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Beam's 30th Birthday Book!

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BC: Made with Love from your Family & Friends

FC: Happy 30th Birthday | Beam

1: Beam, Happy 30th Birthday. You are truly the most beautiful, loving, caring and committed woman we know. We are so blessed to have you in our lives and hope your 30th is a day you will remember forever. We love you more than you know. HAPPY 30th BEAM!!! Lots of love from your Family & Friends

2: Baby Beam

3: August 20, 1980

10: Dan & Beam

12: B

13: D | OurMoment

15: For the last 3.5 years, you have been my true love and also my best friend. You have allowed me to be the man I am today and I love you unconditionally for that.. This ring symbolizes my love, my respect, and my commitment to everything we do for the rest of our lives. Today, you are making me the happiest man in the world! I love you!

17: Honeymoon

18: Khun Mae

20: Brooke & Will | This is such a proud moment for me, Beam, your graduation, and it was only the beginning of many proud moments to come! You blow my mind everyday with your love and strength and beauty! I am incredibly proud to be your sister and look forward to sharing our lives together! Happy 30th, nong! I love you with all my heart. Jaaaaaiiiiieee (P'Book)

21: This was my favorite moment in Thailand. Loved hanging out with you guys and sharing your joy after a wonderful day. All my love, Will

22: My little sister, Beam. You have been such an inspiration to me! You have conquered so much in your life making you the amazing person you are today. You are a beautiful, bright, powerful woman! I am so proud to be your sister and true friend. You amaze me in so many ways! It is undeniably evident how amazing you are! Happy 30th Birthday Sister! Continue succeeding and enjoy your new life chapter! I Love You Infinity! Thanks you, sister, for making my life more precious! Sistas Fo' Life! (Infinity Sign), Bic | Bic

23: Anthony | I love u and happy 30th bday! You are the funnest aunt ever! Thanx for being there for me...I LOVE U!!!!! Anthony

24: To Beam, Happy Birthday Cuz!!!! I can't believe you're already 30! It seems like it was just yesterday when we were growing up together at my house and having fun moments like sneaking your car out and then it randomly stalls near the park, you dressing me up like a gangster, your deadly silent farts in our blanket and then you randomly waving your legs up and down to air it out, donkey kong and 007 games, getting pepsi, and there were so much more! Just wanted to let you know that you were always more than a cousin to me, you were more like a sister I never had. You were a big part of my childhood and I'm grateful that you're always there for me, hope you know it goes both ways. Watching you go from your "gangstaa" days to now was fun. You were always someone I looked up to and I'm very grateful for having you in my life. Last year, for you and Dan's wedding, it was twice as special! Because not only did we get to see you get married to Dan the Man but it was the very first time that our whole family was together in Thailand! Which makes it twice as special! Talk about a double whammy! Because of you and Dan, I feel closer to my cousins that I don't usually ever talk to. You brought our family a little closer than before. Thank you so much for that! Anyway, happy 30th birthday once again!! Love you a lot cuz! The Awesome, Diane PS: hope B.B doesn't get too jealous when you start having kids...hahaha! | Diane

25: Jay | HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAM!!! I don't know you're last name, but that's okay because I know your first name! Yeaaaaaa! I know I don't know you much but from the few days I know you I can tell that you are more than awesome. :D < Thas a happy face. Remember when me and my friend made that cool wedding song for you? Mmhmmm that's right. If you need anymore wedding songs hit me up. :] I think you are 30 years old? CONGRATS! Midlife crysis yayyy. jk. anyway Happy Birthday!!!! From Jay Hongvarivatana! Dianes coolest fake cousin!

