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Aaron Arthur Becker

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Aaron Arthur Becker - Page Text Content

S: Aaron Arthur Becker

BC: Aaron A. Becker | 03/03/89 - 09/27/11 | "See you on the other side"

FC: Aaron Arthur Becker

1: We thought of you with love today, But that is nothing new. We thought about you yesterday. And days before that too. We think of you in silence. We often speak your name. Now all we have is memories.And your picture in a frame. Your memory is our keepsake.With which we'll never part. God has you in his keeping. We have you in our heart. | Aaron Becker - some times when you lose, you win ;) September 26 at 6:41pm via mobile Aaron Becker - la lalalalalal alala alal alalal alllaaaaa...lol Tuesday at 10:26am via mobile

2: When I was a child . . .

3: Childhood is a simple time and often the best time in ones life. . .

4: The many faces . . .

7: of Aaron.

8: Clayton Samuel - Rest in peace. You were the greatest cousin a guy could ask for and I will always look up to you. Love you bro. | Britton Gerber - Rest In Peace Aaron Becker . I love you. I'll never forget about you and “Ima check in with your mom and popz” routinely. You were a great cousin when we were little youngsters. I wish so badly we coulda spent more time together now that we're grown. You're missed deeply and will never be forgotten. | Eric Michenfelder - So many memories have been coming to me I can barely stand it. I remember when I was the big strong brother, and you were the little runt who loved to be picked up by your head (not such a great idea looking back, but we were young & stupid ;) That damn "All Star" song you played over and over, but then you got interested in the music coming from my room, and before long we were listening to the Grateful Dead together and you fell in love with the Beatles. Teaching you to play guitar, only to find out I sucked at it and you were a natural. Our miserable attempt at building a tree house. Playing hockey till the sun went down. My heart is broken losing you, but I know it will heal in time. I know this because that's where you will always live. Love you bro, and I'll see you on the other side.

9: Elizabeth Michenfelder - I am sorry I haven't said anything because no words can describe the sadness I feel for losing you. We had our good and our bad times as kids growing up, but I'm glad we grew closer over the years. You were a fine young man and I loved catching up with you whenever we could talk. I am proud of you for doing better for yourself and for the man you were becoming. I wish I could be there to say bye to you this weekend with the rest of the family and friends who love you, but holding you in my heart and in my thoughts are all I can do. Love you always, your cousin Lizzie. | Anne Perkins - I like this picture of the gang, but mostly of my son Aaron. Movement was what he was all about. It was a Sunday morning, he was about ten months old and I had been following him as I usually did as he moved/ crawled around the house Into the dinning room he went and found a chair to balance himself and off he went running into the living room. Joy on his face then too. I miss you very much and it hurts to not hear you running up and down the stairs. | L | O | V | E

10: "How Blessed to have someone that makes saying goodbye so hard." | My Little Bro Aaron was the little brother I always wanted. Meeting him when he was only twelve-years-old; I simply fell in love with him, instantly. He was the cutest, sweetest, out to win you over, kiddo. As he aged, I was able to watch him evolve into the person we all grew to love and be frustrated by all in the same breath. I watched him go from a clumsy little boy to an Axe-wearing, clumsier, bottomless-pitted, brick house to finally a handsome, young man who had found what he wanted for himself and was in pursuit of his dream. Aaron’s journey has given me a collection of memories that I will always hold dear in my heart. I’d like to share a few of my favorites that substantiate the love I will always have for my dear brother, Aaron. ~ Endless hours of Playstation really, how many times could he clobber me and I would say, “Sure Dude, I'll play another one”?!? ~ When I bought my first vehicle, a not so practical but, very cool, brand new, supercharged, 4x4, 2001 Nissan Frontier (that was pretty dope for your first ride), Aaron freaked! He loved that truck. Every so often, I would see if he wanted to “run an errand” and we would drive around blaring Guns -n- Roses. He was so much fun to drive around and talk to. ~ (While looking at Art’s CDs) “Hey Dad, Who's Ted Nugget?”- Bless his heart; reading wasn't A Train’s strongest subject.

11: ~ Take a shower OR spray the Axe, always the victor - the Axe. For three, long years this "boy cloud" hung around the basement and hallway for hours after he left the house for the evening. ~ The Belt Buckle Era: Perhaps it was the trip to Texas that spawned his interest in beefy belt buckles. He had quite the collection. ~ Finally time to go see Ted Nugget! I took Aaron down to the Arch for Ted Nugent. HOOISFEST was an understatement. There were more “ladies” in bikini tops that should have worn sails, seriously. One of those lovely ladies decided to jump up on her boyfriend's shoulders for Teddy and so her butt crack could stare at Aaron and I over the top of her cutoff jean shorts- hot. Unsure to which side was worse; Aaron and I just looked at each other and moved. “The Nuge” came out in his coon-skin cap, jean vest without a shirt (dreamy) and jeans. All of a sudden it smelled like “out do’.” Ted hit the guitar and maybe got three lines out and this giant thunderstorm flipped inside out over our heads. It rained like hell; Ted didn't come back on. We waited a moment and tried to seek shelter but, we were drenched. We just ambled along in the rain and splashed in puddles like children. We got to the truck and literally wrung out our clothes and took off our shoes. (I had wished Aaron had kept his on - oh well) I rolled down the windows and no kidding the sun came out the second we left the parking lot. We had a blast anyway. Continued on next page

12: ~ This pepper isn't HOT! When Mom's cancer went into remission; we all went to Bommarito Winery in New Haven to celebrate. My friend Amber and her husband Chris bought Mom a pepper plant. After a couple glasses (bottles) of wine; Gary and Aaron decided to “try” a pepper you know just to see what it's like. Both Gary and Aaron popped one in their mouths. Gary stoically chewed, looking at Aaron out the corner of his eyes. Aaron was good for about 30 seconds and then he was drooling, spitting, tearing and inhaling cool air. After he could formulate words and short phrases again; he clearly expressed himself by saying, “Damn, that was hot.” ~ No details will be shared; but, I will say we had a very sentimental heart to heart last year. We had an uninterrupted two hour talk about life and what flavor of life's “soup” had been put in Aaron’s bowl. I won't forget how the sunlight filled the room as we sat in the living room. Aaron talked and I listened. I shared, he listened. I loved that we did that. I love you brother, Your sis, Robyn

14: A.J. Loynd - The first time that I met Aaron Becker was at my old house in Autumn Farms. He was with Brennan and the first thing that I thought was he looked so cool... Like Wolverine. I miss you Becker and I love you man. | Brennan Loynd - I first met Becker at lunch at Lafayette and we would eat out side my junior year before I left. One day, at said lunches, we were walking in the door when Becker suddenly stopped and proclaimed "Please, tell me you saw her!" I asked "who?" and he said "the girl in the brown dress"... I looked around for a brown dress for the next few seconds and then asked "What girl in what brown dress?" he said "right there in front of us" I explained to him there were two girls in front of us - one with a white tank top on and another with a RED dress on" that was when I discovered that Aaron Becker is color blind. | B | R | O | T | H | E | R | S

15: "Half the time when brothers wrestle, it's just an excuse to hug each other." | Nick Loynd - I love you Becker, and you will live on through our memories, and the crazy stories we tell about the great man, friend, and brother, who helped everyone he could, no matter what the circumstances. | Gannan Loynd- Becker I will always miss you man. It sucks to die young. Wish I could at least tell you how much I miss you . You are my brother and always will be... I love you. Wish life wasn't so short. | Kip Loynd - Only the good die young. . . love & miss you !

