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True Love

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True Love - Page Text Content

S: True Love

FC: True Love

1: Reunion We arrived Atlanta on Friday March 11th, 2011 to celebrate Ha - Vu's wedding on Saturday and our parents' 60th anniversary on Sunday. There was nothing to compare to the joyfulness we had when all our family members and relatives from around the world gathered together in one place. Among us, there were some persons we just met last year, or last month, even just the day before. There were some cousins we hadn't met since 36 years ago or some ones we just heard their names but never met in person. Our reunion was so precious; some people grinned happily greeting each other, some shook hands emotionally as if they never had a chance to see each other again. We recalled old memories, joked then shared our current life stories to each other. Time and distance seemed meaningless to us...

8: Our Parents' 60th Anniversary Celebration | From Newly Wed | To 25th Anniversary | Through Half A Century Anniversary | Now Diamond Anniversary

9: Unforgettable Memories | Newly Wed Through Silver: Glorious Era | Our parents built up their own family from empty nest. Soon after their wedding, our maternal grandpa passed away in a sudden. Such a tragedy in wartime plus family responsibilities marked deep sorrow in the young couple's daily life.

10: Love for each other helped my parents overcome many challenges. After a few year, two beautiful children were brought into life: Ngoc & Linh

11: Those happy days, those peaceful afternoons walking with their two young children in Hanoi didn't last very long. In the turbulence of war and the separation of our country, my parents had to leave Hanoi for Saigon in the early Spring of 1955. While they were building up their new life in a new place, two more girls were born in Saigon: Nga & Ngan

13: Life moved on. One after another, we shared our parts to build the family of 9 children: Ngoc, Linh, Nga, Ngan, Loi, Nham, Luan, Liem & Nhi

14: The more children, the more blessing. Our life got better and better

15: We grew up in our parents' love and care.

16: In the difficult situation of the whole country in the 70's, everyone was too busy working to meet their ends to think about celebrating anniversaries. My parents didn't have an opportunity to celebrate their 25th anniversary in 1976. However, deep down in their heart, no way they could forget their life together for 25 years with 9 growing children. | , | In those 25 years, there was a lot of joy but also a lot of sleepless nights, quiet tears, even worries and disagreements in raising and protecting us, their children. In the chaos at the end of VietNam war, my parents had to face a painful separation in our family. They let Linh leave VietNam at the end of April 1975 without knowing if they could ever see him again. | Beside the sorrow of a mother in the verge of losing the eldest son, my Mother also suffered the grief of the oldest sister in separation with her two brothers' families- Uncle Diem & Uncle Oanh- who left VietNam on a boat same time with Linh. On top of that, her youngest brother, Uncle Doanh, and her son-in-law, Cong, had gone to the concentration camps.

17: Through Silver to Gold: More Challenges. | This period of time was the most difficult time in my family history. To support a big family with not only food but also education, my parents worked very hard during the years after VietNam war ended. No matter what laborious work they had to do on their small farm in the suburb of Saigon to plant vegetables, to raise pigs and chicken - all the farming tasks that they had never done before- my parents quietly sacrificed themselves to benefit us, their children.

18: Lunar New Year 1978

19: After a few years, my Mom looked much older than before; my Dad's hair turned all white.

20: Not long after knowing Linh was safe and sound in the United States, my parents had to depart from Loi. Then in a few years, both my grandmothers one by one passed away (1982 then 1985). Without their deep love, understanding and caring for each other as well as the sacrifice and responsibility of parents, my parents might not overcome this difficult time. | Paternal Grandma | Maternal Grandma | Lunar New Year 1989 | Lunar New Year 1988

21: Once again, fate pushed my parents to another twist and turn of their life. My parents and 4 of us left VietNam for the United States on Nov 4th 1990. Excited to reunite with Linh & Loi but heart broken to leave Nga & Ngan behind, they were too emotional to asked themselves if they were happy. Their family was still not complete. | 35 Cedar st - Binghamton - NY | Uncle Diem from Texas, Uncle Oanh from CA visited my parents in Binghamton,NY

22: During the first few years in America, my parents were still very sad. At their age, it wasn't easy to adapt to the new life in a new country. They were homesick as well as missing their faraway children; some were in VietNam, the others were in New York. REUNION- sounded very simple but sometimes it just came in their dreams. | The cold weather in New York was too rough for my parents in their old age. We moved to Southern California in the summer of 1991. | 2654 Miton Ave - Fullerton CA | Watkins Glen State Park - NY | Niagara Falls

23: Lunar New Year 1993 | Dam Sen Park- Trip to VietNam | Time went on. My parents gradually accepted their life in the US. They began traveling to different places, visiting their children and relatives | Washington DC | Disney Land -CA | San Diego, CA

24: Huntington Library Park, CA | Houston - Texas | Las Vegas | San Diego | San Francisco | Looked like our Ly- grandpa, Airborne orbit NASA frequent | Nasa - Houston - Texas | Las Vegas

25: No promise but lifetime commit Never vowed "I Do," done it for life Through Ups and Downs, we're side by side Who could know true love: Happiness? Between us, an opposite attraction Sharing heart, sharing life for good For Sixty years in companion Who know what commitment we took?

