper, 1954. | Al "relaxing" at home, 1955. | Life & Times of the Luehrs 1953-1955

60: Dwight Eric Schmidt December 1, 1954 | ~Taking turns!~ (left): Erich & Dwight's bottle time. (below): Viola feeding a slightly older Dwight. | ~Rare outtake!~ (above): Dwight taking a ride with his folks, 1955. | (above): Viola rocking 4 month old Dwight.

61: Dwight asleep on Grandpa Luehrs' lap, Christmas 1955. | Erich, Viola & Family (circa Summer 1955). | Little Dwight on Uncle Al's lap. | Another family snap-shot from 1955 in front of the Luehrs'. Catherine is standing on the back bumper of the family car. | Dwight & his grandpas. Grandpa (Herman) Luehrs on the far left. Great Grandpa Alwin Hohle holding little Dwight. | Viola watches Dwight walk, Summer 1956.

62: All about Al | ~Teenager of the 1950s~ | Al & his mother Christmas 1952 | Al and his mother's '52 Plymouth, 1956 | (photo above & photos below): Decked-out for football at Cheney High, 1954 | (below): "Nature Boy"...as Helen labeled the back of the original photo. Al in the backyard of the Palmer place, 1955. | Al playing High School basketball at Cheney. | Experimenting with photography: Al's self snap-shot through a mirror, 1953.

63: Geared for a game with his helmet in hand. | Al's Senior photo | Cheney High School Class of 1956. Al is in the back row, the 7th guy starting from the left. | Graduation Day: Al posing with his parents | The happy graduate posing with his sister. | (left &right): Graduation photos in the living room-- Al with his mother & by himself. | 7th or 8th Grade. | Junior Year | 1947 | 1948 | 1950 | Freshman Year | Al & his car.

64: ALBERT LUEHRS | US ARMY | Al was drafted into the Army in the late-'50s. Staying State-side, he was first stationed in California, eventually to be placed at Mt. Hood in Washington State. | Al looks to be flying off for duty, 1956. | In the Army now: Al's desk job. | Another snapshot of Al at work in the Service. | Al clowning around with Catherine & Dwight after a family meal, circa 1956 or 1957. | Al, in uniform, holding his nephew & niece. | Celebrating Catherine's 3rd birthday, 1956. | Doing bookwork: Grandpa & Grandma Luehrs, 1955. | Grandma Luehrs & her mother washing dishes at the Palmer house, June 1956. | Dwight's 2nd Birthday, Dec. 1956. | Uncle Al crouching down to play with Dwight, 1955.

65: (above): Herman & Helen celebrating 25 years together, June 28, 1956 | (4 photos): Taken by a professional photographer in 1956. | (left): Catherine & Dwight together with Grandma Luehrs and Great-Grandpa & Grandma Hohle. | (right): Herman & Helen with their grown children. | (left): Catherine around age 3, Dwight about age 2. | (right): Erich & Viola with their young family.

66: Grandpa Schmidt | Remembering | 1873-1956 | (left): The Schmidts suffered a loss on October 6th, 1956 when family patriarch Herman Schmidt died of dropsy (kidney failure). Catherine remembers him to be a kind but stern man. He would give lemon drops to each of the grandkids, but would never let them crawl on his lap. It was as if his philosophy was that children should be seen but not heard. Though he tended to have a stern demeanor, he was greatly revered by his family. | (right): 4th Birthday Party for cousin Elaine (1958): Pictured from left to right-- Kenneth (Vernon's son), Lois (Vernon's daughter) holding a friend of the family, Dwight, Catherine, another family friend, Linda (Vernon's daughter), Elaine (Lloyd's daughter), & Norma (Vernon's oldest daughter) holding Alan (Lloyd's son). | (below three photos): Grandpa Luehrs' Rawleigh car. Herman put his '54 Chevy in the Cheney parade in 1956 to further advertise the Rawleigh Company. Viola helped her father by hand-making the vanilla bottle displayed in front. The bottom right photo shows the back of Herman's car around 1954. If you look closely, one can see his Rawleigh decal in the back window. | (above): Catherine & Elaine sitting on Grandma Schmidt's lap at the Burdorf Place around 1957. | (below): Viola washing dishes at her parents' house (the Palmer place) in 1956.

67: Lisa Helen Schmidt | June 23, 1957 | Lisa about 8 months. Notice Dwight's trying to sneak his way into the picture. | Viola holding Lisa at age 4 months. | Viola giving 1 year old Lisa a doll, Christmas of 1958. | Baby Lisa in her carriage during the winter of 1957-58. | Catherine holding her 1 month old sister. | Uncle Al cradles Lisa as Dwight & Catherine look on, 1957.

68: (2 Photos above): Standing in the wheat field around 1958. In the first photo, Catherine poses with Grandma Luehrs, who is holding 1 year old Lisa. Viola swaps out with Helen in the second photo, and Dwight joins the picture. | (below): Christmas of 1957. The family poses on the couch on the Burdorff place. Dwight gets "dressed up" of the photo-opp. | (above): Viola and the kids picking apricots, around the Summer of 1958. They had quite the abundance of fruit that year. | (below): On the couch at Grandpa & Grandma Luehrs' place. Lisa was 1 years old, Catherine was 5 years old & Dwight was 4.

69: (above): Spending the day with Grandpa (1958)-- After taking Catherine & Dwight out to get ice cream cones, Herman took his two grandkids to the grocery store where they bought these Indian headdresses. | (right): Lisa, in Viola's arms, trying out her sister's headdress. Catherine with her teddy bear, looks on. | (above): Dwight about age 2 in 1957. | (left): Dwight & Erich around the time of Erich's birthday, 1958. | (right): Hope on Pop circa '57 or '58-- Both Catherine & Lisa's fondest memories of Grandpa Luehrs was rough-housing with him. Whether it was playing Wahoo, horsey or hide-n-seek, Grandpa was fun to be with. "He was like a big kid, never getting impatient," Catherine recalls.

