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Happy 80th Verner Barnes

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Happy 80th Verner Barnes - Page Text Content

S: Happy 80th Birthday Verner Barnes

BC: 2011

FC: Verner A. Barnes June 23, 1931

1: It's your special day. Eight decades of your special humor and love for others are celebrated here in these pages. Your story as told by those whose lives you have touched. Happy Birthday to a very special man! We love YOU!

2: Family Ties | Teddy | Boonie, Mama and Verner | Teddy, Ella, Simm Boonie, Verner, Dad & Mom | Ella, Moma, Simm and Verner

4: Where's Vern? | Porterdale High School Class of 1948

5: "The First 100 are the hardest"

7: Mamaw and Papaw McCool became your family in Michigan.

8: First Comes Love | Then Comes Marriage

9: Then comes Barbara with a baby carriage | The Cute one is Judy | In Your Dreams!

10: To the Sweetest Wife in the World That's how you would address your cards to her. | Barbara & Verner

11: Who would have guessed that you would live as one for almost 50 years. | A Girl from Detroit A Young Man from rural Georgia Destined to meet...

12: Happy Birthday to my Daddy! You have always been the best. You worked two jobs to make sure that we were always provided for. But you provided so much more: a love for God and family, a good education, respect for others and a love for life. You always made me feel beautiful on the outside and worked to shape my character to make me beautiful on the inside. We both know that wasn't easy. "A hard head makes a soft butt", I heard that more than once! Our family was never limited to the four people that lived in our house. There were always others, lots of them. We had a large extended family that went way beyond what biology could offer. There was plenty of natural and adopted family. For that I am thankful. Your generous spirit brought joy to us from so many sources. | My Daddy

13: When we were little girls, every Sunday night you took us to the alter and prayed with us. One on each knee. You sang "Yes Jesus Loves Me" to us at home and made sure there was always an offering in our hand when we went to Sunday School. On Easter and Mothers day, we got a corsage, just like our Mom. And, when I came out of my bedroom ready for church you whistled and told me how beautiful I was. We always took time to visit with those that were close to our hearts. Not only those in town, but Mom's family in Detroit and Grand Rapids and yours in Georgia. We stopped at fun places on the way like Mystery Spot and Ruby Falls. It's your fault that I have a wanderlust :-) I love you so much! And, I want you to know how blessed I feel to have you as my Dad. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! xoxo With Love, Jill Elaine

14: Dad, I cannot begin to tell you how much you mean to me. You have always been there for and believed in me. I remember growing up and being afraid to go down to the basement or any dark place. You never discounted my fear, but helped me to face it. You would stand at the top of the steps and say . . . "It is OK . . . I am right here". That was enough for me. As long as I could hear your voice or see you I felt safe. When I worried about the "boogy man" getting me you would always say, "It's OK, when they get you in the light they will let you go." For so many years I took comfort in that until much later when I was an adult, Jill explained what you were really saying : D It is no wonder that Jill and I love our heavenly Father since we have such a good example of a loving father here on earth. You taught us at a young age to give our tithes and offering. I remember when Jill and I wanted an allowance. The condition for getting it was that we had to pay tithes. Thank you for teaching us that God comes first. My first tithe was 13 cents. I am extremely blessed today because of what you taught me 40 plus years ago. I love you more than words can say and I thank the Lord for each day he allows you to be here with me. Love your baby girl! Judy XOXO | Judy Diane | The Baby

15: The Tale of the Furry Hat Dad took Jill and I shopping every Friday night. One Friday around Christmas while shopping, Dad said, "Oh that is just what I need". So, I took my mom back to the store and told her dad REALLY wanted this hat. She wasn't convinced but she bought it anyway. Dad wore that hat faithfully, even though, he was originally making fun of it. That is the kind of man my father is. The kind that will wear something that is "ugly" just because his daughter(s) gave it to him. Love Judy

17: To the Best Grandpa in the world, You are always there when I need someone to talk to, especially when I need someone to agree with me even when I'm wrong. You are more than a Grandpa to me. You are a dad and a best friend. You always give life lessons on how to treat your wife and how to be a sidewalk supervisor, which I hope will come in handy someday. After all these lessons all I can say is I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for you. I would like to leave you with a reminder: you have at least another 25 years on this earth because you always told me that you were going to live to be 105 and shot by a jealous husband. Happy 80th Birthday! Love, Trevor and Britney

18: A Grandpa is someone with silver in his hair and gold in his heart.

