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It's Good to be Home

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S: It' Good to be Home

FC: It's Good to be Home | By: Stacey Holloway

1: To me friends and family who helped me with the inspiration for this book

2: I've been kicked around all my life. No body has ever even bothered to look at me. Until one 8 year old girl, changed my life forever. Her name was Alexis.

3: I was sitting on the ground like any other day. It was fall and the leaves were just beginning to fall off the trees. The air was cold but the sun was bright. I was watching a flower sway back and forth in the wind when Skippy the Squirrel came by. "Hey Rock!" everyone called me Rock because i never really had a name, "Did you hear that there's going to be a picnic at the park today?" "No, I didn't" i replied "Well there is. It's for a birthday! I've never seen a birthday party before!"

4: Then he left, leaving me with nothing but the damp grass. I loved birthday parties. I turned myself so i faced the park. People were already arriving. The birthday girl was turning 8. After she opened her presents, she came running over to the tree I was sitting under. She had long golden hair that glistened in the blinding sun. Her eyes were light blue. As she looked down at me, and picked me up, i heard a womans voice say "Come on Alexis! It's almost time for cake!"

5: She slipped me into her pocket and happily skipped over to the picnic table. I heard people singing 'Happy Birthday'. Ive heard that song before. It's not the first time that there was a birthday party at the park. After they finished singing, I wanted to see what the cake looked like so I rolled over to the corner of her pocket to look out. The cake was beautiful. It was a chocolate cake with thick strawberry icing. Yellow swirls decorated the sides. At the top it said 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEXIS' surrounded by a circle of bananas. I could almost taste it as they cut through its fluffy surface. After they ate the cake, people started to leave. "Good-Bye!" i heard people shout as they left the park.

6: “Lets go home now, Alexis” The womens voice said again. “It's getting late.” “Cant we just stay here for a little longer?” Alexis begged, “I love going to the park!" “Not this time. Lets go home now.” “Fine.” Alexis grunted in defeat. I heard a car start. I didn't know where I was going next. All I could think was, “Ive never been this far away from the park. What's going to happen to me?” I quickly cleared those thought from my head, “She's only 8 years old. What can she possible do to me?" Suddenly there was a jolt that sent me flying out of her pocket. The sun was going down and the sunset was a bright color

7: that was mixed with red, yellow, and orange. | Alexis picked me up and ran into a big building. She rushed up stairs into a room and closed the door. When she got in she put me on a plastic desk that was cold and | smooth. She left the room for what felt like forever. The room was bright pink and on the wall over a bed were dark blue letters that said “A-L-E-X-I-S” I was staring to think that this was her bedroom. Right then she walked into the room holding a box that held yarn, glue google eyes, and a marker. She glued 2 goggle eyes at the top of my head. She cut a piece of yarn about 3 inches long glued it not too far under the google eyes. Then at the bottom of me she wrote ‘Property of Alexis’. "I think I'm going to name you....Tippy." "Tippy." I whispered trying the name. I liked that

8: name. It fit me. I've never really had a name before Alexis put me on a shelf with a bunch of other toys. It was getting late so | so she turned off the light and went to bed. It was really dark and the only light in the room was shining from the hallway light that was peaking in through the slightly opened door. “Hey,” I heard someone say, “I haven't seen you here before. Are you new? My name is Jolly.” I turned around and there was a small teddy bear sitting there smiling at me. Her fur was golden-brown and she had dark brown eyes. “I am new. My name is Tippy.” I finally replied. “I've never seen a rock before. Ive never been outside, and Ive never left this room. In fact, I don't think Ive ever left this shelf since Alexis got that life sized stuffed polar bear 2 years ago.” Jolly said.

