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Book of Life Stories and Poetry

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Book of Life Stories and Poetry - Page Text Content

S: Poetry is what gets lost in translation. Robert Frost

BC: A Blank Page January 9, 2012 Corey S. Tacy A blank page Can turn into anything It could be an animal or a story However with certain etchings it may sing As the days pass This blank page begins to evolve Taking on its own unique form No longer a blank page it can now dissolve The mere thoughts of those who it captivates The mere strokes of a brush or a pen It captivates each and every expression Of the wise men For all a blank page was Will never be For with some color device It can bring forth new things for the entire world to see | What hurts more? Saying nothing and wishing you had or saying something and wishing you had not?

FC: By : Corey S. Tacy | As each page unfolds You will delve deeper into my mind Peeling apart my soul As if it is an orange rind Take caution as you go uncharted into my black abyss for everything Wrote about in here Is not for the fainthearted | ""There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer." Ansel Adams

1: My Dinky is Falling Off I remember back when I was little probably three, I woke up and started off my day like any other day. I remember this day because it was significantly scary. I remember sitting at the breakfast table while my mother put on another table cloth. I ate my breakfast. Went and lied down on the couch and had a quarter in my mouth from my Barney piggy bank and accidentally swallowed it! I remember being so scared that my mom consoled me and said you will be alright just wait till you go poop and it will come out. Later on that day I was so excited to go the restroom in the Roach House. I had recently been circumcised again because the doctor did it wrong the first time about a month before. I told my mom when I grew up and she remembered the story with much detail. Anyways I went to the bathroom and grabbed the step stool climbed up into the booster seat thing and boom this green thing was dangling from my dinky. I screamed as if I was dying and Samantha my sister who was four came running in right before my mom and said “Oh my gosh your dinky is falling off.” Once my mom entered the room she ordered Samantha out and tried to console me that it was not falling off and that it was just a scab. After that I did not go to the bathroom for three days afraid that if I did it was going to fall off and I would be a girl. After I went to the bathroom because I could no longer hold it in there was blood in the toilet and it hurt very bad. I screamed again! This time James my older brother and Samantha came running in. James who was five said my butt was bleeding because the quarter was ripping its way through my butt. I began to cry afraid that I would not be able to go poop again and that I was a girl because the green thing had fallen off. My mom came in and said it is alright I just had not gone to the bathroom in three days and that was why I bled into the toilet. Overall I believe that this story stuck with me the most because it was a traumatic experience in my life. I hope that nothing like this will ever happen again.

2: Peanut Butter through a Straw My Mom had laid a clean tablecloth fresh from the dryer down on the table in the Cockroach House. I had started out the day just like any other and then I had a brilliant idea. It was to obtain a straw, peanut butter jar, and a secretive place to hide. I thought of the best place ever. Underneath the kitchen table! I grabbed the peanut butter while my mom was in the bathroom. I grabbed a giant plastic straw that goes into a 64 oz mug. I crawled underneath the table with my supplies and opened the brand new jar of peanut butter and stabbed the straw into the peanut butter jar. As I began to suck the peanut butter out it got stuck. I crawled back out from underneath my hideout and grabbed a butter knife. I went back into the hideout unclogged the straw and began to suck again. This time I achieved my goal and got some out before it got stuck again. As I was unclogging the straw my mom looked underneath the table to see why so much noise was coming from underneath there. She caught me peanut butter handed. I was covered in peanut butter from my hands to my face. She asked me to come out from underneath the table and asked me why I would do such a thing. I replied by saying something like “I wanted to see if it would come out and I figured with the butter knife it would work awesome because it was peanut butter and it was a butter knife.” I do not remember what she said really. I am sure it was something along the lines of, “Corey if you are going to do something like you need to ask me first. Now go and put the peanut butter away and clean up. When you get done with that you can wait till your father gets home to give you the punishment.” What I have learned from this experience is to pick a better hiding spot and to get a spoon rather than a straw. It was one of the best learning experiences of my life. It taught me that for every action there is some sort of consequence that will follow even if it is a good action there will be a reaction.

3: Water in Cheerios and My Mom I woke up from my bed, slipped off my 101 Dalmatian covers, tossed a shoe off of my bed onto the floor, and flipped on the light switch. I climbed down my ladder and made my way to the door. I changed out of my PJ’s and made my way to the table where James and Samantha were waiting for me. I crawled into my chair. My Mom had already poured their cereal. She grabbed me a bowl from the cupboard poured me some Cheerios and without me knowing poured some water from the sink into my bowl I learned later on. She brought me my bowl and I said my prayer. I took my first bite of my cereal and it did not taste right. So after three bites I asked my Mom why it tasted so funny. I think she said something along the lines of, “I added water instead of milk because we ran out. We have to wait until the next paycheck before we can get more.” I finished my cereal because I was hungry. Samantha and James however got milk in their cereal because they were up maybe ten minutes earlier than me. I did not think that it was fair because I got stuck with the short end of the stick. I still tell this story because it is so very funny. I also remember it because it has happened more than once in my life. Whether I was so tired that I accidentally did it or we ran out of milk and had to use water. I love my Mom even more after this incident because she is one of the people that are in most of my memories still to this day. I still make her cry and because of that I feel very bad. I think that she is happy for me though because I made it into college and that I am going where I wanted to go. She also knew I was questioning whether to go on my mission and she said that if I was going to go to a place where they were to help enforce things such as good moral values and other things I should think about it.