19: Grandpa is a Giant He has shown that the measure of a man is not how big or how strong you are. It is working two jobs for as long as it take to make a better life for your family. It is getting up from a sound sleep just to talk to someone in need. It is putting others above ones self. It is about taking care of whatever needs to be done including the cooking and the cleaning. Its about getting down on your knees everyday to talk to the lord no matter the circumstances. It is about never giving up. It is being a servant and never looking for credit. It is loving all and making the world a better place. By these measures Grandpa is a GIANT of a MAN Love Dominic, Rachel & Preston

20: Cute as a button on a barn door!

21: Pops is the greatest man I know. The love,support and guidance he and Ma gave to me growing up was the greatest gift and will never be forgotten. These pictures are from a trip to Alaska to visit with Jill. It was such fun. Pops,you have been my role model and hero. Happy Birthday,love tp

22: Preston Augustus The Great Grandbaby you asked God to allow you to meet.

23: One night not too long before Preston was born, you woke up and saw a bright light in the backyard of the house. Then you saw the bright light in your bedroom You were going to the light and you knew that you were dying. But instead of going home to see your maker and finally be free of pain, you prayed and asked God to let you continue to live so that you could meet your first Great Grandson, your name sake. God granted your petition and you have had the pleasure of enjoying Preston for over two years.

24: We Love You Grandpa Barnes! Love Tom, Jessica, Corrin, and Tessa

25: WHAT ADVENTURES WE HAVE HAD!! Although I have known you my entire life I can say without a doubt that we have become friends in the last five years. And in those past five years you have made Crystal a grandchild just like I have always been to you. The pictures on the three pages I have claimed don't do justice to what we have seen and done. From you "helping" me redo Judy's bathroom to the trips you made out west to see us, we have had our share of fun. Words can't tell you how much you mean to us! Grandpa: How are you doing today? Tim: I am doing pretty good. Grandpa: You may be good but you sure aren't pretty!! *laughing!* Tim and Crystal Bedford

26: In, around and squeezing into some big rocks at Joshua Tree National Park, CA | On an Arizona train.

27: To the top of a California mountain!

28: Richard and Ann Evens and Family | Trip to Traverse City Michigan

29: The Evens Family has been extremely blessed to be friends and be considered an extended family. Vern has even been a grandparent to our children and our grandchildren. Many times Vern has been a living example of the scripture in Proverbs 18:24 "A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother." You'll find Vern with you in the good times and especially in the hard times. You could depend on him giving you wise and godly counsel whenever you asked. We've had so many cherished memories and happy times together. The countless meals eaten together, trips taken, Christmas Eve's we shared and helping us make our move to Georgia 22 years ago and still that bond exits. Our family sends all our love and best wishes for a very Happy 80th Birthday and many, many more.

30: It is our honor to call you Grandpa! | Love The Rowans - Greg, Denise (Nesie), Austin, Alisha, & Ashlyn

31: I didn't have the privilege of growing up with grandparents however Grandpa Barnes kindly filled that void in my life. He is always quick witted and gives sound advice when needed. I am so thankful he has taken me and my family in as his own. We love Grandpa Barnes! George, Carey, Bethany and Micah Leaver

