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Two by Two

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S: Ultimate Frisbee Let Them Go Two by Two Volume 2.

FC: Let Them Go Two by Two

1: Welcome to the 2011-2012 Frisby Family Yearbook! This edition of the Ultimate Frisbee will capture the second year of marriage of the Daniel and Kelly Frisby Family. | Let Them Go Two by Two | Two years of marriage, two people.

3: Without labor nothing prospers. -SOPHOCLES | He really loves me! If you take a look at the top picture on the left page you can see the color of our apartment prior to the color renovation. It was this sickly off white that looked slightly yellow when paired up with the tan we chose for our apartment. In April of 2011 Daniel and I renewed our lease agreement for our apartment, and with that came the option to paint. The policy was we could paint our apartment to an approved color, or we could paint any color, but when moving out we have to paint over it. The red was not what our management wanted to see, however I have confidence that with 2 coats of primer and lots of patience we'll eventually get rid of the red. Something to know is that most of our apartment is cinder block. Some walls are "split face," this means that they have a very rough texture and painting that type of wall was almost unbearable! While Daniel and I worked and painted, Tabby became familiar with her new home and cuddled in blankets. Daniel spent his last two weeks of summer painting our apartment. As a reward for the effort we bought new sofas in a Labor Day Sale, and a flat screen TV. I wanted to buy a flat screen at then end of summer 2009, but my financial adviser (extremely practical, best friend, Katie Horton) told me that it was not in my budget. Two years and a great tax return later I got my flat screen. Daniel didn't mind either. The final touches were some pillows, and a trip to IKEA in Salt Lake for the picture frames, bedding and shelves. Corinne came over a few weeks later to see the finished product and was blown away. She told me that originally she was surprised that we'd signed another year lease, but after seeing the changes she decided our place wasn't a dump and the color hand done wonders for making our little apartment actually feel like a little home. | WHAT A MESS!

4: HAPPY HALLOWEEN! | I don't think I ever realized how much I like Halloween. Now that I have someone to dress up with, it's like a whole new holiday! I love it. It's not about the candy or the decoration for me, it is ALL about the costumes. I do feel like I copped out a bit by purchasing a costume, I've NEVER done that before, but I saw the idea of a flight attendant and Captain and couldn't resist. Next year I'll do something homemade again. Last year if you remember I carved a Pacman pumpkin, so keeping somewhat with tradition I painted a plane! And Daniel painted a bowl of fruit...

5: Fall is here! | Comfort Food! | AUTUMN [aw-tuhm] THE SEASON BETWEEN SUMMER AND WINTER; (for Kelly) the best time of the year to snuggle with Daniel, the dog, and a good book; (for Daniel) the best time of the year to eat as much comfort food as possible! | Triple x double stuffed oreos | Funfettie fall colors, double layered, vanilla cake | German Pancakes, late night snack | Homemade Mac and Cheese

6: Daniel usually gets gypped for his birthday because it is so close to Thanksgiving. So I tried to make his day special. We went ate lunch at a BBQ place we went tp while on our honeymoon, then a little shopping, and birthday dinner at my Uncle Joe's. | Lunch- Bandits Grill & Bar Daniel enjoys finding the same size of French Fries and eating them together. | I really was there. | Texas Sheet Cake & Ice Cream | I might have mentioned before but Daniel and I have a show we like...

7: Today is your birthday day! We're gonna have a good time! | It's called How I Met Your Mother. Daniel got all 6 seasons that are on DVD. Mom and Dad also bought him Harry Potter 7 part 2 on BluRay. | Alan and Paul helped celebrate too! | Italian dinner provided by the Larkins'. | Introducing the Naugle cousins to "Stuff Girls Say."

8: I love my family! These pictures would not be here without the talent of my cousin Nick. He is so fantastic and knows how to laugh at us rather than be annoyed by us. We all (10 of us) got to stay together under one roof, thanks to Uncle Bruce and his hospitality, allowing us to stay at his home in Midway, Utah. It was so fun! We played lots of games, ate great food, watched a little football and introduced Travis to the family. The last night we were all together, we went and saw the lights on Temple Square. Cousins, friends and family is the perfect way to celebrate the beginning of the Holiday season.