16: Sometime around 4:30 in the morning something is grabbing onto my leg shaking me back and forth, asking me for a ride, and by the time I can realize I’m awake, Becker and his afro are about two inches from my face to tell me I have to get him home before 5:00 am when his dad wakes up. Without being able to think I jump up and we both get moving, I’m still dressed so we just have to get my keys and walk around Bill who is passed out on the bedroom floor. So we get outside, beck pushed the | car out of my driveway and up onto the street. I can't exactly drive so he jumps in turns on the mercur and takes off at full speed onto Clayton and 100 to get home, next we have to park the car in front of the Huber's. I get my first real lesson in dodging motion sensors and pulling the screen out of a window. He said goodbye , I put screen back in, stumble off for my car and get lost driving home. Finally I coast into my driveway, kill the engine and sneak back to my bed about the time my mom gets up to start the coffee. When Bill and I wake up I finally realize all of the bullshit I went through for a kid I just met. It was my first real rebellious teenage experience, at least to the point where I thought I actually might get caught. Maybe three months later, every in between filled up with the same thing or sitting with the peace pipe and listening to Becker explain the location and function of every speaker while we "listened" to echoes. . At some point in these few months Becker had started heading over to the Loynd's to sit and work on one of the brother's big loud ugly-ass Camaro, turned out they were usually

17: up to the same thing I was every weekend, so for the first time in history, Aaron Becker got me to do what had never happened before, leave my house to meet people I didn't know. That was it, that was what finally set together the "Loynd Crew", after a while no one went to my house, the Warner’s, or anywhere else. It was the old house, what Beck always smiled to me about and constantly had to remind me of, he introduced me to my family, Kip and Bren, my loving big sister Ms. Morgan Manser, Bill and Patricia. He used to laugh a lot, the two only children suddenly got added to one of the most outrageous dysfunctional families ever met. We threw parties; we spent nights with just the family. It was as happy as the two of us had ever been; eventually he talked me into more and more crap, the silent bookworm and wolverine. We cruised from driveway to driveway chain smoking and chanting out any song k-she could play. I got my ass kicked for the first time, ran from the cops for the first time, got laid for the first time and I can blame Becker for all of it. Somehow he convinced me to do everything I wouldn't, it was everything I wanted, I had my older brother even if after a while we switched titles. By the time the rest of us left for college and Becker got me to sit on the roof and smoke till sunrise it was time to go. When I came back 60 or so pounds lighter he about broke my spine lifting me up. We talked, fought, fell over and laughed hysterically on my driveway till it was time for bed. Aaron broke just about everything I can remember; my car, original Sgt. Pepper's CD, and my teeth (more than once). Anyone who was close to us knows we fought like dogs and my ass was always on the pavement. We drove through Saint Louis a few times over, worked till we dropped. We drove anyone who tried to stop us, parents and most lovingly cops off their wire, and usually got away with it all. Living with him at the Loynd’s and at my parents’ house turned the massive Wolverine into the closest

18: closest family member I’ve ever really had. I’ve pretended the stupid crap he's said is something of legend, but in the end, Becker beat the shit out of me and got me out of the darkest time of my life in ways I can't really tell anyone. Even before that he got me to just talk to people and to quit being so damned afraid of everything. Granted we took it way too far most of the time, but that's what it took. In 21 years I’ve met thousands of people, been close with hundreds, lived with fifty plus and loved a handful. I don't exist today separate from Aaron, it's not a memory it's not a feeling. Aaron somehow managed to change me, I looked up to him; he could pull off all the bullshit I was afraid to try. So we grew up together, at one point cut our hands open and swore we would be brothers to the end. One of the last conversations we had before our fighting started we sat at my parent's counter, when he looked over to me and said “we are going to make it”. The self-proclaimed idiot orphans who few expected to make it to twenty a couple years before. For any stupid shit we did, whoever was there, Kip, Bren, its hard not to write Beck and we made it and made our peace. Aaron died with a steady job. a place of his own, on his own bike. It's what we wanted, he was standing on his own two feet regardless of anything me or anyone else could say. I still get pissed seeing him posed for pictures in my clothes, keep thinking he hasn't called in months, but unfortunately he's gone and it's a fucking tragedy. But were all still here, for my own part I can't even light a cigarette except for the way he did, head tilted and not letting the flame touch. Beck knew everyone, introduced you to some of your best friends. I have only 2 friends I made without him. So don't worry if you miss him, he's right here, he's not a memory for us.

19: Part Two I keep seeing too many sad notes recurring again to Becker. Stop worrying so much. Aaron’s bodies gone. Yeah, we have memories and Vinny yes, but how many people can say they have a stupid catch phrase, can enjoy an L+M, rocka leather jacket and aviators or use a drywall hammer to hang up a nail? If you knew Beck, loved Beck, made love to Beck I guarantee you do one thing you would have never done without him. Is Aaron alive? No. We are, and I can happily say he shaped me, part of Andrew Ruether is Becker so I’m not worried in the least, there may be nothing left for him to point out during one of his epiphanies but somehow bumping into Aaron pushed you in a new direction, don't stop moving and neither will he; peace, love, jamming, tunes, comfy beds, rainbows, unicorns, beautiful women, mountains, beaches, blue skies and full moons to Becker and all of you. I see sad goodbyes and all the well-rehearsed memories are beautiful, but if you knew Becker, loved him, first off I guarantee he loved you, but with that I guarantee he stuck to you, you worked with him, partied with him, got knocked out by him, or even got knocked up. Somehow, somewhere Aaron taught you something new, reminded you that not everyone sees green and red. You gave him what you had and got back tenfold, well mostly he lost what you had and you couldn't get mad at him. | Love till the end for my brother, -Andrew Ogden Ruether

20: Morgan Manser - Beck, I love you more than anything. You were not just one of my best friends, you were my brother. To think of when we lived together, traveled together, partied together, and just sat and talked for hours. Your memory will live on with me forever, that's a promise I can make and keep to you. My children will one day know who mommy and daddy's friend Becker was; the crazy ass, goofy, wild hair man who called me his sister. I love you Aaron Becker always and forever. | Morgan Manser - haha, I remember when Kip and I went to the BP gas station at 109 and Bren and Beck were there too. So kip and I get out and say “hey” to Bren who was waiting for Beck in the Camaro. I go inside and say “what's up?” to Beck (who was standing in front of the PowerAde) and start to get my soda. Beck is just staring at the PowerAde’s so I ask “what are you doing?” and he said “Bren sent me in here to get him a red PowerAde” I then said “ok, so why are you just standing there?” he said 'I don't know which one is red...” - it was then when I discovered that Aaron Becker is color blind. | God doesn't give you the people you want, He gives you the people you need; to help you, to hurt you, to leave you, to love you and to make you the person you were meant to be. | Morgan Manser - You were in my dream last night! It was a dream that felt like any other day. It must have been a weekend because we were drinking at the Loynd’s house in the garage while everyone smoked. When I woke up I tried so hard to fall back asleep to see you again, but it didn't work. I’m so thankful you still visit me in my dreams. I love you and miss you every hour of every day.

21: Morgan Manser - I'd give anything to have you here with me today. Even if it could just be one more day. Nothing will ever go back to normal, whatever normal is anyway. I used to think things didn't make sense, now they really don't seem to. I love you, I miss you, and I'm so thankful for the six years we did have together. Thank you for always accepting me for who I am and loving me as your sister Aaron. I'll love you always. | Morgan Manser - I wish so bad that you could be there tonight for the Halloween party, I remember how excited you were. it's so weird to go to your house and not have you there. I hate it actually. I think of you every day and cherish the times your in my dreams. I'll love you always and forever beck. | Morgan Manser - I spoke with your dad today. We miss you more than it's possible to be missed. I miss your insane hair, gaudy belt buckles, black wife beaters, ripped jeans, and those damn boots! Some days it's still so unreal that you're gone. Like today. I know it's real but, at the same time I don't. It's weird. I love you Beck & I always will. | Stacie Leuthauser Wow.. I am so sorry to everyone that had an amazing person taken from their life. Aaron, from what I remember you were such a nice guy, and one of my best friend Morgan Manser's best friends. May your memory live on, and never be forgotten. Rest in peace. You will be missed.

