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Wilson Family Yearbook 2010-2011

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S: Wilson Family Yearbook 2010-11

FC: Wilson Family Yearbook 2010-11

1: Merry Christmas! 2010 proved to be another crazy year for us. Our remaining belongings that we had left in Nashville finally came home to us in early November, so we entered our final stage of "moving to Vermont" right before the holidays. This combined with still being brand new to a whole new culture/climate/lifestyle, etc. meant I had not had time to even *think* about Christmas card photos. But not to worry!!! My sweet friend Connie called me one Sunday afternoon to suggest that I grab the girls and hurry down to the craft fair at school. There was a gentleman there taking pictures against this backdrop of our sweet little church. It was the perfect photo summary of our life for 2010. Our girls. Our church. Our sweet little town. Love it!

2: On December 12th, our church had a live nativity event. Gracie got to be an angel, and Macy was a shepherd and also played in the bell choir. It was very sweet. | "For unto us is born this day in the city of David a Savior, which is Christ the Lord."

3: After the live nativity, we moved the party outside to carol around the Christmas tree and then over to the Historical Society building next door for hot chocolate and treats. Fun night for the whole community!

4: On December 14th, we got our first "big snow" since my move to Vermont. I could NOT get enough! So beautiful!

6: We made our annual trip to Texas for Christmas with family, and as usual our time there began with lots of cousin time and lovin' on Jake and Bones.

7: Hangin' Out at Grandmom and Granddad's | Grandmom always has a list of fun activities ready to go. First up this time were baking soda volcanoes.

8: We always have so much fun celebrating Christmas Eve at Nana and Papa's. This year Aunt Coylene, Uncle Jim, Anthony, Tessa, Lydia, and Olivia joined us too. Macy and Grace loved having extra little ones around. So sweet! | Macy and Grace reading the Christmas Story together. Always my favorite part.

9: Christmas Eve at Nana and Papa's

11: Ice Cream Sundaes!!! (Macy and Grace's favorite Christmas Eve tradition)

13: Christmas Day at Grandmom and Granddad's

14: We started the morning by having Leah read the Christmas story from Memaw's old Bible. And then Joshy read "God Gave Us Christmas" for all the kids. So sweet! Macy, Anna, Grace and Reece finished the pre-gift celebration with a mini-concert.

16: It's always fun to exchange gifts, but my favorite part of Christmas Day is all those hugs and snuggles!

17: J O Y

18: GUMBO and BINGO!!!

20: While we were in TX for Christmas, we went to the Houston Zoo with Nana and Papa, Uncle Jim and Aunt Coylene, Anthony, Tessa, Lydia and Olivia, and even Aunt Penny, who we hadn't seen in years. Also, Jeremy and his girlfriend Danielle joined us, and it was the first time we got to meet her. Fun day!

21: Houston Zoo

23: Wacky Hair Day

24: SNOW FORT!!! | We got a huge snow in early January that inspired Jared and Macy to go out and build a massive snow fort. They used a big storage bin as their brick mold. But before they could finish it, we got an EVEN BIGGER snow that buried the whole thing. So then the girls decided they would abandon the fort and just play. :-D

25: I love how snow days always end with snuggly pajamas after a warm shower. :-D

26: Arlington, VT | My First Winter in Vermont. . .

27: Woodstock/Quechee, VT | . . . I fell in love with the snow, I have no intention of breaking up with it.

28: Wacky Hair Day. . .

29: . . . AND Pajama Day!!!

31: Living History Day | And then we ended the day with a wonderful play depicting some of our very own town ancestors. Macy and Grace both had "starring roles" in the play, and they did a fantastic job! It was all so creative and so much fun! | Every year on May 7th, the school celebrates "Living History" by reliving 1904 (the year the school was built) in various creative ways. This year included an authentic display of all sorts of items used in everyday life back in 1904 and an old-fashioned baseball game complete with dress and refreshments suitable to 1904.

32: In early May, we found a nest of Starling eggs in our grill and got to watch them go from egg to flight. The girls even got to feed them some worms after a storm blew their nest to the ground. We were afraid the Mommy wouldn't come back, so Macy and Grace dug up a whole dish full of worms for them. They ate the worms, but we were glad to see that their Mommy came back too. We checked on them every day until they flew away. So fun!

33: All Grown Up

34: A New Bike! | Grandmom and Granddad sent her a brand new bike, and she was beside herself with excitement!

35: M | a | c | y

36: 5 crazy little cousins all tucked in. All is right with the world. :-D

37: On June 4th, the Dickersons arrived in Middletown Springs, and our lives have not been the same since. This is the first time Macy and Grace have had cousins in the same state, and now they're only 6 miles away!!! We are all so excited to have each other so close!

