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Begining of 2011

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Begining of 2011 - Page Text Content

FC: January 2011

1: Ripstick | Punk | Punk

2: Mom-“WHO drew on the dust on my piano?? ASHER? Was that you?” *Asher’s piano. No touching!* Caleb-“If it’s his piano, shouldn’t HE be dusting it? He should be paying you rent to keep it here.” | Asher, Jaelen, Trevor, Jacob, and Caleb came over to watch Inception. | Asher talks about the ideal "Short and Sweet" marriage ceremony. "Just go have fun, you crazy kids!"

3: "So were just sittin here yellin over horse food." -tucker playing Pit. | "Chuck Norris doesn't waste his time with little girls Hannah. Silly girl!" -Caleb | "Were gonna give this pan a NICE massage." -piper. | Piper-"what time is it?" Mom-"time for you to get a watch!" Me-"yeaaaaah boooiiii!" | "It just looks so...dainty." -Aslan, about Wesley's mustache on The Princess Bride. | Me- "but I dont have ROOM for my books!" Mom- "Just get a job and move out!" | "WHO could you POSSIBLY be texting? we're your only friends!" -Asher | &

4: "Well, the more the divorce-ier. .. Er, MERRIER..." -Asher | Asher- "It smells like a Louisiana Olive Garden." Trev- "thats my cologne. Louisiana olive garden" | "Im about to choke your husband, Nana." -Noah | Me- "Nana pull your pants up! they're saggin! you look like a gangster." Pappaw- "she looks like an old person." | "Hannah dont talk to me like that. So condescending. That was a big word!" -Noah | Jaelen- "Thats a HOOKER belt, Hannah!" Me-"well I like it!" | "Youre gonna fall in love and have quartersies!" -Sav | "That has my blessing."-Me "it has your blessing...thats such a weird thing to say!" -Asher

5: "Ive definitely lived over a quarter of my life and maybe...a third of my life. Im about to die, Asher!" -Paul. | Jaelen- "Jacob's keys have a thing for your keys!" Meredith- "key babies!" | Meredith-"whos pregnant?" Jaelen-"Asher." Meredith-"its so true." | "Where mah crawdad cake?!" ~Asher | "All work and no play makes one stupid, ugly, and fat." ~Mom | "When I think emo I think choir." ~Trev | "Mom. I am a MAN. I drink BEER. Just kidding. It's just Dr. Pepper." ~Cory

6: A couple was making out in Barnes and Noble and Cory said "are they gonna have sex??" "You think she'd like castle in the sky?" "yeah." "its romancy." "they're like 8. Don't get creepy." -Trev and Asher Me-"I would buy that outfit for you." Asher-"what about me??" Cory -"you're too short!" "Lookit them fancy pants!" -Asher "it's like the emo corner. its freakin me out!" -Cory "We can see chuck e cheese from where we parked" -Trev "have you been to the rest of the mall?? its like a SEA of human FLESH!" -Trev "Obviously something went on the night before that resulted in the stacking of mattresses. Probably a sorority." -Trev reading "The Princess and the Pea" "The smartest men don't wear pants." -Trev on gangsters. "I wonder if i should ask for permission to chew on the merchandise. I feel like I'm teething today. I'm getting some wisdom." -Asher Cory-"I'm not wearing underwear today!" Asher-"thats why you seem so giddy today!" | Mall with Cory, Asher, and Trevor

7: Kids at the park | February 2011

12: "I wake up at noon with one of Aslan's friends in my room. and I was in nothin' but my boxers so I couldn't get up until she left so I had to pretend to be asleep for a little while longer." -Asher

14: Fun at Hastings | "Spencers is Obama." | Jaelen- "Hondo is my Saturday wife." Asher- "No! He's mine!"

15: "I'm sorry. I love you honey." "Its ok darling, Ill take you out to dinner and give you a ring and we can be buddy buddy again"~Me & Meagan | "Jaelen is all excited to see your mom all of a sudden..." -Jennah | "We're just a bunch of KPA afair people! and baptists! oh, I think my inner llama just came out." -Jennah | "Justice: just for girls...and Asher." -Jaelen | "ohh you said Ross! I thought you said 'cross dress for less' " -Asher | Jennah and Angelique at World Market | Asher at Cup O' Yo in my sunglasses and mustache keychain.

