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Year In Review

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Year In Review - Page Text Content

BC: A Good Beginning Makes a Good Ending

FC: REVIEW | a term in

1: Flag Day June 2011

2: Wreaths Across America | December 2011

3: Linares DAR | Karen, Paula-Jo, Carrie, Doris, Lillian, Sandra, Jerry

4: DAR & Hodar Support: Paula-Jo, John, Dick, Sarah, Carrie, Frank, Richard, Lillian

5: Lillian & Paula-Jo | "And I'm proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free, and I won't forget the men who died, who gave that right to me." Lee Greenwood | Remembering Our Fallen

6: “The bravest are surely those who have the clearest vision of what is before them, glory and danger alike, and yet notwithstanding, go out to meet it.” Thucydides | Richard and Lillian

7: "We have an unwavering respect for those who risk their very lives for Americans freedom and security" | 'Patriot Guard Riders Website'

9: Lillian & Betty Bob | Carrie Robbins | Doris Greeson | Sandra Bill | Sarah Swafford

10: Regents 101 Workshop California State Headquarters August 2012 | Lillian & Mary Lou | Lillian & Regent Jan Quigley Rancho Buena Vista

11: September 2012 Constitution Week Luncheon Marine Corp Air Station Jay, Sally, Kathryn, John Mary Lou, SAR, Lillian, Paula-Jo | Sarah, Dick Nan, Doris | Lillian, SAR | Sandra, Susan, Betty, Pat Jennifer, Joanna, Shelly, Kelly

12: 1 November 2012 | 7 September 2012 New Board Swearing In Lillian, Mary Lou, Mary, Sandra Joanna, Rosemary, Anne, Kelly, Kathryn | Honoring JROTC | Lillian, Regent Elect Sandra, Past Regent | New Board Sandra, Rosemary, Anne, Paula-Jo, Mary Lou, Karen, Lillian, Kathryn, Mary, Joedy

13: Karon Jarrard State Regent | New Members & Registrar Anne Bowman

14: Speaker Bob Hamer & Mary Lou Montez

15: Christmas Tea California State Headquarters | Mary Lou, Debra, Carol, Paula-Jo, Mary, Karron, Adele Lillian, Gayle, Cindy | Lillian & C.A.R. State President | December 2012

16: Karen - Rosemary - Linda - Rowena - Pat - Joedy - Jane - Shirley | Karen - Mary Helen - Betty | Paula-Jo, Jo Ann

17: 6 December 2012 | Carrie - Jo Ann - Linda | Nan | Mary, Joanna, Carrie

18: Honoring Our Fallen | Wreaths Across American December 2012

21: Joanna - Carrie - Lillian - Doris - Karen

23: Lillian's Family Supporters | Nathaniel - Scott - Lillian | Liillian, Barbara & Bob Demsey | Grandson Nathaniel & Lillian

24: Adele | Wanda | Navy | Carrie | Doris | U S A F | US Army | Lillian, Nathaniel, Scott

25: Regent Lillian Leslie | Patriot Guard Riders | US Coast Guard | Honoring the Fallen

26: America's Past, Present & Future

28: 3 January 2013 Essay Winner Evelyn Kang Jennifer Smith 'Sharing White House Memories'

29: Hank Jones 'Our Psychic Roots' Author, Genealogist, Comedian, Vocalist

30: Bees & Beads 7 Feb 2013

31: Thank you to Gloria & Staff Happy 77th Birthday Helen Thompson

32: Linares Celebrates in Red

33: 7 February 2013

34: Shelly, Linda, Lillian, Docent February 2013 Two Crown Point locals — one a mapping software specialist, the other an ex-physicist — who share a common interest in the nearby ecological reserve are spreading the word about the intricacies of their beloved marsh through an interactive on-line map, which provides a virtual educational tour of the reserve by way of 30 wildlife photographs taken from various points within the more than 4,000-acre marsh, alongside descriptions of the species, flora and fauna natural to that area. | Pacific Beach Marshlands

