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Bonnie's Farewell

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Bonnie's Farewell - Page Text Content

S: For Bonnie - From Your Bio-Rad Family

FC: From Your Bio-Rad Family | Congratulations on your well deserved retirement And we wish you happiness in the years ahead

1: Dear Bonnie, The QSD-Team for Germany thank you very much for your great support and taking care such good care of us and our various needs. We wish you all the very best for your new life without Bio-Rad. Enjoy your well-deserved retirement! Alles Gute und herzliche Grüsse aus München!!! Carmen

3: Bio-Rad will never be the same without you! We will miss you beyond words. Please keep in touch. Enjoy every moment!!!! Lot of Love, Pat & Lorrie

4: Christmas 2010

5: Dear Bonnie (and Steve), The day has finally come for the next phase of your journey. I am truly jealous of you and Steve and of your plans! If I can speed things up in my journey, we will call to meet up with you. Until then, please check emails. I remember the first time soon after I joined the team that you had plans to retire. It has been wonderful for me at your expense that you didn’t. You have mentored me in dedicating yourself to your principles and your flexibility in working with others – I think you have a New York Times bestseller book in the making on “Mental Yoga In Your Work Life”. Thank you so very much for watching out for us over the years and being the guiding beacon of my second home. Please take extra special care of yourself and Steve and please drop by anytime. Take care. Stan

6: It's been great working with you Bonnie. Best wishes for a long and lovely retirement Rochelle Stahl | Dear Bonnie Thanks so much for all your fantastic help and support over the years. Wishing you every future happiness in your well deserved retirement. Andy Lyford | Congratulations, Bonnie!! You deserve to enjoy a leisurely life. Happy retirement and we will surely miss you. Best regards, Margaret Smith

7: Your Bio-Rad | Bonnie, your personality and charm always brightened up the office. Thank you for your dedication and support. I wish you a happy and full retirement Regards, Steve Edwards | Dear Bonnie, Thank you for your care and love throughout the years. We will miss you tremendously. Enjoy every moment of your retirement with your family, especially the grand kids. Thank you, Lily Sunkin

8: My Dearest Bonnie! Event hough we've known of your retirement plans for a while now......... can't believe this day is finally here! A bitter-sweet day for us all. As much as we are happy for you, mostly ENVY you!, can't imagine not seeing you at work every day. We are losing our 'Matriarch'!! I'll miss the 'Good morning smileys'..... and all the goodies you continue to spoil us with every day... how you always watch over us and protect us. But it is now your turn to move on to the next chapter of your Life's Journey. Retirement! Once you've adjusted to your new routine, I'm sure you will make the most of your new found 'freedom' and be able to fully enjoy it. I look forward to hearing all about your new adventures and updates on the grandkids. Take care and enjoy! We LOVE you very much and will MISS YOU immensely. Azita

10: Hello Bonnie, Over the last 20 years (yes, it has been that long for me as well), we have mostly communicated by e-mail or phone but you have always been a great resource for me whenever I was looking for something or someone in Irvine. I envy you to be able to retire and enjoy life from now on. If you ever come to Montreal and have some free time, do not hesitate to contact me and I will be happy to show you around. Come during summer time, it is much nicer. I will miss you but trust that your replacement will be fully trained and that you pass on all your "secrets" so that she will be as effective as you were. Take care of yourself and enjoy your retirement. Clément

11: Dear Bonnie, it's pretty challenging to write this note to say "good bye" to you - even though, I know you look forward to your very well deserved retirement! QSD will be different without you and I already know that I'll miss you badly the next time I'm in Irvine! I regret that you are leaving, but surely there is a life after Bio-Rad and I understand that you want to slow down a bit to have some spare time for private- and family activities, including some traveling plans hopefully. Perhaps you and your husband will come to Germany one of these days - and if you do so, please contact me: my address: Anita Glombik Taubenstrasse 16 85649 Brunnthal Phone: +49 81 02 78 59 02 We have a guest room which will be open to my friend Bonnie and her husband any time! Looking forward to seeing you in Germany, take care and all the very best, -Anita-

12: Dear Bonnie, How lucky I have been to get a too short opportunity to work with you at Bio-Rad. You have made a difference in my life everyday and have provided guidance and support for my journey here. There are only a few people in life that you know you will always remember and you are one of them for me. You are the glue that holds the Marketing Department together and one of the people that defines Bio-Rad's caring culture. I am so excited for you as you enter in to this next wonderful chapter of your life. I know you will bring the same love, humor and commitment to those you will touch in the future as you have for the past 20 years here. It has been an honor to work with you here at Bio-Rad and I hope all your dreams come true for you and Steve in the days ahead. Love, Nancy, Lucy and Ricky