16: "Don't give a mad woman a sub machine gun. 'Oh, I think I heard something...' *Machine gun noises* 'Oh I shot Little Johnny! Did I kill you? Oh, my apologies!' " -Jaxen Bussell "Wake up in the jungle feelin like a gorilla."-Jax "With a moon like that every monkey within 200 miles thinks he's Elvis Presly." -Congo "STOP. EATING. MY. SESAME. CAKE." - Congo "Jaelen help Hannah carry her keys."-Mr. Bussell | Hanging out with Jaelen at her aunt's house watching Congo.

17: "I feel like I'm missing something..." *rips hat off my head. "that was it!"-Asher "I'm pretty sure that fire has been around since dragons." -Coop "I'm kinda jealous because Connors been hoggin' all my Ryan!" "wait...what?" -Asher and Cooper "Thats what my marriage counselor said." -Asher "Dude did you see that guys shirt?" "I don't look at peoples chests." "I do. I make a conscious effort." -Asher and Cooper "Mom! someone invited me to the mall!! I'm moving up in the world!" -Cooper "I love Trevor more than this shirt." -Asher "Pelvic thrust models." "Ooh. Playplace is beautiful tonight, isn't it, dahling?"-Asher "Cuss like a man or be quiet." -Jaelen | At the mall with Asher and Cooper

18: "Hannah, do you wanna watch halftime?" "No, because I'm seeing tweets about how awful it is." | "I dont want you to get hooked on this okay? You'll be watching it on the Soap Network at 11 o'clock at night." -Dad on The Young and the Restless | *Adam Lambert singing "what do you want from me?" on Ellen* "I want you to fix your hair!!" -Dad "Star, gay, regular, no one looks good with their hair like that." -Dad on Adam Lambert Meredith-"Rabies!" Me-"HYPOTHERMIA!....I mean hydrophobia!" "I feel like I just got raped by Justin Beiber's hair." -Meagan after seeing "Never Say Never" as a joke on Valentine's Day

19: Basketball Champs

21: Go Warriors!

22: Touring SMU

23: The same weekend we went to Dallas to visit SMU, the Varsity Boys played their semi-final game. Had they won, they also would have played the state game the next day. We toured the college, then took Andrew Gonzales back to Brian and Darla's house to spend the weekend.

24: "Poop on a stick!" -Noah "Whats up, retard?" -Bryson to Colton. "Why you being so mean to Hannah??" -Colton. "Just drive towards the smell of rich people." -Andrew when we were taking him back to college. "I'm eloping in the fall. Not necessarily this fall...but maybe. I'm open." -me. "I hate when i look at the clock and its 6:66." -Andrew "Nighty night tighty white....not in your tighty whities....no one wants to walk in on that" -Noah "I'm sleeping in your bed, right?"-Andrew "He can use the word 'enigma' in a sentence but he doesn't know a daschund is a tiny dog!" "shut shut shut up." -mom and Andrew. "I need a depression brownie." -Andrew after we lost the basketball game. "I will not partake in your sin!" -me "our sin? you made them!!" -Andrew

27: "Have they interdigitated yet?" -Noah asking about Trevor and Jaelen. I start crying. "I DONT LIKE WHERE MY BRAIN TOOK THAT" | "What are y'all watching down there?" "Suite Life On Deck. And talking about interdigitation." "...have fun! -Andrew and me.

28: Happy St. Patty's Day! Spent at Beef O'Brady's

29: "I thought you said 'doo doo.' What are you thinking about, Jacob? Actually...keep that to yourself." -Caleb "Didn't Michael Jackson have an earring?" "He didn't have an ear." -Caleb and Jacob Hendrix. "One time I coughed up an entire tribe o' pygmys....they started lookin' at me funny." -Rango "They're rocks that stick together..." "piper...those are called magnets."