35: VA Hospital | 2nd Place Fiber Arts NSDAR | L inares | 1st Place Photography NSDAR | LaMesa Flag Parade | Project Patriot | Navy Marine Corp Thrift Store | JROTC | Wounded Warriors | Docent | Tutoring | CSSDAR Certificates of Achievement | CSSDAR Certificates of Awards | CSSDAR Certificates of Appreciation | Flag Day | Wreaths Across America | CSSDAR Christmas Tea | The Kiss Dedication | Constitution Week | NSDAR Continental Congress | Star Spangled Banner Celebration | American Indians | DAR Good Citizens | DAR Magazine | DAR Museum | DAR Service to Veterans | Hospitality | Literacy Promotion | Lineage Research | National Defense | Pres General Message | Honoring Mothers | Webmaster

36: "The Kiss" Dedication 16 February 2013

37: Second Place National Award Winner Commemorative Events Honoring WWII | Lillian, Mac | Doris | Carrie, Frank | Karen | John, Jerry Coleman, Paula-Jo

38: Frank, Carrie, Lillian, Paula-Jo, John, Karen | Regent Lillian, CEO Mac McLaughlin

39: 1940's Dances Jitterbugging - Lindy Hop - Swing

40: Carrie, Lillian, Paula-Jo, John

42: Swingin' Blues Sisters | Andrews Sisters - Count Basie - Artie Shaw - Dorsey Brothers - Benny Goodman | 1940's Music

43: The Kiss

44: Honoring Our Soldiers & Their Warrior Wives "She who waits, also serves." | Dedicating the 'Kiss Statue' | 16 February 2013

45: March 2013 District XIV Attending State Conference | Jennifer, Mary Lou, Wanda, Simran, Lil, Jeanette, Laurel, Bev, Carol, Jan | Jennifer, Mary Lou, Karon, Lillian | Jennifer, Paula-Jo Lillian Mary Lou, Bev

46: Mary | Carrie, Joan, Claire, Shirley, Linda

47: o' the Green | Wearin' | 2 March 2013 | Dolores & Nan | Robin | Lillian & Regent Jan Quigley

48: Colonial Doll Making with Jane Zoch | Jane, Lillian & Mary Lou

49: 4 April 2013 | Jane, Sandra, Joedy | Wanda

50: Heritage! | Jerry Willoughby | Pat Postma | Robin Adair | Joanna Airhart | Linda Knoebel | Wanda Prosser | LILLIAN LESLIE | Carrie Robbins | 2 May 2013 | First Place National Commemorative Event Honoring Mother's Day 100th Anniversary

52: MOTHERS & DAUGHTERS | Sally, Jay, Kathryn | Dayna & Pat | Helen & Daughters Belva & Juanita | Linda & Shelly | Ann & Carrie | Teacher Susan & Students Belva & Juanita

53: Betty & Daughter Amy | Mom Patricia Postma | Friends Wanda & Robin

54: speaker... | Warrior Wives Celebrating Husbands bound for DC Honor Flight | 2 May 2013 | Nan | Beverly & Paula-Jo | Ann

55: Linares Women | 15 May 2013 | Honoring Karon Jarrard

56: District XIV Honors Honorary State Regent Karon Jarrard 15 May 2013

58: 6 June 2013 | Regent Lillian & State Regent Debra Jameson | Save our Bees

59: State Regent Debra Jamison 'Save our Bees' | All those in "Yellow"...Please Stand! | Marthabelle | Joan | Susan

60: Willa | Claire | Susan & Jennifer

61: JROTC Award Winners | Regent Lillian Leslie, 1st Vice Regent Mary Lou Montez, State Regent Debra Jamison, Wanda Prosser, Project Patriot Chair Jennifer Smith

62: Jennifer, Wanda, Lillian, Paula-Jo welcomes home husband John from his 'Honor Flight' May 2013

63: Cheer Leading Squad | HODARS: Richard, Bob,John, Al

64: I pledge allegiance to the flag of theUnited States of America, | Flag Day June 2013

65: and to the Republic for which it stands,

67: one Nation under God

68: indivisible, with liberty

70: and justice for all."