22: R | E | M | E | M | B | E | R | Sarah Bundy Loynd - Aaron Becker, from the moment I met you, every time we hung out, your positive, outgoing cheerful personality was absolutely enlightening and contagious. You became a brother to me. There will never be a day that I won't think you. My heart is broken without you here. I will never forget the memories we've shared. How you always called me Mrs. Bundy because you knew it drove me crazy. You were always my go to man when I needed a drinking buddy because no one else would drink my Jaeger. I would give anything to have just one more giant teddy bear hug! You were an ear, a shoulder and my best friend. You have the biggest heart of any man I've ever known. It was truly a blessing to have had you in my life I will love you always. We may have lost you on this earth, but your memory will live on forever.

23: F | O | E | E | R | V | R | Where the Sidewalk Ends There is a place where the sidewalk ends And before the street begins, And there the grass grows soft and white, And there the sun burns crimson bright, And there the moon-bird rests from his flight To cool in the peppermint wind. Let us leave this place where the smoke blows black And the dark street winds and bends. Past the pits where the asphalt flowers grow We shall walk with a walk that is measured and slow, And watch where the chalk-white arrows go To the place where the sidewalk ends. Yes we'll walk with a walk that is measured and slow, And we'll go where the chalk-white arrows go, For the children, they mark, and the children, they know The place where the sidewalk ends. by Shel Silverstein

24: Jessie Schiller - R.I.P Aaron Becker my heart goes out to your loved ones /all our crew... I will forever miss you Becker. I’ll never forget the laughs or crazy drives we shared. | Kelsey Kabuss - Becker, I was just thinking about you the other day and how you were doing, and now this shocking unbelievable nightmare happened. I will always remember the times we had together, I can't even fathom this, you deserved a full happy life. You and your family will be in my thoughts, may you rest in peace and til then I’ll be seeing you, much love. | AriAnna Renata - I can't believe it. You were one of the nicest ppl I met; I remember hanging out in the Loynd’s garage with you and Albert. Some crazy times lol RIP :) | John Moser - Hello death it seems that we meet again You keep taking friends that I'll never see again I guess they gotta leave, but if we pretend That they never left, well we gonna see them then Never leave our hearts, never leave our thoughts As time goes by don't even be forgot Life goes on, though I wish that they was there Shit like this ain't never gonna seem fair, yeah So can I have a moment of silence For anyone who's gone from the coldness of violence | What ever happen to that hat????

25: Tyler Wellen - Dammit Becker... You're the first person I cared about that I've lost and the last I ever expected this to happen to. No matter how many times I think about it and say that it happened, it just never feels like it's real.. If there's one good thing to come out of it all I guess it's that you were on the bike that you liked so much. I'm really gonna miss you man. It's gonna be hard but you'll always be in my thoughts. | Mercedes Danny-elle Stewart - Holy shit... its crazy when people you know from high school pass away... I knew him well back in the day. Well enough to know he was an amazing person... RIP Aaron Becker you're already missed... | Jordan James - Just goes to show no matter what you do, it can end in a flash and you will never know why or what if . . . I’ll think of u every time I start my scoot. Hope to see you one day.- Much love Aaron | Jess Poertner I personally didn't know Becker that well. . He worked at my family's business and he was very close to my cousin's.. I just wanted to post on here for my brother, Alex.. My brother thought the world of Becker. He talked about him all the time. Alex told me once, that when he grew up he wanted to be just like Becker. You are missed very much Becker. R.I.P.

26: Jennie McKinney - Aaron Becker you were an amazing person who always had a smile on to light up the room and one of the most compassionate people I’ve ever had the pleasure to know, you were always fun and made everyone laugh, and you were there for anyone when they needed you the most. We all love you and will miss you...RIP | Rachel Naomi Bundy - Aaron I will miss your crazy self. You were an amazing man, funny, caring and a wonderful friend. I, as well as everyone else, am so blessed to have known you. You will never be forgotten. We love you Aaron Becker R.I.P. | Ruth Davenport - Becker God wanted you in heaven more. I'll miss you forever, watch over us dude. We all ate at steak n shake thinking about you. Never going to be forgotten curly kid :( love you man | John Moser – All I can say is: I love you man I’m still in shock... see u on the other side brohan... RIP

27: Ashley (Lokey) Loynd - Aaron Becker, you were a wonderful friend, brother and listener. I only knew you for two years, but you changed my life. Not a day will go by where you are not missed. We love you and know that you will be watching over us. I know that I will see you again one day. I love you, I miss you. R.I.P. | Tiffany Dabbs - Aaron Becker, Conner and I will miss you so much. When you come home and Conner is like “Becker”. He just learned your name and he actually knows you by it. So when Josh came home today and was crying and told me you passed away I didn't know what to think. We went upstairs after Josh left and Conner started going BECKER, BECKER. But I will make sure he knows who you are Uncle Becker. We will never forget you; you will be in our hearts always. Never forgetting. R.I.P Aaron Becker | Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.

28: Patricia Shaiper Loynd - Child of my heart. I will remember your smile, your easy laugh, the way that you were always there for your brothers and friends. I will remember you at the wedding reception standing up for your brother, being everything a best man should be~ | Max Easterby - Ya know Aaron I really dont remember exactly how we met. All I know is everytime I saw you I knew it was going to be a good time. I remember we could sit there for hours just talking about mustangs, bikes, and a bunch of other bs..we would get so into the conversation one of us would just jump up out the chair and just go "we need to go work on it right now!" haha. You had overwhelming love for anything you did, especially when that "thing" had a motor. You were a good man Becker and you will always be missed... | LaShea Herington - I miss u Becker! Wish u were here to talk n hang with! It just isn't da same anymore without u here, but I do know u have to be hearin all dis stuff ppl b postin to u. Jus wish we didn't have to post dis kind of stuff n post more stuff like, "how ya been bro?" but then again there probably wouldn't b these many postings but just know I miss n luv ya everyday til da day I die n then we can hook up a better mustang, cuz i could guarantee ya up there u could have anything!! Well rest in peace bro! Never forgotten!~

29: Rebecca Werner - I remember the 1st time I met Aaron, I was being a naughty that night & having boys over while I was babysitting at 16. LOL He was in a gang full of Tanner Taphorn, Josh Warner, Jonathan David, William N. Whiting & Drew Taylor. So all these boys were at my house, along with Susie Dorris and I saw Aaron Arthur Becker and he was my type of guy: tall, built, rough hands, awesome hilarious personality. We shared a drawing class together 2nd semester of our sophomore year and flirted everyday & dated for a couple months, We did some naughty things in those couple of months & I will forever remember those risky times, You were a major highlight in my life, even though we didn't talk that much after we broke up, I still thought about you. It's nice to hear that you touched so many hearts with your brilliant personality. I will always remember "Becca and Becker" lol - we always answered to both of them. | John Moser - Bud light game time, championship pop bottles "I thought you were my other woman", all the times watching the sun come up in the apartment pool, paintballing at the Fenton house, working on everyone's car in the group, the time we went to pick and pull and found the NFL conversion van, gave the homeless guy 40 dollars to take the whole engine out of the Iroc and all the other countless times we went to picknpull. Thursday nights down at sonic. The time we went to the offsets and Charlie hurt his back. Just livin' life and ballin everyday was the Becker way. "Steady Mobbin" | Will Collins - Remember the time we were smoking cigs in the garage at the Loynd house when the crazy bitch across the street called the cops saying we were all smoking weed? -Those are the times I remember