9: The whoooh girls!

13: TRIM THE TREE | Tis' the Season! I am so grateful for plastic Christmas ornaments! Tabby can't break them. I used to think that they would come in handy with kids, but they have proved to be great for the dog. Things look pretty much the same as they did last year, only the family room looks great this year. Oh, we went to Home Depot for the Christmas Tree and it looked perfect!

14: Baby Morgan was still the only grandchild at this point, and a little spoiled, but why not? She's so cute! | The Derington family photo with Susie and I holding up the branches. | The kids did a present swap, Brian pulled Daniel's name and got him an awesome army-type bag that holds a ton of stuff! | Daniel was really excited with the gift and Brian's face says something along the lines of "ya, I'm awesome at gift giving... love you Bro." | Christmas with the Frisby Family!

15: Welcome to the family, Cole! The day we got married, Cole made a comment on my facebook page that said, "Congratulations on becoming a Frisby, I hope to be one someday." Well his dream came true when he and Stacy were married in the Oakland Temple on December 17, 2011. It was a beautiful day and a sweet ceremony! | From top left to bottom right... Lisa ready to pop with baby number 2 (Jesse), taking a breather. Princess Morgan surrounded by her body guards. Mom and Dad with the Bride and Groom, Daniel and Brian acting like their true selves. Cole realizing this could actually happen since these are his brothers holding him inches above a fountain!

16: C | & | S | This was a very special day to be a part of. Daniel and Stacy got very close before she went on her mission and he was so happy to see her marrying Cole, someone who made her so happy. Cole and Daniel had grown up together going to seminary and had a similar interest in games, so Cole was easy to welcome with open arms to the family.

18: What started as me teaching Juliette how to make "Roll Up Pancakes" turned into the first happy gathering of Christmas Vacation. Juliette looked so put together and ready to roll, this picture makes me smile. I put it next to my desk at work and I often have students ask if it's me. I am always flattered that they think my face is that thin. Alan got to spend a little time away from his mom and reunite with Aunt Kelly & Uncle Dean. When Dad and Paul got off work that evening we had a great family dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. Our party was for 11 and 1/2. Alan was the 1/2 and the extra two not accounted for in the family were Travis, and Kat's friend Derek. After dinner we enjoyed the lights at the San Diego Temple. It was the beginning of a very Merry Christmas!

19: Christmas time is here Happiness and cheer Fun for all that children call Their favorite time of the year - A Charlie Brown Christmas

21: A Season of Love and Laughter | A lot of the typical Wardle family traditions took place this year but a truly great moment was Christmas Eve. Back story, my mom wore the same necklace during all of her pregnancies. It was a small little ball that jingled when it hit her belly. After we were born we supposedly recognized it and all found it soothing. Last year when Elizabeth was pregnant, Mom gave her one and we all wanted it. Paul took the effort to search high and low so that we could all have our own. Hopefully there will come a time when more than one of us is wearing it.

22: Party for two... Daniel and I enjoyed the night to ourselves. We went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse, then home to watch the ball drop. | 2011

23: I tell you, Daniel can pack it away. I just wish I knew where he hid it.

24: Daniel and I have a new little friend, her name is Morgan. Since coming back from the internship this summer we have become good friends with the Willits (her mom and dad are James and Patricia). Morgan loves Daniel and loves flirting with him, but I love snuggling with her. While we had great food and fun while watching the Super Bowl with friends, we had the most fun with Morgan.

25: Last year when we had a Christmas tree, we didn't need to dispose of it because some kids were doing some kind of scavenger hunt and took it off our hands for us. This year unfortunately we needed to take care of it ourselves. The most sensible thing seemed to be to set it on fire at the dunes. It was one of our favorite date nights this winter. For $10 we bought lighter fluid and a lighter, and for a treat we got McDonalds ice cream cones. Tabby also came along for the fun.

