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We Have Who You Want!

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S: We Have Who You Want

FC: WE Have Who You Want | By: Christopher Schmitt

1: Dedicated to, My dad for helping me through everything. Sports, school, drums, and everything in general. Thanks.

2: We Have Who You Want | Written and Illustrated by: Christopher Schmitt

4: "HHHHHEEEEEELLLLLPPPPP!!"..... then the faded sound of him going under. That's my only memory of my father. He died that day, or so we thought. He drowned; the riptide took him out. You see, my father was resting on the beach when a huge wave came in. Since the wave was so big the riptide was even stronger and my father couldn't escape... he had no chance. That may seem like a bad ending, but this is actually were the story begins. One day, while we were at the beach, a bottle floated to shore. My mother got a stick to reach in and retrieve it (still being self-concuss from the lost of her husband) and read in her head. It said "We've got who you want, Mr. Nievi Swingle, You're husband is on a ship that's all the info we're givin" I read over mom's shoulder and before Mrs. Swingle, my mom even said what it was or who it was from, we began packing up to go on a trip.

6: "Where do you think you're going," asked my mom in a harsh tone. " To get our father back," I answered confidently. "No you're not, " replied my mother "How do ya know it ain't a trap? Besides, we live in the Bermuda Triangle and you know about all dem stories. It's the most dangerous place in the world," Mom had a very scared look on her face. "Well I've got to at least try," I said boldly. *sigh*"Alright, but be careful," mother said while trying to fight back tears. Unisons of good lucks, fair wells, and "we love you" filled the air for miles as I set off on a journey on a raft to search for my dad. A couple of days past and I was starting to get hungry when out of nowhere, I heard a groan. At fist he thought it was just my stomach, but then I I heard it again,then again, then again, and again. Now even though I was a bit dizzy and dazed from the sun I started to see a resemblance of an island."Is it just me or is that an island," I murmured to himself. In no time at all I was pulling my raft to shore. First I got some fruits and ate until I

8: couldn't eat any more. Then to my surprise, the annoying groan returned. Being extra careful, I picked up rocks and started walking towards the noise. With all mycourage, I ran and jumped through the vines and...saw.... a man? Not very old about 27 but not at all healthy. "UUUUUHHHHH," the man groaned. "Hello," I said nervously. The man gasped with fear. "You're not going to pelt me with those rocks are you," the man asked "No," I replied. I heard a sigh of relief from the man. "My name in Mark," the man said not as scared this time. "Why are you here," Mark asked. "I'm looking for my father, he was captured, well actually we thought he had drowned until a couple of days ago when a message in a bottle told us that whoever "we" were had him. My name is Blake Swingle" I said to clear things up. I was about to leave when Mark stopped me. "Wait," Mark screamed so that it would be impossible for me not to hear him."I have something that can help both of us," Mark said

9: excitedly. "What," I replied, also excitedly. "Scuba suits," Mark said. A wide grin spread across my face. "Then why didn't you swim off this, this grain of sand if you had scuba suits," I asked a bit confused. "I cant swim," Mark said with shame."But if I give you a scuba suit and I put one on you can help me swim back to safety," Mark said while practically jumping up and down and doing cartwheels. "Do I get to keep the scuba suit?" I asked hopefully. "Yes" Mark said hoping that, that would capture the deal. Before even thinking, I answered with a "yes". That journey did take quite a bit of time but it will be worth it in the long run to have scuba suits. You can never know when you're going to need a scuba suit when you are going on a journey in the middle of the ocean. But now it's back on the road to my father. "OOOOIIEE AAOCHIE".That's kind of the sound I heard when I was swimming to the rocks for a breather."Is that a monkey," I said praying to myself that it was and not something that

10: could hurt or injure me. As I got closer I realized that it was a monkey! I swam as fast as I could because the monkey started to drown. When I got there, the monkey was gone! Then I saw him going DEEPER, and DEEPER, and DEEPER. Thank goodness for the scuba suit 'cause man, that monkey was getting deep. In the distance, I saw a ship that said on the side, "Circus Fun". Well that explained the monkey, but how could they not have noticed he was missing? But before I could think of an answer, it was back to saving the little monkey.

11: I got my mask on and went down for him. A couple of seconds later (about forty or fifty) I found him sinking like a rock...unconscious. I got him and brought him back to the surface. At first, he wasn't moving, but then I saw an eye twitch, then a hand move, and before I knew it the monkey was running around in circles screeching like a banshee. After an hour or two of replenishing with food and his last drop of medicine, I left to go back for my father. Right before I got back in the water, the monkey jumped and clung onto me. "So you want to come along" I said laughing. Well, I think the heat has gotten to me. Here I am talking to a monkey. Right as I finish this thought, the monkey began to nod his head. I almost fainted right there and then. "You understand me?" I said in disbelief. He shook his head again! Well, you are a lucky monkey because a man gave me two scuba suits. After fighting with him to get it on, we started off again on our journey. As we were swimming in the middle of the ocean, still far away from land, I saw a fin. "Don't move!" I sternly shouted. The monkey didn't hear me, so he kept right on going.

