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Briana - Friends Forever Book

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Briana - Friends Forever Book - Page Text Content

S: Friends Forever

BC: From the bottom of my heart I know we'll always be friends... You know too much.!

1: Friends Forever

2: This scrapbook is dedicated to my dear friend Briana Hill, commemorating a decade of beautiful friendship. Thank you for the endless late night talks and adventures, the countless movie nights and parties, the books shared and movie theaters visited, the memories of school and work, the sweet experiences in Young Women camps and activities, the laughter and tears, the hugs and smiles, the growing and learning. I am forever grateful for these precious memories and look forward to many more to come. Happy Birthday Briana, Love Lisa November 2013

3: Girls Camp August 2003 | Becky, Briana, Annalee, Jaycie | Lisa

4: We had so much fun at Girls Camp! Even though our ward's campsite was the highest up and farthest away from everything, we still had a great time swimming, canoeing, and zip-lining at the lake, sitting around the campfire, doing arts and crafts, climbing the rock wall, and hanging out with friends! | Lisa on the Zip-line | Annalee's shaken-up soda pop started to fizz when she opened it, so she did the most logical thing, sucked it all up before it overflowed.

5: Heather, Becky, Annalee, Briana | Caroline and Lisa | Arts and Crafts! | GIRLS CAMP July 2004

6: Lisa's Birthday! January 2005 | 14th

7: Lisa Briana Brittany Anna Becca Alyssa

8: Twister! | Lisa, Brittany, Anna | Alyssa, Lisa, Brittany | Briana, | Brittany, Briana, Anna | Anna, | Brittany, | Alyssa | Alyssa, | Briana, | Anna, | Brittany | Brittany, | Alyssa, | Lisa

9: 1st Period Gym class with Mrs. Bailey | Last Day of 8th Grade June 2005 | Briana, Lisa, Brittany, Anna End of school year awards

10: Oakcrest | LDS Girls Camp | Cabin-mates! | Briana, Bobby, Lisa

11: Anna and Brittany | Briana | Bobby | Lisa playing one of our favorite camp games, spinning flips around the bunk beds. | ASH FIGHT! | Bobby doing the trust activity, falling backwards into open arms.

12: the Zip-Line at Oakcrest June 2005 | the Zip-Line at Oakcrest June 2005 | Briana | Bobby | Lisa

13: A | R | C | H | E | R | Y | Oakcrest | June 2005 | Lisa | Briana | Bobby

14: Our Cabin! | Hayley, Anna, Brittany, Briana, Lisa | We had a camp-wide 50's themed dance, so we dressed up with bandana scarves and side ponytails! | Oakcrest Camp, June 2005 | Lisa | Briana | Bobby

15: The Overnighter | One night everyone t00k their sleeping bags outside and slept under the stars

16: Trek Youth Conference June 28 - July 2, 2005

17: On our way! | We spent the 8-hour bus ride to our Trek inWyoming talking, watching movies, making boondoggles, and sleeping. | Lisa and Briana | Annalee and Becky | Aundrea and Spencer

18: Our first stop, the landmark Independence Rock, is covered with the carved names of pioneers. June 2005 | Briana and Aundrea

19: Independence Rock

20: Devil's Gate | After a long day of hiking with handcarts, most of the group stayed at camp to play games while a few of us hiked over to see Devil's Gate pass. | Lisa, Heather, Briana

21: Pioneer children sang as they walked, and walked, and walked...

22: ...and walked, and walked... | Lisa, Annalee, Briana, Becky

23: ...and walked... | ...and walked, and walked... | ...and walked! Trek 2005

24: Crossing the Sweetwater River | It was so fun to ford across the Sweetwater river and to relax in the cool water.