30: Becker's Memorial Celebration at the Lakehouse October 3rd, 2011 "To Becker, Our Brother, Never Forgotten" | If I leave here tomorrow, Would you still remember me? For I must be traveling on, now, 'Cause there's too many places I've got to see. But, if I stayed here with you, girl, Things just couldn't be the same. 'Cause I'm as free as a bird now, And this bird you can not change. Lord knows, I can't change. Bye, bye, its been a sweet love. Though this feeling I can't change. But please don't take it badly,, 'Cause Lord knows I'm to blame. But, if I stayed here with you girl, Things just couldn't be the same. Cause I'm as free as a bird now, And this bird you'll never change. And this bird you can not change.Lord knows, I can't change. Lord help me, I can't change. - Lynard Skynard

31: Matt Bouchard - Dude, the times that we spent together will never be forgotten and when I see you next we'll have to go plant another tree in some football field in the sky. | William N. Whiting - Becker I love you brother, I can't believe you're gone. But I know you're in a better place, because if anyone deserves to be, it's you. You were a great man, an awesome friend, and an amazing person. I'll never forget your excruciating bear hugs every time I visited, or all of the fun we had. I miss you more than ever, and I know that so many other people do, as well, because you left an imprint on the world even bigger than yourself. Thank you for being my friend... You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Rest in peace, my friend. | Dylan Moir - Aaron Becker, you were a man of integrity. I would not say that we were the closest of friends, but we shared many a great night together during some of the best years I will ever truly know. Time. There is never enough time. Aaron, I don't know if there is an afterlife, but if there is we will play some beer pong there my friend. Rest in peace bro. | Tyler Wellen - Becker Becker Becker... I miss you man! It's times like these when I hope there's an afterlife so we can hang out again someday. Gonna have all the time in the world to race and do burnouts with each other then buddy! You won't be forgotten that's for sure, seems like every day you pop up in my head and I miss you.

32: Marisa Zahn - RIP Aaron Becker . You were always a hilarious fun friend; who always kept it real. I loved our one-on-one chats. You surprisingly always gave good advice. I know you loved it when I said you could be on Jersey Shore as a Guido from New Jersey. We never did go on that shopping trip for those jeans....I miss you already and I know a lot of other people are going to miss you too. | Rachel Mooney - Rest in Peace doesn't even do you justice. You are a great friend. I couldn't have picked someone better to spend my glory days with. You are tough and I know you'll do fine. It's me that I'm worried about here. I love you more than words can say. Aaron Becker you helped me to become who I am. I won't let that go to waste. | Jonathan David – I’m glad that I can say I spent some of the best years of my life knowing you... those times, and glorious summers we have had will never be forgotten... all the fun, all the laughs, and all the time spent together has made us all who we are today and I'm glad that you were a part of it. Rest in peace brother | Brandon Kyle Berkel - Today the world’s greatest superhero Aaron Becker had to hang up the cap. Planet earth will never be the same knowing your no longer with us but we know you'll always be watching over us. | Emily Frey - Thanks Miss Sarajane and (a little of josh) I now get to carry you around in my pocket. Love you bro. And thanks to whoever did the little keepsakes for Becker from the funeral. I was unable to attend due to a family death and my WONDERFUL friends were able to bring me your keep sakes :)

33: James Floretta - How could this happen? ... I love u RIP I will never forget you | Lori Ann - R.I.P Aaron Becker, you were a great friend to many. We will never forget you. | Conrad Reuscher - What the fuck man...RIP Aaron Becker you were loved, and you will be greatly miss homes. Love you man | Kevan Elly - Becker, I'll miss you man. Westwood just won't be the same. Although your passing will eventually leave our minds, you will never leave our hearts. Rest in peace buddy | Abby Eckert Thought about you today. Miss you so much. I cannot believe tomorrow will already be a month. :( Love you twinkle toes You will never be forgotten!!! | Friend (noun) - a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard.

34: Seth Warner - Wolverine....belt buckle...muscle cars...woman...rock n roll...belt buckle...these r only some of the words that describe u...the best one is brother....I love u man... | Quenton Miller - I LOVE YOU RIP | Bre Leslie - RIP Aaron Becker you will be greatly missed by many friends and family | Raquel Rose Damti - RIP.....I’m so sorry buddy. See you on the other side. | Randal Morris – I’m for real at a loss for words. R.I.P. Aaron Becker the laughs, and all the time spent together has made us all who we are today and I'm glad that you were a part of it. Rest in peace brother | Clay Robinson - I love you brother, see u on the other side! R.I.P. | B | E | C | K | E | R

35: Jesse Jennings - Jesus Christ I miss you dude. Life isn't getting any easier here. You have no idea how badly I just want to go back to that summer where we just layed out on the mini ramp and talked every time we had a problem. I really wish I could talk to you right now. I've got some big problems in my life and I know that you would be able to make me smile. :( | Charles Joe Beysselance - Aaron, RIP buddy, words cannot describe how much you're missed. | Reggie Wit da Dreadz - Damn I just talked to you today. I don't know what to say man you were one of my best friends. I’m going to miss you a lot man | Drew Taylor - My man, I'm honestly at a loss of words. We went through a lot together bro, and everyone that knew you, knew you would do ANYTHING for your friends. I knew when you came to west county | 'Never regret getting older. It's a privilege that so many are denied.'

36: Kelsey Costello - I remember like it was yesterday when my mom told me that you and i couldn't date....but we did it anyways, and for 2 years we did well. :) We gave everything we had for each other. I would never trade anything in the world for the time that I spent with you. You were one of the first people that taught me how to actually love someone back with my whole heart. You and I were always a team, and at that time you were always my best friend, even if your friends thought different. I can never thank you enough for always being there for me, honestly and I wish you were here so I could tell you that. I have always cared about you, and today when i heard the news it was like deja vu all over again...but I wish it wasn't true. I will always remember how hard you loved and how much you protected the people you loved; I’ll never meet someone like you again. You were one of a kind. Even though you were all muscle, your heart out of all was the biggest and we all will miss that warm love you gave to us each time we were with you. I love you Aaron, and I always have and always will. You will always have a special place in my heart, and I know that I did in yours. I wish it wouldn't of ended this way, but I just hope you are at peace now. I will be praying for you always, and please give one of us a sign that your safe in heaven. You will by my one and only pookie, and I will always be your one and only squirt. Love always, Kels

37: Kelsey Costello – I wish you were here to stop this hurting that it has caused everyone. I know how great of a person you were, and I’m pissed that not everybody got all the time they wanted with you. I'm sorry I can't make it to the funeral but I have so many tests and work. :*( I hope you see in heaven how many people truly loved you. You were such an amazing person, idk why God took you from all of us.... I hope in heaven there's a huge Carmen Electra poster for you, because god damn you loved that poster Ruether gave you. I hope you are safe now, and I worry everyday about you when I wake up. I swear you’re in my dreams. Can't wait to see you again and talk about everything we never got to. | Kelsey Costello - oh Aaron, how could this happen! You are someone that I'll never forget. You were with me through cries, laughs, and anything else that got thrown at us. I"ll never forget any of the memories that we made together from the good and the bad. from when we used to hang out at Ruether's all the time with Paul and Debbie, their farm, numerous days at the Loynd's just doing whatever we wanted, having yummy dinners at the Warner's (our favorite family), and I could never forget your Saturn and when you let me drive it (even though I always killed the clutch), and so many many many more I can't even name em...