70: (above): Al in uniform around 1958. | (top 2 photos on the left): Dwight & Catherine playing with their new toys during the Christmas of 1957. | (above): Catherine & Dwight riding piggy-back on Uncle Al, 1958. | (above): "God's blessings to you..."-- Catherine almost ready to blow out her candles on her 5th birthday cake. Erich watches while Dwight catches the flash of the camera. | cousins: Elaine & Alan Schmidt

71: (left): Dwight proudly shows of his new bowling pin set, Christmas '58. | (above): Dwight pauses in unwrapping his gift to watch Catherine's excitement over the doll she just received for Christmas in 1958. | (left): Birthday party for Catherine (1958). From left to right-- Jane Tonn, (cousin) Elaine Schmidt, Catherine, Kathy Ragoozy, Arlene Wiese, Janice Tonn, & Dwight. | (bottom left): Lisa is sitting on Uncle Al's lap. Catherine is looking on, 1958. | (right): Posing in front of the Christmas tree in 1958. Catherine is 5 yrs old, Dwight just turned 4, and Lisa is 1 year & 6 mos. old.

72: Visiting Anita's family in Jetmore KS (1960). Lisa (age 3), Catherine (age 7), & Dwight (age 6) posing with Anita's kids: Connie & Dennis Fakes. | Erich working the field, 1959. | (above & below): Catherine's 6th Birthday (1959) with Dwight, Elaine & Alan. | (above & below): Catherine & Dwight playing with 2 year old Lisa in the wagon, 1959.

73: 1961-1969 | Transcending Mile Stones of Time... | Chapter

74: Snapshots around the Bender Place: November 1961. | In the early '60s the family moved again. This time to a small farm about a mile north of Herman & Lizzie's homestead (where Lloyd & Rosalie currently resided). The farm's previous owners were a family by the name of Bender. | Viola & the kids outside the Bender House. Looks like Catherine is trying to bike with training wheels. | Grandpa & Grandma Luehrs on a visit to Texas, March 1961. | Dwight riding Dolly the horse, with his sisters as his guides. | Lisa age 4 | Erich & his children. Catherine is on the family horse (Dolly). Dwight is holding the reigns while Lisa looks on. | Catherine leading Dolly. | The Bender farm looking northeast.

75: Family Gathering: At Grandpa & Grandma Luehrs' | (left): Christmas party at Bruce Shlickau's, 1961. From left to right: Beryl Grow, Kenneth Knappenberger, Alan Schmidt, Bruce, Rusty Morgan, Jimmy Schmidt, Susan (Bruce's sister), & Dwight. | (right): Jimmy the horse, circa 1964 | (3 photos on left) | (2 photos, above & left): Catherine's 8th birthday party. Pictured above (l to r): Janice Tonn, Catherine, Lisa (in front), Elaine, & Dwight. Pictured on the left: Playing with Grandpa. (l to r): Lisa, Dwight, Elaine, Janice, Grandpa Luehrs, & Catherine.

76: Uncle Vernon's daughter, Linda | Uncle Walt's son, Jerry | (above): Bruce Schlickau's birthday party, circa 1962. (going around the table l to r): Dwight, Jimmy Schmidt (Uncle Walt's son), Rusty Morgan, Susan ( Bruce's sister), Alan Schmidt (Uncle Lloyd's son), Bruce, Beryl Grow, & Kenneth Knappenberger. | From an early age, it became apparent that Dwight had a harder time learning compared to his classmates and siblings. One of his earlier set backs was having to stay another year in Kindergarten. Soon he was just one grade away from Lisa's age group. Dwight's mental handicap didn't keep him from living life. Though he had to try a lot harder to make the grade, Dwight made friends easily. He was well liked by all who got to know him. | (left): Dwight during his first year of kindergarten. | (above): Dwight's 2nd Kindergarten class. He is 5th from the left on the back row.

77: Christmas '62 | (2 photos directly above): Uncle Al & his folks at home, circa early 1960s. | (below): All dressed up-- Al & Viola with their parents at home, circa 1961. | Uncle Al & his new sweater. | Grandma & Grandpa unwrapping their gift. | at the Bender Place | Viola & Erich showing off their gifts. | Three excited kids ready to open gifts. | (2 photos directly above): Uncle Al & his folks at home, circa early 1960s. | (2 photos above, right): 1st photo-- The family gathers for a picture when Grandpa & Grandma Luehrs visit the Bender farm with Uncle Al during the winter somewhere around 1962. That is Buttons the dog in the bottom corner. 2nd photo-- On the very same day, Dwight & Catherine pose on Uncle Al's '58 or '59 Ford. | Uncle Al & his new sweater. | Grandma & Grandpa unwrapping their gift. | at the Bender Place | Viola & Erich showing off their gifts. | Three excited kids ready to open gifts.

78: 1962 | (left): Easter 1962. All dressed up in front of Grandpa & Grandma Luehrs' house in Cheney. | (left): Pictured on the couch at Uncle John & Aunt Elizabeth's house, from left to right-- Dwight, Lisa, Alan, Elaine, & Catherine. | (right): Catherine displaying her gifts on her 9th birthday, March 1962. | (left): Great Grandma Hohle unwrapping her Christmas gift during her visit to Kansas, 1962. | (2 photos, right): The kids and their pets at the Bender Place. 1st photo-- Catherine is holding "Buttons" the dog while Dwight & Lisa look on. 2nd photo-- Catherine is still carrying "Buttons", but now Dwight is holding "Goldie" the cat, & Lisa is cradling her cat, "Possum". | The old Bender place holds many memories for Catherine and Lisa; many of them contain misadventures with animals. | Bringing cats into the house was one thing their father forbade them to do growing up. What he did not know was that they would sneak them in when he was away. Whenever they heard the sound of his truck coming down the road, the kids would toss the cats on to the roof through Dwight's upstairs window. Erich never really understood why all of the cats were on the roof whenever he came home.