72: now | D A R | then

73: Miss Lillian goes to Washington & Continental Congress | California Tea | Lillian, Wanda, Jennifer

74: DAR Celebrates 122nd Continental Congress Lillian's First Attendance June 2013

75: Lillian's other job 'Docent at San Elijo Lagoon' Regent Debra Jamison, Linda, John, Paula-Jo, Jennifer, Wanda, Debra, Adele 6 July 2013

76: 30 September 2013 | Regent''s Choice Float | Mary Lou, Paula-Jo, Lillian

77: Decorating for 'Military Ball Giveaway' Camp Pendleton 30 Sept 2013 Mary Lou, Alida, Lillian, Karen, Wanda, Carrie

78: Linares Vietnam Veteran Rosemary Cosgrove | Vietnam Veteran Hodar Dick Swafford

79: Vietnam Veteran Hodar Robert Cosgrove | Linares Vietnam Veteran Liz Usborne | Dick, Sarah, John, Karen, Linda, Joedy, Paula-Jo, Jennifer, Lillian, Liz | October 2013

80: October 2013 | Carrie, Wanda, Paula-Jo Lillian, Sandra | Linda, Carrie, Wanda, Paula-Jo, Mary, Linda, Claire, Robin, Sarah

81: Linares loves a Costume Party! | Regent Lillian with Past Regent Ann Beinert

82: 7 November 2013 Lester Tenney My Hitch in Hell ~ Bataan Death March

84: November 2013 Welcoming Honor Flight | USO | USO | Guardian Paula-Jo

85: Decorating for Wounded Warriors 5 December 2013

86: Linares Christmas Ladies Betty Lusk, Amy Conboy Mary Lou Montez, Anne Bowman Shirley Bracey Rosemary Cosgrove Nan Valerio, Shelly Knoebel Paula-Jo & Carrie Megan Arroyo

87: Linares Recognizes Jerry Willoughby Ann Beinert Diana Sampsel Mary Lou, Norma | December 2013

88: White House Christmas Ornaments

89: CHRISTMAS Raffle



93: Carrie & Paula-Jo | Doris & Linda | Linda | Carrie, Lillian, Linda

94: Grandson Nathaniel

95: Lillian's Family of Men

96: RWB C.A.R. Society President Tori Hemphill

97: Lillian & Grandson Nathaniel

98: fathers & sons honor the fallen

100: ”The greatest glory of a free-born people is to transmit that freedom to their children.” Author: William Havard, Military Chaplin WWI (Teach) ”They are dead; but they live in each Patriot’s breast, And their names are engraven on honors' bright crest.” Author: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow 1820 (Remember)

101: ”And they who for their country die shall fill an honored grave, for glory lights the soldiers' tomb, and beauty weeps the brave.” Author: Joseph Rodman Drake 1795 - 1820 (Honor)

102: Madame Regent rings in a new year with new member, Jacque. | 9 January 2014

103: Members receive special recognition Joyce Pinoni, Helen Thompson, Liz Usborne, Mary Estes, Nan Valerio

104: Linares' very own Buffalo Soldier, Kathryn McColl

106: Hiroki Fukuhara 6 March 2014

107: Flowers For Friendship Ikebana Flower Arranging

108: Lillian & should we be surprised... Paula-Jo | State Conference March 2014

109: 3 April 2014 Linares Women Honored

111: Canine Companions For Independence | American History Winner | Jen Carney

112: Sue Butler shares her 'Aprons' ..... 1 May 2014

115: Linares women share their 'apron stories'

116: Gerry...............................................Lillian & Willa..........................................Paula-Jo

