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Farewell Gary & Sandi

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Farewell Gary & Sandi - Page Text Content

S: Farewell Wishes From All Your Florida Friends & Family

BC: Your friendship and love will be remembered always.

FC: Memories

1: Oakland Park Congregation | Though miles may lay between us, we are never far apart. Friendship doesn't count the distance, it's measured by the heart!

2: From This... | ...And Back

3: ...To That... | Again

4: "In a friend you find a second self."

5: Dear Sandi & Gary, You are our children's 2nd grandparents and you were there when we really needed you. You are a fine example for family. You are so nice and we thank you. We love you!!! Dana, Nestor, Michael, Melissa & Marcus All together we'll miss you. | Numbers 6:24-26. We will miss you but know that Jehovah's rich blessings will follow you forever. Love, Dwayne & Pam

6: One who finds a faithful friend finds a treasure.

7: I want you both to know that you guys have been such strong holds for me, always helping me through anything that's going on. As you move away your words of wisdom will continue to help others as they always stay with me. As we all grow spiritually I will always remember the share you had in making my love grow. Love, Maya | Our whole family has been so profoundly influenced by your positive spiritual outlook. We will miss your love and friendship. However this is not goodbye, but rather a "until next time". Take with you all the good memories we have shared.We hope to visit you in California, until then keep in touch. Love, The Bermudez Family

10: "Friends are the sunshine of life"

12: Ode To Sandi & Gary | How will we miss thee? Let us count the ways. Okay, it's only three, But they're three that sure pays! Number one is easy, Easy going, we mean. You don't get all queasy, Or whipped up like cream. Number two is the aid that you give to others, To family and friends and sisters and brothers. When the call for help rings, you start off the line. Though old you are getting, you still do just fine. But what is the third? It's the love that you show. By both deed and by word, Oh, why must you go? Rob & Debbie James

13: We love you very much! Richard & Marion James

16: "A friend is someone who reaches out for your hand... and touches your heart."

17: Reflections | We are truly going to miss you both. Your leaving has caused us to reflect on how your lives have touched ours. We have shared some good experiences together. Was it not only yesterday when you and your children took the whole middle row at the meetings? How did they grow up so fast? Gary, I remember the excitement of you getting the job with the school system and the stress of passing the test for carpenter. Yes we were there when old “Hos” was school employee of the year. You never said too much about it but we all knew it was a remarkable achievement. Wasn’t it great to be assigned to the Chairman’s office together at the convention? Brother & Sister Parker loved you two. We will | always remember the hot tub experience at your place and sharing a bottle of wine and stories on our boat. You may be retiring and leaving Florida but a few miles won’t keep good friends apart. Stay strong Love you both, Kim & Tara

18: "Only in Jehovah's organization do we meet people like you."

20: Dear Sandy and Gary, We hate to see you go, our congregation won't be the same without you. We've shared so many good memories through out the years in Oakland Park Congregation. Although we hate to see you leave, we hope you will enjoy your new congregation. Thanks to Jehovah we have this big spiritual family anywhere we go. We will miss you very much! Love, Ligia, Matt, Lucas and Zacky Trask | Gary & Sandi It is an understatement to say that you have had a profound impact on the Oakland Park English congregation. Even though our association with the congregation only dates back to the spring of 2008, we have had the privilege to serve our God Jehovah with you and have been encouraged by your faithful service. Your deep respect for one another is a model for all to follow. We wish you the best in your new territory." Nicolas and Jennifer Landais | Gary and Sandi, I have enjoyed you and your family over the years. You both have been such an asset to the congregation. I am sure you will continue to be one at your new one. Love Marsha

22: "Where there are friends, there is wealth."

24: Our two families have a lot in common. First of all we fish for men. (Matthew 4:10) The most joy of all! The second of all is fishers of fish. Please think of our family fondly. Brotherly love and our best regards, Randy & Rayann

25: How wonderful it is to know people that are so hard to say goodbye to.