38: Colleen Virginia Hennessy - Aaron, I remember the first time I saw you, it was it fay's English class junior year, you were a transfer. I remember we nicknamed you wolverine; you were one of the funniest guys I have ever met, no matter what happened in my life, you were always there beside me to make me laugh and realize that life isn't to be taken so seriously, you are never going to make it out alive. I know you are up in heaven smiling down and realizing that god had plans for you up there that are greater than what he had for you down here. I heard Billy Joel's only the good die young. Thought of you and brought tears to my eyes. You were a great guy, a true pleasure to be around and a horrific loss to everyone's life you made better just by knowing them. I love you buddy more than you know and I will see you again. It's not goodbye, it's see ya later! R.I.P.

39: Geoffrey Alexander Peasall - To my fallen brother: Life seldom happens the way we expect it to. We react to those surprises in different ways at different times. And we can never change those things. To me, you embodied the ability to respond to circumstances and accept fully the coming events; always moving forward with conviction and bravery. You were a lion man, lighthearted, witty, inspirational, and memorable. How deeply you impacted my life will never be known to you. But you can sure as hell believe this has only deepened the crater. Much love goes out to you wherever you are. Thanks for tolerating my ranting one last time. Meet you in gangsters paradise. -G-off. | Rachel Gonzalez - Becks, I'm so sorry I'm not there. I feel so guilty not being able to come home for this all. But everyone says you would understand, like you always did. I will never forget all of the great times we had together and the amazing stuff we shared. The one time we fought you told me you were sorry so many times and you made it all better, and you always made me laugh when I was down. I'm sorry we lost touch when i went away to MO state, but our times raising hell around Wildwood will always be remembered. I already miss you so much, and I know I'll see you again

40: K | I | S | S | Alyssa Byars - I miss you. I still can't believe you're gone because our times together are still so vivid in my mind. I miss your soft lips contrasted by your rough beard. I miss laying together and smelling your cologne while I nestled with your chest hair. I miss your soft eyes filled with love - most of all I miss them looking at me. Like you said, I hope our paths cross again. We didn't have the opportunity during life but I'm putting a lot of faith that we will when I die. I'm sorry for everything I didn't do and things that I did do. I loved you from the first time I saw you, and will continue to love you long after you're gone. Your boy is beautiful and happy, and looks like you. I'm so sorry I got to meet him before you could, but I gave him a kiss for you. And he'll know he was loved. And I hope you knew that I loved you, because I know that my heart hurts so bad because they're is too much love in there for you that it's exploding because you're not here to share it with. I'll never forget you Aaron. xoxo

41: Abby Eckert- Here lies a nut in one hand and a bolt in the other. And your signature hanging on a string to tie them together. This is what I have left of you. Your laughter, your smile, and your jokes, These are things that will always poke At my heart and make me think, Of just how much you meant to me. A boy so young, with a great life ahead, But God himself, called you to bed. To heaven you go, with angels you dance, We on earth missed the chance, To tell you Goodbye and give you one last kiss, But do not worry, we will reminisce. You will never be forgotten, and so the story goes, RIP Aaron, the Lord has called you home.

42: Danna Lynch - life is way too short. We had our ups and downs, but i know we always cared and wanted the best for each other. I still can't believe your gone. Gone too soon that is for sure. I hope your at peace Aaron, you deserve that. Love yah. | Dating go around number one. This was right when he moved to Wildwood. He still put jell in his hair at this point, hadn't quite turned into the wolverine we all knew and loved. | After some random field hockey game in 2005. He is caring my bag and pushing me on his skate board. Chivalry at its best. :) This is probably my favorite photo of us.

43: Danna Lynch - Aaron's joy for life and humor is summed up so well in this photo. You never knew what you were gonna get from this group of guys and all the craziness was amazing to be a part of.

44: So I keep running into people who know me through you and it is amazing to get to talk about you no matter how much it hurts. My mom keeps telling me that it is good to run into people like that because then I get to remember you. I know she is right, but I'm still having a hard time grasping on to that thought process so here are some of my favorite memories with you: The very first time we dated we went out to Pacific to go explore a cave with Sarah and her boyfriend ,naturally this was trespassing, so we went at night and her boyfriend drove her car into a ditch which made that front grill fall off. You then proceeded to pick up the grill and hold it up to your belt saying what a cool belt buckle it would be. It didn't matter that the thing was wider than you, but let's face it crazy belt buckles are one of the first things that remind me of you. I also remember the first time I met your mom, we went to the Planetarium with Brennan and instead of learning about the stars we built forts with our mats. High school dances obviously stick out in my mind from the good to the bad. Senior Prom was amazing. I saw Aussie Pink Floyd at the Fox the other day and when they started playing ‘Wish You Were Here’ all I could think of was us slow dancing under the balcony away from everyone and how perfect that moment was.

45: It is your smile more than your eyes that remind me of childhood memories, but no matter what Guns n’ Roses makes me think of you. Music holds a lot of memories for me. I will never forget being in the back of Brennan’s Camaro when ‘Sweet Disposition’ started playing and all three of us were singing along to the song and I looked at you in the review merrier and I remember thinking to myself this was the perfect beginning of summer. I also remember sitting outside your dad’s house and talking to Ruether about how we didn't have a song. so he put a CD in his car and christened ‘Pride and Joy’ by Stevie Ray Vaughn to be our song. Should have known he would be a priest. The memories are endless and these are only the tip of the iceberg from all the times at Ruether’s house and the Loynd’s old house. God that house was amazing. I am glad you were in my life and I think about you a lot. I try not to be mad because when I think of you I think of someone who did everything from his heart so you got more love out of life than most people can wish for.

46: Katherine Kb Banister - aww great pic Danna, that's the Aaron I remember! Life's crazy, definitely a reminder to us to enjoy every minute, he definitely did, I know he's at peace and my thoughts go out to all the friends here missing him | Katie McGohan - Becker, I am still trying to wrap my head around everything. The secretary at the school I observe was at the intersection when it happened. You are in my thoughts and prayers and you were such a wonderful person. I can't wait to see you again someday babe. | Jj Holman - Man I can't believe this happened, I know you'll be lookin over me the rest of this deployment and I’ll see you on the other side. Miss ya man. | Katie McGohan- Becker, you always cross my mind and you are never forgotten.

47: Marie Ashley Lokey - I miss you. I think about you all the time. Wish you were here to give me advice right now. | Bri Flaherty - Everyone says that time heals all, but quite honestly I am still just as hurt as day one. I miss you so much and I miss all the late nights that you would give the best advice in the world and make any situation better. You are one of a kind and I really wish that I could get one of your teddy bear hugs. Miss you!!! | Brennan Loynd - Still missing and thinking about you every day. | Abby Eckert -I miss you so much. I could use a little Becker advice right about now. You always knew what to say and how to make me smile. I love you and miss you.

48: Abby Eckert - Aaron Arthur Becker, I cannot believe that this is real. You will be missed by so many. We had so many good times together that I will never forget. Watch over us! I’m gonna miss your laugh, smile, and personality. You were one of a kind. RIP!! | Francesca Danielle - Becker. You touched my heart. I can't believe you're gone. Your sweet smile, hugs, and laughter always brightened my day. You were hardworking, loving, and would stand up for anyone. You touched countless lives here and I know will make one big impact in heaven I love you and you will always be in our hearts. | Max Easterby - You will always be missed, you were a good friend and I guess what they say is true...Only the good die young...RIP good friend

49: Seth Warner - u ass it’s been 6 n a half years since I’ve cried n u got me ballin my damn eyes out like a 4 year old who dropped their ice cream. | Kevan Elly - Gonna miss that big ole goofy smile . . . Love you man | Peter Resnick - R.I.P. Aaron Becker. You were always such a great guy and good friend. Thank you for making high school entertaining and bearable. You will always be missed. | Devin Cordell Houston - I love you man, you're in a better place now | Emily Rachael - I'm sorry. I love you so much. and you'll always be the closest thing I've ever had to having a big brother. I hope you find happiness | Brady Witzig - I'm gonna pour a 40 out for you man. I can't believe this happened.

