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Ulrik 40

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S: Ulrik September 27, 2011

FC: Ulrik through his parents' eyes

1: Once upon a time in a country far away... | ...there was a little boy who lived in an apartment complex at Bistrup Park in Birkerod, Denmark. He ate, he slept, he screamed and tried to crawl off the table. But he was basically a peaceful and happy little guy.

2: The specs: 9.25 lbs 21 inches Born in the middle of the night in Hillerod.

3: Barnedaab at Farmor and Farfar's farm on 6/11/1972 Top right: Ib Egebaek, Oldemor, Morfar, Dad, Finn, Bo and Farmor Middle Right: Anette and Bo Bottom Left: Dad, Gu'mor (Ingrid Poulsen), Farmor and Farfar Bottom Right: Ole, Mormor, Anette and Malene It was a nice sunny day for your celebration - we enjoyed it and you slept in your pram. | Barnedaab - Pedersborg Kirke

4: The Bistrup apartment had a (very) small garden, which was used a lot. In the winter time napping was done in the pram, which at times was covered in snow. Summer was more pleasant and if weather allowed, the kravlegarden was moved into the garden. Mom worked evenings and weekends at the Foede Clinic in Horsholm. Dad looked after the government operated fishing harbors. Summers were spent in Haderslev in Mormor and Morfar's beach house.

5: Kolding - January 1973. Dad got a dream job at the Biotechnical Institute. Mom got a job at Kolding Sygehus. We found a great house and a little dog, Tjavs, which both you and Anne loved dearly. You had a small A-frame play house, which you were able to climb up on one side and slide down the other. The garden was a big pile of dirt but with Farmor and Farfar's help, we got it leveled and seeded a lawn. | In 1975 we had our first Christmas at home and Farmor and Farfar came. New Year's Eve was spent at Mormor and Morfar's house.

6: It was a very nice time. We had lots of friends. You had Anja next door and the two of you roamed around on your own a lot. Bo and Birte was at the beach house and visited frequently. Even Carly came by. Although he was a bit grumpy with a special kind of humor we got along fine, and he had some interesting bird stories to tell. | You and Anne went to dancing school and it was a refined way of torture to dress boys up in Navy uniforms. I have often wondered why but since I went through it as a kid why should you go free. We were settling down with nursery school for you and school for Anne and had basically starting sprouting roots. However, then came the chance for exchanging jobs with a person in California. That had to be tried. | 1974 - 75

7: Departure Billund - Copenhagen - Seattle - San Francisco - Danville Piece of Cake - well not quite. Six hours inside the airplane in Copenhagen until they figured out they were out of de-icing fluid. Bus to Palads Hotel to spend the night. Next day we managed to get to Seattle but oops that was the big Christmas travel day so after immigration delay then airplane delay. Finally we get to San Francisco - but where is Danville? Pretty amazing how you kids took it. It was a long haul and you were sick but that did not keep you from finding the right gates, exploring the service on the airplane - and the bathrooms. But it was a relief to get the car in SF, because now we were in... The USA and we were going to have some fun! | USA

8: We found Danville eventually (late at night) after detours through Oakland in neighborhoods we never have dared to drive through later. Now it was our turn for the flu. You two were amazingly good at taking care of yourself and even pitching in while we were under the weather. As time went on we got you a cowboy hat and a six shooter. In the beginning when we went somewhere you were constantly looking out for Indians (back in Denmark people had filled you with stories about Cowboys and Indians). For the first couple of months we lived in Danville and then moved to Alamo - into Don deFremery's house, who was the other person in the job exchange. We lived here until December, when we moved to Davis. It was a busy year because we wanted to see and experience as much as possible during our year here. Anne was put in school and you started nursery school to get some exposure to English.

9: Picking Anne up at school. Hiking in Las Trampas. We were still so "Danish" that we could hike without water bottles.

10: Then we moved to Alamo and there was a pool - that was great. The house we moved into had wall to wall white carpet - not so great. You started nursery school, which you liked a lot. You especially liked the fireman hat and we had to get there by daybreak to be sure nobody else got the darn hat.

11: After nearly three month in the U.S. it was time to "get off the sofa" and hit the road - we headed for Arizona, New Mexico, and ended up in Nebraska. Many hours was spend on the road every day. Not that you cared a bunch. You sat in the back and played with your toys. In Salt Lake City we got boots - real cowboy boots. By the way the house in the background is Dwight Eisenhower's birth place and museum.

