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When You Were 13 - Grant

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When You Were 13 - Grant - Page Text Content

S: Grant - When You Were l3 - 20l0

FC: WhEn | YoU | WerE

1: Where did you go? | What did you do? | When you were | l3 | Edward | - our | sponsored | child | in | Uganda.

2: We celebrated the New Year with everyone from the Chinese church where Eric preaches. We all had a good time talking and eating with one another. They brought a ton of real Chinese food. Eric just loves it! | anni

4: february

5: grace & callie

8: puppy

9: The snow was pokey and cold and you hated it on your tummy. It went on to snow 5 more inches! For a girl with only a 2 inch clearance it was a nightmare!

10: The Manner girls got a trampoline for Christmas. It was a big hit of course. They love it when Grant jumps with them. He'd spent over an hour playing with them this winter afternoon. We had to get in the car and head home soon after this. A big snowstorm was coming. It snowed 7" when we got home.! | Grant, | let's

11: james, abigail and esa

12: february

13: The Trumpeter swans winter every year on a pond on the edge of the town of Heber Springs. They were blown off course by a hurricane several years ago and have come back to this same pond ever since. They are on the endangered list. There were around l50 this year. They are so beautiful. Their sounds are also captivating. It does sound like little trumpets sounding off across the pond.

15: My baby went to be with Jesus on April 28 - just one month before her l5th birthday. I love her and miss her so. She had congestive heart failure and it caused a seizure. I learned so much about God and what he thinks about me and about grace and how he covers me with it each day. He taught me that through Murphy before she died. I love this old dog. Because of what I learned about grace, I know that I will see her again one day. There's no doubt in my mind. But for now my heart aches and I miss snuggling on the couch with her and throwing pebbles for her to chase.

16: So this is our all time favorite tv show. We began watching it a year and a half ago but it's been on for six seasons. We had a marathon and watched around l75 episodes before the last season began. It was a lot of fun. When it ended it felt like we had actually lost something ourselves! I can't say I liked the way it ended but it really didn't matter. We loved the show so much that even if it was a really bad ending it could never ruin six years of awesome episodes. We'll miss Tuesday nights watching LOST. I hope there's another great show on the horizon but I seriously doubt it could ever top LOST.

18: We tried to get a picture... but chaos broke out... | march | uganda | vision of destiny preschool

20: murchison falls national park | UGANDA

22: january | february | march | april | may | june | Through the year...

23: july | august | september | october | november | december

24: While we were at the Grand Canyon, we happened by the mule barn. This guy wanted some lovin'. I love moments like this. | @ The Grand Canyon | Murphy Sue | These are some of my favorite pictures of Murphy. The top two were taken about a month before she died.

26: the | We drove to Phoenix to go to a church conference with our friends at HGM and then visited the Grand Canyon and explored all over Arizona and New Mexico. We saw volcanoes, caves, ancient India ruins, ate good food and had a really good time together.

27: june

29: We went to a deer farm while we were in Arizona. They were so precious! I thought we would be there thirty minutes or so and then head on down the road to Santa Fe. But...I couldn't leave! They were so cute! So I spent I don't know how many dollars on corn and we fed them for over an hour. Mmmmmm....a morning well spent.

30: and

34: You were bound and determined to learn to ride the unicycle. We got you one this spring and even though it took you several weeks, you finally learned to ride. We were proud of you that you didn't give up. I think I might have! | THE

35: For Nomads this year, I rented sumo suits for fun. We told everyone (around 300 hundred people) that if you want to "wrestle your neighbor" go out front to the sumo wrestling ring. It was a big hit. Of course, you had a great time wrestling Sam and Thomas. It was hilarious. If you fell, you couldn't get up. Logan had to put you back on your feet. | APRIL

36: For the 4th, we went over to Aimee's to shoot off fireworks with Hannah & Stephen. We had homemade ice cream and grilled hamburgers and then lit firecrackers for several hours. We had a lot of fun.

37: th | of

38: benji

39: at HGM | annie | laura

40: Eric takes you riding on his bike often. You really have a good time together riding across town. We like the bike,!

42: b | e | n | j | i | u | f | n | n | y | f | r | i | e | n | d | e | s

43: h | g | m | f | a | t | laura | melissa | megan | eric

44: This summer we did a life science lab with Callie and Grace. We dissected a crayfish, a perch and a frog. It was very interesting and they've actually made them smell better than when I was a kid. Callie couldn't take it. She ended up reading in a chair behind the action. Every once in a while she'd peer over but mostly she just kept her head buried in a book. I don't blame her. It was brutal. You and Grace loved it though. You thoroughly took that poor frog apart. Who knew Grace would do that too! | august

46: When | you | were | seven.

47: at | the | chic | coop | There is a chicken coop at Callie and Grace's church. Everybody pitches in to care for the hens. Friday is the Rew's day to water and feed them. Sometimes we tag along and then we'll go eat lunch at Blue Coast together. | ken

49: Your granddad surprised you by giving you a shotgun to go duck hunting with. You were really happy to get it. You and your dad have decided that you really do like to duck hunt. He bought a gun too and this was the first day to go shoot them. It's going to be a great way for the two of you to spend time together.