32: Over the Martin Luther King Holiday we took a long weekend trip to Georgia to see Ann & Richard. After Sunday morning service we were eating in Georgia when we heard that there was supposed to be freezing rain. We wanted to make it through Tennessee before the ice started so we wouldn't get caught in the Jellico Mountains. So we left quickly. We just got into Kentucky at a rest area and it started to rain. We thought "great" we were safe. Vern said his car just sort of pulled into a different motel than he planned on going to and it had a restaurant in it. When we got up the next morning, there was a lot of snow. Fred went to warm up the car. We went to eat breakfast, came back to the room and turned on the TV to see the weather just to find out I-75 was closed down and we couldn't leave. All of the sudden Fred remembered that the car was still running and to top it off the heater wasn't even turned on. We couldn't leave Kentucky until Thursday and then the roads were just ruts to drive on. We played a lot of games together, went to Walmart and had our own refrigerator in the snow around a tree. We had the best time with Barbara and Vern. We were so glad that we weren't there alone. We had the best trips ever with Barbara and Vern. We went to Niagara Falls with them too. Although nothing exciting happened on that trip, but we had a great time. Not only did we go on great trips together, but for years we have had the best Saturday evenings with Barbara and Vern going out to eat then playing games. We still have most of our Saturday evenings with Vern and a lot with Judy going out to eat and playing games. We enjoy it a lot. It's been great having them for friends. It's really more like family. Love Fred and Linda | What a Trip !

34: Aubrey & Sara Barnes | Terry & Ronny | I went to live with Boonie aka. Aubrey and Sarah when I was 15 years old.

35: Terry & Josh Barnes | I used to rush home from school to babysit Terry. I tried to get him to go to sleep so that I could go outside and play. I fed him a lot of baby food trying to get him to sleep.

36: Ronny Barnes | Linda Barnes | Lisa Barnes | Julie Barnes

37: Tommy & Lisa (Barnes)Chandler Abigail & Hannah & Audrey Happy Birthday Uncle Verner We Love You!

38: Happy Birthday from your "other" children. Judy and Tommy Isn't it a great day to be 95?

39: Happy Birthday!!!

40: Happy Birthday to one of the greatest people I have ever known! I still get just as excited for you to visit as I did when I was a little girl! | Laughing Telling Jokes Eating Hugging Making Memories LOVE

41: Celebrate and enjoy your special day with lots of love from the baby girls and the good old boys! | Dean, Cathy, Hunter, Davis and Maggie Grace

42: Happy Birthday, Uncle Verner! | Wishing you many, many more! We love you! Danny, Paula, Stephanie, & Ashley

43: Hey Vern, Rumor has it that you have seen Caesar's likeness on a coin, had smores with Joan Of Arc and swapped fish tales with Ernest Hemmingway. We don't know about all of that, but we do know that it is your birthday and we hope it's the best one ever. The happiest of birthdays!! May all your wishes come true. All Our Love, The Garrison Gang


45: Happy BirthdayBro. Barnes With Love, Harold and Viola Ellison

46: YOUR FLORIDA FAMILY! | Watching sunsets and the boats go bye is always better with Pops. We love you and wish you the Happiest Birthday EVER!!!! Love, Henry, Kathy and Dorothy

48: Brother Barnes We sure do miss you down here in Tampa. The Olive Garden is just not the same without you! Happy 80th!!! We love you, Carl and Denise Brimmage

49: Uncle Dud & Aunt Bovie

50: Happy 80th Birthday Bro. Barnes, We'd just like to take this opportunity to thank you for being such a great example of a real Christian. Your faithfulness to God through the years has been an inspiration to us. Thank you for being "you"! We enjoy so much your sense of humor and whit. We hope that God will bless you with many more healthy, fun-filled years to come. Love & best wishes, Gary & Sheila

51: I can't say that I have too many childhood memories without you in them. From church to my Dad taking me to the best Ice cream place in the world. You have been a constant in my life. What you see is what you get with you and I love that the most about you. I will have to take you out to lunch again for your BIGBIRTHDAY.... but this time you have to let me pay... HAHA Love you so much.... Adrianna

52: Wow 80 years young! When we think of Bro. Barnes so many things come to mind. You always greet us with a BIG smile and never complain about your physical problems. You always have some quick witted comment that always makes US laugh. You are truly an inspiration to all of us and we consider ourselves blessed to have YOU in our lives. You and Sis. Barbara have raised 2 amazing daughters and you have 2 of the best grandsons that a grandpa could ask for...and of course we can't forget about the best gift of all ...Preston! You are a real treasure and we love you...all of us! Ray, Rick & Jeanie Justin & Nikki

53: Words from Alyssa & Ethan that describe their friend Bro. Barnes.... Most important-Starburst candy Loving Nice Funny a real christian little like them! He always has time to talk to us and makes us feel special. We LOVE him...

