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Happy Birthday Simone!

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Happy Birthday Simone! - Page Text Content

S: Our Love For an Aussie

BC: What happens when several crazy minds band together to put together and epically awesome 18th birthday gift for one of the most awesome Aussies out there? Well this of course! A collection of stories written especially for Simone. Happy Birthday Simone! We love you!

FC: Our Love For An Aussie...

1: Dedicated to Simone. Cause she's awesome. And it's her birthday.

3: So it's your birthday huh? Wow. And you're a legal adult this year too. Another wow. So with it being such a 'wow' kind of number, I had to do something that held a little more...well... wow-factor. So that's how I came up with this. Though really the idea never would have come to me if it weren't for you and our late night conversations. What with all the giggles over Patrick and Christian and all. So now I give you the works of many. Characters that you have adored over the years. And their...special birthday love for you. Hope you like it.

5: It's Love! | They tried to fight it, they really did. But there's no denying it....

6: Lance | Hello My Name Is:

7: (A letter read over an answering machine) chhh Dear Simone I’m reading this to you while I sit in my overheated apartment. The radiator broke recently and we haven’t been able to shut it off, so I had to take my shirt off and my chest is all shiny with sweat. Just thought you’d like to know. I hear it’s your birthday from the voice in my never mind. I hear it’s your birthday. I also hear you’re a pretty special girl. In fact, I hear you’re so beautiful it blinds people. Good thing I have a nice pair of sunglasses, because I wouldn’t want to lose a speck of sight with you in the picture.

8: Alright, alright. I’ve never done this before. Most of the time I woo women in person, but I’m still getting used to this “reality” thing, and the voice says I mean, I hear you live far away. The thing is, I haven’t been able to get you off my mind ever since I realized the only woman I’ve ever loved is a moldy cookie. It happened when I crossed over—that is, I fell forward into a computer, spun through a big swirling vortex of light and ads for car insurance, and ended up in this crazy three dimensional world where falling off a cliff can actually kill you and water takes time to dry. Can you believe that? I couldn’t. Maybe you’re used to it. Anyway apparently... apparently the girl I really love, in reality, is you. I’ve heard you’re funny and cute when you laugh and

9: smart and Australian (which is hott—I mean, intriguing.) I want to take you out on a picnic on a beach under the stars and prove to you that we’re meant for each other. I know that sounds sappy, coming from me, but I swear, you make me want to do the sappiest things-- anything you win you over. Word is, there are a fair few other guys vying for your attention, but only I can smirk at you with a twinkle in my eye and silently lust after you from across a burning bonfire. Simone if you trust me, I can make your dreams come true. You’re everything I never knew I wanted: sweet and witty and cute and un-moldy I’m so deeply in love with you I can barely put it into words. Just thinking about stroking your hair, kissing your lips you know, it’s getting so hot in here I think I have to put the phone down so that I can run a hand through my

10: hair and take off my jeans. I’ll find you, I promise. One day, you’ll look out your window and see an impossibly attractive guy with a bouquet of roses and a big sign that says “HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY SIMONE, LANCE LOVES YOU, CALL ME.” Yours, Lance (who is sexier and more in love with you than Leo and this other chick named Sami, though she’ll try to convince you otherwise.)

11: Toby | Admit One

12: Toby was doing the ironing shirtless, as he was known to do. A single bead of sweat dripped down his chest from the combined heat of the iron and the weather outside. He sighed as he turned the pair of underpants over, his eyes involuntarily wandering towards the door. The worst part was the waiting: the constant build up to something that would most likely never happen. Toby bit his lip as he thought, wincing as his finger absentmindedly brushed against the hot iron. They were friends, Toby reminded himself - just friends, though he always hoped for something more. Always with the hope, but never the action to let it flourish into reality. She would never feel the same way. Sure, he could sing and play the guitar and had killer abs, which got a lot of other girls going. But Simone wasn’t like other girls.