26: Dear Gary and Sandy, We have known you and been part of your extended family for the past 20 years. There have been lots of really nice memories. And more memories in the making! May Jehovah continue to bless you both with your new adventure of moving to California . We will miss you, but know your new home will have 2 wonderful gifts! We love you. Love, Reuben, Christine, and Luke | Dear Sandi and Gary, The first thing that comes to our minds is how happy we are that you moved to Florida where and when you did. Your Dawn and our Tim were able to meet, fall in love, and wisely choose each other to spend their life together serving Jehovah. Together they have done well, especially giving all of us two very, very, very, special grandchildren. We were so happy we could share family times with you in Orlando, Universal Studios, as well as other family gatherings, anniversaries, and of course when 'our kids' came in for a visit. Our thoughts and prayers go with you as you move to California and embark on a new part of your lives. We know our lives will always be connected because we are family. We shall miss you, but who knows we may show up on your doorstep one day!!! In the meantime, "let Jehovah keep watch between me and you when we are situated unseen the one from the other." ~Gen 31:49 Warm Christian Love, Walt & Gerry

27: Dear Gary and Sandy, We are so excited for you and your new adventure!! Your new home is just a taste of what it will be like in the paradise. Just remember all the good times you had here in Florida and the friends and family that love you very much. I hope your new congregation knows what a loving family they will have, because your old one will miss you dearly. It has been so much fun being a part of your family and sharing so many memories with your kids and grandchildren. You never know one day soon you might get a knock on your door from the Goldstein Family coming to visit your lovely home. We will miss you dearly! May Jehovah keep blessing you in all your adventures in life! All our Love, Adam and Donna Joshua, Ashley and Noah | I wish you a happy trip and hope you enjoy your new home in California. Stay well and close to Jehovah/ Love, Grandma | I wish you the best in your move. Stay healthy. I will be thinking of you. Love, Oma

29: Gary & Sandi- Time ran out on us didn't it? We wish that we had the time to get to know you both better. May you have a wonderful and blessed life back in California. Much Christian Affection, Bernie & Ann Ostrokolowicz | We hope you have fun wandering around in the wilderness, let’s just hope it’s not for 40 years. We will miss you. Visit often. Love, Mike & Wendy

31: To our Mom, Dad, Grammy and Opa; Words cannot express how much we will miss you. You mean so very much to us as a Mother, a Father, a Grammy and an Opa. You truly are an encouragement and a known safe place and sanctuary. Here’s to the simple things such as instructing us to “go take off our shoes and walk in the grass”, your precious singing to Jagur both in the womb and out, a strong and loving shoulder to cry on, the comforting hugs and just simply your listening ear. Our son was brought into this world with you standing by our side and he will always hold a special place in his heart for his Grammy and Opa. Even though many miles will now separate us, nothing will keep our hearts apart, for wherever you go, our hearts will follow. Your faith and integrity in Jehovah emanates through all that you do and the continued blessings that you receive. We are so very happy that you are going back to the family roots to enjoy each other and take care of Grams. So with tearful eyes but heartfelt joy we say . We can’t wait to see you again in California our precious Mother, Father, Grammy and Opa !! ~ With all our Love ~ The Schlueter Three soon to be Four!! Clint, Kiya, Jagur and Baby! P.S. I am sending Olga to California with you!

32: "To know someone here or there with whom you can feel there is understanding in spite of distances or thoughts expressed That can make life a garden." ~ Goethe

34: c | Dear Brother & Sister Schlueter, It has been great having you both in the congregation. The love and support you have given over the years is much appreciated. We have a lot of great memories, especially back in the days of book study and going out in service together. You will be really missed by us, but we hope you have a great time in California! Love, The Williams Family (Dean, Sonja, Leighton, Rachelle & Marissa) | Dear Gary and Sandi, We will miss you very much. Here is our family picture for you to remember us. You are starting your new lives in California. We know you will face new challenges but be assured that wherever you are, you will become part of another family in your new congregation who will give you the encouragement that you need. Be of good courage in this old system of things and keep your heads up because the Bible says your deliverance is near. All our christian love, The Pierre family

36: It was a huge pleasure for us to be part of the Oakland Park Congregation and you both are so nice and sweet. We are sure that Jehovah will bless you in your new life. We will think of you often and we hope to see you again, maybe in the New System. Until then take care and much love, Claude Nadge Gueven & Chloé