38: I hopped a train on the morning of June 6th to meet Leah, Vick, Mom and Mrs. Elaine in New York, NY for Leah's graduation celebration. I'm so happy they invited me to join them. It was so much fun. The first night we were there, we visited Madame Tussaud's wax museum and just wandered around the city a bit to start taking it all in. Leah was in heaven, and we were all so excited to be sharing this experience with her.

40: On Day 2, we learned our way around the city via Subway and visited the Empire State Building, 30 Rock, Central Park (including a carriage ride), a Harry Potter exhibit, FAO Schwarz, and the Metropolitan Museum.

41: OH--and I had my first black and white cookie. YUM

42: Day 3 was all about the Statue of Liberty, the architecture, and the World Trade Center area. THEN--everyone's favorite part of the trip--WICKED at the Gershwin Theatre. What an audio/visual FEAST. Such an amazing experience.

43: And our very last activity the morning before we parted ways was to share a frozen hot chocolate. Good times.

45: Cupcake Party! | Shortly after they moved in, JoJo had a big cupcake party for all the munchkins. It was quite an event.

46: Jo and Jon's landlords own a llama farm just down the hill from their house. They're so fun and interesting to watch. All so different!

47: I love Jacko's hiking gear | Hiking with the Dickersons | Macy is always looking for a way to put her "Nancy Drew" skills to work. | Bubba's gettin' used to the slow pace of country life.

49: Peyty came to visit at the end of June, and we went on an amazing zipline adventure! It was SO MUCH fun!

51: 4th of July!!! JoJo got the kids all painted up and then we headed to Poultney for the best fireworks show in town. | The party's not complete until the Macarena has been done.

53: Gracie! | It's happening way too fast, but whether or not I like it, Gracie turned 8 on July 5th. She was so happy to have some of her cousins right down the street to come celebrate with her! | And she was so excited when Macy escorted her into the living room to see her BIG surprise--a brand new bike from Grandmom and Granddad!

54: Fortunately, it doesn't get super hot very often in Vermont, but we have to get creative when it does since we don't have central air in our house.

55: A sprinkler a day keeps the heat away.

56: At the end of July, we followed our friends Jeff and Anne Miserocchi up to Stonington, Maine for a few days of family time and relaxation. It's about an 8-hour drive (which took us more like 10 or 11 after a few stops along the way), but it was worth every single second of drive time to pull up to our destination right as this gorgeousness filled the sky just outside our hotel. This was a perfectly brilliant welcome into a beautifully refreshing weekend.

57: Macy and Grace had no problem settling right into relaxation mode, and it truly turned out to be one of the most relaxing and refreshing family getaways we've ever had. So grateful for this time together!

58: We got to watch lobster boats coming in to unload their treasures. | Macy's new friend | Gracie's :message" in the sand

59: And then we found a quiet beach that we had almost entirely to ourselves for most of the day. | But for me the most magical moment of the entire trip was getting to watch the sunset over the Atlantic Ocean, which I didn't even realize was geographically possible. ;-)

61: We are definitely hooked on Maine. It was the perfect combination of relaxation for Jared and me and fun things to do for Macy and Grace. And our travel companions the Miserocchis were fabulous. We're hoping to make this an annual event. It's a new favorite for sure!

62: Everything about our time in Maine was so perfect, I can't think of enough superlatives to describe it. It was so breathtaking--lush with brilliant flowers everywhere we looked, fresh with glistening ocean at every turn, creatively adorned with stunning architecture and boats of every kind, and exquisitely enhanced by every color ROCK I never would have guessed even existed. It was a visual FEAST. (And a treat for all the other senses too.)

65: Quintessential Maine

66: On July 31st our church held its annual picnic/baptism service at Lake St. Catherine. Jared baptized Bill and Shirlee Miron, Dan McKeen AND our very own GRACIE! Such a special day!!!

69: Grandmom came to visit at the end of August, but just a couple days after she arrived, Hurricane Irene hit the northeast. It pretty much shut down most of our plans since we were basically trapped within a fairly small radius due to road closures all throughout the state. But not to worry. Fun will be found when Grandmom is around. ;-) We decided to take the kids to the Vermont state fair just a few miles down the road in Rutland. The kids had so much fun, they didn't even remember the other plans we had to cancel. | VT State Fair

72: Cuties!!!

73: Grandmom took all of the kids shopping so they could each pick out their first day of school outfit, a new backpack, and pajamas for the night before. It was quite an outing!