12: In May Farmor, Farfar and Finn came to visit, and you were dragged around to all the tourist locations in the area, which we ourselves had actually just been through.

13: The pool in the Alamo complex where we lived was a favorite place for you and Anne to be.

14: Well time was running short - only a few months left. So we headed to Canada to visit Farfar's brother. Driving through a tree was one of your highlights of the trip.

15: 1976 | Mormor and Morfar came to visit in the fall and then we took the tourist attractions once more. We were actually getting pretty good at giving sightseeing tours. | First Halloween at Rancho Romero School, Alamo.

16: Well plans were made to be changed. Your Dad got involved with UC Davis and that gave us an opportunity to stay longer and see some more. My Danish boss was supportive for extending my stay a couple of years. So off to Davis we went (in December). So you, Anne and I all started at new schools together. Somehow you thought is was quite funny to frequently ask me if I had done my homework. Mom worked in Woodland, which was quite an experience for her, since the primary language suddenly seemed to be Spanish. Later she got a position at a university clinic. Living in this mostly student housing complex gave you a lot of exposure to different cultures and languages.

17: 1977 | At Christmas time Farmor and Farfar came to visit. This time it was Sutter's Fort, Capitol and gold panning on Highway 49 that were the highlights. You actually managed to pan some gold.

18: While we lived in Davis, Bo visited several times (at that time he was involved in a joint project between Maersk and Chevron). In the picture (left) you are sitting with the Lone Ranger and Tonto. For years they were your preferred toys and the joints on the figures and horses were totally worn at the end but that didn't seem to matter.

19: 1978 | Point Reyes State Park Halloween Parade at North Davis Elementary School Thanksgiving

20: Birthdays were a very special time where the grandparents from Denmark called. The cost of calling was very high so it was nearly only on Birthdays and Christmas that one would call. Otherwise communications were only by letters through the mail. One traditional gift from Farmor was a subscription to the Danish weekly comic book series of Anders And (Donald Duck). It was her attempt to keep your Danish current so she could talk with you and it worked pretty well.

21: Jul i Danmark | Finally after two years in the U.S. we went on a visit to Denmark. Your Dad had received his degree at UC Davis and landed a job with the National Food Processors Association. You and Morfar spent a lot of time winding the clocks in his house.

22: Christmas in Denmark 1978 | Christmas at Parnasgaarden. Alice and Finn. The little guy is Bo - it was his turn to be subjected to the ever so cute "Matros Toej". We got a container and started loading our belongings for shipment to the U.S. There was a lot of snow and it was quite an ordeal and there was a lot to carry through the snow. Farmor, Farfar and Finn had emptied our house in Kolding when we moved to Davis and had stored our stuff at Parnasgaarden.

23: 1979 | But soon it was time to depart and Claes (and family) came to say goodbye. Well, actually a bunch of people came but they are not in the pictures.

24: 1979 | We bought a house at 3477 Savage Ave. in Pinole, California Again the garden was a mess so once more it was time for digging and seeding a lawn. You went to Ellerhorst Elementary School, which was quite different from the school in Davis.

25: 1979 | The container we shipped all our stuff from Denmark in got "lost" en route, and it took over five months before it finally arrived. During that period our main (and only) furniture was a Ping Pong table, which served as dining room table and entertainment center.

26: 1979 | Eventually the container came. But by that time it had been around so many places that much of our stuff was seriously damaged.

27: 1979 | You started your acting career with a role in "A Midsummer Night's Dream".

28: Eight years old and time for the birthday calls from the grandparents in Denmark! | Cub Scouts

29: 1980 | Malene arrived! Summer theater with Mr. Clark at Pinole Valley High School.

30: 1980 | Baseball time and Mount Diablo State Park outing.

31: 1980 | Farmor and Farfar's last trip to USA. We went to Solvang and Disneyland. You guys spent the trip in the back of the station wagon most of the time - that was before the seatbelt laws.

32: 1981 | All of us in the backyard in Pinole. And now it is "The Emperor's New Clothes", which you did very well. Another birthday - it appears that the "loot" is increasing.

33: 1981 | Back in Denmark but this time in the summer - much nicer. The street where Mormor and Morfar lived - Marielystvej 9, Haderslev (Third flag up) Visit to Bo and Birte in Hilleroed You copied either Mormor's or Farmor's recipe for both hot cocoa and havregryns kugler, which became a Christmas tradition for us thereafter.

