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Anya and Candice

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FC: How | Far | We've | Come

1: To my soul sister Anya. It may sound corny, but you have been a true friend these last six years. I will miss you desperately while you’re at MSU, and I’m at Oakland. I find comfort in knowing that, although we will be miles away, our bond will keep us no farther than a phone call away. I hope that college treats us and our friendship well. I can’t wait to have the same chance to reflect four years from now! I love you Anya, not like a sister but as a sister. Candice

2: Dear Anya, Time to get serious. When I started seventh grade, I was convinced it would be no better than the previous year, but I was proven, irrefutably, wrong (I know, amazing that I’m actually admitting it in writing no less). The reason being I actually made legitimate friends, mainly you, Hayley, and Kelly. Sure I kind of dislodged Jenny in the process, but hey I finally had a place to belong. Meeting uber-hyper Hayley in gym was a stroke of pure serendipity. You guys accepted me with no fuss, even though I wasn’t sure how to have real friends. I remember being pumped for my very first birthday sleepover at Hayley’s. The next day I was shocked to realize her dad actually expected me to eat three eggs, a mountain of potatoes, and a ton of rubbery bacon after having consumed a loaf of toasted bread, but we all grinned at each other, and the breakfasts just became another way that I was in on the joke. It was amazing not to have to stress about where to sit for lunch because in Middle School that is most important. Eating lunch every day constitutes some of my fondest memories even with the disturbing talk of the boots with the needles. Someone would buy a Honey Bun and then we would share it. (A firm piece of proof of true friendship because those things were delicious). Anyway, you guys would mock me-repeatedly-because it was rare for me to leave the table without crumbs in my hair. I couldn’t help it if I needed to dramatically drop my head to the table every day, but I probably should have been better at wiping off the table first. | Eighth grade was pure magic! That is when our friendship was truly cemented. As I’m wont to say, “Eighth grade has all the benefits of senior year without all the pressure and drawbacks!” I can’t think of a year I had a better time in school and that was probably due largely in part to our friendship. Now we both remember Mrs. Gosling fondly and for good reason. Her American History class was such a hoot that it rarely felt like work. I think that was mostly because we sat next to each other. We forged a peculiar friendship made mostly of opposite, yet interlocking personality traits. Not to brag on us, but our Adams and Jefferson play was inspired. We performed it without a flaw, and I only wish we had it on video. Oh well Closely related was our dedication to NJHS, which gave us another reason to love Mrs. Gosling. I now neither of us were officers, but I felt like we were the ones actually running it: from selling suckers to spending a cagillion hours making that memory book we spent a lot of time together. I remember a couple late nights in the computer lab working on that book, writing stories or fixing junky ones. When the product was finished, we deservedly got our names in the front. The sucker selling was much less of a chore seeing as we got to leave class for a bit. I personally liked the rabbit suckers. The only downside of the whole affair was the money counting; my fingers have never been so black. Then there was the Auction. For once being such a teacher’s pet was purely beneficial to the point of lots of Auction dollars. None of us really got anything all that great, but we were happy with office supplies and movie buckets. I even have the binder still.

3: Middle | Happy | Halloween | NJHS | Finally, one of the best times of my life happened at the very end of eighth grade: Cedar Point. We spent the whole bus ride playing Egyptian Rat Screw, which you taught me, and I soon dominated at! I think back then it really was beginner’s luck. Either way when we finally got to Cedar Point, I learned an important lesson: I HATE roller coasters. We all rode the Blue Steak, aka the smallest one, and I sobbed right after. Despite that fact that you actually like roller coasters, you spent the day with me in Snoopy Land. This was definitely one of the best times I’ve had, and I know it’s because we spent it together. | School | Of course these are all events that fair-weather friends could handle, but I’m hardly a cloudless summer day. I would regularly break down about the slightest disruption in my grades. To compare my perfectionism then to my perfectionism now is to compare an ocean to a puddle, but you put up with it. You guys were so great even through my constant complaining (usually about my grades) had to be wearing. You bore the brunt of my incessant whining and nerves, but that didn’t scare you off. So thanks for putting up with me and providing me with a place I belonged.

4: Freshman Year | Freshman year now that was so different from middle school. We were so young and lost in the big school, but being friends with each other made it bearable. First and foremost was MST. Even though we didn’t actually have these classes with each other, it felt like we did because of the long break time. This was also where the notes originated from. These soon evolved into locker notes and have become a part of our friendship. The first day | they lulled us into a false sense of security by playing games, and then the real work commenced; the idea of Mr. Tobey’s tests still give me hives. | We were also in a big rush to gather the 40 hours of required community service, so we tutored middle schoolers. We would have a blast | walking to MSN (even when the temps were around 15 degrees). When we finally arrived, half frozen the real work would begin; you would have to chase your student around the library, while I tried to get through to my stubborn one. | Tennis that year was such a blast. We would sit on the sidelines (since we rarely played) and braid hair or do homework. Sometimes we would chip in and get a $5 Hot n’ Ready, while other times we would trade snacks. For us, tennis was an excuse to socialize after school every day. | 1 | 2

5: The Housewife and the Pirate... Sounds like a cony novel! | Happy Halloween!