79: ' | (above, left): Lisa's original Kindergarten diploma booklet. (above, right): Lisa during her Kindergarten year, 1962-'63. | (left): Uncle Walt's death during the winter of '63 was a hard loss for the Schmidt family. His lovable personality was & is greatly missed. One of Lisa's memorable moments with her Uncle, was the time she found his dentures soaking in a glass. Losing her baby teeth at the time, she thought it was only natural to put one of hers in too. That brought great laughter to Walt & Aunt Dorthy, and the rest of the family. | (right): Mrs. Tonn's combined 1st & 2nd grade class during the 1963-'64 school year. Dwight is the fourth kid from the left in the back row. Lisa is the middle girl in red on the front row. Cousin, Jimmy Schmidt (Walt's son) is two students to the left of her. | Easter '63 | Lisa & Catherine wearing their Easter dresses, handmade by their mom.

80: Lizzie's Family | Ever-growing through the1960s | Uncle Lloyd, & Family, early 1960s. (l to r): Aunt Rosalie holding Glenn, Elaine, & Lloyd holding Alan. | Uncle Walt & Aunt Dorthy's oldest daughter, Kathleen. Here she is as a nursing student graduate. | Erich, Viola, & Family at Grandma Schmidts' house, circa 1964. | Uncle Vernon & Family, early 1960s. (l to r): Lois, Linda, Aunt Lydia, Norma, Uncle Vernon, & Kenneth. | Grandma Schmidt & Family, circa 1964. (back row): Erich, Uncle Vernon, & Uncle John. (middle row): Uncle Albert, Uncle Lloyd, & Uncle Mart. (front row): Aunt Anita & Grandma Schmidt. | **This photo is one of the last photos of Uncle Mart. He would later pass away in 1971.

81: '65 | (above): Grandpa & Grandma Luehrs' house in Cheney, circa 1964. | The Rawleigh Man's new car, 1964 Chevy station-wagon, circa 1965. It gave Grandpa more room to carry his products. | (above): Dwight dressed for Easter outside Grandpa & Grandma Luehrs house. | (above right): The kids in their grandparent's backyard. Lisa & Catherine are wearing the dresses Viola made for them. | The kids on Grandpa & Grandma's front porch. Catherine is 12 yrs old. Dwight is 10, & Lisa is 7. | (right): Uncle Al & his parents at Erich & Viola's place, around the Christmas of 1965.

82: Easter 1966 | (4 photos above): | (2 photos above): The kids in front of the television set at the Bender place, circa Fall of 1965 or 1966. | The kids and the dog posing by their dad's truck, sometime around the mid-'60s. | (directly above): Grandpa & Grandma Luehrs, 1966.

83: (left): Upon receiving an Allis-Chalmers contract, Uncle John & his two boys (Johnny & Leroy) started up their own implement business around Mt. Hope in 1966, calling it Schmidt & Sons, Inc. | Trip to Colorado with Uncle Mervin & Aunt Anita 1966 | (above left): Lisa holding her kitten while "Buttons" the dog intently watches, Summer '66. | (above right): Dwight & "Buttons" in front of the Bender House, 1966. | Aunt Anita & Uncle Mervin | Erich & the kids with Uncle Mervin at Hoosier Pass. Uncle Mervin is pointing the sign noting the Continental Divide. | Erich & the kids along the highway. | Catherine, Viola, & Lisa admiring the beauty of Colorado.

84: (3 photos above): Spending time in Texas 1966. | (left photo): Al & Great Uncle Rudi after a day of fishing. (center photo): Rudi's prize catch of the day. (right photo): Grandma Luehrs visiting with her mother (Great Grandma Hohle) & Uncle Rudi. | (left): Dwight, Lisa, Grandpa, Grandma, & Erich posing in a tall variety of wheat, sometime around the late-'60s. | (right): The Kids around 1967. | (3 photos below): Catherine's Confirmation day, 1967. | (left bottom photo): Catherine during the Confirmation ceremony. | (middle photo): The ceremony was held at the St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Haven. | (bottom right): Catherine's sponsors were Aunt Anita & Uncle Al.

85: Al's Girl | (above): Taken the day Uncle Al's brought his girlfriend, Donna Jones, out to the Bender Farm so the family could meet her for the first time. Their leaning against his sea-green '66 Chevy. | (above): Al & his sweetheart Donna Jones in front of the house at the Bender place, 1966. | (2 photos above & right): The day graduated from college, 1966. | Thanksgiving 1969 at Al & Donna's house on B Street in Kingman. | With Donna's grandma, Mrs. Cavin. | (right): Aunt Donna, Lisa, Catherine, Grandma, & Viola posing in Grandma's tulip garden, June 1969. | Tom Jones Anyone? | One of Lisa's favorite memories of Uncle Al & Aunt Donna's courting years was the time the family took a drive in Al's '66 Chevy. When the song What's New Pussycat came on the radio, Donna put up a fuss, telling Al..."shut that song off, I don't like it." | "That was one thing about Uncle Al," recalls Catherine. "He was always playing the latest trendy music of the day." | Mr. & Mrs. Albert Luehrs, August 18th, 1967

86: Alan: Uncle Lloyd & Aunt Rosalie's oldest son. | Jimmy: Uncle Walt & Aunt Dorthy's youngest Son. | Lois: Uncle Vernon & Aunt Lydia's second daughter. | Linda: Uncle Vernon & Aunt Lydia's youngest daughter. | (above): In front of Lloyd & Rosalie's house in Corder, MO. (l to r): Dwight, Alan, Catherine, Lisa, Elaine, & Glenn. (plus their dog, Trixie) | (above): Visiting Lloyd's family in Missouri, circa late '60s. Uncle Lloyd was a principal at a Lutheran School in small town called Corder. (Pictured in front of the Lutheran Church, l to r): Elaine, Catherine, Lisa, Alan, Glenn, & Dwight. | (above): Erich & his cattle on the Bender farm. Around 1968, a man by the name of Clinton Koontz offered Erich the chance to be the tenant of his farm. It was much bigger & would better suit the Erich's dairy business. The family moved there shortly after. | Catherine & her cow, "Bonnie" in Cheney, 1969. It won the grand champion award. | Grandma Schmidt, Viola & Catherine at the Bender place, around 1967 or '68. | Catherine, Viola & Grandma Luehrs, in front of the Bender house. | With Lloyd's kids on the Bender farm, 1967 or '68. | Easter 1967 or '68