50: fun | at | september

52: on sunday | evenings we | go to bryant | to swim with | stephen & hannah

54: We went one Friday morning with September, Callie and Grace to the apple orchard in Greenbriar. We picked some apples and brought them home. I didn't wash mine that day. Two days later I thought I'd make some apple butter with them. When I check them, they were full of worms! Oh well...we had fun driving up and picking them. I'll have to buy a bag at the store if I want to make apple butter. | september

55: eat | me!

56: You have wanted a shot gun ever since your first duck hunting trip. They're quite expensive so you began to save up money for one. It was going to take a long time. Well, your Granddad bought you one and surprised you with it!

57: Thanks Granddad for | spoiling me!

58: After we left Uganda, we stopped for a one day layover in Amsterdam. I wanted to see the city and visit Anne Frank's secret annex. I have recently read several books about her and really wanted to see it in person.

60: Amsterdam is my new favorite town to visit. The streets are charming. The canals are beautiful. We road a boat to each place we wanted to visit. I absolutely loved it. I'd like to spend a week here some day.

62: Anne's diaries were on display in the museum. They were in protective cases but you could look as long as you wished. | the secret annex

63: Anne's Room | The swinging bookcase that hid the entrance to the annex. | Anne's portrait at the museum. | The street in front of the Secret Annex.

64: RIJKS | MUSEUM | AMSTERDAM, HOLLAND | We took a canal boat over to the Rijks Museum to see the Rembrandt paintings that were on display there. We saw so many famous paintings that day that it just blew me away. Here are a few we saw on these pages. There were 2 rooms of Rembrandt's alone! | Milkmaid - Vemeer | The Threatened Swan Jan Asselijn

65: The Jewish Bride- Rembrandt | Jan Six - Rembrandt | Winter Landscape With Iceskaters Hendrick Avercamp | Girl With a Pearl Earring Vemeer | The Pantry Pieter de Hooch

66: our sponsored little girl | back to uganda!

67: fun at school - kampala, uganda | october

68: our sponsored boys

69: with eric

71: One of our great joys is going to Uganda to play with the children. Patience, Sowedie and Kato are in these pictures. Aren't they precious. They do love playing with you. | october

73: The things we get to see and do amaze me. On our way back to Kampala, we stopped to see rhinos that are in a protected sanctuary. They are guarded 24 hours a day by rangers with high powered guns. The rangers took us out into the bush where we watched six rhinos for over an hour. There were two births this year at the sanctuary and we got to see the babies too. It was incredible to see wild rhinos.

75: on | ...again

76: You took my old Nikon to Uganda to take pictures on safari. You're so cute. We've been home a month and you still haven't uploaded them for us to see.! | I think you took some good pictures of the lions too. The pictures I have seen are very good. You've got an eye for photograpy. I hope you develop it.!

78: at hgm | at | hgm

81: We had a great time carving pumpkins at HGM. Everybody showed up. There must've been 25 people at the height of carving! We finished up with seven awesome pumpkins!

83: 20l0 was a busy year. We traveled back and forth to Oklahoma countless times. We went to Uganda in the spring and again in the fall. We got to go on safari while we were there and see lions, elephants, monkeys, giraffes and hundreds of other types of animals. We visited the Grand Canyon in June and explored all over Arizona and New Mexico on a family vacation. We saw a volcano, caves, Indian reservations, a historical trading post, Canyon de Chey, Santa Fe, and did just tons of stuff. This winter was really cold and we got some good snows and the summer was really hot with temperatures around l05F for days. We just stayed inside and waited for autumn to come. You learned a lot of magic tricks this year with slight of hand and you're really good at it. The people at the cigar shop and Blue Coast Burrito like for you to bring a trick to show them when you go. You also learned how to ride the unicycle. It was really hard but you stuck with it and finally learned to ride. It took you several weeks and I was really proud of you that you didn't give up. Lately, you've been roller blading with Grace a lot and playing strategy board games with her. You love going to Oklahoma. Thant's good because we go once or twice a month. Your friend Benji moved to Oklahoma to go to boot camp with Heart of God in July. He is moving to Uganda to be a missionary there. You've missed him a lot. In April, Murphy died. She was a month from tuning l5 and it sadden us all. I cried until I threw up and you were so sweet to comfort me. We all miss her so much. That's why there are so many pictures of her in your book. I wanted them there so you wouldn't forget her. You're turning l4 this year and I'm so proud of you. You are intelligent and kind. You enjoy hanging out with your mom and dad and I love that about you. You love to travel with us and you know, you're just a great kid. I love you, Mom

86: Corn Suffle' 2 cans cream corn l tube fine crushed crackers 2 eggs - beaten salt & pepper to taste bacon | Mix together ingredients and pour into a baking dish. Place strips of bacon on top of mixture. Bake at 350 for approximately 45 minutes. | My momma made this dish all the time. And we all love it too. We always have it on Thanksgiving day.

87: Thanksgiving Dinner Turkey & Peppered Ham Mashed Potatoes Fancy Green Beans Corn Suffle' Dressing with Pecans & Cranberries Yeast Rolls Dessert Pumpkin, Chocolate & Cottage Cheese Pie

89: My grandmother died last week at the age of 92. I've been so upset over it and I miss her so much. My mom and grandmother | are both gone now and I'm missing having someone fuss over me. She was born May l8, 1918 and died December 3, 20l0. I miss her telling me that she loves me every night before I go to sleep.

91: We all love you! | at HGM

92: for Christmas

94: grace | september | callie

96: 1998

97: 1968

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