37: Gary & Sandy, You will be missed. We wish you all the best. I will miss seeing you at the conventions. Love the Fasano's Frank, Julie & Melissa | Love you very much! Amy Reynolds

38: Dad & Mom, We don't really have a word to express what we feel about this move. We are happy for you and know we will get to see you. But, who am I going to come and whine to? Who is going to watch the boys when we can't? Who will save our seats? Who is going to tell me that my shirt has little balls on it? There is no replacing you two in any way and it is going to be such an adjustment when you are no longer around the corner. It will be a sad sad day. But, we will be strong. I will learn to be like all the other girls and learn how to live without my Daddy & Mommy around the corner. We love you dearly and will miss you tearfully, Bobby & Lori

40: "A friend may well be reckoned the masterpiece of nature." ~Emerson | Gary and Sandi - We both have known you for many years, since we were teenagers. We both have such fond memories of being with you all and your family. Sandi, you have a warmth and love that is contagious, and it just draws everyone to you. Gary, you are such a fine example of a husband, head, father, and grandfather. We feel honored to know you and we don't just look at you as friends - you're family. We love you and will miss you. Love, Jason and Amber

41: Memories | Early in our friendship Sandi you helped me to do telephone work because I had had foot surgery. I was pioneering and wanted to stay on the list so you came over and we started telephone witnessing. This was in 1983 well before this type of witnessing was popular. This kind of ministry has now blossomed into something every Kingdom Hall does, and what a special time we had spearheading this work in our own territory. This brought us so close and our families as well. Chad was your sixth child and your five became my other children. Then we started One Day Tax Service which also blossomed into a pretty good business with so many memories, stories and special times. Our office was used as a hub for service, we were able to witness to our clients, display our literature, and even enjoyed having circuit overseers to lunch in our lovely lunch room. It was such a wonderful spiritual environment, and how nice that your girls could help out in the office after school. There are just so many memories, some funny and some sad, but that time Sandi that you and I were close friends, was the best time of my life in the truth. I love you so much, as well as Gary and the kids, and I will miss you a great deal. Although we have not kept in the best of touch, just knowing you were there if I ever needed to call, "HELP", was such a comfort. But with current technology, I know we can stay connected. And with the new system fast approaching, we will be together eternally. Love, Carol & Tony Vettorazzi

42: Gary & Sandi, Where do we even begin to sum up the last 20 odd years of our lovely friendship. This is just the beginning because we have eternity to look forward to. In those years we certainly have striven hard to be good servants of Jehovah, good fathers and mothers. And I know the four of us would agree we gave birth to the best children. Although they may not always have followed the path we hoped for, we love them and each other. We've had so many memorable times, but two come readily to mind, the time when Lori fell in the lake and Larry reached down and pulled her up by her hair. And the other we were out boating, and Gary stepped out onto land, walked over and picked up the most perfect sand dollar not a chip or crack in it, and handed it to me. I'll cherish it forever. If we had to sum up one thing we learned from you both over the years it would be that "Friends want the very best for their Friends." We love you and will miss you. I guess now we'll have to learn how to text! Love, Brenda & Larry

43: "Finding friends is like catching fish, you have to know who the keepers are."

45: Dear Gary & Sandi: My favorite memory of you is working on our beloved Kingdom Hall so hard after Hurricane Wilma. Sandi, I remember meeting you one day in the library that was soaked with the water that had come in the roof & looking at all the wet books. We both cried together & you told me that it was my parents' who taught you to love the Kingdom Hall so much and taught you to take good care of it. Thank you for the loving tribute to my parents. They loved you and all your children very much. I personally thank you for all of our mother to mother talks over the years. We pray for you to have love and peace on your new journey. The older you get, the more love and peace you need. May we all walk hand in hand into the new system together and continue to praise our great God, Jehovah. With much love and affection, Larry & Chris Cutillo | Dear Gary & Sandy, Thanks for many years of loyal friendship between our families. We were especially blessed to have you here along with so many others who had deep ties to my mom & dad and we were comforted by your grieving their loss together with us. May Jehovah go with you on your new journey and bless your faithfulness. Philea, Tom & Karen Cianflone | "Don't be dismayed at good-byes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends." -- Richard Bach

48: We love you!

