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Wilson Family Yearbook 2008-2009

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Wilson Family Yearbook 2008-2009 - Page Text Content

S: Wilson Family Yearbook 2008-2009

FC: Wilson Family Yearbook 2008-2009

1: This was quite an amazing year for our family. It was full of all kinds of surprises and adventures and some of the biggest changes we've ever experienced. What a sweet and special journey. . .

3: We always have so much fun with our Christmas "photo shoot." This year Grace was asked to model this cute little apron and hat set at the LifeWay managers conference, and the lady who asked her gave each of the girls a set to keep. | We thought they were perfect for Christmas pictures.

5: Tennessee Christmas | Macy and Grace loved their new baby dolls, but their favorite gift was. . .

6: ...The Wii!!!

7: Macy took it very seriously and worked hard at it, but she also enjoyed "relaxing after a good workout." :-) | Grace was somehow freakishly good at bowling and beat every single one of us the first time we played.

8: Louisiana Christmas

9: Someone had the "brilliant" idea of getting all of the "girl first cousins" into the bouncer thingy (or whatever it's called) for a picture. But as soon as we got "settled", one of the boys deflated it. So wrong. . . . But we had to admit it was pretty funny. ;-)

10: Aunt Deb and Uncle Danny's

11: The girls always love spending time at Deb and Danny's. Mostly because they love Aunt Deb and Uncle Danny, but they are also always excited to get to feed the horses in the mornings and pick lemons and oranges off of Deb's fruit trees any time they want to. Pretty fun!

12: Brand New Baby Dylan | This was the first time Macy, Grace and Jared got to meet her in person. They couldn't get enough of her. So sweet!

14: The Family Band

15: They sing, they dance, they play. My kind of entertainment.

17: On the night before Christmas Eve, Granddad loaded us all up on a trailer and hauled us through the Prestonwood Forest subdivision to look at the Christmas lights. So fun! | HAY RIDE!

18: Eat, Drink & Be Merry

20: Christmas Eve at Nana and Papa's

21: Lots of hugs and smiles

22: Christmas Day at Grandmom and Granddad's

23: So Much Love

25: Josh is such a good sport. ;-) He lets the little ones climb all over him and basically abuse him, but he never complains. Such a sweet guy.

26: I learned how to crochet at the end of 2007 and made a bunch of scarves to give as gifts for Christmas 2007. But my first "big project" was this blanket for Jo. I love that she is so all about family time, so I made a blanket that I knew could stretch all the way across her couch and let her whole family snuggle together while they read books or watched movies together. It was HUGE and took awhile to finish, but I loved every second of my time working on it and told her that it would have to be my way of hugging her until we someday live close enough together for me to do it with my arms instead. She claimed to be mad at me because the letter I gave her with it made her cry, but I'm pretty sure in her heart she really loved it. ;-)

27: A Gift from the Heart

28: A Big Surprise for Granddad

29: Every now and then, Dad spots a deer or two in his yard. They're usually pretty small and rarely stay around very long, but on Christmas Day we spotted about 8 of them in the back yard, one of which was a pretty big buck. They came back several days in a row, and we all had fun looking for them every day. As soon as anyone spotted one, we would run to find Dad wherever he was. Even the kids were excited about it.

30: It seems like there has been at least one new family member every year for the last several years. This year we welcomed sweet little Dylan. This background picture is her hand on Macy's arm. Macy loved it when she "held onto her." So sweet. | Sweet Dylan

32: Tradition continues with seafood gumbo for lunch (YUM!)

33: and BINGO in the afternoon

34: K | A | R | A | O

35: K | E | Set List --Somewhere Over the Rainbow --Life is a Highway --Tomorrow

36: Girlie Girls | Peyton gave Macy and Anna "makeovers."

37: While Gracie was too busy playing. | Don't worry. It's only a magnet. Silly LeLe.

38: I can hardly believe this (even in Texas), but it actually got warm enough to swim a few days after Christmas. Crazy! A & Neil had recently installed a new pool, so they wanted all of the kids to get a chance to enjoy it. I wasn't brave enough to join them, but it was fun to watch.

39: Jack will hate us for this one day. . .

40: new year's eve

42: Snowball

43: Fight! | The Maywalds (except for Anna) went to Colorado for a ski trip right after Christmas. When they came back, they brought a huge ice chest full of snow!

44: ITZ

45: Mom always fits in a trip to ITZ when she has several of the kids together. It's a great place for the whole group to have fun no matter what ages we have with us.

46: Happy Valentine's Day!

47: Gigi's CupcakesYUM!!!