34: 1981 | You with Oldemor Sofie and Farmor. She lived for several years with Farmor and Farfar after Frederik was killed in a traffic accident. Anette, Malene, Ole, you, Claes and Christina in Holte. Amalienborg - observing the changing of the guard.

35: 1981 | Sightseeing in Denmark with Claes. Frederiksborg Slot in Hilleroed. Dannebrog, the royal yacht. Fredensborg, the royal summer residence. Rundetaarn in Copenhagen

36: 1982 | Left: Bo visiting us in California. Right: Mom is at Mormor and Morfar's Golden Anniversary. Mom went, we stayed home You started playing soccer in Pinole.

37: Dusty. He was your horse and you actually did take care of him. He was a little "special". He never was able to get along with the other horses so he did end up with scratches until we made a separate enclosure for him. He got infection in his hoof and we had to bathe and change dressings every day for a long time. He dumped mom so she broke her ankle. All in all a nice horse but not easy going.

38: 1982 | Halloween in Pinole. Christmas making marzipan balls and candy.

39: 1983 | Little Jake in Annie Get Your Gun at the Contra Costa Civic Theater For you it must have been a new experience suddenly being surrounded by much older "kids" and individuals who were very serious about acting. For me sitting through the rehearsals (as your driver), it was a great experience to see how the show developed from a somewhat disorganized rehearsal of individual scenes to suddenly come together at the final dress rehearsal before the performances began.

40: 1983

41: 1984 Denmark | Back in Denmark This time with Nikki Simonsen via Amsterdam and the Rijksmuseum (which we saw many times!). It was bit cramped in the car but we made it.

42: 1984 | Aastrup kirke outside Haderslev where your parents got married. Beach House in Hejsager Opposite page: Rebild Fest - 4th of July. Supposedly one of the biggest U.S. gatherings outside the country for celebrating Independence Day. The Queen and U.S. VIP's were there. The annual gathering takes place south of Aalborg

43: 1984 | 1984

44: 1984 | Malene's christening at Pedersborg Kirke in Denmark. The same place all you children were baptized.

45: 1984 | Left: You, Anne, Nikki, Malene, Mom and Dad

46: 1984 | Malene's adoption party and another birthday celebration | YMCA Swim Team

47: 1985 | Back at CCCT for your Dad's favorite show, "Oklahoma"!

48: 1985 | Fort Mason, San Francisco That was quite an ordeal. Tons of people and a small stage surrounded by the audience. You did very well.

49: 1985

50: 1985 | 1986 | You (and your "golden instrument"!) took singing lessons from Ms. DeHaven

51: 1986 | Guys and Dolls

52: 1986

53: 1987

54: 1987

55: 1988

56: 1988

57: 1988 | By now you were driving yourself so that left me out of the rehearsals, which was a little sad. The Firebird served you well. Even on a cross-country road trip with Malene before starting law school.

58: 1988

59: 1989

60: Monte Vista High School Graduation All through high school the standard answer when asked where you were going was, "We are going out with 'the Bimbos'". The "We" were you, Dave, Sam and Hal. "The Bimbos" (which they were actually not at all) were Chris, Nicole, Suzy and Stephanie. | 1989

61: 1991 | UC Berkeley - Exchange program in Denmark. You got to spend time with Morfar and Mormor and reflect on old stuff as well as get to meet the extended Danish family. We went to Berlin together.

62: Diploma time - very proud of our graduate

63: ... that went way too fast!

64: And a new chapter begins... | Engagement of Amelia & Ulrik | Fish and Chips at Sweeting's - the night before the big day! | Christian, Ingrid, Malene, Ole | Finn, Alice, Bo, Signe

65: October 6, 2001 The Danish Church London, England

66: Magnus | Our little London boy

67: Magnus' first vacation with Farfar and Farmor | Good times! | Bletchley Park | Rome

68: And more good times!

69: Getting to the end of this album although the story of course continues... The pictures we selected have special memories for us and we hope this album will remind you of happy times you had growing up! Choosing the pictures to include (and traveling down memory lane) hasn't been easy. Finding the right place to end is not any easier. We chose to end with the grandkids. After all we cannot think of a more positive note to end the album on. Love, Mom & Dad

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