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Vintage Wedding

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S: Lyle & Karen | 40th Anniversary

BC: You have built a legacy of faith, love and generosity. And this legacy will live on in future generations. Thank you for building well!

FC: 40 & counting

1: Celebrating 40 years of loving, sharing, growing, living and laughing.

2: Dear Lyle and Karen It has been a joy to know you and see your family grow over the years. So much of what you have been for the Lord has been behind the scenes and seen only by HIM! But know that your labors of love for Christ’s kingdom and the family of God are most appreciated since their fruit abides. Being only a year behind you , Jane and I realize how quickly the time passes. May the Lord continue to show forth His life and love to you as you follow and serve Jesus. Congratulations and God’s richest blessings to you as you celebrate your life together. Our love, Pastor Bob and Jane Burmeister Lyle and Karen, Congratulations on your 40th Wedding Anniversary! Through the years you have gained a lot of cherished memories together. As Dolly Parton sang: "Rockin' chairs, rockin' babies, rock-a-bye, rock of ages. Side by side we'll be together always." Here's wishing you many more years of precious memories. Alice Nelson Hemphill

3: Congratulations on your 40th from West Virginia! This is your e-mail buddy and I wanted to send “Best Wishes” to you, Karen and Lyle, on your anniversary of 40 years together. Since we have never met I wanted you to know that you have been a blessing in my life since the very beginning of our e-mail writings. We have had some great correspondence of sharing stories, families, and laughter. Just had to share this as a reminder of one: I had written to you this winter and I had decided this must be “Global Warming” since it was so cold and see what you had to say. Your answer came back something like this: “Speaking of ‘Global Warming’, I would like to stick Al Gore into a snow bank head first.” I have never forgotten that one - plus there is a few more I could add. Karen, you have been a good friend and the best. We have shared so much with each other, the high and the low of life, so to speak, it is always good to have someone to share with. Especially another Christian. We can pray and support one another in Christian love even if distance separates us. You are a SPECIAL person (and rightfully so since you were a Waggoner also. :) Truly you have been a blessing to me!!! May God richly bless you and Lyle and give you many more years together. Love in Christ, Evelyn and EC Sam Waggoner

5: Mom and Dad, It is difficult to put in to words how I feel about you both. I love you, isn’t quite enough. 40 years is a long time to be together. I am so glad that Jason and I have you two as role models. Your wisdom has taught us much on how to be married, and especially on how to be good parents. I don’t know what I would have done without your love and support when we started our parenting journey. The kids love their visits with you. We love their visits with you. Many Blessings and another 40 years Love, Rachel and Jason

7: Mom and Dad, Congratulations on makin’ the long haul longer! It’s been a very real adventure as a family and the example you’ve set is awesome. Thank you for imparting character in me... such as generosity, integrity, giving and of course common sense! Thank your for loving me and giving so much of your selves to encourage us, raise us and help us achieve our dreams. Thank you for loving the Lord, trusting Him and inviting him into our family. Thank you for trusting us and letting us grow up with love and freedom. Dad, thanks for taking me to work and busy bee’s with you when I was little - always loved lunch with dad at work! Mom, thanks for teaching me about writing and creativity, for shopping trips and coffee dates. Thank you both for being amazing. Congratulations on 40 years and all that you’ve done to get there... may the Lord bless you abundantly as you adventure into the next 40! Thank you for being my amazing parents. I love you so much! Bekah You have built a legacy of faith, love and generosity. And this legacy will live on in future generations. Blessings upon your head!

8: Happy Anniversary Nana and Grandpa!

9: We love you lots and lots. Gabriel and Annika

10: Memories: Lyle always seemed to be ahead of times. His circa 1976(?) automotive attachment highlighted below is an example. This is a standard feature of many cars today. On one of their visits to Mom and Dad's house,Lyle showed us the "computer" he rigged up to his car. It would show miles per gallon and other trip data. It was an impressive add-on. Mom, Dad and I visited Karen's during a few vacations when I was growing up. During one visit, circa 1962(?), upon leaving Wadena, I rode with Karen, Lyle and Opal. My parents followed in their Oldsmobile. Lyle's car was a Mercury featuring a vertical power window behind the back seat. Cool!! We headed to a Twins game. Sitting across the aisle and a few rows ahead of us was a rotund man enjoying a smelly lit stogie and a cup of beer. Karen and I acquired a bag of sunflower seeds and proceeded to at least try to knock stogie ashes into the cup,adding a little crunch to the brew at the same time. As far as Lyle is concerned, I did not know him growing up, however he "Done Good," anyway! May you both have a Blessed Anniversary, and many more. Love, John & Lois Waggoner