87: "You know I bet it feels good to have the weight of this world off your shoulders now..." | "...I'm dreaming of the day I'm finally there with you." | "Don't be mad If I cry It just hurts so bad, sometimes 'Cause everyday it's sinking in And I have to say goodbye all over again" | lyrics by Matthew West | Chapter | "Save a place for me, I'll be there soon"

88: Blazing new paths... | life of the Koontz farm | The 1970s | Lisa & Dwight taking turns saddling it up. | Catherine with one of her cows, circa early '70s. | Lisa, Viola & Dwight: Easter 1971 or '72. | Catherine, Viola & Dwight: Easter 1971 or '72. | The kids deck out for Easter, either in 1971 or '72. | (above): Some time after Uncle Albert's first wife (Aunt Marion) passed away, he married again. This time to a lady named Maria Mora. His daughter, Karen stands off to the very end, on the left. Marie's daughter, Carmen, is next to her. Uncle Albert's son Larry stands next to his father on the right. Aunt Rosalie & Uncle Lloyd are in the back row, on the right. | March 1971

89: Remembering Grandpa Luehrs... | 1935 | 1906-1970

90: Additions to the family | Rodney Luehrs November 16th, 1970 | Michael Luehrs November 17th, 1972 | Donna capturing the attention of young Rodney, 1971. | Young Rodney, on a Sunday afternoon at Erich & Violas | Rod, learning to get around, '71 | Rod at 3 1/2 weeks old. | Mike at 3 weeks old. | Michael | Young | Aunt Donna & her boys, 1974. | Uncle Al & his boys, 1974. | Aunt Donna & Uncle Al with little Rod, circa 1971.

91: Catherine | Haven High School Class of 1971 | 4th Grade 1963-'64 | 1959-'60 | Junior Year, 1969-'70 | Freshman Year, 1967-'68 | 7th Grade 1965-'66 | 4th Grade, 1962-'63 | Sophomore Year, 1968-'69 | Senior Year, 1970-'71 | 6th Grade 1964-'65

92: Dwight: The Unsung Hero | Pages from his life...rarely seen until now | Dwight's last year in Mrs. Hoovers Special Ed. 1973-1974 | (right): Not the best of photos, but here is Dwight helping his dad in 1968 at the Bender Place.

94: ...I know that when I grow up I will be hurt many times and I must not complain and go on working. --Dwight | Dwight in Texas, '73

95: Trips to Texas... | ...more than a visit | Dwight developed his bout with cancer around Easter of 1974. During the last month of his life, Viola took Dwight down to the M.D. Anderson Hospital in Houston Texas for cancer treatments. They stayed there for 3 or 4 weeks before the family discovered that Wesley Hospital in Wichita could offer the same treatments. | Grandma Luehrs visiting Uncle Rudi. | Close cousins through the years: Viola & Irene in '73 | Dwight, Erich, Grandma Luehrs, & Uncle Rudi. | Uncle Rudi at home. | (left): Viola & Dwight stayed in Houston with cousin, Allen Luehrs. Here they pose with Allen's wife & son-- Arlene & Ronald. | (right): Dwight & Viola in front of Allen & Arlene Luehrs' house, May 1974. | 1973 | 1974 | During this particular trip in '73, Catherine & Lisa stayed behind in Kansas to do the chores by themselves. Catherine recalls that they had a lot of fun... unsupervised!

96: "Never can say goodbye..." | Dwight Eric Schmidt | 1954-1974 | (above): Probably one of the last photos taken of Dwight. Here he is in Galveston TX with Viola and Arlene & Ronald Luehrs, Mothers Day 1974. | 1st Year in Kindergarten, Age 6 | Age 16 | 1963-1964 | 1971 | 3rd Grade Age 10 | Age 11, 1965 | 1st Grade, Age 8

97: Moving on... | The Pinnacles of Adulthood | Chapter | 1975-1979

98: Haven High School | Class of | 1975 | isa | 1st Grade, Age 6 | Freshman Year 1971-'72 | Age 15, 1972 | 2nd Grade, Age 7 | 3rd Grade, Age 8 1965-1966 | 8th Grade, Age 13 1970-'71 | Sophomore Year, 1972-1973

99: Mr. & Mrs. Roger Fletcher | July 25th, 1975 | Erich & Viola with the newlyweds. | Posing with Grandma Schmidt & Grandma Luehrs | Posing with Roger's Parents: Lloyd & Billie Fletcher. | Roger & his groomsmen: Bruce Loder (Bestman) & Rick Boone | Catherine's Attendants were Lisa (as Maid of Honor) & Carol Boone. | The Ceremony was held at St. Paul's Lutheran Church and was officiated by Rev. Donovan Sprick. | The couple first met each other on a blind date in May of 1974.

100: 25th Anniversary | 25th Anniversary | April 18th, 1977 | Roger, Catherine, Erich, Viola, & Lisa. | With Grandma Luehrs & Grandma Schmidt. | Catherine & Lisa with Grandma Schmidt, 1976 | Michael at age 4, 1976. | Rodney in 1st Grade, 1977 | Catherine & "Pepper" the dog. | Catherine & Roger, 1976. | Reunited: Catherine & her mother, 1976. | Grandma Luehrs getting a kick out of her Christmas gift, 1978 | Viola & Al, sharing a cup of coffee together, Christmas '78 | Lisa, Christmas '78. | Uncle Al at Erich & Viola's, Christmas 1978. | Erich's Dairy Cows, 1976-'77 | (far left): Grandma Schmidt celebrates her 87th Birthday, February 1976. | Grandma Schmidt passed away on December 5th, 1977. On the left & above left, is a copy of her obituary and memorial service bulletin. | Grandma Schmidt | Lizzie Beltz Schmidt 1889-1977 | Remembering