117: DAR Good Citizenship Awarded to: Alyssa McElfresh

119: La Mesa Flag Day Parade May 2014

120: Betty | Irene | Jennifer & Jerry | Jayne& Dayna | Jerry | Kathryn | Wanda | Gail | Susan | Linda | Ann | Anne &Carie | Pat | Jerry | Sandra | Rosemary

121: John Cajoon | Bill Swafford | DAR Supporter | DAR Supporter | Ted Jarrard | Robert Cosgrove | Ron Mazzola | Frank Robbins | Al | Joedy | Jacque | One Nation Under God | Grandson | Paula-Jo | Philip & Anne | Diana

122: Amy & Betty | Mary Lou | Claire | Jan Quigley | Jo Ann | Dorothy | Adele | Doris | Joanna | Kelly | Norma | Betty | Helen | Simran | Nicole | Carol

123: Robyn | Jeanne | Carrie | Willa | Sarah | Rowena | Shirley | Jean | Jennifer | Mary | Liz | Jayne | Anne | Linda | Jennifer | Joan

124: DAR Mary Lou Montez Honoring JROTC

125: DAR Joedy Adams Honoring JROTC

126: June 2014 Honoring Our Country, Apple Pie Lady ~ Liz Smothers & JROTC | Lady Liberty Speaks

127: Carrie's Fabulous Decorations One of Many | Past & Present Regents at June Meeting | Linares New Board | New Members Welcomed | Mother ~ Daughter Duo Named after Grandmother Margaret who urged Lillian to join DAR | Linares Past Regents

128: Changing of the Guard Lillian receives San Diego County Recognition for her amazing service and an American Flag flown over our Nation's Capital

129: Welcome Margaret Gerdeman from her mother & Regent Lillian

130: 123rd Continental Congress June 2014 | Jennifer 'The Hat Boss' We all ended up with one to celebrate the National Award Night

131: Liz Usborne First Place NSDAR Photography

133: Flag Day 2014 Star Spangled Banner

134: C.A.R. | 'O' Say Can You See'

135: Linares Moments | 'Bombs Bursting In Air' | Paula-Jo Cahoon Flag Day Chairman Celebrating Our National Parks First Place Star Spangled Banner Trail Presidio National Park DeAnza National Trail | 'By the Dawns Early Light'

137: America's Future

138: SAR

140: Linares Emcee Lil & Cody Bray 'Whose Broad Stripes & Bright Stars through the Perilous fight'

141: San Diego Costume Guild | New Participants

142: 'O! say does that Star Spangled Banner yet wave'

143: 'Land of the free' 'Home of the Brave'