25: June 2005 | Briana | Becky | Annalee | Lisa

26: Martin's Cove

27: We left our handcarts behind and walked the peaceful trail around Martin's Cove, enjoying the calm, beautiful spirit. June 2005

28: Our Trek family: Lori, Becky, Spencer, Aundrea, Andrew, Briana, Aaron, Zach, Lisa, Annalee, Mark. | TREK | 2005

29: Annalee, Briana, Lisa, Andrew | While crossing Rocky Ridge, Andrew was helping Mark cut slits in his sleeves when the knife slipped and cut Andrew's first two fingers. With our emergency vehicles over the Ridge, we put Andrew in our handcart, borrowed Joe and Jesse from another Trek family to help us, and we sprinted across Rocky Ridge with poor Andrew bouncing along in the cart. We finally made it and Andrew spent the afternoon in the hospital getting stitches. | Briana and Becky | Trek, July 2005

30: Harry Potter Midnight Show | We went to our very first midnight showing to see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, with eyeliner-drawn lightning scars on our foreheads to show our excitement. November 2005

31: Brittany's 15th Birthday Surprise Party! Instead of us surprising her, Brittany surprised each of us early Saturday morning with a PJ breakfast party. December 2005 | Lisa, Stephanie, Katie, Briana, Brittany, Becca, Jessica, Louise

32: Katie, Lisa, Anna, Tyler, Brittany, Briana, Erica, Brityn, Jordan | Anna's 15th Birthday January 2006

33: Brittany, Anna, Lisa, Briana, Tori | Brittany's & Anna's Young Women Recognition Night

34: Stake 50's Dance

35: Brittany, Lisa, Briana, Anna April 2006

36: Our Mia Maid Class Briana, Becky, Annalee, Lisa, Leslie, Andrea, Julianne, Lacey, Sarah, Stacy

37: Anna and Brittany | Lisa and Becky | Leslie, Lacey, Briana, Annalee

38: Young Men & Women Service Project | For our service project we helped a woman in our ward clean up her yard and plant flowers for spring. | May 2006 | Briana, Annalee, Lisa | Lisa & Stacy | Briana | Briana & Lisa

39: Butterfield Canyon | Then we rode our bikes back down the canyon! | As Young Men and Women, we went to the top of Butterfield Canyon right over Kennecott Copper Mine where we can see five different temples: Bountiful, Salt Lake, Jordan River, Mount Timpanogus, and Provo. | June 2006

40: Our Bee-utiful Mia Maid Class! | Sarah Julianne Lisa Briana Becky Leslie | We served the Primary Presidency a special appreciation dinner and provided live bug-themed entertainment.

41: July 2006 | Ashtyn, Briana, Lisa, Becky, Sarah, Lacey, Julianne, Julie, Annalee, Leslie, Katy, Andrea | Girls Camp! | Ready for the hike!

42: Girls Camp Facials! | Sarah and Lisa

43: Becky, Annalee, Lisa, Briana | Ashtyn | Briana | Annalee | Roughin' it at Girls Camp with some relaxing facials! July 2006

44: Rope Swing!

45: Briana | Ashtyn | Lisa | Annalee | Becky | Girls Camp 2006 | Our favorite thing to do at Girls Camp was play on the rope swing over the stream. The only way to get off was to have someone waiting on the little island to help you stop or you'd be left dangling over the water.

46: After so many people on the rope swing, the rope finally snapped. Annalee saved the day by climbing up the tree to retie the rope and giving us back our favorite activity. Girls Camp 2006

47: Annalee, Briana, Mallory | Ashtyn | Lisa | chillin' at the rope swing

48: at Girls Camp

49: July 2006

50: Briana | Annalee | Lisa | Youth Conference 2006

51: Amber, Lacey, Katy, Lorianne, Julie, Aubrey, Annalee, Michelle, Julianne, Sarah, Leslie, Lisa, Briana | Mia Maids

52: Logan Temple Youth Conference August 2006 | The Martin Harris Pageant

53: I love to see the temple. I'm going there someday!