50: Sarah Marie - R.I.P. Becker! I couldn't believe this when I saw it.... | AriAnna Renata - RIP I'm so sorry this happened you will be missed | Drew Taylor My man, I'm honestly at a loss of words. We went through a lot together bro, and everyone that knew you, knew you would do ANYTHING for your friends. I knew when you came to west county junior year that I would be your friend for years. I am 100% certain that when we talked on the phone yesterday....for the first time in almost a year....that it must be a sign. Stuff like that doesn't just happen for no reason. I cant put into words how good it was to hear from you, and to hear how well you were doing. You were the best friend to everyone. I am so glad that I heard from you....you have no idea. Love you bro, i will miss you. | Sarah Mansell - Rest in peace Aaron... my prayers are with you and your family. | Emily Rachael - Your gonna be memorialized with my uncle on my hipbone as soon as I have the money. That hair will forever live on, on my Leo the lion tattoo that will be a tribute to you and my uncle, two of the best people I knew.

51: Max Easterby - I will miss you greatly my friend, you have impacted us all very deeply and you will never be forgotten... I love you man | Katie McGohan - Becker, I am still trying to wrap my head around everything. The secretary at the school I observe was at the intersection when it happened. You are in my thoughts and prayers and you were such a wonderful person. I can't wait to see you again someday babe. | Becky Welsh - So a guy came to my bar on Friday, gave me a card for his tab, and walked way. I looked down at his card to find that his name was Aaron Becker. Immediately, tears rolled down my face. What song also happened to be playing at this moment? Of course "Pumped Up Kicks." It felt like you were trying to get my attention that night. I miss you so much Aaron. Love you

52: Jessica Walla - Rest in peace Aaron. You were a great person and your too good to be on this earth. GOD has better things in store for you. We'll all be reunited with you again. I’m so happy I got to know you. I’ll keep you in my prayers. love ya | Robert Wood Stewart - I may have not known you as well as others do but I know one thing.. You left a legacy. I'm going to miss you Aaron. We all will. Fearless, crazy as any of us, and the nicest guy I've ever known. Love you Becker. Always will. Every time I look at a car it reminds me of you. Lay to rest. | Lauren Maria – Aaron I cannot believe this ... You were such a nice guy....I pray you are in a wonderful place and I pray for your family | Best friends can make each other laugh with just a look . . .

53: Becky Welsh - Aaron Arthur Becker, you will always hold a place in my heart. It was just a week ago that I got to see you for the first time in months. I was so proud of you for the progress you've made. It breaks my heart that I have so much left unsaid. I will always love you for the man that you were and the man you were becoming. XOXO | Conrad Reuscher - Becker I still can't believe this happened. You were one of the greatest people I’ve ever met and anyone else who knew you I know felt exactly the same. This world is a much worse place without you in it, and you will be dearly missed my friend. I know you've got that bad ass Cobra doing burnouts all over heaven. Love you Becker, I will always remember you | Jordan R. Caulk - Aaron Becker you will be missed. When I heard about what had happened I was panic stricken and could not speak for a minute. I hope the best to your family, and friends at home, and I hope that although this was awful and tragic, I hope you're in a place where you can ride motorcycles and pillage villages full of women. Peace Buddy.

54: Charles Joe Beysselance - Today isn't happening the way we planned it buddy. Rest in Peace Aaron Becker, you will always be a best friend and a brother to me. You will never be forgotten and your memories will live strong in the heart and the mind of me and everyone who you touched. I love you man, you're in a better place though, enjoy it up there. | Brandon Balk - I miss ya already buddy, you'll never be forgotten, I’ll take good care of what you gave me and I know you're in a better place. I’ll be lookin up at you and you'll be in my thoughts man. | Mercedes Danny-elle Stewart - Well we're burying our friend this morning... Patricia said it best - even when he's not with us anymore he still brings everybody together, even enemies... To the one, the only, Aaron Becker, we miss you.

55: Geoffrey Alexander Peasall - All your people will be with you in a few hours my man. I only wish it were under different circumstances that we could all get together to celebrate your life. I miss you bro. | Abby Eckert - About to experience the hardest thing I have had to, to date :( R.I.P. Aaron Becker! I love and miss you! I will not let this be good bye, but "I’ll see you later!!" | Rachel Mooney - This time in 2008 I was pumpkin patch picking with my boyfriend and two best friends. This time in 2011, I am pregnant, Rob is in Tampa, Kelsey is in Springfield, and Aaron is in heaven. It feels like just yesterday, but things have changed so much. I love you & miss you more than you can imagine. | Rachel Mooney - You know you are loved when there is a line through the parking lot of people wanting to see you. You will be greatly missed Aaron Becker. It's not good-bye it's see-ya-later. | Dylan Moir - Aaron, I’m sorry i couldn't make it. You'll always be in my thoughts. | Melissa Anne - Can't believe you're gone buddy.. U will surely be missed :(

56: Robert Wood Stewart - You know.. I thought good and hard about this since I left Becker’s gathering. Life is such a mystery, how someone so young and amazing is wiped off this physical world, how one man can touch so many people's hearts by just being himself, how one.. just one tiny second.. can take away our loved ones.... and in the end, life goes on. I couldn't work for 3 days because of this and the world didn't stand still. Of course it wouldn't. But it did for me; it did in our world, in his. I will never forget that phone call from my sis. I can't even begin to explain that feeling I felt. Silence, silence all around but one place. My head... I love you man | One man can touch so many people's hearts by just being himself,

57: If I close my eyes tonight, the day we laid you down to rest, Will time march on without you here, and with my heart still not healed? I know not if I can move on, knowing I've heard you laugh for the very last time. Here on earth I'll not be blessed, no more goofy smiles, or hugs that took away my breathe. If God would grant me a single wish, it would be that you know how much your loved and missed Patricia Shaiper Loynd on October 3, 2011

58: Kevan Elly - From the first time I met you (as if anyone could forget THAT clusterfuck), to loading your entire life into the back of the ramrod, to smoking that cigarette with you behind the shop just earlier today . . . all the memories man, I’ll never forget em. This just isn't right. No sir, not at all. To be perfectly honest, I'm a little scared to go to work tomorrow, and see your punch card right above mine; to see your hat hanging by the parts desk. But, regardless of our pain, the world keeps spinning, life goes on. I love you man. | John Moser - Beck, thanks for being there whenever I was in a jam and needed someone to tell it like it is. You were the perfect example of what a best friend truly is. I'm glad we got to talk the day before and the day this happened. We always said no matter what our differences were, we would always be brothers til the end. You helped me through one of the toughest times in my life and I’ll always owe you that. Anytime I misspell a word or can't think of how to spell I’ll always think of how I always had to help you spell. Love you Aaron Becker I’ll see u again in paradise.