144: Lewellen's | as told by great, great, great, great granddaughter Jacquelyn Procter Reeves Author, Historian | Lewellen was quite a common name for men of Welsh descent and the surname Jones even more common. Lewellen's ancestors had an ax to grind with England even before the Revolutionary War. His ancestors descended from Llywelyn ap Gurffudd, who was the last Welsh born Prince of Wales. King Edward I, the 'Hammer of the Scots' was at war with the Welsh and captured Llywelyn who was executed and his severed head was displayed on a stake at the Tower of London. Rowland Jones came to America in 1674 and was the first vicar of Bruton Parish at Williamsburg, Virginia. One of his great-granddaughters, Frances Barber Jones was the first cousin of Martha Washington. They grew up as sisters. Frances marries John Jones; and so it was that Lewellen and his father John Jones spent the winter at Valley Forge with their cousin 'George Washington'. Both Jones' were captains and Lewellen's commission was signed by John Hancock, president of the Continental Congress. Lewellen was also with General Washington as he made the historic crossing of the Delaware. Lewellyn was born around 1760 in Virginia and died March 1820 in Madison County, Alabama Territory. When questioned about Lewelleyn being a captain at age 16, Jacquelyn replied that many young men were given high ranks based on their popularity and assured me this is the correct date. She cites a book written by his great-great-granddaughter Mrs. Edward Cape (Clara Harrison) of San Marcos, Texas. The book was also given to the University of Alabama, Huntsville but when I spoke with the librarian (March 2014) it was found missing. Lewelleyn is buried on the Old Swartz place on Athens Pike. A gravestone has been erected on campus of the University of Alabama Huntsville by his descendants. It is claimed this is the site on which he was buried (Jones Perkins Cemetery UAH as reported by the Huntsville Times, June 1972). His name appears on the Huntsville Monument erected by the Twickenham Town DAR Chapter. This spot was known as Avalon and buried along side him were his grandchildren and most likely his son Alexander whose grave is unmarked. Selling his lands in Bedford County, VA in 1803, he moves to Oglethorpe County, Georgia between 1803-1804. Sometime between 1805-1809, he moves to Madison County, Mississippi Territory and purchases lands there. He lived at Druid's Grove near Greenbrier, Limestone County Alabama, naming the town 'Greenbrier'. He marries Mary Louise Anderson on 21 October 1792 in Louisa County, VA, She being the daughter of Nelson Anderson who fought under Light Horse Harry Lee and Frances Jackson Anderson. Their son John Nelson Spotswood Jones was born 1 September 1793 in Louisa County, VA. He marries Eliza Ann daughter of John Haywood of Tennessee. They live at Druid's Grove. John graduates from Yale in 1818 and studies with Judge John Haywood. His law office has been recreated in Alabama's Constitution Village in Huntsville and served as the first public library in Alabama. | Story | Valley Forge

145: Captain Jones not only served in the Revolutionary War but also saw action at Valley Forge. He served as captain of the sixth company in the 1st Virginia Continental Light Dragoons from June 13, 1776 to July 1779 along with Henry 'Light Horse Harry' Lee father of the Confederate General Robert E. Lee. His Dragoons saw action at the Battles of Brandywine and Germantown in the fall of 1777. With limited manpower at Brandywine the regiment spotted a British flanking movement in time for Washington to withdraw, thereby saving the army. While encamping at Valley Forge, Washington kept his Dragoons busy intercepting shipments of food to the British in Philadelphia and serving as observers of British movements. They only remained a month at Valley Forge but lost no men to the bitter winter and their duty of intercepting the British. After the War, Captain Jones uses his war bounty to claim 4,000 acres near Oglethorpe, GA but moved to Madison County, Mississippi Territory in what is later described as 'Alabama Fever' because of the fertile soil. He established several successful plantations: Avalon in Madison County and Druid's Grove in Limestone. A Marker Dedication was held on 12 May 2007 and was presented by the Descendants of Valley Forge, Alabama SAR, Alabama Society C.A.R., Huntsville DAR Chapter, Vice President of Advancement, UAH, Tennessee Valley Chapter SAR. Pension Application of Lewellen Jones W7906 Transcribed and annotated by C. Leon Harris Virginia Campbell County Sc On the 10th day of July 1820 personally appeared in open Court, being a Court of Record for the County aforesaid Lewellen Jones, aged sixty years old Resident in the said County who being first duly sworn according to Law doth on his Oath declare that he served in Revolutionary War as follows, He enlisted as soldier in the Virginia line in the month of June 1779 for the term of 18 months, that he was of Capt. Boyers Comp’y [Lt. Henry Bowyer’s company, pension application W5859] of Colo Bufords detachment Gen’l. Scott’s brigade in the United States service as will appear from my original declaration bearing date the 4th day of November 1818. And that he has received a pension by virtue of a certificate issued from the War department bearing date the 5th day of June 1819 Number 11,355. And I do solemnly swear that I was a resident Citizen of the United States on the 18th day of March 1818 and that I have not since that time by gift sale or in any manner disposed of my property or any part thereof with intent thereby so to diminish it as to bring myself within the provisions of an act of Congress entitled “an act to provide for certain person engaged in the land and naval service of the United States in the Revolutionary War” passed on the 18th day of March 1818 and that I have not nor has any person in trust for me any property or securities contracts or debts due to me nor have I any income other than what is contained in the Schedule hereto annexed and by me subscribed. The following is a correct Schedule of the property in my possession. Real Estate One hundred acres of poor land 50 of which together with the following personal Estate conveyed in Trust to secure the payment of a Just and Lawfull [debt] to the am’t. of $166.67 Cents and was executed in the year 1817 and is of record in the County Court office aforesaid which said sum is still due, to wit: 6 head of Cattle worth $30 – 1 small horse $15 – 6 head of sheep $10 – 7 head of Hogs $7 – 2 pots [illegible] 1 skillet 1 shot gun 1 Tongs & Shovel worth $—8 – also 2 axes 3 hilling[?] hoes 2 G [grubbing] Hoes, 1 Pr Plow Gair [plow gear?] 2 plough hoes, 1 Coulter, Crockery Ware of small Value 1 Gall’n Jug. 1 pint d[itt]o. 2 Indiferent Spinning Wheels 1 Cupboard & 1 Cotton Real, 1 pr Iron wedges 12 Doz’n Chairs 1 pine Table 1 pail & 2 piggins 1 Churn all of which is considerably worn & is worth $20 Cost[?] due me $2. the sheep in this Schedule is not Comprised in the Deed of Trust. Lewellen Jones My family Consist of myself aged 60 years by Occupation a planter and afflicted with a rupture. My wife Catharine aged ab’t. 50 year. Children living with me Richard (a son) aged 22 years afflicted with a Stiff Knee; Nancy Jones, a daughter 23, Joseph Jones 19, Elizabeth 16, Chatharine 12 years old afflicted with fits, & Polly Jones 8 years old Sworn to and declared in Court on the 11th day of July 1820 NOTE: On 19 Feb 1839 Catherine Jones, 75, applied for a pension stating that she married Lewellen Jones on 26 Feb 1789, and he died 30 Oct 1821. In the file is a copy of the marriage return from Charlotte County as follows: “Married on the 26th day of February 1789 by the Rev’d William Maburn Lewellender Jones and Catharine Vernon.” On 24 May 1843 she applied for a new pension under a later act. | U.S., Indexed Early Land Ownership and Township Plats, 1785-1898 | U.S. Pensioners, 1818-1872