4: Bo My dog Bo is my best friend in the entire world. He comforts me when I am scared and plays with me when I am outside. He sleeps with me at night on the other side of the bed with his head propped up on top of a pillow. He may not be the most obedient dog on the entire world but he is my pride and joy. My Mom and Dad let me keep him because I had been begging to get a dog for two years. Well the only reason that we really kept him was because he had cotton mouth from eating the insulation that I was helping my Grandpa put up in the first addition on to my house. He was super skinny and had a blue collar that was too tight. I brought him water and he just kept on drinking because he had itty bitty glass shards in his throat from the insulation. American Idol was on one night and we were contemplating what we should name him. Bo Bice came on and when they said “Let’s give it up for Bo Bice!” My dog ran to the television and started to bark. That is how he achieved his name. When we first got him we called him DD because he would pee and poop everywhere. DD stands for Devil Dog. We took him to the vet three days after my birthday. He was three months old and was dehydrated and had heart worms. My Dad and I got all of that fixed and had a tracking device put in him. We then took an obedience class. Where he learned sit, stay, bark, down, heel, shake, high five, wait, and to catch treats. I went through 10 small cartons of Bill Jack Dog Treats before the course was over. I got him his coolest dog tag and it was a Spiderman one. It was four lines and it said BO TACY, CODE NAME – STINKY, then the address of where I lived. I was so excited about the tag that I even bought him a new Life is Good collar featuring a boy and his dog on it. Bo stands for Body Odor which is why I call him stinky sometimes. Sometimes he stinks anyways so his name fits in great. I remember this one time he cornered a cat and grabbed it by the throat and ripped it around like a rag doll. I have fond memories of him before I went to college and still remember him to this day and now he is my little brother Jay’s dog.

5: Cockroach House When we used to live in Florida for two years there was these gigantic cockroaches that you could see running around the apartment all day long especially after you turned the light on when it was dark. They were called brown cockroaches. To a three year old they were the size of their hand at times. I remember that we would throw down a shoe from our beds and scare all of the cockroaches away before we would turn the light on in the morning because they would populate the floor. One morning however I woke up to the feel of something crawling up my leg. I quickly turned on my light and was staring at this cockroach on my arm and I threw it across the room and did not go back to sleep that night. I woke up the next morning crawled across my 101 Dalmatians sheets and threw my flip flop on the floor, flipped on the light to Samantha’s, James’, and my room and continued on with whatever I was going to do that day. That night I stayed up talking to Samantha and James and convinced them that the light should be left on and that we should stay up all night and eat snacks. We crawled out of our beds and snuck into the kitchen grabbed the Cheerios and as we were going to our bedroom my Dad caught us and we got in trouble and had to come and sleep on the floor in his room with my Mom and him. In that house my Aunt Becky would come and babysit us and we would listen to the Disney Music hour on the radio. I remember falling asleep before our song that we requested began to play. We also would play games like chutes and ladders together. One day Samantha, James, and I were playing with glue we got the bright idea that it would be fun to make things on our couch with it. Turns out glue was not the easiest thing to disguise and we got in loads of trouble. I really enjoyed our two years that we lived there. It was a lot of fun because the last day we were there we ordered a pizza and ate it as a family before we left to move to Norcross, Georgia.

6: Boy Scout Camp My first year and only year at Camp Woodruff was my first year at Boy Scout Camp. When I first heard about it I was thrilled to go. I called up all of my Deacon buddies and they were all going. Then I decided since they needed leaders I was going to call my Grandfather who lived in New Mexico and see if he wanted to come. Guess what. He decided that he wanted to come. So my Grandma Sinks and my Grandpa Sinks decided that they were going to come and visit for a week and a half. Well my Grandpa was very excited and he kept a journal of our experience together and is saving it for me till I get older and am ready to read it. Well they arrived at our house and I was very excited to see them. I ran outside and gave my Grandpa a big hug and asked him if he was ready to go. He said something like I am ready but we do not leave for around another day or so. I packed up all of my stuff and was ready that night before we were to leave. My Grandpa and I got into the Chevrolet Caprice and drove the Behemoth with me guiding him to our destination via Map Quest. We got there just on time and got separated from my troop. We could not seem to find the campsite where we were to be staying at. So we missed going to dinner at Zaxby’s. We ate Smores for dinner and one of the best meals I have had in my lifetime. That week I did not shower a single time. I did the archery merit badge, finger carving merit badge aka the woodcarving badge, fingerprinting merit badge, camping merit badge, basket weaving merit badge, and two others which I do not remember. It was a blast at Boy Scout camp. In archery class we made our own arrows. We carved our twelve year old fingers and made a stool in my basket weaving class. In between our classes we would play with the fire by putting cans of bug spray in them watching them blow up, branding each other with the ends of our sticks, and when we ate meals we had a great time with each other. When I arrived back home my Mom asked if something dead was just brought inside and it turned out it was me. I showered in the girls bathroom and remember getting out of the shower and smelling my clothes and wanting to throw up because they smelt so bad. All in all I had a great time at my only trip to Boy Scout camp.