48: In February we took our first trip to Vermont "in view of a call" to Middletown Springs Community Church. They wanted us to come during the "yuckiest" part of the year so that we could get a glimpse of what we might be signing up for, but we didn't see anything yucky about it. It is a stunning part of the country, and for that and many other reasons, we started planning our move as soon as we got back to Tennessee. | Vermont

49: We stayed with Dan and Betty Ellingsen, who are some of the most gracious hosts ever. And we met a whole world of new friends who we didn't even realize at the time would become like second family to us very quickly. They had 2 big sweet dogs that Macy and Grace loved playing with, and I was enamored with their back yard the whole time. Look at the pictures. Can you blame me?

50: Disneyworld!!! | We thought it was quite appropriate that Mickey was the first character we got to take a picture with.

51: Since most of our family lives in Texas, we typically spend all of our "vacation time" traveling back to Texas to visit them. But this year we decided it was time for a "real" family vacation, and of course we picked Disneyworld!!! We drove down to Florida on April 4th and stayed for a whole week! We figured since we don't do this very often, we better do it right while we have the chance! It was the most magical week ever--perfect in every way.

52: We stayed in the All Star Movie Resort, which was really cute and fun. We were in the Toy Story building, which the girls thought was pretty perfect. It was cool because each evening when we got back to the hotel and felt like the "fun" was ending for that day, there was some cute little surprise waiting for us. They either had a cute bouquet made of pipe cleaners, or they had arranged all of the stuffed animals like they were watching tv or just had them decorating the light fixtures and windows. Macy and Grace almost looked forward to getting back to the room as much as they did leaving it each day.

54: Since this was the girls' first Disney experience, we of course wanted it to be absolutely perfect. We decided that the best plan would be to start at EPCOT and work our way over to the other parks that most people find a little more "magical." So the first morning we got to EPCOT early--ready to be first to enter the park. We wanted to get to "Soarin' " before the line got long, so Jared grabbed Macy's hand and I grabbed Grace's, and we were ready to rush right over to our first big ride as soon as the rope dropped. As we were walking that way, I suddenly felt Grace's second hand cover mine, and when I looked down at her, she was beaming with a look of utter amazement. I had to stop and take it in and give her the biggest hug ever, and in that moment, my entire week was made. I was a happy Mommy with a sparkling little girl, and it was the start of what would prove to be the most magical week ever. | Grace and Chip argued about who was crazier.


58: Sweet Sisters

59: Macy and Grace were so sweet to each other the whole time we were there. They really did have the time of their lives, and it was fun to see them share it with each other.

60: My sweet friend Trish loves Macy and Grace so much, and she was so excited when she found out we had a Disney trip planned. Her Mom is a doll too, and when Trish told her about it, she insisted on making dresses for the girls. They turned out absolutely adorable, and if I didn't know better, I would swear the girls got extra attention because of them. It seemed like they got selected for all of the "special" activities; the characters spent extra time with them; and everywhere we went the park employees were handing them free stickers and surprises.

61: They had so much fun dancing with Pinocchio, and then they were picked to wake the bears at the Country Bears Jamboree. But the thing that really blew their minds was when Mr. Potato Head talked to them while we were in line for the Toy Story ride. Their eyes got so big when he said, "I'm talking to the little girls in the red and white polka dotted dresses." :-D

62: I hope they never get too big. . .

63: . . .to hold my hand.

65: Gracie made me take a picture of the castle every single time it changed colors.

66: Ice Cream was a very big part of our vacation. ;-)

67: The kids wanted to swim every evening. I thought they were CRAZY--it was TOO COLD! | ***There are tons more Disney pics, but there is a whole separate book for that. ;-)

69: It's The Little Things In Life That Matter

70: Macy and Grace, I love you both so very much and could not be more proud of what amazing young ladies you are growing into. Becoming your Mom was the very best thing that ever happened to me, and I am so glad God gave you to me. I hope you never get tired of hugging me and holding my hand and giggling with me and baking cookies (and of course triple layer chocolate cake!) Thank you for making me smile, laugh, love, and giggle so much more than I ever did before you were born. You are so very special. I love you with my WHOLE heart! Love, Mom

72: At the end of the school year, we were excited and proud to find out that both of our girls would be honored in a special way. Grace was voted "Kindergarten Student of the Year" out of about 100 students.

73: And Macy was chosen to participate in the school-wide talent show after learning that she was one of the top performers in the 2nd grade show. It was especially sweet for them since we knew it was their last year at Westwood. It was a great year!

74: Macy and Grace got Bendaroos for their birthdays, and I'm pretty sure they were one of their favorite gifts ever. One day when I got home from work they had decorated the whole house with them. The picture to the left was Gracie's favorite creation. | BENDAROOS!

75: Macy made the cute little smiley face and the creative little "palm tree."

76: On June 26, 2009, Jared's lifelong dream of becoming a published author came true when 2 cases of books arrived at our front door. I can't think of anything that would have made him (or me) happier or more proud in that moment. | Your Jesus is Too Safe --by Jared C. Wilson

77: And to add to the excitement, we soon learned that it would be promoted in all LifeWay stores beginning July 1st. | It was fun for Jared to see it on the shelf next to books by some of his favorite authors and speakers.