147: Bruton Parish Church 1715 to present day. Reverend Rowland Jones was the first rector. Attendees during the Revolutionary War include the Jones' family, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Richard Henry Lee, George Wythe, Patrick Henry and George Mason. It served as a storehouse during the Battle of Yorktown and hospital during the Civil War. Martha Custis Washington buried two infant children here by her first marriage. | Battles of Brandywine and Germantown both American losses. | Quaker farmers were getting ready to harvest their crops, plant winter wheat, slaughter beef cattle, hogs, shear their sheep and sell their yearling colts and fillies. The pacifist Quakers were thrust into the center of the battle and much of their farmland, livestock, and crops were destroyed.

148: L inares | NSDAR Co- mmemorative Events | Wreaths Across America | Star Spangled Banner Celebration | DAR Museum | Lineage Research | National Defense | Ronald McDonald House | Facebook | Genealogy Preservation | Continental Congress NSDAR | Christmas Raffle | Save Our Bees | Military Ball Giveaway | Honor Flights | 1st 1st, & 2nd Place | Apron Stories | Mother Stories | Linares Vietnam Veterans | Wounded Warriors | 1st Regents Choice Float | Blessing Bags Alyssa McElfresh | Programs | Flag of the USA | C.A.R. RWB Society | DAR Schools | CSSDAR - 2nd Genealogical Records | CSSDAR 1st Crochet | CSSDAR 1st Lace Shawl | CSSDAR 2nd Knitting | CSSDAR 3rd Knitting | CSSDAR 2nd Quilt | CSSDAR 2nd & 3rd Smocking

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