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Wise Words of Sam Mann

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S: The Wise Words of Sam Mann

FC: Of Sam Mann | The Wise Words

1: "What we have once enjoyed we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes a part of us." ~ Helen Keller

2: The Gift of Commitment You have returned to my heart Feelings, Which have long been dead. I now remember what it's like to hope, An act I had long ago given up. I have joy to express, And excitement to share, I have loss to overcome, And love I have known. And yet I imagine a composer of music, He feels the notes on the page, As intensely as I feel the passions of life. Yet there seems to be no ear to hear, No shoulder to cry on. For these reasons I have been alone, Separated from humans by my own humanity. Yet I feel I been living falsely, For with time all things are made possible. I feel like an explorer sent to the New World, Empowered by my king to find wealth and riches. And find them I do, But not in bars of gold, or some spring of immortality.

3: Instead, I see new people new lands and a new way of life. I return to my king and regale him with my story. And yet he is not concerned with the riches I have found, They seem to him as frivolous as I have seen love. But does this not seem to say, Wake up, in life the things we need do come to us, But only when we truly give up our ideas of how they should look. This is the gift you have given me. The ability to share life and love and to begin again, Down that every-changing path we call relationships. I do not think words can express what you bring into my life. And I hope only to retune to you love, kindness and above all, all of me. I give my commitment to find all of what we can share. And in return I ask for two things, That we love each out honestly. And that we participate in learning to fully love ourselves and each other. - 2001

6: Loving You | So many decisions, and reflections, no conclusions Who am I, who do I want to be I cannot always see past yesterday Which makes me uneasy my dreams for tomorrow. And somemight say, take not the time to love It will only add to the maze of life Which may never have reason or an ending To this I have often been in union. Yet within me, an eagerness to release my holds on passion For in loving you there is no mystery There is intrigue and curiosity, and a yearning But no confusion, and no reason for retreat.

7: As if our love were a feather, ascending to earth The reality of gravity that thing which wears down all else Has no effect on a feather, which bears no weight As is our love, not burdened or abased by the pressures of life Seemingly weightless, affected only by the winds of our passion. Worry not my love, for I love you For your love quiets my soul When all else crowds my thoughts, and darkens my eyes I think of loving you and it carries me away, away. Floating Falling Unburdened And Free.

8: All things grow better with love.

9: A family is pieced together with hope and faith. A family is quilted and bound with love and grace.

10: As the butterfly metamorphosis’s from a caterpillar, so does my mind change in color shape and character. From something ugly to a beautiful expression of reality, changed from crawling in the dirt to flying in the air. As those wings mature they become more beautiful, and their colors are radiant. But don’t forget the body of a butterfly is still a caterpillar and I still have the soul I was born with. The more beauty I put into that soul as a butterfly will it feed this body and the more color and radiance I will put forth.

11: I’m happy to think of all the things we’ll share, The things we’ll do that show we care. But the futures uncertain and not what it seems, Will I satisfy you’re your wishes, will you fulfill all my dreams. Just one glance from your eyes and these fears they subside, For the rest of my life I will be by your side. I’m going to wake up forever right next to you, Knowing joy in my life cause you to love me too. And if tomorrow were a hundred years from today, I’d look back on my life, and find these words to say, “Every moment of passion, or laughter and love, Reminds me of you, you’re the one that I love.” Memories are the things that will keep us together. Finding someone you love to live with forever. You won’t have to tell someone how we used to be. When you talk of our memories, you’ll be talking to me. There’s one way to settle all the doubts in your mind. Believe that you love me, and you can leave fear behind. -2002

14: “If ever there is tomorrow when we're not together.. there is something you must always remember. you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. but the most important thing is, even if we're apart.. i'll always be with you.” - Wisdom of Winnie the Pooh

15: My Song to You When I see you walking and when I see you talking I want to say, walk and talk only with me. And when I see you sad, I want to let you cry with me. And then when your happy , I always want to know that your laugh is for me. You see, since we met I have realized that God has made my love for you. Your touch is as a fountain softly spilling over my ground, and then as it flows into my heart it softly adds it soul to mine. Till our streams become one, flowing out where others can see. And I would that our love live on, but I have no control over destiny and I have no magic crystal ball. Only a life spent trying to find out who I am. So when I say my love was made for you, It is only because you have made my love.