12: "FFFFWWWWWIIIINNNGGG!" A very sharp rock sliced the shark's neck. Then, the huge splash that followed washed the monkey right back to me. "Once again, you are one lucky mo-" "Whaa whaa", I suddenly heard from out of nowhere, "I can't believe it, A BABY!" I screamed with frustration. | The poor monkey still didn't notice the SHARK. So the shark slowly swam around his prey and was about to eat him when...

13: Even though I had a mission to save my dad, I couldn't leave a baby out to die. So I got a small bed and brought the baby to the rocks and then, to my surprise the toddler gave me a lollipop. The wrapper of the lollipop said "stealth pop, 100% healthy!". Yeah right, I murmured. /but since I did have a bit of a headache and sore muscles from swimming, I carefully unwrapped the lollipop so that I could re-wrap it later. "It's worth a try." As soon as I licked it, I had instant good feelings. "It works!" I said in shock, happiness, and disbelief. I probably would have fainted, but that would mean I wasn't 100% healthy. I carefully put it into one of my 100% waterproof pockets. Not knowing if she would answer or not, (yes, it was a she) I asked her name, and to my surprise, she said Lola. "Oh" I said. "How old are you?" "Four and a half," Lola replied. I asked where her parents where and she asked what a parent was, so I laid off.

14: But that girl was an inspiration to me. Even though she had no family, she was just floating in the ocean and barely knew how to speak at age four and a half, she was still always smiling. But the saddest part was that she had AIDS, with no medication to treat it. After I gave her food, water, and medicine, I was about to leave and I asked her "how did you make the lollipop?" She told me that she found it on a piece of wood floating in the ocean. I asked her why she didn't eat it. "It can't cure cancer, AIDS, or malaria," she said. "So even though I have migraines, stomach ulcers, and I throw up a lot, I will still die quicker than other people, so why

15: use it up when I can give it to someone healthy like you" she said confidently. With that speech, tears filled my eyes, so I headed back to the ocean with "Monkey". The lollipop was a great gift but those words were gift enough. Right before I got in the ocean, I turned around to say "goodbye" and "thank you". I saw the most frightening scene I have ever witnessed. Lola started to turn pale; very pale. I ran over to see if she was alright. Just before I got there, she fell to the ground with a thud. I checked her pulse. Nothing. That very moment, my life went into slow-mo. The waves came crashing down harder, the sky darkened, and the earth made sounds as if it was crying. I collapsed to my knees next to her, and started to cry. I dug her a grave and put a rock over it. On the rock, I carved, "Lola, a brave soul." After I gathered all my feelings and thoughts, I left with Monkey. While I was swimming, I was hoping that there would be no more "visitors". I needed to keep my head in the game or should I say, the mission. Monkey and I have been on this journey now for seven months and for the first time

16: we saw the ship. But it wasn't like I could just jump on it. I just barely saw it in the distant. The ship was a dot in the ocean. It was at least 13 or 14 miles out there. I doubted that I could get there in a week let alone a day. It may even take a month. I was getting closer when a mountain appeared on the horizon. "OH SHOOT," I said angrily, but at the same time trying not to be so loud. "Well at least they can't get around it either. I can't even see the end of it and I'm not so sure about the top," I tried to calm myself down. About 45 minutes later the ship reached the rock and to my dismay it went clear through it. A door slid open and the ship went straight threw it. It was there and then it wasn't. "I DON'T BELIEVE IT," I said now screaming at the top of my lungs. Luckily I was so mad that I had a huge adrenalin rush and got to the mountain in like a hour and a half. I know that sounds like a long time but when you're two and a half miles away and swimming that's pretty fast. When we got there I went to get the climbing tools. "OH NO," I said very frustrated. "They must have fallen out during Monkey's big splash," I said emphasizing Monkey's big splash and looking

17: at him. "Well, since we don't have any climbing tools I guess we'll have to do it free handed," I murmured once again looking at monkey who just smiled at me. | We started up the mountain and boy, where some parts steep! We were nearing the top when... "Whoa!" I screamed as my hands slipped away and my feet gave out. I was in a trance, "what is happening," I thought. Just before I started to plummet to the earth's surface and my