11: Happy 40th Anniversary Karen and Lyle! We wish you the best as you celebrate forty years together. Take time to smell the flowers while you're still in bloom. - Buzz and Carolyn | Dear Lyle & Karen: Happy 40th Anniversary! May God continue to grow and bless your marriage with His wisdom, love, grace and joy!!!!! In His Joy, Jerre & Cheryl Wright

12: Congratulations Lyle and Karen! It has been a 40 year adventure. Iknow you can reflect on the years you worked hard to raise a family and each other and smile. Congratulations on each your personal achievements as well as your joint accomplishments. You have done well and I wish you more years of bliss and adventure. Take good care of each other and enjoy the smell of the roses in life. Love your sis, Karen J. Memories: I’m short on memory these days, they tell me it comes with age. I remember right after Jean and I were married, we were living above Rose Bye’s. Lyle and Karen came with their two little girls... I can still see them sitting on the couch, cute as can be. I once visited them and when I was ready to leave I asked Rachel if she was going with me. She said yes and in a little bit she came back with her suitcase packed, ready to go... eyes filled with anticipation. Lyle and Karen asked me how I was going to get out of this one... she was pretty disappointed and I always felt bad about that. We also enjoyed the boundary waters with Lyle and David twice which brought so many good memories. Congratulations! Dan Bye I remember Dan taking me to meet them in 1978, I enjoyed our time there and making “Sour Cream Raisin Mirange Pie” and getting a delicious lasagna recipe from Karen. WHen we moved to Texas, Karen and Lyle gave us many household items that we used an were so thankful for. While living in Texas, we got a phone call that they were on the way and we had barely enough food and only a dollar. Dan went to the mailbox and found an unexpected check and we were able to get to town and make some good omelets together. Jean Bye When I think about Uncle Lyle and Aunt Karen, I think of camping and canoeing in BWCA and Aunt Karen’s many hours of studying and researching the Bye genealogy; as well as her faithful Christmas stories every year. Writing memories down reminds me of Proverbs 22:1-2, “A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches and loving favor rather than silver and gold.” Miriam Troyer My memories are few but sweet. I recall the letters Karen and I passed between us. I’ve always appreciated the encouragement she gave me in writing a book, an interest I’ve always had but have not yet achieved. It was amazing to me the time she spent researching the Bye family history. I had an interest in that as well, so we had some good talks on it. She also gave me a book of the history, which I treasure. Uncle Lyle always intrigued me and we got to know him better on our trip to BWCA. I then found a comrade. We had several interesting conversations on that trip. I’m sure I could write so many more! Congratulations! Naomi Bye

13: My memories aren’t many but are clear... my first memories were just the stories papa told. I clearly remember spending time with Lyle in the boundary waters and getting ready to go. Lyle got blamed for not tying the canoes on better... and Lyle being our wind blocker; laying on the rocks, listening to the sound of the loons and the sound of Lyle using his stomach for a drum... it echoed across the water. I remember Lyle and Karen coming to Grandpa’s for Thanksgiving and also for Grandma’s birthday. I appreciate y’all coming for Ivan and Miriam’s wedding. -Victoria & Hannah Bye | I remember when we went to the boundary waters with Uncle Lyle and Uncle David. I was Uncle Lyle’s paddling partner. I also remember when the wind would blow and we would use Uncle Lyle for a wind block. When we took the canoe out and tipped it and went swimming. Or when Lyle and Karen came and Lyle went ice skating with us. On the way to the boundary waters when we lost two of the canoes and had to go back for them. And we really thank Karen for making the boundary waters camping book! - Galatia Bye

14: Memories: Lyle started school in Onamia, (first grade), until Dick and Viv moved to Brainerd. Lyle walked home from school in the afternoons (about a mile, - back in the good old days, when it was safe for kids to do that). Gramma and Grampa lived on the farm, so Lyle would stop in there for a rest and a little "pick-me-up" (such as cookies and milk). There was a small blackboard on one kitchen wall at Gramma's house, - Lyle would sometimes draw and write on that, practicing what he had learned that day in school. He had learned to write his name at school, so one day he wrote it on the blackboard, ‘Lyle’ then started with the "B" and the ‘y’. Since his first name had an "l" following the "y", it was natural to subconsciously follow the same order for the second, - thus "Lyle Byle". Lyle was a quick learner, so he didn't repeat that order of letters the next time. He brightened up our lives, - and still does! Congratulations, Lyle and Karen, - thank you both for setting an example! Love from Steve and Loretta

