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Becky Scrapbook

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S: We love you, Becky!

BC: Your journey begins... | Life is a journey, | not a destination...

FC: I Do

1: THE BRIDAL BOOK OF | Becky Jacobs May | Girlfriends with Love | FROM YOUR | Fourteenth of July Two Thousand and Twelve | . . . . . . . . . . . .

2: Table of Contents The Bride B & A Bridesmaids Girlfriends Memories

3: Here comes the Bride

4: Fifteenth of September Two Thousand and Twelve

5: Becky and Andrew

6: A | Dear Beck, I'm pretty sure that I first heard about you from Ben from the very first timeI met him. He was always talking about his cool sister. I must admit I was skeptical about this cool sister but everything he said turned out to be true! You are such an awesome person. You are smart, independent, kind, thoughtful - truly beautiful inside and out. I have loved all the memories we have built together as our relationship grew from a friendship to a sisterhood. Starting with dinners in the Bronx, to Physique classes in the city, runs in LG, surfing in Cabo, skiing in Vermont and singing “Acapulco” in Napa - we have had some really good times. Even though we are now on opposite coasts I know the memories will continue. I am so excited for you and Andrew to start your life together as a married couple! Even though I can’t take full credit for your meeting it makes me happy to think I played some part in bringing you two together. I wish you all the love, laughter and happiness in the world. You are the best friend, sister and Aunt Boo Boo I could ask for. Love you, Ali | "Truly Beautiful Inside and Out"

7: Becky, I can still remember standing in your room at your first apartment on Christopher Street when you had your “oh shit” moment about moving in with Andrew. That moment of fear and panic followed the sale of your bed. You asked if the move was crazy and admittedly I said it was. However, I reasoned that either it will work out with Andrew and you will get married or you will have to buy a new bed. I am glad you followed your heart down a block and didn’t have to buy a new bed. From L1 to Padua Terrace to NYC the past 10 years of your friendship are filled with amazing memories. Over those years you have remained a constant source of support, love, humor, compassion and guidance. I can’t believe we met 10 years ago but I also can’t wait to see where the next 10 take us. Congrats to both you and Andrew! I wish I could be there to celebrate your bachelorette party with you! All my love!!!! Alex | A | " Followed Your Heart "

8: Dear Becky, After 27 years of friendship I am overflowing with memories! Growing up would not have been the same without our matching birthday outfits, Easter egg hunts, yard sales, the list game, Maccabi Games, or buying our first razors together. Its hard to think of a time that we weren't together. I have a vivid memory of taking a vacation with my family, and not being able to wait to get home just so I could talk to you again. An obvious testament to the role you played in my life. You’ve always seemed more like a sister to me than just a friend. Given that you are 11 days my senior, I have always looked towards you for guidance. From what clothes to wear, to what college to attend, you have never failed me as a role model. I have always admired your stable, rational, and calm nature. Despite any geographical distance that has separated us, you have been one of the few consistent people in my life. I’m so happy you and Andrew found one another, and look forward to hearing about your adventures as your life together unfolds. Plus, you need to report back to me how marriage is so I know what to expect...just like you have done with other milestones in our lives. I love you like family and will always be just a phone call away. Love, Em (Shmem) | E | "Never Failed As a Role Model"

9: Dearest Beck You know you have a true friend when you start to think about your memories together and it brings tears to your eyes. I remember our elementary school recess days, our first dance classes at Fisher Middle School and long drives through downtown San Jose to your community service. When I’m old and can’t drive anymore, you owe me rides for a year. The best part about that demand is: there is no doubt in my mind we will still be friends when we are old and gray. Thank you for being the voice of reason, an inspiration in every way and the most loyal and thoughtful friend. Thank you for always being you. I love you and am so honored to be a part of your wedding. There is nothing more amazing in life than to see your loved ones genuinely happy. I love how happy Andrew makes you and am so excited for you to start this next chapter in your lives together. Xoxo, Katy | K | "An Inspiration In Every Way"