26: If you recall from last year Corinne and I made sugar cookies. Well we did it again per her request because Travis was coming in town, but wouldn't be here for Valentines Day. Daniel and I love sugar cookies, but they take so long to make so they're kind of a big deal in our house. The funny thing is I don't know if Corinne realized how long it takes to make them. She is usually only present for the decorating and eating part. Corinne and I were the frosters, while Travis and Daniel did the decorating. You might be able to figure out who did the plate arrangement as well. You can reference last year's book if you need a hint. One of the only problems with the sugar cookies this year was my fault. Pinterest really took off this year and I found a recipe for "The World's Best Sugar Cookies." The title deceived me and I fell for it. I should have stuck to what I know to be the "World's Best" because it's been tested by many people, which is Aunt Linda's. Don't worry, I'll have them perfect again at Christmas time.

27: I stayed home on Valentine's Day this year because I wanted to enjoy time with Daniel. I planned to make him yummy food all day, because really the way to his heart is through his stomach.... Breakfast was a huge success. I got up early and make another recipe found on Pinterest. Cinnamon Rolls seam daunting to me, but this recipe, "Cinnamon Roll Pancakes" I knew I could handle. These were delicious and not very difficult. Instead of butter and syrup on top we had cream cheese frosting. The rest of the day we were not very successful in spending time with each other because Daniel did homework allllllll day. He did come home for about 45 minutes so we could eat dinner together. | While he was home I sent him on a scavenger hunt that my neighbor had found and used on her husband as well. It was fun and gave Daniel and little something to do to find his gift. A day or 2 later I made some amazing cupcakes for our ward party. The bottom of the cupcake was brownie batter, then strawberry cake, topped off with cream cheese frosting. | These pancakes were such a success that I decided to make them again and have a breakfast party the following weekend.

29: We celebrated our Valentine's a few days later at our Ward Party. We had yummy dinner provided by Costa Vida, and then a small dance. I think it was the first time for many married couples to be in a dance setting and knowing what was appropriate. We did our best and had a good time. There was also a little set up for picture taking. I loved this because its so vain asking people to take a picture of Daniel and me. Plus Daniel will actually smile in pictures with me. He says it's because I make him look good, but I think it is the other way around.

30: I had the opportunity of making a quick trip to San Diego for a Family LIteracy Conference. While there, I spent an hour on the U.S.S. Midway. I would like to do it again someday because with only an hour we pretty much ran around taking pictures. That man I am holding on to is a cardboard cut out but it fooled Daniel for about 20 seconds. While home, Alan celebrated his first Birthday. He and I got to play for a little bit the day after where we captured a few of his first steps on video. I bought him a book of counting that Elizabeth says he loves. The following weekend was conference and I spent 4 hours making Daniel some Cinnabons. Now he wants them every conference weekend. Because of this experience I have a new respect and appreciation for my mom.

31: These are some happy kids! Welcome to the family TRAVIS! Daniel and I are so thrilled for Corinne and Travis. They reconnected at a Halloween party after meeting last summer. After their first weekend together Corinne was in love and Travis wasn't far behind. Travis spent every weekend he could in Rexburg from November-April and stayed with us. He even had his own key. We got to know him so well and love how happy he is, and how well he treats Corinne. He's like Corinne's little puppy and pretty much barks on command. "Heeth a good boy!" -Corinne

32: FIRST PEEK | In March I had this idea to pull an April Fools Prank on friends and family saying that I was pregnant. A friend of mine who is a Graphic Design major and currently pregnant helped me by editing her ultrasound to have my name instead of her's. The results were amazing. The fact that it was a real pregnancy ultrasound from a Women's Clinic in Rexburg made everything believable, and we fooled a lot of people! My original idea came from my actual desire to be pregnant. Daniel and I prayed about it in early March but was prompted that I needed to wait. Anyone who knows me well, knows that I need to work on patience. We prayed again 2 days before my big April Fools Prank and this time I was comfortable that Heavenly Father would be pleased with whatever decision Daniel and I made. In what I've read, heard and witnessed it usually takes about 6 months to conceive, but that wasn't the case for us. I pranked everyone but the joke was really on me, I got pregnant a few days later. My estimated due date is December 26th. Christmas will definitely be in Rexburg this year! | We're having a baby! | The prank... | The JOY! | The test...