26: Golden Anniversary Celebration 2001

28: 1131 W. Hampshire Ave Anaheim, CA | Yosemite | 230 Mission Dr Fullerton, CA | Epcot Disney park- Florida | Las Vegas

29: Cherokee - NC | Philadelphia -PA | SanFrancisco | Savannah, GA | Duke Garden-NC | Hands in Hands

30: Young at Heart

31: Always devoted her life to care for her husband and kids

32: No need for any sky bridge by crows .... | We still had a Reunion at last.... | Lifetime Accomplishments

33: Reunion - 2010 1008 Double Spring Ct Apex NC

34: 60 years of Love and Accomplish-ments | In the old days, anyone who lived to 60 years old was considered lucky. No one would dream of celebrating their 60th anniversary. Even today, 50th anniversary is rare, 60th is even rarer. That is the very important reason why we are here this evening. Sixty years ago in Hanoi, a young couple got married in the presence of their immediate family members in a simple wedding ceremony. During wartime in Vietnam, not many couples could have the happiness and luxury of sharing their wedding ceremonies with loved ones. Mr. & Mrs. Ly Nguyen chose each other to be their lifetime soul mates in a simple, but dignified ceremony. Among all the | guests this evening, only Mr. & Mrs. Nguyen Ngoc Diem and Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Oanh attended that wedding. As the young couple wedded in the turbulence of war and separation in Viet Nam, there was no one who cited the wedding vow for them to say “I do!” but deep in their hearts, they carried on their vows in a big way. They took responsibilities seriously not only for each other but also for their extended families. They have been side by side for 60 years to share the responsibility towards the growing family that they started. Although, as always, she takes on the role of a matriarch, who shoulders every burden - large or small -- in the family, he is always by her side to share with her the joys and sorrows. He has kept his word, not being apart from her during the last 60 years. He often tells us, “Without your Mom, we would have starved a long time ago.” All his life, he likes to have new things, even just for a short time. But he would not dare to think of a new wife! He said if he could not live with her, he could not live with anyone else. She’s always been a perfectionist. We grew up accustomed to her saying, “If I knew then, I would have done something different” but she would never say anything like that regarding their marriage. Though they are not without faults, time has proven that they have been a perfect match for each other. In reality, no party goes on forever, no one is perfect, no marriage is without any tears and worries. But love, responsibility, respect, and appreciation for each other build a solid base for a family to conquer all the challenges from family situations, society, war and separation. From a newlywed couple 60 years ago, experiencing many ups and downs and challenges, they’ve built a big family with 9 children plus their spouses, 15 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren.

35: In their old age, to have their children and grandchildren around is their happiness. Teasing them is their children’s way to make them happy and make all of us laugh. To illustrate their day to days habits, Tien & Nham wrote: Well known the Nguyen grandpa Reasoned, discussed, got in our way Grandma correct(ed) nonsense "You all exist: arguing we went." Hopefully, their life will be a role model for all of us to appreciate our life partners so that we can have more opportunities to celebrate many more 50th and 60th anniversaries in the future.

39: Everyone, close your eyes | Oh, God! You're shameless! | Nothing to be shamed about!

40: Happiness with friends & family

41: The opening speech of our parents' Diamond Anniversary Dinner | To honor Uncle & Aunt Diem's 62nd Anniversary ( Nham-Tien ) | To honor Uncle & Aunt Oanh's 50th Anniversary ( Nham -Tien ) | An audio technician?

44: Now.. now.. open big... | How come we are so nervous? | The first time in 60 years? | 60 years | of Love

45: In the universe No one as great as Mom Carried hardship in life No one compared to Dad Even a vast ocean Can't measure Mom's Love Yet the boundless sky Can't cover Father's good deeds From dusk to dawn busy Mom worked Raising her kids be good persons Didn't matter how small Dad looked Standing up, he protect(ed) his child. Who has Mom, please don't make her cry Don't ever fill her eyes with grieves. | Dear Family and Friends, Tonight our children are celebrating our 60th Wedding Anniversary. We're very touched to have such a meaningful day in our life. First of all, we would like to thank God who gave us 9 loving children as well as 9 dedicated and affectionate sons- and daughters-in-law. They all take good care of us from our meals to our medication. They took us here and there to make our life more joyful and comfortable over all. Secondly, we thank Mr. & Mrs. Diem & their family; Mr. & Mrs. Oanh & their family; Lien- Kiem; Phuc- Thao; Khanh-Thu, Mr. & Mrs. Paul Tasker for spending your | precious time to join us at the dinner tonight. We would like to thank Mrs. Xuyen, Mr. & Mrs. Doanh, Ms. Quyen, Khoi- Hang and Hong - Dao - Kuong, who sent presents to us. We would never forget all of your love and care for our family. Once again, Thank you very much.