7: Bike Accident The day of my bike accident was a day like any other. It was the weekend I think maybe a Saturday or something because I did not have school the next day and I was able to sleep in. Well I ate my breakfast and changed into my swimsuit. I do not remember why I was wearing my swimsuit but I was. I am pretty sure it was because I liked it so much. It was blue with green stripes down the sides of the pants and Taz on the lower left corner on the front of the swimsuit. I hopped on to my pink bicycle and rode down the street. There are sixteen houses in my sub-division and my Uncle’s house was across the street and down one to the right. My Grandma lives on the house next to me on the left and my Aunt lives next to her on her left. I rode into my Uncle’s driveway and rode over the curved curb and it was perfectly fine. I rang the doorbell and knocked to see if he was home because I wanted some chocolate. It was when I was leaving I must have hit something wrong going over the curb because I wiped out and hit the gravel hard. I remember getting back up not crying but just letting out a yell of anger. I left my bike there because a spoke was not letting the wheels turn properly. I began to walk back to the house and then this white and red liquid was coming out of my right pant leg. I screamed as if I was dying. My Grandma and Mom came running outside with James in tail. They asked me what was wrong and I showed them my leg. So we walked into the up the porch and then the second set of stairs and I climbed up on top of the table. I remember them pulling my pant leg up and it getting stuck. The weird part about all of this is that my pants did not rip. So they moved it up and there it was. My leg had a big hole in it with all sorts of tissue and gravel stuck to it. We ended up in the emergency room. They stuck this needle in my which made me cry more than the whole incident before the crash. They numbed the entire spot. They removed all sorts of dead tissue, gravel, and dirt from my wound. Then they proceeded to sew my muscle and skin back together. It took a good fourteen stitches to get my leg back together. They used six dissolvable stitches to stitch my muscle together and then they used eight to stitch my skin together.

8: Glass Window One night about five years ago my younger brother Jay got so mad he hit the window and cracked it. Luckily there was a blanket in between the window and his fist so that he did not cut his hand. Almost a year later at the age of fourteen I was lying in my bed with my leg over the side of it. I did not notice it but I had entrapped my leg between the broken window and my bed. Well my Grandpa called for me and I hopped up from the side of my bed hit my head on the ceiling and then I saw the blood. I yelled for my Grandpa to come and check out my knee. He helped me off of the top bunk. He told me to keep it straight and to wait till my mom got home. She said that I would be alright and my Dad agreed with her. I kept telling them that it hurt but they would not agree. They said that if I could go swimming later and that it should help it. We decided earlier that day that we were going to go swimming which is why they said I should go swimming. My Aunt Mel came over and picked up my brothers, sisters, and I. We had made it over to my Nana’s and Papa’s house. Got the code to the pool and I did a pencil dive. My knee had just finished scabbing and I ripped it open. About ten minutes later of my Aunt bugging me I got out of the pool dripping blood down my leg. I went to the desk and they patched me up. After about three months of having this wound not heal we decided to go and have surgery on it because it just kept getting bigger and bigger! They asked me to change into a hospital gown. Drew an X on my right knee where my wound was. The nurses continued to ask me if this was the right spot because I guess they did not want to operate on the wrong leg. They put a mask on me before I got to the operating room and filled it with air. I was weighed twice to make sure that I was not going to be given too much anesthetic. I lied down on the table and nurses put a warm blanket on top of me. Filled the mask with some sort of gas and asked me to count back from thirty. I remember getting to around seven and then drifting to sleep. I awoke from the surgery and asked my Mom and Dad if the surgery was over at least two times. They gave me a Popsicle and some Gatorade to get rid of the taste in my mouth. I was told that the particles in my knee were tiny glass shards. I had to write papers in gym class for around several weeks. I went to the doctor and had my stitches removed. Now my scar looks like a pink insect on my knee.