18: certain death, Monkey saved me. He hung on with his feet while grabbing me with both of his hands. "I guess bringing you wasn't a total bust after all" I said to Monkey. After I regained my composure, we headed for the top, again. When we got to the top, Monkey and I let out a sigh of relief and then wiped our foreheads almost in unison. It was clear that we had become great buddies during our journey together. We ate a little and took a short nap before we started to go to the other side of the island. It took about 80 minutes to get to the other side. Our eyes couldn't believe it. There in front of us, we saw the boat and my dad on it. As I watched from the distance, I could see him being dragged to a dungeon within. I guess that was where they kept him. I was so excited to have found him that I jumped up but my foot twisted funny so Ianded an the last think I remember is everything turning black. I awoke about 25 minutes later feeling a bit dazed. I was about to pass out again but I wasn't sure if I was going to wake up or not this time. Then I remembered, my stealthpop! I quickly licked it and the millisecond after that,

19: I sprung up healed. After rejoicing for being alive, I said a short prayer for Lola, then started down the mountain. When the boat was only about half a mile out, I took a break inside the mountain. The water looked funny, almost like it was bubbling. | Monkey almost jumped out from behind our hiding spot and into the water. I quickly grabbed him by the collar. I tossed a leaf into the water and it burst into flames. "This will be a challenge," I told Monkey. I put one foot into the water to see if it would burn through the suit. I almost jumped out of our hiding spot this time, but even though the heat ached, the suit held strong and protected me.

20: After much time and with great care, Monkey and I got in the water. while swimming, I was thinking about how lucky I was to get these scuba suits. If I didn't, my dad would be gone FOREVER! Unfortunately, happy thoughts weren't the only thing on my mind. "What happens if they catch us?" "What happens if they had just killed my dad?" These where just two of the scary thoughts that crossed my mind. As we were getting close, our air tanks started to beep. "Beep, beep, beep" was the ominous sound. When it stopped, so did our air supply. In panic, Monkey and I swam faster than we had ever swam before. We got there just in the nick of time as our lungs were screaming at us. We snuck on board when no one was looking. It was a race against time before one of the crew members saw us. We creeped into the dungeon and there he was! My dad! I ran over and gave him a big bear hug. I saw a tear trickle down his face. I unlocked his wrists and saw how bloody and blistered they were. I let him lick the stealthpop and immediately, the cuts went away. But just when joy was starting to overtake me, I heard a loud and angry holler:

21: "INTRUDERS!!!" | "Let's go" I said in a hurried voice. "Woosh" a rock wisked past my head. After we dodged what I thought were all the rocks, we headed for the ladder. "Thwak" a rock nailed me in the forehead and knocked me down. I got up as quickly as I could but it was quite hard because my head was throbbing. I suddenly got a great idea... since all of the criminals were in the dungeon because they were after me, we quickly closed and locked the dungeon door. But we still didn't have long because we knew it was just a matter of time before they would escape.

22: We were about to jump into the water when I remembered the toxic bubbling water. "No!" I exclaimed extremely frustrated. As I was thinking what to do, I saw Monkey taking off his scuba suit and giving it to my father. "Are you sure," I said all choked up. Before he could answer, I said, "you know what, NO, there has to be a better way." Tears filled my eyes. I hugged him but our goodbye was cut short by the sound of the dungeon door opening. My dad and I hopped into the water as I waved my last goodbye. The trip back was long and hard. It took about eight weeks, but we made it. When we got back, my mother and family were there to greet us. It had been 14 years since I had seen my father. Some of my brothers and sisters had never seen him. I had mixed feelings as we returned home. Sometimes, I was so super-duper extremely happy now that my father was back. But at the same time, I was down thinking about the loss of my best friend... | Monkey

23: That night, we partied, had a campfire, and danced and sang. Our family was different for the next couple of months... we seemed happier, closer, and more like a family.

24: It has been seven months since my journey. I still think about Monkey often. One day, while sitting on the beach, my youngest sibling said she saw something. Then my brother said the same thing... then my other sister. Soon, I saw it too. What is that, I wondered. In the distance, I saw a small figure almost dancing. Then it struck me. I jumped out of my seat and ran into the ocean, screaming at the top of my lungs, | "MONKEY!!!!!!" | as joyfully as ever I said anything. Monkey also started to swim toward me. I cried quite a bit, but they were tears of joy. "How did you LIVE?!?" again half thinking he could talk. I played with him throughout the night, but that was not the last time I saw him... because once my family heard me speak of our entire adventure together, they gladly accepted him into our family. I never discovered how he made it back, but I didn't care. I had my best friend back with me.

25: The End | We were never separated again, we were also never closer before. My family lived happily ever after, including Monkey and MY DAD! What a great adventure, what a great LIFE!

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