33: My first ultra sound! | That's our little mango. I have always had the hardest time looking at pictures like this and knowing what I'm looking at but all of the sudden its your baby and you understand completely. In this picture the baby is only 8 weeks, and should resemble a "Gummy Bear". Well, our baby was doing her own thing. Her face is down on the left side and the part circled on the picture is an arm. | This was a big day in the household. Daniel took a late lunch and was able to come with me to my 2nd ultrasound where we found out the gender of the baby. A friend told me to drink something cold and sugary before going to the appointment. I drank a Cactus Cooler (Orange Soda) and it worked perfectly. Within the first minute of the ultrasound the tech said she knew what the gender was and asked if we wanted to know. | We of course wanted to know. Both Daniel and I were hoping for a boy, so needless to say were surprised that it was a girl. After the first day or two of knowing we were having a girl the excitement set in. The difficult part of the appointment was finding out that our little girl had a small defect in her heart. Our Doctor had us go to Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake for a fetal echo, where they told us the baby had a small hole in her heart. They asked me to come for a follow up appointment 8 weeks later. Thankfully the hole had healed itself.Thank you Heavenly Father!

34: I didn't experience what it was like having a serious boyfriend through college, but I've heard two things can happen. 1) You start flunking all your classes, or 2) you start working for the end goal. When Corinne met Travis she began working really hard for that end goal. After 3 years and a lot of fun Corinne graduated from BYU-Idaho with an Associates Degree in University Studies. She is going to try and transfer to BYU, or will pursue a Bachelors Degree through BYU-Idaho on-line courses. While it was a very quick trip and hardly any time with my family we had a great night and are all so thrilled for Corinne and her opportunities in the future. | Corinne'sGraduation

35: We could have gone on a trail, but where is the adventure in that! Our neighbors the Warner's are hard core. I've always wanted to hike "R Mountain" Its Rexburg's, equivalent to "The Y". We finally had a perfect Spring Saturday so we hiked it. Jeremy and Tessa have done this lots of times and know the fun ways to go. There is a little dirt trail that most people take, but we climbed up a ravine. Taking Tabby along was pretty fun too. The Warner's dog Belle is big enough that she can jump up anywhere. But poor Tabby, she is so small and the slick rocks didn't give here anything to dig into. Tessa and I passed her back and fourth in some of the tricky spots otherwise she wouldn't have made it. I was pretty out of breath by the time I reached the top but I blame that on being pregnant. That was the morning I confirmed I was pregnant so Daniel was watching me like a hawk. It was so sweet how protective he was. We weren't telling anyone yet so he'd whisper to me and make sure I was feeling okay. The view from the top was very pretty.

36: I LOVE SPRING TIME! We had a really mild winter this year so it was kind of hard to recognize when Spring had actually hit. This is the second year Harwood Elementary School had a PTO Mini Putt Putt Night. I really wanted to participate this year so with Daniel doing an internship at a Construction Supplier the theme for my room was Construction Zone. There were a few problems with the day, like it was a Monday, and I thought it started at 6:00, it started at 4:30, | Daniel and I needed to drop off the Durango in the shop, needless to say we were pressed for time. When we showed up and saw that everything had started. Daniel did a fantastic job putting everything together! | Putt- Putt Night

37: Daniel brought a bunch of extra re-bar scraps from work and tied them together. If we had more time there would have been several construction road signs pinned up on the dividers. I might not have won any prizes for best room or whatever but Daniel and I both had fun rushing around and putting it together. Take a look at Daniel's hard work.

38: Happy 26th Birthday to Kelly | Jessica sent me Birthday Flowers! | Becky Judkins bought me a Coco Bean Cupcake, which was perfect! I even shared with Daniel.

39: Oh how I needed that blow dryer! | I have amazing people in my life who made my birthday spectacular! When I woke up I popped on facebook for a minute so see the birthday wishes already coming in. Kat posted the Beetles Birthday song on my wall to get the day rolling like we always do in the Wardle house. I threw out that I wised there was a pink box, and that it would officially feel like my birthday that way. Scott and his logistical mind made that happen for me and made me so incredibly happy! Then Natalie Jackson took me to lunch and bought me my favorite ESSIE nail polish, a shimmery purple. Tessa Warner got me a balloon and a wreath so I could make the wreath I saw on pinterest. I picked up Courtney from class and she took me to a store called Mommy and Me where she bought me a gift certificate for me or the future baby. Then the Hiersche's took me (and Daniel) to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. They came back to our house where I opened my gift from Daniel. | Daniel really did his homework and knew that I loved Amy's blow dryer so he called her and then only knowing that is was made by BaByliss did a massive Amazon.com search to find it for me. I love my husband and my blow dryer.