54: Briana | Annalee | Lisa

55: Hanging around the beautiful Logan temple grounds. Youth Conference 2006

56: We ended Youth Conference with an awesome day on the lake! August 2006 | Aaron, Briana, Lisa | Jeff, Briana, Lisa | Lisa, Aaron, Briana

57: Lisa and Briana | Lisa, Aaron, Briana | Jeff, Briana, Lisa

58: Boating at Jordanelle Reservoir | Jeff, Briana, Lisa | Lisa, Aaron, Briana

59: Jeff, Briana, Lisa | Aaron, Briana, Lisa | August 2006

60: Briana, Annalee, Lisa, and Becky at Gardner Village September 2006

62: Andrew, Annalee, Becky, Lisa, Briana, Derek

65: Young Women Volleyball | Stacy Lorianne Julie Annalee Leslie Briana Lisa Diane Alexa Ashtyn Julianne Sarah Andrea Michelle Lacey | With great teamwork and awesome volleyball skills, our team played at Regionals two years in a row; the second year we placed 2nd in over 50 teams. October 2006

66: Becky, Lisa, Briana, Annalee, Andrea, Ashtyn, Julie, Michelle, Leslie, Julianne, Sarah, Alexa, Lacey, Kim | Our Young Women Group! Gardner Village, Oct. 2006 | Lisa | Briana | Briana, Lisa, Becky, & Annalee

67: Every Christmas season our favorite thing to do as Young Women was to go downtown to see the lights at Temple Square | December 2006 | Lisa, Annalee, Briana

68: Brittany's Sweet 16 Masquerade Ball | December 2006 | Brittany | Louise, Jessica, Katie | Lisa, Anna, Danielle

69: Jessica | Louise | Katie | Briana | Annalee | Lisa | Anna | Masquerade! Every face a different shade! | Masquerade! Paper faces on parade! | Look around, there's another mask behind you!

70: We celebrated Brittany's 16th birthday with a Phantom of the Opera style Masquerade, a fun night of fancy dresses, karaoke singing, awesome dancing, and birthday cake! December 2006 | Anna, Brittany, Andrew, Briana | Brittany and Tyler

71: Derek and Briana | Anna and Brittany | Annalee and Brittany | Briana and Annalee

72: Ashley, Lisa, Louise, Jessica, Brittany | Briana, Becca, Annalee, Anna, Becky

73: Lisa's Sweet 16 Luau!

74: Lisa's sandcastle birthday cake at her Sweet 16 Luau birthday party! January 2007

75: Anna's Sweet 16 Pirate Birthday Party | Emily, Tori, Kaeli, Katie, Anna, Becca, Lisa, Briana, Brittany, Natalie January 2007 | YO HO!

76: Lisa & Brandon

77: Annalee & Hyrum

78: Brittany & Jared

79: Briana & Jared

81: Laura & Russ, Annalee & Hyrum, Briana & Jared, Brittany & Jared, Lisa & Brandon | Sweethearts | Dance

82: WJHS Choir Tour New York City May 2007

84: Central Park | Briana, Emily, Anna, Brittany, and Lisa playing in the park. NYC 2007 | Emily got a real Central Park snow cone, and she and Lisa had authentic New York street-vendor hot dogs. Delicious!

85: Lisa, Anna, Emily, Brittany, Briana | We loved exploring Central Park, relaxing on the grass, walking along the lake, and playing on the playground. New York, May 2007

86: the Central Park Playground

87: Empire State Building

88: We saw the musical Wicked at the Gershwin theater and absolutely loved it! The acting was amazing, the music, phenomenal. It kept us laughing and singing for weeks afterward.

90: WJHS Choir Tour New York City May 2007 We spent five incredible days in New York City over Memorial Day weekend. We visited the tourist sights, ate the food, sang as a choir, took hundreds of pictures, played in Central Park, and saw two Broadway plays: Wicked and Beauty and the Beast, which we absolutely adored. As a choir we competed in the festival held at Riverside Church where we won the highest awards. To treat all the competing choirs, we were invited to celebrate with a dinner cruise that sailed the length of the Hudson river past the Statue of Liberty which was lit up beautifully against the night sky. We loved seeing the Statue even more up close on the morning we visited Liberty Island. After five days of walking and subway-riding all over the city to every store, site, and picturesque scene, we were all happily exhausted!

