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Albert's Memory Timeline

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Albert's Memory Timeline - Page Text Content

S: Albert Ignacio's Memory Timeline

BC: Laugh... Love... Livestrong...

FC: This is your life... | This is your timeline...

1: This is dedicated to you and your memories, so you can look back on them and smile, knowing that these people see you and smile just the same, remembering the good times they spent with you, hear in the timeline you've always looked for... Merry Christmas bro, may this brighten it all...

2: Dear Albert, I can't believe that I've only known you for two years because it seems like it has been so much longer than that. From the very beginning I was able to open up to you and tell you almost anything. I've created so many memories with you already in real life and in our special house with Haru and Totes. On top of that we've stolen so much sleep from each other talking for hours on end into the late night. It still amazes me that we somehow managed to stick together as best friends after all this time, regardless of all the problems we had to suffer through. After reflecting back on our friendship that slowly grew from just friends to something so much more than just that, one memory comes to mind first and pulls slightly ahead of the rest. The night that you held me in your arms for the first time is the memory that means the most to me. As we sat there in front of my house huddled together, for the first time in a long time I felt safe and protected, but most of all I felt blessed to be able to experience what was happening. I knew I meant a lot to you before that night, but your actions amplified the meaning of your words and I felt like I was figuring out for the first time how comfortable you were around me.

3: After you left that night, that warm, fuzzy feeling that you always had a knack for giving me stayed with me until I fell asleep in my bed. Even though this one memory sticks out to me doesn't mean that I don't cherish all the other experiences that I have shared with you. The reason I cherish all of our memories is because with every new memory we shared together I fell in love with you just a little bit more. Like you told me a couple of nights ago, I want to make more memories with you and just be happy with you.

4: Babe, I don't ever want to lose you either and have to give up my chances with you. You mean too much to me to just give up on you. So with that, I want to wish you a very merry Christmas my most favorite boy in the whole world. The boy who I miss whenever you're away from me. The boy who constantly runs through my mind at all times of the day. Don't ever forget that you have my heart in your hands. I love you Albert Jao Ignacio, and I hope that you get everything you desire this year! Love, Kriselda Bonifacio P.S. I know I've told you this before, but thank you for making Christmas time one of my most favorite times of the year babe!

5: It's always nice to look back on those tiny bursts of inspiration and how much they weren't so "tiny" after all...

6: It's those moments that last endlessly throughout time itself

7: It's those memories with family that burns brightly in our hearts, keeping us warm and safe...

8: Brobert, There are too many memories to mention that I'm having a very hard time trying to pick one that's the most memorable or one that's even my favorite. Just thinking about it, we've gone through so much together and helped each other grow in so many ways, that picking one memory seems a bit unfair, though that's what I asked of everyone, so I might as well follow directions, haha... nah, I can't. Every memory I've had with you, I cherish, through the good and the bad. Just looking at all these pictures, I find myself smiling and laughing like the day I gave you your cell phone, and how surprised you were, or even all those trips we went on with all our friends and loved ones. All the talks we've had together and all the things we've shared, our words, our thoughts and our ideas, theyv'e all lead up to the point of being memories that will never be forgotten or memories that will never fade away. You've been a big impact in my life, for the first time, you have been the little brother that I've always wanted, and an inspiration in so much more... it's funny how we just stumbled into each other's lives and now we both play a big part in each other's lives, or at least I'd like to think so, and as much as I'd like to say I see a lot of me and you... it's easily said that I see a lot of you in me, and I'm glad to have that part in my life, not everyday that someone can influence me. I've gotten to see you grow from this timid kid to someone who smiles and goofs around in his pictures and with his friends, the evidence is all here. I can't tell you how much a blessing it's all been, to have such a good friend and a good brother. I remember the time when I brought you to the back area of Discovery Kingdom to meet AJ Rafael, and the look on your face was so priceless! Hahaha... now that was an interesting day!