9: Sledding Behind a Four Wheeler Ryan and I were really bored one day so we decided to go four wheeling. We changed into some grungy clothes and headed off on his four wheeler. After we had cut through some briar bushes we decided to go back to his house and eat lunch. While sitting down and eating lunch I remembered that he had a sled in his garage. Not a real metal sled. Instead he had a solid plastic one which turned out to be perfect for what I had thought up. We decided after a major discussion that we were going to get some tow rope tie it to the front of the sled and then we were going to tie the other end of the tow rope to the back of the four wheeler. We went down to his garage got the tow rope and sled off of the wall and headed down to the backside of the warehouse. Once there we decided to make it a little bit more fun. We went back to his garage got a snow shovel and began to make some ramps. We went around the backside of the warehouse collecting dirt to make it so it would not have any ruts at that point in time. After we had three or four ramps built we began our adventure. I laid down on the sled belly first and he gunned it. I ended up with a mouthful of dirt and dirt in my eyes. I rolled over spit on the ground waited till I could breathe again, got the dirt out of my eyes, and put on some goggles and a helmet. This time I laid on my back and he gunned it. I held onto the sides as he went for the first ramp a little itty bitty one. I made it over this 12 inch ramp safely. After that I clinched my teeth and went for the second jump. On this jump he took the corner too sharp and I ended up rolling up the ramp and over the other side. I got up slowly with a pain in my side and covered in dirt and got back on the sled. This time I had a really good idea for him to make me drift on the dirt. So he slowly sped up and began to turn. As he turned he put his pedal to the metal and I flew around the corner whooping and hollering. Then we went for the jumps. I made it over all three and up the hill and on the gravel back to his garage. Then he whipped back around and we did it all over again. After about an hour of doing this we decided that we better go in and put all of the stuff away before his mom gets home. Then we went and hopped in the pool to get all of the dirt off and threw our clothes into the laundry. It was a blast!

10: My Best Friend Throughout my life I have made tons of relationships with a variety of people. May it be through family, friends, or even a pet. However, this is one of the deepest most significant relationships that I have still to this day. This person loves me unconditionally even when I screw up. This person helps me make the wrong things that I have done right again. Although this person has been through tough times with me, we still persevere and trudge along in this journey called life. What I admire most about this person is that he/she has the ability to make anybody laugh even when they are having a bad day. One time when I was about the age of three or four we were outside playing a game of catch the meatball. No matter how weird the game sounds it was a plastic meatball and I did not do as I was instructed and ended up getting hurt. I was hurt because I dove under the car to try and catch the meatball when at the beginning of the game I was instructed to not dive no matter what because we were playing on concrete. Well I did and scraped up my elbow pretty bad. That is the first time I had can remember getting injured. This person scooped me up in their arms carried me inside and said to me, “Well it looks pretty bad Corsman. We can fix this up if you can take this towel and bite down on it while I pour on some stuff that will make it fizz like a soda after it has been poured.” After I did that I was so happy to see that this person cared so much to make me better when I was emotionally and physically traumatized. I do not remember any pain after that point or the fizzing of the hydrogen peroxide on the wound, but that is one of the most memorable experiences I cherish to this day. This person also has influenced me when it comes to all sorts of decisions in my life. I was having a tough time of making decisions medical wise with my mental health and this person was able to influence me in a way like no other because this person has dealt with this kind of thing themselves. This person was able to get to me and reach through the barriers that I had put up to try and shield myself from the problems I was battling internally. When it was all said and done I was doing the steps necessary to try and make the problems that I was dealing with mentally better.

11: One the best pieces of advice that this person has ever given me was on April 14th 2009. “You can’t buy a lifetime experiences like you can souvenirs. So do the lifetime experiences and try to get pictures to remember them.” We were in Cabo San Lucas when this piece of advice was said. We were zip lining in Cabo and we were having the time of our lives. I will cherish those memories from our trip until I die, get amnesia, or go into a vegetative state. With the life time experiences that I have gained I am looking ahead instead of looking back. I am more thankful for the things that I have accomplished and am so happy to have this wonderful person in my life. Throughout my life I have been through the tough times with him and good times. I remember the bad as well just as well as the good, but I really try to focus on the good because if you focus on the bad times it really takes a lot of energy out of you when you are angry. I am very pleased and blessed to have had memorable experiences with this person in my life. If it were not for this person I would not be able to achieve what I have done to this day. I have done things so that I can live and be in this person presence. I am thoroughly thankful for having this person to have shadowed me from the world. Now that I am older and wiser this person has helped me to break out of my shell and spread my wings and fly. Even though I may dip and crash into windows and what not this person will still be there to give me guidance and help me through the tough times that are still to come. To this day this person may not even realize how much of an impact that they have made on me, but hopefully after this person reads this paper I hope they can get a fuller understanding of how much I appreciate them. Oh and by the way this magnificent person, is my Dad.