91: The Riverside Church As a choir we sang in the beautiful Riverside Church, and our voices filled the huge, intricately decorated chapel. It was amazing, and our choir won top awards in all categories. New York City, May 2007

92: Who's buried in Grant's tomb? | General Grant, of course! | Briana Lisa Emily Anna Brittany Becky Brittney

93: After singing in the Riverside church, we crossed the street to see General Grant's National memorial and admired the museum and the beautiful building. NYC 2007

94: Spanky's BBQ | Eating Out in New York | Planet Hollywood | Anna, Emily, Brittany | Becky, Lisa, Brenda | Lisa, Becky, Briana, Anna, Brittany, Emily

95: Anna | NYC 2007 | the Museum of Modern Art

96: Beauty | BEAST | and the

97: We loved the Beauty and the Beast Broadway musical. Even though our seats were high on the balcony and close to the back, we adored the beautiful singing, the great dancing, and the classic love story. NYC 2007

98: Statue Liberty | of | The | Tyler, Brittney, Emily, Briana, Brittany, Anna, Becky, Lisa

99: Brittney, Emily, Briana, Brittany, Anna, Becky, Lisa, Brenda

100: Emily, Brittany, Becky, Anna, Lisa | The Statue of Liberty | New York City May 2007

101: Tyler, Brittney, Emily, Briana, Brittany, Anna, Becky, Lisa

102: Ground Zero, where the World Trade Towers used to stand. Now it is just one big hole surrounded by construction, but filled with flags, murals, and children's drawings. It is a very beautiful and sacred place. NYC 2007

103: Ground Zero

104: on the Subway | Anna, Briana, Brittany, Emily, Lisa, Becky, Tyler, Brittney

105: "Pretend you are falling!" Brenda told us during our subway picture-taking, Just as she snapped the picture, the subway lurched to a stop, sending us toppling into each other for real.

106: FAO SCHWARZ | We tested the most expensive toy in the store, the virtual reality ride. It was fun, but a little too expensive for us! FAO Schwarz Toy Store, 2007 | Brittany, Emily, Lisa, Natalie, Anna, Briana

107: FAO SCHWARZ Legos

108: The Museum of Natural History | St. Patrick's Cathedral | Touring New York May 2007

109: The Disney Store | Central Park Zoo

110: Belles Voix | Beautiful Voices | West Jordan High School's Girls Choir

111: Lisa, Briana, Anna, Annalee | Friends don't let friends do silly things... alone!

112: Youth Conference | Group gunny-sack race | Briana | Wet Crab Soccer | Lisa, | Briana, | Annalee | Water Balloon Volleyball | June 2007

113: We spent the weekend at Snow College and played water games, did team-building activities, and slid on the inflatables. Mostly it seemed a fun excuse for our leaders to spray us as much as they wanted with the hose. | Ryan, Briana | Lisa | Briana | Annalee | Lisa


115: Annalee and Becky | Lisa | GIRLS CAMP July 2007

116: We put on the "Whole Armor of God" to protect us from the "Fiery Darts" of the Adversary and had an epic battle of Good vs. Evil (an awesome silly-string fight). | Briana, Lisa, Ashtyn | SILLY-STRING FIGHT! | The 2-man carry with Lisa, Megan, Briana

117: ASHTYN | Ashtyn and Margaret | Ashtyn, Becky, Andrea | GIRLS CAMP 2007

118: Lisa, Briana, Annalee, Becky, goofing around at the campfire. Girls Camp 2007

119: After we got back from the lake, we got cleaned up in this creek and shampooed our hair in the freezing water. Girls Camp 2007 | Becky, Annalee, Lisa, Karly, Ashtyn, Margaret

120: Michelle, Julie, Julianne, Sarah, Kim, Stephanie, Karly, Leslie, Megan, Lacey, Alexa, Ashtyn, Margaret, Briana, Lisa, Annalee, Becky, Andrea | Lisa, Ashtyn, Andrea, and Annalee | Playing at the Lake | Girls Camp 2007