9: I looked over to the end of Alexis’s bed to see the giant stuffed polar bear sitting there. I felt sorry for Jolly. She has been | sitting on a dusty, old, plastic shelf for over 2 years. We started talking to each other every day. Soon we became best friends. “Alexis is going to the park park today.” Jolly mentioned, “I hope that she | she takes one of us.” “I hope so too.” I replied, “I want to go back outside and feel the sunlight again.” I looked at the window. The curtains were closed. I heard the door forcefully swing open and then Alexis came running in. She picked me up, put me in her jacket pocket, and ran outside. It was cold

10: as ice in her pocket. She was running around so much that it was getting hard to stay in. Alexis took off her jacket when she got to the park. I don't know how she can even stand to be outside in this weather. I fell out of the pocket and hit the ground hard. She didn't even notice that I fell. I tried to roll after her and catch up but I was sinking in to a puddle of mud. Something about where I landed was familiar. I started to look around to see where I was. I was almost exactly in the same spot I was in when Alexis found me. “Some how I always find my way back to this tree” I said to myself. Just then, Skippy the Squirrel came running by. “Hey, Rock!” he exclaimed, “Where have you been the past 3 days?” So I told him what happened. I told him about the party, Alexis, being brought home, and even Jolly. “Oh.” Skippy said. “Well I have to go. My family and I are collecting nuts and seeds for the upcoming winter. See you later, Rock!” then he

11: started to leave. “Wait! Cal me Tippy.” I told him. He paused for a second. He looked shocked. He turned turned around and walked towards me. “Tippy?” he asked “Yea. Tippy.” “Ok then. Bye, Tippy!” “Bye, Skippy!” Then he left me alone. | It was getting colder. It felt as if it were going to snow at any given moment. I was sinking deeper into the mud puddle. “I'm never going to get back home, I'm never going to find Alexis, I'm going to be stuck here forever and sink into this puddle of mud and never get out.” I thought to myself. It had been a few hours now and it got a little warmer. Or maybe it was just the mud.. A little

12: girl walked by and stopped right before she passed me. I have seen her before. She was at Alexis’s birthday party so she is probably one of | Alexis’s friends. “Nows my change to get home” I whispered. The girl had short, dark brown hair and it was pulled back into a tight pony tail. Her eyes were a greenish color. She saw me in the mud, picked me up, and went to her home. “Your all dirty.” She said as soon as she got into her room. “I'm going to wash all of this mud off of you.” She put me on a desk and left the room. Her room was different from Alexis's. She had bright orange walls that kind of hurt my eyes. Over her bed, was a bunch of letters that were small and red. It was really hard to read. I think that it spelled out J-E-N-N-I-F-E-R. Her name was Jennifer. She walked in

13: with a small bucket of soapy water in one hand and a sponge in the other. She washed off all of the dirt and mud and then she put me on a wooden shelf. I like the plastic shelf better. This wood shelf is hard and rough. | I was starting to miss Alexis and her room. I missed the plastic shelf and desk. I missed Jolly and I even missed the scented candle that was always lit that smelt like cinnamon. There were also other toys on my shelf. Over here, I’m just sitting all alone with no other toys or stuffed animals. A few more days went by. Each day, I would move closer and closer to the edge of the shelf. I had a plan. If I kept moving closer, then

14: soon I would fall and Jennifer would see the words on the bottom of me that said that I belonged to Alexis. Today, I fell off the edge of the shelf. It hurt a little, but it was worth it because Jennifer saw the words that said I belonged to Alexis. Jennifer ran out in to the hallway. “Can I go to Alexis’s house to give her back something that she lost at the park?!” She yelled into her parents room. “Yes, You can. Be safe.” Someone shouted back. Jennifer rushed out the door and down the street to Alexis’s house. She knocked on the door and Alexis answered it. “I think you lost this.” Jennifer said, out of breath. “I did loose it. Thank you!” Alexis replied joyfully Jennifer handed me over to her. “Your welcome.”

15: “Welcome back!” Jolly screamed joyfully when I got back onto the shelf. | I was happy to be back home with Jolly and Alexis.. I thought that I was never going to get back. I learned that if you wait, good things will happen. | It's good to be home.

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  • Title: It's Good to be Home
  • As far as Tippy can remember, he has never had a name or family. When 8 year old Alexis finds Tippy, all of that changes. He had a name and a family but when he gets lost one day, will he be able to find his way back home?
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