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Wilson Family Yearbook 2011-2012

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S: Wilson Family Yearbook 2011-12

FC: Wilson Family Yearbook 2011-12

1: Praising God for all that He has done in and through and around us this year. We are so very blessed and incredibly grateful to continue in ministry with Middletown Springs Community Church in Vermont. Jared loves being a pastor, and he is enjoying many new opportunities to speak throughout the U.S. as well. And I don't know how he does it all, but somehow he continues to write with passion and purpose too. And it's all about Jesus. We're so proud of him. The girls and I continue to love life in Vermont. It is everything we never knew we always dreamed of. Gorgeous scenery, sweet small town living, and adventures to be had everywhere we look. I must honestly admit we never would have chosen Vermont on our own, but we are so very grateful that God planted us here. It felt like home immediately, and we hope it will be for a very, very long time. Christmas in 2011 was so magical, it took a whole book of its own to capture all of the memories and adventures we shared when my WHOLE family joined us here in Vermont all the way from Texas (and some of them even drove! Crazy people!) But similar to my other recent yearbooks, this one picks up right after Christmas and runs through most of 2012. It was a sweet and special year, and I'm so thankful to have these memories to share and remember. Here's to many more in 2013!

2: Intense game of Chinese Checkers. ;-)

3: Sweet and simple this year. Some games, some wine and sparkling grape juice, some hot chocolate, some "poppers", some giggles, and each other. All we need.

4: February and March were so crazy busy for us, so we took advantage of one of Jared's trips to Boston. We all went with him and stayed at Patriot Place. He had to spend a couple hours in meetings, so the girls and I went to a movie while we waited for him, but before and after that, the family fun time was just what we all needed.

6: W | We traveled down to Houston in March for Jeremy and Danielle's wedding. Jared officiated, and we all had a great time with family, some that Macy and Grace had never even met! I'm so grateful to have another sister, and what a sweet and precious aunt to add to Macy and Grace's lives!

9: Macy decided she wanted to try basketball this year. She really enjoyed it, and it was such a good experience for her. She tried to get Grace to play too, but no dice. ;-)

10: Resurrections Rolls | Ingredients: 1 (10 ounce) can refrigerated crescent rolls 2 tablespoons ground cinnamon 8 jumbo marshmallows 2 tablespoons white sugar 1/4 cup melted butter Instructions: 1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Lightly grease a baking sheet. 2. Separate crescent rolls into individual triangles. 3. In a small bowl, mix together cinnamon and sugar. 4. Dip a marshmallow into melted butter, then roll in cinnamon mixture. Place marshmallow into the center of a dough triangle. Carefully wrap the dough around the marshmallow. Pinch the seams together tightly to seal in marshmallow as it melts. Place on baking sheet. Repeat with other 7 marshmallows. 5. Bake until golden brown, about 15 minutes.

11: "He is not here, for he has risen, as he said. . ." ~Matthew 28:6a

12: Grace and Bubba are so crazy, we never know what they'll do next, but we can be pretty confident it will almost always be something that makes us giggle. Crazy heads! | Grandmom came to visit during spring break, and she wanted to take all the kids on a special adventure. The Great Escape indoor water park seemed perfect. So much fun! The kids had a blast, and it was pretty fun for the mommies and Grandmom too. :-D

13: Cousins are the best friends ever.

15: They're all crazy, but I sure do love 'em. :-D

16: Macy, Grace and Ty all tried the surfing ramp. Gracie and Ty liked it ok, but Macy LOVED it! She pretty much stayed there the entire day and got just a little bit braver each time. I think she shocked herself when she finally got to the point of being able to let go with her hands. Go Macy!

19: Mother's Day was sweet and simple. Gracie made me a brilliant bouquet that can never die. Macy made me a super sweet little origami basket, and Jared gave me some of my favorite chocolate and a new piece of cast iron. Love my sweet family!