9: That was kind of the same reaction when we went to meet Gabe, well when I was introducing you to him since I already knew him... you had that look that said, "I can't believe this is happening!" it was so funny, haha... we've gotten to do a lot of crazy things together, even that one night we all went out to get sushi, just me, you, Kriselda, and Jammie, and we had so much craziness happening, it was just hilarious... all the tassles and all the sushi. Man we've had a lot of great times together, haven't we? And even then, we've still be there for each other, and we still continue to be there for each other. Those nights when I needed a friend and someone to talk to, you were there for me, and those times when you needed advice and help, though not often, I did everything I could to be there for you. This relationship has always been a two-way street and we've done much for each other, that I can't ask for much more than what you've already given me. It's been a lot, believe me! Hahaha... still, all these awesome memories, and all these awesome times, there are so much more but there are TOO MUCH to mention, you know? So this is my prayer, I pray that we continue to make all these memories and experience all these things together, growing and helping each other grow as good people, good friends and as good brothers. Finally, I pray that our journey together, though it will be full of bad times, as well as good times, will move forward in a bold and beautiful way, blessed by God above. I'm thankful for it all, so thank you for everything bro... I love you very much, and I always will be here, no matter what. Your Big Brother, Brorik

10: Hey Albuuut! :] Remember the time I threw you and Kriselda a surprise party? Remember you had NO IDEA it was for you too? I remember the look on your face. Both of you guys’s face actually. I was really happy that day. That was my favorite moment! :] I hope you really enjoyed that moment too, because I did. Seeing both your faces surprised and seeing you guys have fun, I really love that. :] We were able to assemble friends and we all spent the day watching 1000 ways to die. Also, I was getting in my gauges! I remember squeezing Kriselda’s hands. Part of the reason why I can’t seem to separate from my gauges is because it was put on the day we were all laughing all day with no problems :] I love you Albert! :D Joanna

11: Good Times... Good Times... Indeed... Good Memories Made...

12: Patrick! I miss you! Let’s go back to middle school. Those times were fun :) You know what I miss? 5th period Science class in 8th grade. The best class that year! :D With the best teacher and the best group ever! Even though it was just you and me. haha. I still remember how Mr. Russell grouped us. You and me were standing at the corner of the room, not really talking to each other but standing by each other. Mr Russell told you that you were table 3. He called out my name saying I sat across from you at table 3. We hecka just stared at each other. haha. | There were other people at our group haha. Like Alecia, Dessire, Victor, Tiffany..( “Hey Tiffanaaaay”..remember that?) but man, whatever happened to those people? Hahah. I felt like that seating arrangement was how we actually started getting close. Like it started this whole friendship. I remember I’d talk a lot in that class with you. Haha. I kinda kept you from doing your work. Soweee! haha. We also passed notes during a testi actually still have it. We were such good eggs in that classthough :D Man, In middle school, you’d always be on myspace like twenty foh seven. haha. asdf;hjkl-patrick?!

13: oh and aim. Remember our conversations? heheh. they were so random! “Humbawha Humbawha Humbawaha” chant.. from one republic! xD Remember when I’d say bye to you, but I was on invisible so you never knew if i really left and then 20 minutes later i’d IM you again? haha. And when i’d IM you on my sister’s account,you couldn’t tell if it was her or me ^-^ things like "yessuh!" and coo huip :D . In middle school, you were known as a tree hugger and gay......hahah. that sounds funny now. "the squishy fiah had dinn dinn and it yelped bloop." haha! Your favorite words all in one convenient sentence! Oh and gaiaonline..darn chocobot! haha. =) Remember when you entered yourself into the arenas, me and jess were advertising you and we named a barton, " Vote R_Seigaku8" Then you changed yourself into a girl! haha. and people were asking "Why would I vote for him? He's a girl." haha. Ooh the exploritorium! that was fun, wasnt it? haha. Band competitions were quite fun too. Those rocks at encincal were deadly though. haha. On your 13th birthday: that simpson's card! haha. we had people sign it. I remember one of the signatures saying " you're the guy that's bringing sexy back!" haha. For your 14th birthday: The Birthday poster! =) I didn't give it to you til 5th period so you wouldn't have expected it, i still remember the look on your face and it was priceless. haha. We had 3rd period together. Mandalas. I think that's what they were called. A book project on a circle wheel. You did Harry Potter! Oh and memorizing a song, you did baby it's fact and i did endlessly. Kimberly Regacho did everything by michael buble and when you heard it, you were all excited. haha. Times when I called you Patrick, and people would ask " Your name is Patrick?" Or "Who's Patrick?" haha. That one time where I sad "Hi Patrick!" during drumline practice, arnell was so confused on who was Patrick. haha. I told you how I named you Patrick right? Well if you forgot, here's how it goes..We were talking online on gaia summer of 2007. At the time, I was watching Spongebob. It's the scene where Spongebob and Patrick were walking to the Krusty Krab, I kept on laughing at Patrick Star because he was being so weird. Since I was talking to you on gaia, I kept on calling Patrick Star your name, then I started calling you Patrick. Thus Patrick was born! haha. Oh remember our secret santa in 8th grade and our bottle rockets for science? that was fun ^-^ the time where mr. russell threw a fake brick at mr. kelly! haha. and the time where you got extra credit in kestler's for flying yout plane all the way at the corner, and you didn't even need it. haha. Typing all this up makes me realize how much time has gone by since middle school- we made so many memories together! Can we make more memories together? I hope this reminds you of all the good times we've had together in middle school. I couldn't type all of our memories together, but I hope the rest of it is in your heart. haha. Miss ya so much patrick! <3 Love ya :))