49: Dearest Mom & Dad, I have such mixed feelings for your move. I am so excited for you and happy for the simplicity that your new life will have. But it is the end of an era, and I will be sad to not see you when we visit Florida and it will be so strange to never go down 2nd Avenue again. Your move does not impact me directly because I am neither here or nor there, but it is still emotional for me and for everyone else. You guys have touched so many people's lives over the years and you will be dearly missed by so many. Yet those whom you have touched in California will be so happy to have you back. I really feel you have Jehovah's blessing on this move, and Jehovah always knows what is best for us. Thank you for being such a great mom and dad and grammy and opa. We love you so much! See you in California! Love, Dawn, Tim, Taylor & Trevor

50: True Friends Last Forever

51: Gary and Sandi, May Jehovah's blessing continue upon you in your new location and congregation. Have a safe journey and enjoy the California mountains! With love, Mark, Natalie, Savanna & Evan Wade | Gary & Sandi, We love you and the wonderful qualities you bring to the congregation. We are going to miss you dearly. Antonio, Paulette & Casey | Dear Sandy and Gary, We will deeply miss the two of you as part of this congregation. Hope things go well for you in California. I will miss the times we spent out in service and at the book store sipping tea. Love the both of you! Nancy & Andrei | Gary and Sandi, May Jehovah's blessing continue upon you in your new location and congregation. Have a safe journey and enjoy the California mountains! With love, Mark, Natalie, Savanna & Evan Wade

52: Dear Sandi and Gary, Why you have put up with me all those years I don't know. Thank you for not giving up on me. Sincerely, Dan Migoya

53: Gary and Sandi, The support you provided made my transition to Oakland Park Congregation an easy one. All your good advice as spiritual parents will never be forgotten. The purchase of a new home went smoothly because of a great friend and our backyard has two beautiful coconut palms that were seeded by a wonderful gardener. We will miss you both dearly. Jason and Valeska | “Best wishes and big fishes from Florida. I will miss you much!” Bro Joe Mott

54: Aunt Sandra & Uncle Gary, I have GREAT memories of your family from your time in Tennessee as well as visiting you in Florida each year. Through the years we have drifted away, building our each individual families, and now we are able to get to know each other again, thanks to Facebook :) Please stay in touch with us while you are away. Even though, I know Mom & Dad's move to Maryland was the BEST thing for them, it didn't make it easier being with out them. It is hard to be away from your parents / children. One thing I have learned over the last 5 years in Georgia is that even though all your family isn't right there, your new everlasting relationships you build will ease the separation. Thanks to Jehovah!! Love always, Patti, Dave, Mariah, Alyssa & Bode | "We are all so blessed to be your friends....see ya in Cali!!!" Love, Joe, Ivis, Emily, Danny & David

57: May Jehovah bless your service no matter where you go but we will miss your smiling faces and warm greetings. It's wonderful to know that our friendship can last forever and we share the joy in that hope! Your friends, Dieter & Marilyn Haselbauer

58: A Family Is Like... A family is like a circle the connection never ends. Even if on occasion it breaks in time it always mends. A family is like the stars, somehow they are always there. Families are those who help who support and always care. A family is like a book, the ending not always clear. Each chapter brings something new sometimes laughter, sometimes fear. A family is like a map some are here and some are there. But miles cannot break the ties that our family shares. A family is many things and a family will always be full of love and memories and a part of you eternally.

60: Dear Grammy & Opa We know you love us all through the year but there are times when you're not here, to see the things we do and say to watch us in the games we play. So we give you this little book for you to sit and take a look at the memories made throughout the years "We'll miss you so" we say thru tears. These two pages could simply not bear the amount of good times we all share. You've held us and loved us and made us laugh, kissed our boo-boos and given us baths. One thing this book just could not do is rightly show our love for you. So know we're truthful when we say "We love you more and more each day!" Love, Gavin, Logan, Taylor, Trevor & Jagur

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