10: Becky and I have been the best of friends since stepping onto the Fisher Middle School campus. As I came from an Elementary School with a graduating class of thirty kids, entering the sixth grade on a big campus made me very nervous. But Becky took me under her wing and introduced me to all her friends and made me feel comfortable with the big transition. Since then, I knew she will always be someone I wanted on my team. Becky, even though you are a tad younger than me, I have always looked up to you as an older sister. You're the person I call on for wisdom and advice and someone I like to emulate. I love how well you're able to balance your life, yet you have always made our friendship a priority. Even when I’m discussing big life decisions with my mom and sister, they say “Kimi, what would Becky do!?”. It makes sense to me why they would say that because it's always led me to make the right decision. I am so fortunate to have you to always push me to be my best. (like running a 6min15sec mile in the 7th grade side by side with you!) I wish you nothing but the best in your future. You and Andrew are the best of friends, the most compatible couple and now the perfect life partners. You are one special person and most of all, one special friend. Beck Beck...have a wonderful ride on your new adventure. I'll be right here to hear all about it. Love, Kimi | K | "What would Becky do?"

11: Best Friends - When I think of a best friend, I think of you. Little did we know when we were running around the softball field at 10years old that we'd be where we are today and as close as we are! We have grown up together and gone through a lot in these last 17 years. I remember at LGHS when I was leaving for boarding school, you made me a collage and wrote a letter on the back saying how special our friendship was. You have no idea how much that meant to me at the time and now even more. I always looked to you as that girl who had all the friends, was the best athlete - that girl who had it all. I see now why. Becky, you are a loyal friend, you are a friend who will always be there to listen to you, cry with you, laugh with you. I love your infectious enthusiasm for life. You are always up for a good time. Whether it's a road trip to Santa Barbara from LA or an unexpected Hamptons share house weekend, you always know how to have fun. I think of you today and I see a beautiful bride-to-be who has truly found her prince charming. Andrew is a lucky guy to have you and vice versa. We have followed each other from state to state and I could not ask for a better friend to be by my side in life's ups and downs. I cannot wait for this next chapter in both of our lives back in San Francisco. I love you like crazy! Xo, Laura | L | "The girl who had it all..."

12: Beck - I have known you since second grade, and there are too many memories between us to count. Now, 20 years later, it is amazing the friendship we have and how it has progressed throughout the years. I will always remember going through Jack-In-The-Box drive through and ordering di-di-di-diet cokes, "She was smiling, but her eyes were cold", you driving my car underage during soccer practice, ruling 8th grade as the FAB 4, and of course - NEVER underestimating our friendship again;) Although that last part is a joke, I have spent some time thinking about it, and I have really never underestimated our friendship. I know that many people go their whole lives, and never find a friend with as much history, loyalty, love and FUN as we have. So, to one of my very dear friends - I could not wish you more happiness, success, or a more perfect match for you than Andrew. More than that, there is no one more deserving of all of this than you. Congratulations! -Les | L | "Never Underestimate Our Friendship"

13: Becky, When someone has been your best friend since 2, there are too many memories to recount. From the JCC to the Thundercats, from Magic to New York, and everything in between, having you there to grow up beside has made growing-up that much easier. You are truly family to me and I am so happy that you have chosen Andrew to join our “mishpucha” (I’m sure Jay and Andrew are equally happy with this development). You two are an amazing couple, complementing each other perfectly, and I am so lucky to be included in your wedding. I wish you two all the happiness in the world. Love, Lesley | L | "Truly Family"

14: Becky, It's hard to believe that we have been friends for over 14 years. You have been such an important person in my life along the way. It's difficult to even remember any memories that you aren't part of. You have been there for me for every happy and great moment but more importantly, you have been my rock during the tougher times. You are the most honest person I know and will always tell me when an outfit doesn't look good or if my hair looks better a certain way. I could not be more happy to live close to you again after all this time and to have Andrew and Pat becoming good friends. You are an amazing person and friend and I am so happy to know that you have chosen an amazing person to spend your life with. We have had so many special memories already and I know we have a lifetime to create more. Love you Beck! Love,Liz | "The Most Honest Person" | L