59: Conrad Reuscher - Aaron, saying goodbye this weekend was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my short life. While your passing has been immensely painful to a lot of people, and healing will take an immeasurable amount of time, we will eventually heal, and all the pain will slowly go away, leaving us with only the good memories and stories about all the crazy times, and that infectious laugh and that smile that could light up the room. You were one hell of man Aaron and you will be deeply deeply missed by a lot of people. I'll see you when my time comes, and we can tear around in the fox that was waiting for you. I love you beck and I know you're watching over each and every one of us. | Michael Holloway - I will always love you like my brother no matter what.....you will always be with all of us ....watch over all of us like I would for u....we are home boys for life ....we will miss.....love you brother!!!!!! RIP....... | Kevan Elly -kinda sorta really wish you were here to be awake for a late night bro talk right about . . . now miss you man, much love.

60: Jamie Oberlin - Becker not a day goes by without u in my thoughts. I just wish I spent more time with you. It's gettin a little chili out lately and it made me think about that Calvin Klein coat u were always braggin about and still ur the only dude I knew who could pull off that scarf of yours lol but for real man u will never be forgotten and I miss u along with everyone else. MUCH LOVE BIG BECK | Conrad Reuscher - this song (Wanna be a Baller) just makes me think of you, every time I hear it I think about driving around in the hemi with nothing better to do than blast this song all over west county. miss you beck | Albert Wolf - Your grandpa talked about how you lived on an island when you were little up in Canada and it made me think of this one time when you and me got stranded at the Creve Coeur Lakehouse Lake and got stuck on an island and had to paddle back with large tree limbs. When we arrived back all 200 something of the customers were clapping and cheering. Then we had to carry the boat back to shore and that was a bitch... It was so epic though. I will always remember it brother. | Brady Witzig - Miss u man. Always thinkin about u | Reggie Wit da Dreadz - Thinkin about you everyday love and miss you so much

61: Emily Frey - I miss you every day. I was over by Petromart and Bo Beuckmann yesterday and all I could think about was that summer when you worked there and you would drive those cars over to Petromart and I would take my smoking break when you would come by and we would chain smoke together. I miss you big brother. I still want to call you and leave you messages. | Rachel Mooney - It's my birthday today and I know you were so excited to celebrate it with me. I've been thinking about you all day. Love you so much. Also, my dad was telling me that this guy at his work was at the intersection when the accident happened. He got out of his truck and did everything he could to get the RV away. He said he tried until the rescue teams made him stop. There is some comfort in knowing that innocent people were doing everything in their power to save you. You are a loved man. I miss you so much. Watch over me today! | Kevan Elly - Two weeks ago at this exact time I was racing down Manchester towards Gravois bluffs. Longest two weeks of my entire life. I’m still finding your little creations/ carvings/ ADD crazed destruction's all over the shop . . . miss ya bud

62: Abby Eckert - Just a few things that have made me think of this past month. 1. I went to get my oil changed, the guy asked me my last name, I said Eckert and he said "Becker?" Couldn't help but think that that was your doing! 2. We had a get together for you for Christmas and it was so nice to have all of us in the same place once again. Obviously not the same without you, but the atmosphere was filled with your spirit and the stories about you were never ending! 3. Had a dream about you the other night, when I woke up I was hoping and praying that it would be true and you would be there, but unfortunately it doesn't work that way. But at least I know you are watching over me 4. Been going through a lot lately and it would be so nice to talk to you about it. You always knew what to say. You some how knew exactly what would make me smile and take my mind off of everything, even if only for a minute, it was a minute of greatness. Those minutes are ones that I will NEVER forget! I love you and miss you so much! | Jessie Schiller - (Puff Daddy / "I'll Be Missing You") I heard this for the first time yesterday and I couldn't help but cry and think of how much I miss you Becker...I miss your crazy laugh and your smile beck! I'm in Colorado now and I just wish you had the chance to live longer and move out here with all your bros like you dreamed years ago...its beautiful here! I love you Becker and I know your in heaven smiling down while we pray for you

63: Albert Wolf - Still using the keyboard you and Kels got me for Christmas years ago. Love and miss you bro. | Jesse Jennings - You have no idea how much I miss you right now dude. Just had the shittiest nite and I could for real use you right now. I've been thinkin about you a lot lately and I just wanted to tell ya. :( | Morgan Manser - If you were here right now, I swear things would not be as hard as they are. I could use you for a huge teddy bear hug, to kick some major ass, and to tell me that you love me and everything will work its self out, like it always does. I miss you more than I can even begin to describe Beck. Please look down on me and send some good karma my way! | Adam Boemeke - I found out yesterday i became an emission inspector and I'm going to become a safety inspector soon. The moment I found out I passed the test, you were the first person I wanted to tell and I had your.number in my phone about to call you.... I knew you would have been very proud of me...you always wanted me to go far in automotive and you had so much faith in me. You'll always be my best friend, and I know your the reason I'm going so far in my job and in my life. Theres a lot of times when I feel so lost without you here Becker, but iIknow when my time comes you'll be waiting at the pearly gates holding a beer, just waiting to have to good time like we used to... I miss you more then anything in this world, not a day goes by I don't miss and think of you!!! Love you Becker, I live everyday in honor and memory of you!!! Get at me bro... | Bri Flaherty - I miss you :(. These past few nights have been hard. I keep finding my mind wandering back to you and thinking of all the fun we had. Wish I could have a hug | James Oberlin - Sittin at work thinking bout you bud. I miss ya man, ever since you passed I've been trying to turn my life around knowing it could be over any minute. Your my inspiration - I've lost 60 lbs and still goin wish you were here man

64: Nick Loynd - I have read the posts on your wall at least a hundred times, I think about you constantly, you lived a shorter life than everyone I know, and yet you impacted more people in those short years than most people do in a lifetime, I can't help but believe that you made it to heaven, that your there, watching me even now as I type this, you're there and you see how much love everyone has and had for you, I love you Becker | Well... It took me 3 hours of going back through old posts the whole way back to 2008 when he created his Facebook, but I now have advice for those still grieving more than humanly possible, and what I want to say. | Advice: Go back to the post that he wrote, just keep going back and reading every post by every person, while doing this, listen to the album that you listened to the most with Aaron Becker (mine is Guns 'n Roses - Appetite for Destruction), I cried at first, laughed eventually, then somewhere along the line, a semblance of peace descended upon me, and while the grieving won't stop, I believe that Becker is happy where he is, and we should be happy for him.

65: My Thoughts: He didn't have good English, much less good spelling, yet he knew exactly what to say, WITHOUT FAIL, every time. He had to be bi-polar (read all his posts, you'll see his views change once a week). The only thing that turned him on more than Big Boobs and a Robust Ass, was the P.O.S. cars he loved driving. He's the only person I ever met who hung out with his enemies regularly (without fighting). And through every second that I knew him, he was smiling (or suppressing one <----- which was even funnier). There were way too many people that wanted to catch up with him, he was easy to find, impossible to catch, he'd be there one second and gone the next. I literally read like 4 months worth of posts that were all people trying to catch up with him. I still believe he has the go to page for fast cars or stupid action videos (both of which he partook in, usually at the same time). Only man who ever lived that took you cussing him out as a compliment.... <----- still don't understand that. For such a short life, we should all be jealous of him, he was not only a wonderful person but a great friend, he did more for everyone than any one of us can know, he understood anything you wanted to talk about, even if he didn't understand all the words we used. He was far from perfect, but the worries and hardships of life are over for him, he is at peace with himself, and he will be our tour guide when we die and join him within the gates of heaven. “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.” (Luke 11: 1-13) He knocked on heaven's door, and they opened for him, now he sits and waits, for whichever of us goes first, is the lucky first one to hold Becker again.