14: Dearest Albert Jao Ignacio, Hey there love! =) My brother. My best friend. One of the few people I can ALWAYS count on for advice, for smiles, for laughter, and just for everything else! Well, your friend Erik(who is now my friend too!) asked ME this wonderful favor to write a memory or something that involves you! I just want to say thank you. I know, I know, I say this to you A LOT, but I just want you to always know that I am so blessed and thankful for such a wonderful best friend like you. You ARE my brother from another mother! =) I just love the way I start smiling whenever I see your face, or when you’re around. Especially all those LOL moments we had. “Manly man!!” Tehehe! “Sweaty hands!!” Remember when you didn’t have a cell phone, and we’d ALWAYS talk on aim! Shoot, we’d stay online for hours just IM-ing each other. You’d always be there when I needed someone to SEND ME SONGS! >.< LOL! You were ALWAYS someone I just LOVE talking to! =) You’ve been nothing but the BEST since 6th grade! Zamn, remember when you used to like me!? Omg! xP I’m glad that after that, things between us weren’t awkward! Cause even though I “broke your heart” you still love me! (right!?) Hmmp, I remember when I used to be SO shocked every time you’d cuss online! D: Now it’s whatever. You’s a dirty boy I mean man with a dirty mouth! >:P Jk jk. Actually, you’re the 1st person who’d I ever cussed at. Not intentionally, but, yeah, you know what I mean. Remember all the aim conversations you and I saved??? Well, mostly you! >.< I wonder if you still have them? I have a few somewhere on my computer! Ahh! I remember when I used to SO jealous of how fast you typed. YOU were my inspiration for “learning” how to type super fast! =) YOU still are my inspiration to play the piano! =) Sucks that I can NEVER be as great as you! =) Bleh. Did I mention that I love your height???? HAHA! Well yes, I do. It’s beautiful!! I love tall guys! Man Albert, honestly, I feel like you are the one person who I can spill my heart too and actually cares a lot. I don’t mean to say my other friends don’t care, but you have that Albert-ness that I just adore so much. Especially the way you always know exactly what to say to keep my head up and such! Imagine if we never met or if we went to different schools right now, I’d probably be a whole different person. I’d probably so broken and so yucks. Remember when you’d TRY to teach me a few songs on the piano?! Faiiil. Well not really, you taught me SOME songs, but I, uh, forgot! Aye, remember my little promise? Wellll, remember I promised you I’d buy you a pair of Vans?! Well, I still remember and I will do that shiz. HAHAHA! I just remembered how I said you were rich since your cute bros had J’s and whatnot! Tehehe! OMG. The main point is, I LOVE YOU ALBERT. With all of my heart! No matter what. Throughout any weather, however, whenever, you will always be my brother/best friend! And NO ONE, NOTHING, will break us apart! <3333 Love always, Rachel Anne Cantor

15: Meeting AJ Rafael at the Filipino Festival | Meeting Gabe Bondoc at the Hataw Pinoy | It's amazing the people we meet in our lifetimes, and the memories we make with them together... inspiring and life-changing... never fading from our lives... | DESTINED BAND GEEK