12: Roadtrippin’ Bro to College We piled into Sister Pennington’s car and started out trek to the Somerset Apartments. We were driving her car because she wanted to get the vehicle from Georgia to Utah and then to her daughter Jill without having to do it herself. So we offered to do it so that we could get my brother James to college without having to fly him out there. I decided that I was going to tag along and have a great time. We grabbed the portable DVD player, some TV shows, his bags, and our carryon suitcases where we than we were off. I do not remember the make or model of the car but I do remember that it had a very spacious back seat. My Dad drove first, then my Mom, then James, and I drove for I think maybe about a hundred mile stretch but not much. We decided that we needed some entertainment for the car rides so we stopped at the first Cracker Barrel on our way. We got some books on tape which were very enjoyable and ate dinner there that night too. We continued this ritual until we ran out of good books to listen too. Therefore we just stopped to eat there. Whenever we stopped to eat there we would play the little triangle game with the pegs. After about two nights of only getting two pegs every time we read on the back of the triangle and figured out how to solve the puzzle with the instructions that were given. We watched the entire second season of The Brady Bunch and a good portion of the Television series The Pretender. We would set the television on top of the dashboard with a sticky pad underneath it. My Mom would control the DVD player console from the front seat until she fell asleep and my Dad would hand us the remote so we could then control it. Once we reached the car’s destination we piled out and hopped into the car that we had rented and continued our drive out to the Somerset Apartments where my brother would continue to live until he was called out onto his mission. Once we reached the apartments he gave each of us a great big hug and without even crying said his goodbye’s. That is one of the best moments that I have ever had with my older bro.

13: Roadtrippin’ to College Beep. Beep. Beep. Is the sound of my alarm clock going off. Today is the day in which I am off to make a new beginning. I have finished packing the bags into the car and we are off to REI to get a box so we could somehow cram four people into the PT Cruiser with six suitcases. We ended up picking up a Yakima Rocket Box and putting two suitcases and some other stuff up top. Then we packed the other suitcases and miscellaneous items in the back of the Cruiser. My Dad and I then headed back up to his work where we proceeded to pick up my sister and my Mom. After we had piled into the car we were off to Idaho. On the first leg of the trip we drove for several hours and stayed at a Holiday Inn Express for the night. After our stay there that night we loaded up the back of the car and kept on trekking forward. We drove and drove and drove till three or four into the afternoon. Where we ate lunch and then kept on driving till we decided that it was dinner time. We stopped at Cracker Barrel and then proceeded to drive late into the night and stayed at another hotel. The next day Samantha, my sister, drove till the tank was low and while she was driving I captured a picture of our car reflecting off of a semi-truck’s hubcap. It was pretty much awesome. Then later that night we passed through a town that was having a gigantic rivalry football game. Every hotel that we were opting to stay at was booked out. Till we found one that was in another county about forty miles away that was open. After driving all that way we ended up coasting into a gas station because we ran out of gas. It was the second time in my entire life that I can remember coasting into a gas station. The next morning I drove till I got to a quarter tank then pulled into a gas station and swapped seats with my Dad after I filled it. We ended up at our destination thirty six driving hours later. It was an absolute blast driving up there to start living on my own.

14: Swimming Lessons My first swimming lesson began at the community pool in Farmington, New Mexico. My Grandma and Grandpa Sinks lived there and my brothers and sisters would go and visit them every summer in my youth up to the age of 10 that I can remember. During my first swimming lesson we would bobble and blow bubbles underneath the water. I thought that this was rather silly but it turns out it was going to be my first step in learning how to not be scared of the water. After about the first week of lessons we began to do our first swim. My teacher went out about 10 feet into the water and told us to swim over to her one at a time. We did this and I was third from last person to go. I doggie paddled the whole way over and the whole way back. It was amazing. After our lesson that day I called home to my Mom and told her all about it. The next lesson that I learned after graduating from the basics was how to wade in the water. It was very scary. I thought that I was going to drown because everyone in the water with me was just chatting it up while I was trying my hardest to stay afloat. Then we learned how to do the different kinds of strokes. My most favorite when I was at that age was the breast stroke because it made me laugh every single time that I said it. After graduating from that lesson I then proceeded to learn how to dive. I still to this day do not know how to dive because every time that I hit the water it sounds like a belly flop. After surviving the belly flop sessions I was then told to float on my back which was another hard thing because I was still uncomfortable with water in my ears. After about a week of diving and floating they threw in another thing to do which was swim across the length of the pool in the twenty feet deep water while doing the backstroke. This was the hardest thing for me to do because it put me way out of my comfort zone and pushed me to new limits. I do not understand how I survived, but I did. I refused to take any more swimming lessons after that batch because I was afraid that I was not going to make it out alive. One of the things that I remember most was that the water was frigid cold every time that we got in. On the other hand, the water in the other part of the pool was always really warm. That was the side that was the most fun to play in. Reason for that was because it had all of the cool slides and things like that. I am very thankful for taking swimming lessons because it has benefited me in showing me how that through determination and going outside your comfort zone you can still live to tell the tale.

