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Best Friends

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S: Friends Forever

1: It all started this summer. Everything was ending, Kaitie said. I lost my best friend. She lost everything. We both lost something. This book is sad, and there are happy parts. If you like reading sad books then this is your kind of book. If you have a heart then you will most likely cry. Get ready to read about two best friends that lost everything.

2: Kelly and I were swimming over at the neighbors with her brother one hot afternoon. Kelly and I were best friends. Well, practically like sisters. We did everything together. There were no secrets that we didn't know about each other. School was about to start up again. Kelly was the smart one in school. She always had to tutor me. Neither of us had a boyfriend. I just got over a relationship and Kelly well she is kinda shy. But hey we all are at some point. Im trying to help her get out of her shyness. Its kinda working but we got more things to work on.

3: School started in two weeks. I want her to go back to school and not be shy. I hope it works. I wasn't excited for school like Kelly was. Next weekend we are going shopping for clothes. I have the fashion style so that is why I have to take Kelly with me to help her. Two weeks came. We already went shopping. Kelly got new clothes, shoes and jewelry. Now all she has to do is not be shy then she will make friends. It was the end of the day and I meat Kelly at the park to walk home together. We barley had any classes together. Only two classes. I ask her how her day went.

4: She said she loved it. She made a lot more friends. I was happy for her. She ask me how my day was. I said it went ok. I also told her I had a boyfriend. She was happy for me. Sometimes she doesn't like me having one because sometimes she feels left out. I try to spend time with both of them. I want to try to get her a boyfriend. Days went by. Kelly finally has a boyfriend! I was so proud of her! She did it all on her own. I'm glad she is getting out of her shell.

5: Days went by. It was getting closer to Halloween. Kelly wasn't at school today. I will just call her after school. I called her. She was very sick. Her mother said she won't be at school for a while. I was getting worried. I went over to visit her. She was very pal. She didn't look too good. Her mother said its just the flu she should be better in a few days. A few days passed and she wasn't better. Her boyfriend and I was really worried. After school I go over there to keep her company. I told her that I talked to Tristen today.

6: She asked me what we talked about. I said you. He told me that he loved you. He is afraid to tell you. But don't tell him I told you. She started crying. She told me that she wanted to brake up with him. I said why. She said I can't say right now. I was really worried. I didn't tell him. I felt really bad. A few days later Kelly called me. She asked me if I would come over. I said sure. I went over there. She said we needed to talk. As always I was worried. She started crying. She said I went to the doctor. I'm very sick right now. I started crying. She said I have Lymphoma Cancer.

7: We both sat there and cried. I ask her if she was going to be all right. She said the doctors are doing all they can but its just not getting better. She told me everything that will happen to her. She won't be at school anymore. Thats why I wanted to brake up with him. I didn't want to hurt him more than I already had. Kelly told me to tell him what is wrong with her and why she is doing this. He said he didn't care. He loves her for her know matter if she is sick or not. I didn't know what to tell him. Weeks kept passing by. She was changing a lot. I didn't even know who she was anymore.

8: She wasn't getting better, only worse. It was getting close to Halloween. She was very weak and couldn't really do anything. By the beach we have a club house. She said she wanted one last adventure. I wheeled her all the way up the hill and down in the sand to our club house. In the summer we always met here. It was beautiful. She started crying. I asked her what was wrong. She said she that the doctor said that she wasn't going to last for very long. We both sat at the beach and cried. The next day I told her boyfriend. O yea their still dating!

9: He even started crying. The doctor didn't know when it will happened. He just said anytime soon. It was Thanksgiving. She was very weak and pal. She didn't look to good. I was spending as much time with her as I can. It was hard watching my friend change to someone else everyday. She could barley talk. It was getting close to Christmas. On Christmas Eve said asked me to come over. I did. She said I wrote you a letter. You can't read it until tomorrow morning. Promise? I said promise. That morning the phone rung. It was her mother. She said Kaitie had passed away last night. She was bolling her eyes out. Then when my mother told me I started crying. I new this day was coming. But I wanted to see her one last time.

10: I opened up the letter. It said, Dear Kelly, I'm gone now. I want you to be fine. I'm in a better place now. Don't worry about me. I'm going to be worried about you. Just remember that I will always be here know matter what. I want you to go out and make new friends and don't worry about me. I know that no one will replace me. So I want you to go have fun. Just remember that you will always be my best friend and that I love ya. Love Kaitie.

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