13: She was special, and he didn’t mean that in a ‘stop eating the paste’ kind of way either, although that may have been applicable too. Either way, she was special enough to drive him crazy when they were apart for even a day. Her mere presence made it hard to breathe - let alone think, not to mention coordinate his movements. It wasn’t like any feeling that had ever possessed him. Jade may have been his first love but, as Toby realised, that was only his first glimpse into what true love could be, and not the pinnacle of it. There was so much more. She was so much more. It was unhealthy to think as much of someone as Toby did of Bree, but he couldn’t help it, even though if he told her that, she would say she was only human, quirky and imperfect as they

14: were. She was always modest like that – not like Toby, he was hot and he knew it. Everyone knew it. How he yearned to feel her skin against his. Running her fingers through his soft hair, down his firm stomach muscles. Her Australian accent made Toby’s blood boil, in the sexiest possible way. But it had to be more than that - Bree and Simone had the same accent, but they had very different effects on him. Maybe it was the words that came from Simone’s mouth, not just the way she said them. Simone never failed to make him smile in the darkest of moods. She was so random. They complemented each other so well. She was the strangest person Toby had ever met, but the most honest and beautiful one too. There was so much love in her. It was just a shame that she

15: would never love Toby the way that he loved her. Bree had briefly glimpsed at Toby’s heart, but she didn’t have anything on Simone. There was too much ‘look at me’ in Bree’s blonde hair and blue eyes for Toby’s liking. Simone’s was a more understated beauty, and even then no one could argue that she was boring. You could even mistake her for being nave until she opened her mouth. Something about her demanded attention – not in an overbearing way, but in a way that told people where the fun times were, and if you knew what was best for you, you wouldn’t block her road. Toby wished that they could share some fun times. Alone. He was a man, after all. Very much a man. Toby licked his lips at the very thought.

16: “Toby?” a voice called up. It was her. The hairs on the back of Toby’s adorable neck prickled. “Are you home?” Toby blushed, seemingly caught out in the questionable place where his mind had wandered. Simone wouldn’t like that. Or would she? His heart quickened. “Simone?” He fumbled around, turning off the iron and starting towards the door but she had already entered the room. She left him breathless. He stopped, letting her come to him. He stood there in the middle of the room, his bare chest heaving at the mere sight of her. Simone just smiled that careless smile of hers. She seemed to sense something in Toby’s eyes, though he didn’t know what. He felt exposed. Maybe it was the shirtless thing – maybe it was something else. She took one sweeping look at Toby's glistening,

17: rocking body and bit her lip, her cheeks suddenly tinted red. “There you are. I’ve been looking for you.” With a knowing smile she crossed over to him and wound her arms around his neck. Toby bit his lip. His face felt like it was burning. There was something in her eyes – another of the many ‘something’s about her. “Happy Birthday Simone,” Toby whispered as he kissed her softly. It started off hesitantly and then it escalated. Simone smiled as she pulled back. “Mmm, less talk,” Simone murmured against his lips. “We’ve wasted too much time already.” That was the Simone that Toby knew and loved – always finding new ways to surprise him.

18: Toby chuckled as he took her hand and tugged her after him. Birthday cake indeed. | hehehehe

19: Leo

20: Simone, I know it’s been a while. I was pretty freaking pissed when you took Sonia away from me, and that took some time to get over. But I’ve moved on from writing Simone and Sonia are assholes on all my notebooks, I swear I have. So I’m sending this to offer you proposition: pick me. You’re turning 18, I’m only a little older than that. I’ll give you the best birthday of your life. You know why? Because I’d catch a grenade for ya, throw my hand on a blade for ya Uhhmmm, so not really. But I will: - Fix your car (and spray paint Taxi Bitch on the side?) - Play you some music

21: - Have as many shirtless basketball games as you want - Pout and look cute and sullen So what do you say? Pickmepickmepickme Love, Leo PS. Don’t pick Lance.

22: Christian

23: Dear Simone, No, that didn’t work. It was too impersonal. My dearest... What the hell was he? Some turn of the century southern gentleman now. Christian sighed as he leaned forward and rested his head in his hands. How was he supposed to get through this? He wasn’t exactly the type to put all his feelings for one person down on paper like this. It was supposed to be easy, wasn’t it? But how could he find the words to express the way his heart beat faster when she walked into the room. The way his eyes lit up and a smile came to his face instantly when he caught her watching him the way she often did. Everything

24: about her made him stutter and stumble and falter. He used to be so sure of himself when it came to the few women he let into his life. He could hold his own. But there was something about Simone that made him weak kneed and stutter like an uneducated, pre-pubescent teenaged boy. God he remembered those days and he didn’t want to relive them. But there was no other way to describe it. She made him shy, she turned him into a bumbling idiot. And not in the fun cute way Clarisa had either. Simone, I don’t know where to start... That was for damn sure. Chris crumbled up the paper and tossed it over his shoulder to join the rest of the useless pieces of paper