15: Photography Contest My Grandma Throndsen came over one day telling me about this contest that she had found in the local newspaper. I asked her what the contest was and she told me that it was a photo contest. I decided that I had nothing to lose and decided to enter into the competition. That started my competitive side in the photography world. I decided that I was going to enter three of my pictures that I had taken on my Senior Trip to the Panama Canal. I had them printed out in 8 x 10 formats and taped to canvas boards of the same size. Read the rules three or four times over and over again to make sure to not mess up. After doing this I mailed them into the North Georgia Technical College and waited for the reply. I had mailed it in about a month in advance. After a couple of weeks had gone by I completely forgot about the contest until I realized that I was not going to be there if something was to come up and I may have won. I ran down the stairs and confirmed that I was going to be in California and visiting my Grandma and Grandpa Sinks. My thoughts began to race a thousand miles an hour. My Mom got a hold of me and made it all okay. Once we had arrived in California time began to slip by minute, by hour, and then by days. Then one day I got a phone call from my Dad on his cell phone telling me that I had a message from North Georgia Technical College. I asked him to play the message and he did. It said something along the lines of that I had won 1st and my prizes were awaiting me at the College and I should come and retrieve them because there was too much to mail. After one of my Doctor Appointments we drove the hour and a half drive over there and I walked in. They asked me who I was and I replied with my name and a valid photo I.D. They took me back to the art department where I saw a first place ribbon hanging beside my photo and I got very excited. They showed me all of my prizes and gave me a bag to carry all of my stuff in. Overall it was about $200 worth of merchandise. That was my first and definitely not going to be the last photo contest that I was going to win.

16: Baptizing Christopher Gonzalez Jay, my little brother, has these two friends from across the street that are great and magnificent kids. I absolutely adore them. We decided that one day we were going to ask Bryan, the oldest, and Christopher, the youngest, if they wanted to come and join us for Family Home Evening. They went and asked their parents and they obliged. After about a few weeks of doing this and every now and then the missionaries would pop by and would teach a lesson we got them to agree to go to church with us. On their first visit to church they loved all of the singing and stuff that was going on and how everybody was so eager to welcome them and make them feel as if they were already part of the church. After a few weeks of doing this we had them coming to Family Home Evening, church, and having discussions with the missionaries. One day Bryan and Christopher came in after a Family Home Evening lesson which happened to be about Baptizing. They asked if they could be baptized. This made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside and I just could not shake the feeling. We told them what was required to be baptized and they said they were ready. Later that day we scheduled for them to come to church the following Wednesday and meet with the missionaries. They did so and began to meet with them regularly. After they had met with Bishop Pennington and were ready to continue on in their spiritual journey in life they set the date to be baptized. With the help from my mom and from various members of my family and their family we got them ready for their big day. About two weeks prior to the date of their Baptism, Christopher came over and asked me if I wanted to baptize him. I said of course I would and was extremely excited that he had picked me. When the big day had arrived Christopher and I entered into the font I was dressed in my Dad’s temple clothing. Christopher then joined me in the font. I had said the prayer how my Dad had taught me to say it and they kept on saying that I was saying it wrong. After about the fifth try Elder Lovely tried to teach me how to say it correctly and I had said it so much he got confused to. After about the eighth try someone watching the Baptism told me how to say it correctly and I immersed him in the water and he we exited the font. Still to this day the most memorable thing that anyone said to me that day was from his mother who later was also baptized along with their father. She said to me if it was not for our family being such good examples since they moved into the neighborhood they would have never thought that it would be a good thing to join the Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints. To me that goes to show that being good always pays off because other people notice too.