30: "i found her a fella and he has a lipring. he's..." "a punk!" "yeah. he has the hair and the lipring. they would just be so cute because she's so trendy. and she has a lipring, too. she wears it out sometimes and has a picture on facebook with it in!" #CrapMyMomSays | "You've been smoking." #CrapMyBestFriendSays ;) ....she may have a point. I almost drank my deodorant... "Your darn cake is ready." "don't curse my cake!....MY DARN CAKE IS READY!" #CrapMyMomSays | "Your ears are funny." "My ears are funny?" "If you think I said 'smork'!" #CrapMyParentsSayAfterAMargarita. "Do I need to answer the door when the Schwann man comes?!" "No! He likes you. Your daddy'd better answer it." #CrapMyMomSaysAfterAMargarita "If I die...keep my left hand." #CrapMyDadSaysAfterAMargarita "Everytime I think about Jessie Brown I think 'She'll never need a ladder.' Because ladders are hard to come by." #CrapMyDadSays | #CrapPeopleSay

31: "We have a lot of milk because Dad and I both went to the store. So it's cereal for supper, breakfast and lunch. it's your dream house." -Mom "Suck it, fence!!" -Asher "TRU tv....quality programing." -Trev "What is that band? Junkyard Lullaby?" "you mean Scrapyard Lullaby? How do you know about them?" "I know everything!" -Mom and me | "I guess I'll just have to be on the bad list. Me and Asher!" #CrapMyMomSays | Baby puppy Paisley!

32: "Molasses is nasty. It's like if dirt threw up. it was like 'what is this?' lets feed it to our children! And thats how we got George Bush." "You're on my mafia bowling team" -Kirsten "It's just aborted trees!" -Kirsten on broccoli | "Asher, why are you wearing a bandanna? Are you a cowboy?"- piper dad -"what are y'all watching?" *me and Asher point at the tv* dad - "oh. as if I couldn't tell what it was." | Asher came over after school so we could watch cartoons. | Being super awkward at Sugar Brown's after Meredith's play.

33: "I'd be like...no more wives for you.!" "...sasquatch." -piper and mom on Mormans. "They're...cesspool tanks..." "poo holders? hold your crap!" -mom and me 'Ay, mijo, are you going to join the circus and walk the tightrope?" -Me "Oh. I thought these were going to be heavy. Like lifting the sasquatch or something." "This is why I need to get married now!" "So dad can have some son-in-laws?" "well...just one!" -me and mom | Being hilarious with the family.

34: "What do Oklahoma, AA, and divorce have in common? somebody's losing a trailer!" -Caleb "You see all that grease on that pizza? it actually lubricates your innards." -Caleb "I eat soup with my fingers!" -me. | "How bout: your beard is poking me?" "How bout: no it's not." -my parents Me-"All the emos and quincineras are at the mall on Saturday." Mom-"They probably think you're an emo in a purple shirt." "She looks like a whore." "she reminds me of you!" -Jennah and Jaelen.

35: "She's amazing and I hate it!" -Levi after I beat him at Apples to Apples. "Asher and Hayden are very different." "yeah, but they're both awkward." -Aslan and Levi. "She's not too bright on the bright side." -Levi about Piper | Levi and Aslan came over to play with Piper

36: Piper, one of your little friends came over. But I don't know who it was." "What did she look like?" ". . .She didn't have any teeth." | "Daddy, I don't understand your terminology!" "Re-clean the mixer cause there's crap all over it! Understand that terminology? | Asher- "Alright, let's put the clues together, Velma. We've got 'schtick.' We've got a hummer...and we've got bedrest." Me-"Hey, dog!" Asher-"AAAH! There's a dog!" Asher- "Slicker? I don't even know her!" Jaelen- "ASHER! If I had a coconut, I would just throw it at you!" | Asher-"Hannah! Where ya goin'?" Me-"Home?" Asher-"You goin' to Five Guys?" Me-"Noooo." Asher-"Yessss you are." Me-"My mom is making lunch. So, no."

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