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Year In Review

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BC: A Good Beginning Makes a Good Ending

FC: ACT SKILLS | Victoria Favorite

1: Functions | Whatever is in the parentheses you plug in for x f(3) means "plug 3 in for x" f(m) mean "plug m in for x" f(g(m)) means "plug g(m) in for x"

2: Midpoint and Distance | What distance is trying to find is the distance between two points on a graph. Find the square root of (x-x)^2 + (y-y)^2

3: All the midpoint is trying to say is "take halfway between the x numbers and halfway between the y numbers.

4: Make it Real

5: When a question with variables is way too theoretical, just "make it real"

7: Perimeter, Area, Volume | Memorize basic perimeter, area, and volume formulas/ To use them, plug in what you know, and solve for the variable

9: Donuts | To find that area of a shaded region, subtract the area of the smaller figure from the area of the larger figure. The area of a donut equals the area of the big guy minus the area of the donut hole

10: Ratios, proportions, and cross multiplying | larger side = x =7 sum of sides 70 10

11: 4 boys to 5 girls could also be expressed as 5 girls to 9 students. A ratio can be a reduced version of the real numbers. When you see a proportion on the ACT, cross multiply.

12: Relax when you see a matrix question; just treat the matrix like a normal chart. To add matrices, add corresponding numbers to multiply, remember that the result will have as many rows as the first and as many columns as the second matrix bring multiplied and for any other operation, just follow the instructions that the question provides

13: Intimidation and Easy Matrices

14: Art Class | "Use the diagram" to estimate an answer. When a diagram is not drawn to scale, redraw it. And when a picture is described , but not shown, draw it. When estimating an answer, translate fractions, square roots, or pi into decimals

16: Use the Pythagorean theorem to find the length of a side of a right triangle when you are given the sides of the other two

17: The Mighty Pythagoras | a^2 + b^2 = c^2

18: When you see a 30, 60, 90 triangle the sides are x, x square root of 3, and 2x | When you see a 45, 45, 90 triangle the legs are x and the hypotenuse is x square root of 2

19: Special Right Triangles | When you see a 30, 45, or 60 angle in a right triangle, try using the special right triangles.

20: Triangles that are "similar" to each other have proportional sides. So the ratio of the smallest sides must equal the ratio of the longest sides. | Remember!! When you see a proportion, cross-multiply.

21: Dr. Evil and Mini-Me

23: "Is" Means Equals- Translation | Translate word problems from English to math. Simply translate word for word

24: Arithmetic Word No-Problems | All you have to do is take your time and translate the words into math. Once you do that you see that the questions are much easier

25: Also translate fractions to decimals in order to make the questions that much easier.

26: Beyond your dear aunt sally: The laws of exponents

27: Memorize the laws of exponents and it should be an easy section.


31: An open home, an open heart, here grows a bountiful harvest.

32: merry | Being together is the best gift of all.

33: 2012

34: let's count down to the | new year

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