15: Becky, It's hard to believe that we were brought together at PItzer by the fact we both had "nice" jeans. You truly helped me find my way at school just as you did when I moved to New York. Without you, I definitely wouldn't have known all of the fun places to go out and what I was suppose to wear at what bars. However, I think one of my favorite times with you was when we protested Halloween by staying in drinking Laura's concoction of champagne and St. Germaine (no one should see those photos). Even though there were undoubtedly so many things going on that night, I always have fun with you no matter what we're doing or where we are. In fact, you had so much fun that you ended up getting into a cab with two gay guys to share a ride uptown that night! Becky, I knew that Andrew was special to you when you told me over lunch that you were "going to concentrate on one guy" (Andrew) after going back and forth between a few guys in the past several months. You and Andrew are such a great couple to hang out with - allowing me to be your third wheel on many occasions - and I'm anxiously awaiting to celebrate with you all in September! I love you! Heather | H | "Always have fun with you"

16: It’s hard for me to imagine my life before you, Beck. From softball days and Menlo/LG high school exchanges, to “skippeting” through central park, we've grown up together. Our countless mother/daughter dinners have always inspired profound questions. Our trip to the Hamptons is one that I will never forget. Though much has evolved as we’ve grown up together, one thing that hasn't changed is the great warmth, loyalty, intelligence, and generosity that you exude. You are, and always will be, a dear friend to me. Getting to know Andrew has been great. He has been such a wonderful addition to your life. I look forward to sharing many more happy memories with both of you! Love you, Leah | L | "Never Forget"

17: C | Dear Beautiful Becky, I am so grateful that we have had such a wonderful and continuing friendship for so many years. Over the past years it has been so much fun getting to spend more time with you, and even getting to know Andrew. It is so apparent that you have a special relationship and it shows how much you both love and care for each other. You and Andrew truly make a beautiful and happy couple and I really cannot be any more thrilled and excited for you for your marriage! This is such a special time in your life and make sure to cherish each and every moment. I am so happy to share in your wedding festivities with you and looking forward to toasting with you on your wedding day for a life of happiness, love and adventures! All My Love, Carla | "Friendship of Many Years"

18: Dear Becky, I hope these photos are a reminder of what a fun time we had in NYC becoming great friends, living together in the West Village, throwing crazy parties and running the Brooklyn half! You are such a thoughtful, caring, smart and beautiful woman and I am proud to call you my friend. You and Andrew are a wonderful match and I hope you continue to love and respect each other, have patience and laugh everyday! All my love! Tabatha | T | "Great Friends"

19: Dearest Becky, My how the time flies! Just yesterday it feels like we were unpacking boxes and planning our first housewarming party at Christopher St. and now you're planning your wedding! I have so many great memories of our time in the city. The girls' dinners, the overbooked big black couch (a hot commodity!), Atlantic City club-escape with you and Jen, meeting your family, and my favorite, being able to witness the development of your relationship with Andrew. I have always felt so grateful for your friendship in NY and now look forward to many more years of correspondence however many miles apart. I couldn't be more happy for you and I wish you all the joy and happiness life has to offer. Cheers to you! Love, Kara | K | " Grateful for Your Friendship "

20: Dearest Becky, Congratulations on such a marvelous occasion, and so many thanks for including me along your journey all these years! I couldn't be more proud of or excited for you as the brilliant, beautiful, thoughtful, and charismatic Sunday school student, summer camper, junior high and high school student, undergraduate and graduate scholar, world-traveler, business professional, devoted friend and girlfriend also becomes a partner and a wife! | You have done it all with so much strength and grace. I have no doubt that as your future unfolds, you will continue to inspire us all and gather us together again for so many wondrous celebrations ahead! Wishing you infinite joy and laughter and LOVE - you deserve it all! xx Jennifer | J | "Inspire Us All"

