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Days dream

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Days dream - Page Text Content

S: Days dream

FC: Days Dream | Written by Annamaria Katbaum

1: chapter 1 moving day chapter 2 friends chapter 3 not what it seems chapter 4 the baby chapter 5 the sad break up chapter 6 growing up chapter 7 looking back chapter 8 look out chapter 9 gone chapter 10 no where to be found chapter11 i'll always remember you about the author | I am dedicating this book to my best friends Julia,Alyssa, Jolie, Arielle, and Gillian. Best wishes to them and their families.

2: Chapter 1 Moving day | "Before I start to tell the story about my mother Juliet I would like to share with you who I am. I am Bethany I am 15 years of age and I would love to share with you who my amazing mother was I will now tell you her Best Friends name. Ella is Juliet's best friend she is now 67 and her husband Brandon is 68, my dad that I don't know very well is Mason and he is now dead just like my mother but you should now know how amazing my mother was to me... " "Well Once there was a girl named Juliet and she was born in London. She had a bunch of friends and a wonderful mother and father. One day Juliet's father was transeferd to Vancover Canda and Juliet had to make new friends. She wished it would be easy and that no one would make fun of her voice. She wanted to meet a girl that would understand her.

3: A person like Ella Simsons the girl that she meets at school in Vancover. They were best friends from the start. They always had sleepovers, playdates Ella went home after school with Juliet and somedays Juliet went home with Ella. But, they never thought of themselves as BFF's or Best Friends for life or anything like that they just thought of themselves as friends only friends. And they liked being friends they were always there for each other always. Then one day...

4: Chapter 2 | Ella asked to be more than Friends to be BFFFFFFFFFFFL's. Juliet agreed and they became BFFFFFFFFFFFL's for the rest of their natural lives. They talked about having crushes and babys and played barbies and dolls and house. They did each others nails hair make-up. They got each other earings for their birthdays. And so many other things but most of all they never were mean to each other. But then one day...

5: They got into a fight over nail polish. "I am going to use it first then you. You know that "I" love hot hot hot pink not you!!!!!" yelled Juliet. "No it's me that loves that color" informed Ella. Then they laughed and made up. Then prosimed that they would never fight again.

6: Chapter 3 not what it seemes | "Well now you may kiss the bride. Hello remember me? You don't! It's me Bethany. Juliet's daughter! Now you remember. Well now is the time to get 2 wedding cakes for Ella and Juliet. Juliet is now finally married to Mason and Ella is married to Brandon. But, when Mason got married to Juliet he asked her what is your dream name? She responded with Bethany.

7: And Brandon asked Ella what is your dream name? She responded with Elizabeth. So turns out that Brandon and Mason agreed if they have girls go with their wifes dream name and if they have boys Ella and Juliet agreed to use their hubands dream names which Mason's is James and Brandon's is Rayan. And that is how it came to be.

8: chapter 4 the baby | One day Juliet would not get out of bed Mason was wondering why so she told him it's time, their going to have a baby. He was shocked but he must give it a try to get to the the small abandon cottage where the retired doctor lives and plead him to help them get the baby out of her to give birth to a child whose birthday May 3rd 1994.

9: So Mason drove and drove but forgot where the small cottage where the doctor lives is. So he web serched it and found where Dr. Nelson lives and Dr. Nelson helped big time.

10: chapter 5 The sad break up | Well hello again this is Bethany. Well how about I tell you in my own words... "Is it a boy?" asked Mason. "No it is a girl what are you going to name it Juliet?" asked the doctor. "I am going to name her Bethany." answerd Juliet "and she will live with Mason and me in our bed." "No she will live in our room for a few years, but not in our bed." "YES" "NO" yes no yes no yes no they argued. Then Mason made the desition. Fine you win I lose How about we get devorsed? Fine Mason, the only reason why I married you anyway is because "you" said if i don't then I'll be sorry. I did not...

11: Mason lied saying that I only married you because you were popular back in the day. That's because I have an acsent you little bug. That's it I don't want to be married to you anymore. Me nether. Fine!!! Fine!!!

12: chapter 6 growing up | Now it's just me talking to you. I never met my father when I was 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 but now in the story I am 10 and i have still only seen pictures and I have heard his voice here and there. But I never met him in person. My mother would not let me speek to him. Now sence I am growing up my mother wouldn't let me go to school I was home schooled just like Elizabeth Ella's daughter. Elizabeth and I are BFF's just like my mother and Ella are. But times are tuff when you dissagree on something with your best friend.

13: But we never fight. The only hard part of "growing up" is that you have to baby sit before middle school start's. It is very hard to look after the Mantackle kids. 7 boy in one room playing video games, 3 girls in onther room playing dolls. 1 baby in bed and a 3 year old in the kitchen every time i go there.

14: chapter 7 looking back | So now is the present day. I'm looking back in the room where i kept my memories of loving Juliet and wonderful Mason they are both dead and i am now living with Brandon, Ella, and Elizabeth Shelock. I look at how beautiful my mother was and i say that I will always, always remember her.

15: But, next year when I turn 16 I will go back and try to find her in that hole down that mountain and find her...

16: chapter 8 look out | Well, it's been 13 years to this day because it's my birthday. I'm turning 13 and what I want to do for my birthday is climb Mount Everest. I am a little sad that dad can't come but he and mom are not married. What could go wrong with Ella, Elizabeth, me, Bethany, Juliet and Brandon? What could go wrong, so we are now climbing the mountain and..... "So Ella, what are we doing for summer vacation?" "I don't know Juliet, my idea is to go to the keys with the girls and Brandon." "Well, I thought we could go to the Bahamas, besides, Bethany always says 'Bahamas' in her sleep."

17: "Well, I don't! Listen, I know that this is not a real fight, right? Juliet, let's just make up. No, no, Ella, I will not listen to your rules so get out of my way. No, yes, no, yes..they argued and argued, but Bethany and Elizabeth had something on their minds. .."Do you like our mothers fighting Elizabeth?" "yes, because it's entertaining and I don't because they promise that when they were little girls, they would never fight." "That gets me upset too...Well, not really, I mean, they are going to make up, Bethany, right?" "Well, it does not matter now!" screamed Bethany and flew her arm right into Juliet's chest. Juliet fell and held on to the edge of the mountain. Brandon realized that she was falling, so he held "lookout"! Ella caught her hand before she fell....

18: Chapter 11 Gone | And so now you see the end of the story of Juliet. It's so so sad. But, like I said before next year on my Birthday I will look for her at the moutains when I come back. There's just one problem after that day we sold our house and moved to Jacksonville Florida so now we have to take a rode trip there. Mabey next time. The End

19: Or is she dead?

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