121: Tommy for so long, so they planned for him to sneak over and meet her down the road from the house. That night, Suzy crept past the other girls and down the road whispering, "Tommy, Tommy!" and Tommy started up the road whispering, "Suzy, Suzy!" But he never found her and finally gave up, thinking she'd been stopped by a leader. But the next morning, Suzy was gone. Legend says she wandered into an ancient Navajo burial ground polluted with ancient curses. Everyone searched, but she was never found. The only clue they found was her signature on the stone chimney in the Girls Home that appeared in red letters saying "Suzy Sourblood." To this day if you wander near that Girls Home and listen very carefully you can hear the quiet whisper of the wind, ever so quietly, "Suzy Sourblood!" | A true Girls Camp ghost story told by Dana Hauptfliesch: There is a Girls Home just outside Brigham City where LDS wards go for Girls Camp. Around 50 years ago Suzy's ward went to this Girls Home, but she couldn't bear to leave her boyfriend | Suzy Sourblood | Suzy Sourblood | Becky, Lisa, Annalee, and Briana outside the Suzy Sourblood Girls Home

122: Boating with the Young Men & Women August 2007 | Annalee, Lisa, Briana, Sarah, Leslie

123: Annalee, Lisa, Briana

124: Lisa and Briana

125: August 2007 | Michelle, Sarah, Leslie, Lisa, Briana

126: Anna, Brittany, Katie | Ashley, Anna, Louise | Annalee, Ashtyn, Briana | Annalee, Briana, Jenn | Eclipse Party! August 2007 | To celebrate the release of Eclipse, the third Twilight book, we had a party and took goofy pictures posing as cardboard vampires. | Louise, Katie, Jessica | Katie, Ashley, Jessica

127: Elphaba and Glinda | Briana and Lisa | Halloween 2007

128: KATING | Briana | CE | Lisa | Our favorite skating game: Skate towards your friend as quickly as possible, grab tight, and spin! | March 2008 | with the Young Women

129: Lisa, Briana, Annalee | Youth Conference June 2008 | that Christ, the Lord God Omnipotent, may seal you his, that you may be brought to heaven, that ye may have everlasting salvation and eternal life, through the wisdom, and power, and justice, and mercy of him who created all things, in heaven and in earth,who is God above all." | always abounding in good works, | STEADFAST & IMMOVABLE, | "I would that ye should be | Mosiah 5:15

130: Young Women Luau | Stacy's backyard July 2008

131: Briana, Ashtyn, Edward, Bella, Lisa, Megan | To celebrate the release of Breaking Dawn, the final Twilight book, we dressed as "vampire bridesmaids" and went to the party at Barnes & Noble to have our pictures taken with the bride and groom, "Edward" and "Bella." August 2008

132: Canoes on the Lake! Girls Camp August 2008 | Lisa, Ashtyn, Briana | Leslie and Sarah

133: Annalee, Rosa, Leslie, Olga, Sarah | Rosa, Olga, Michelle, Ashley, Leslie, Briana, Sarah, Lisa, Stephanie. Andrea, Ashtyn, Annie, Megan, Annalee, Margaret | Girls Camp 2008 | Michelle, Lisa, Briana,

134: Girls Camp Pranks | Girls Camp Pranks

135: The Garbage Sack prank: Cover your top half with a black garbage sack. Make an eye hole and tie the top. Knock, then sit backwards on the porch. When someone opens the door you will look just like a regular garbage sack. When they curiously try to pick up or look into one of the "sacks," quickly stand up and run away, then laugh triumphantly at your undeniable awesomeness!

136: Zip-line

137: Lisa | Girls Camp 2008

138: Midnight Showing November 2008 | Briana, Tianne, Ashtyn, Lisa

139: Sweethearts Valentines Dance February 2009 | Emily & Kyle, Lisa & Phil, Brittany & Seph, Danielle & Bryan, Briana & Mike

140: WJHS Concert Choir | Brittany, Briana, Anna | Anna, Briana, Taylor, Brittany

141: WJHS WJHS WJHS WJHS WJHS WJHS WJHS WJHS WJHS WJHS WJSH WJHS WJHS WJHS WJHS WJHS WJHS | GO JAGS! GO JAGS! GO JAGS! GO JAGS! GO JAGS! GO JAGS! GO JAGS! GO JAGS! GO JAGS! | Lisa, Anna, Katie, Crystal, Jordan Spencer, Briana, Brittany, Emily, Jessica | Congrats Class of 2009!

