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Jeremy's Birthday Book

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1: This is as close as I could get to giving you the moon. Cheers! To the next forty years getting closer.

2: I will never forget the many kick ass memories we shared in the last three years New York, New York, New York, late night conversations on the way home from Landmark, the macho room, boogie boarding’, climbing mountains in New Hampshire with lighting storms all around, buying a house at Solar Circle, building our room together, walkin’ & talkin’ in Springfield, you and your prairie fires, architecture and more architecture, praying to the porcelain god together, napping in Central Park, Steely Dan, The Police, Winton Marsalis and more music, don’t forget about Cake, laughing till I pee my pants, and many more. Every day is a wonderful adventure with you! I am wishing you the happiest of birthdays and sending you love everyday till the end. Love Always, Samantha

3: Man this was fun! Being covered in drywall dust, layer after layer, getting it smooth, rockin' out till far past bed time... I am glad its done and we get to enjoy it everyday together!

4: Dear Jeremy, HAPPY, happy, happy birthday! Just remember that 40 is the new 25. And know that you are wearing it well... It's been a joy to get to know you...and I look forward to the next 40 years to get to know you more! May the day shower you with lall the love, delight, adventure and happiness that you dessve! Hugs, Cat

5: Happy Birthday Jeremy! Many happy years ahead. Love, Laura and your buddy J Jasper


7: Jer, Wow! 40 years already. Feels only like yesterday that we were all sitting in Slocum Hall thinking "hey let's start a fraternity and be Architects at the same time!" Well we have come a long way. Hope you have a wonderful time looking back at your 40 years and looking forward to many more. Happy Birthday to a good man and to quote a dear friend of ours Mr. Joe Patton , "Super Friendly!" Happy Birthday Big Guy Howard

8: Jeremy, You got your first nickname the day after you were born. After the nurses bathed you, they put you in front of a window where the sun was shining in. They told me you were covered with 'peach fuzz' so that's what they called you. A couple years later, you acquired the nickname 'Beeper', but we won't go into that here :-) Then there was 'the ketchup incident': we were at Carrolls restaurant and I was squeezing and squeezing a package of ketchup and nothing was coming out. The other kids started laughing and I looked up to see your face, shocked and covered in ketchup! | It's a BOY!

9: Some years later, I overheard you ask your father "Dad, can I grow hair under my arms?" Who said life isn't funny? Writing this has made the memories come flooding back. It's hard to believe that these things happened almost 40 years ago. The pleasure has been all mine. Peace and Love, Mom

10: You were barely six when I first dated your brother. I can still remember you and your sister Kathryn with the box and the fake finger with "ketchup" blood inside. When you were 7 1/2 I married your "best friend" and you cried at our wedding. You thought you were losing Albert forever. You spent many Saturday nights sleeping over with your big brother on our sofa bed. I think I was the only newly wed woman who was jealous of a seven year old! I watched you grow from a little boy into a handsome, intelligent man with a son of his own. What a wonderful person you have become. Happy 40th Birthday! love you lots, Linda

11: Beep! You were just what a 14 year old wanted from his parents, a baby brother! Who would have thought you would grow up to be big enough to beat my butt, not to mention taller and hairier (and smarter)! Being the last kid in a family of six must have had its perks. Like surviving being used as a human hockey puck, or the horror of "the head". It's a wonder you made it to adulthood. You have made the family proud. Way to go baby bro! Albert

12: Hilton Crimson Cadets | It's as cool as it sounds | MArching Band...

13: It's not an 80's photo montage unless there's a boombox | heading to nyc for St. Patty's Day

14: Drummers always thought they were the coolest | You be the judge

15: Endless Practice

16: Friends

17: Road Trips | Prior to learning that leverage was his friend

18: Dressed up for holloween... or not? Check out the custom pocket protectors! | Demonstrating The first Helium-Neon laser on the block | Jeremy, Mike and Russ... location unknown

19: It has been an honor to be your friend for the past 20+ years. I'm looking forward to the next 20. Happy birthday! Kevin | little did we know we had the world at our feet, along with the inch of beer | University of rochester 1990 ish

20: Let us bow before the Ancient One, for he has discovered the secret to eternal youth. Happy 40th, Jeremy! Joe & Kim

21: HANG 40 DUDE!