17: Remarkable Fudge It was a day in September of last year in San Antonio, Texas. I decided that I liked to cook so I was going to cook a dessert. It was going to be remarkable. I had the idea to go through my Aunt Jolie’s cookbooks and see what I could find. After going through three or four cookbooks I decided on this recipe called Remarkable Fudge. I talked it over with my Uncle Justin when he got home and we decided that it was going to be a trip to the store for the cooking champions. On our way over to the store we were carrying the cookbook with us because we did not want to miss a single ingredient. We entered through the sliding glass doors and my life was never going to be the same again. We went to the cooking aisle and bought our ingredients. It was going to be fantastic. We got the items needed for two batches of fudge and headed back to the house. Once we arrived at the house we laid out the ingredients on the counter and began to work. I grabbed a 13 x 9 sized pan with and the aluminum foil. Then I cut a piece of aluminum foil that was going to be the perfect size to cover the pan’s bottom and sides. After that I grabbed a plastic bag and dipped my hand in the container of butter covered by the bag and buttered the aluminum foil. Later on I found an easier way to butter the aluminum foil. I then proceeded to grab a five quart sauce pan, wooden spoon, and the first three ingredients. After I turned the heat to medium-high and the ingredients began to boil I turned off the stove and that is where I made the major mistake. The mistake that I made was that after it boils you reduce heat to medium and continue to boil for another ten minutes. We then added the final three ingredients mixed them together and poured them into the pan covered in aluminum foil. The problem that arose was the fudge did not set and I ate it runny for the next few days along with my Aunt, cousins, and Uncle. After we made the next batch we thought we had it down but instead of it not setting it burnt. To this day I can make fudge without a recipe and without even thinking about how to do it. I made it here at Badger Creek and it was fantastic. I love making chocolate peanut butter fudge without nuts. My least favorite type of fudge is white chocolate. I have always wanted to sell it but never gotten around to it. It is one of my most favorite things to do. I love to make fudge and then see people’s reactions once they take their first bite of Remarkable Fudge.

18: Big Elk Creek Backpackin’ Trip The first snowfall came on September 30th 2009. I forgot to go to the bathroom before we left to go on this backpacking expedition so I did not go until we got back to Badger Creek on October 2nd 2009. It was a three day and two night hiking expedition. I started off with the same clothes that I was wearing the day of the hike and came back wearing the same clothes that I left Badger Creek in. I was wearing a wool hat, thermal top, rain jacket, thermal underwear, rain pants, wool socks, boots, and gaiters. I was wearing a cotton shirt and a ripped pair of rain pants on the first day but they were removed by the second day. I did not think that my cotton was going to be wet but I did not abide by the rule which is that Cotton Kills. It snowed/rained on the first day and night. We hiked three miles into Big Elk Creek where we camped for our whole entire backpacking trip. The reason in which we camped there for our entire backpacking trip was because some people did not set up their rain flies properly and they sprung a leak on the inside of their tents. It was also going to be a pain to set up tents which were soaking wet and iced over because of the ice and snow that was on the rain flies and stuff. I have some excellent pictures from the hikes. Back it up now. When we went shopping for food on this hike we could only spend $63 on the hike and that was a ton of money. Yet for some reason we still managed to go over by $9 which Lawrence and I had to cover because someone in our group wanted some extra stuff. The people in my group are Michael and Lawrence. Lawrence helped make a few but not many decisions except for one that absolutely had to be made which was on having Ritz crackers. Michael was not there but he was still a pain because when Lawrence and I came back he did not help divide up the food! I also ended up carrying the tent, the Billy Can, and my portion of the food. When we ended up at camp to cook that night Michael thinking that he was all that tried to cook pasta He added the cheese into the pasta which was not smart because our Billy Can got all dirty and Lawrence and I ended cleaning it all up and putting our little white gas stove away and doing all the dishes. Then the next morning we ate oatmeal for breakfast which was rather tasty. After breakfast we ended up deciding as a group that it would be rather miserable to pack up our tents and move on. So we stayed at camp collected at least 100 pounds of fire wood and burnt through at least fifty pounds of it and spreading the rest around the area which we were camping the next morning. On the second day we found pieces to a moose carcass which happened to be around our cooking area that we had designated. We had accumulated so much ash throughout the second day that we had to periodically dump it out and spread it around so we could keep the fire going. It was hard sleeping cold every night because my bag would not zip up the entire way. The second night out in the woods though Michael decided that he needed more room so he laid across our entire tent diagonally leaving Lawrence and I with no room. It was a major pain though because I ended up pushing Lawrence into the tent wall where we got soaked. I got some great pictures of the scenery the second and third day. My pack weighed between forty and fifty pounds. It was a great trip overall and I look forward to going camping with my family. I am pretty confident in my outdoor skills even though we had a stinky party pooper named Michael in our group who did not want to do a single THING! I learned how to poop in the woods in eight different positions.