101: Rod & Mike: Growing up in the '70s | After graduating high school, Lisa attended HCC and decided to go into the nursing field. Upon graduating from nursing school, she got a job as an registered nurse at Hutchinson Hospital. | A Visitor From Abroad... | Lisa as a student nurse. | The nursing school graduate, May'78 | Erich & Herman at a cook-out at Anita's place in Haven. | In 1979, one of Herman Schmidt's great nephews from Germany (who also ironically shared the name Herman Schmidt) came to visit the family. Above are a few photos from the first of a couple of visits Herman made to the American Schmidts of Haven. | Herman & the Schmidt siblings in 1979. (l to r): Erich, Lloyd, Anita, Albert, Vernon, John & Herman. | Herman & the Schmidt cousins at Anita's. (l to r): Elaine, Leroy, Lisa, Johnny, Alan, Herman, Jimmy, Connie, Kenny, & Larry. | Al & Donna's House on A Street in Kingman. (l to r): Donna, Lena Jones (Donna's mother), Helen, Mike, Al & Rod. | Rod & Mike playing outside their Uncle Erich & Aunt Viola's house. | Mike (left) & Rod (right) playing at home.

102: Viola snaps a photograph of the family in 1978. | Mike watches Grandma Luehrs unwrap her box of fruit, Christmas 1979. | Viola handing out gifts, Christmas 1979. | Catherine, an expecting mother, tickled over her Christmas gift, 1979. | New colt on the Koontz farm, 1979 | Koontz Farm, Winter 1979

103: Reliving the NineteenEighties | 1980-1989 | CHAPTER

104: Karen Jean Fletcher | May 27th, 1980 | 1 year 24 days old | 6 months old | Catherine & Karen, 7 weeks old. | First grandchild, Summer 1980. | 1981 at Erich & Viola's | Aunt Lisa looks on as baby Karen plays with Rod, Christmas 1980. | Candid 4 generation photo, 1980. | Proud parents of their 2 week old. | Grandma Viola and 2 week old Karen. | 4 months | 2 weeks

105: (right): Like her sister, Lisa met her husband on a blind date. But what made her story unique was the fact that John came on the scene as a patient in the hospital. While cutting back trees in the backyard of his parent's place, a tree limb fell on his right hand, severely crushing it. Lisa was on vacation the day John was admitted into Hutchinson Hospital. It wasn't until she returned that she learned her fellow nurses had given the young handsome man from Pretty Prairie her phone number. To make a long story short...he called, they went out, and the rest is history. | How I met your father.... John Meisenheimer of Pretty Prairie | Aunt Donna, 1981 | Christmas 1980 | Erich, Uncle Al & the boys Oct. 1981. | (above right): In 1981, a few years after Aunt Elizabeth died, Uncle John married Lavina Hoskinson. (above left): John & Lavina's wedding day. Back row: Lloyd, Vernon, Albert, & Erich. Front row: Lavina's daughter, Joyce Vanley, Lavina, John, & Anita. Uncle John & Lavina's life together was sadly cut short, when John unexpectedly passed away in 1982. | Karen & her dad at Erich & Viola's, 1981. | Great Grandma Luehrs & Karen, 1981

106: Mr. & Mrs. John Meisenheimer January 9th, 1982 | With John's Parents, Wilbur & Evadna Meisenheimer | With Erich & Viola | With Grandma Luehrs | Evadna Meisenheimer being escorted down the aisle. | Wilbur Meisenheimer congratulating his son. | Catherine, Matron of Honor | Michael Luehrs, Ring Bearer | Sara Youngquist, (John's Niece) Flower Girl | Erich giving his new son-in-law grief. | Giving Lisa away. | The Wedding Party. The Minister was Rev. Eldon Smith | Westside Baptist Church in Hutchinson.

107: John Lloyd Fletcher | June 12, 1982 | Birthdays with Grandpa, '84. Karen was 4 while John was turning 2. | Playing on the floor at Uncle John & Aunt Lisa's, 1983. | The Fletcher's posing together on John's 1st birthday. | Catherine & Roger, holding John on a visit to Lisa & John's, 1983. | Ready for his 1st birthday cake. | 15 mos. | 1984 | 9 mos. | Karen age 4 John age 2. | Grandma & little John, 1982. | 4.5 mos

108: BRIAN | . | MEISENHEIMER | ARTHUR | . | November 19th, 1983 | Grandma & Brian March 2nd, 1984 | Grandpa & Brian, 1 week old | Lisa & Brian March 1st, 1984 | John & his sleeping son February 1984 | Sleeping away at Grandma & Grandma's. | Feeding time... 1984 | Lisa & John at home with their newborn son. Winter 1984. | Grandpa directing little Brian how to feed a lamb Circa 1984 or '85 | Brian on his parent's patio with Cassidy the dog. | The quiet book... Baby Brian with Grandma & Great Grandma at John & Lisa's | 6 months

109: John age 3, 1985 | Karen age 5, 1985 | Brian about age 2, 1985 | Catherine & Kids, Nov. 1984 | Rod, age 12 Fall 1983 | Mike, age 11 Fall 1983 | Lisa, Catherine & kids New Years 1984 | Uncle Al & Aunt Donna with their boys at John & Lisa's New Years 1984. | Rod holding Brian New Years 1984 | Karen & Brian New Years 1984 | Aunt Donna with John & Karen October 1983 | Grandma & Grandpa visiting John & Karen at their home in Russell KS, 1985 | The Grandkids on Grandpa & Grandma's front porch, '85 | Roger & the kids (including Brian) in Russell, '84. | Grandpa teasing Karen at John & Lisa's, circa 1982-'83.