25: that now littered his office floor. There had to be a way to express his love for her. Something, anything. A letter just didn’t feel like enough. Flowers were cheesy to the extreme. He smiled, but cheesy was one of his strong points. She made him want to be cheesy with all the little gifts and knickknacks. He wanted to send her chocolates and flowers and other things that would make her smile. Maybe a coloring book and crayons with some of his impressive ‘in the line’ pictures. She made him feel like a giggly little kid. Much the way William felt about Ginger he was sure. It was so absurd though. But what choice did he have but to give over to it completely. He wanted to be with her, and only her. She was sweet and caring and beautiful. Was it wrong to want her like this? He couldn’t see how. Sure there was a bit of an age difference, but it was all legal now. He didn’t have to hide his love for her anymore. No one could stop them from being together.

26: Simone, I love you more than you could possibly imagine. Happy Birthday Honey. I will find a way to you. Love, Chris Chris smiled as he set down his pen. He had considered typing it rather than making his love decipher his hard to read handwriting. But somehow this seemed more personal to him. It was perfect. Just like she was.

27: Raiden

28: the way you smile the way you flow the way you do every little thing you do makes me all the more in love with you.


30: While debating whether to write to you from Lance or from River’s perspective, I realized that neither of them ever fully made it past the teenage-boys-are-lamesauce-phase, but that you may appreciate some lovin’ from Lanceypants all the same especially because I found him a hot real person guy, and you are a lovely real person girl, so it seemed like an appropriate match. YOU’RE 18! How did that happen?? We’ve known each other for long now we might as well be living in a retirement home together, playing bingo, but you have to save the world, first, so that can wait. One day, I swear I’ll pick an award winning book you’ve written off a shelf or see you on TV, making the whole world laugh so hard they cry. I’ve loved writing with you, and I’m so proud of us for getting in touch with such awesomely complex, out-of-our-comfort-zone characters. Thank you always for being such a wonderful friend, not to mention such an inspiration and so impossibly good at making me smile at my computer so that my parents think I’m talking to a boy and interrogate me about it. Now that you’re an adult, feel free to eat big mounds of cake with your hands like a caveman and smash the rest in people’s faces. <33 Happy Birthday, foxy lady! - Sami

31: Happy Birthday Simone: Fatty Boomba, Motor Scooter Goddess, Queen of the Pumpkins! Now you have received all you have ever wished for: a Toby of your own, without a pesky Bree in the way. Others would expect undying gratitude, I just want you to have an amazing 18th and not to wear Toby out too much. And try not to rub his love for you into Bree's face too much - he's a lot to lose and she's just jealous. I love you so much babe. You're so amazing and you truly deserve to be happy and have someone just as awesome as Toby, if not more. You've always been so supportive and inspiring, and let's admit it - hilarious. You're outrageous and random and amazing. Happy Birthday, lovely! - Jenny

32: Karen | You can expect a PM from Leah. That is if you haven't gotten it already. =)

33: Leah | Simone, I guess the appropriate thing to say here is: Dude, so you're old now, huh? Now you can go off and live your dream as a drunk stripper. Your father must be so proud! Just wanted to say that I love you dearly, and really you ought to pick me over Leo and Lance, because I'm, yaknow, real. I know we haven't had the chance to talk as much anymore but I still love being friends, and I really do hope we'll stay in touch a bit more now. Oh, and my waiter at a restaurant today grew up in Australia. That last sentence had no relevance. It's like one of those things in elementary school tests where they ask you to read a paragraph and take out the sentence that makes the least sense. ANYWAY. Happy Birthday! your silly bean, CP

34: Well, well, well, here we are, yet again. Eighteen is a big number. It's like all adult like and such. Simone you have become one of | Aussie friend. May this year be even more awesome than the last. Because you deserve it. 100% | my best friends through the years. Someone I can really trust and rely on. And those who say friends through the internet don't count, don't know what great friendships can span continents. So happy birthday my awesome | -Lynnie

35: Just remember: We all, our fictitious sexy men included, love you! Sami, Leah, CP, Jenny & Lynnie

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