26: P'Bic & Yam, Bank

28: Happy Birthday and many happy returns of the day and I hope all your birthday dreams and wishes come true. From P'Bomb, P'Yean and Pony | Family

30: Mom & Dad | Hi Beam We are wishing you to have a Big 30th BIRTHDAY with lots of Happiness with your honey bun & a bright future of big success with your up coming Business. We Love U Sweetheart, Daddy Joe & Mommy Rose Thamawatanakul

31: Happy 30th to the best sister-in-law a brother can have! Thank you for making my brother the person he is today. Thank you for being the other "monkey" in the family. Two monkeys are better than one, they can cause more mischief together! Love you! - Tera | Tera

32: Happy B/D baby Beam... Just want to let u know that we love u!! Na-Sai. Happy Birthday P’Beam, I hope you and P’Danny are going to have a good time together. Well I guess that this is all I can think of for now. Best of wishes, your cousin Wesley =D P.S. if you don't know what that is above tilt your head left.

33: Happy Birthday Beam! This picture always reminds us of the great memories we share. And it has told us that we are lucky to have a very nice sister like you. Especially on your birthday, it always makes us say thank god for giving us this special girl...hooray! Love you always, PO, P’Oum, and P’Poh. and all our family

34: Tawny & Frank | Happy 30th! It's been a so lovely knowing you for half of my life! We got half a century more! Love you! Tawny

35: Happy Birthday Beam Welcome to your 30's, it's going to be a beautiful time for you and Dan. May today and always be filled with love and happiness, and may our friendship keep growing with us. Thank you for being who you are and for being my best friend since the 3rd grade. Wishing you the best. Love you always, Elizabeth & Gabriel Arias | Elizabeth & Gabriel

36: Brian & Annabelle

37: Beam, You are truly a blessing in my life. I am so thankful for our friendship. You're an amazing woman with a big heart. I love you with all my heart and I look forward to many more wonderful birthdays and memories with you. You are my friend for all time.! I love you friend! Love, Annabelle | Beam, You have changed my life and those around you. By you being your beautiful and powerful self, you have changed the world. You give so much and your love is contagious. Thank you for being you. I love you so much EMO! Brian

38: Beam, We met in our teens and reunited in our 20s. I look forward to continuing our friendship in our 30s and all the decades to follow. Our talks have definitely evolved over the years! Dee & Greg | Dee & Greg

39: To a wonderful friend, God gave a gift to the world when you were born— a person who loves, who cares, who sees a persons need and fills it, who encourages and lifts people up, who spends energy on others rather than herself, someone who touches each life she enters, and makes a difference in the world, because ripples of kindness flow outward as each person you have touched, touches others. May the love you have shown to others return to you, multiplied. We love you very much and wishing you a happy birthday and many, many more. Love Eva & Jorge | Eva & Jorge

40: Happy Birthday Beam! I'm so glad that we ran into each other at Tai Lee Market all those years back. May your upcoming travels be filled with a dazzling sense of wonderment and adventure - and your future be marked by endless love and laughter... Wishing you all the best buddy, John La | I've never been good at writing these types of messages so I'm going to take the easy way out. Happy 30th Birthday Beam!! Let's run soon! Nate | John | Nathan

41: VITO | Happy Birthday, Beam!! I hope and expect that you will have the best day ever! May the best come your way, always. Love, Vito Pallavacini

42: Happy Birthday Beam! It’s all downhill after 30. But when you’re going downhill, that’s when you can really fly!! Welcome to the old geezer's club!! Andrew and Connie | Andrew & Connie

43: Beam, HappyBirthday! 30 is the new 40! Wish you a sweet sweet birthday Mrs T :) and hope you see you guys soon :) Enjoy,! Patrick and Mel | Beam. Happy Birthday and welcome to the 'old folks' club! It has been a pleasure getting to know you and your wonderful family over the past few years. Best wishes on your very special day and hope that the next 30 years are just as exciting and eventful. Oh wait - you're married to Danny...so maybe just eventful! Best Regards. Michael Kawada

44: Hi Beam, I wanted to wish you a very awesome birthday and say that I am thankful to be a part of yours and your husband's life. I wish you all the joy and peace. Today is the first day of the best days of your life. Willy Netramai | Happy 30th Birthday Beam! Glad you and Danny are together! Roy | Happy 30th Birthday Beam Enjoy the milestone birthday as life gets better after thirty. Tracey & Neil | Roy | Tracey & Neil | Willy