21: One of my fondest memories of Becky was when she and I reconnected in NYC for a big group brunch after not having seen each other in a long time. Becky is significantly younger than me so I had never really had the opportunity to hang out with her as adults. I was beyond pleased to see what a phenomenal woman she had become, although not at all surprised. She was incredibly welcoming and warm to my other friends and willing to make an effort to get to know everyone at the table. I'm so excited to see Andrew and Becky continue to challenge and learn from one another and to eventually build a family. Selfishly, I could not be more excited that they relocated back to the bay! Robyn | R | "A phenomenal woman"

22: Becky, From the first time I met you in Charlottesville, I knew you were going to be perfect for Andrew....I remember leaving the restaurant and telling Alex that "she is THE ONE". Then I really enjoyed getting to know you more in Sun Valley and learning more about you and your loving family. I know without a doubt you are an awesome addition to the Kaplan family. I am excited to have a "sister" and look forward to many family gatherings. Alex and I could not ask for a better aunt to our boys and know we look forward to raising our kids with future cousins (no pressure). This is only the beginning of a lifetime of fun memories for all of us.... Welcome to the Kaplan family. Much Love, Delaine Perry Kaplan | D | "THE ONE"

23: Becky, From growing up as your neighbor to attending college within walking distance of each other I have so many fond memories with you. I'll always cherish discovering we could share each others closets in high school, going on runs together, and catching up over long dinners at Pitzer and Scripps dining halls (far better than CMC's food). I look forward to creating many more memories now that we are both living in San Francisco! Given that neither one of us have a sister, I've always felt that we shared a closeness much like a sisterhood and even when we haven't seen each other in a while, we pick right back off where we started without skipping a beat. I am so incredibly excited for you and Andrew and cannot wait to celebrate your big day! Love, Annie | A | "Like A Sisterhood"

24: Dear Becky, I will always remember my first few times in the Hamptons, you were always so friendly and kind. We shared some good times but I had no idea that you'd become one of my closest friends once I actually moved to NYC! I really enjoyed our Core Fusion classes and our dinners: they were often my only night outs during the workweek. The day you told us you were moving was a very sad day for me. I was happy for your new and exciting venture but so sad that I wouldn't get to see you every week! You and Janet really helped me settle into the city and feel welcome and I will always remember and appreciate that... One of my greatest memories with you is from last summer when we sat on the beach as the guys went surfing. It was a cold and windy day but I still had a great time just hanging out with you. I loved the nights we just stayed in and cooked at the house in the Hamptons, the food we made was always great and it was fun to be in the kitchen cooking together as the boys joked around in the garden. I am so happy for you and Andrew, you guys make such a great couple and really complement each other. you're also going to have really smart, attractive and fit kids!!! Love, Ashleigh | A | "One of my closest friends in NYC"

25: Dearest Becky, That sunny day in the Hamps was fate, when we sat next to the pool gabbing and hit it off immediately. I've never felt so comfortable with someone at the outset and knew right away you would become one of my good friends. Your positive energy is contagious and I was instantly touched by your sincerity and charisma. Over the past year, we've shared many memorable experiences - Exhale followed by brunches or dinners where we talked and laughed endlessly about everything and nothing. One of my favorite memories with you was our potluck/ game night. Albeit a sad occasion to send you off to SF, we had so many inside jokes/convos to draw on that complete our thoughts; the guys didn't stand a chance. The Hamptons pool day was also meaningful because I had inadvertently conducted some recon in the Andrew camp and knew that you were "the one" for him. Since then, I couldn't wait for him to pop the big question. You guys truly make a fantastic match, a strong team and power couple envied by all. I'm so bummed that I'm missing out on your Bachelorette /Bridal festivities this year so I hope this book brings a little presence of me to Vegas and beyond. This is the most beautiful scrapbook I've produced yet; owing to the level of thoughtfulness contributed by all of your loving girlfriends, which in itself speaks volumes about who you are and your fierce loyalty. Congratulations again for turning a new chapter in your life with Andrew. Mike and I couldn't be happier for the both of you. We look forward to moving to SoCal so we can be closer to you guys again. Until then, annual Exhale retreats we come! Love you! Janet | J | "Positive Energy and Fierce Loyalty"

26: Early Days

29: Girls For Fitness! | Fashion's Night Out | The Hamptons | West Village

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