19: Finger Carving October 9th 2009 I decided that I was going to help and get a fire going in the stove in the lodge. I began to rip off little strips of wood off of the pieces of wood in the fire box. I decided along with everyone else in the room that I needed smaller pieces of wood and borrowed John’s knife. It was sharper than you would think. Well I began to shave off little pieces of wood. After I got the small kindling to get the fire I decided to go for bigger pieces. That is where I made the mistake of splitting the wood the wrong way. I took the knife stood the piece of wood vertically on a soft chair and then put the knife sharp point in. I began to drill and then I put a whole lot of pressure on it and after about ten seconds of doing this, the knife slipped and it cut with the greatest of ease right through my index finger on my left hand. It went right on through at an angle in between my middle knuckle and the knuckle on the top of my finger. It made a C shaped cut and I did not feel a thing. It was pretty deep. It cut right on through the fatty tissue and a little bit of the muscle. The words that came out of my mouth right after I noticed it were, “Oops I cut my finger.” Then everybody was like go run it under cold water and get it cleaned out. So I began the process of cleaning it. I ran it under cold water and wrapped it in a paper towel and compressed it so the bleeding would stop. After it stopped bleeding Emily grabbed me some hydrogen peroxide. I went back down to the kitchen and rinsed out my wound and there were hardly any bubbles. I was very relieved. After that Sarah, the counselor, wrapped it in a band-aid and sent me on my way. The next morning I showed up in the lodge for breakfast and showed off my cut. Everybody that saw it said nice and asked how I managed to do that. I told them and they laughed and said that was pretty bright. Later that day I decided that I needed to go the doctor because I felt impressed to do so. So Jenny, Trisha, Kaleb, and I piled into Jenny’s car and headed down to Driggs, Idaho. Once we got to the medical clinic I tried all of the doors and it was locked. So we decided since we were in town we should go over to Broulim’s grocery store. While we were there I made a ton of phone calls and my parents said it was up to me to decide if it was worth going to the hospital. I still felt impressed to do so. Therefore we made a trip to the hospital where I decided that it was worth a shot to show them my finger and get their opinion if it was stitches worthy. I showed them and they said yeah it might need a couple of stitches. I gave them all of my information needed for the visit. Then they took me back to one of the rooms. I asked if my friends could come with me and he looked back to see how many there were and said sure. Once I made it into the room the only person that came in was Trisha. She came in with a camera and was told to photograph the whole thing. I thought that it was going to be fun. Then the doctors and the nurse practitioner joined us in the room. They asked to see the wound and I told them that it did not hurt so they could poke and prod it. They did so and asked me how long it had been since the accident. I told them 16 hours. They said that it was too late to get stitches and I asked them why. They said that it was a twelve hour time period and that I should have came in last night after it had happened because now bacteria had gotten inside and they could not sew it up because it would seal it in. They asked me when my last tetanus shot was and I told them that I could not remember. So they then gave me a shot and said that it was good for five years. I went over to the sink and they asked me to clean it out as best as I could. So I then scrubbed my wound. Then I went back over to the bed and got ready for it to be bandaged up. Once that was done they said that they would mail the bill back to my house. All in all I was 3 hours 50 minutes and 7 seconds too late to get stitches. It would have brought my stitch count up to a whopping 20 because it would have taken only two stitches to sew it up.

20: Wal-Mart Senorita It all started back this summer when my Uncle Justin and I decided to start making fudge, again. We would make frequent trips to the store we, along with others, like to call Wally World. We decided to go through separate checkout lanes to see who would get through first. I believe that I went through my favorite number and that it was lane number twenty-one. I do not remember her name. However, I finished last because my gift card to pay for my stuff was not working properly. It was an awesome experience though. Reason being because she was so flipping awesome! She made my experience in that checkout lane memorable because we actually had a conversation. That was a first for me because I usually go through and hope that they have a great day. Well every time we came to Wally World for fudge ingredients. We figured out what times she worked from frequent visits to the store. I would always wear a tie-dye shirt. Since I own about several of them I would put one on every time we would go to Wally World. She would recognize me and would ask how our night was going and stuff like that. Not too long ago, while I was up at Quest. My Uncle went to the store to go and get some groceries. Then while he was there he went through her checkout lane. She asked him where his nephew was. He replied that he had sent me off to college and she thought that I was still in Junior High. How ironic.

21: Ode to the Behemoth The water was as blue as my little sister’s eyes. The waves roll into the boat’s side with small swells. The ocean could be seen as far as the eyes could tell. Fish could be seen beneath the water’s surface. Blood and guts slip out around the stern of the boat. “Last drop of the hooks,” the mates call out. I grab a few squid heads and stick them on the end of my hook. I hurry to my lucky spot on the starboard side. Splash! The bait and hook hits the water. A scream emits from the reel. I quickly move up and down the boat with the fish on my hook yelling, “fish on fish on!” Right when I think my arm is going to give the fish comes up the side, a Behemoth. It is a Greater Amberjack weighing seventy-four pounds. It had a black and pinkish stripe running down the side. It was one of the most beautiful fish I have yet to see in my life. I gave it death and it gave me a story of my life.

22: Pistrix May 23, 2011 By: Peyton Sinks and Corey Tacy They leave marks on their prey Rows of teeth Beady eyes of the soul on its head Ocean it lies beneath Silent but deadly Strong but controlled Fast but cautious Bold but cold Some are small Some are huge Suckers feed off of them You won’t find hardly Baton-Rouge Strength of an elephant Presence of a beast If you met this face You would be deceased Shred you to bits Rattle your cage until it will crack Snap the bars OH NO SHARK ATTACK!!

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