45: Hope you have a great day! Welcome to the 30's club. You're officially cool now. Jeff | Happy Birthday I would like to welcome u to the 30's club Chang | Hi Beam!!! Happy Birthday!! I hope your thirtieth year is your best yet and keep building year over year! George | George | Jeff | Chang

46: Beam, I am so happy you are a part of our group. You are a perfect fit for Dan. We love you and wish you a great 30th! Love, Tiff, Jeff, and Taylor and the Wheelers

47: Happy 30th Birthday, Beam! Welcome to your 30's-they are great! I am so glad that I have a friend like you in my life. I look forward to making many more memories with you and Dan. Enjoy this year and live it up! You deserve a great year :) Love: Janet, Mike and Kyle | Happy 30th Beam! Hope this one is the best yet! We are so happy for you and Dan! Hope you share many wonderful birthdays together! Life seems to only get better with age! Enjoy all of your days and keep smiling! Much love to you and eat lots and lots of birthday cake! Love, Kim, Bill and baby Charli | Kim & Bill | Dan, Janet & Beam


49: 88

50: My Beautiful Beam, What a blessing walking this Earth holding your hand. Seeing you growing, trusting, getting to know you and the very best version of yourself. What an honor being part of it. I am thrilled. I love you for who you are. I love you for who you are with me. I love you for who I am with you. Thank you for being a space of freedom, authenticity and LOVE. I still have my "Birthday Princess Hat"... Is so special for me, I so love it because when I see it, reminds me the beautiful relationship I have with you. Thank you for your tenderness, thank you for being beautiful. Thank you for the BEAM you are in my life. I love you, my honey bunny beautiful princess and ENROLLMENT BUDDY! We made it and here we hare, celebrating your NEW YEAR. Please receive all the good things: love, friendship, presents, hugs (4's), jobs, money, vacations, smiles, love, kisses, cake, food, connection, love, love and all the love of the world. My best wishes for you, my beautiful friend!!!! Love, Marla | Happy Birthday Beam! I appreciate you being in my life. I am so glad that your 30th birthday marks an important milestone of being fully alive, and I hope the next 30 years only continue this trend!! Much love, Eric | Dear BEam, You are beautiful, powerful and wise. Thank you for who you are, what you stand for and for just BEing you! I look forward to our friendship growing into a motherly bond and to the days when our families share in fun and laughter! May this year bring you love, joy, adventure and pleasant surprises! "It takes a long time to become young." - Pablo Picasso Happy Birthday. I love you. -Genevieve | Beam, Welcome to your 30s! It was such an honor and privilege to get to play on with you on Team and to see you transform and blossom into the amazing, passionate, powerful woman you are. Go rock this decade and I'm looking forward to the years of friendship ahead. Otto | Dearest Beam, Happy 30th birthday, dear buddy. It has been an honor and delight to know the incredibly beautiful, loving, giving woman that you are. Thank you for giving of yourself, of being a stand that does not waver. Thank you for speaking truth and shining as an example of contribution. Love you, Beamer! Love, Joy Cho | OC88

51: Dearest Beam, You shine ever so bright, you light up the room with your smile, you create peace and joy with your spirit and bring harmony into the world. It has been a pleasure getting to know you and I am so excited to see all the possibilities you are creating in your life, from your career to your connection with your incredible family, to starting a family with Dan! You are a beautiful woman inside and out, you radiate love. I feel blessed to have you in my life! Happy of happiest birthdays!!! Love you! Laura | Dear Beam, Thank you for choosing to step into your magnificence, the woman you have always been and always will be. It has been a pleasure being on this journey with you and it has been a gift to watch you transform from a beautiful little caterpillar into a magnificent butterfly. Your heart is where you strength lies, stay connected to that always, ground yourself everyday in your roots and who you truly are and there is nothing that will stop you from creating what is already yours and waiting for you to claim. Supporting you always in your love, joy, vulnerability, and power..may you create everything your heart desires! NAMASTE, Kammah | Beam - Happy 30th Birthday! Think of all that you have created in the past year alone -- transforming your family, your relationship -- you. Know that you can create this magic in every year, all of the time, by continuing to jump outside your comfort zone, risking, with passion and freedom, letting your heart lead you. Throw off the bowlines and set sail for unchartered water -- constantly. Love you Lynne | Beam, Congrats on being 30! You are in for a wonderful next phase of your life. Thank you for who you are for Dan, your sisters, Brian, Annabelle, your parents, your world. I am so proud of the difference you have made and will continue to make. You are a beam of sunshine and light! Happy Birthday! Love, Lisa K. | To Infinity & Beyond!!