142: Youth Conference June 2009 How Strong is Your Rock? | ROCK SOLID | Our Youth Conference theme focused on President Monson's talk about the five stones we can use to defeat our Goliaths: the Rocks of Duty, Humility, Prayer, Courage, Effort, and we added the Rock of Service.

143: Lisa, Briana, Carmen, Ashtyn, Olga, Sarah | Tent-mates! | Sarah, Briana, Carmen, Lisa, Olga

144: We hiked 3/4 of a mile out to the workshops for Humility and Duty, where it rained and pounded on our canvas canopies and turned the dirt road into a river of mud. But at Duty we enjoyed homemade hot, thick tortillas which warmed us right up. | Lisa, Briana, Sarah, Kayla, Nicole | The Rock of Duty

145: Hayride! The hayride was actually old church pews on the back of a tractor, because the rain would have made real hay too soggy. Some people huddled underneath the tarps and umbrellas as we rode along, chatting and learning the Youth Conference song. We decided that since we were already soaked we would sit on the edge and dangle our feet over the side. We had a lot of fun, and at the end of the ride we came to a large, muddy field with a life-size poster of Goliath. The boys had fun mucking through the mud and throwing tennis balls at it with slingshots. The next day, Briana's parents, who were in charge of the hayride, enlisted Briana, Lisa, Brittany, and Anna to ride out to the Humility workshop and rescue the canopy, which had been swamped in several inches of rainwater. Men with tall rubber boots tromped through the swampy station and passed us each a pole so we could carry the canopy over our heads to the new, much drier Humility station. Driving there and back, the tractor couldn't drive on the road because the mud was so deep and wet. Instead we bounced along over the brush and tall grass, holding tightly onto our canopy. What an adventure! Youth Conference 2009 | Lisa and Briana

146: We courageously climbed the rock wall and completed other team-building challenges. | The Rock of Courage | Briana | Lisa and Ashtyn

147: Briana | Lisa | Sarah and Ashtyn | Sarah and Ashtyn wanted to try buddy climbing with the same rope on the same side of the wall, but even though they didn't get very far, it was funny to watch them try!

148: The Rock of Effort | One of the funnest workshops of Youth Conference, the Rock of Effort, was in a secluded part of the campground where a man-made fish pond had been set up with fake golf turf, tarps, and sandbags, then filled with live trout. Our job was to put in the effort to wade into the pond and catch a fish using... | nets or bags... | buckets... | for Ben and the other Young Men, a good whacking stick... | Alexa and Lisa | Ashtyn | Ben and Lisa

149: or the favorite fish-catching method, your bare hands. | Even though she put in a great effort, Lisa was an absolutely awful bare-handed fisherman. After chasing fish all afternoon with no luck, Brother Sylvester, a Young Men leader, whacked a fish with a stick so hard that it flopped dementedly near the surface of the water, mostly dead, an easy catch for Lisa. But when she finally got her hands on the disgusting, slimy thing, she was so grossed out that she stuck with nets for the rest of the day. | Taylor

150: Ashtyn caught her fish! | Lisa and Ben | Lisa, Kayla, Alexa, Michelle, Levi, Ben | Everyone worked together to get THE BIG ONE. Well, Lisa tried, but the most help she could give was just to point.

151: Some brave fish-catchers enjoyed gutting and slicing their prizes to fry and eat. | Youth Conference, June 2009 | Ashtyn | Taylor | Ben

152: Make a Joyful Noise to the Lord! | Lisa and the choir soloists | Olga, Kayla, Lisa, Patrick, Ben on the chimes | Youth Conference 2009

153: We ended Youth Conference with a huge celebration. We sang in the choir and Lisa performed a solo. Together everyone played "For All The Saints" on chimes, and Briana performed a dance taught by the Samoan ward. | Briana and the dancers

155: Brittany | Emily | Lisa | Katie | Crystal | Jordan Spencer | Briana | Jessica

157: Celebrating the end of our first summer as high school grads | FRIENDS!