41: I don't know if I'm going to go as far as saying this was the best summer ever, but it was pretty fantastic! Jessica came up for a weekend in June and Daniel had his first experience at the Sandbar, in Saint Anthony. The Sandbar is really a river that springs from the Ashton Reservoir and runs clear down through the Idaho Falls, Falls. It's called the Sandbar because there is a small beach area for children and a water slide that goes from the bank into the river. There is also a dock (when not covered by water) and a diving board. If you swim too far into the river the current can pick up really fast and you'll travel a pretty far way down the river. Only Daniel got in the water, Jessica and I just sun tanned. Which only lasted until the clouds and rain rolled in. | Kat and her friend stopped off and spent a day with me while on their way to Island Park, Id. We spent it at Rigby "Lake" and Tessa came along with us. The water felt great and spending time with Kat in the water made me feel like I was 10 again. | Kat brings out the happy young side of everyone. She just wants to play. One of my favorite things that we did that day was the trip to Wendy's for lunch. Tessa couldn't believe how much fast food Kat could eat before getting full. The funny part is I don't think she was full when we left. She just loves the dollar menu!

42: Daniel and I have what feels like a closet full of camping gear. We like to camp, but don't go nearly enough to feel like I can say that we're campers. I am relieved to say that we did go this summer with our ward. It is so much more fun when you go with friends. They set up a volleyball net (for Daniel), there was a tug-o-war rope, horse shoes, and a slack line. Since half of our ward consists of dog owners we all brought our dogs. The morning we left we played Dominion. While playing, Tabby was mostly running around near us, but as we got more into the game we became less aware of Tabby. She disappeared, but after about 20 minutes of searching the camp site(s), she came running back to us. We love that silly pup!

45: GOD BLESS | USA | THE | There might be a lack of pictures this year but we had a great day. A few days before the 4th of July we went with Bryce and Courtney to Driggs, Wy and watched a firework show put on at the Huntsman Ranch. It was amazing! Then on the 4th, Courtney organized a BBQ inviting anyone who lived at Avilla to come play and enjoy the party. That night Daniel and I considered going down to Idaho Falls for another big show, but ultimately didn't want to fight the crowds so we went over to a park with a card game and watched | fireworks from | the fair grounds.

46: Something about a truck in a farmer's field, A no trespass sign, and time to kill Nobody's gonna get hurt, so what's the big deal? - Kip Moore

47: Just take a look at the genuine smile on that kid's face. Lindsey Polson Anderson is a good friend of mine from college. She grew up in Rigby, and we've been meaning to hang out since Daniel and I moved to Rexburg. Finally, a week before she moves off to the Caribbean for her husband Brandon to go to medical school, we set something up. Shot Guns, Trucks, and Camp Fire made it a real Idaho night. | Daniel was the MVP shooter of the night. We started running low on the clay pigeons so the boys decided to have some fun and shoot at cans of soda. Daniel's literally exploded. I say he shot more pigeons than anyone else, and I missed the most. It was so much fun seeing Daniel like that, I of course called Dad and told him we needed his shotgun up here for Daniel to enjoy. My big excitement was when Lindsey and I decided to shoot from our hip. I had a bruise for a week.

48: Family Hiking A classic Wardle style adventure...

49: Travis and Coco where a huge help in carrying Alan in a backpack, Juliette and Kat played with him in the water to cool him off. Elizabeth unfortunately had to stay down in Provo to get some work done. At least we got to hang out with Alan. After getting home we grabbed some lunch (thanks Dad) and ate at home while watching the US Women's Soccer Team kick butt in the Olympics. | When the Wardle's get together I wouldn't say there is any down time. This family vacation wasn't any different. Most people would just celebrate a graduation but we had to get a hike in before the big event. Like my mom there is always a plan but at least we know how to roll with change. The original plan was to hike Mt. Timpanogos, but you have to make those a few weeks in advance especially during graduation weekend. So thankfully Kat knew of a nice hike in Sundance called Stewart Falls. I know that I don't look very pregnant in these pictures but I was 22 weeks and it was a little more than difficult. I did alright on the way to the falls, but Dad and Daniel took care of me and Mom. We started back before anyone else and went at a bit of a slower pace. It was probably the hardest workout I've had pregnant.