46: Get ready to celebrate more 60th Anniversaries in the future. | See you again!!! | This couple is not real! Cheating!!

48: Nhan dip le Kim cuong ky niem 60 nam thanh hon cua anh chi, chung em than chuc anh chi luon luon duoc bang an, manh khoe, dam am, vui, ve, may man, HANH PHUC, truong truong tho, moi su nhu y, dai gia dinh hoan toan tot dep. - Vo chong Nguyen Ngoc Diem va cac con chau | Kinh chuc Bo Ma luon song vui , khoe manh va hanh phuc voi con chau . - Cong -Ngoc | Chuc co Chu Ly luon duoc vui ve, moi giac mo duoc thanh hien thuc. Chi Xuyen va hai chau Khoi -Hang | Kinh chuc Ong ba luon duoc doi dao suc khoe, vui huong tuoi gia ben cac con chau va mai mai hanh phuc ben nhau. - Hai chau Phuc-Thao | Chuc Bo Ma luon duoc manh khoe, hanh phuc de tui con con duoc an mung nhieu Anniversaries nhu the nay nua. 60 nam la mot duong doi rat dai, Bo Ma da cung nhau vuot qua. Doan duong con lai se de dang, nhan ha hon nhieu nua. Mong Bo Ma luon giu gin suc khoe de cung vui ve quay quan cung con chau - Nham - Tien | Hom nay la mot ngay dac biet cua Bo Ma. Chung con chuc Bo Ma vui ve va khoe manh de o hoai voi chung con . Luan - Thai va Quyen | Kinh chuc Hai bac vui manh, tram nam hanh phuc - Gia dinh Khanh- Thu | Kinh chuc mung hai bac - Hai chau Lien - Kiem | Chung con chuc Bo Ma bach nien giai lao va hanh phuc ben nhau. Liem -Phuong - Lan - Phung | Chuc Bo Ma co nhieu niem vui, nhieu suc khoe, song lau tram tuoi va luon luon la cho dua cho chung con va cac chau. Nhan dip ky niem lan thu 60 ngay cuoi cua bo Ma, con xin cam on tat ca nhung gi Bo Ma da giup do, day do cho con va hai chau Ha- Nguyen de con va cac chau co duoc nhu ngay hom nay. Nga | Kinh chuc Ong ba ngoai vui ve, hanh phuc va con chau day nha . Tan - Tram - Tai - Trieu

49: Chung con that vo cung may man duoc sinh ra va lon len duoi su che cho, cham soc, day do cua Bo Ma. con kinh chuc Bo Ma luon duoc doi dao suc khoe, vui ve hanh phuc. chung con cho don duoc dip to chuc nhung le Annieversaries ke tiep . Nhi - Scott - Vivian - Logan | Hoan ho hai bac nha ta Sau muoi nam chan that la dep doi Con sinh ra duoc chin nguoi Trai thoi tai gioi, gai thoi net na Diem danh: nao Ngoc, Linh , Nga Ngan, Nham, Luan, Loi cung la Liem, Nhi Mung an-ni-voc-sa-ry Chuc cho Hai bac hap-py tron doi Bao- Tan, Hao - Thu, Huy - Lien | Nhan dip ky niem 60 nam cua ong ba, gia dinh chung con kinh chuc ong ba mai mai vui ve va manh khoe. Con cung khong quen nhan dip nay cam on ong ba da nuoi duong con trong luc cha me con gap hoan canh khon kho. On nay con mai khong bao gio quen. Quoc - Diem- Anthony - Carson | Con thuong chuc ong ba them nhieu nam hanh phuc, that nhieu suc khoe, va luon luon duoc nhieu niem vui trong cuoc song.Hai con vo cung hanh dien va vinh du khi duoc chuc mung 60 nam ngay cuoi cua ong ba. Ha - Vu | Hai chau Hong - Dao va toan the gia dinh kinh chuc mung le ky niem 60 nam cua hai bac. kinh chuc hai bac nhieu suc khoe, song lau tram tuoi voi con chau, va van su binh an. Hong - Dao - Kuong | Kinh chuc hai bac le ky niem 60 nam thanh hon that vui voi cac con chau.chuc hai bac suc khoe doi dao, song lau tram tuoi voi cac con, chau, chat. Chau Quyen | Con, Bao Nguyen, chuc ong ba luon luon hanh phuc va yeu nhau nhu ngay dau tien | Chuc Ong Ba hanh phuc mai mai. Con thuong Ong Ba lam. Chau Vy va Tofu | Gia dinh chung con kinh chuc Bo Ma luon luon manh khoe va hanh phuc. Linh -Hang va cac chau | Con kinh chuc Bo Ma luon manh khoe de vui cung con chau. Ngan- Dang va cac chau | Ky niem 60 nam ngay cuoi cua Bo Ma that la ngay vui cua gia dinh ta. Con va Adele chuc Bo Ma duoc manh khoe, vui ve. va song lau tram tuoi. Loi - Adele

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