66: Remember, Remember the 27th of September I believe in remembering; those incredible moments when your life is completely changed by a single person. Remembering can make you smile, make you cry, and remind you of your mistakes. Without remembering we are doomed to repeat our past. By remembering we are able to help others like those who have helped and changed our lives. People walk in and out of our hearts, but only the truly important ones leave foot prints. This I believe. September 27th 2011 is a date that I will always remember. This is the day in which my brother was taken by the angel of death. Aaron Arthur Becker was born March 3rd 1989 and passed away September 27th of 2011. He was my brother, not by blood, but in heart. He loved many things, cars, girls, and partying. Becker was on his way to his friend's house, riding his newly bought motor cycle. He was waiting at a red light, obeying the law, for once in his life, when a R.V.’s driver failed to stop at a red light. The R.V. went through two other cars and then over Becker still sitting his motor cycle. I was at my grandmothers when I heard the news. My mother called my grandma and the second I heard her start crying, the breath that I had escaped my lungs, my heart broke and stomach dropped. When I first heard, I thought that is had to be some kind of sick joke, but arriving home I soon realized it was not. As my mother looked at me with eyes shrink wrapped in tears and my brother smoking a cigarette not saying a word, it finally hit me. I had lost someone who was dear to me. I missed school the next few days leading up to his funeral. I could not go to school because every time I got into my car to leave I would break down into tears so hysterical I could not drive. I had not cried

67: over anything in almost two years, but hearing that I had lost my brother I could do nothing but weep. His funeral was an open casket. Everyone that ever knew him was there, friends, family, everyone came to pay their respects. Even though it was an open casket, I would not dare to look at him. I remember Aaron Arthur Becker as the fun and care-free goofball he was, and I wanted to remember him for this, not as a lifeless person put out for all to see. Even as I write this I begin to tear up, but still I smile as I remember the smile of not only my best friend, but also my brother. Becker helped me realize that I must live ever day as if it where my last, and to take every opportunity to touch and maybe even change someone else's life forever. We tend to take what we have for granted as we go through our days oblivious to what we truly have. With every day that passes, events occur that are out of our control, and we tend to react to them as if it had been our fault. Time passes us by without a second thought of what we could have done to live life to its fullest. The people that we love in our lives will sadly but surely come to pass. As they are taken out of our lives we must hold strong, and not remember them for the things that they could have done, but instead what they did do, and how it made each and every day of our lives just a little bit better. Without remembering we are doomed to repeat our mistakes, and in doing so will never truly move on. Everyone wants to be remembered and thought of for the great things that they did, even after they have passed. Remembering may be hard for all of us, but the memories that we have keep that person living on in our hearts. Forgetting is to let life and time take from the

68: memories that keep a lost loved one alive. As we continue to go on throughout our days we should take the time to help someone in need or even just to give them a hand. By doing a simple good thing for someone you will be remembered for what you have done and will live on in their heart even after your time has come.Without remembering you are giving what you hold dear to you away. We are not to linger on the past so that we may move forward, but we must remember in order to keep the love for another strong in our life. By remembering those who changed our lives we are able to model after them and help others so that we do not simple waist our life away. You may think that you are just one person in a world holding billions, but you may be that one person who changes the life of another forever. By remembering Becker I have truly realized how someone can change the life of another by doing little things. I have become not only more kind to other but also more forgiving. Becker truly showed me that you should always forgive, and never hold a grudge. He lived his life to the fullest, living every day as if it where his last. I can only hope that I may touch someone else's life like Becker has done to mine. Each and every day I try harder to put a smile on the face of another, and try to make new friends so that I may impact them in a positive way. I aspire to inspire others as Becker has done to me. I truly hate that my brother was taken from this world at such a young age, but I am glad that I was able to learn from his life and to better my relationship with others. Becker’s life was not wasted, he changed the lives of many in the short time that he had.

69: People walk in and out of our hearts, but only the truly important ones leave foot prints. Becker will always live on in my memories as will the thought of what he did reside in me. Always remembered and never forgotten for what he has done in the lives of others. Will you help make the world a better place by sharing the love given to you? We must always remember the ones who have impacted our lives and learn from what they have done. So do not just live ever day as if you will wake up tomorrow, but live as if it was your last chance to make the difference in the lives of many. Becker never lived as if he had the rest of his life to make a difference, but he lived as if he only had one day to change the world forever. So will you be the Becker in the life of someone in need? Or will you continue to forget what another has done in for you? - A.J. Loynd | People walk in and out of our hearts, but only the truly important ones leave foot prints

70: Kevan Elly - Everything id say you already know. nonetheless, i still feel it necessary to say this much: miss ya bud, much love | Albert Wolf - LOL'ing at the memory of Bren and Beck shooting at each other through a hole in the wall until one of them eventually shot the other in the eye... (Bren hittin him square in the pupil) hahaha. It was classic, really thought he was gonna go blind in that eye. | Brennan Loynd - Still missing and thinking about you every day. | Morgan Manser - I love you so much Wolf! We're so lucky to have all of those amazing, twisted, inappropriate, fun, and insane memories. | Brandon Balk - Miss you bro. I hope you had a great Christmas and don't worry, I'm Takin great care of jack frost for ya buddy | Morgan McFeely - Vinny has these four car toys that stack together. He absolutely loves them. He likes them to drive over him and he likes to push them around and say "pbth". Because cars make that sound apparently. | Art Becker - Merry Christmas son, we all miss you.

71: Morgan Manser - All I can do is think about you. Every day, every second. Every story I try to tell somehow leads back to you. Tonight, the whole conversation was about you. Even when we changed the topic, it somehow went back to 'this one time beck' or 'beck and I...' It's insane how much I miss you. Please know that not one moment goes by that I don't think about you. I love you, I miss you, and I still need you. | Morgan Manser - I need you so bad right now. I'm wearing the necklace your dad gave me with some of your ashes in it. I miss you and love you MORE than words can describe. | Emily Frey Happy New Year beck. Hard to believe that the last time I saw you was exactly a year ago last night :/ miss you. I know you and my uncle are up there partying hard for the new year :) | Adam Boemeke - Merry Christmas bro, missed ya every second ... today makes 3 months but it feels like a life time. Things aren't the same without u here being a part of our lives... love ya bro, you'll forever carry on in our hearts n memories.

72: Renata Courte - I met your dad yesterday..we sat and talked for about an hour..all he could do is smile when we went through this book online, I could tell how proud of you he was and how much he misses you, as does everyone that knew your loving smile :) Merry Christmas Becker! | Patricia Loynd - We held a get together in your honor, to give your dad and your friends a chance to be together this first Christmas without you. We miss you every day. Holidays will never be the same without you. I love you. Merry Christmas Beck. | Morgan Manser I can't believe this year has begun with out you here. Not one day goes by that I don't think of our memories and miss you so much. I love you Beck! Watch over us as this new year kicks into gear.

73: Sarah Bundy Loynd - For the last three nights my dreams were of you, I miss you so much. It seems every night your my last thought and my first each morning. Merry Christmas Beck. | Albert Wolf - Not a single day goes by without me stopping to take a few seconds to look down at my hand and see a piece of you stuck on my finger. Usually a bunch of moments throughout my day where somehow someway something makes me think of you. Probably because you run so deep through my childhood roots. I could name a million memories that you and me and Kip, Bren, Morgan, Nick, AJ, and Gan shared. I still get upset all the time when I think of you and we all miss you dearly but that just goes to show how many you have deeply touched. Nothing is the same anymore, hanging out with my friends, getting drunk, or even driving down the road I live on. One thing that is and always will be the same is my love for a real, true brother in a life where my "real" family fucked me for the most part. Thanks for always being there bro. I know you still are too ;) | Vinnie with a picture of his Daddy. | YOUR SON WILL KNOW WHAT KIND OF MAN YOU WERE - THAT WE PROMISE

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