16: Wewish you another 40 years, filled with love, peace, and good health! We appreciate how much you (Karen Lee) stays in touch with us via email. And we always loved getting every single December, a recording of Christmas music made by the Brainerd High school choir where Lyle wasvital to the men's section. And we’ll never forget the huge effort made by you two to produce a handsome album in honor ofGrace and Clyde's 65th anniversary & Grace's 90th birthday! Karen Lee, you wrote a lovely introduction and an equally wonderful epilogue. You made sure to include excerpts from the book Marguerite engineered called "All Of A Sudden -- Ninety!" - Avis and Marv (who always agrees with me) | Congratulations - Best Wishes & Well Done!!!Here's to many more!!! Sondrae & Ron "Any Christian couple who stays married for forty years is a miracle, because divorce rates are higher for Christians. God's richest blessings to you and your strong testimony of God's unending faithfulness." With love and hugs, Nancy & Bruce Karen & Lyle, Celebrate the joys of today, the memories of yesterday & the hopes of tomorrow. Happy Anniversary! - Steve & Jane Ulstad, Becky, Aaron, & Sammy Giese, Katie & Kory Helgens, James Ulstad, Peter Ulstad & DaHee Han

17: Happy 40th Anniversary Lyle and Karen!!! There are so many memories of all the Rejoice concerts and musicals, setting up and tearing down together and working so closely in all those years. You, Lyle, were the BEST sound guy. I always knew it was going to be right and didn't have to worry about that part of the production. It was in good hands. You were always a good friend, growing together over all those years, watching the Rejoice kids grow and mature through the good times and the tough times. You and Karen were such a blessing to walk alongside. Lyle, I (Karen) always remember how to wrap mic cords because of how you showed me to do it correctly. We treasure ALL the memories. We pray blessings on this very special year and many more to come with good health, spending time with "life-givers" and being "life-givers" to your family and all those around you. May the Lord bless and keep you, may He make His face shine upon you and gracious unto you. May He lift up His countenance upon you and bring you His peace. Happy 40th, Love, Tom and Karen Gibson

18: Dear Karen & Lyle, Ben &Iwish you God's continued blessings as you celebrate your 40th anniversary. I know all your good memories will be a special blessing to you at this important milestone. Love, Regina & Ben Tellers Karen and Lyle: Congratulations and Love! Betty Ulstad Congratulations! Many blessings and my God bless you with many more happy years together! - Dan Borgos We wish them a very Happy Anniversary and look foward to seeing them again soon. Best Wishes, Richard and Kim Felt Lyle & Karen, Happy 40th Anniversary to you, Your have a wonderful family & Grand-Children to help you celebrate. Have a wonderful Day and God's Blessings to you. - Love Bunny Piepkorn

19: Dear Lyle and Karen, Congratulations on your 40th anniversary. That is a long time. Lyle, how did you do that? WOW!!! Karen, I always loved going to your house. As an only child, I thought you had everything!! Probably because you didn't have to share it with anyone else. I had never had pizza until you invited me to go to the pizza shop. I got to go, just you and me!!!!! That was a first. I remember seeing you guys at a basketball game in Wadena. We were good friends in school, Karen but lost touch for a few years. Now it is like we have been friends forever. Youhave raised two beautiful girls. I remember taking care of them when they were little.Being a mom to3 boys, I was thrilled to have 2 little girls around. It just wasn't long enough!! You have done a great job with them. Now you have 2 grandkids to love and take care of. Life is full of bumps in the road but it takes special people to make it to 40 years with the same person. You are both special people. We love you, Curt and Nanc

20: To Karen and Lyle with our very best wishes for this your 40th and future anniversaries. - Joan and George Weatherall Congratulations on four decades of love and devotion to each other. We love you and wish you another forty. - Daniel and Karen Hendricks, Class of `67 | Lyle and Karen, you were for me in 1991 like second parents. This summer was for me the sunniest of my life. My parents were a little bit afraid when I leaved france but they have rapidly understood my happiness. The proof is that almost 20 years after, I m always happy to have good news from the whole family. Happy wedding anniversary for you and peace! - Laurence Lullo

21: Memory: Karen grew up and went to school with our oldest girls. I lost track of you after high school. In 2005 we got back together again when I did some research for her on a former high school classmate named Roberta Parks who had mysteriously disappeared. A short time later you sent me several booklets of poems she had written about the Viet Nam war. They were simply superb. I inquired as to how much research it took to write these and you told me that you did no research but that the information just came. A truly remarkable situation. They were truly outstanding. They are now on file at the Wadena County Historical Society. You are a very talented person and a wonderful researcher, especially with your interest in Roberta Parks. Your family can be very proud of you. - BobZosel

23: Dear Lyle & Karen, You were very supportive of me at the Guthrie in the 80’s during my run in “Guys and Dolls”. You’ve stayed in touch and have sent good vibes throughout the years. I wish you all the best on your 40th. I know it will be great and so many people love you two. My best and love, Jerry Stiller

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