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A Man Called Mazin

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S: A Man Called Mazin

FC: A Man Called Mazin

1: a collection of thoughts & poems

3: He loved his family and his boat On Alya, his daughter, he would dote A lot of warmth, a lot of fun He was such a sun of a gun There will be times I will recall Of the happy moments and hearty LOLs Oh it’s so snowy in Michigan and Wisconsin But hey, you have a man called Mazin. | Karthik Suryanarayanan

4: Jessica Mazzulo | So it’s off to China, the date has been set, The words reverberating in your head, “Am I ready yet?” So much to look forward to, a new language to be learned, We wave goodbye proudly; respect you have earned, You are a mentor, a teacher a coach and a buddy, Someone who’s there when the waters get muddy. You tinker, you joke, you put others at ease, You taught even me about PCBs (as if they are a breeze). Your influence on the team is too numerous to list, But always remember how much you will be missed!

5: Great to be around The kindest person I know You will be so missed (it's a haiku) | Ashley Campagna

6: Calm and Collected Mazin normally kept his Cool No matter the situation His patience would overrule Through ship holds and supplier audits Risk assessments were done No matter the outcome Mazin would find ways to have fun His sense of humor made me smile Because it is one of a kind He'd go the extra mile If the team was in a bind

7: His expertise in PCBs Was admirable they say He liked to tell stories to lighten up the day Although he will be missed His legacy will remain He made a huge difference That we'll work to sustain We wish him luck on his new adventure As he goes overseas He'll have a huge impact And find opportunities to seize | 3 | His expertise in PCBs Was admirable they say He liked to tell stories To lighten up the day Although he will be missed His legacy will remain He made a huge difference That we'll work to sustain We wish him luck on his new adventure As he goes overseas He'll have a huge impact And find opportunities to seize | Erica Jones

9: Dear Mazin, Roses are red, Violets are blue, Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. p.s. we’ll miss you. Love, Mike

10: I will really miss you gently holding my hand while walking to a meeting together and your subtle sneeze that was like music to my ears. Who will hug me and comfort me when I am sad ? I also wonder which meetings I will not go to now since I will no longer be able to skip yours. Moreover, I am asking myself who else will be late to every meeting. Who will keep me waiting 30 min on average for a One on One now that you will no longer be here? You know I am joking my friend. In all seriousness, I will really miss you. We had a great relationship and I genuinely enjoyed working with you. Best of luck to you and your family over there. I am sure you will accomplish great things and have a blast! Take care my friend. | Jeff Tessier

11: I say tomato, you say tomAto, I say potato, you say potato. I say Mazin, you say Maz-an, I say Sabra, you say SBRA. I say ‘He will be missed’, he says ‘farewell.’ I say ‘He leaves us better than we were,’ He says ‘that’s swell.’ | Kelley Ellis

12: Haikus | In our team meetings Always taking toys apart Little kid at heart | Excellent advice A thoughtful listener too Many thanks, Mazin | Rockin’ the Man Van With a bra, Oh so sporty Too big for China

13: for you | With a soft voice but Sneezing so loud in China We'll hear it in CA | Those Hawaiian shirts Are your signature style Bright like your smile | Please come back often I’ll miss you, Mazin Sabra A teammate and friend | Anne Richardson

14: Dragon, dragon what do you see? I see a "man-van" cruising past me. "Man-van", "man-van" what do you see? I see a panda bear looking at me. Panda bear, panda bear what do you see? I see a Hawaiian shirt coming at me. Hawaiian shirt, Hawaiian shirt what do you see? I see the Great Wall rising before me. Great Wall, Great Wall what do you see? I see a bowl of im'dukat thoom in front of me. Im'dukat thoom, im'dukat thoom what do you see? I see a colorful kite flying by me. Colorful kite, colorful kite what do you see? I see an ewyoon hasad watching over me. Ewyoon hasad, ewyoon hasad what do you see? I see a fortune cookie placed before me. Fortune cookie, fortune cookie what do you see? I see a big hug waiting for me. Big hug, big hug, what do you see? I see the Yellow Sea with fish for me. Yellow Sea, Yellow Sea what do you see? I see my best friend standing next to me. Mazin, Kismet, and Alya, we love you and will miss you very much!

15: Chris Van Wert

16: Roses are red Violets are blue We’ve only just met, but I wish the best to you! Mazin, thanks for hiring me on to join such an amazing team. Best wishes to you and your family and I hope we cross paths again! | Carlene Iverson

17: Oh Mazin, I will always remember that you took our side in the water gun war that day at the American River. But I will also remember that you took EVERYONE’s side!!! Congrats Mazin, keep in touch! Good luck with your new endeavor! | Michelle Yoo

18: It’s hard to believe the time is here For you to no longer be so near We’ll miss you more and more each day When we think of you so far away You’ll be remembered in your Hawaiian shirt And for helping us win at the Stryker Idol concert Our memories of you will be safely kept Your laugh, your smile... we won’t forget All the reasons are hard to list For how and why you will be missed! | Claudia Andrade

20: Sabra family, you will be incredibly missed. Our memories together make quite the list. Family adventure to Bodega Bay, Sailing, barbecuing, sand dune jumping, barely survived that day. All 7 of us in one hotel room? Worked out well but could’ve been the night of doom! Chopping down the tree in your front yard Did you ever think it would be that hard?! Its been so wonderful to see our little girls become best friends. Even with the distance, let’s make sure the friendship extends. They used to always hold hands when they hung out. They had a connection from the beginning, no doubt. Sierra still loves doing the “Mazin Hold”. Except when we try it, we look like we’re weak and old. Working with you was always an adventure. Our first big project together 1188 digital board transfer to Venture! On the same team with CVW, Dahlby, Aruna, and Romin. Your Hawaiian shirt wardrobe on Fridays was quite common. Happy Hour Bowling Champions on the Sabra 6 Team. The key to victory was our team’s unique costume and theme.