158: Crystal, Katie, Jessica, Emily, Briana, Lisa, Brittany, Jordan

159: "Friends are like bras: close to your heart, and there for support."

160: Jordan Spencer, Brittany, Emily, Briana, Lisa, Jessica, Katie, Crystal

162: Night on Campus! | True Aggie, anyone?

163: Briana came to visit Logan for the weekend, and Katie, Brittany, and Lisa took her on a midnight stroll around campus. We played on all the statues and fountains, stood on the True Aggie A Platform, and laid on the Quad laughing and making faces. What a fun night! Oct. 2009

164: Twilight Saga: New Moon Midnight Showing | Ashtyn Briana Lisa | November 2009 | GO TEAM EDWARD!

165: Happy 19th Birthday Anna & Lisa! | Brittany, Katie, Crystal, Taylor, Jordan, Eliza, Briana, Lisa, Anna, Jessica | January 2010

166: Pigtails | Lisa & Briana | Brittany & Briana | Katie, Brittany, Jessica | To celebrate the last few days before Brittany's wedding, everyone had a sleepover in her basement where we put our hair in silly pigtails, took goofy pictures, and enjoyed our ultimate coolness.

167: Crystal, Lisa, Louise, Brittany, Briana, Katie, Jessica

168: Katie, Crystal, Brittany, Jessica | Briana & Lisa | Brittany & Briana | Louise, Lisa, Brittany, Briana, Jessica, Crystal, Katie | Friends!

169: Jessica & Lisa | Briana & Lisa | Katie Crystal Jessica Lisa | Brittany & Briana | Lisa | Louise Lisa Jessica Briana Brittany Crystal Katie | March 2010

170: Goofing | Around! | Lisa & Louise | Crystal, Jessica, Katie, Lisa | Katie, Brittany, Jessica | Briana, Crystal, Lisa | Brittany | The Face Game: Pull as many ridiculous faces as possible up until the moment the picture is randomly taken, and enjoy the hilariousness.

171: Crystal, Jessica, Katie, Lisa | Katie, Brittany, | Lisa & Louise | Crystal, Jessica, Katie, Lisa | Jessica taught us how to make the best real fake mustaches. | Jessica

172: Brittany and Michael sealed for time & all eternity March 12, 2010 | Gina, Briana, Tyler, Brittany, Katie, Jessica | Mr. and Mrs. Garner | Briana Brittany Katie Jessica

173: Jessica & Brittany | Crystal Anna Louise Brittany Jordan Ashley Jessica Katie Lisa | Gina, Briana, Tyler, Brittany, Katie, Jessica

174: Brittany's Wedding Reception | The Bouquet Toss!

175: March 2010

176: Rachel, Ashtyn, Briana, Lisa | Ashtyn, Briana, Lisa | Twilight Saga: Eclipse Midnight Showing | June 2010

177: Elder Cunningham Tempe, AZ Mission Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints | Eliza, Emily, Lisa, Briana, Jordan, Crystal, Ashley, Katie, Brittany, Jessica, Anna | Jordan's Day-Before-The-Farewell Party: Jessica, Katie, Ashley, Lisa, Emily, Crystal, Brittany, Briana | Jordan's Mission Farewell | October 2010

178: Briana & Lisa | 2010

179: Lisa, Briana, Monica, Ashley | We dressed up to celebrate at Utah's largest Halloween party, USU's zombie-themed The Howl, where we had a great time and saw We The Kings perform live!

180: For Briana's birthday, we had a slumber party in her living room and stayed up late watching a movie. The next day we all went out to a nice dinner together. | Jessica, Brittany, Lisa, Briana

181: Briana's 20th Birthday Party November 2010 | Jessica, Brittany, Lisa | Briana, Crystal, Katie

182: Christmas Lights | Briana, Katie, Jessica, | Lisa, Lindsey

183: at Temple Square | Briana, Lisa, Katie, Lindsey, Jessica | December 2010

184: 20th | To celebrate Jessica's, Anna's, and Lisa's birthdays, we had a big party in Logan. We slept over at Katie and Jessica's apartment, played games and watched movies all day, went to dinner, and had birthday cake afterward.