14: Bonnie, it has been wonderful working with you. We will miss your face and your enormous kindness and generosity (love love the queso!!!). Although it's sad to see you go, we wish you many years of joy and relaxation! You are the best : ) And if anyone tells you differently...kaput! Love Marie Al-Bayati and Family

15: Dear Bonnie, I have grown so close to you over the years. You are much more than a wonderful work colleague and friend. You are family. I wish you a long and happy retirement, with all the blessings that you deserve. With love from Trudy, Tim, Brittany, Danielle & Francesca

16: Your Intrepid Flight Crew

17: Hot AirAirlines Blowing Hot Air Since 2009

19: Quality Controls Halloween 2010

20: Dear Bonnie, Where did all the time go? It seems like just yesterday that I walked through the doors to QSD Marketing in Irvine to join the team - actually the year was 1997! Thankfully, you were there to make sure that the new marketing manager stayed out of trouble (mostly) and somewhat organized. During this time we Renate, Connor and Katy would come to the office to see where Daddy worked and get a dose of "Vitamin Bonnie" - just what the doctor ordered. As you can see from the recent photo, taken in Sweden in Summer of 2010, Connor and Katy have grown - now 15 and 12 respectfully. Renate of course is as young and beautiful as ever! Despite the years of moving back to the Bay Area from our Mission Viejo home, and then moving to Switzerland in Summer of 2008 - we have never forgotten how much we enjoyed our time in the QSD family and how much fun you made the office environment. Congratulations on your retirement Bonnie - you will be missed! All the best from John, Renate, Katy and Connor Bussell

22: Have no Fear- Bonnie's here to save the day!

23: Hi Bonnie, It's Eileen from Retirement Land! I want you to know that retirement is a good thing, and I am enjoying mine. You will be surprised at how easy it is to enjoy the day at home or around town. You have been the vigilant guard of Bio-Rad secrets (See the photo at right as evidence of your vigilance). You have taken good care of everyone around you for many years. Now it is time for you and Steve to take care of yourselves. Best wishes for the next phase of your life. I'm sure you will be making a few more trips to see the grandkids now that you have a little more time. Bon Voyage! Have a happy life! Eileen | Bonnie, it has been a great pleasure working with you over the past 4 years. There is no one that could ever take your place here and I'm pretty sure that everyone in Marketing is going to suffer for months after you leave. I know, I'm just rubbing it in. I am so going to miss your uncanny sarcasm, your dedication to Marketing and especially your spicy sausage and tortillas that you'd surprise us with - that's a definite treat to be missed. I hope you enjoy your very long overdue retirement. See ya! Your Friend & Troublemaker, Darren

24: Bonnie: I wish you a fond farewell and a happy retirement. We will miss you! - Ellen | Dear Bonnie, You are definitely going to be missed. You are an asset to the company and one of the truly nice people to be around!!! Sincerely, James Stewart | Congratulations, Bonnie!! You deserve to enjoy a leisurely life. Happy retirement and we will surely miss you. Best regards, Margaret Smith | Dear Bonnie, I can't really fathom this special day will come this soon. You are the best second mom and coworker than any person could wish for. You've been treating us like your own kids here at work. You were always there with the biggest smile, supports and the biggest treats. :-) It will be a really sad day on the day that your chair and desk are empty :(, BUT we are all very happy that you are embarking on your new endeavor, where you can spent unlimited joyful time with your grand kids and family. Bonnie, we will miss you very dearly....Please take really good care of yourself and please do come by and visit us sometime. Dan Hua 714.299.4274

25: Dear Bonnie, I can't believe the time has finally come for you to retire. You have talked about it for so long and I am so excited for you. I have such wonderful memories of working with you over the years. You took such good care of our group, watching over us, making sure we always had what we needed , and giving solace during difficult personal times. You are one of a kind Bonnie and those of us who have known and worked with you these past years were so lucky to have you in our lives. So as you begin a new phase in your life I wish you much happiness and good health for many years to come. Greg | In your retirement Bonnie, I hope that many of the best years of your life are ahead of you. Take time now to really enjoy doing all that you are passionate about. I expect you will leave your mark on those you encounter in the future, as you’ve left on Bio-Rad, and on those whom you have supported over many years. It is with great admiration, respect and love that I bid you farewell. I will miss the way you make me smile, the way you take care of me and watch out for me, and the opportunity of sharing with you my life’s ups and downs. Relax, enjoy and visit us often! Much love and blessings, Kandy

26: Hi Bonnie, I can't believe that your retirement is really here. You've been such a fixture in Marketing for so many years that it's hard to imagine how things will be without you here. They certainly won't be the same. There are two things that I especially appreciate about you Bonnie. The first is how much you care for the Marketing group, which is often shown by the pleasure you take in feeding us. Your hot peppers and queso dishes will be missed, and I always loved it when you brought in sweets that you made yourself! The second is your sharp wit and being able to share laughs over some of the crazy things that happen at Bio-Rad and some of the interesting people who have worked here. I wish you and Steve all the best in your retirement. I hope you enjoy traveling and volunteering and anything else you choose to do! Paul P.S. Here are two pictures for you and Steve to remember the Hardy family. They were taken in Santa Cruz when Jill (almost) graduated in 2010. They show Terri, Jill and Paul in one and Tim, Jill and Kristen in the other.