21: You’ve done an incredible job transforming supplier engineering. For years to come, we will still be cheering! The family adventures started at your house with Wii bowling. Laughing so hard, on the ground we were rolling. Everyone eating oranges at Happy Hollow Zoo, then spraying your yard with that crazy goo. I still can’t believe the amount of cool stuff in your garage. After packing it up, you must have needed a massage! Your influence on all of us knows no end. Man, you sure have been a best friend. You will be missed for so many reasons. Your big heart and big smile, no matter what and in all seasons. Good luck on your adventure to the Far East You will never be forgotten here, not in the least. | Chuck Niemoth

22: I joined the SQE team For a short time last year All Mazin’s team meetings Ended with the SQE cheer Supplier changes and audits Oh- the fun that we had At least Mazin kept things lively His Hawaiian shirts are rad! I enjoyed the time spent with his group And really learned a lot Mazin will do great things in Suzhou I’m sure he’ll be a big shot So - a toast to Mazin With a cup of hot tea And a resounding chorus Good Luck and S-Q-E! (with the hand motions of course) | Karen Meyer

23: Mazin’s Haiku Shirts from Hawaii Sandals and toe exposure Always thoughtful, kind | Kris Sanders

24: M – Meticulous - but only at times ;-) A – Amazingly supportive Z – Zealous for work and life I – Incredibly Intelligent N – Nice to have around and will be MISSED! | Stacey Erickson

26: I remember when we very first spoke We discussed telling Venture their system was broke That was back in my days of GI and SCU050 I knew not then how close we’d someday be Our ten day trip to Asia was one of the best You bargained in the markets with such zest Durian ice cream, Peking duck and mangosteen Airport foot massages definitely beat the cuisine | Floating markets where many bananas you bought Jell-o shots in Hong Kong for a pregnant me were not You’re always willing to offer a warm embrace Even to taxi drivers and suppliers who get red in the face You are caring, curious, strategic and smart And your 80’s day outfit was a work of art In all seriousness, you bring light to a room And your Stryker Idol car could really zoom (not really)

27: Cruisin’ in the man van with SBRA style Hawaiian shirts line your closet for miles Amusing yourself with quirky jokes and pranks For our laughter and smiles we owe many thanks You frame life in such brilliant perspective With relationships first and battles which are selective Your sincere style, happiness and personal touch No doubt we will all miss you very much Mazin, my dear friend, you are one of a kind A more genuine heart I challenge anyone to find Warmest wishes on the next chapter to Kismet, Alya, and you And the bun in the oven who soon will make a debut | Shane Partington

28: Jamie Brouillard

29: Mathias Bitz

30: Hi Mazin, Dir ist bestimmt bewusst, dass wenn man ein A vor und ein G nach Deinen Namen setzt, dass dabei AMAZING heraus kommt. Und genau so war unsere Zusammenarbeit bisher. Auch wenn ich es Dir nicht immer leicht gemacht habe, hoffe ich, dass Du mich und das Team nicht so schnell vergessen wirst. Wenn ich die Gelegenheit hab, komm ich Dich mal in China besuchen. Ich wuensche Dir alles, alles Gute und nur das Beste! Vergiss uns nicht! | Kerstin Wohlgemuth

31: goodbye! goodbye! goodbye! Mazin! Yes it has been barely a year for me so thought of telling you some lines through a poem that does not rhyme to let you know how we all shall feel when you leave this place will never be the same because of the fun you bring to the team. Sure China will fine you an asset Please keep in touch with our team goodbye! goodbye! goodbye! Mazin! | Sunny Offorjebe

32: M

33: A warm smile you always have Each time you come around Always hardworking and ever so helpful. Especially with my MCOs. I will miss seeing you in your Hawaiian shirt Which truly make you look so cool. You will be missed at SJC And in China you're wished the best Great food, learning a new language, a new culture Looking forward to the new baby, and a whole lot more Take care always and God speed. | Malou Arquero

34: Mazin, You have been such a great friend and colleague and it has been an absolute pleasure knowing and working with you! We will miss you and Kismet and Alya very much. Ojas gives a big kiss to Alya. All the best in your new role and looking forward to seeing pictures of the new baby Love, Medha

35: Mazin, I wish you all the best on your next life adventure; moving to China! We will truly miss you and the rest of your family. Hopefully we can come visit you sometime, but at the least we will be chatting with you over webcam. I’m sure you will imprint the folks in Suzhou like you have here in San Jose. Miss you already, Tiff

36: pack your mat. plug in. stay grounded. avoid the shock of missed friends back home a calming voice brings peace & reason to chaos in Sabra we trust an ill-timed joke grinds meeting & progress to halt in Sabra we laugh

37: garbage-strewn office: lasers, trinkets & sharp things. now empty, less fun. trusted confidant. bear hugs, beard growth, good advice the sum is greater to see you, my friend, my favorite distraction, made my day, each day | Bradley Quarton

38: There once was an odd engineer Who always donned Hawaiian gear He would talk and joke Till you wanted to croak But he left and we all shed a tear | Eric Broughton

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