185: Mike Brittany Katie Ashley | Lindsey Diane Jessica Anna Briana Lisa Mike Brittany Katie Ashley | Lindsey Diane Jessica Anna Briana Lisa

186: Birthday Girls! | January 2011 | Diane, Briana, Lisa, Katie, Ashley, Brittany, Mike, Anna | Jessica, Anna, Lisa

187: With such a large party, we had two birthday cakes and 60 total candles, 20 for Jessica, 20 for Anna, and 20 for Lisa. Make a wish!

188: 8 | SCRUD Party! | SCRUD Party! | Jessica, Briana, Diane, Lisa, Brittany, Katie | June 2011 | One of our favorite games has always been SCRUD, played on a pool table with only the 8 ball and the cue ball. We spent countless nights in Lisa's basement running, screaming, and laughing hysterically at ourselves.

189: Logan Sleepover! | Lisa and Ashtyn spent a week in Logan at Briana and Diane's apartment. After Lisa's summer class during the day, we spent fun evenings together visiting the Logan temple, USU campus, and hanging out. Our first night we made raspberry upside-down cake and stayed up late playing Phase 10. July 2011 | Diane Briana Ashtyn Lisa

190: Logan Temple | Lisa, Briana, Ashtyn, Diane | Ashtyn | Lisa | Briana

191: Diane, Briana, Lisa, Ashtyn | I love to see the temple! | July 2011

192: Briana | Ashtyn | Lisa | I'm Going There Someday!

193: Jump Attempt #1 | Jump Attempt #2 | Jump Attempt #3

194: Ashtyn

195: Lisa | Briana | Logan Temple

196: Logan Temple July 2011 | Lisa | Briana and Ashtyn

197: ggies! | A Night on Campus | at USU | Lisa, Briana, Ashtyn, Diane | Ashtyn, Lisa, Briana, Diane

198: Ashtyn, Diane, Briana, Lisa | We had so much fun exploring campus at night, climbing on all the statues, playing in all the water fountains, and taking tons of silly pictures. July 2011

199: Ninjas! | Ashtyn, Lisa, Diane, Briana

200: Briana, Ashtyn, Lisa, Diane | July 2011

201: Our favorite USU statue: The Slide | Diane, Lisa, Briana, Ashtyn | Briana | Diane | Ashtyn | Briana | Diane

202: Porcupine Reservoir | During Lisa and Ashtyn's week-long visit to Logan, Briana took everyone to Porcupine Reservoir. We swam across the lake, climbed up the cliffs on the other side, and jumped! | July 2011

203: Briana and Diane jumped several times and even braved the higher cliff like superheroes! Meanwhile, terrified Lisa cowered at the top of the cliff for so long that her swimsuit was completely dry before she realized she'd never jump on her own. She asked a random boy to push her, and he did! After that she had much more fun watching Briana and Diane jump and only jumped one more time off the smallest cliff. | Briana, Lisa, Ashtyn, Diane

204: Crayon Art | 1. Get a canvas and crayons. 2. Arrange and hot glue crayons to the top of canvas. | Briana and Lisa

205: 3. Use a blow drier to melt crayons and let them drizzle away! | Last day in Logan as roomies! | September 2011

206: Jessica & Briana | Lisa | Park City | The Great Salt Lake | We had a sleepover in Park City with Jessica's family and on the way home stopped at the Great Salt Lake. | October 2011

207: Briana and Lisa going to see Breaking Dawn Part 1 | Thanksgiving Day 2011

208: Sock Buns! | Lisa and Briana

209: Hairdos! January 2012 | Lisa | Briana

210: Lisa Diane Jessica Brittany Liz Briana Anna | Mike, Katie, Anna, Briana, Lisa, Diane, Tyler, Brittany, Jessica, Liz | Briana's Mission Farewell January 2012

211: Sister Briana Hill called to the Indianapolis, Indiana Mission February 2012

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