28: Snuggling with big brother. | Inspecting Mommy's purse for contraband (uhm... mouse toys?), after she comes home from Bio-Rad. | And suffering the indignities Bill occasionally inflicts. | Hanging out together.

29: Bonnie, You have been a rock for all of us here for 20 years. I hope we were at least pebbles for you, when you needed the support! I wish you all the very best, as you and Steve finally make a go at this thing called retirement! Here are some pictures to remember the Dixons by -- Ruby and Roxy (our two Abyssinian girls) and Turbo (our Bengal boy). Bill and Louisa.

30: Bonnie: Enjoy your well deserved retirement, and may each day be blessed with Steve, your grandchildren, and your dogs. Thank you for being a part of my happy memories of Bio-Rad. I can't imagine what the past 4 years would have been like if you hadn't been part of it! I'll miss you. Lillian

31: Bonnie: After only 5 years of knowing you, I feel privileged that I have. When I started here, I looked to you as a mentor. Then as my “very favorite” in the Administrative Sisterhood. Now, as my friend. I will miss you so much at the office, but I am so happy for your retirement. Finally! You deserve it. I know you’ll enjoy the extra time with your family, and I hope you experience many adventures as well. Bonnie Is: Bold Obliging Nurturing Nice Intelligent Energetic Vivacious Engaging Likable Laid-back Endearing Magnificent Admirable Noble You’re an extraordinary lady. I’ll miss you. Good luck. Lots-o-big hugs, Monica Lee

33: Great Christmas Memories

35: Dearest Bonnie, First of all, I just want to let you know that it has been my pleasure knowing and working with you here at Bio-Rad in the last 13 years. Thank you for everything that you have done for many of us (including myself) over the years. How are we going to move on without you??? (: (: (: You pretty much has watched me grown up working here at Bio-Rad from the first day I started working here 13 years ago. I was single then of course when I first started and I got married and then starting a family. My kids now are in first grade and kindergarten already. I have attached a picture of my family taken over the Thanksgiving Holidays to include in your memory book. I will miss you dearly but definitely do ENJOY your retirement and please keep in touch! Sincerely yours, Diana Nguyen

36: Dearest Bonnie, You’re the BEST! Super Woman! It is an honor working with you and knowing you (and Steve) personally for the past 10 years. You are more than a wonderful colleague; you are part of our family. I still remembered the day that you took baby Hannah (3 months old) around the company and showed her off and you did not come back for a long time. Tri and the girls just adore you and specially love your treats. Thank you very much for everything! This place will never be the same without you. We wish you and Steve the very best days to come. Life is good especially when you are retired. Enjoy your golden years! Love, Phuong & Tri & the Nguyens girls (Christine, Jazzy, Melanie & Hannah)

39: Dear Bonnie, We are so fortunate to get to know you. Besides that you are an outstanding dancer, you are the kindest and the most caring person we have ever met. Happy and healthy retirement to you from your loving friends Vicki and Derek.

42: From your friends Rich Larsen & Eric Young

43: Dear Bonnie, You will be dearly missed, along with your staggering menu of delicious goodies. All the very best for your retirement with your wonderful husband and doggies. You are Brilliant! Love you lots. Jackie (UKBIRD) XXXXX | Dear Bonnie, I wish I was with the marketing group earlier!...you are a angel!... giving us your fantastic support, your insight and the FOOD!....It is such a pleasure to have someone like you to keep us in line and on our toes when we need it. Thank you for your motherly concern, your great attitude and your wonderful sense of humor. You are the anchor for the Marketing Department and you will be totally missed by all...I wish you and your family exciting new adventures to follow in your retirement...and we do expect to see the pictures! Steven Kikkawa

44: Dearest Bonnie, Congratulations on the start of this new chapter of your life. You will be sorely missed and I will especially miss being called "kiddo"!! Your warm smile, your delicious treats and above all your motherly care will always be remembered. Lots of Love, Ana, Bebe & Roxy | Roxy | Bebe

45: Dear Bonnie- Thanks for showing us how to make work more than just a job - you know the secret of how to make family out of strangers. I'm glad you'll have the chance to enjoy life, doing whatever you like! I'll miss you a lot, but go forth & enjoy! Thanks and Lots of Love, Kathy (& Brian) | Dakota | Edison | Wrigley

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