110: Lisa's Birthday, Circa 1985 | 1985 | Gift from Grandma: Brian & his Statue of Liberty pillow, 1986 | Bear Cake: Brian's 3rd Birthday. | Grandpa rocking John at the Fletcher's home in Russell, 1986 | Roger & an expecting Catherine at home Christmas of 1985 | John & his dad Christmas '85 | Great Grandma reading up on Karen's Christmas gift, 1985 | With the grandkids Christmas 1985 | John & Karen ready to take a ride in Grandpa's wagon. Looks like Mike is trying to climb aboard, 1986. | Michael 1986 | Rodney, 1986 | Trip in Grandpa's wagon. Brian is in front while John & Karen ride in back. Mike Luehrs is looking on, 1986.

111: February 19th, 1986 | Steven William Fletcher | Ruth Marie Fletcher | Steve 1986 | Grandma & Steve 1986 | Grandpa & Grandma with Ruthie, '86 | Great Grandma Luehrs feeding Ruthie a bottle, 1986 | Michael holding Steve. Karen looks on, Christmas '86 | Grandpa & the twins, Christmas at Uncle Al & Aunt Donna's , 1986. | 9.5 mos. December 1986

112: Erica Ann Meisenheimer | September 29, 1986 | Erica's 1st Birthday, 1987 | Grandma holding Erica, who is wearing one of Lisa's baby dresses, '87. | Grandma reading Erica a book, 1987 | Grandpa holding a sleeping Erica. | Erica opening her 1st birthday gifts...the bows are more attractive than what's inside! | John holding his newborn daughter, | 1987 | Lisa, Erica & Brian at home, 1988. | The Meisenheimers 1987. Brian is 3 & Erica is 8 mos. | Born at Hutchinson Hospital

113: Erica & Ruthie learning to maneuver the rocking chair. Christmas 1987. | Brian, age 3 | Brian 4 yrs old, Erica at 15 mos. | Karen, 3rd Grade Fall '88 | John, Kindergarten Fall '88 | Ruthie, 2 1/2 yrs. 1988 | Steven, 2 1/2 yrs. 1988 | Michael, Sophomore 1988-'89 | Rodney, Junior 1987-'88 | Grandpa with Erica (not very happy) & Brian. Christmas 1987. | On the back porch at John & Lisa's. Easter 1988. | John M. waits as Karen assists Erica on the slide. Easter, 1988 | Ruthie & Steve with Grandpa, 1988 | Bath-time for Erica | Great Grandma watches Steven & Ruth, Christmas at Al & Donna's 1986. | Christmas with the three additional grandkids, 1986. | Steven spending the night at Grandpa & Grandma's Christmas 1987. | Steven & Ruthie hard at play, Christmas '87. | Lisa & the Kids, 1988

114: Aaron Paul Meisenheimer | July 5th, 1989 | 1 year old Aaron gets first dibs on his cake. | Home from the hospital: Lisa and newborn baby Aaron, July '89 | Aaron at Uncle Al & Aunt Donna's, Christmas 1989 | Erica & her little baby brother. | Family photo shoot,1990 | Mighty tasty... | Aaron asleep in his swing.

115: Roger & John on his 6th birthday 1988 | Grandkids by Uncle Al & Aunt Donna's tree, Christmas '88 | Catherine sits at the kid's table, Christmas at Al & Donna's 1988 | Brian, sitting next to his mother, watches Karen eat. Christmas in Kingman 1988 | Rodney Kingman High School Class of '89 | John & Brian team up on one of Grandpa's horses. Catherine looks on, 1989. | Grandpa in Russell with Roger & Catherine's kids, circa 1988 | Erica, Ruthie, & Karen wearing the dresses Grandma made for them, Christmas 1988. | Grandma Luehrs celebrates her birthday her great-grandkids, 1989. | Erica & Brian at Grandpa & Grandma's around 1988 or '89. | Brian, Erica, & Aaron at home, Winter 1989-90. | Buggy Rides on the Koontz farm, 1988 | Family & the horses on the Koontz farm, 1989. | Great-Grandma Luehrs & Grandma, Christmas 1988.

116: 1990-1999 | Reassembling | Chapter | 1990-1999 | Like Yesterday... | Chapter

117: ZZZZ | John, Lisa & family 1990 | Michael Kingman High School Class of 1991. | Erica's 5th Birthday, 1991. Grandma Evadna Meisenheimer & Grandpa Schmidt look on. | Turkey Cake: Grandpa's Birthday 1990 | Brian, Easter '90 | Counting eggs together, Erica & Ruthie. Easter in Kingman 1990 | John Fletcher, Easter 1990 | Steven on the hunt, Easter 1990 | Christmas at Uncle & Aunt Donna's, 1991 | Opening Christmas gifts at Al & Donna's, 1991 | Great-Grandma Luehrs' 79th Birthday, Oct. 1991 | Helping Great-Grandma Luehrs open her birthday gifts, Oct. 1991 | Lisa & the Kids on the Koontz farm, Summer '90 | Grandma & Grandpa at home with the Fletcher grandkids 1990 | Grandma snaps a photo of Grandpa napping, circa early 1990s | John & Lisa, 1990 | The Fletcher grandkids on a visit to Grandpa & Grandma's farm, 1991

118: 40th Anniversary | 40th Anniversary | Erica's | October | August | ' 92 | Birthdays 1992 | Watching the "birdie bus" | On John & Lisa's front porch with the Jirasek kids. | Irene's daughter, Debbie stands in the back next to Lisa holding her youngest at the time, Ben. | Grandpa on his farm with Dan & Josh Jirasek | Grandma assists Dan & Sarah Jirasek bottle feed the calves. | Grandpa milking his cows | Great Grandma & Irene | As a surprise, Grandma's cousin, Irene (Hohle) Symm came up for the 40th Anniversary celebration. She brought along with her, her daughter Debbie Jirasek and her four grandchildren: Dan, Sarah, Josh, & Ben. | Anniversary party at John & Lisa's | Aaron's train cake | Great-Grandma turns 80 | Erica holding the dress Grandma made for her. | Brian and his annual bear cake. | The Surprise... | ...The Reunion | Taking Irene & family to Yoder

