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What I Did on My Summer Vacation

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FC: What I Did on My Summer Vacation

1: About the author My name is Heather, and this is my first book. I was inspired to write this about my Celtic ancestors. I used real life family members in this story.

2: It has been hot and rainy since I got out of school. I am tired of being trapped inside and hope the weather clears up soon.With these thoughts in my head, the sound of rain and gentle thunder lulled me to sleep. KABLAM! A loud crash of thunder and a blinding flash of lightning caused me to jump out of bed. I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and looked around. A dense mist covered the area I sat on. In the distance I could hear the haunting wail of a bagpipe. When I looked down at the dewy grass, I realized that I was not in Wadesboro anymore. I could hear people and horses walking a specific direction. A girl about my age appeared through the mist and offered me her hand. I looked at her and felt my mouth drop. The girl standing in front of me had red hair, green eyes, pale skin, and a nightgown that all resembled my own. "Are you coming?" she asked in a language that I could strangely understand. With no where else to go, I took her hand and together we followed all the other nightgown wearing people.

4: After a while of walking we came to a place that looked very familiar to me. I glanced at my new friend hoping she would read my mind and answer my question. "This is Stonehenge. We Celts follow the Druids here to celebrate the Summer Solstice festival," she answered in a hushed tone. My inner clock was telling me that sunrise would happen very soon because I was beginning to see the sky brighten. The chanting that I had not heard until just now, was beginning louder as the sun rose higher. A loud voice boomed from inside the henge, and it looked as if all those things combined seemed to clear the air of the mist that lingered the whole time I've been here. The sun was now framed in an opening in the henge. and a cheer erupted from all of the nightgown-wearing people surrounding the henge. As the cheer died down the voice from the henge called something out which everyone responded to with another cheer.The people started moving away and setting up stalls for different things. I looked over to my friend who looked back at me and smiled. She took my hand and started walking towards a tiny stall with an elderly woman sitting behind it.

6: My friend led me to a mat next to her and and sat beside me. The woman looked from me to my friend then smiled. "I didn't know there were two of you now, Petal." The lady seemed a little more familiar to me now. I was starting to get used to that familiar feeling. Petal sat next to me while the woman went inside a hut to get something. "She's my grandmother, a healer," Petal proudly told me. I felt myself gasp in realization. The woman looks like my grandmother! Petal's grandmother came back out holding some herbs. "What happened to your head?" she asked dabbing at my forehead which stung! "I didn't know I hit my head," I replied. Petal's grandmother kept dabbing at my head while I looked around. I could see many things like: weapons, circles of people listening to music, pottery, jewelry, tattoos, and food stalls. "There you go, Miss,"I looked at Petal's grandmother and smiled. As I got up she pressed something into my palm. I looked at it. It was a tiny cake like thing. I turned to Petal's grandmother and said, "Thank you."That's when an excited Petal grabbed my arm and pulled me to the jewelry stall I was looking at earlier.

7: Petal's grandmother sang a song about Airmid, the Celtic goddess of healing while she fixed my head. She explained to me that healers are one class of Druids. The others are bards and counselors that try to keep the peace while preparing defenses.

8: When we arrived, Petal skipped toward a display of what looked like necklaces. I looked at the vendor and almost started laughing. Why? She had blond hair, green and gold eyes, and a face I could never forget even if I tried. This must be the Celtic version of my mom. She looked over at me, smiled, and then said, "Hey Petal, where have you been?" I started to say that I wasn't Petal but that's when Petal herself came up behind her and hugged her. "That's my look alike, mom!" I couldn't help but laugh a little at what she said. "Really? Well, would you and your twin like to make a pot or something?" That sounded fun but I wanted to look around a little more. "Not now, and can I give this to my twin?" Petal asked holding up a rune that I read as balance. My mom's look alike nodded her head and turned to a little girl who was shaping a pot. Petal skipped over to me, put the rune around my neck along with my Yin-Yang, grabbed my arm and skipped with me toward a circle of people. "By the way that was my mom. We're going to meet my brother now!" Petal announced as we sat down in the circle of people. If my reasoning is correct, we will be meeting Damien very soon. I was expecting to see him sitting, not singing and dancing along with the music! I must admit though, he has a

10: very nice voice. Some people were singing along and some were dancing along too. Damien must be a bard type Druid singing songs about history in the oral tradition. I could see other men having important meetings, and Petal told me that we couldn't go to that area. That is where the highest Druids were holding meetings, settling disputes and training for invasions. Some of the men were even getting symbols tattooed on their foreheads. OUCH! Instead of begging to watch that, I sat back, listened to bagpipes, harps, my ancient brother's voice and the sound of all the other things going on around me."By the way Heather, I am you," I heard Petal's voice say as I drifted off to sleep. I awoke with a startle. Rubbing my eyes, I tried to make sense of what I was just seeing and hearing. Looking around, I saw it was morning and that I was back in my room. Odd. Wasn't I just at Stonehenge? Or...was it a dream? As I sat contemplating this my eyes roamed to where my Yin-Yang hangs around my neck. Well...not really...because it isn't there! Instead there was a rune that translates to 'balance' sitting innocently on my chest.

11: Balance | THE END

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  • Title: What I Did on My Summer Vacation
  • Have you ever wondered what it would have been like to go to Stonehenge on the Summer Solstice? One girl gets to see this even though her wish was for the weather to clear up.
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