54: Happy 80th Birthday Bro. Barnes It is such an honor to be a part of this very special album. You are a very special person to our family. We will never forget how special you were to our little man, Tyler. You knew how much he loved the "Big Boy figures" and you made sure he always had one that he could chew on :) Tyler would see you coming with that figure and he would get so excited, you could barely get it out of the wrapper fast enough for him! You always made time to stop by and speak with him, holding his hand and just allowing him to be who he was. Thank you for caring so much about his little life. You are an incredible example of a Christian man. Always has a good word for us, always smiling and making us smile. 80 years old has never looked better!!! We love you, Jim, Julie, Tyler and Chandler Yarnall

56: HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bro Barnes! Quoting my mother on her 80th..."I didn't know how YOUNG 80 was!" I pray God's continued favor and blessings in your life...you have been such a wonderful blessing to so many others.

57: I love this photo of you and Trevor, taken on his wedding day. He is such a wonderful husband to our Britney...thank you! :) | I always look forward to seeing this handsome smile every time I'm home for a visit. Love you! Mark & Sue

58: To Our Dear Bro. Barnes Steve and I want to wish you a very happy 80th birthday. You don't even realize what an impact you have had on my life. I came into this church thing at an age of 17 and I liked to party. I grew up with the Fandale's and always watched how they were raised. I was never preached to or looked down on. i met your girls through the Fandale's. I fell in love with both of them. Judy having a quiet side to her and Jill with a stronger side. Still both quiet, but sure of who they are. Then I met their dad and mom. Now I knew they had taken on both of their parents personalities. You probably don't know this but, I watched you, you wife and your daughters very intently. I put you under the microscope. What I found was the pattern I knew I had to start mimicking. Then I saw you almost die. I watched your recovery, and observed your state of mind with the cards you were now dealt. All I can say, is that I hope I can portray a life for Christ as I have seen you do. For you are truly following in God's footsteps and you have passed the baton on to your girls. You will live forever cause, I see you now in your grandchildren. I feel honored to be a part of your birthday celebration and regret not having any pictures with you and me. Steven and Lynette Yarnall

60: Happy Birthday Uncle Verner! Thank you for all the good times and for the friendship that our family has shared with you. We love you!! Donna Warren Taylor

61: THE CANE You got it in 1984. It quickly became a part of you although you were known to lose it from time to time. It was the fascination of many kids who, as you say, "teethed on it".

62: The Grand-dogs

63: Happy Birthday From the Boyz

64: Your Travels | (At least some)

66: Having a great time Judy in Korea, Harding Thailand & Lake Orion Hong Kong

67: Aloha Celebrating 25 Years

68: OUR MANY TRIPS TO NIAGARA FALLS! | Praying on the Maid of the Mist

69: In these photos you will find: David and Lois Hills, Linda, Ronnie, Lisa and Julie, Jill and Judy, Fred and Linda, Dominic, Rachel, Trevor Dad and Mom. | For a few years every time family came into town we took them to Niagara Falls. After a while the car knew its own way there.


72: You're always looking to make someone smile

73: Waitress: Can I get you something else? Vern: A little stack of $20 bills | I'll have Decaf Coffee if it was made today . | Waitress: Can I take your order? Vern: You can give the bill to that gentleman in the corner. | This coffee is Musty. . . I must have another. : D

74: If I | If I felt any better, I would be twins | How R U ? | I feel like a million dollars ...all spent | I'm finer than frog hair.

75: The Nap Anywhere Anytime

76: The Dairy 'O'

77: So many fond memories were made eating ice cream at your dream job.

78: Motley Crew | Motley Crew

79: "The Outlaws"

81: "The most important people in your life sit at your dining room table every day" ~Roland Baker

82: Happy 80th Birthday Grandpa!


86: let them eat cake

87: Put the big pot in the little one and boil it

88: A Highlight of my life

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