18: A Fathers Gift Son Hear my words, Cling to my advice. For in remembering of my counsel, You can succeed in life. I only speak of all the memories, The tragedies, and the victories. So that you can be made stronger, So that you might avoid the danger. As you have grown, I watch you learn to walk, And I watched you learn to talk. But, of all the things I’ve seen you do, It fills my heart with joy to see, You do things you learned from me. The lives we live on earth are brief, Only the memories live on. And so I leave you with one task to bare, That you pass on the memories, Long after I have gone.

19: A Grateful Son Father listen only to my heart, For many of my actions betray it. Words are no strong enough, To convey the thanks I owe. Not only for the life you gave me, But, for the man you helped to make me. I have never feared your presence, Only your rejection. I have never been ashamed to claim your name, And I will never turn from my inheritance. Which is not riches, or land, But the changes to live the truth. As the heavenly father is made perfect in my weakness, You also are honored every day that I overcome them.

22: Mesmerize | Mesmerize It has happened so fast, And I’ve fallen so hard. You’ve captured my heart, With your love and your art. Your Curves touch my sight, And never leave my mind. Your name is in my voice, Am I the man you’ve tried to find? I may fear being lonely, I may fear taking risks. But it’s you in my life, I fear, I can’t miss. There are many things I have done, And many things I can be. Because of you, I’m a better man, Believe in me, and you’ll see. -2003

23: First Impressions What first catches your eye? What grabs your attention? Does it have to be an outward appearance? Or is it something you see that makes you Want to know more. Your beautiful hair, that’s what I saw that made me look again, But here is what I looked for, If one of your beautiful hairs were like a story If each one was like a chapter of your life Some might tell of your childhood, Some reveal your life as a teenager, And some have yet to be written. Then all I say is, you have one beautiful book, That I would love to read. And who knows, maybe I could add a couple chapters. A first impression is not enough for me when I think of you.

26: Loving Someone for a Lifetime --December 24, 2004

27: The thousands of kisses, the hellos and goodbyes, The hours of phone calls, just to say hi. The happiness when you’re together. Only feeling lonely when you’re apart. Knowing that the person you’re with forever, Holds the only key to your heart. The Struggles when you’re sick, when your heart is ailing. The joy of raising children that you love beyond measure. Never losing touch with the magical, carefree feeling, The enduring love, that has kept you together.

28: "You just remined me of what's really important in life, friends, best friends"

30: Love is like an ever-flowing mountain spring. The mistakes we make along the way, are like small fragments of dust, Stolen from the soiled banks. They can muddy the purest waters, And confuse the most tender hearts. Just remember to drink from the spring, And your love will be refreshed time and time again.

31: Of Mountains and Flowers Mountains grow from soil and they raise their heads in unrelenting beauty But so do flowers. Flowers open their petals to the light and fulfill their duty to the sun But so do mountains Mountains can be small rolling hills that go on endlessly But so can flowers. Flowers can be tall and majestic cascading over all that's near them But so can mountains.

34: Wind Sweeping, swirling, Twisting, curling, Faster, beyond our reach, Stealing away, it is wind. The ins and outs The ups and downs Over the highest mountain, and under the lowest bridge. Searching the deserts, Finding the forest. Crossing the paths that have not been tried Racing the Earth as it turns. Going, but never coming Patient because it knows, It can only go, Where the wind blows.

35: A sign of Autumn Autumn springs from happy things Leaving summer in its wind It’s colors the glory of its story To death its pride is pinned This fabulous deed where natures plants its seed Leave trees standing as monument And while Autumn glides from every side Comes winters vicious encroachment - October 20, 1997

36: I have only slipped away into the next room, I am I and you are you. Whatever we were to each other, that we still are. Call me by my old familiar name. Speak to me in the easy way which you always used. Play, smile, think of me. All is well." ~ Henry Scott Holland

37: Happy Birthday to the most wonderful, strong and caring husband I could ever be so lucky to have. I love you with all my heart. Andi September 4, 2011

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