6: Everybody DANCE Now... (well almost everybody) | As you can see, I have always been a class act....

7: If I never see another Danielle Steel book again, it will be too soon! | CMPL Used Book Sale | With A rebel yell!

8: You're Invited | Happy 15th Birthday Anya! | I'm in the center... Again.

9: “Let us dance in the sun, wearing wild flowers in our hair” - Susan Polis Schutz | Not strictly tennis, but definitely after practice. | TENNIS | "Way to be!" ~Coach Jones Us, "What does that even mean?"

10: Sophomore....... ................Year | Movie Night | Sophomore year contained some of our best times and some of our worst. | For the best, there was PEPP. We got involved with PEPP because we needed community service and an extracurricular for NHS, but it turned into an amazing time. The social worker, Jamie, was absolutely hilarious and made PEPP the place we wanted to be. Yes it was horrific looking at different STDs, but it was more than made up for in sheer | fun later on. Dialogue Day with Jessica and Theresa was such a hoot, but to be fair we always had fun at Dialogue Day. | This was also the year when Hayley took the hardest hit with the death of her father. Although this was truly tragic, it showed me something golden: the strength of our friendship. We all banded together to offer support, which I like to think made things a little less difficult. Experiencing this made me more aware of the amazing bond we share and the fact that you will always be there should I need you.

11: Your wings are barely visible. | Happy

12: P.E.P.P. | Dialogue Day | We never had that juice party or got a bounce house, but at least we had a small party.

13: Last Day of | School | Sleep over | Red Rover, Red Rover... Candice knocked Anissa Over :)

14: Mac & Ray Fireworks on the Boat. | Happy Fourth of July!

15: Happy Belated Birthday to Me! | Strike a Pose! | Will you marry me?

16: Junior Year | Junior year, we had to put up with tons of crap in Physics (Crazy Zaitz), but we made it through. Our catapult wasn’t overly effective, but it was rather gorgeous. The Annabel Lee on the other hand was both functional and aesthetically pleasing. We even won our first heat and went onto a second. Even in the second heat it wasn’t the boat that gave out, but the crappy paddler *Stephanie cough cough* Cedar Point was a joke and Veronica really was a Robo-biotch, but we scraped by with a B so who cares. We also got really involved with Know Resolved and you even won two tickets to Warped Tour with your amazing poetry! Warped Tour was like a giant musical carnival. Every time we were actually in a crowd, we would pray for a cloud to cover the sun. Every time a cloud did float across the sun, we would experience extreme relief. We did spend a lot of time sitting in Comerica park, but hey we never claimed to have that kind of stamina. And I did get kicked in the head during Never Shout Never, but it was all so worth it because we had such an amazing day. Now MIPA that was quite different. Rooming with you was perfect since we rarely go to see each other (except lunch) during the day. You offered valuable advice on my homework while I let Lindsey (your class friend ) in the fold of our friendship. We had the most amazing last night staying up late watching Dil Bole Hadippa! It was really hard not to salivate over Shahid Kapoor, but we didn’teven try to restrain our risqué commentary. That movie night was so amazing and only rivaled by the edge of the seat OSO watching and the ecstatic BAH viewing. Junior year was a trial and these two events were like the reward!

17: Jhoom | Barabar | Jhoom | “There are shortcuts to happiness, and dancing is one of them.” - Vicki Baum

18: Boat | Regatta!

19: Supercool Superpose! | NHS/ Know Resolve Walk

20: Warped | Never Shout Never | Not everyone thinks "Love is the Weapon..." | Religion found us in the least likely place. | Tour

21: MIPA at MSU | LindseyS. | Home Sweet Home | Ice Cream! | Day One | Bye MIPA | Lunchtime | (Or 5 Days of .Actual Work) | Jimmy Johns! | Dil Bole Hadippa!

22: Senior Year | Senior was far from thrilling at times. There was so much stress about college etc that we were rarely able to hang out. When we would hang out it was like releasing a pent up breathe: pure relief! You helped me detox and distress, which is invaluable to a perfectionist like me. | Many memorable events were related to NHS like the Trunk or Treat (where we ate at least a bag of candy between us), the Glen Peter’s conference night (where we painted our hands and made thanksgiving themed stick puppets because there were no kids), and the Dinner with Disney (where we had a dream come true by dressing as Disney characters-You as Jasmine might be cliché, but it was still perfect.

23: Trunk or Treat! | "Candice, what are you?" "I was a butterfly... Wait I look just like Fred Flinstone's conscience!"

24: Glen Peter's

25: Powderpuff Game | I'm in the middle again!

26: Happy 18th Birthday Kelly! | Happy 17th Birthday Anya! | I have frosting on my face :( | It's odd that I'm feeding you the cake, seeing as I didn't make it.... Very strange.

27: Dinner with Disney

28: Last Day(s) of School and Yearbook Signing | Oh Kozilla.. "I'll.... you out the Door!"

29: Senior BBQ | My big win! I am officially an Einstein!

30: Prom: | A Black Tie Affair

31: Honor's Night and Graduation

32: OSA Picnic | Melissa's Grad Party! | Learning to play Rummy | RWGM!

33: It's the | Circle of | Life... | from the | Detroit | Zoo.

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