18: I don’t recall how troubling it was but we did our best that freshman year, and we still had the habit to do “good,” and all I hope for is that we can continue to do good if not better in the rest of the years that follow us. It was just you, me, Alfredo, and Sam, and we managed to have one of the best final projects for that class. Then the year after that, in Duncan’s class, we managed to pull off another game and with a new team consisting you, Justing, and me. “Ace Detective 2: Mystery of the Matrices;” it was probably one of the most fun projects we ever worked on. We had so much trouble trying to record the lines, but we somehow made it an epic game that hopefully the 4th period of Ms. Duncan’s class can remember it! I hope that you will continue to be one of my best friends, and hopefully if we could, make and even more epic “Ace Detective 3“ in Lambert’s class, if she let’s us. And during the time of our Spring Break in our Sophomore year, we attempted to make an online comic that never came to see the daylight. “Pokemon New Beginnings,” it was our failed attempt to making ourselves to having a Pokemon journey of our own. It was still a great learning experience and the Pokemon fad was still in, we made awesome character designs and a story the was actually okay for a Pokemon story, but our break ended and we never saw the project again. Maybe someday we can make a project really big, maybe AD3? I’m glad that I was able to meet you and become good friends with you. If I hadn’t become friends with you I don’t know how my life would have turned out, and that’s why you will always be the magician within my friends, striving to become better at what you do. But until then, I hope that you have a great Christmas, and keep trying to look forward into the future, and probably reminisce in the past. And where I lack in confidence you burst with it, I may run, but you stay and face the challenge. And I want to say “Thank you!” for being there. - Charles | Albert, the first time I’ve met you was in the fourth grade. We didn’t really get much in contact since we didn’t have the same classes back in elementary, but I’ve grown to know you more. I don’t have much words to say and memories isn’t really my style, so I would like to keep this short and sweet. The first time we made a game with each other. “Ace Detective: Geometrical Murder,” I know it wasn’t just us two that worked on it, but it was a team effort that the original Team Febreeze came up with to salvage our grade.

19: Dear Albert, First things first, thanks for always having my back regardless on how stupid i act. Albert i know that sometimes i may act out like some sort of kid but its so that i could make people laugh and smile !!!But anyways this is not that type of note this is supposes to be a happy note so smile gash-darnit 8) smile Soooooooooo for me the most memmerabole moment that i have had with you SO FAR (notice i put SO FAR) is the time that mhmmmm actually this is harder than i thought because you know me and you haha we be having some cawwazzy adventures. Mhm let me think O.o i have one !! Okay so this memory is actually more than one but whatever it works. Well my memories with you that i will never forget is sitting together on the bus anytime we have a chance to ie. competitions field trips and made be even gradnite Senior year whoop whoop !! Well this is my memory because i know that were not the type of friends that sleep over each others houses but we have that type of unspoken bond that tops any sleepover in the world. This bond that we share in my opinon draws us together as best friends. Haha think about we kinda just fell into being BBFs haha see what did i tell you. But yea i chose this memory because these bus rides with you take me place to where me and you can just have fun and relax. Think about it when its me and you on these bus rides it seems like were in a fricken club house. We have played ds, listened to music, made music, watched movies, eat, sleep, and idk alot !! Man Albert so i guess this is it for me i am gunna end it here and say Merry Christmas Albert i hope that our memories that we have shared on the bus mean as much as they mean to me. Albert Maraming salamat por deezzz memories and may more come in da future !!! ;) -Your Friend/Brother Justin Calonia

21: Progression... Hard Work... Talent... Music = Life

22: The happiest place on Earth isn't just a place in California... it's also with the people... the family... that you share it with... It's nice to dream about it, then live it and turn it into a memory worth keeping...

23: We love being silly and a little goofy

24: I feel like we have been doing our own thing and we barely get to talk. but i really would like our friendship to grow more. I want to be like best buds with you because youre such an amazing person and i dont want to miss out on you because God put you in my life and id like towork with the blessings hes given me. youre a blessing because youre my friend and i know you got my back like a chiropract =] honestly, youre one of the very few peiople im hoping to be friends with for the rest of my life. youre unique and not like other inconsiderate, ignorant people. you care for your loved ones and put them before yourself. Thats what i admire most about you. but put yourself befoe everyone else once in a while because you need it. youre a great person, albert. and i love you oh so very much. lets get closer, yeah? and i wont fail as a friend. promise. lets make new memories. =] - Fatima | my dearest albert. how long have we known each other? lets see... 3rd grade, 4th... ahhh. About 8 years? sounds like its been a long time, but its gone by so quickly. now here were, juniors in high school. i remember when i found out you liked me for the very first time. I was on the fireman poles, you know, the silver ones at dan mini? and i think it was jessica wong who told me and i saw you playing at the bottom and i was blushing haha. we got close somewhere in middle school, i believe it was either 7th or 8th. we'd have conversations about our past, saying how much we missed those memories. As much as i miss them, id like to make new ones with you. as my close friend.

25: What a fun way... | to celebrate a birthday!

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