20: The McLemores came to visit in April, and this was the first time Macy and Grace got to meet Jack. Needless to say, they were immediately smitten! We had such a fun and relaxing time with one of our favorite families in all the world. | Jack McLemore aka Little Studmuffin aka The Boss

23: We took Jack on his first Vermont "hike" down to a waterfall just a few miles from our house. It was pretty short (we didn't want to commit to a long one in case he wasn't a fan), but he relaxed right into it and seemed to enjoy himself. Not a bad gig just riding on Dad's back everywhere you go. ;-) And he was just the right height for Gracie to steal a smooch every now and then.

24: Shelburne Museum is one of our favorite places to visit. We take almost all of our guests there. There's so much to see, yet somehow it is still very peaceful and relaxing. | Everybody's in jail. Gracie and Baby Jack, Uncle Jared, and Mr. Tyrone. Good thing it wasn't a high security prison. We got 'em all out. ;-)

25: Jack is one of the sweetest babies ever. He rarely complains about much of anything. But when Uncle Jared's around, his joy reaches a whole new level. For some reason, he could not get enough of Jared and giggled at him every single time he saw him. So funny. | Macy, Grace and Dad taking a moment to admire the Ticonderoga. It is indeed impressive.

26: We found the perfect place for Macy's 11th birthday! Okemo Mountain Resort. It's primarily a ski resort, which means in the springtime, the rates are super affordable, and any stay gives you full access to the clubhouse with huge heated pool complete with slide and basketball goal, the biggest hot tub I've ever seen, and a kiddie pool with a froggy slide that apparently even 11-year olds can appreciate. ;-) Good times.

27: The condo had a fully equipped kitchen, so I was able to make all the food there. I kept it simple. Nachos for dinner, chocolate cake for dessert, and French toast for breakfast. The girls didn't seem to mind the simple menu, and in fact, Sionann asked me if I would cater her wedding after she tasted the cake. Macy thought that was pretty funny! | Happy Birthday, Beautiful Macy!

28: I adore our "small town America" Memorial Day parades. So sweet!

29: Our church's float was an OCC float completely covered in stuffed animals. Pretty cute.

30: Jared and I celebrated 15 years of marriage in 2011, but for reasons I don't now recall, we didn't have much time to get away or do anything special. So we decided 16 years was just as special as 15 (more really) and planned a few days away to relax together. Actually, Jared planned the whole trip. I just agreed it was a good idea! We stopped for what I thought was a pit stop at my favorite country store ever, Zeb's, which is 2 stories of all things wonderfully nostalgic and charming and New England-y. But it turns out our hotel (a crazy them hotel) was just down the road. We stayed in the "cave room," and it was so weird and cool, complete with an indoor hot tub and cascading waterfall shower. I wanted to stay forever.

31: I love this guy so much!

33: There is no feeling more comforting and consoling than knowing you are right next to the one you love.

34: During our first full day in North Conway, we visited a place called "Diana's Baths." It was a series of waterfalls that seemed to go on forever. We climbed and climbed and every time we thought the view couldn't possibly get more gorgeous, somehow it did. Pure refreshment!

35: Oh, and there were butterflies EVERYWHERE! Hundreds and hundreds of them everywhere we looked, and they weren't at all spooked by us. Sweet and fun.

36: Together

37: So grateful for sweet, restful time together. | One of mine and Jared's favorite things to do together is just relax in the beauty of nature with something nice to drink. ;-) So on our last night in North Conway, we found a restaurant with 180 degrees of floor to ceiling windows and a spectacular view. We enjoyed a delicious meal and then traveled just a few miles down the road with a bottle of wine to settle in and watch the sun set over the mountains. It was a magical ending to a perfect few days away.

38: House Guest | We kept Indi while the Dickersons were in Houston, and we pretty much spoiled him rotten.! Love that sweet pup.!


41: Flip Flops and a purse made of duck tape. | MACY | Macy's interpretation of Van Gogh's Starry Night in our Vermont farmhouse.

43: JoJo and Uncle Jon were out of town, so they let us use their house for Gracie's birthday party. The girls had so much fun hanging out in the hot tub. And it was extra special for Grace to have Charlie there too. :-D | GRACIE!