75: Fishin' with Crazy Ol' (Amazingly Patient) Granddad | He must have untangled lines and baited hooks at least a thousand times, but as long as all of the kids were having fun, Granddad was just as happy as they were. :-D

77: My BFF from Texas came to visit in late September, and we had so much fun exploring some of the places she had only seen in pictures. We even strolled through some old cemeteries and found the graves of a Revolutionary War soldier and several WWII Vets. This is really the perfect place for a History teacher, so I'm pretty sure I convinced her to come back AT LEAST once a year! Love you, Tiff! Can't wait 'til next time!

79: Texas Falls in Hancock, VT. Of course, we HAD to check this place out. I'm so glad we did. It's fabulous!

81: Larson Farm The Larson Family owns a huge, amazing farm just one town over from us. Every fall they host a huge community party and auction to help raise money for health and education for children and families in Africa. This was our first time to go, and it was such a fantastically "Vermont" experience. Farm animals, apple cider pressed right before our eyes, horse and buggy rides, and one mammoth pot luck dinner. So much fun!

83: Look at all those gorgeous little cousins. Thank you, Lord.

84: . . . I pray huge prayers of thanks to God for sharing them with me. . . . I pray that they will never grow tired of hugging me or holding my hand. . . . I pray for wisdom and patience and unconditional love as I seek to raise them in a way that honors Christ. . . . I pray that God will draw them closer to Him every single day of their lives. . . . I pray that they will learn to chase after Jesus with all of their hearts. . . . I pray for protection over their bodies. . . . I pray for protection over their minds. . . . I pray for protection over their hearts. . . . I pray that they will learn at an early age to pursue holiness with much more focus than they pursue "success." . . . I pray for a growing love and respect toward each other. . . . I pray for the ability to love the "least of these." . . . I pray boldly against materialism and self-absorption. . . . I pray for teachable spirits and tender hearts. . . . I pray for the ability to deal with disappointment (although this one gives me a queasy feeling). . . . I pray that when suffering comes, they will cling with all their might to Jesus (although this one makes me downright sick to my stomach). . . . I pray that we will always have open and effective communication. . . . I pray that they will always value relationships over "stuff." . . . I pray for wise choices. . . . I pray that they will understand early in life how to hold possessions with an open hand. . . . I pray that giving and sharing and serving will bring them joy. . . . I pray for Godly husbands in their futures. . . . I pray for happiness and confidence in being single until those Godly men come along. . . . I pray for special friends throughout their lives who will encourage and enhance their Christian walks. . . . I pray that Scripture will come alive inside their hearts during moments of critical choice throughout their lives. . . . I pray that they will hear me say "I love you", "I'm so proud of you", and "I'm sorry" thousands more times than they will hear anything negative from my lips. . . . I pray that they will never question that I adore and respect their Dad. . . . I pray for overwhelming grace. That they will understand their need for it. That they will learn to give it lavishly and receive it gratefully. . . . I pray for joy whether or not there is always "circumstantial happiness." . . . I pray for self-confidence that comes not from individual accomplishments, but from recognizing their identity in Christ and his approval of them. . . . I pray that they will become Gospel-focused women. . . . I pray that they will become women of prayer. | For My Girls

86: Gorgeous

87: Vermont Fall

88: On October 19th, Jared received his "author copies" of Gospel Wakefulness - enough to give one to each family in our church (by special request of the author.) Crossway was very gracious to provide more than enough. I'm so proud of Jared and for the message of this book. It is truly drenched in the Gospel.

89: "Brokenness will find you. Be holding hands with Christ when it does." | Gospel Wakefulness by Jared C. Wilson | Thank you, Lord, for allowing me to be a small part of this ministry.

90: Moss Glen Falls with Nana and Papa

91: Texas Falls with Nana and Papa | We HAD to take the Texans to Texas Falls! | But NONE of these adventures could begin before breakfast at Sugar 'N' Spice, our FAVORITE!!! Complete with the best hot chocolate in the world!

92: Macy | Grace

93: Since we knew we wouldn't be going to Texas this year for Christmas, we decided to celebrate with Nana and Papa while they were with us here in Vermont. The girls stayed at their hotel with them one night while Jared and I rushed home to put up the tree. (Yes, in October--don't judge.) The girls were so surprised to walk in the next morning and see the Christmas tree!

95: We took Nana and Papa to Hathaway Farm to enjoy a corn maze, a hay ride, tetherball, horseshoes, and all sorts of other farm-type activities. Fun day!

97: I got in trouble for putting my Christmas tree up so early, because the very next day, we got a nice fluffy, beautiful snow (way too early according to some people, but I loved every inch of it. )

98: Lunch was followed by an intense game of Wilson vs. Dickerson Pictionary Junior. Fun!

99: Happy Thanksgiving! Some of my favorite people in all the world enjoying a Thanksgiving meal at my table. My heart is full. :-D | Ahhh. . . Thanksgiving night.

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