50: Kat's Graduation

51: Day 1, Commencement. The whole family was there (minus Paul, sad) and we cheered as loud as possible for Kat! We can't help but color coordinate so there is a little matching going on, all to honor Katherine in her big day. Alan usually steals the show but Kat took the cake. She was so happy and we were all so proud of her. Day 2, Convocation. The next morning a few of us made it to see Kat walk across the stage and receive her diploma. She had apparently made quite the impression on a few of her professors and shook hands a little longer than most people walking across the stage. I'm glad Daniel and I were there to be supportive!

52: IN THE WATER AND THE SUN | A Day on the Lake! | I LOVE being in the water and the sun. I think everyone in my family loves the beach but my favorite body of water is the Lake. There might not be waves to play in, but the lake isn't as dirty or salty as the beach. There are no tides, sting-rays, or seaweed at the lake. Daniel and I have always said that we want a boat, he wants to be a Captain. I'll make sure he has a captain's hat, it seems like all boat drivers wear a hat! Just look at Travis!

53: This was Alan's first time at the lake. He, like all Jacinto's and Wardle's loves playing in the water but he wasn't very happy when he fell over in the water. Mom couldn't be happier holding her grandson, and being in the sun. Juliette and Kat look like super models, and Dad is the best with his motto of "All I do is drive everyone around, pay for things, and carry the bags." The motto was definitely in full effect that day! I hope Daniel is prepared to adopt the same motto!

54: Corinne and Travis Kinser | Wedding of the Summer | August 17, 2012

55: Presenting Mr. & Mrs. Kinser Possibly the most beautiful people ever! | Isn't this family full of handsome men!

56: This is what we are really like. | "When I hand this to you it means put it on." -Mom, July 23rd, 2005

57: Do you think Travis knows... | What he's really getting into? | K | T | C

58: After we moved away from the Bay, I was a little sad about missing out and not taking advantage of all the touristy things there are to do. With all the crazy summer adventures with the Wardle's, it would have been sad not to have spent some time with the Frisby's. Daniel and I capped off our summer and second year of marriage visiting the Bay. We took advantage of going to the city and visiting Alcatraz. Daniel hadn't been since he was in 3rd grade and I hadn't ever been. It was a fantastic trip! Susie had to lend a sweat- shirt to me since I wasn't totally prepared for the cold bay area weather. Daniel took great care of his little pregnant wife! We took lots of breaks and he made sure my feet didn't ever get to the point of major pain. | Northern California End of Summer Trip

59: While there we got together with Katie Horton. Katie was (and still is) one of my closest friends while living in San Jose, but moved to get a Master's Degree right when Daniel and I started dating. She moved back to Palo Alto after graduating and I'm so glad because now when we see Daniel's family I get to see her! We went to dinner at a place called Pasta ? that Daniel has talked about since I've known him. I got to see Katie and Daniel got to eat his gnocchi pesto pasta! | The second picture on this page might seem a little random and it is but there just wasn't anyplace else to put it. While in San Diego two amazing women passed on some baby girl clothes to Daniel and me. So while I had room at Daniel's parents Susie and I pulled everything out and put them into piles of clothes according to size. There is a good chance with how many clothes we have that the baby won't even have a chance to wear them all before she outgrows them! The last picture on this page is on our actual anniversary, August 20th. Daniel and I had a fantastic day. We slept in and exchanged gifts that morning because we just couldn't wait, then went and opened our baby registry, saw a movie and capped off the night at one of our very favorite restaurants, Olive Garden. | I feel very fortunate to say that I feel that the second year of marriage was full of many more ups than downs. Daniel and I grew together and are overjoyed to be expanding our family. We both look forward to the adventure that year three will hold. Now get ready to met Melanie!

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