45: Fort Ticonderoga | Happy but pooped out on the way home. ;-) | View of Fort Ti from Mt. Defiance

47: The King's Garden at Fort Ticonderoga was stunning.

48: On July 16th, our church held its annual picnic and baptism service at Lake St. Catherine. Jared got to baptize our friends Steve, Tammy, Richard and Shawn.

49: And then he stepped aside to watch Richard and Shawn baptize their wives Erin and Kathie. So very special!

50: Our new friends the Rosses moved to Boston during the summer of 2012, and we decided that was way too close not to meet. We figured out that the Yankee Candle Factory was almost exactly half-way between us, so we met there and turned it into a whole day adventure! Super fun!

51: The Christmas section was our favorite, especially the "snow"! But it was all really fun. A LOT to see there! Definitely much more to it than just candles.

52: The gardens outside the Yankee Candle Factory were absolutely gorgeous.

54: After enjoying the Yankee Candle Factory, we headed over to the Butterfly Conservatory just a few miles down the road. It was fascinating! Butterflies EVERYWHERE and some as big as our open hands. Crazy!

55: Hangin' out on Dad's shoulder

56: In late July, our friends The Rahns came to visit from Boston. Jared and I had spent time with Steve and Denise several times, but our girls had never met. Not to worry. They were instant BFF's! We had so much fun and are already looking forward to doing this way more often in the future.

58: Everyone knows ice cream is better when shared with COUSINS

60: The Great Escape | Our Favorite Ride

62: Sanctuary Remodel In early 2012, the board of trustees approved a face-lift for our sanctuary. There were mixed emotions considering how much respect so many of us have for history, but when we learned the pews weren't original to the building anyway, it made the decision a little easier. Renovations began in early March, and we celebrated our first Sunday in the completed project on August 10th, just in time to welcome home our Honduras Mission Trip team. | In Phase 2 they removed part of the front wall and repositioned the band equipment on stage. | Phase 4--New Carpet, and everyone was instructed to bring their own chairs. :-D

63: Before | Phase 1 was about re-flooring the stage and replacing old wood in whatever areas they found issues. | Phase 3 was old pew removal and clean-up. | After

64: Stonington, Maine The Perfect Wilson Family Vacation

65: We first visited Stonington, Maine during the summer of 2011 and pretty much unanimously decided this would be our go-to family vacation from that moment forward | I'm not sure I can explain what is so magical about it other than to say it just fits our family so perfectly. There is lots to do, but it is way more focused on nature than consumer-type stuff. Lots of mountains and rocky coastlines, oceans, seashells, wildlife, flowers, etc. Just enough shops and restaurants for a souvenir or two and maybe one meal out and some ice cream. Simple and affordable. We love this place!

66: Maine Day 1

67: Our summer had been incredibly busy leading up to this trip, so our top priority was to get to our favorite little *mostly empty* beach and just chill. Macy brought a book and enjoyed a little reading in between her dips in the water, and Gracie spent most of her time rescuing sea snails, naming them, and building them huge floating environments. It was the perfect balance of fun things to do plus complete relaxation that our whole family needed. Awesome.

68: Maine Day 2 started with a boat ride with our friends the Freemans. They told us they were taking us to see the seals. We thought they meant we *might* spot 1 or 2 in the water, but OH MY. They were everywhere! So adorable! We also saw some lighthouses and some beautiful boats, and we got to watch some trappers empty their lobster traps. And on the way back to Stonington, Ted even let Macy and Grace each have a turn driving the boat. It was such a fun and beautiful morning!

69: In the afternoon we moved the party back to the beach, where Macy painted, Grace saved more snails, and Jared and I relaxed and enjoyed the peaceful views and the sounds of our happy children.

70: Maine Day 3

71: OOn the n | On the 3rd day of our adventure in Maine, we spent some time wandering through the town of Stonington, visiting the shops and walking along the piers. | And then we finished the day by buying lobster literally fresh off the boat and boiling them right in our cabin. SO YUMMY!

73: Day 4 in Maine (in perfect timing) delivered a perfectly snuggly, lazy, rainy day. We decided that was a sign we should just hang out in the cabin , play some games, read some books, do some puzzles, watch some movies, and basically just chill.