52: B.B.

53: C.C. | and friends...

54: Dearest Beam, It was fate that we met, on somewhat of a blind date that went extremely well! We connected with our love to help people and discovered our spiritual ties with Wat Padhammachart. I was so happy to reunite you with Luang Por Jew! You have truly been a blessing our life. Thank you for all the wonderful memories you have given us and the positive glow you shine wherever you go. I have to admit, you and Dan are our favorite couple friend! Congratulations on your new milestone in life! Happy 30th! Love, Tanya and Johnny

55: Why turning 30 is Awesome! 1.It is a milestone birthday. 2.You get to generate at a new vision for your 30s. 3.You have stopped trying to find myself and started creating yourself. 4.You have great experiences from your past and now get to add new ones! 5.You are one year closer to expanding your family. 6.You can celebrate BIG for this birthday. 7.When you get carded it is a compliment instead of them not thinking you are not old enough. 8.Thirty is 'seasoned' and 'sexy.' 9.All the life lessons you have learned in your 20s, you can now apply to your life. 10.You don’t have to worry about being 30 because now you just are 11.If you have learn nothing else from Desperate Housewives, 40 is the new 30 and 30 is the new 20. 12.You can still get away with wearing 'young' fashions, but old enough to wear sophisticated classics 13.Fit and fabulous looks great on you. Top of your game! 14.People naturally take you more seriously when you are in your 30s. 15.You get to smile when people cannot believe you are 30. 16.You no longer have to struggle to be an adult because you have years of practice. 17.When you were younger 30 was OLD, now you know 30 is young. 18.You don’t wait for Santa to bring you a wii, you can go get your own. 19.You may be turning 30, but you will always be the youngest in your family! 20.You are one year closer to accomplish your life goals! | Tanya & Johnny

56: Happy Birthday Beam!!! You're special. Your broad and big smile make people surround you happy. Keep it up this way. This will also attract people toward you. Have fun on your birthday. Love, Vivat | PEPPERDINE ALUMNI GAME AT DODGER STADIUM | PEPPERDINE UNIVERSITY

57: Beam, On your birthday, remember the wise words of Buddha, “All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think, we become.” Buddha Blesses You Always, Luang Poa Jiew | Master Buddhayano

58: To My Wife, You are the Loving, Committed, Responsible Woman that I have been blessed to have in my lifetime. Your presence has altered my life to be in places I always imagined I would be. Your inner beauty and grace shines out like your name and is felt in me and all that come in contact with you. Your soul is so pure and genuine and reaches as far as our families in Thailand. The smile you possess touches my heart and connects inside of me. When our eyes connect your energy brings tears to my eyes. Embracing you completes my fulfillment of intimacy. I can hardly wait for us to be the committed parents we’ve known ourselves to be. Your magnificent being allows our children and our families to be open and trusting. Being with you at 30 is an honor with all we have shared and experienced. I am so proud to be celebrating your birth because you are a miracle to us all in this world! Thank you for being source, thank you for being BEAM! I LOVE YOU! Your Husband

59: Your Husband

60: Family & Friends, Write Beam a 30th BIrthday note...

62: Family & Friends, Write Beam a 30th BIrthday note...

64: Family & Friends, Write Beam a 30th BIrthday note...

66: Family & Friends, Write Beam a 30th BIrthday note...

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