22: Happy Birthday, Jeremy! You have been a great friend, and the closest thing to a brother that we have had in MA. We value every moment we get to spend together, and always look forward to the next! We love you and hope you have a great birthday! Love, Michelle and Justin

23: HAPPY 40TH BIRTHDAY JERM! | lOVE, KAFERN | I can still see you by the lamp post trying to step on the cat's tail, in your striped pants. Who among us will forget the infamous human hockey puck, the galloping gourmet (which by the way has paid off your a pretty good cook or was that Sam's recipe for the egg-nog french toast) Having hamster races with JJ and Christmas in their plastic balls. When we would get on Mom's nerves on cold winter days she would have us sit at the kitchen table with our legos or lincoln logs and tell us to see if we could use them all building things. Happy 40th and many more!

25: Hey Jeremy... Happy 40th Birthday! Your friend, Bernie

27: Kev, Dean, Mark, and Greg graduation weekend | Happy Birthday Jer! DP

28: Always creating | I could drive this thing.... | What was that thing about the M&M? | A man with perspective (and a pink collar?)

29: At study in Firenze | The Baldanzi kitchen (is that another pink collar?) | How long was the train delayed? | Hey Veak....Was some French guy just talking smack about my collar? | Sadly, no shots of pre-dawn drives up 81 with Easter blaring (repeatedly) could be found, but you get the gist - Happy Birthday Jer...

30: 728 Westcott St., Syracuse NY 5 architects and an attic band under one roof. With one kickin' party every year!

31: The party supplies | The artwork | The mascot

32: Jeremy pondering the advice from Goodall on his final Freshman project | Looking good Mr. Toal | Getting ready for the punishment

33: The Studio Wig ..Staring .. Kevin and Jer

34: President Jeremy Toal accepting the KDR Charter for the Syracuse chapter | Mark, Chris and Jeremy at the KDR Charter party.

35: Nachos! Yeah, he always did make some good nachos. Hey - why don't you put some more jalapenos on that Jer? | Paris Opera House. It wouldn't be a fun trip if you didn't do a little breaking and entering right?

36: The Survivors of the S.S. Sphincter After 2 days at sea, the brave sailors sit back and enjoy the satisfaction of not being on the water. Dry land never felt so good.

37: Road trip to Maine Karen, Dean, Jer, Lori and Big E | Graduation | Big G's Wedding Kevin, Greg and Jer | Happy Birthday Jer ~Oid

38: Jeremy, My first memory of you was a note on the kitchen table on January 5, 1970 that said 'Gone to have a baby - Dad'. And then we were six. I remember teaching you to say 'Far out!',the time you told Mimi 'You aren't the boss of me', and your broken heart as you watched your big brother get married. We witnessed your first visit to college (parents weekend at Oswego when you were about 2), and your second trip to college, this time for your interview at Syracuse. Family life was different after Dad died and you could have easily gone in a different direction. Instead, you grew into the kind, good natured family man we are all so proud of. Happy 40th Birthday, Jeremy Love, Kathy

39: Happy 40th Jeremy! Patrick and Nina

40: Happy Birthday Jeremy! You’re a shining star in our lives! Hope

41: Joyful Earthy Rambunctious Empathetic Marvel Man Yummy Drummy Love Ya, Maggie :)

43: You Rock Jeremy, like nobody else! Happy Freakin Birthday!!!! | Who knew church could be so fun? Or so loud?

46: Okemo '09

48: Jeremy - Happy Birthday. I hope you only get green-er and not gray-er Great Book! I don't really like my pic that was included from the site so I included a simpsonized version I also thought you would like to be a simpson character too sorry about the hair I couldn't find a good match- enjoy Jeff

50: HAPPY 40TH!!! Krista

51: Happy 40th Sportsfan! We should be celebrating by having some Praire Dogs....oops...I mean Praire Fires Debby

52: From Smurf to GQ... and so quickly! It only gets better from here. HAPPY 40TH!!! Debbie W.

53: As you enter the "age of reflection" remember the words of Mary Anne Radmacher and do at least one every day... live with intention. walk to the edge. listen hard. practice wellness. play with abandon. laugh. choose with no regret. continue to learn. appreciate your friends. do what you love. live as if this is all there is. Happy, Happy 40th Birthday! Lynne Wallace

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