74: Acadia National Park

75: Exquisite

76: We saved Acadia National Park for the last day of the trip, knowing it would be a treat, but not realizing how much there was to see there. Now we know to give it at least 2 full days next summer. And we had no clue this incredible beach was there, so we didn't even have our swimsuits. We told the girls they could "wade" for awhile, but it didn't take long for that to turn into swimming fully clothed. Ah, well. . . Vacation! :-D

78: Macy and Grace, we don't get to take "fancy" vacations, but we try to give you opportunities to relax and be carefree. This year we hit the jackpot. I can't tell you what joy it gave me to see you both so happy!


81: GARDEN | I'm still pretty terrible at gardening, but I get slightly better each year. This year we started out strong but then pretty much neglected it for several weeks. Even so, God was at work building us quite a harvest. Maybe next year we'll finally start to get our act together. ;-)

82: When the successful event was over, "Coach" Jared got the ol' cooler dump. :-D Good times. . .

83: On August 26th, our church held our annual block party. Such a fun event! Free food, games, bouncy houses, cotton candy, snow cones, face painting, etc. This year we also combined it with an extra "Free Indeed" event which we have only done around Christmastime in the past. It is basically a garage sale without any money. It's a big day of fun for the whole community!

84: First Day of School

85: Not sure if Indi and Charlie were sad or relieved that everyone left.

86: Macy had been asking us for awhile to find her a place to play tennis when Jared found himself meeting with a couple friends at a park right next to this farm. So the next week we drove out there to let Grace hang out with the animals. . .

87: . . .while Macy practiced tennis with Dad. (Gracie and I got in a little tennis too.) It was a fun afternoon, and we all decided that it should become at least a once a week activity when it's warm outside. Good times.

88: While Grandmom was in town for a visit, we took the kids to Okemo Spring House for a fun day of swimming and playing. Mom and I got to relax and talk and play games while they played their hearts out. Good times.

89: So glad they're cousins. So grateful they're best friends.

90: Nana and Papa came for a visit in September and treated us to a train ride through Vermont and New Hampshire. It was a sweet and fun day, and we got to see the beginnings of some nice fall color popping up here and there.

93: We finally got a couple boxes of Jared's new book, Gospel Deeps on September 29th. This never gets old to me. So grateful for Jared's giftedness. | Goofball. . . So proud of my dork. ;-)

94: In late September, our friend Kathryn Lawrence planned a hike after church at Merck Forest where she works. It wasn't quite "peak" season yet, but it was already stunning. Such a refreshing and beautiful day with some special friends.

96: Halloween Parade

97: Trick or Treat!

98: On November 10th, we had a big benefit for the Dickersons to help raise money to cover Dylan's medical bills. It was lots of fun. Food, raffle items, a DJ, dancing, a pinata for the kids, and a tiara and birthday cake for the princess!

99: Macy won the cigar box banjo handmade and donated by her principal, and within 2 days she had taught herself 8 chords and already started learning some songs.

100: All the little 1930's orphans gathered 'round a KindleFire. ;-)

101: Late in the summer, JoJo took her family to a play where they were advertising auditions for "Annie." As soon as she got home that night, she called and insisted we have Macy audition, and what a great idea that turned out to be! Macy landed the role of "Duffy," and it was a perfect fit that led to a fun adventure. Dress rehearsals were 12/12 and 12/13, and then one show 12/14 and two on 12/15. Whew! | Duffy and Miss Hannigan | Macy and new BFF Kelsey

102: Her very first rose came from Granddad on opening night. | Macy was so proud to show off her cousin. :-D

103: What a great show! And Macy sparkled on that stage! | Sionann and "Emmy". | Macy played the role of "Duffy" in the Rutland Youth Theatre's production of "Annie." It was quite a big commitment, but she worked so hard at it and did such a great job. What fun to finally get to see it all come together!

104: My Favorite People | Macy (11), Grace (9) | We couldn't find a pitchfork, and we weren't exactly dressed appropriately, but we had to attempt "American Gothic" just for fun. :-D

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