119: Visiting Grandma's Roots | The Meisenheimer's Trip to Texas January 1993 | 1993 | Rod & Laura's Wedding | Ft. Hays Kansas August 8th, 1993 | Christmas '93 | A visit to Uncle Rudi's | Uncle Rudi sharing old family stories with Lisa | The Grove, 1993 | St. Paul Lutheran Church, The Grove. 1993 | Aaron playing with Grandpa & Grandma's puppy in the old wagon. | The Meisenheimer kids on the front steps of the Koontz house. | The Family is joined John's father, Wilbur this Easter. | Rod marries Laura Davis | Mike as Rod's Best Man | The Reception | The Grandkids | Roger, Laura, & Rod at John & Lisa's for Christmas | Grandpa trying to put a bow on John's head. | Uncle Al & Aunt Donna at John & Lisa's | The family outside the church after the ceremony | John & Lisa and kids. | Great Grandma

120: Catherine entertaining Lisa in her kitchen, April 1994 | Ruthie playing while Aaron tries to pump water in Roger & Catherine's backyard, April 1994. | Lisa & Catherine help the kids find Easter eggs, April 1994. | Roger & Catherine take the Meisenheimers out to the Mississippi River, and then over to Illinois, April '94. | Aaron, Erica & Brian and their bikes, 1995 | The Meisenheimers on the back of Grandpa's truck, Nov. 1995 | Easter egg hunting at Roger and Catherine's house in Birmingham Iowa, April 1994. The Fletchers moved up there in 1992. | The Koontz farm at sunset, 1995. | Grandpa's horses November 1996. | 1995 | Steven leads Karen on horseback at the Koontz farm, Nov. 1995. | Family wagon ride, November 1995. | Catherine & Lisa on the back of their dad's wagon, Nov. 1995 | Roger & Cathrine supervise the kids as they climb aboard Grandpa's buggy, Nov.1995 | The Fletchers on Grandpa's truck, Nov. 1995. | John & Lisa and kids at home with their pets, 1995. | Catherine & Lisa, circa 1995 | The cousins (minus Karen) on Grandpa's buggy, November 1995 | '94

121: Great-Grandma Luehrs & Uncle Al in Kingman. Circa the mid-Late 1990s | Brian, Aaron, John & Steve on Grandpa & Grandma's couch, 1998. | Uncle Vernon's family gather together in 1998 for his 80th Birthday. He later passed away in 2001. | (right): The Schmidt cousins on Vernon's 80th birthday, 1998. (l to r): Leroy, Linda, Johnny, Norma, Kenny, Lois, & Alan. | Erica's 13th Birthday 1999. | John M. poses with his kids in one of his sunflower fields, Summer1999. | The Fletchers, 1999 | Uncle Al & Aunt Donna, circa mid-late 1990s | (above): One last look back: Erich & Viola take their daughters to visit the old Bender house weeks before its demolition, Nov. 1997. Here Lisa poses outside the house of her childhood. | Erica & Aaron shooting hoops outside their house, Nov. 1999. | late | 'S | Aaron1999.

122: Mr. & Mrs. James Chickering | February 10th, 1999 | Floris Baptist Church Floris, Iowa | --Scott Grim | --Ruth

123: 2000-2012 | CHAPTER | A new generation... ....A new Era

124: Remembering GrandmaLuehrs | 1988 | 1912-2000 | Last family visit with Great Grandma Luehrs, just 2 months before she passed away in June 2000. | 83rd Birthday, 1995

125: 50th Anniversary | thru | April 2002 | Cousin, Irene Symm returns from Texas to celebrate the couples big occastion. | Lisa with her parents on their Golden Anniversary. | The Fletchers at home Summer 2002 | The Meisenheimers travel to Iowa to visit the Fletchers Summer 2002 | Roger flipping burgers at John & Lisa's, June 2000 | Grandpa & John M. visit while making homemade ice cream, June 2000 | Cousins together in Kansas (minus Karen), June 2000. | John, Ruth, Steve, Karen & James, Birmingham Iowa, 2001 | Catherine & Lisa, June 2000 | Winter 2000 | Grandma with Brian at his Graduation from Pretty Prairie High School, May 2002 | Grandpa & Grandma visit Iowa, circa 2001. Grandpa & John tease each other while Grandma looks on. | Karen & James, circa early 2000s. | Erica, Aaron, Lisa, & John playing Monopoly with Grandpa, 2000. | Erica & Aaron with Shawn Luehrs at Uncle Al & Aunt Donna's 2002 | Aunt Donna & Uncle Al at home with Rod & Laura's boys, 2000 Donna is holding Tyler while Al holds Shawn. | On the night of Erica's 8th Grade Promotion, May 2001.

126: Cameron Chickering | April 15, 2003 | Blake | At age 1 | Karen & Cameron at 4 mos. 2003 | Cameron at 18 mos. 2004 | Cameron looking over his Grandma Fletcher's shoulder at his Aunt Ruth, 2003. | 12 days old, 2003. | With Great-Grandpa Schmidt at John & Lisa's place, 2004. | First Great-grandson 2003 | The Chickerings 2004 | April 2004 | August 2003

127: Steven & Ruth at age 18, 2004. | Ruth, 2004. | Steve, 2004. | Erica graduates from Pretty Prairie High School, May 2005. | Michael marries Joanne Hainsworth February 23, 2002 | The Meisenheimers at home, 2003. | Grandma & Grandpa at home circa 2003. | Grandma holding baby Cameron at John & Lisa's 2003 | Brian graduates from Southwest Baptist University, May 2006.