78: We took a (looooong) road trip to Vermont with David and Sarah McLemore during July 4th weekend.. It was the first time we got to see the house that we would be moving into. | It's a sweet farmhouse that has been in the owner's family for several generations. In initial conversations, we were told that it only had 1 bathroom, but what we didn't know is that while they were waiting for us to move, they were busy adding a master bathroom for us. We were quite overwhelmed. | It was a complete surprise, and it was so sweet and special how excited our friends were to "present" the renovations. I never thought the sight of a toilet would make me cry. . . . . .

79: The house reminded me so much of my Memaw's house, I couldn't help but fall right in love with it. I love the wide open truly "country kitchen" and the creaky wooden plank floor. They even left an old piano and apologized for not having any other place to store it, but we told them Macy would be thrilled! And we were all excited about our little neighbor calves.

80: We had a great time wandering around the little town of Middletown Springs and seeing all of the new pieces of our lives. I was fully enamored with the rich history of the area and completely fell in love with Macy and Grace's school, which was built in 1904 (see picture to the right) and the church building which was built in 1796. We even visited some old cemeteries and saw headstones of people who were born in the 1700's. (Not to be morbid, but I'm fascinated by this kind of stuff.) We also ate at a sweet little establishment called Sissy's, where Bassett Hounds sit on the front porch and welcome you in. ;-) We are looking forward to a wonderfully simplified life and a warm, sweet place to raise our family.

82: Nate and Jennelle Carr (and their pups) took us on a hike while we were there. It was absolutely breathtaking to look down at the lush green valleys and see the mountains in the distance. As we were walking back down the mountain, Nate pointed out the area that had been the Hubbardton Battlefield during the Revolutionary War and gave us a quick history lesson. I LOVE this kind of stuff and can't wait to dig into the full history of the area.

84: While Jared and I were in Vermont, Macy and Grace spent some time in Texas. They went camping with the Maywalds, and one night Vick found this note on the refrigerator door of the RV. ;-)

85: They all love their "Joshy."

86: Just a few days before Jared and the girls left for Vermont, I gave them all another haircut since I didn't think I would see them again before school started.. Grace decided she was ready to go a little shorter and sassier.

87: Gracie's New Do

88: On Jared's second "official" Sunday as Middletown Springs Community Church pastor, the church had a baptism service/picnic at Lake St. Catherine. Jared got to baptize 3 special ladies--Vickie Vaughn (right), Deanne Moyer (bottom left) and Cadence Caddell (bottom right). I had not yet moved at that time, but I was in town to stay with the girls since Jared was leaving the next day for a conference. I was really happy to be there for this special service, and it was great to spend time with all of our new friends. | JJJare | August 16, 2009

90: H | O | M | E | We have been so overwhelmed and welcomed by our new church family. They presented us with this basket on Sunday morning. Everyone was told to "put their heart in," and we ended up with all sorts of homemade treats and treasures and fun stuff to help us learn about Vermont and Middletown Springs.

91: This double vanity was made from an old buffet that has been in the house pretty much forever. Dan Ellingsen worked so hard to refinish it and add the gorgeous tile countertop and cute little sinks. SO MUCH hard work and love has gone into making this house a home for us. We can't wait to get all settled in. | s | w | e | e | t | h | o | m | e

93: I took a trip up to Vermont in the middle of October, which is when I was told was "peak season" for the fall colors. It was peak season indeed. Absolutely breathtaking. We took the girls to a corn maze the first day I was there. It was a lot of fun, and there was a lot of livestock there too. Macy and Grace were particularly fond of the mom and baby goats that kept "fighting" over their food.

95: I can't believe this is our back yard. I hope I never stop being stunned by how beautiful it is. | This is the view across the street from our front door.

96: Grandmom and Granddad flew in on Monday and stayed until Friday. We got out for a few adventures during the week, but mostly we just played games, did puzzles, watched Christmas movies, relaxed and enjoyed each other's company. It was exactly right. | Macy and Grace built an amusement park for their little people. It was very creative and quite elaborate. They even made a height requirement guide and had a ribbon cutting ceremony. ;-) | Thanksgiving Week

97: Making Christmas ornaments. | Playing UNO with Grandmom before the Thanksgiving Eve service. | Macy kept us entertained on her keyboard. | "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth." | Grace couldn't find her other flip-flop, so Macy made her one out of foam paper. | Gracie's welcome mat. (The chair behind her is one of the "walls" to her office.)

98: No Thanksgiving would be complete without at least one good puzzle. | Happy Thanksgiving

99: We were so happy that Grandmom and Granddad got to come spend Thanksgiving with us in our new home in Vermont. I think it was easy for them to see why we love it here already. It has truly been an amazing year! | Gracie's favorite "food" --Mommy's triple layer chocolate cake.

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