128: Christmas 2008 | Aaron's High School Graduation in Pretty Prairie, 2008. | Jesse McCallister with the Luehrs cousins, Tyler, Ryan, & Lacy playing with the Meisenheimer's dog, May 2008. | Erica with her sweetheart, Jesse McCallister, 2008. | Rod & Laura Luehrs with their boys, Shawn, Tyler, & Ryan, 2009. | Michael & Joanne Luehrs and their daughter Lacy, 2011. | Erica's SBU Graduation, May 2009, with Grandpa & Grandma (far left), Uncle Al & Aunt Donna (far right), and John's sister, Karen Youngquist (next to Lisa). | Erica brings frozen custard to Brian's Bolivar apartment, May 2009. Both Grandpa & Grandma and Uncle Al & Aunt Donna made the trek over to Missouri for Erica's Graduation. | Uncle Al & sons: Rod & Mike, 2009 | The Luehrs cousins at Al & Donna's, Christmas 2010 (l to r): Tyler, Shawn, Ryan, & Lacy. | Steve & Ruth's 21st Birthday, 2007

129: Mr. & Mrs. John Fletcher | April 12, 2008 Bonaparte, Iowa | John | Joanna | Steve | Karen & John | Ruth, Karen, & Grandma | Grandpa & Grandma with Uncle John & Aunt Lisa | Brian | John & his mom | Cameron the ring-bearer

130: Mr. & Mrs. Jesse McCallister May 23rd, 2010 El Dorado Springs, Missouri | Kansas | Aaron escorting Grandma & Grandpa | Uncle Al & Aunt Donna with Rod & Laura | Grandpa & Grandma with Aunt Dorthy (Uncle Walt's widow) | (right): Shawn Luehrs in between Wilbur & Dwain Meisenheimer. Ryan Luehrs is in the foreground. | John & Lisa with Aunt Catherine

131: Eric William Matthew Fletcher | May 25, 2010 | Baby Eric & his Aunt Karen & cousin, Cameron, 2010 | 2010 | 2010 | 2010 | Moving about the house, 2011. | Joanna taking Eric for a ride at the park, 2011 | Joanna and newborn Eric, May 2010 | John learning the ropes of fatherhood, May 2010. | John, Joanna, & Eric, 2011. | Taking a 4-wheeler ride with his dad & Grandpa Fletcher. | Eric playing with his toys 2011

132: Anita Schmidt Fakes 1923-2011 | Catherine & Roger Fall of 2011 | Catherine with Aunt Donna & Uncle Al at Lisa's October 2011 | Catherine visiting Grandpa & Grandma October 2011 | The Schmidt Brothers, (l to r) Uncle Lloyd, Uncle Albert, & Erich December 2011 | The surviving Schmidt siblings at Aunt Anita's funeral, Dec. 2011. (back row): Aunt Rosalie, Uncle Lloyd, Grandpa & Grandma. (front row): Uncle Albert & Maria. | John & Lisa's family November 2010 | Roger & Cameron playing Domino's 2010 | John, Steve, & Ruth at their parent's 2010 | With James' army career, both Karen and him have visited many different places. Here they are in Paris, France, 2011. | (above): The Schmidt Cousins at Aunt Anita's funeral. (back row from l to r): Kathleen (Trapp), Johnny, Leroy, & Marilyn (Swanson). (3rd row): Norma (Hartung), Dennis Fakes, Linda (Brockman), Jerry, & Kenny. (2nd row): Jimmy, Alan, Elaine, Karen (Colley), Connie Yeager, & Lois (Wagner). (front row): Lisa (Meisenheimer) & Glenn. | Aaron running track for SBU, February 2011. | Brian, Erica, Jesse, & Lisa at Aaron's cross country run on the campus of Southwest Baptist, 2010.

133: Let's turn back the clock.... | Erich and his niece, Kathleen (Walt's daughter) June 12, 1942 | Luehrs Family 5th Anniversary Oklahoma City 1936 | Uncle Rudi catching squirrels, the day before going into the army. | Viola with classmate friends, Senior Trip 1951 | Grandpa & Grandma Luehrs Christmas 1952 | Easter 1963 | Christmas 1979 | Lisa 1976 | Karen wearing Catherine's Dress, 1982 | Christmas '84 | Great Grandpa & Grandma Hohle's home, The Grove, TX | Viola, 1949 | Donna, Late 1960s | Schmidt Family Christmas 1949 | Christmas 1988 | Grandkids, Mother's Day '85 at Al & Donna's | Grandpa & Karen, early '80s

134: Viola & Yvonne Summer 1950 | Catherine helping with dishes | Uncle Vernon's daughter, Norma | Aunt Anita's son Dennis Fakes, 1958 | Al, Christmas at Erich & Viola's 1962 | Mike & Rod Christmas '82 | Karen and Grandpa Christmas 1984 | '88-'89 | 1995 | Catherine & Erich Oct. 2011 | Jesse in China, '09 | Lisa, circa 1994 | Tyler & Lacy Luehrs, 2008 | Kids table Christmas '88 at Al & Donna's | John & Magoo the cat, circa 2000 | Grandpa with Erica & Aaron, circa '93-'94 | Al, Catherine & Grandma Luehrs Summer 1955 | Eric, 2011 | Cameron, 2008 | Uncle Al & Aunt Donna at Erica & Jesse's Wedding, 2010 | Lizzie Schmidt with her mother, Sophie, son, John, & grandmother,Katherine Elling | Erica, 3rd Grade | Lisa & Aaron napping, 1991 | 1989 | Catherine & Roger Wedding 1975

135: George Beltz family circa 1920 | Viola at the Elling Reunion, Summer 1951 | Dwight, Grandpa Luehrs, & Catherine at the table | Lisa & Dwight playing with Elaine & Alan, Corder, MO 1968. | Grandpa's Birthday Nov. 1995 | Nov. 1992 | Roger, self portrait John & Joanna's Wedding 2008 | Great Grandma Luehrs' Birthday 1991 | Brian circa late 1980s | Erica in Greece, 2012 | Koontz milk barn, 1970s | 1982 | Catherine, circa early 1970s | Dwight 1959 | Al, late 1950s | Aaron, late '90s | Great Grandpa Hohle drilling wheat | Irene & her husband Ervin Symm, '82 | Al, late '50s | Rod 1981 | Grandma Luehrs & the great-grandkids, 1987 | Thanksgiving with the Fletcher grandkids, 2002

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